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VOLUME X                                  AUGUST, 1965                                          NUMBER 8

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


A well known philosopher once remarked that, “the science of Astronomy consists principally of a towering superstructure of postulate, carefully erected upon a foundation of theory which in turn is built upon a substratum of pure speculation.

“The science is developed and expanded by the process of discovering or imagining a button and then sewing a shirt on the button. When this has been done, the button can be used to prove the shirt and the shirt can be used to prove the button. The astronomer says, “The shirt must be valid, see how it fits the button; and the button, of course, must be valid because it is a part of the shirt.” He seldom pauses to consider how many other shirts might fit the button equally well, or that the button might look even better on a dress!”

Never has the truth of the above assertion been wore evident than at the present time, when the returns are coming in from the Martian space probe, Mariner 4. While the probe is sending back to earth a number of fairly valuable buttons of data, some of the shirts which are being sewed upon these buttons are quite fantastic in their wealth of imaginative detail. Sherlock Holmes in his best years, could not have clone as well.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

As this article is being written only the first picture has been released to the public. This picture, taken at a distance of more than 10,000 miles, and with a resolution of only 200 lines, is a remarkable testimony to the ingenuity and the precision of present day electronic technology, but aside from this, it contains but little that could be of interest except to the imagination of the scientist or the layman. Nevertheless, it. is certain that this imagination will be exercised in many different and sometimes contradictory directions.

We will comment upon these postulates in future issues of the magazine, and discuss in detail some of the more fantastic shirts of theory which are certain to be sewed upon the buttons of data which are returned by Mariner 4.

None of the pictures of the planet itself are likely to have any profound significance but if any of the pictures should show a reasonably clear image of either of the Martian moons from any distance, that. image’ will probably be of more importance than all of the other data which may be received.

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Mankind, constantly wondering about his origin, has, throughout history, searched the religions, the legends and the ancient. ruins for answers. Standing before the pyramids of Egypt or Yucatan, he has asked whether two geographically separated civilizations developed the same ideas of architecture or whether these civilizations might have had some form of communication. Explorers, discovering two vast networks of roads beginning in Ecuador, one high in the Andes, eighteen feet wide and extending 3,250 miles into Argentina, and one coastal road, twenty-four feet wide extending to Chile, asked what heights of mental awakening or necessity of civilization produced such means of travel. Similar ancient ruins are found around the world. This writer has photographed over 500 similar inscriptions or petroglyphs in California, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, yet has barely touched upon the available material. These same symbols have also been discovered in Egypt, South America, the Orient, and the Pacific

AUGUST, 1965                           3

Islands. Perhaps, at one stage in history, the peoples had a common, universal “script.”

Some Mayans of today claim their ancestors were survivors of the fabled Atlantis, who also explored North America. North American Indians, in general, claim such symbols were made by the “ancient Ones.” Similar legendary theme, may be found wherever one travels. A Prophet came at different times and in different ways-from the sky in a “ship,” from across the waters, or just “appeared” among the peoples and began teaching. Tribes of today contend that these gods or sky people either will return or have begun to return. Actually this is not a new occurrence if we but read with all open mind the Bible and the Greek, Roman, Babylonian, Persian, Oriental and other classics, for each contain accounts of the activities of their “gods” and their methods of manifestation.

Why did these visitors come? Indications point to both material and spiritual advancements for those civilizations. Could it be that when the helpers or visitors left, mankind finding himself “on his own,” ignored the lessons taught by these helpers and reverted to selfish and warlike ways? This writer believes that our visitors have been here many times before and that they are here again. What we gain and retain from this association is up to us. It would behoove us to open our minds to the great, truths of the world-the histories, legends and archeological discoveries — and view our world, not from one small framework. but with a mind which may absorb the concept and truths which all cultures have to offer.

There are many “missing links” on the road to discovery and interpretation of archeological and historical finds. As some scientists are probing the vast reaches of space, others are delving farther and farther back into the vast. space of antiquity. Perhaps as we join the knowledge of the past with the present and look towards the future, mankind may awaken and burst into a cycle of enlightenment so brilliant that the dark clouds of superstition and hate will never again extinguish the light.

-Jan Daily

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4                                                    UNDERSTANDING


Mr. Fred Kimball has a most unusual talent.  He speaks with the animal world. He tunes in on animal consciousness. We all have read stories wherein animal thought is apparent as in the case of the clog that saved a drowning man, written by De Foe in the Reader’s Digest some years ago.

Animals may not think in exactly-our vocabulary but the thought picture is there and it is undoubtedly-this which Mr. Kimball picks up and converts into our language. When an interpreter tells us that a Slav thinks we are nice, the interpreter is not picking up that word in the language we know but merely converts the Slavic term for nice into our particular tongue. So it is with the animal kingdom. Mr. Kimball get, the impression or meaning, which is the body of the thought.

All that has ever transpired, or will transpire, is already in the overall etheric field. How else account for the documented messages or pictures as witnessed in “One Step Beyond,” the well-known TV program? The average person’s brain is so turbulent with the pressures of modern living that these etheric pictures cannot be reflected. Not so with the animal consciousness, consequently, the animal picks up that which is past as well as that which is to come.

Our mistake is the belief that because animals do not speak vocally they do not talk. Consider the famous Elberfield horses in Maeterlink’s book, The Unknown Quantity, These equines spoke by rapping out the alphabet with their hooves. Scientists and noted investigators came from far and wide, to study these horses.

What has all this to do with Understanding and the New Age? Despite appearances to the contrary our world is constantly progressing in the field of subjects previously considered taboo. Witness the study of extrasensory perception by our Armed Forces; the wealth of supranormal material on television; and the documented news items of people who see through their skin rather than merely with their eyes. We are entering the New Age of mental perception from the outmoded era of mere physical perception. An under-standing of the pioneers who are unafraid of the unknown is needed. They once laughed at the idea that our guests from other worlds had a healing beam, but we now have accepted the Laser Beam.

AUGUST, 1965                           5

They laughed at the Wright brothers, but are we not now headed for the stars? They laugh at the thought that Mr. Kimball converses with animals though the facts given are documented by the owners. No longer is each man an isle unto himself. In an ever shrinking universe plan needs to understand other melt and the universe at large as well. We are prone to take up swords with the man who does not agree with us wholeheartedly. We are quick to take umbrage against one of different religious belief. We are conditioned to ridicule that which we do not understand, in everything from the so-called Flying Saucers to the man who talks with animals.

The first cotton grower Would not have understood the cotton gin yet today’s grower reaps the benefits. The first farmer did not understand the nature of rain making chemicals yet today’s farmer reaps the harvest. So with our rocket and jet age, we do not comprehend the nature of New Age vistas, the realms of the unbelievable, but only because we are uneducated with respect to these frontiers.

Understanding is the secret: tolerance of those who do not fear to venture into the unknown. What we laughed at yesterday, we accept today. Isabella may not have understood the nature of the new world, but she understood Columbus’s expansion of consciousness. We do not understand the nature of other worlds, but can we deny they exist! We may not understand the nature of animal consciousness but can we define its limitations? Should we then laugh at telepathy and allied subjects while documented messages are being transmitted!

The analogy of understanding is that it works both ways. We cannot understand the universe; nor can we comprehend the universe until we comprehend ourselves. We would go to other worlds! What would be the state of man on a world that communicated only by telepathy! How would man fare on a world that knew only peace? If we cannot live harmoniously in our own surroundings, amongst those who differ from us, how call we expect to he respectable citizens of other worlds”

Understanding is the keynote: The effort to comprehend another’s stage of development: tolerance in the vanguard and patience with those in the rear. Imagination is theme: expansion of thought, whether it the in the field of space or of talking with animals.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Let us join on the road where man can meet man in unity of spirit, irrespective of personality differentiation – where the man of today can listen with all open mind to the man of tomorrow — where man can look in the face of his dog and apologize for having been so limited in consciousness..

-Hoya P. J. Martinelli


By “miracle” is meant some supernatural event. A true miracle cannot be explained by any orthodox area of science. Jesus walking on the Sea of Galilee, and heavy tables hovering in the air at séances, would be true miracles by this definition.

Even harming another person at a great distance, by will power alone, would be a miracle-one of a sinister kind. Thus the successful maker of black magic, maliciously transfixing a wax image of his enemy with pins, might be deemed a miracle-worker. Such an enchantment may be termed an evil miracle.

Miracles only transcend the known laws of nature. Therefore, their occurrence merely mark the gaps in our knowledge of nature’s inner working.

The many reports of miraculous happenings, appearing in varied places and at different times, show striking similarities. Consider, for instance, the sworn testimony of two eminent Englishmen concerning the Reverend Daniel Home. They testified to seeing him float upward, out of one window, and back: into the house through another. This is strongly reminiscent of the remarkable story about the devout Saint Theresa rising up into the air, chair and all.

Even Christ’s miraculous multiplication of the loaves and fishes has its parallel in the many accounts of apports-objects materialized out of thin air. Séance records and religious legends afford frequent instances of apports.

Millions of people, in many nations, accept the truth of thought-transference. Telekinesis, the influencing of physical events by will-power, has been attested to take place by worthy witnesses, among them the eminent scientist, Dr. J. B. Rhine.

Our universe seems to harbor mysteries beyond the pale of

AUGUST, 1965                           7

present-day science. Reality has more dimensions than our mere sense-organs can discern. There is, however, a common objection to the concept of miracles outlined above.

This objection has been enunciated in numerous ways. It often runs about as follows

“You affirm the occurrence of such `miracles’ as levitation, apports, telepathy and telekinesis. But these prodigies have not been produced in the presence of sceptical scientists.”

To this rather obvious objection there is a reasonable rejoinder. It is, of course, true that some attempted demonstrations of occult power have failed in the presence of sceptics. Nevertheless, the above objection show a lack of insight. into the spiritual factors involved.

To begin with, supernatural phenomena depend on the power of spiritual belief. To quote Jesus:

“All things whatever ye shall ask in prayer, Believing ye shall receive.” (Matthew 21:22).

The presence, then, of a sceptical mind, a hostile consciousness, in an occult experiment, must be expected to have an adverse effect.. The sceptic simply cannot enter into the spirit of such a demonstration.

More or less unconsciously, he wills against it succeeding. He doesn’t really expect any supernatural phenomena to occur. Behold, it. doesn’t. And yet-he deceives himself: he has himself demonstrated the power of mind over the process of nature. For, in all probability, his own lack of faith helped to founder the attempted spiritual experiment. In his absence it might have succeeded.

The presence of the sceptical minds of cynics paralyzes spiritual proceedings. They- seem to exert a sort. of neutralizing effect on the positive powers of the friendly participants. It is as though a current of mental electricity were being neutralized by a current of opposite charge.

One fact is clear: It is next to impossible to convert a convinced sceptic of the existence of super-normal phenomena. For, as a rule, the spiritual results required to convert him—-cannot be obtained in his presence. It is as though he raised a dust, and then complained that he could not see.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

The serious occultist. can only work well with kindred minds. Let us, with compassion, leave the scoffers in their self-created spiritual darkness.

The dawning of spirit comes only from within.

-R. Eugene  Hitchcock

——— ♦ ———


A recent article by Col. A. J. Burls, published in the “Times of Malaya and Straits Echo,” has resulted in the receipt at Merlin of many letters inviting an exchange of correspondence. Each letter is interesting and the variety of questions asked is amazing! To encourage your correspondence we offer the following paragraphs.

“I have been interested in flying saucers for a long time… As regards reincarnation, who is not intrigued by this subject? My other interests are gardening, tropical fish and songwriting…I have read an article somewhere of a new strain of cascading petunias-scented begonias… please send a few seeds. …”

“In your reply will you kindly tell me something about North America, especially about the climate and such things as will help me to know your country better. . . “

“Another interest I have taken up recently is the collecting of materials of the late President Kennedy so much that I intend to gather all materials in memory of him.. .

“I am very curious to know about flying saucers, God and reincarnation. Sometimes I wonder whether these things do really exist. .. I have seen what I think must be some kind of sky creature…

“Is there any material proof of flying saucers having landed on this earth… ? If flying saucers are true, not mental images of those who saw them, what are their purposes in visiting earth and what do they want of men? What are the steps or the process of thinking that can enable one to recall events of one’s past lives? . . interested also in the subject of vibrations, such as Mantrams.”

“Would you be kind enough to tell me more about the Constitution of the United States and the election of the president … please tell me all you can about the rockets and the space crafts, especially

AUGUST, 1965                           9

those like Gemini. . . and about the Telstar and the Early Bird. . ..” So go the questions, along with promises to answer your queries on life in Malaya. An exchange of news, views and aspirations with others brings many unexpected returns in friendship, understanding and personal growth. Are you ready for the adventure’

Cheops Pyramid

(By Aly Hahmoud, (API), July 9, 1965)

CAIRO (AP)-By means of cosmic rays scientists hope to find out if the Cheops pyramid contains passages or chambers not yet discovered by archeologists.

Prof. Fathi Bediewi of EinShams University is collaborating by mail with Dr. Luis W. Alvarez of California’s Lawrence Radiation Laboratory to set up electronic instruments inside the pyramid that is 481 feet high.

The project is designed to measure cosmic rays falling on the structure, said Bediewi, and “by simple computation we will be able to determine whether the pyramid contains any cavities or passages not. known to us. ”

Cosmic rays, Bediewi said, are strong enough to penetrate the limestone blocks of the pyramid, and computing machines measuring the rays will reveal its structure.

“We may not find anything, but at least we will make it definite that the pyramid contains no more than is already known,” he said. “Or we may discover the original entrance to the great monument.”

Bediewi, a British-trained nuclear physicist with a Ph.D. from Liverpool university, is 42 years old. The Great Pyramid is 4,500. “I have no knowledge: of archeology, but we are placing science in its service,” he said.

“Simply, our technique is analogous to the X-ray system, but with one difference. Strong cosmic rays will take the place of 1-rays, which would not be at all effective with huge stone blocks.”

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Two chambers-the burial rooms of Cheops and his queen-are known, and some archeologists believe there may he others inside the pyramid.

Saucer Over Antarctic

(Medford Mail-Tribune, July 8, 1965)

BUENOS AIRES (UPI) Argentine sailors at two Antarctic outposts saw a multi-colored “unidentified flying object” dawdling across the sky Saturday, the Navy Department announced Wednesday night.

The object was discus-shaped and predominantly red and green in color, with occasional flashes of yellow, blue, orange and white. . .” The Navy announcement said.

“It was moving generally eastward, but at times it went west.. . at some moments, it appeared to hover….

“It. was in view for 15 to 20 minutes, allowing ample time to photograph it… (the object) was seen by members of the naval at Decepcion and Oreadas.”

Hypnotism and TV

(Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Oregon, Thursday, June 24, 1965)

NEW YORK (AP)-Just by using television, it really is possible for a hypnotist to put some of his viewers in a trance, two psychiatrists said today.

They told of hypnotizing two persons, in a closed-circuit TV experiment, and giving them commands that. were obeyed until the hypnotists gave them the signal to come out of the trance state.

There have been reports in England that home viewers were hypnotized, apparently unintentionally, by an expert appearing on television.

The new hypnosis experiments were described today to the American Medical Association by Drs. Herbert Spiegel and James II. Ryan of Columbia. University, New York City.

They said their findings show: Hypnosis via TV could be explored for possible usefulness in mass education, group treatment of some patients, and research in hypnosis.

It might help astronauts on long space journeys beat back feelings of loneliness and boredom through hypnotic suggestions broadcast from earth.

But also,  unscrupulous operators might confuse and exploit viewers

AUGUST, 1965                           11

at home “until and unless the subject (person) is able to make the necessary- correction and control.”

It “emphasized the compelling need to maintain responsible, stringent safeguards and control over the policy and personnel” of public broadcasting systems.

Mysterious Sky Light

(San Jose News,  Friday, July 9, 1965)

SUNNYVALE – Two public safety officers here Thursday night said they spotted a “brilliant white object” that hovered nearly 10 minutes over the San Francisco area before it sped away under pursuit from three military jets.

Lt. John E. Haag and officer Ronald Girard were on duty at the fire station at Lawrence Station and Mountain View. Alviso roads when they watched the object from 9:33 to 9:13 p.m.

“It moved faster than anything I’ve seen around here,” said Haag. “I saw three planes take off, I think from Moffett Field, and head over in (its) direction.”

“We watched it for eight to ten minutes and then it went straight up in the air and climbed three times its original distance from the ground which was about ?0 degrees. Then, without stopping, it made a sharp turn southwest for about three miles and then turned northwest.”

Officer Girard, who was called by Haag after Haag sighted the UFO, gave a similar account. “It looked like a bright star, brighter than the closest star in the north. Then it. moved.” Both officers said it turned red when it move away.

“I don’t know what it was but I know one thing for sure, it couldn’t possibly- have been a plane,” Girard said.

He said the object pulsated from dim to bright in three second cycles, unlike a star.

Moffett Field denied any knowledge of it or that any of its planes scrambled. Moffett said no jets are stationed here but planes from other bases could have “observed” the object.

Spin Riddle

OTTAWA (CP)-Two young Canadian scientists have solved the problem of why the American Echo 11 satellite spins.

Thereby they may have exerted enormous influence on the future United States program for space platforms.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The defense research board scientists, John Mar. 32, of Port Alberni, B.C., and Ottawa, and Frank Vigneron, 25, of Eston, Sask., said Thursday in an interview that, their solution may also be a possible explanation for the origin of the spin of the planets.

They were careful not to claim any space discovery. They said they had merely applied a known principle of solar radiation (sunlight) to figure out the reason for Echo II’s spinning.

Other officials said their solution, presented to an international Symposium in Paris last month, has caused a minor sensation among space scientists, including Russians and Americans. They said U.S. scientists had been baffled by the problem for three years since Echo II, a satellite balloon 135 feet in diameter, was launched.

In short, the two Canadians found that. solar radiation pressure caused the balloon to bulge at the point where the sunlight struck it. This caused it to rotate. As the spin accelerated, the temperature of the entire surface of the satellite evened out. Eddy currents were set up which gradually slowed the spin.

Solar radiation then came into play again and the spin accelerated And so on.

The theoretical rate of acceleration and deceleration was found to coincide exactly with the observed spin rate of the satellite. Mr. Vigneron found that U.S. scientists had not allowed for high spin rates in their plans for space platforms which will have men aboard. Too great a spin could kill men in a space platform.

The U.S. plans to use a certain amount of spin in space platforms to create artificial gravity and thus eliminate weightlessness.

Mr. Mar and Mr. Vigneron said it will be possible to build into space platforms a damping effect to prevent too high a spin rate.

Tree Rings

(Joseph L Myler  Medford Mail-Tribune, July 1965)

WASHINGTON (UPI)-Annual growth rings of trees that flourished in California 6,000 to 5,000 years ago may contain information, bearing on the death of prehistoric cities of the ancient east.

They  may, according to Dr. Mans E. Suess, tip off the stator of the sun in ages past and establish a relationship between solar and earthly weather.

This relationship, he suggested, may explain worldwide climatic

AUGUST, 1965                           13

changes which thousands of years ago forced many people abruptly to abandon their centuries-old cities and seek security elsewhere.

Suess, professor of geochemistry at the University of California, San Diego, has been studying the radiocarbon content of ancient California bristlecone pine and sequoia wood which had been examined and dated by the University of Arizona Tree Ring Laboratory. Whenever anything dies, be it a tree, say, or a horse, the carbon 14 it contains decreases with time at the rate of one-half every 5,700 years.

But the production of carbon-14 in the atmosphere appears not to be exactly the same in all seasons. When sunspot activity is high, magnetic fields whipped from the face of our star tend to shield the earth from the high-speed particles originating farther out in space. But when the solar weather is comparatively calm, in periods of minimum sunspot activity, more cosmic rays get through interplanetary space to the earth and carbon-14 production goes up a bit.

In his study of rims from ancient bristlecone pine and sequoia, Suess found definite evidence of this cyclical variation in radio-car-bon formation.

He said this provides “a new way of finding out something about the state of the sun during the last several thousand years.” Not all scientists are convinced there is a discernible connection between solar weather, as manifested by sunspot activity, and terrestrial weather.

But Suess said, “It is well known” that the 15th and 17th centuries were periods of abnormally low sunspot numbers. And in the same periods, he said, the climate in Europe was exceptionally cold -so cold that those centuries have been called “the little ice age.”

Moreover, Suess said, there was a marked increase then in the production of radiocarbon, as shown by the tree rings.

According to Suess, it may be possible to look backward in time as far as tree rings have been dated by the Arizona laboratory. Such studies may reveal “correlation, between natural radiocarbon, sunspots, and worldwide climate events” which may have triggered the “migrations of prehistoric nations or tribes up to 6,000 or 8,000 years ago.”

——— ♦ ———

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING


(For its cosmic implications we liked this editorial from the March-April issue of the Little Listening Post, Washington, D. C.)

Man is Storming the Portals of the Unknown! By every- highway and byway, he is battering at the vague, the shifting and the nebulous Ramparts. Science pushes out even farther with her prying and persistent fingers. Goaded on by scene incessant urge, man is pawing the covers from every hidden thing. Both Outer Space and Inner Space (the realm of mind) are under `attack.’ The ocean depths (in Project Mohole) are being asked to yield their prehistoric secrets. Our caves, our mountains, our fault lines are under the Same searching spotlight. Our launching pacts spew forth their 12-story rockets with regularity –out–out toward the stars! For out, there . . . Somewhere… Something is calling. . . calling to the Spirit of Man to go free!.. .. In the onsurge, everyone adds his opinions. Religionists shout their prophecies, their Directives. Esoterists battle with conservatives, for–as Waveney Girvan said — “Orthodoxy dies by inches.” Farthest out are the Saucer Researchers. They are “to the manor born.” Swept by the glory of the cosmic vision, some of them all but lose balance; as did a famous poet of whom it is told that, enraptured by the beauty of the sunset, lie rose in his little boat and, as if to cleave the skies, lie toppled overboard -and the lake waters closed over him. ..we are in the greatest brain-stretching time of all history. The tremendous challenge in these times is to KEEP BALANCE   In our skies, world over, we witness the speeding, swirling UFO’s, described ever and anon as “like two plates facing each other.” In our astronomy boots we find pictured the selfsame pattern-only- stretched to the proportion of Galaxies. Almost we can seem to see something of the Infinitude of God — yes, we see it till it “hurts.” And then. looking backwards, we find that our little human ego has vanished. . . Thus, we are being prepared for it HIGHER  OCTAVE of existence. The vessel must first be emptied before it can be filled anew. And, as this happens, there seems to coins to the soul of Earthman …… a Remembering.

(The following is taken from the May, 1965, issue of the “Agondonter,” newsletter of the First Urantia Society of Los Angeles, Calif.)

“Revelation has always kept pace with science because revelation

AUGUST, 1965                           15

is evolutionary and always progressive. In fact we can go a step further and say that revelation is the basis of all pioneering in both religion and science. What is revelation but the disclosure or manifestation of something not previously known? … and this applies to all things that fall into the category of both science and religion. We will have but little problem with the word `revelation’ if we remember this divine axiom: Nothing can nor does exist in a material form that does not have a spiritual counterpart.

“There is little difference between the method of revelation that comes to an Edison showing him the possibility of harnessing electricity to produce light, and the revelation that, comes into the mind of a true Christian about the eternal state of man. However, both of these revelations must be worked out to the complete satisfaction of the one who receives the revelation. A true Christian has just as much integrity its a true scientist, and will only express those truths which have been fully- investigated and which have become fact based upon relative knowledge and actual personal experience. “Just as Edison persevered in his quest to produce the incandescent light. . . so does the true Christian pursue the revelation he receives until he is able to reconcile it with all previous knowledge, with the evolutionary- growth of the universe and man, and with the science of his day. It is true that many scientists have pursued ideas that were not based on true revelation and insight. Likewise many religious ideas have been set forth as true ways of life, but failed in the final analysis of everyday living.

“When we look at the overall historical picture of man we can see that there have been many small or individual revelations in the fields of religion and science which have served specific or temporary needs. There also have been outstanding revelations which have been universal in scope, in both science and religion. History tells us, too, that religion and science have not walked hand in hand together clown the corridors of time. This is due primarily to the fact that the revelations of religion have been relative to the true nature of man and his life beyond the so-called :,nave, while scientific revelations and research have been concerned with the material universe. . ..”

——— ♦ ———

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

poet’s corner


I have prayed inane prayers
That were never answered

Though I waited patient and long
But enough of my prayers

Have been answered
To keep me praying on.

I have dreamed many dreams
That never came true

I have seen them vanish at dawn
But enough of my dreams

Have been realized.
To keep me dreaming on.

I have trusted many a friend
Who left me to weep alone

But enough of my friends
Have proven true blue

To keep me trusting on.

Mrs. Neal

(94 years old)

AUGUST, 1965                           17

Book reviews

Book of the Ages

(Mrs. Ann Herbstreith, 758-4th Mile Read. N.E. Grand Rapids, Mich. Price $3.00)

Ann Herbstreith writes: “Only pure Truth is given you in the Book of the Ages which should be made available to every spiritual aspirant, who must not depend on others. but must experience and prove everything for himself, by himself, in himself, and to himself. Only thus will he attain self-mastery.”

The book is replete with the teachings and instructions given in the Bible and in many ancient texts of the Far East.  There is, perhaps, a New interpretation given to familiar scriptures that is intensely interesting; and helpful.

The book may be for the select few for some concepts presented will not be accepted readily by the majority.

There are chapters on healing, cleansing, on colors and metals, the earth and its axis, the breath of life, on karma, on cancer and on many of the books of the Bible. The Book o f Ages speaks of the needs and supplies that are ours, and tells how to attain the good things of life. It speaks as the Word of God coming by Jesus Christ through the channel Ann Herbstreith-it speaks with authority, power, wisdom and love, to all who are ready to yield their will to God and walk in the newness of Life.

-Esther Lowery

The Power of Your Mind Versus Fear

by Hamid Bey

This noted Egyptian Master, writer, teacher and lecturer has been in the United States the greater part. of the past 38 years,

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

teaching and demonstrating. His knowledge of his subject stems from his intensive training which began at the age of six, when be was blared in one of the secret Coptic Christian Temples of Egypt, where lie received many years of indelible and illuminating teaching from the ‘temple Masters.

He introduces his book with the following: “There are many ways in which the subject of fear may be approached. I shall attempt, to approach it in the simplest manner conducive to the greatest results in the overcoming of fear itself, which seems to be a radical difficulty, or illness with the majority of the human race. I feel it is a great privilege, as well as a great service, to present information which may eliminate, if not. completely, at least partly, this invisible enemy of man — FEAR.

“Since the days of my early youth to this very moment, way deep in my heart., there has been one burning desire to bring happiness to my fellowmen. Since happiness is a state of mind, we cannot have true happiness until we reach a basic understanding of the manner in which we function iii our spiritual privileges, rights and powers. These things cannot only be accepted, they must be understood, for they form the great highway to complete SELF-MASTER which gives freedom from fear.”

The Book is divided into three parts: Live Withow Fear, Emotional Fears Conquered, and Away With Spiritual Fears.

Under Part I, Hamid points out that no one can properly develop his spiritual nature to its richest earthily growth or direct his life into desired channels of constructive living until he has brought the physical side of his nature under control. Fear inhibits the normal development  of the physical life and leads to personal failure. The brain when properly directed, should and CAN control our physical existence.

The crux of his teaching in this first. section of the hook is CONCENTRATION. Some thought-provoking sub-titles are: Conscious Control of lain. Brain Waves and Bodily Ills, Mind Your Best Medicine, and Mental Poise an Excellent Habit.

In Part If, lie counsels us to “develop a satisfactory, workable EMOTIONAL philosophy.” He discusses the difference between worry and forethought, and shows how “today’s fears kill tomorrow’s happiness.” This section also treats the subject of: Personality

AUGUST, 1965                           19

Development, Mental Telepathy. Making an Asset of Your Emotions, and Mental Genes.

In regard to religion-part III – Hamid Bey stresses the need to replace the old creed of fear with RESPECT, and to teach the .youth of our times the law of Cause and Effect as applied to the moral and physical, as well as to scientific areas. The fear-bred propaganda being spread over our planet today stifles the truth. Some sub-titles in this section are: God in Many Terms, Spiritual Fatigue-a Real Malady, The Power of Meditation (the Magic Carpet.), Successful Meditation, Christianity and the Atomic Age, and the travels of Jesus. 11e closes by saying: “No matter by what name you call the Supreme Power, whether it be God, the Creator, the Unknown or any other designation, a firm belief in the Infinity of this Power is as vital to man as the air lie breathes. And most important of all, man must realize that DIVINITY CANNOT DWELL IN HARMONY WITH FEAR. Therefore, the mind most free of fears is the mind closest to Divine Wisdom, or God. The person equipped with such a mind will be blessed with the Light of Divine Guidance and can find his way on any path he may choose.”

The book is interspersed throughout with specific incidents which occurred during his Temple training which moulded his character and prepared him for his life work of teaching and demonstrating the power of the mind. Also, there is both humor and pathos in the many problems which beset him during his first few years in the United States.

The sincerity of this dedicated man emerges in every printed word and his teaching will be a blessing to all who read this book. It can be purchased from the Coptic Fellowship of America, 2015 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles 57, California.. $3.00

Marcella Fortune

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One of the most important and most needed men in the field of human relations has passed from the earth plane. His passing occurred within hours of the 20th anniversary of the first testing of the nuclear weapons, whose constant threat to humanity became his greatest concern and responsibility.

Adlai Stevenson was one of the greatest moderating influences in the United Nations and a man who was respected by everyone regardless of his beliefs.

His loss will be keenly felt, not only within the United Nations Organization, but throughout the world.


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“For let us never forget, the longest journey begins with a single step.”

-Pres. Lyndon. B. Johnson

“World leaders inform us that peace is the most desired status of our time. All desire it, but each wants it on his own terms. Any alternative is considered not peace but. appeasement. Until this paradox is solved, all their words are mere hollow mockeries. And meanwhile mankind rockets toward extinction.”

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“Yes, it’s true. I, Bob Renaud, have talked with people from other planets over my short wave radio set, at regular intervals, for over 3 years. Since Jan. 6, 1962, I have viewed these people inside their spaceships on my own TV Screen; met them in person; ridden in, piloted, and photographed their spaceships; visited their underground and undersea bases; and became the first Earth-man to walk outside a spaceship in outer space! Learn what these advanced people teach, and of their plan to help mankind solve its problems and, in our time, to build a Great Society-advanced far beyond today’s most optimistic concepts. Read it all in “UFO International” starting with issue 18. Six issues for $3.00. Single copy-50c. Gabriel Green, Editor. 7 Flying Saucer color photos-$3.00. Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs, 2004 N. Hoover, Los Angeles, Calif. 90027.




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