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Published by ‘Understanding’, a non-profit corporation





VOLUME X                                  MAY, 1965                                                  NUMBER 5

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


ONE of the most vital requirements of Understanding between the peoples of the earth, is the requirement of frequent, personal communication between them, especially between those who are separated by considerable distances and so never come into personal contact. with each other.

For the past ten years the Understanding magazine and your editor have constantly stressed the need for a great deal more of this type of communications. On several occasions the magazine has printed lists of names and addresses of many- persons in various countries who had expressed the wish to exchange letters with interested persons in this country.

While a certain amount of correspondence has resulted from these appeals, the response has not been nearly- as great as it might, and should have been.

If one thousand readers of this magazine each wrote one letter per month to correspondents in countries throughout the world, then there could be a return of one thousand letters per month in which the writers could express their opinions and beliefs concerning the critical issues which face the world today. These letters, it shared with other readers through the magazine could be of great

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

assistance in bringing about an understanding of the true situation which exists in each of the many troubled spots upon the earth. The Understanding magazine was created to report the opinions of the readers and others, rather than to attempt to mould or influence those opinions.

However, if we are to report opinions, we should do our best to obtain the opinions of those who are closest to the problems, and whose opinion is therefore based upon personal knowledge or experience.

In the last three issues of the magazine, there have been editorials dealing with the situation of the United States in South Viet Nam. All of the opinions expressed in the editorials were the result of second or third-hand information and belief. If our communication system lead been functioning as it should have been, we would by now have received at least a few dozen letters from various people in Viet Nam itself. While these letters might well present differing opinions as to what, if anything, should be clone there, they would yet be the opinions of those who are upon the spot and so would at least be first-hand opinions.

Whether or not such opinions might be effective in moulding the policy of the nations concerned, they could do much to reduce misunderstanding, and so help to ease the tension and the prejudice which are caused by lack of specific information.

Every adult human in the United States today is spending an average of more than fifteen dollars every month to build and maintain the potential of total destruction. The cost of a postage stamp to any foreign country is fifteen cents.

If every person in the United States exchanged one letter per month with people in other countries, we could forget the engines of destruction, since there would never be any occasion for their use.

(Please write Scott Forsythe, 2419-F Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica. Calif., for names and addresses of friends in other lands.)

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Hatred must go for: “We are all fellow passengers on a dot of earth. And each of us, in the span of time, has only a moment among his companions.”

— Lyndon B. Johnson

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MAY, 1965                                   3


If we are to have our part in bringing light and peace to the world, we shall have to be prepared for such a great work by being completely in control of ourselves.

We must be able to see ourselves exactly as we are in every situation. in all our relationships-with family, friends and associates. We must see and correct any and all adverse reactions and immature attitudes which so frequently show up in our daily lives.

We cannot allow- ourselves to go on paying resentments, anger, rebellions and bitterness over ill-treatment or imagined slights and criticisms. We know that suffering and fatigue can cause emotions to get out of hand, making us irritable and unreasonable at times. Being aware of these weaknesses in ourselves should enable us to be increasingly more understanding and considerate of others when we see indications of such stress and strain in them.

Each individual is carrying a heavy load of responsibility, of ill health, of fears and confusions. lie is finding it very difficult just to live and keep going. If we will remind ourselves of this, we will want to ease his burdens-not add to them.

Whether we like it or not, we are here in this world and so is our brother. Surely it is our duty, and should be our pleasure, to do all we can to make life a little better and easier for those about us. In caring for others, in making an effort. to lift a little of the weight from their shoulders, we become more patient, more kind and under-standing in our ways.

Most of us will not “set the world on fire,” but we can kindle a flame of love: in the hearts of our brothers by our little acts of consideration and kindness. We can encourage rather than discourage we can lift up rather than tear down-we can speak (and think) only of the good, and refuse to join in critical and unkind conversations about those not present.

Do these things seem unimportant, too trivial to be any real help to mankind and the new world? Do not be deceived, these are the very foundations of man’s building a new life and world. Without these changes in our habits and character, we will not be able to stand during the days and years to come.

If it is true, as scientists tell us, that there is in the Universe a

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

huge and unbelievably great explosion, a bursting star, sending its strange rays earthward at the speed of light-it may have tremendous influence on all mankind and all living matter. Some are saying that only those who have raised their vibrations to a higher plane will be able to endure the effects of these rays. We believe that rove, Compassion and Understanding are the components of that higher vibration in man, and without these traits he remains in his animal-nature to a great decree.

It may he possible that such rays could cause a new mutation, a kind of “instant evolution” in man which would activate or stimulate that part of the brain we believe is capable of seeing without eves, of foreknowledge–of all psychic phenomena. We may see all “supernatural” prophecy fulfilled in the “twinkling of an eye,” so to speak, if those strange and powerful rays do strike our planet. In the meantime we should make every effort to change our way. of life so that it more nearly conforms to the life and teachings of the Master. The Sermon on the Mount gives us some wonderful rules by which to live, as do many of the great books available to us.

Loving and trusting one another regardless of the times we have been repulsed or betrayed is one sway of changing our lives, of “raising our vibrations.” We can never lose anything of lasting value by being willing to be cheated, talked about, disliked and criticized. We gain in character a thousand fold what we could ever lose. Only our ego is hurt and resentful when we are slighted or insulted. We know our Higher Self is never harmed by such treatment and we gain greatly in spiritual strength when we refuse to be moved by these things.

We cannot always control our emotions, and not always our tongues, when a sudden attack is made upon us, but we can try to control our thoughts and our acts. We can quickly correct ourselves and refuse to yield to self-justifications. It is how we judge our-selves that matters, and how we feel about our wrong attitudes. We will be able to change from the lower to the higher nature much more quickly if we will never justify ourselves for the harsh or unkind things we say or think.

We can force ourselves to make allowances for others when they revert to their lower natures, and in so doing, gain immeasurably in strength of character ourselves. It is not easy to forgive, to

MAY, 1965                                   5

understand another, when we are torn and tense, but practice will make us quick to choose the better way, and then how satisfying it is to know we are becoming Peacemakers! Anyone can be a trouble-maker, a talebearer, a critical condemner of others, and be miserable for having answered too quickly-.

May we all work wholeheartedly at DOING UNTO OTHERS AS WE WOULD HAVE, OTHERS DO UNTO US.  Let us be Peacemakers.

-Esther Wells Lowery

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(Written by Daniel W. Fry in response to the question: “Are the satellites of Mars, Deimos and Phobos, real or artificial?” Submitted by seventh grade science class.)

As we go to press, the U. S. Martian Space Probe, Mariner 4, is still on course and on schedule, hurtling toward its appointed rendezvous with the planet Mars on the 14th of July. A considerable amount of concern is developing among the project officials because of the greatly increased number of micrometeorite particles which are striking the probe.

The first Mars probe, launched by the Russians on Nov. 1, 1962, lost its communications system because of a rain of meteoric particles which impacted the probe when about 66 million mile from the earth. The United States probe is now approaching the same distance from earth, and the number of particles which strike the probe is increasing rapidly.

The Russian probe had a mass of 1,980 pounds where the U. S. probe has only 545, thus rendering it somewhat more vulnerable to damage from even a single large particle.

The probe is still transmitting data from four of the original six test measurements which it performed as it moved along its inter-planetary trajectory.

Even if the communications system should fail before the probe reaches its goal, it has already transmitted a tremendous amount of useful data. If the probe does continue to function as planned, it may well resolve one of the most controversial questions of all time.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

The probe, if it remains on its present trajectory, will fly past -Mars at a distance of about 5,400 miles. This is too far away to perceive any direct evidence of life upon the planet itself, except that a better view of the canals may be obtained. The probe should, however, also pass between Phobos and Deimos, the two tiny moons of Mars, and hopefully, should obtain a few fairly close up photos of each. It is these photos which may well answer the question of intelligent life on Mars.

For the past decade it has been suspected by several astronomers that Phobo, and Deimos may be artificial satellites, built as a refuge for the population when the thinning atmosphere and decreasing water supply began to create severe obstacles to the continuation of life upon the surface of the planet.

Many of the known facts concerning the moons seem to argue strongly in favor of the artificial satellite theory-the tiny size (they are estimated to be about five and ten miles in diameter), the high albedo (light reflecting ability), the rapid rate of rotation, their extreme closeness to the planet, the relatively rapid rate at which their velocity is decreasing, and several other factors which are difficult or impossible to explain according to any presently accepted laws or rules of celestial mechanics, but which become not only understandable, but are actually predictable if one assumes that they are artificial satellite.

If the photos should show that the moons are relatively smooth spherical objects, there will be virtually no doubt whatever that they are artificial.

Any natural body which has a diameter of only five or ten miles would produce a gravitational force so weak that there would be hardly any tendency to force the matter (if it were solid) to assume a spherical shape. The moon would probably be just a large, odd-shaped chunk of craggy rock with few, if any, flat surfaces, and with very little reflectivity.

Let us hope that Mariner 4 does succeed in performing its principal function! One picture may be enough to settle the question of extraterrestrial life and intelligence beyond any argument.

Daniel W. Fry

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MAY, 1965                                   7



(This is the second and concluding installment of an article concerned with unknown forces in our environment. Part One presented the results of scientific researches. Part Two presents the relationship of scientific findings to the wisdom of ancient astrologers.)

Astrology, the first of the sciences and parent of modern astronomy, dates back to prehistoric times. It’s based on the theory that celestial bodies exert influence on each other, and on human affairs and behavior. Astrologers believed that a person’s destiny is determined by the position of certain planets at any given time, especially at the time of a person’s birth.

In order to appreciate the origin and history of astrology, let’s suppose you bad lived many thousands of years ago. Like people today, you were curious and sought knowledge and ways of improving your lot. Of course, you had no reference material except the visible universe itself, and methods of compiling and comparing records of incidents and precedents were in their infancy-. So where might you seek information and guidance? Where, but to nature and the world around you.

And so the people of antiquity looked to the heavens for bits of knowledge and wisdom. Night after night, week after week, month after month, year in and year out, they studied the heavenly constellations and learned to correlate the position and aspect of celestial bodies with their own moods and behavior. As time went on they made note of repetitious phenomena. Early- historical records suggest that astronomical data compiled by these wise men and prophets dates back hundreds of thousands of years. Although the scholars of this era had no optical instruments, and no notion of the vastness and complexity of space, we now know that many of their astronomical observations were surprisingly accurate.

It is possible, too, that some of their astrological findings and theories were closer to the truth than many skeptics believe. In evaluating the accuracy of these early studies, one must bear in mind that the first scholars of astrology were fairly localized, and the focal point of their studies was a comparatively small part of

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the planet Earth. Their disciples were ethnologically a closely knit people with simple habits and customs.

At the dawn of history we find civilization at a point where arts and sciences were beginning to appear. By 3000 B.C. social organization and culture were highly developed. From many centuries of studying the sun, moon and stars, early astrologers bad devised calendars for reckoning time and anticipating the seasons. They had also charted an imaginary belt in the heavens (zodiac) into twelve houses which were named for various constellations. Each of these houses represented a department or aspect of the earthly life of a person, and were believed to determine his horoscope; that is, his day-to-day physical and mental state of being, and proneness to certain fortunes and calamities.

Prophets and wise men of antiquity were highly respected, and the science of astrology had general acceptance among Chaldeans, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and many others. The great leaders of these people made few important decisions without the counsel of court astrologers. Astrology was the basis for much of the ritual of ancient religions, and we find frequent references to astrologers in the Old and New Testaments.

Throughout the writings of Plato, Aristotle, and other ancient philosophers whose teachings and doctrines are still respected in the world today- there is much to indicate their faith in astrology. And writers of medieval and modern times make frequent references to the influence of heavenly bodies: Montaigne, Milton, Whitman, Shakespeare, Prior, Cervantes …

Astrology- flourished for hundreds of years and reached its peak of popularity during the 14th and 15th centuries A.D. It is significant that with the discovery that the earth was round and navigable, men began to spread their domain throughout the globe. And so the cyclic influences of the planets as they relate to a migratory people were disseminated, and magnified or dissipated-much the same as the moon’s influence on oceanic tides varies throughout the world. Assuming that conclusions of early astrologers may have been ac-curate, it is reasonable to suspect that this new variable in astrology caused confusion and discrepancies; soon people began to lose faith.

The invention of the telescope by Hans Lippershey in 1608, and development of the instrument by Galileo for use in celestial exploration

MAY, 1965                                   9

opened up a new trend in the study of the heavens. Astronomy was divorced from astrology-astronomy being dignified as a true science with measurable entities, and astrology relegated to the category of pseudo sciences having to do with assumed theories and ethereal phenomena. But in defense of astrology, where would science be today if it weren’t for the visionaries who dared to assume without proof that certain theories or figments of imagination were plausible? Perhaps one of the greatest of these was Jules Verne, 19th century novelist, who planted the seeds of fact in his many science fiction stories about sub-ocean and outer space travel many decades before submarines, airplanes and outer space satellites were invented.

And now that Earth men are on the threshold of interplanetary travel, there is world-wide interest tend enthusiasm in learning more about the mighty cosmic drama taking place in the labyrinth of space, and the vast network of strange impellents which activate life, and guide the countless heavenly bodies in their celestial orbits.

The time may come when astrology may be practiced with systematic and exact techniques. More and more scientists are studying the radiations that fill the universe. The results of their research in centuries to come will no doubt be far more fantastic than is: presently conceivable. Irrefutable proof of how these radiations effect human behavior may someday- be revealed. The late Sir Charles Scott Sherrington, noted authority on the nervous system, was convinced that brain evolution is still continuing, and that the brain’s present state is an interim phase on the way to something else-something better, we hope.

But until there is more conclusive evidence of the effects of these mysterious forces from outer space, it might be prudent to proceed with caution, have faith in your God-given power of reason, and don’t count on the myriad tiny “lucktrodes” in your nervous sys-tem to guide you to Utopia.

——— ♦ ———

In 1898 when young Churchill went off to the Sudan lie promised the president of the Society for Psychical Research that if he died or was killed he would try to “communicate” from the beyond.

At least one member of the society believes tile promise is still in effect.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Although national coverage is seldom given to UFO sightings, yet clippings received from local papers indicate that the “flying saucer” is still with us. And, Exchange Publications from other lauds continue to give details of sightings reported in their areas. The most recent issue of “Brothers” (published by the Cosmic Brotherhood Association of Yokohama, Japan) offers, in addition to world wide sightings, an interesting research article of the UFO in Japanese historical records.

The article, ”flying Saucer Over Ancient Nippon,” details some 75 sightings from about 9 B.C. through 1832. The listing is prefaced with the comment: Here we have gathered as many records as possible, pursuing conscientiously their footmarks … and the first page of the Saucer record in Ancient Nippon also describes literally nine Sun Disks about 2000 years ago, just as the Arnold incident.

From the lengthy article we offer a few typical sighting reports:

August 11, 671 – Flaming object was seen flying to north from many countries in Japan, one year before the war of the Jinshin.

October 1, 679 – Cotton-like matter, about 5 to 6 feet long, fell over Naniwa, former name of Osaka, and was drifted by the wind here and there.

August 27, 858 – Mysterious flaming ‘red star,’ several hundred feet in length, was seen in the sky, quite different from astronomical or atmospheric phenomena.

August 3, 989 – During a period of dreadful local misrule people saw three brilliant round objects just like suns in the sky-, which later joined into one ‘together.’

December 5, 1135 – While epidemics and floods prevailed all over the country, people saw a strange scene as if three suns lined up in the sky.

September 24, 1235 – Stars in southwestern sky moved incessantly toward the opposite direction. . . Wondering at such curious phenomena, General Yoritsu ordered his subjects to investigate the incident, but on inquiry, they only replied that the stars must have been swayed by the wind. (Scholars on government pay have always made ambiguous statements like this one!)

MAY, 1965                                   11

October 12, 1422 – People were amazed by two brilliant round objects just like two suns in the sky.

March 17, 1458 – ‘Five stars’ appeared around the moon, changed their color three times and died out in a moment. The rulers were surprised and believed that it was no doubt ominous of a great disturbance and disaster in the land …

March 21, 1547 – The moon showed a streak of light on its surface and then on both sides appeared some ten foot long streaks, were seen until dawn.

June 4, 1650 – Hair several inches long fell over the Kinki area.

May 1742-Strange to say, three rising suns could be seen over northern Japan one day after a solar eclipse, which amazed people almost to death.

February 24, 1832-During a great famine all over the country four rings like the sun could be seen in the sky about 2:30 in the afternoon, one of which was the real sun, others being like hazy moons.

The article is concluded with the remark: Thus the current of the Cosmos exists here even now as an undeniable fact, yet is a mystery even today, in the age of almighty science …

——— ♦ ———

Sledgehammer Blow

(From Fort Myers, Florida, News-Post, 3/18-28/65)

A fantastic story of encountering a blazingly lighted object in the Collier County woods and being hit a “sledge-hammer blow” that knocked him out for a day and a half was told by James W. Flynn, 45, of East Fort Myers. The incident which has partially blinded Mr. Flynn took place on March 14th.

Attracted by a bright yellowish light that seemed to hover about 150 to 300 feet in the air, about two miles away, Flynnn with his dogs

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

set out to investigate the phenomena. Some distance away- he began to hear a whirring ringing sound that grew deafeningly loud as he approached. Drawing closer he could discern in the blazing light a cone-shaped object, its point at the top, about three stories tall with four tiers of windows. When he approached within 150 feet of the object’s light he “felt a blow like a sledgehammer between the eyes . . . “

On March 26th Flynn and three friends journeyed to the Ever-glades to examine the spot where Flynn had seen the strange object. Flynn, Dr. H. J. Stripe, Johnny Prevatt and Eugene Prevatt said they found an area 72 feet wide that had recently been burned and trees with the tops burned but not, the bottoms. Prevatt said air plants on the side of the trees and close to the ground had not been burned at all .. . the beat. that got to them had to come from above.

The group said they took 30 photographs of the area and samples of earth and trees to send to laboratories for analysis.

Faith and Reason

(From San Francisco Chronicle, Feb. 18, 1964)

A noted psychiatrist chided his colleagues in science for their scornful intolerance of extra-sensory perception, clairvoyance and spirit mediums.

They should investigate the field, he said, for even if it turns out to be a joke, they will at least have learned something about why some people believe in the supernatural.

The advice came from Dr. Sidney Cohen, associate clinical professor of medicine at the University of California at Los Angeles, chief of psychiatry at Wadsworth Veterans Administration Hospital and the editor of MIND, Psychiatry in General Practice.

Investigation may prove, he said, that. what we believe to be extra-sensory perception is actually sensory.

Two individuals out of sight and sound of each other and who can communicate may be merely using sensory powers which are either generally undeveloped or generally unknown.

“The point is that our sense organs are blunted or crudely trained when we consider their enormous potential,” he said, noting the Australian aborigine who can follow an “invisible” trail or the musician who can separate by sound the component of an orchestra. The most recent. example of sensory development, Dr. Cohen said,

MAY, 1965                                   13

may be dermo-optical perception, otherwise known as DOP, the ability to tell color and detect the presence of light by touch.

DO P is “a most interesting phenomenon which violates our established notions about optics and raises questions which are not answered definitely at this time.”

Dr. Cohen said he is not ready- to either accept or reject DOP, but prefers to keep the subject in “my enormous suspense file” along with other matters awaiting further evidence.

To accept phenomena on faith, he said, heightens our gullibility, but incredulity may prevent our benefiting from “the periodic shattering of our belief systems which seems to be a part of living, particularly in this century.”

Scientists, as well as laymen, Dr. Cohen observed, suffer from rigidity and “tunnel vision” because “they are human and tend to have emotional investments in their established beliefs.”

This is especially true, he said, when it comes to extra-sensory perception, “an esoteric subject” embracing telepathy, clairvoyance, and communication with the dead.

The trouble with it all, he added, is that “those who doubt never experience and those who experience never doubt.”

That too much of ESP has to be taken on faith does not rule out the bulk of the subject as fit for scientific inquiry, he said.

Witchcraft, Sorcery and Political Behavior

(From Washington Post, Jan. 18, 1965)

George Washington University students will have a chance next month to take a course in witchcraft and sorcery, which, among other things, may give them an insight into some forms of modern political behavior.

Deward E. Walker, Jr., assistant. professor of anthropology who will be teaching the course, says accusations of witchcraft or sorcery in primitive, nonwestern societies are analogous to charges of communism today.

His course will explore what happens in societies under pressure where the fear of enemies-within and without-assumes hysterical proportions, he said yesterday.

Walker, who joined the GNVU faculty last fall, distinguishes between witches and sorcerers. “Witches are like ghosts or goblins-

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

they do not exist except as nightmare that become standardized,” he said.

itches are non-human, malevolent without motive, and go against all normal behavior. Sorcerers are human. They practice black magic but are motivated by such human factors as jealousy, ambition or greed.”

In nonwestern societies people can be accused of sorcery if they are somehow alienated from the community – if they- live alone or if they have physical defects, Walker said.

“The accusations allow an emotional catharsis. They reflect anxiety over rapid and unexplained changes. Also, they can be a means of leveling. For instance, in the old Navajo society, men who were very successful would be attacked as witches.”

Walker said the course would cover the Spanish Inquisition and witchhunts in Europe and in the American colonies.

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

Letters to You From Baloran

A Space Being’s Observation of Earth Received and Compiled by Rudolph H. Pestalozzi

Books — those symbols of expression which have been used as a means of communication between humans for many many centuries are written for various reasons. Some are written to convey in-formation, some as an avenue for escape from a boring or a troubled world and some few to provoke thought. It is for the latter reason that “letters from Baloran” was submitted to the public. Realizing that the task of thinking is one activity against. which

MAY, 1965                                   15

the vast majority protest most strenuously, Baloran is well aware that those who invest the time and energy to read these pages will probably suffer some emotional turbulence. This, too, is all right, because most of us humans resort to thinking only when we become stirred out of our state of consciousness coma.

In this letter series, Baloran discusses five subjects as follows:

1. A panoramic view of the many efforts to start, sustain and develop civilization on the planet earth.

2. A remarkable interpretation of many of the Bible stories.

3. The tragedy that has befallen the human race in this age and the cause of it.

4. Our distorted and perverted doctrine of thought and conduct that is the result, of the tragedy.

5. The eventual downfall of the age and suggestions on what we should do to adjust to the new age.

“Letters from Baloran” is a book that pulls no punches. If you are strong enough in self-control to read it carefully, you will realize that the statements in these letters have no basis whatever in prejudice, malicious judgment or condemnation. They are the sincere effort, on the part of Baloran, to give a portrayal of who, what or -why we are and the great debt we owe to ourselves and to Divinity. His only object is to provoke thought.

-Gaync Myers

(The book sells for $3, hardbound, $2 softbound, plus 20e mailing charges and sales tax, if applicable. Order from CBs, Lakemont, Ga. 30552.)

——— ♦ ———


(The Medford Mail-Tribune of Oregon has been featuring a Sunday series, The UFO Saga, written by Cleve Twitchell. The following excerpt is from Part, 8, entitled “Belief in Reincarnation Common Among Saucer Enthusiasts.”)

“It should be stressed at the outset that most people who believe in reincarnation do not embrace what I would describe as the `haphazard’ aspect, the idea that one may be human in one lifetime and a tree or an insect in the next.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“The belief that is held usually goes like this: There are a. set number of souls in the universe. Their purpose in existing is to develop gradually over a period of eons of time and eventually become `one with the Creator.’ They incarnate in lifetime after life-time, on planet after planet, each time picking the family into which they will be born so as to he placed into an environment which will give them experiences they need for their mental and spiritual growth. Most souls retain no memory of past lifetimes when they are living a current one, with apparently occasional exceptions. But after the death of the physical body, the spiritual body lives on in the etheric realms, retains full memory of all past incarnations and then prepares to select what type of a life it wants next.

“A companion theory with reincarnation is a belief in the lay of cause and effect, or karma. The claim is made that every- action taken by a human being causes, sooner or later, a reaction. Reduced to its most elementary level, this theory holds that. if one commits a wrong he will someday be `punished,’ either in this lifetime or in a future one and will be forced to be on the receiving end of the same type of `wrong.’ Likewise, if one commits few wrongs, he is building up happier lifetimes for himself in the future.

Persons who believe in reincarnation often think of this law as the ‘judgment’  espoused in orthodox religion. They also believe, that `heaven’ and `hell’ merely refer to the types of future lives one can earn for himself by the way he behaves in this one.

“Reincarnation and the law of karma are often pointed to as the explanation for why many `nice people’ in present-day society undergo serious accidents or suffer physical deformities. They weren’t such nice people in a previous incarnation …

“I must admit that the theory of reincarnation holds certain comforts, and I find it about as logical as any other theory on life after death.

“Perhaps the nature of eternity is something like the following view, expressed at the closing of one of Dick Miller’s `voices from other worlds’ tape recordings

” `I have not mentioned death, for in all truth, my brothers and sisters, there is no death. There is only a gradually ascending spiral of consciousness which reaches ever upwards, which treats with open arms and hearts the essence of its source.’ “

MAY, 1965                                   17

Poet’s corner

Mystique For Dawn

When you awaken in the web of dawn

To feel the heart-beat of Infinity,

And, rising, walk on dream-enchanted feet

Into the gardens of Eternal Now,

Ob, pity them who slumber, unaware

Of mystery and magic in the night;

Who never hear the horsemen of the wind

With rainbow swords aflame against the moon,

Or count the faery galleons that sweep

Across the meadows of the Morning Star.

O eyes that yet would see beyond the veil

Of Time-illusion, fingers that would touch

The holy substance of Immensity,

Be as the wind that. never finds a home;

Be as the rain in which all voices call;

Be as the glorious Earth itself, and know

That Life is Love, and Joy the heart of All.

-George Cardinal LeGros

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING


The long awaited fourth printing of Dr. Daniel W. Fry’s Steps to the Stars is almost completed. The book should be available by mid-June, according to our latest. advice, and will sell for $1.50, in a soft bound edition.

Steps to the Stars is a small book which attempts to do a rather large job in the simplest manner possible. Its primary purpose is to dissolve a few of the artificial barriers to progress which have been raised by our purely mathematical approach to the laws or facts of the universe. The author finds no fault with the mathematics as such, but explains how the customary interpretation of these mathematics creates a concept of absolute limit.  He points out that these limits have no existence in nature itself, but are actually only limits of human perception and consciousness. He makes it possible to understand postulates which heretofore could only be accepted.

While it is true that the book may prove somewhat difficult for the reader who has no background in theoretical physics, those who are willing to devote the necessary thought and consideration, will find great new avenues of understanding opening before them. The very factors of nature which, for thousands of years, have bound man to the surface of his tiny earth, will prove to be the factors which will send him swiftly and surely, first to the planets, and then to the stars beyond.

Book orders may be sent to CSA, Publisher, Lakemont, Ga. 30522, or Merlin Publishing Co., P. 0 Box 76, Merlin, Ore. 97532. California residents please add 4 per cent sales tax.

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WISDOM: The superior man is firm but. does not fight; mixes easily with others but does not form factions; the superior man is dignified but is not proud ; the inferior man is proud but not dignified; the superior man is friendly but not familiar; the inferior man is familiar but never friendly.’

So taught Confucius, inculcating the practice of virtue but not the worship of gods in his system of morality and ethics. He lived from 478-550 B.C. in China.

MAY, 1965                                   19

Bulletin board

News Briefs

Welcome to the ever growing Understanding family:

Unit #62, the Palm Beaches, Fla.-Airs. Dorothy Dancy, 627 Evernia St., West Palm Ileacb, Fla.

Unit -u-63, Love’s Retreat, Ga. — Mahdah Love, Love’s Retreat, Lakemont, Ga.

Unit #64, Charlotte, N. C.-Mr. Edward Ii. Sheppard, 205 S. Church St., Charlotte 2, N. C.

Unit #65, Sunnyvale, Calif.-Mr. Ray 5. Greaves, 275 W. Arbor Ave., Sunnyvale, Calif.

Unit #66, Topeka, Kansas-Mr. Harry -l. Fleenor, 1033 Mulvane, Topeka, Kansas.

Apologies to Unit # 35, Tacoma, Wash. — Mr. Lee Corp, P. 0. Box 548, Spanaway, Wash. for omitting them on the Unit Officer List.

Thank You to members and friends of Unit #52, Fresno, Calif., for your most gracious and efficient arrangements for the Directors Meeting, April 10th, along with sponsoring a TV interview and two lectures for Dan Fry.

Welcome to Col. Arthur J. Burks as the first Executive Vice-President of Understanding, Inc.

Gayne Myers to Speak

On Saturday, -lay 22nd, at 8 P.M., the Inglewood Unit #15 will

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

present Mr. Gayne ‘Myers, a former educator, researcher and lecturer in cosmology and philosophy, and the man who had a vital part in the “Galaxy” programs. He will speak on “The Story of Baloran — a Space Being’s Observation of Earth.” He will also play a very special tape recording of a New Year’s message with from other planet. The meeting will he held at the Business and Professional Women’s Clubhouse, 8211 Java St., Inglewood, California.

New  Age Gatherings

Mr.  Robert Crichton announces  that the forthcoming Understandorama at Harmony Grove, Vista, Calif., on May 29-30-31 will offer an excellent program with such speakers as Charles Abramson, Clark Wilkerson, Jessica Madigan, Barry Lene, Gayne layers, Maria Elliot, Hal Wilcox and Dr. Woody Crank.  John Blaylock will show colored sides at one of the evening sessions.

Buck nelson announces his Annual Spacecraft Convention at his Mountain View Ranch, Mountain View, Missouri, June 26, 27 and 28. Col. Arthur J. Barks announces that. the Wisdom Pool Seminar will he hell again in Lakemont, Georgia, June 26th through July Among the speaker, will be our Dr. Daniel W. Fry.

George Adamski in Buffalo

On March 22nd and 24th the Buffalo Unit of Understanding, #37, presented Mr. George Adamski in two lectures on Flying Saucers. Prior to the meetings Mr. Adamski was interviewed several times on radio and TV with the result that both meetings were attended by some 1000 people. Many more were turned away because of lack of seats in the meeting hall.

Canada Unit # 1

Mr. Herb Peter, officiating for the Understanding Unit in Vancouver during the accident convalescence of Herb Clarke, reports that the Unit still occasionally sponsors public lectures as well as continuing their lively weekly study group. Mr. Peter has also lectured for the Boy Scouts and the United Church.

He notes that the press and radio in the Vancouver area have given considerable coverage to the UFO since the first of the year, “some of American origin, some strictly Canadian.”


“Yes, it’s true. I, Bob Renaud, have talked with people from other planets over my short wave radio set, at regular intervals, for over 3 years. Since Jan. 6, 1962, I have viewed these people inside their spaceships on my own TV Screen; met them in person; ridden in, piloted, and photographed their spaceships; visited their underground and undersea bases; and became the first Earth-man to walk outside a spaceship in outer space! Learn what these advanced people teach, and of their plan to help mankind solve its problems and, in our time, to build a Great Society-advanced far beyond today’s most optimistic concepts. Read it all in “UFO International” starting with issue 18. Six issues for $3.00. Single copy-50c. Gabriel Green, Editor. 7 Flying Saucer color photos-$3.00. Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs, 2004 N. Hoover, Los Angeles, Calif. 90027.


JUNE 26 – 27 – 28    1965

Plan Now to Attend this Convention Bring your own house trailer, tent, or camping outfit. Free wood for your camp. Camping free.

50c and $1.00 donation

All come – Speakers wanted

9th Annual Convention At-

Buck’s Mountain View Ranch

Rt. 1, Box 236

Mountain View, Missouri 65548



Understanding, Inc. is about to publish a long needed handbook to better acquaint the general public as well as its membership with the “spirit of understanding” which underlies the legal corporation.

In his inimitable simple and disarming style of self-analysis, Col. Arthur J. Burks has presented not only the high purposes of Understanding, Inc., but member participation :and responsibility for the realization of these goals. The Handbook covers all aspects of Understanding: Unit formation, Speakers, study groups, services offered and to be rendered. The booklet will serve as an inspiration to join for new members and as :t challenge for rededication by the present membership.

Tot finance this undertaking we shall need advance orders for the Handbook which will be offered in the format of Understanding magazine and sell for 50c. Order one for yourself and another for a friend from P.O. Box 76, Merlin, Oregon 97532.

——— ♦ ———


By Popular New Age Writer, E. Blanche Pritchett, Ph.D.


Who are the members of the government of this Solar System! This book reveals, for the first time anywhere, the true story of these Great Spiritual Beings, the 24 Elders of the Christ Council.


Now you can have a New-Age translation of the most basic of all scriptures and the foundation of all sacred writings. Included are sample Sanskrit characters, the language of the original writings.

Either book – $3        Both books – $6

To receive your copies, write to:


Mt. Lehman, British Columbia, Canada