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VOLUME X                                  SEPTEMBER, 1965                                 NUMBER 9

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


In spite of the fervent and, in some cases, almost desperate attempts of several of the Mariner 4 scientists to preserve the solitude and therefore the supremacy of earthman, by reading into the Alariner pictures a denial of the possibility of life, it seems that most other scientists remain unconvinced. For example, The New York Times News Service, on August 8th, carried the following article-One of the United States leading scientists believe, that there may be life on ‘Mars despite the gloomy interpretations placed on the Mariner 4 pictures sent to earth last month. This view is expressed by Dr. Joshua Lederberg, Professor of Genetics at Stanford University of Medicine, who in 1958 shared the Nobel Prize in medicine and physiology.

He is an authority on the origin of life on earth, and was Co-Chairman of the National Academy of Science Panel which last year assessed the scientific importance of exploring Mars. His views are also shared by Dr. Carl Sagan of Harvard University, and the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory at Cambridge, Mass. Sagan has also carried out extensive research relating to the origin of life.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Lederberg believes, Mars may have had oceans for an extended period early in its history, and that life could have evolved within such waters. The evidence of water erosion may have been erased later by meteoric bombardment.

Lederberg’s views are set forth in a letter to the New York Times. He says: “The Mariner photographs are very exciting, but so far they have not introduced new elements into the discussion that were not taken into account in previous deliberations.” In one of these deliberations, the prediction was made by Dr. Fred Whipple, head of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, that Mars would show extensive scars of meteorite impacts. The reason, Whipple said, was that the orbit of Mars lies close to the Asteroid belt which is cluttered with objects in orbit around the sun which range in size from minor planets to small chunks of rock. Such objects would not necessarily have impacted the planet two to five billion years ago as supposed by the Mariner scientists, they, or some of them, may have fallen a few centuries ago, or perhaps a few years ago, or perhaps the day before yesterday.-Ed.)

Lederberg pointed out that the photos covered less than one percent of the surface of the planet and that a vehicle from another world scanning the earth in the same way over the Pacific Ocean would see no evidence of continents and so would have us all submerged in a thousand fathoms of salt water.

The article concluded with the observation that biochemists and geneticists have found that even in a lifeless environment., simple inorganic compounds such as ammonia, methane and water evolve into complex organic compounds typical of living processes. The only stimuli needed to bring about such changes are energy forms such as sunlight, heat and radiation, which would be a part of the environment of any planet. Thus many biochemists have decided that life will ultimately appear on any planet if there is water and a moderately friendly environment. “Many questions,” Lederberg says, “need far deeper study before any sweeping conclusions are justified.”

(It is reassuring to know that there are some scientists who can refrain from the usual habit of sewing fanciful shirts of postulate on simple buttons of data. Editor.)

SEPTEMBER, 1965                  3


Reprinted by request from Nov. Dec., 1958, Understanding.

(The following copy is part of a radio script which was broadcast by Paul Harvey over the American Broadcasting System on Christmas evening 1950… This data and words of the stranger, were furnished to the commentator by the Recording Secretary at Lake Success, oil the occasion of this special session of the U.N. Political Committee, some time previous to its broadcast. Paul Harvey concluded this report with the words: “I have quoted the message precisely! Adding nothing!”)

There was a special session of the United Nations Political Committee summoned at Lake Success by its chairman. In the recess of the Security Council, many nations were represented by their chief delegates. Such was true in the case of the United States, where Mr. Austin sat for Mr. Tulles who was likewise present. The United Kingdom was represented by Jebb, sitting for Younger. Vishinsky sat. for the Soviet. Such was the unusual nature of this suddenly summoned session, that the rows, six sleep, around the perimeter of the Committee Room Twelve, were empty.

No photographers were allowed on the floor as the delegates filed in. Certain members of the Recording Secretariat were seated in the glassed-in Translation Loft, which is accessible only by a stair in the outside hall. The doors were closed between nine and twelve minutes after seven. No one could have entered the floor of Committee Room Twelve before the doors were closed, without showing his credentials, or being otherwise identified. None could have entered after the doors were closed without being seen by the Guards in the hall outside. They said they saw no one. Yet the meeting had barely been called to order, first in English, and then in French, when a tall man rose to his feet from one of the chairs behind the chairman. A hush came over the oval table, and Sir Benegal Rau, presiding, thinking at first all eyes were on him, was nudged by a chair secretary. He then turned to follow their stare to the face of the stranger who stood behind him. His first inclination to signal a guard. This was a closed session of the Committee! It had been plainly summoned as such. Instead, Mr. Rau addressed the man:

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

“You, sir! Would you please identify your delegation affiliation?” The lean man was draped in the attire of the East, not uncommon at Lake Success. Sandals, bearded, (the heard well groomed). His lips parted to speak, and the last of the hubbub on the floor was suddenly- stilled. With a soft compelling voice that seemed, though without benefit of microphone, somehow to fill the whole room, he said

“I have many things to say and to judge of you. I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundations of the world. and ye shall know the truth!”

So still had the room suddenly become, that one could hear the asthmatic breathing of a fat aide completely across the windowless chamber.

“Why are you, sir?” Mr. Rau demanded. He had meant to say who are you, but was momentarily flustered. The stranger answered: “There is an evil, which I have seen under the sun, and it is common among men. With their tongues they have used deceit. The poison of asps is under their lips. And the way of Peace they have not known.”

A ruffle went through the room. The delegate from Belgium beckoned and, being recognized, requested: “Let this man speak; he is here, let him speak!” “May I question the witness?” interrupted Vishinsky, but his wit went unheeded from the floor. He fidgeted. Mr. Rau, testing the stranger, spoke: “Represented here, is a great nation which keeps itself apart from the rest of us. I fear they will move shortly to silence you, too.”

But the calm, poised man replied: “Everyone that doeth evil, hateth the Light. They make clean the outside of the cup, and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess. The axe is laid unto the root of such trees!”

Mr. Vishinsky, stern and unsmiling, now spoke; but it was a long moment. before the translation came: “The Soviet Delegation will not listen to the ravings of this warmonger. This interruption is no doubt some carefully planned and poorly executed plot to depict the Soviet as the aggressor in a war which we have no part! Is it any wonder communism in Korea opposes these imperialists?” … He snapped his spectacles from his nose, and with them, indicated in the direction of the United States Delegation.

SEPTEMBER, 1965                  5

The stranger spoke more sharply now: ” Foolish and unlearned

questions, avoid, knowing that they do gender strife. If a man strive for masteries, then he is not. crowned, except he strive lawfully. The days shall come upon thee. . .” and he looked squarely at Vishinsky…… that thine enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and com-pass thee round, and keep thee in on every side, and shall utterly destroy tree!”

“But,” interrupted the chairman, “you have not touched on the purpose for which this meeting was called. What about Korea? Where have we erred there?”

Game the answer: “If the good men of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. But while men slept, his enemy came, and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.”

Mr. Jebb for the United Kingdom offered: “I think what we all fear most is that any of us may be next.” And the visitor, still standing, replied: ” When a strong man, armed, keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace.”

Mr. Austin was waving the small flag which marked his place, and request for recognition was granted. “In the United States, we are hosts to enemies within our own house. Agents they- are of another government, who plead mere-, saying they are loyal to our own government as well.”

The man of gentle grace had raised his hand, as if to hasten the question. “No man can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Every kingdom divided against itself, is brought to desolation! “

“But” said Mr. Austin, “they use our own laws, our own courts, our own freedom to outwit us!” The question came back to him: “How can one enter into a strong man’s house and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man?”

Pursuing his point, Mr. Anstin went on: “These among us say they intend to only alter our government by peaceful menus . . . to better our economic system . . . to . . . .”

Less patient now, the visitor interrupted: -They that be whole need not a physician. but they that are sick!”

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

The uninvited speaker turned toward ‘Mr. Austin and Mr. Dulles… “There is none righteous among you, not one. I know thy words; that thou art neither hot nor cold. Because thou sayest: `I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing,’ and thou knowest not that thou are wretched. Beware, lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your own steadfastness!”

Procedure was forgotten now! The representative from France spoke out:  This same enemy is within my country! He demonstrates against our Parliament, antagonizing our courts .. . .”

“Scatter thou the people that delight in war” the man replied. “Put them in mind to be subject to Principalities and Powers; to obey Magistrates; to be ready to every good work; to be not brawlers, but. gentle, showing all meekness unto all men.”

Mr. Rau rose from his chair, and turning said: “We came here to place the blame for our unrest, and you have given each of us a share. What is it then, that we should do’? Abandon our efforts to seek peace’? “

To this he answered: “Let things be clone decently and in order. Be sober and diligent. Depart from evil and do good. Execute ye judgment. and righteousness, and deliver the spoiled out, of the hand of the oppressor. It is impossible but that offences will come, but woe unto him through whom they come! Seek peace, pursue it. And increase your faith. FAITH bath subdued Kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, and stopped the mouths of lions!”

“You make all this seem so infinitely simple” said Mr. Rau. “Many righteous men,” replied the stranger, “have desired to hear these things which ye hear, and have not heard them.”

“It is not customary” Mr. Ran smiled, “for us to hear Wisdom  from outside our own chambers!”

His guest, unsmiling, warned: “Be then not forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unawares!” Sir Benegal Rau turned to the assemblage. “There is no further purpose in this meeting. This has answered all our questions. And to you, sir, we thank you. .. If you would only write these things which you have spoken, if you would only put. such wisdom in a book for all to see.. .”

It was at this moment that the visitor’s eyes flashed sudden anger

SEPTEMBER, 1965                  7

“It IS in a book! Your Holy Bible .. . !” Then the anger faded, and the eyes were calm again, and somehow sad … and he walked to the door, which way opened for him … and none on the outside saw him leave.

——— ♦ ———


The first three days in August saw the most concentrated and the most widespread `saucer flap’ in all of recorded history. The large body of optimistic egotists who, for the last fifteen years have believed that if they sneer long enough and loudly enough, the UFO’s will go away for keeps, were again dismayed to discover that their sneers apparently have no effect whatever upon the UFO’s.

The flap actually began in mid July with a rash of well documented sightings from Argentina, Uruguay, Portugal, France, Antarctica and Australia. Then on the night of August 1st. the growing swarm hit the U. S. A. The San Francisco News Call Bulletin for August had screaming headlines in red ink: 4 States See Flying ? ? ? s. The next day the San Francisco Chronicle reported that four more states had reported in during the day. A total of thirty eight cities were involved.

One of the most remarkable things about this flap was the large number of persons in positions of Authority who observed the objects.

The Air Force officer who came up with the usual bologna about planets and stars made the technical error of naming four of these stellar bodies as being the things which were seen. He was instantly shot down by Rafert Risser director of the Oklahoma Science and Art Foundation Planetarium, who pointed out that the stars mined were all on the other side of the world at the time. The Tinker Air Force Base radar men who were tracking four of the objects on their radar scope at the time said, “Thanks for the compliment, but our radar is just not good enough to track planets, much less stars.”  And besides these things are at 22,000 feet which is pretty close for a planet.” The Wichita Weather Bureau radar boys who were also tracking an object at 22,000 feet said it descended to 4,000 feet and was going the wrong way for a planet.

Do you suppose the Air Force patsy who pulled this colossal boo-boo,

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

was embarrassed! Not at all! You see, he was completely anonymous, as always!!

And so the UFO’s will come and go, and the Air Force will peddle their fairy tales until John Q. Citizen develops enough curiosity to look into things for himself.

-Dr. Daniel W. Fry

——— ♦ ———


On a February day in 1962, millions at near their radios and listened for the reports from the space capsule which was hurtling around the world in 87 minutes at an altitude of 160 miles and a speed of 17,458 miles per hour.

The courageous astronaut inside the space capsule was John Glenn. His amazing feat that day is, of course, now history but less well known is the fact that John Glenn is also a man with a strong faith in God.

Commenting on the Russian Cosmonaut’s statement that he hadn’t seen God or any angels during his trip through space John Glenn says, “The God I believe in, I didn’t envision as being small enough that I could run into Him in space with the little distance we’ve gone.”

Then, recalling his test-pilot days with the U. S. Marine Corps, Glen says further, “I’ve flown over the ocean many times. I don’t see the line of magnetic force that gives my compass its proper reading, its direction. I can’t taste this force that’s out there. I can’t touch it, I can’t feel it. I can’t spine a light on it-there’s no way that I can see it. And yet by looking at that. compass, I give direction and purpose to this whole flight.”

“To me, this is the same thing that our religion does for us in our everyday lives.”

“I didn’t run into God in space and I didn’t expect to. But. nevertheless, these religious beliefs and the faith we have, certainly give a direction and purpose that we can see. . . “

Glenn affirmed that in his family the practice of Christianity is an everyday occasion. “The Good News of great joy and the message of love are always there. Prayer is not something that I suddenly drab out in a moment of emergency and then, when the emergency is over, put God back in the woodwork… “

SEPTEMBER, 1965                  9

Turning to the nation’s goals in space, Glenn explains that the immediate objective for this decade is to reach the moon.

Toward that end, he say. ” We hope to get into the early projects of Gemini and Apollo, the Gemini being a two-man vehicle that will let us stay up in orbit for as long as two weeks at a time. Beyond that, we are looking forward to the Apollo vehicle which will be the one designed for landing on the moon. These should be underway within the next year and a half or so.’

“Once a three-man lunar expedition has been successful-hopefully by 1967 or at the latest 1970 – we can begin experimenting on the moon, learning its origin, its environment, and observing earth. Eventually, the moon will probably become a launching platform of its own for farther exploration.”

Glenn stresses the fact that “We are just making our first little infant steps into space. But we have worked out many problems We’ve found that man’s reaction to space travel is not nearly as poor as we had expected.”

One of the most pleasant surprises, according to Glenn, “was the fact that the weightlessness turned out to be not quite the problem we had thought it would be. It was a very pleasant sensation, as a matter of fact.”

John Glenn’s faith in God and in man’s God-given aspiration to explore the universe remains permanent and unshakable.

 -Alfred K. . Allan

——— ♦ ———


You have within you an unrecognized but wonderfully potent means to further peace and understanding. This is true of practically everyone, regardless of station in life: housewife, factory worker, professional man or what have you.

Like the stone used as doorstop for years before it turned out to be the first discovered diamond in the now famous South African gem fields, this ability is so common that it is largely ignored. Yet, properly understood and used with conscious direction, its effectiveness multiplies itself with geometric swiftness, radiating outward perhaps to the ends of the world and beyond.

This marvelous, simple device, is a smile! Not the smug facial contortion of satire or snobbishness, but a warm, friendly, good-hearted

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

smile that lights up each new face it meets in an ever expanding wave.

Modern living has tended to stifle the natural outgoing personalities of children with a really unnatural suspicious sophistication of adulthood. Dr. Alex F. Osborn, Ph.M., says in his book, “Applied Imagination,” that early in life, many natural creative abilities are submerged under the need to conform to adult standards. A smile is a creative thing: it creates joy, perhaps more than you know.

Children smile easily, but most adults must force themselves to do so. This can be demonstrated by noting the behavior of those on almost any street. The natural gaiety of children contrasts sharply with the stoic, self-centered and sometimes even grim faces of their elders who seldom smile.

Even more exciting is what happens to you individually- when you smile. We normally operate far, far below our mental capacities. Medical science is only just beginning to recognize the hidden powers of the mind, slowly unraveling the blocks and checks which prevent full use of our faculties. The use of external actions to condition our inner attitudes is recommended by Dr. Smiley Blanton, M.D., eminent psychiatrist. He says, ” `Is there a smile on my face-and in my heart?’ is a question everyone in search of mental health should ask himself.” He is sure that the’ inner smile will follow the outer one.

The implication is dramatic. A smile may actually be the key to the door to the unused 90% of our now bottled up brain capacity. Is it possible that the answers to years and misunderstandings between peoples are to be found there?

Religious leaders have known for centuries that brotherhood will come when we learn to love one another, not with the romantic notion of love, but the sturdy, durable kind that exhibits genuine concern for others. This kind begins with an interest in others as persons. This interest can start with a friendly smile. Folk sayings and the Golden Rule are full of its inference: ” A spoonful of honey, etc.,” and “Do unto others, etc.”

A smile promotes politeness, graciousness, understanding. It reduces resented criticism to gentle correction. It goes a long way to relieve depression, self pity and worry. It eliminates, strife and suspicion. Most of us contact many others each day, and each

SEPTEMBER, 1965                  11

person we imbue with the joy of our sincere smile in turn radiates to still others.

Want to be an instrument of good will, to do something for peace and understanding? Smile, warmly, sincerely, lovingly.

– Don Sypien


If those of us interested in the New Age Field are not careful, we may find ourselves “choking from the dust” as the rest of the world rushes ahead of us! ‘e have tended to be slightly smug and superior, clue to our knowledge and interest in an area which the “peasant” could not comprehend and “scientists” ridiculed. Let us stop kidding ourselves. Quietly, behind the scenes, there is a revolution building-building-no-surging, fomenting-ready to burst the seams.

The research and study in both the physical and social sciences is changing ideas and concepts among both scientists and the general public so rapidly that we may well find ourselves left on the sidelines with our “meaningless catch phrases” and “foggy theories.”

The rest of the world, realizing the values of the true “space” or “new” age, will be surging ahead in search of fresh ideas and crusades while we may awaken to realize that many of our “pet concerns” have either become accepted fact or have become either obsolete or unimportant.

If our efforts are not to be wasted, we must be in the forefront constantly alert to new developments and ever ready to adapt to this exciting, challenging new world. Look at your neighbors, your friends. Do they know what is going on in the world around them? If so-do they know why these events are occurring. The opinions of one newspaper, one commentator or one “expert” are highly unsatisfactory. Many media must be studied for the thinking person to understand true causes and eventual effects. None of our areas of interest will really “suffer” from the piercing scrutiny of scientific reason or the insight of disciplined thinkers-provided they have true merit and value!

Perceive the excitement and ever new challenge around you-be a vital part or this New Age-participate!

-Gareth Shearman

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING


The membership of Unit 22 of Riverside. California, has been asked once again to evaluate Understanding, this time in relation to the contribution of the membership toward the betterment of humanity. As expressed by President Caroline Knuckles the question is: Not what Understanding is doing for us, but what are we of Understanding doing for the world at large!

Mrs. Knuckles further remarks: We of Unit 22 are striving conscientiously to attain a high level of understanding and we are putting forth the time. study and effort necessary by means of our Work-shop classes and our public lectures.

As members we purge and change ourselves to become regenerated and fortified individually and collectively to truly live this Understanding that we may continually lift each person with whom we are associated. As we continuously and constantly imbibe this Understanding it becomes our very Life. The feeling is not limited to our times of meditation but becomes also an ever present attunement which carries us in this busy world-an attunement which guides, sustains, inspires and illumines our way. In so doing it flows. out to light up others.

The cooperation and work of all or Unit 22 members has been loyally given and shared. It is not with a sense of duty that we present our public lectures and regularly attend and participate in our class work but rather in the spirit of growing and giving. We seek with mental and spiritual fingers to lift others to good cheer and joy that broken hearts be mended, fear restored to courage, want changed to abundance, hatred to love, discord to harmony, and anger to peace. As each is transmuted to a fuller and more harmonious life, so he in turn lifts others to a brighter awareness and understanding.

As the members and associates of each Understanding Unit expand in consciousness and purity of purpose the light of understanding will uplift humanity into God awareness and brotherly love-into the peace that passeth all understanding.

SEPTEMBER, 1965                  13

E S P Seminar

(James A. Crenshaw, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, June 7, 1965)

Judging by sentiments expressed at a high-level, academically impeccable seminar con-ducted over the weekend at UCLA, what this country needs most right now — in the relatively new field of parapsychology-is a good, sound, scientific theory to account for ESP, or extra-sensory perception.

There are a lot of little theories, inadequate hypothesis, and conjectures, but no one seems to have come up with an all round, testable general theory that scientists can cluster around.

The seminar produced reports of evidence-experimental ESP data-in voluminous measure, but just what in precise terms is the nature of extra-sensory perception is still a mystery . . .

Most of the experimenters frankly conceded they had no adequate explanation for ESP. Dr. Gardner Murphy, one of America’s leading psychologists and president. of the American Society of Psychical Research, reminded them that valuable information has been usefully accumulated in other sciences in advance of a workable theory. Dr. Charles T. Tart, Stanford psychologist, offered as “models” for ESP the possibility that objects can accumulate psychic overlays (mystics call them “vibrations”) that can be picked up and “decoded” by clairvoyants, and the possibility that some other kind of energy-not now recognized-may be operating in psychokinesis, or “mind over matter” situations.

The seminar concluded with a firm rejection by several authorities the suggestion that they should limit parapsychological research to now respectable investigations into ESP, without branching out into prophecy, ghost hunting and medium ship. Avoidance of these areas might be politically wise but scientifically uncourageous, said the opponents of the idea.

Psychiatrist (M.D.s) as well as psychologists (Ph.D.s) and one

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

physical scientist (Air Force research engineer), were well represented at the seminar which by ESP enthusiasts is considered a major breakthrough in Western academic circles.


(Alving S. McCoy, Science Editor, Kansas City Star, April 13, 1965)

In the next several decades the physical functions of civilization will be operated by a partnership between intelligent man and a nationwide or worldwide complex of electronic machines.

Dr. Simon Romo, one of the country’s leading technologists, took a crystal ball look into the future and saw a web of electronics machines doing the monotonous, repetitive tasks of mankind… (with) the human intellect freed to do the creative tasks-if the transition to the new society is orderly, rather than chaotic. . .

We are, he contended, in rapid transition to a new, highly technological society. .. We can have a better world if we know what we want. But it will be necessary to accelerate social progress to keep pace with scientific advances.

Symbol of the new influence of science on world affairs, he said, is outer space. Ultimately, he predicted, there will be “Three dimensional space” civilization. Before long man will be able to colonize the moon and near planets and tap their resources. He may even build artificial, inhabited planets in new orbits about the sun …

Electronic machines already created can perform the operations of communication, transportation, production and resources control and distribution.

Declining to refer to them as automation (the replacement of the factory worker) or computers, he synthesized the new word “intellectronics” for extending the intellect by electronics.

Just as a fleet of bulldozers or an H-bomb can surpass by millions or billions of times the muscular energy of the human system, so electronic devices can outdo by billions of times the capabilities of human beings for simple repetitive intellectual processes …

Great concern will be felt about retaining freedom, happiness and security, be said. There will be the paradox of an intricate world of multi-connected people, vehicles, machines and communications, and, on the other hand, man will become conscious of the enormity of the universe. While the environment may seem to be closing in on

SEPTEMBER, 1965                  15

us in some ways, others aspects of life will open bigger doors than ever before. . .

The real bottleneck is the disparity between scientific and sociological advance, and the hope is that if machines do the routine, man will have the time, intellectual stature and inclination to solve the world’s social problems . . .

Priest-Astronomer Reports `Flying Saucers’

(From Catholic Newspaper, Dallas, Texas)

BUENOS AIRES (NC)-A Jesuit priest-astronomer here said he has seen unidentified flying objects-“flying saucers”- in Argentine skies.

Father Benito Reyna, S.J., is professor of mathematics at Salvador University in Buenos Aires and an astronomer with more than 30 years experience.

“The first time I saw UFOs I was in Cordoba,” Father Reyna told newsmen. ”With the help of my telescope I was able to follow their flight clearly and to note their shape and color.

“Then last. March I saw them on two successive nights in San Miguel.  At that time Echo II was orbiting the earth and I believe the crew of the flying saucers was closely following the U.S. manmade satellite to study its characteristics.

“We are not certain of the existence of other intelligent beings similar to ourselves but, on the other hand, we have no evidence to the contrary,” said Father Reyna.

The priest’s statements coincided with the claim of an Argentine professional photographer, Hugo Taboada of Bahia Blanca, to have obtained a picture of a flying saucer.

Other people in the city of Bahia Blanca say they have seen the UFOs, and the Argentine naval base on the Orkney Islands reported “unidentified objects” during the second week of July.

Applied Science and Food

ASILOMAR, Calif. (AY)-Applied science used in the right way could feed a world population of 30 billion people, Dr. Edward Teller, nuclear physicist, said yesterday. (May 9th, 1965.)

The world’s present population is estimated at 3.2 billion. “The ultimate limit of population is not energy, raw material, or food, but our ability to get along with one another,” Dr. Teller

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

told the World Affairs Council of Northern California’s annual conference.

He said shortage of raw materials was an ultimate cause of war. He said obtaining raw materials through nuclear energy could remove one of the important reasons for war.

He contended there were more psychological and political obstacles to making use of nuclear energy than technical problems.

Dr. Teller said food production could be increased Deflecting rivers with nuclear explosions.

Predicting weather accurately with the aid of satellites and computers and then finding the best means of triggering rain when and where it is needed.

Putting geneticists to work on tropical jungles to make them habitable and hospitable for man.

Establishing meadows of algae in the ocean and breeding the right kind of fish for food.

——— ♦ ———


(“Toward Understanding” an editorial bi the Medford Mail  Tribunes Medford, Oregon, of July 21st reads as follows:)

At the University of Oregon this week there was a two-day conference concerned with teaching about religion in the public schools-a touchy topic, as anyone who reacts the papers well knows.

Note, though, the meeting was discussing, teaching “about” religion-not teaching religion. There is a considerable difference, as the U.S. Supreme Court was at pains to point out …

It is one thing to take a class of children, who may come from Episcopal, Methodist, Baptist, Mormon, Catholic, Jewish, or nonbelieving homes, and attempt to instill in them the tenets of a specific belief. This was what the Supreme Court. quite rightly ruled against.

It is something far different to take thus same class, and to tell them of the beliefs of the various sects and religions,  how they differ, how they have affected history and society, how many of them have changed over the years, the meaning of the Reformation and the many Protestant schisms.

A knowledge of these things is part of a well-rounded education,

SEPTEMBER, 1965                  17

and no one without some background in this area can claim to be a cultivated and knowledgeable person.

Such an educational endeavor, however, should not be limited to Christianity. The other great religious of the world also have drastically affected history, and thus the world today.

The great battles between Christianity and Islam, the beliefs of the Hindus, the teachings of Buddha and Confucius, the philosophy of Shintoism-these too make up significant portions of the world in which we live, and an understanding of them is necessary to an understanding of the real world.

And, if a student is to be really aware of the world as it is, the instruction should also touch on the non-religious or quasi-religious beliefs, such as Humanism, Ethical Culture, and the beliefs or non-beliefs of agnosticism, atheism, and the simple unthinking belief of so many people today.

If such instruction is properly done, by well-prepared teachers, it offers no threat to the personal beliefs of any student. In fact, it gives him the facts and information which can make his own persuasion even more meaningful and understandable.

This is a pluralistic society. If we are to live in peace and mutual respect for each other, it is imperative that we have an understanding of the beliefs of others, their motivations and why they act and talk the way they do. Tolerance is based on understanding, and understanding is based on knowledge. Knowledge of the religious beliefs of others will help us, not only toward tolerance, but toward a better grasp of our own beliefs.


——— ♦ ———

Hitler commissioned Ling-Fu Yang to paint a picture, but it hurt him when the artist painted two quarreling birds and mailed it to him with this poem.

For World Peace

Life is transient as a Sunbeam,

Why should you hate each other?

You are Brothers of the same blood.
Why harm each other?
Why bruise your wings?

You will need them for loftier flights
Let there be peace.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

poet’s corner


Have you ever felt the urge

To search

The learning files of yore,

Confirming thoughts or

Having walked

These earthern paths before?

Have you ever thought the

Friends you knew

Were friends you knew back there,

Among the days of

Erstwhile life

When love was raw, and rare?

Have you ever tried to

Know. the God

That dwells within your soul,

Filling all that love rewards . .

In reaching heaven’s goal?

Have you ever yearned to Look within

The self-and have it grow,

Giving perfect vision clear

To see, to love, to know?

 – Norman Caroll Mohn

SEPTEMBER, 1965                  19

Bulletin board

Office of Treasurer

Ronald Hansen, Treasurer of Understanding. Inc., reports that, the Understanding Handbook should be ready early September. Your donation of fifty cents to Understanding will assure you of a complimentary copy.

Plan Ahead

George Van Tassel announces that his 12th Annual Space Convention at Giant Rock Airport will be held on October 9th and 10th. Programs commence at 10 A.M. both days. All are invited.

Della Lee Larson announces that the ninth Northern California Spacecraft Convention will he held October 30th and 31st at Hotel Claremont, Ashby and Domingo, Berkeley. Plan to attend.

Understanding Annual Meeting

1965 has been designated International Cooperation Year with many worldwide efforts toward this goal being made, especially the schools around the world. Understanding, Inc. has chosen the theme “Cooperation through Education” for the Annual Meeting in Merlin, Oregon. Activities will begin Friday, October 16th with the closing session on Sunday the 18th. Along with the regular business meeting and election of officers and directors, several workshops are planned. These workshops will afford each individual attending an opportunity to share his views on growth towards true UNDERSTANDING on the individual, local, national and international

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

levels. A cordial invitation is extended to all interested persons to come and to participate in this important event.

New Officers

Congratulations to Mr. James Brockway (1398 Beryl Avenue, Mentone. California) as the new President of Unit 61, Yucaipa Valley, California.

Congratulations to Mr. Hayden C. Hewes (3005 West Eubauks, Oklahoma City, Okahoma) as the new president of Unit 44, Oklahoma City-, Mr. Hewes is also a director of HOUFO a group organized for scientific investigation of UFOS. If you are interested in a sample copy of their publication — Interplanetary Intelligence Report-please contact Mr. Hewes

Address Changes

Communications to Director Col. Harry F. May should he addressed to: 1013 Bruce Lane, Burbank, California, 91502. Communications to Educational Resources Director Mr. Gayne Myers should be addressed: Rt 2, Box 2455E, Auburn, California, 95603.

Meetings and Lectures

The Merlin Unit of Understanding has continued its course on “The Teachings of Walter Russell,” as presented by Dr. Lloyd Graham, throughout the summer. Its fall program of Understanding Discussion Group meetings will commence on September 1st, at the home of the Campbells, 7035 Monument Drive. Mr. E. Elmer will discuss The Book of the Mormon.

Unit 15 of Inglewood will present Charles Abrahamson of the Aetherius Society on the subject: “The Cosmic Initiation of Earth.” at the Professional Women’s Clubhouse, 820 Java Street, Inglewood at 8 P.M., September 25th, 1965. Admission is by donation and all are invited.

Curve Of Development

CSA. publishers of  Lakemont, Ga., have just sent to Dan Fry the first copy of his latest book-Curve of Development. Copies should be available by the time this magazine reaches you.

Price is $1.50, soft-bound, and orders should be sent to Merlin Publishing Co., P. 0. Box 105 Merlin, Oregon, 97532. California residents please add 4%  sales tax.


“Yes, it’s true. I, Bob Renaud, have talked with people from other planets over my short wave radio set, at regular intervals, for over 3 years. Since Jan. 6, 1962, I have viewed these people inside their spaceships on my own TV Screen; met them in person; ridden in, piloted, and photographed their spaceships; visited their underground and undersea bases; and became the first Earth-man to walk outside a spaceship in outer space! Learn what these advanced people teach, and of their plan to help mankind solve its problems and, in our time, to build a Great Society-advanced far beyond today’s most optimistic concepts. Read it all in “UFO International” starting with issue 18. Six issues for $3.00. Single copy-50c. Gabriel Green, Editor. 7 Flying Saucer color photos-$3.00. Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs, 2004 N. Hoover, Los Angeles, Calif. 90027.


what we believe unequivocally to be recordings and teachings of Christ of this current generation intended for those to serve and survive 2nd Coming tempests before Christmas nineteen sixty-seven?

‘Soulcraft Commentary Number 1.’

One Dollar per Copy

Lowell Carman,

Box, 193, Stamford

New York 12167.

“ELIJAH”                                                                                            SPEAKS

For people with OPEN minds


must be BROKEN DOWN.

MIGHT does not make RIGHT.



In booklet form           $1.00, postpaid.

“ELIJAH,” 4022 Lake Ave., Lockport, N. Y.



By R. Bernard, A.B., M.A., Ph.D.


What did Adm. Byrd actually find on his 1700 mile flight into the Hollow interior of earth?

Feb. 1947. . “Polar Region found free of ice and snow, mts. covered with forests, lakes, rivers, green vegetation etc.. . .”

Why did the Government promptly suppress the release of this news? Are Flying Saucers from the Hollow Earth-at least-some of them? Read this Greatest of All Geographical Discoveries! This mystery first established in the days of Atlantis, -the secret-knowledge passed on the Alchemists, Kabalists and Hermeticists of the Middle Ages.

Order while they last                   $3.00


by Willis G. Emerson (1906)

Missing from the Washington D. C. Copyright files-After constant, world-wide search we have succeeded in obtaining a limited number of copies. Read amazing story of actual journey into the opening at North Pole.-into the earth. “Why was this book deliberately banned and almost taken out of existence?”

Were the Watchers responsible?


California orders add four per cent.

ORDER FROM: I.E.C., 7417 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, Calif. 90046.