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VOLUME X                                  JULY, 1965                                                 NUMBER 7

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


WITH the success of the Gemini multi-orbital maneuvers, the U.S. Space Program moved one step nearer to its ultimate goal of true space travel.

While the Gemini astronauts are receiving their well earned acclaim and commendation from the public for the successful completion of their portion of the space program, it might be well to review the progress which we have made, and to consider the problems which we have yet to face.

Looking backward, it seems that we have progressed at a tremendous rate during the last few decades. When we remember that it has been only sixty-two years since Orville and Wilbur Wright first managed to coax their 12 horsepower man-carrying box kite a few feet off the ground for a flight time of 12 seconds and a flight distance of 120 feet. Within the memory of a single generation we have achieved man-carrying satellites which hurtle completely around the earth every hour and a half, moving at the rate of 18,000 miles per hour or nearly half a million miles per day. Yet, if we consider the immensity of the space which we are challenging, we must certainly realize that the successes which we have

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

achieved to date are but the first few faltering steps of an infant beginning a journey that may well continue into infinity.

With the strong ego characteristic of earth man, we apply words and descriptive terms to our efforts which are actually far from being applicable at the present time. For instance we habitually refer to our orbital pilots as astronauts. The word astronaut means literally “one who sails among the stars.” Our orbital flights in which we rise only a few miles above the surface of our planet, are certainly a far cry from sailing among the stars, yet we use the word because it defines our future intent and determination. In the same manner we have come to use the term `outer space’. In the science of astronomy the term `outer space’ refers to the space between Galaxies. The space between stars within a single galaxy is known as ‘inner space.’ The space between a star and its planets would therefore be known as ‘inner-inner space,’ and the space between a planet and its moons would be ‘inner-inner-inner space.’ Yet in our pride of achievement, whenever we have risen above our own stratosphere we proclaim that we have ‘traveled in outer space!”

In the past sixty years we have increased the maximum speed at which we can travel, about 500 times. (From about 36 miles per hour to more than 18,000) If we continue to increase our speed of travel at the same rate for another sixty years we will have achieved passenger velocities of about nine million miles per hour. This would mean that we could travel to Mars or Venus (when they were close to earth) in about five or six hours, including time for takeoff and landing. Only then can we begin to plan interstellar flights.

In the third sixty- year period we will probably approach the ‘light barrier.’ Since this is a mathematical and philosophical barrier rather than a natural one, we will probably find a way through it with little more effort than was required to penetrate the sonic barrier which was such a bogey man to early aeronautical engineers. When this has been accomplished, earthmen can dream of leaving the galaxy and traveling for the first time in true outer space!

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JULY, 1965                                  9


(From Bhabes Chandra Chaudhuri, West Bengal, India, comes this descriptive article of the village school in which he teaches. In the interests of world wide education for all children the article has been published in many languages, including Esperanto.)

Poor village school master! My friends would often sigh for my pitiful position and how often would not they come to console me like the fabled friend of Job in his hours of suffering! Bow little do they know, that infinite joy sparkles in the heart of their pitied hero when he is encircled by a dozen little faces of Village urchins!

To tell you the truth, I find infinite joy in this calling which may be below the proud man’s consideration, and though often I should go hungry, yet the pride, honour and freedom I enjoy here are enough to recompense all the sorrows and privations associated with my lot…

It is nice life that you live in a village-the spot of simplicity and innocent beauty. Din and bustle, hurry and frenzy have no meaning here. Everything so calm and so smooth, so silent and motionless-so free from the fever and fret of the modern world-that it makes you forget your very existence. Time has no definite meaning here…

The school is a thatched house and stands in the very heart of the village. The people who are all simple rustics take great pride in having a seat of learning of their own.

Its rooms are open on all sides and unprotected for want of doors and windows. Its walls are made of mud, and thick hedgerows stand around it to serve as good natural fencing. And it so happen, that at night all the denizens of neighboring jungles come here and pry about in the darkness.

The school sits at ten o’ clock in the morning and breaks up at four in the afternoon. When the sun shines a very congenial Glow of light and long before it reaches the median, the little hamlet which is yet silent and calm, is agog with the ding-dong of the school-bell. Now is the school time which marks the busiest hour of the village life. Boys and girls with beaming faces are now seen

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

to be hurriedly moving along the otherwise silent lanes and alleys to their university.

The Head Master with his tattered shirt and patched-up slippers, surrounded by tawny little faces is now pacing his way like a Roman general going to the forum! Then comes the Second Master-a man thought to be the best Arithmetician that ever lived and you may easily perceive from his ever footfall, that he is a self-assertive sort of fellow.

This, as you know, is a village primary school and is too poor to maintain a menial establishment. As a result there is no school-duftry and an old “Time-Piece” which is as old as the British Museum is often conveyed by the Head Master himself to the school! It is the boys who by turns ring the bell, and sometimes you find the hour-hand of the crazy old clock moving a little too slowly. The rays of the setting sun in the western horizon get fainter and yet it is not four in the clock! As there is no other clock or watch in the village, so the time indicated by the clock of the school must be correct, no matter if the four of the watch be dusk or evening!

This is a place characterized by its own singularity of customs, peculiarity of usuages and antiquity of. life and seems to me like a neglected spot where culture and civilization have equally fallen asleep!

So, the residents of this village who are agricultural people have profound reverence for the Head Master and worship hire almost to idolatry. His little disciples are all very simple, and copy him in thought and action with surprising readiness.

The number of classes in the school is only six. They are held in six rooms. There are altogether six teachers but hardly in six out of seven days in the week, the school is blessed with the presence of all six teachers. As a rule, five teachers make a good combination to take six classes between them during the six hours and teach the three R’s as best they can.

The school which is situated in a rather lonely place is now resonant with the bumming voices of the boys and presents a pleasing sight to an unaccustomed eye. A few dozen benches, arranged in a somewhat clumsy fashion, have been occupied by the

JULY, 1965                                  11

boys of the top classes. Others, who are mostly whining little things, squat on the floor.

The Second blaster is a terror to the boys for his gruff voice and sturdy rod as well. As bells follow hells, the Second Master follows class after class, till the school is over. It is a long distance that the Second Master has to plod on his way home; naturally he takes a short nap in each of his classes, and as the hours advance, the high-pitch of the Second Master’s voice gets fainter and fainter.

This is the sort of domain over which I rule, and 1 lead my uneventful life, far, far from the hurry and worry and greed of fashionable city life!

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Man’s first imagined trip to the moon was made in a ship propelled by a waterspout, a vehicle described by one Lucian of Samos in the Second Century A.D., in one of the earliest known examples of science fiction.

Today’s scientists have taken moon-travel out of the realm of science-fiction, and planted it firmly in the realm of the probable. And the probability is that a lengthy exploration of the moon will be carried out in 1970.

The basic plan for this expedition has been worked out by Allyn B. Hazard, an engineer at Space General Corporation. The idea had its beginning some three years ago, when Mr. Hazard was studying the equipment needed for moon exploration at the California Institute of Technology’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He says a 12-man crew could carry out a 500-mile research trip across the surface of the moon.

Four giant rockets would be used on Hazard’s proposed moon trip; three round trip passenger vehicles, and the other a one-way cargo carrier with 15 tons of supplies and equipment. It would carry everything needed to support the astronauts during their 21-day journey.

Each of the 12 men would be a highly trained scientist or technologist in some field-and each would have to acquire some of the skills of the others, to provide vital “back-up” capability.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

On the moon, only four of the astronauts would set off on the 500-mile trip. The group would include a geologist, a physicist, a medical-human factors specialist, and a communications-equipment specialist- Other members of the expedition would remain at the landing site to conduct research and maintain contact with Earth. They would live in the space ships.

The four moon-travelers won’t enjoy such luxury. Their trip would take about 10 earth-days, and would be made during the 330-hour lunar night, to avoid danger of radiation from solar flares.

With no other shelter, they would have to live, work, eat, and. sleep in special tub-like space suit “shells,” like turtles. These would be their only protection from the moon’s airlessness and night time cold of 250 degrees below zero.

The peculiar potbelly shape is designed to make the suit more livable for a long period. The wearer can slip his arms out of the sleeves to prepare food stored inside, eat, adjust controls, make notes, or just to scratch his nose.

The suit is roomy and has “look-all-around” windows including one in tine bottom of the tub so the wearer can watch his step. The explorers would ride on tractor-like electric powered moon mobiles, two to a cart, rolling over the moon’s rough surface at about 5 miles an hour. They would be at opposite ends, suspended just above the ground by trunions attached to the sides of their suits. To sleep, they would merely pivot back into a horizontal position, and doze off on the suit’s thickly padded back, with a built-in pillow.

Air, water, and power supplies for the space suits would be carried on the moon mobiles, and piped to the astronauts through long “umbilical” connections that would allow them to get off and walk alongside, collecting samples, making experiments, or taking pictures.

Each suit would also have built-in air and water tanks and a separate power supply, so the explorers could disconnect the “umbilicals” and leave their moon mobiles for a limited time if necessary.

The integrated moon suit-moon mobile idea offers the best and quickest way for mall to really explore the moon’s surface with the light-weight equipment we can land there in the next 10 years,

JULY, 1965                                  7

Hazard says. The bulkiness and weight. of the hard-shell space suit will be relieved by the moon’s light gravity-just one-sixth that of the Earth.

But you don’t need a space suit and you don’t have to wait till 1970 if you want to take a walk on the moon. You can take an imaginary walk on the moon this year if you visit the New York World’s Fair.

The lunar stroll is a part of the Technology Exhibit at the New England States’ Exhibition. You’ll reach the “moon” after a ride in all elevator designed to resemble a space capsule. The approach to the capsule is through a chamber built like a space ship, with instrumentation provided by the companies which manufacture the actual components.

The capsule will descend about four feet and deposit. you and your family on the simulated surface of the dark side of the moon. Special sound and vibration effects provide a feeling of lengthy space travel. You’ll be pre-conditioned for your landing on the moon’s surface by hot air within the capsule, and when the door opens out on the moon, you’ll be hit with a blast of cold air — but by no means as frigid as the real thing (minus 243 degrees. Fahrenheit).

When you step down onto the moon’s surface you’ll be at the bottom of a moon crater-with the weird and eerie light of the sun making every object stand out in sharp contrast. The earth and other planets can be seen suspended in the distance. The three-dimensional settling gives a sense of great distance. The lack of vibration (no echoes) contributes both to the authenticity, and the strangeness of your moon visit.

This unusual exhibit was designed by Dr. Jonathan Karas of Science House, Manchester, Mass. How successful he was in recreating the actual conditions of a moon voyage will be learned in 1970, or whenever a scientific expedition finally succeeds in this perilous journey.

–Joseph Arkin and Clare Rudin

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8                                                    UNDERSTANDING


A true concept of Life is understandable only through a comprehension of the basic fundamentals of Truth, namely, Universal Laws and Principles. Such laws are classed as being, divine, spiritual, mental, physical, natural or cosmic.

It is surprising that through all the centuries of research and experimentation humanity should be so retarded in recognizing the fact that everything is brought into being, exists, and is sustained through the action of laws. And, since Man is held accountable to law through his words and actions, obviously it is of paramount importance that he have a clear understanding of them. Every moment of his life, prenatally, presently and eternally, he is accountable to them, and through the effects of their actions the very pattern of his life is blueprinted.

Natural laws are definite, powerful, unchangeable, invariable, immutable, universal and eternal. They govern day and night, regularity of the tides, succession of the seasons, movements of the planets and productivity of the soil. They govern every expression of Life, physical, mental and spiritual as well as the births into the physical and spiritual worlds. No field in Nature is exempt from the infinite evolutionary laws. These profound facts should impress us with the vital importance of learning to use them wisely.

Jesus, the Master of laws, admonished Man thus: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness… “, meaning the right-use-ness of Universal Laws. His so-called miracles were simply the manifestations of law.

Progression, regardless of the plane of expression, is Man’s objective in life and he is obliged to rely upon natural laws, he has no other choice. What explanation other than Universal Laws can Man offer for the physical and spiritual expressions of life? He cannot create, change, nor annihilate them. All he can do is use what natural laws contribute for his welfare and place at his disposal. Progress is God’s Law and Natural Law demands Man’s obedience in all applications to life.

Natural Law, being common to all and universal in it’s scope and power, governs the inanimate and invisible, animate and visible,

JULY, 1965                                  9

spiritual and material, spirit world and physical world. Being Universal we must accept it as being an indefinable, immeasurable, illimitable something which pervades the entire Universe. It creates, controls and directs everything in the mineral, vegetable, animal and spiritual kingdoms. Science has found evidence of Natural Law in every particle. The minuteness of the atom and the magnitude of the planets possess this power to a fractional degree.

Some of these Universal Laws arc: the law of love, desire, harmony, cooperation, attraction which includes propulsion and repulsion, vibration, passivity and activity, compensation and retribution, polarity and balance, cycles and periodicity, cohesion and adhesion, supply and demand, cause and effect, and productivity.

The orderliness of the Universe and all natural phenomena- the sun, moon, planets and stars-are all under the jurisdiction of laws. The Law of Vibration is the most important of all laws as it not only is part of all laws but it controls all laws. All life is vibration and even inanimate objects maintain their own peculiar rate of vibration.

Man and all things in the Universe being composed of atoms, take form through action of the laws of attraction, adhesions and cohesion, controlled by vibrations, operating at certain established rates. Man’s ratings of normalcy, genius or idiocy, are determined by the differences in the degrees of strength of the law of cohesion governing the atoms of his mortal existence.

The invariableness and immutability of Cosmic Laws enable astronomers to predict eclipses, comets, etc., meteorologists to forecast weather for almanacs, with instructions as to the correct planetary conditions for planting crops.

The principal factors concerned with vibrations are ether, consciousness, mind and thought. Ether is the conscious essence which permeates the Universe and everything in it. It is subtle, magnetic and fluidic as well as formless, and capable of pervading any condition regardless of shape and size. Man lives, moves and has his being in the ocean of ether as the fish lives in the ocean of water.

The law of vibration enables Man to see objects, bear sounds, anti feel heat and cold. These perceptions are possible only by the means of intervening ether of space which is the recipient, with the

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

vibrations acting as transmitters. Ether forms the sound track upon which vibrations are sent, making radio and television possible.

Universal Laws are no respecters of persons, nor have they a morality. We cannot break such Laws, we only break ourselves against them.

(A more detailed booklet on Universal Laws is available for $1.00 from the writer of this article, at 2314 Allen Creek Road, Grants Pass, Oregon 97526.

– Aleta O. Johnston

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world report

Looking for Flying Saucers

(San Francisco Chronicle, April 2, 1965 – by Monique Benoit)

The maintenance crew at the International Airport includes employees with unusual interests. Walter Rossit, a store-keeper, is a flying saucer researcher in his spare time.

“I don’t talk about this subject often, as when one does people regard yon as some kind of a nut.

“Furthermore, it is not a subject you can bring up casually in the conversation. But if people are interested, I can usually, sense it; some of my co-workers are, so we have discussions on flying saucers.”

“What brought out this interest!”

“I have a theory that we are on earth to learn and study. What do people get out of going to bars, baseball or football games, for instance? Not much. There has to be something else in life.

“have you heard the expression `the right of earning’? I told him I had not heard the expression.

“In reincarnation it. means that in your previous life you have earned the right to another life in order to fulfill a. purpose.”

“What has this got to do with flying saucers? l asked, puzzled.

JULY, 1965                                  11

“A handful of people are selected to see them. Until I saw my first one in 1952, not only did I not believe in them, but I would even become violent when someone mentioned them to me.

“Then one night, I guess my time had come. I had worked late and one of my co-workers was giving me a ride home. He had to stop on an errand.

“We were in the country, and I was sitting in the car waiting for him.

“It was peaceful, and as I was staring out of the window I saw a globe going full speed from horizon to horizon. I was mesmerized. “I didn’t even mention it to anyone, but later I saw flying saucers on four other occasions.”

This changed Walt’s life, and he began to do research, reading, studying and attending conferences about space ships.

“They- are magnetically operated by beings who are superior to us and are sent here on a peaceful mission,” said Walt with the fervor of conviction.

“What makes you sure of the superiority of those beings?” –I wasn’t sure what else to call “them.”

“Because they are peaceful and, unlike us, not motivated by greed. That is what makes them superior.

“Flying saucers began to appear about the time the A-bomb did; why? Obviously because those beings became worried about the effects of the bomb on the atmosphere.

“If flying saucer people were aggressive, having machines we do not. have, they could have taken over the earth at any time.” Maybe they don’t think it’s worth it. I thought.

“Why do some people see them, and others don’t?

“Mental telepathy. People are selected by mental power. I can’t go into the details; it would take too long.”

Walt is married to a Japanese girl he met while stationed in Japan.

I asked him if he had indoctrinated his two sons in his belief. “No; they have their own entity, which I respect. I am not a fanatic trying to convert people, you know. It is enough for me to believe in flying saucers.”

Then with a smile, he added: “I am surprised you don’t treat me as if I were a nut.”

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

I don’t want to be like those who called Galileo a fool and have to eat my words later.

Spaceman Quarantine?

(The Salt Lake Tribune, Sunday, May 23, 1965)

WASHINGTON-A committee of scientists has recommended that American astronauts returning from the moon and planets be kept in “strict” quarantine for at least three weeks to prevent the possible contamination of the Earth by dangerous germs from other worlds.

The recommendation was one of several made by the Life Sciences Committee of the National Academy of Sciences’ space science board and forwarded to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The report, entitled “Potential Hazards of Back Contamination From the Planets,” is expected to be made public soon.

NASA is understood to be studying the document to determine what action should be taken.

The 30 scientists who met in late July last year to consider the problem of “back contamination,” as it is called, took the viewpoint that the possibility of extraterrestrial life carries with it the “chance” that. returning spacecraft and astronauts may bring with them organisms harmful to the Earth and its inhabitants.

Accordingly, the scientists think it is in the best interests of preventive medicine to prepare for the worst. Thus they made the assumption that life exists probably on Mars. Possibly in the cloud layer of Venus and even potentially beneath the surface of the moon.

One fear the scientists expressed is that organisms which are harmless on the moon or Mars might be transformed into deadly organisms once introduced into the far lusher conditions of Earth. If such were to happen, said the scientists, weapons, such as vaccines, to control the extraterrestrial biologic agent would be unavailable.

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JULY, 1965                                  13


What does a member of American Understanding, Inc. do Faithfully, sincerely, with conviction, enacts the role of loyal American citizen.

Honestly lives and supports Understanding ideals wholeheartedly helping to build the constantly growing body of such ideals. Is a willing and confidential listener to misunderstandings, public and private, counsels and reasons together with who so desires. Holds out the helping hand without being a do-gooder, or imposing where not sought.

Writes a weekly letter to someone containing references to mutual understanding; expresses himself to his political representatives.

Writes at. least one monthly letter to someone abroad, sustaining such correspondence as may follow.

Pays own reasonable expenses rather than allow his Understanding inspiration to die on the table.

Eschews personal controversy within the Understanding framework.

Does nothing under the Understanding “umbrella” which cannot he publicly examined.

Originates Understanding projects.

Serves without demanding service; asks nothing of headquarters which common sense indicates he should do for himself. Compounds no clearly unnecessary- correspondence.

Continues alert to “Understanding” opportunities.

Maintains contact with all elements of personal environment, offering service where sought.

Publicizes Understanding, Inc., and its inspiration.

For Understanding Information please contact: P. 0. Box 76, Merlin, Oregon 97532

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An Oversight: Our apologies to poet Ralph W. Seager whose name was inadvertently omitted from “Bound by the Bonds of Nature” in our June issue. Mr. Seager plans to use the poem in his next hook-The Constant Thirst.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

poet’s corner

Mandate For Tomorrow

“It can’t be done. You have no right.

“Come back. Sit still. Stay put.


The she-wolf must leave said the same

To Romulus among the Seven Hills.

The women of Phoenecia cried the words,

Watching their men go out.

Adventuring on the Great Sea, out of sight.

Columbus had near mutiny – “We can’t. We can’t.”

They could and did go on, and home again.

And when our men today

Have caught a grander vision than Columbus had,

Or that Phoenecian, can we still say, “You can’t.”

The trackless heavens are a trackless sea,

Not continents but whole worlds waiting there,

And on beyond, another world, and on…

And on and on, no end.

Why should we need to know,

Before we start, what use it all will be?

Did Romulus intend to build a site

For Michaelangelo to decorate?

JULY, 1965                                  15

Did Columbus plan Chicago or New York?

Go to the moon.

Go to Venus, Mars, or Pluto, if you will.

The universe is there to be explored

So let’s explore it. I say it was meant to be.


-Mary Pansy Rapp

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

A RELIGIOUS OUTLOOK FOR MODERN MAN by Raynor C. Johnson, ?`?0 pages. McGraw-Hill Book Company. $4.95.

This is a much-needed pool. and one that will be valuable in its field. Admitting the inability of conventional religion to present Christianity to the New-Ager, this presentation is the outgrowth of an undeniably deep need. For those seeking spiritual beliefs which are compatible with modern scientific. and metaphysical ideas -it is an answer to those who ask: “What can a man believe?” Running the gamut from answering the “saved and lost” plan of salvation, to borderline queries of: “Where is the next world?,” the author states his purpose simply as a desire “to arouse some interest and appreciation of other viewpoints. .. and a few of the greater insights.”

Pointing out that theological thinking remains completely anchored to the medieval conception of the world, Copernicus is surely applauding the suggestion that we start thinking cosmically rather than in planetary terms. Pointing out that we live on a

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“little wayside planet which is revolving round a star. . . one of a hundred thousand million which constitute our galaxy,” while telescopically, it has been shown that hundreds of millions of these exist. This physical vastness is demanding our present-day change of viewpoint. Considering matter as a precipitate of Mind – the universe a living manifestation-and behind blind lies Spirit.

The phenomenon of dreaming is used as an illustration of our own small way of creating something very individual and the question is asked: Where is the space in which we see things happening! We see objects (sometimes familiar and frequently completely unknown in our present life environment), but clearly it is our mind which is creating this “awareness of space,” and while in the dream-state we have no doubts that it is real. This evokes the question: “May it not be true that all space is mind-created?” Not by our minds, but that it may be the product of a powerful Mind or Minds to which our own are related. In any event , it appears that it is the state and nature of our mind that is the determining factor as to what we have the ability to discern. So that whether we speak of the “next world” as that referring to discarnate entities or that of space beings-it is surely- “wherever there are minds capable of tuning-in to it.”

Granting “it is the state of mind which determines what we are aware of,” then those who are able to disconnect. from the close linkage with the physical brain attain a higher vibratory rate and are “able to perceive and act in a world of new experiences.”

Undoubtedly, we are forsaking the little hilltop we formerly called: truth. There are explorers who have gone out farther and shown our little summit “to have been but a foothill of the majestic peaks which lie further ahead.”

-Clara Mills Ward

THE INNER POWER by Winifred G. Barton, Pageant Press, Inc. 101 Fifth Ave., New York 3, N. Y. $3.30

The Inner Power is a translation of thought impulses from the Universe for which the author claims no personal credit. It provides an outline of the formation of the Earth and other inhabited planets, illustrates the development of mankind from a unicellular

JULY, 1965                                  17

creature to a multicellular animal, and ultimately into a spiritual being.

Can humanity commune with life on other planets? Bas Earth’s cycle of ignorance been completed? What steps are necessary if we are to avoid complete annihilation? What is extrasensory perception and can it be put to practical use in day-to-day living?

Individuals interested in views upon the above, and other, questions will want to add this book to their library shelf.

-Peg Ham

——— ♦ ———


Question: What Was Canada‘s Project Magnet?

Answer: (by Mrs. Winifred G. Barton in response to a seventh grade science class question.) Canada’s pioneer Ufologist, the late Wilbert B. Smith, devoted the latter part of his life trying to bring about an awareness of other races in space, more advanced than Earthmen, and thus widen human horizons and understanding.

Mr. Smith, an engineer heading the Canadian Government Division of Radio Regulations in the Department of Transport, first became interested in the subject of UFO’s when he was sent as a delegate to the North American Broadcasting Conference in Washington in 1950.

With the permission of his superiors, he began Project Magnet to investigate the possibility of UFO’s by asking the engineers monitoring radio broadcasts and studying Canada’s upper atmosphere to report any UFO sightings. Regular sightings were re-ported and evaluated on a point system based on 28 questions designed to determine the probable accuracy of these observations.

One of the world’s first Flying Saucer Observatories was established when Mr. Smith equipped an unused research but at Shirley’s Bay with electronic detection devices to register overhead objects. On August 9, 1954, the meter registered the presence of a craft larger than any known aircraft though clouds prevented visual observation.

In October 1954 the Department ordered the project abandoned, though indicated its willingness to permit continued use of its laboratories if no cost to the public was involved. An official report

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

on Project Magnet, based on rigid statistical analysis, showed a 91% probability that some sightings were of unknown origin. Mr. Smith contended that while our “Suave Brothers” could point out certain avenues of research, strict observation of Cosmic Law, decreeing that man must evolve by his own will and effort, prevented any direct involvement.

A collection of Wilbert Smith’s notes has been published in a book entitled “The New Science.” His family and friends have formed the “Ottawa New Sciences Club” which studies Ufology and space age philosophies and maintains contact with similar groups around the world.

Recently Mr. Smith was awarded, posthumously, a Canadian Engineering award in recognition of a lifetime of distinguished service to the advancement of technical knowledge in the Canadian Broadcasting Industry. The silver trophy depicts two skilled hands elapsing a radio tube. .. a splendid tribute to a brilliant, courageous pioneer.

——— ♦ ———

bulletin board

Handbook Reminder

The printing of the Understanding Handbook awaits your advance orders. At only 50 cents a copy each member and subscriber should have a personal copy and have another to loan to interested friends. Present plans call for publication in late August, early September-but we do need your dollars to cover costs. Please send orders to P. O. Box 76, Merlin, Ore. 9753?. Thank you.

JULY, 1965                                  19

Merlin Unit One

Merlin Unit One adjourned its official spring activities with a belated reception for Dan and Tahalita Fry on Sunday, June 13th. Several of the Unit Study Groups will continue to meet during the summer.

A Seminar

The Second National Wisdom Pool Seminar-a week of study and sharing of New Age work and philosophy-at Lakemont, Ga., was attended by many Understanding officers. Among those present at the June gathering were President, Dan Fry; Executive Vice-President, Arthur Barks (sponsor of the Seminar), and Directors Tahahlita Fry and Esther Stilgebouer.

Washington Convention

The New Age Foundation, Inc., announces the 4th Annual Washington State Space Conclave, July 16, 17 and 16 at the Flying Guest Ranch. ‘?%2 miles from Eatonville, Wash. Write Lenora Craft, 8 Smith St., Seattle, Wash., for details.

New Officers

Unit 37, Buffalo, N. Y., announces the results of its recent election of officers: President, Paul R. Weast (253 Davidson St., Buffalo, N.Y.); Vice-President, Lewis Akfarkle; Treasurer, George Adams; Recording Secretary, Elizabeth Mower; Corresponding Secretary, Cora Prantner; Librarian, Leverne Griffith, and Chap-lain, Marie Hale.

Successful Understandorama

The Memorial weekend Understandorama at Harmony Grove, Calif., was attended by some four hundred individuals, seeking enlightenment. Vista Unit 4 is to be congratulated for sponsoring another successful gathering of new age seekers and teachers. “The speeches were of such a high order of quality and excellence that it would be difficult to single out any one as being better than the rest,” said Robert Crichton, M.C. and coordinator of the conclave.

Spacecraft Lecture Booklet

Unit 28, Detroit, Mich., has recently printed in an attractive

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

booklet Dan Fry’s lecture: Spacecraft, Past, Present and Future. Copies may be had for $1.00, plus 10c postage, from Unit 28, 6721 Miller Avenue, Detroit, Mich. 48211.

Coming Lectures

Unit 11 of San Francisco has featured many interesting speakers at its monthly meetings, the 4th Friday of the month, at Room 401, 609 Sutter St., including Gina Cerminari, Irene Hickman and Muriel Alstrom.

Unit 15 of Inglewood. Calif., announces that their July 24th meeting will present Ralph Haffman, one of the first lecturers in the field of Flying Saucer and New Age Teachings. The topic will be: The Shining Ones Are Here. The lecture will be given in the Business and Professional Women’s Clubhouse, 820 Java Street, Inglewood. Admission is by donation and the public is cordially invited.

Unit 22 of Riverside, Calif., in June presented John Douglas Low on “The Spiritual Destiny of the U.S.A.” Members of the Unit have been asked to write a short evaluation of the personal significance of Understanding. Some of these articles will be given in future issues of Understanding.

Unit 67 of Los Angeles, Calif., has chosen the third Friday of the month for its regular feature meetings, at 437 North Kenmore, L. A. Meetings are open to the public, donation $1.25.

——— ♦ ———


Steps to the Stars, the thesis for which Daniel W. Fry was awarded his doctorate by St. Andrews College of London, is now in its fourth printing.

An order has been placed with the publishers, C.S.A. of Lakemont, Ga., for copies as soon as available. We anticipate orders sent to P. 0. Box 76, Merlin, Oregon 97532, should be filled by mid-July.

The price is $1.50. Have you placed your order yet?

——— ♦ ———

It is not with your gun that you will change anything, my son, but with your heart. (Frans Masereel, in Friendship Universal).


“Yes, it’s true. I, Bob Renaud, have talked with people from other planets over my short wave radio set, at regular intervals, for over 3 years. Since Jan. 6, 1962, I have viewed these people inside their spaceships on my own TV Screen; met them in person; ridden in, piloted, and photographed their spaceships; visited their underground and undersea bases; and became the first Earth-man to walk outside a spaceship in outer space! Learn what these advanced people teach, and of their plan to help mankind solve its problems and, in our time, to build a Great Society-advanced far beyond today’s most optimistic concepts. Read it all in “UFO International” starting with issue 18. Six issues for $3.00. Single copy-50c. Gabriel Green, Editor. 7 Flying Saucer color photos-$3.00. Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs, 2004 N. Hoover, Los Angeles, Calif. 90027.


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