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VOLUME X                                  JUNE, 1965                                                NUMBER 6

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


The staff of Understanding magazine has received with sorrow, the report of the recent passing of George Adamski who succumbed to a severe attack of pneumonia in Washington, D. C., on April 23.

Until almost the moment of his passing, George had continued his vigorous program of lectures and discussion groups dedicated to the task of making the benefits of the higher realms of philosophy available to all of mankind.

George was 75 years young, and was one of the earliest, and one of the best known of the U.F.O. contactees. For more than 13 years much controversy has surrounded the books which Adamski authored, and the thousands of lectures which he delivered. George had many detractors but even more friends. It is significant of his life that most of his detractors were persons who did not know George personally, while his friends were those who did know him well enough to understand his purpose and his methods.

While controversy- will undoubtedly continue to surround his works, it is certain that the world will never forget them or their  author. While George has gone on to higher realms of endeavor, his place in the history of this planet is secure, and the footprints which he has left in the sands of time will forever be an inspiration to those who follow.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING


Since all of us have been forced recently to become acutely aware f the troubles in Southeast. Asia, many persons have asked me to tell them what I know about Thailand-which was Siam until World War II.

I lived in Thailand for six years, from 1956 to 1962, as a consultant in Nursing Education. Thailand’s neighbors are China, Malaya, Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. It is a country of more than twenty-five million people-not poor by Oriental standards. They export rice, tin, rubber and many other things.

If yon went to a foreign country and someone asked you to tell them about the United States of America, where would you begin?  At the top or the bottom? All countries have a top, bottom. and in-between.

If I started at the top about Thailand, I might tell you of their serious young King who was born in the United States, educated in Switzerland and who has vowed never to laugh until his late brother-king’s assassins have been found.

Or, I could tell you about his one and only very gracious and beautiful wife-one of the ten best-dressed women in the world. However King Phumibol and Queen Sirikit are only symbolic of the top of Thailand, beloved by all the Thais.

Thailand, a so-called constitutional monarch is ruled by military dictators. actually, as in many developing countries, the military is t the only large group that has had experience in law, order and discipline. It seems quite natural for most. Thais to have the military men lead them.

Of course, in their hearts the Thais want a good leader. A former prime minister who led them from 1959 to 1963 did a great deal for the Thai people. But since his death he is probably best remembered for the fine ways in which be feathered his love-nests and the legal and financial troubles his country has had to face because of these extravagances.

Or, shall I tell about two groups at the bottom? One group would be represented by a young farmer I employed as a gardener. Chang lived with a woman for ten years and they had five children, but only one son survived the dysentery and diarrhea so prevalent in

JUNE, 1965                                 3

Thailand. When Chang came to me his woman had run away with another man.

Between bouts with malaria. Chang was a happy-go-lucky man who paid down on a second-hand bicycle his first payday and before the bicycle was paid for he bought a transistor radio on the installment plan. These two items made a good impression on the parents of a young woman that he wanted to come and live with him. He pawned the blanket I had given him, on one of the few cold nights in Bangkok, in order to buy a gold chain for the object of his affections.

Then he borrowed a wrist watch from the cook and brought the girl of his choice to my house on the back of his bicycle. At the end of a month the watch was returned to the cool, and the girl-wife went to work in a nearby cigarette factory.

Another group at the bottom is the Mountain Tribes People. There are about 200,000 of these tribes peoples from Tibet, Burma and places unknown, and they live as refugees in the Northern hills of Thailand. For many decades the Thailand authorities ignored these squatters, but Northern Thailand borders on Communist China and when the Thais learned that the Communists were arming the Tribes People, they asked the United States Government for help. The Thai and United States Governments were obliged to ask the missionaries for help, because only they could communicate with the squatters in their many different dialects.

The Tribes People are divided into about fifty tribes-all very primitive and often very hostile to each other. The have no written language and no religion, unless you can call their fears of nature a religion. If you were a missionary, how would you start to communicate with these people who fear nature and their neighbors and especially white persons?

I have visited some of these missionaries. One American family with two small children moved into a village of fifty tribes families, only after they bad visited the village weekly for over a year-with medicines and food. Even then, they had to have a fierce-looking dog chained to their gate.

Since these people have no written language, the missionaries had to learn and interpret what `sounds’ and gestures made sense. Gradually the missionaries matched up these sounds with Thai meanings

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

and words, so they could start a school and teach the tribes children the Thai language. Because each tribe has a language slightly different from all others, the process has to be repeated with each tribe.

How would you start to teach people who know only that evil spirits must be placated by sacrificing a dog or bird, who believe that good spirits can help you only through charms and black magic? But how do you help people who. mistrust you and almost everyone

Need I tell you that through patience and good will many of these tribes  now have confidence in the missionaries, the Thai police and the American agriculturists who have brought them pigs and cows and chickens and taught them to cultivate rice and vegetables instead of opium?

Then there are twenty-five million Thais who are neither top nor bottom. They believe that Buddha was a good man, who taught that if one is good and desires nothing else, life will be good to them and after death (if they are cremated) they will not be reincarnated as animals.

Eighty per cent of these Thais are rice farmers and live in tiny villages on the plains. There is always rice in the paddies, bananas, coconuts and date on the trees and fish in the smallest mud puddles. Little clothing and slight shelter is needed in the tropics.

Fifteen per cent of them live in Bangkok-a very busy, modern city of three million people who live in polygamous family units usually — and in sight of the most beautiful temples in the world, the most luxurious American hotels and five universities, all of which entice  thousands of well-heeled   tourists annually.

-Lydia Reich

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“Love serves, because It is the nature of Love to give, and It is not concerned with, nor does it expect, acknowledgement of Its gifts … Just try to become the Love that does not wish to possess, for then Love is truly divine.”

-Godfrey Ray King

JUNE, 1965                                 5


This morning as I walked among the desert flowers, my eyes beheld vast areas of blooming splendor. I realized with renewed vividness how wonderfully life is constantly unfolding or revealing itself, from the invisible one source to the multiplicity of things of our everyday experiences, through the perennial rebirth of nature. The melodies of the birds filling the air, the abundance of plants expressing their patterns of life in terms of beauty and fragrance, the miner’s burros and the rancher’s new calves kicking up their heels in evident enjoyment, recalled to memory the charming words with which a poet once sang the praises of June:

“Oh, what is so rare as a day in June?

Then if ever come perfect days.

Heaven tries earth to see if it be in tune

Then over it all her warm ear lays

And whether we look or whether we listen

We hear life murmur, or see it glisten.”

Yes, each springtime presents us with a fulfillment of the promise of life everlasting through its beautiful renewals of the myriad of forms of expression throughout nature. Now, we all acknowledge without question that there is a definite law which governs the growth of the flowers, the birds of the air and the beasts of the field; so why should we doubt that the law of life also governs our own individual life and development

In Christianity, the message of the Master Teacher was at once an explanation and a demonstration of a new way of living: a new application for the individual of the divine principle, or, what we term the law of life, as a sure way to victory over that which the world calls evil, wars and limitation. Before his advent, humanity had believed God to be a mighty potentate who lived afar off-some-where outside of man; and that the kingdom of heaven was a remote place, to be reached only at some future time. It is little wonder that the people of that age were skeptical when the little-known man of Galilee brought a new plan of life, which if believed and lived, really does free man from his limited and false beliefs about himself, his. fellow-man, and God.

He declared that, “The kingdom of Heaven comes not with observation;

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

neither shall they say, to here or to there, for behold, the kingdom is within.” From this, we learn that we do not gain spiritual understanding nor find the solution to everyday affairs by endeavoring to rearrange or control things or conditions outside ourselves. But we learn to find the true kingdom or creative center within our own being which then provides the answers for all our needs and, “Lo, all things will be made new unto us.”

Does it not seem logical that we should learn more about that which we cannot escape- for no one can escape LIFE! By this, I mean that each and every one is living eternal life now, consciously or unconsciously. Regardless of religious affiliations or other beliefs, such is the truth. This is the only life there is-the life which is living Spirit, flowing throughout all existence, now and forever. This has never been changed nor altered except by mankind’s own false concepts. When one becomes awakened to the truth that all are united in the Spirit which is life, there is the experience of a new birth, the awareness of eternal beingness through all that exists. When viewed and consciously lived within, the true source of being, Life, becomes a glorious way, shaped and directed by the same law that constantly unfolds life anew in flower, bird and tree, the same which directs the planets in their orbits.

Each springtime, or, in any moment of living, the door to one’s consciousness may be opened unto a new universe of wondrous living, but, in the words of that ancient one, Marcus Arelius, in Meditations

“Do not let your breathing only act in concert with the air which surrounds you, but let. your intelligence also now be in harmony with the intelligence which embraces all things. For the mind power is diffused in all parts and pervades all things for him who is willing to draw it to him, just as the atmosphere is for him who is able to breathe it.”

— Isaphene McGuire

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Radio Signals come from four different places on Jupiter. As the planet rotates, radio beams sweep out into space like rays from a lighthouse.

JUNE, 1965                                 7


WE all know the value of constructive thinking. We manage to meet the big problems with faith and courage. Major crises do not happen every clay, however, and minor ones do! As mosquitoes may spoil an outing, or too much salt ruin the stew, so do the trifles of life get. us down and prevent us from riding feign in the saddle.

IRRITATION is a mental termite that crumbles our pleasure. The obtrusive television commercial; the mannerism of a friend, the storm that interrupts a visit; the weeds that dwarf a garden. Irritation goes outward from us toward things that either cannot be controlled or, seen in true perspective, are but trifles.

FRETFULNESS grows inward. It is unrecognized discontent; it is an attitude of negation that nags us. It sours happiness and hides the sun behind self-created clouds.

DOUBT is a parasite. We are elated by the plan for a new business, renovation of the home, a long-awaited trip, or a hobby that seems to offer us something bright and constructive. Doubt start slowly; it will cost too much, there just isn’t time, it may prove disappointing; doubt once allowed to start, grows and flourishes. It is not fear, which we might uproot promptly, it is just a small thing that soon, succeeds in sucking the very joy from something, and finally prevents the whole project.

LETHARGY is a second cousin to doubt. Let’s wait awhile; maybe tomorrow will be better; conditions aren’t quite right Just now. Not procrastination, you know, for we recognize procrastination; we mean to do that which we have planned; we just want a little more time for consideration. There just isn’t going to be a manana for the idea, though, not when lethargy steps in.

PERHAPS-MAYBE, these are counterfeits of the genuine. The pet plan is ALMOST right; we are almost decided on the visit; we’re just about ready to sign on the dotted line of life’s prospectus. If it were just a shade different, just a mite changed, it would be perfect. Exit opportunity.

And lastly, though not leastly, SELF-ABSORPTION. When friend husband proposes his vacation thoughts, we forget to consider his viewpoint and see only our own. When Junion wants his

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

hi-fi friends, it would interfere with the relaxed evening we had planned. When the friend asks us to do something, it comes smack-dab in the midst of what we happen to be doing.

Unfortunately, none of these are major mental blocks. They are chameleons, blending in with subtle skill to disguise their drab faces. They rob us of enthusiasm and positive thinking by little degrees. They infiltrate our thoughts stealthily. But, they wind up by defeating whatever we really wanted and hope to do.

We conquer these termites of the dark by awareness, by keeping our attitudes in repair, by always examining things in the bright, fresh light of hope and faith and enthusiasm. The positive beam of sunlight obliterates the shadow of negation!

–B. Coursin Black

——— ♦ ———


(The “Proceedings” published by George Van Tassel of the College of Universal Wisdom, Yucca Valley, Calif., offers this interesting dissertation on. the much prophesied Polar Tilt.)

The latest data relative to the tilting of the Earth on its axis, mathematically worked out from recent information, is as follows. This analysis is based on the theory that when the magnetic and geophysical poles come together, the Earth will assume an axis position perpendicular to the ecliptic path of the Sun. This would place the ecliptic path on the Equator.

The North Magnetic Pole in 1955 was located on the Prince of Wales Island. The latest report locates it on Bathurst Island. This a movement of 100 miles in 10 years, or 10 miles per year. In the last two years it has moved 20 miles North and four miles East. ..

Like all magnetic effects this is expected to accelerate as the poles grow closer together. All nuclear, or atomic, underground tests will also accelerate this action due to polarity effects.

The present rate of motion would bring the magnetic and geo-physical poles together in approximately 75 years. However, the acceleration increase as they become closer could bring about the rendezvous in 8 to 40 years. An atomic war could bring it about sooner…

JUNE, 1966                                 9

Many- prophecies have been printed relative to the geophysical polar tilt. The Bible records several prophecies on this; as do modern psychics and ancient records.

A sudden polar tilt would swing the forth Polar lee Cap down across continents, wiping out mountains and cities, as it is a floating mass of ice anchored to a few land areas under the ice.. . The South Polar Ice Cap is mostly on a solid earth foundation. It is increasing in its thickness every year while the North Polar Ice Cap is gradually melting.

In the shift of the earth’s mass, in its attempt to achieve balance, with the North Magnetic and North Geophysical axes coming together, the fixed ice mass of the South Pole will shift toward the periphery of the present ecliptic. This would cause the earth to oscillate, or as the Bible describes it, `To stagger like a drunken man . . .’

There is no question but what this polar tilt will occur again, as it has before, but there are too many factors involved to attempt to declare what year it will happen, even if all of the factors were known.

If our theory is correct it. will happen sometime between the next eight to forty years. When it happens there will be two opposite places on earth that will hardly- be effected…

(The: June, 1963, issue of the “Triangles Bulletin” is concerned with the subject of Goodwill. Of the many thought-provoking concepts, we offer the following:)

“There are many different qualities and energies impinging on Human consciousness today, producing both constructive and destructive effects. Most needed, if we are to move safer- into the new age, is the energy of goodwill. The best-laid plans fail if those who implement them lack goodwill to one another. Without goodwill, conferences are empty of any real and lasting results. The existence of goodwill is an essential pre-requisite for the creative solution of the many problems of humanity. Goodwill is the common platform on which all races and creeds can meet.

“Hope lies in the fact that goodwill is far more widespread throughout the world than is recognized. The spirit of goodwill is present in millions of people, and it evokes a sense of responsibility. Men of goodwill sense this new world responsibility and

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

seek to undertake their share. They think increasingly in terms of the whole and their influence is growing as a positive force for good . . . It is found in the membership of every group which exists for world betterment. It constitutes an unused power which has never yet been organized as a world force …

“Goodwill is man’s first attempt to express the love of God, for goodwill is the lowest expression of true love and the one easily understood. It is time that people should, temporarily at least, stop talking about love, about loving- their fellowmen, and about the use of love in solving problems, and talk instead upon a more practical level-that of goodwill. To many the use of the word love in matters of group and national relationships is meaningless. But goodwill is both an attitude and a harmonizing energy. Good-will is love in action.”

——— ♦ ———

world report

New Iceland Island

(From Greater Oregonian, April 30. 1965)

The bottom of the ocean 70 miles from Iceland sprung a leak oil November 15, 1963. Ocean water leaked into the fiery depths of the earth and great clouds of steam and molten lava were thrown into the air to a height of 50,000 ft.

In February of 1964 where the ocean had been 425 ft. deep a small island rose out of the sea with a volcano spouting lava, cinders and steam. In April of 1964 this volcano went to work on a 24-hour basis turning out steam at a rate that surpasses the energy of Niagara Falls at least 100,000 times.

From a small island only 130 feet high and 1800 feet long it has now reached to a height of 500 feet and its area has increased to more than one square mile.

Three big main vents of the volcano cough up 400,000 tons of ash and smoked plumed bombs and lava every few seconds.

Who says we can control the forces of nature?

JUNE, 1965                                 11

New Mineral: Sinoite

MOFFETT  FIELD — Discovery in a meteorite of a new mineral combining  silicon, nitrogen, and oxygen was announced at the Ames Laboratory by a team of scientists.

They call it sinoite (for silicon oxynitride). The mineral apparently doesn’t occur naturally on earth although a Swedish team, by coincidence, has just synthesized sinoite in the laboratory by heating pure silicon and silicon dioxide to 2.650 degrees in a nitrogen atmosphere.

The new space mineral showed up as rough rectangular bray crystals under Means of an electron microprobe while scientists were studying a meteorite that fell near the village of Japh deb Kot Lalu in Pakistan in 1926.

One of the discoverers, Dr. plans Neil of NASA’s Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, said sinoite “shows several things about the planetary body in which the mineral was formed.”

It may shed light on the formation of the solar system, which many scientists think occurred about 4.5 billion years ago, the estimated age of most meteorite materials.

“Very little oxygen and no free water were available, and substantial amounts of nitrogen were present (when the sinoite was formed),” Neil said. “This is rare but not unprecedented for meteorite materials.

“Theories about the origin of the solar system vary widely. But the presence of this mineral indicates that the meteorite might once have been part of an early-stage planetary body.

“This means a body which might have condensed directly from the original primeval gas or dust cloud.”

Scientists Doubt

(Medford Mail-Tribune)

WASHINGTON (UPI)-U. S. scientists are taking with a grain of salt the claims of Soviet astronomers to have intercepted radio signals from intelligent beings in outer space.

Many astronomers here as well as in Russia believe, on theoretical grounds, that the universe is populated by hundreds of millions of planets capable, like earth, of supporting intelligent life.

Mankind’s first systematic search for radio signals from beings on other planets was conducted in 1960 by scientists at the National

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Radio Astronomy Observatory, Green Bank, W. Va. The results were negative and the search was abandoned after a few months. No similar search is now in progress anywhere in the Western world, a far as is known here.

The Soviet news agency Tass reported in Moscow that periodical signals from sources in deep space had convinced Russian astronomers “that we are not alone in the universe.”

This is a phrase frequently used by American scientists who believe that the same creation which produced the earth must also at various times in the least have produced millions of other planets capable of developing beings equal to or surpassing man in intelligence.

Moon’s Shape Odd

(From Edmonton Journal, April 17, 1965)

WASHINGTON – Scientists reported a possible added hazard to manned lunar research Friday-the moon’s near surface may be lower than has been calculated.

This depressed nature of the front side of the moon probably caused the Ranger photographic spacecraft to impact slightly behind its shit-second schedule, Fred Whipple of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, Mass., told a conference.

Games for Astronauts

(Family Weekly, January 31, 1965)

According to Don Dwiggins American Space scientists are launching a special program to tackle “that new and deadly serious problem – how to keep interplanetary travelers from becoming bored.”

Scientists are of the opinion that man’s physical and mental abilities are lowered when subjected to gravity-free conditions of outer space. To solve this problem Dr. Laurence Morehouse at the University of California at Los Angeles is working with Douglas R. Collier of Douglas Aircraft to devise games for interplanetary crews to play on their long and tedious voyages to other worlds.

“The games fall into two categories: the passive, or `quiet’ games and the games requiring muscular exercise. Quiet space games under study include three-dimensional chess plus crossword puzzles and anagrams that require intense mental concentration. Active games include such unusual competitive sports as miniature baseball, zero-gravity juggling, and floating races.”

JUNE, 1965                                 13

 Because of the close link between physical and mental health research is being conducted to develop “paraphernalia” for miniature gyms for “dynamic tension exercise and space calisthenics.” Also under consideration are competitive games, and Douglas scientists are reportedly “talking about space races between floating astronauts.”

Modern Cave Life

(San Bernardino Sun-Telegram, Jan 10, 1965)

Nuclear war could force whole populations to become moles, political leaders fear.

And more and more Russians are going underground-but for health reasons.

The latest health fad in the Soviet Union is living in eaves which the Russians claim not only heals wounds faster, but is beneficial for patients with lung, upper respiratory and even heart diseases. They say patients are frequently cured.

Caves, according to Soviet scientists, offer a constant temperature; stalagmites, stalactites and other deposits contain radioactive carbon isotopes which purify the air by ionization; and constantly circulating air results in beneficial humidity.

What’s more, scientists A. P. Volodin and V. A. Pshenichniy say there are fewer microbes in caves than on the surface.

The result has been that an increasing number of Russian health spas are opening underground. Due to open soon will be Kunger Cave in the southern Ural Mountains which will reportedly be able to care for 10,000 patients at a time.

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You are a member of an Understanding Unit-a member-at-large of Understanding, Inc.-a subscriber to the Understanding magazine you are, therefore, interested in the purposes and ideals of the Understanding organization-to promote a better understanding among all people of earth and those not of earth.

But, what have you done personally to expand and realize these objectives?

May we suggest now what you can do?

1. Increase your individual knowledge and awareness by using the

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

facilities of our Understanding Libraries. For lists of material available please write to: Book Rental Service, c/o La Verne Griffiths, 7:35 Market Street., Lockport, New York.

Tape. Rental Service, c/o Charles Rhoades, New Age Center, 145 N. F. 14th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 73104

2. To contribute toward the realization of person to person understanding write a monthly letter to someone in another country. Names and addresses of eager correspondents are available from our “Friendship by Letters” service: c/o Scott Forsythe, 2419-F Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica, Calif.

3. To contribute to the dissemination of understanding on a broader basis send your used magazines to willing recipients in other lands. Names and addresses are available from the: Person to Person Workshop, Magazine Workshop, 2444 Silver Ridge Ave., Los Angeles 39, Calif.

4. To assist the hungry children of the world please mail your foreign and commemorative stamps (funds used for milk purchases) to the: Washington – Idaho Council of Chruches, 2005 Fifth Ave., Seattle, Wash.

We point the way for you! Your active, continued participation is needed that our influence as an organization dedicated to “under-standing” may truly cover the world.

May we count on you?

——— ♦ ———


Whether man bean atheist, a scientist, a philosopher or a believer in some supernatural being as a governing entity, man, intuitively, knows that he is responsible to himself and his kind; that what he loses is a loss to all; that what he gains is a gain for all: that only through cooperative effort of himself and others can any gain or good be attained. When man becomes fully aware of his relation-ship to his environment and his fellow man it may be truly said that he has understanding. And, when he adjusts his attitude and directs all his efforts in accordance with this understanding it may be said that his understanding is implemented or increased to the extent of his conduct. In this light there can be no higher attribute than a life devoted to the cause of understanding.

-Peter Boudreau

JUNE, 1965                                 15


(Editor’s Note: While  some answers are presented to acquaint the reader with little known facts, others are presented to stimulate the reader to think along logical, unemotional lines in areas where exact (definitive) answers are not available.)

Question: Do Space Beings believe in God?

This is one of the most frequent questions asked. It is difficult to answer because everyone’s concept of God is different. We shall assume that the questioner means a Supreme Being. The many patterns of contact with Space Beings appear to be conclusive concerning the following concepts on what earth people Rican by the term, God

A. God (Space Being’s equivalent) is the sum total of all manifestation and consciousness (including earthman).

B. Life, on the planets of a solar system, naturally differs in degree of development. The same can be said of different solar systems and galaxies.

C. The development of consciousness on each planet is supervised by a being of great spiritual status or, in other words, a high degree of consciousness unfoldment. The Being who holds this august position for the planet earth is known to earthlings as the Christ. Our Space Friends refer to Christ as the Lord Esu.

D. Each solar system is supervised by a far greater being. Also each galaxy is so supervised by a still greater one. However, the operational activities of a solar system and of a galaxy are under the jurisdiction of a Solar Tribunal and a Galactic Tribunal respectively.

E. Being as developed as they are in consciousness unfoldment, our Space Friends have great reverence for the Lords who supervise development on the many planets. They fully appreciate, respect and have due reverence for all of the great beings holding such positions.

F. However, because their equivalent of what we call God is not a single being but the totality of all manifestation (including ourselves) they do not worship, per se, their concept of God. The reason is that to worship anything implies separation from that thing worshipped. In their logic, to worship God would be to worship one’s self because each of us is an integral part of God.

— Gayne Myers

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

poet’s corner

Clock In the Heavens

Aye, surely in our great Creator’s Mind

No petty meanness or ill-will we find!

In His all-wise, good universal plan

No star is adverse to the health of man.

The Heavenly Clod: that uses stars for hands

To mark the. ages with their gleaming bands

Of rayed-out light diffused through-out all space

Marks time in instants for the human race.

This fine precision instrument divine

Shows unto man a marvelous design;

And yet the mainspring of this clock above

Is secret of our God whose Name is Love.

Esther Collins

Bound by the Bonds of Nature

I am bound by the bonds of Nature,

My heart is webbed to the hummingbird’s wing;

Here is my happy and holiest bondage:

Kinship with every bright, wild thing.

JUNE, 1965                                 17

I swim lucent waters with trout at my ankles,

Rim through the meadows with hawks by my head.

Walk in cathedrals of cellar and balsam,

And out of my hand has the young deer fed.

I am quick-leashed to the whimsies of weather,

Thunder, and thaw, and hail with its knife;

Held in the custody of my Creator,

A host willing captive, and sentenced to Life!

——— ♦ ———


Interesting books continue to be received by Understanding, Inc., for library use. We regret that time and space factors prevent re-views on each volume but we acknowledge with gratitude now the following gifts:

Chappell, Jeannette-Destination Uncharted. This book of verse contains “Automation,” originally published in our magazine. Golden Quill Press, Francestown, N. Y. $3.00.

Dean, John W. – Flying Saucers and the Scriptures. Vantage Press, Inc., 120 W. 31st St., New York City 1, N. Y. $3.95.

Prinz, Ethera-From the Heavenly Hosts. Distributor, Fred Brooks, Box 94, Morengo Valley, Calif. $?.00.

Barton, Winifred-Inner Power. Pageant Press, Inc., New York, N. Y. $3.00.

Alonzo, Billie-My Lord is the Tree of Life. P. 0. Box 1571, Kansas City, Mo. No charge.

Herbstreith, Ann-Book of the Ayes. Gift received from C. H. Yeang, Malaysia. Order from Channel-Author, 738 4th Mile Road, N. E., Grand Rapids 5, Mich.

——— ♦ ———

“Be noble and the nobleness that lies in other men-sleeping but never dead-will rise in majesty to meet thine own.”

-James Russell Lowell

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING


(Reprinted from the Medford Mail-Tribune, March 21,1965)

For years we have thought, with a tinge of wistfulness, of coursing through the void between the planets. We have read of intrepid spacemen who, clad in space suits, have gone outside their vehicles and floated in the raw emptiness of space.

But not until recent years did we think we’d live to see it happen. The space age dawned less than 10 years ago. In that tiny period of time (as time is measured cosmologically), we have gone from crude rockets to sophisticated space systems and vehicles. We have gone from a six-inch sputnik to two-man space ships. We have hit the moon, monitored Venus, shot probes toward Mars. We have seen the old Earth in photographs taken from all angles. We have seen developed highly complex, and in some cases secret, orbiting satellites which forecast weather, assist navigation, broaden inter-continental communications to television, and measure the shape, size, configuration and features of the continents of earth.

All this in ten short years. At this accelerating pace, what in the next ten years. -E. A.

——— ♦ ———

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Fifth Anniversary

The May 27th meeting of Buffalo Unit 37 will be in honor of their 5th anniversary as members of Understanding, Inc. The meeting which will include progress reports, plans for the future, and election of officers, will be preceded by a banquet.

JUNE, 1965                                 19

The Unit reports increased activity and interest by the public and feel they are “on the way towards really making Understanding, Inc., a household word.” A combined lecture and slide presentation by Norman Weils and Paul Weast may account in part for this new growth. The presentation has been given to schools, educators, churches, service clubs and civic groups.

The Unit announces a new official address: P.O. Box 2, Station H, Buffalo, New York 14214.

Coming Lectures

Unit 7, Orange, California, will present Dr. Albert J. McDonald of the Kinneman Foundation for Biblical and Archeological Research on June 11th, at S P.M. at the Santa Ana Community Clubhouse Auditorium, 1104 W. 8th St., Santa Ana. Dr. McDonald will speak and show colored slides on “Before Columbus, the History and Culture of North America.”

Unit 15, lnglewood, California, will present Mr. Clark S. Wilkerson, author, lecturer and teacher, who will speak on: “My Trip to the Planet Luna-The Moon; and Hawaiian IIuna.” The lecture will be given in the Business and Professional Woman’s Clubhouse, 829 Java St., Inglewood, Calif., at 8 P. M.

Unit 22, Riverside, California, will present internationally known “Doug Low” on June 13th, 2:30 P.M. at the Izaak Walton Hall, 2900 Block, Dexter Drive, Fairmount Park, Riverside, Calif. His topic will be “The Spiritual Nature of the United States.”

News Briefs

Welcome  to:

Unit 67, Anderson Research Center, 437 Kenmore Ave., Los Angeles 4, Calif.

Congratulations to New Officers

Unit 7, Mrs. Addie Lennox, Treasurer.

Unit 26, Dr. Olin Byerly, President, 4411 River Rd., Eugene, Ore.

Margaret Miner, Vice-President and Ruby Hou-h, Sec.-Treas.

Apologies to Units omitted on Officer’s List:

Unit 46, Steele Goodman, Pres., 2426 “G” St., Sacramento, Calif.

Canada Unit 1, Herbert Peter, 4163 Box St., Burnaby, B. C., Can.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Thanks to both Dr. Daniel W. Fry and Col. Arthur J. Burks, who, despite long hours of travel, counseling and writing, have presented charters to Units 65, 66 and 67 and lectured to Units 9, 21, 49 and 52.

Zip Code Numbers

The Post Office requires a Zip Code number for our magazine mailings by July of this year. If your Zip Number does not appear on your current magazine address please drop a card to Understanding, Inc., Subscription Dept., P. 0. Box 22, Sta. C, Pasadena, Calif. 91104. Thank you.

The Understanding Handbook

The printing of the Understanding Handbook awaits your advance orders. At only 50 cents a copy each member and subscriber should have a personal copy and have another to loan to interested friends. Please send orders to P. 0. Box 76, Merlin, Ore. 97532. Thank you.

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World Prophecy Book I to 1999                                                                $2.00 ppd

MEI LING                                     4139 Camino Real                                   Los Angeles 65, Calif.


“Yes, it’s true. I, Bob Renaud, have talked with people from other planets over my short wave radio set, at regular intervals, for over 3 years. Since Jan. 6, 1962, I have viewed these people inside their spaceships on my own TV Screen; met them in person; ridden in, piloted, and photographed their spaceships; visited their underground and undersea bases; and became the first Earth-man to walk outside a spaceship in outer space! Learn what these advanced people teach, and of their plan to help mankind solve its problems and, in our time, to build a Great Society-advanced far beyond today’s most optimistic concepts. Read it all in “UFO International” starting with issue 18. Six issues for $3.00. Single copy-50c. Gabriel Green, Editor. 7 Flying Saucer color photos-$3.00. Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs, 2004 N. Hoover, Los Angeles, Calif. 90027.


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If proof is desired, copy must be submitted one month in advance of publication.

Copy limit, 20 lines to quarter page


BOOK II                     1964-2024


New World Prophecy Book II 1964-2024                                                      $2.00 ppd

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