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VOLUME X                                  APRIL, 1965                                               NUMBER 4

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


(Every coin has two sides. Understanding magazine is dedicated to examining both sides. While the Viet Nam situation is actually a many sided coin, we feel that the following guest editorial is an accurate presentation of the feeling of many people arid so merits consideration. -Ed.)

Having read within 24 hours both the editorial in the February issue, entitled Hurry Up and Wait, and the news in the press of direct United States air strikes on points in North Vietnam, followed by world-wide protests against these actions, I am moved to comment on the editorial, in the interest of presenting another aspect of the picture, believing it is important for people of this country to try to think out and understand the reasons for the situation in which we find ourselves today.

It has been said that the first casualty of war is reason, and that the second is the loss of freedom to criticize. While we still have these two faculties available to us, perhaps we could rectify some of the tragic mistakes we have been making, and make amends for the cruelties we are inflicting on brothers of different flags and other skin. We seem not yet to have learned that military might

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

does not solve any problems, but aggravates existing ones, and is indeed only an expression of our ignorance, a sign of the bankrupt mind and the desolate soul-void of compassion.

Seldom in recent years has the public been told so little truth by the government and been given so many half truths and misleading statements as in the present case of Vietnam. However, it is possible to dig out some interesting facts by reading dispatches, articles, and speeches in the New York Times, Business Week, the Congressional Record, and other sources. I am not a student of foreign policy but just an ordinary Joe who is trying to find out what is going on and why the United States is antagonizing a large portion of the people of the world, and as such I take issue with the editorial in the following two principal points

(a) Rather than having “created dangerous misunderstanding throughout the world,” by a “continued display of utter impotence,” I think that through our own lack of understanding of Asian people, their history, their pattern of life, their social and economic problems, we have aroused a very real resentment and hatred against ourselves because of our interference in the internal affairs of Asian countries, in our effort to impose our own ways. (Our membership in the U.N. means that we are pledged not to engage in this type of interference) Is it surprising that they feel hostile to us when we burn their villages, poison their crops and condone the brutal torture of prisoners who are their own countrymen?

(b) The editorial implies that heavy bombing of North Vietnam would bring the war to an end in 3 days. This is ill founded fantasy, since the “Vietcong” guerillas are in truth not North Vietnamese but essentially South Vietnamese in revolt against their own unpopular and dictatorial government. And although we continually brand them ” Communists” in our press, it appears that the closest they come to this is that they receive a small portion of their support from communist northern sources. It is estimated that about 75 to 80 per cent of their material support comes from the South Vietnamese people themselves, in the form of food, and captured American arms and ammunition, and that if the North Vietnamese facilities were completely destroyed the struggle in the south would still continue. Some of our military people have said that there is no military solution in the north. But since it is very difficult to

APRIL, 1965                                3

strike back at guerillas, because they are hard to find, and in order to make a show of force (no matter whom we kill and injure), we pick convenient targets in North Vietnam for our air strikes.

Our president has said that we are committed to “defend freedom” is South Vietnam. The people of this country have never had freedom. They have never elected their government, and our presence there only serves to thwart their aspirations in this direction.

Much more could be said, and supported, to show that our presence in Vietnam in the first place is a tragic mistake, and that we should halt our military action, each day of which is a cruel imposition upon a people who have lived for decades in want, hunger, and deprivation. When we mowed in they had not. had a chance to recover from the miseries of the previous fighting when they overcame the French attempt at recolonization after World War II.

It is still possible to seek a cease-fire and a negotiated settlement. Any other course brings the world nearer to the global wreckage and disaster of a nuclear holocaust.

If we can muster the wisdom to withdraw from a situation which has no future but tragedy for all concerned, it is to be hoped that we shall learn by this mistake and withdraw from other areas where we are also interfering in the internal affairs of the people, particularly the Congo.

The only discernible goal of our foreign policy seems to be that of resisting communism. This is hardly a worthy aim. Can we hope to achieve constructive ends with this sort of negative approach? Should we not light candles instead of cursing, the darkness? To quote from Alan’s Message, “The vital need of your world today is simple understanding between the people of your nations.” With this thought in mind, I would say that every time we engage in military activity we decrease the gains in understanding which have already been made. Even the building and preparation of nuclear, chemical and bacteriological weapons has this affect, resulting from fear. Isn’t it about time that we broke away from these old forms and started, as a nation, to act like enlightened beings, setting an example of love and understanding which we have talked about so much.

-Arthur Seelye

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING




The theory of special case relativity advanced by Dr. Albert Einstein in 1905 is probably one of the best known and least understood cosmological works in the world today. The reason for the misunderstanding, which exists almost equally between scientists and laymen, is simply that the explanatory statement with which the work was prefaced has been ignored and omitted from almost every subsequent presentation of the work.

Let us, therefore, consider for a moment this forgotten preface. In it Einstein pointed out that all of the knowledge which we have concerning the universe about us, and all of the knowledge which we can ever obtain, must come to us through our senses, since they are our only direct contact with reality. No matter how large or excellent the telescope, its light must still pass through our eyes before we can perceive its meaning. “Therefore,” he said, “if we are to formulate mathematical rules or laws concerning that universe, we must begin with the postulate that what our senses tell us, is true.” This means that if we observe, through a large telescope, the explosion of a nova in a remote galaxy and, at the same time observe the eruption of a volcano upon our own earth, we must, for the purpose of our mathematics, assume that these two events are simultaneous, because they are so observed, and we have no way of proving that they were not.

This is a postulate which is difficult to accept, because the faculty which we call `reason’ immediately interposes the objection that a separation in space evolves an elapse of time between the event and our perception of it.

However, Dr. Einstein pointed out that if we allow our reason to modify our observations before our mathematics are complete, we will be evolving a concept whose value is based entirely upon the validity of our reason rather than the accuracy of our observations. After our mathematics, based entirely upon our observations, are complete, then we may allow reason to deal with the results of the mathematics, but until the formula is complete, we must postulate

APRIL, 1965                                6

that events which are observed simultaneously, occur simultaneously, insofar as that observer is concerned, and that therefore the simultaneity of events is a condition which depends entirely upon the position of the observer with respect to those events.

Almost any student of physics today, be he a beginner or a graduate scientist will argue that no man can ever travel from the earth to the star Alpha Centauri in a period of less than four years be-cause the star is more than four light-years away, and the “laws” of relativity state that matter can never move with a velocity greater than that of light. This is one of the prime fallacies which has been created by misinterpretation of the mathematics. Actually, the mathematics do not say that man cannot travel between the earth and Alpha Centauri in less than four years. They say only that no observer on earth can ever see. him do it. No matter how fast the trip is made, it will always appear to the earthly observer that the trip required more than four years.

Let us create an example by which this statement may be more readily understood. We will assume that we have built a space ship in which we propose to visit a planet exactly four light years. distant from earth. We will also assume that we have available to, us air infinite supply of energy which we can apply in any desired quantity and which can be used to create an instantaneous velocity so high that we will reach our destination in a single hour. We will take off from a launching pact which is situated near an astronomical observatory, operated by a friend of ours who has just developed a telescope of infinite power and resolution. We have informed him that we propose to make the trip in one hour, and be has stated his belief that this is impossible because of the `laws of relativity.’ However he has agreed to observe our progress through his telescope during the entire trip, and so see for himself how long we will require to reach our destination.

At a prearranged instant we will takeoff and at once achieve a velocity that will take us to our destination in one hour. After fifteen minutes we will have covered one quarter of the distance, but we are now one light year away from the earth and so the light which we emit at this point will require one year to return to earth, and so will reach the eyes of the astronomer exactly one year and fifteen minutes after takeoff. He will therefore note in his logbook

7                                                    UNDERSTANDING

that we required one year and fifteen minutes to reach the one quarter point.

After we have traveled for thirty minutes we will have covered half of the distance, but the light which we emit at that point will require two years to return to earth, and so will reach the eyes of the astronomer two years and thirty minutes after takeoff.

After an hour has elapsed we will have reached our destination but the light emitted by the craft will not reach the astronomer until four years and one hour after our departure from earth. All of the light which we emit at intermediate points will, of course, arrive at intermediate times, so that the astronomer could observe us constantly from the moment of takeoff to the moment of our arrival at our destination.

According to the primary postulate of relativity that we must accept the evidence of our senses as being valid, the astronomer must maintain that from his reference point we did not quite achieve the velocity of light. The fact that we may have returned long before this, that we may be seated at his side and may perhaps be assisting him in his work, does not, in any way, affect the validity of his observations or the mathematics of relativity which he applies thereto. Let us remember, however, the statement that, “when our mathematics are complete we may allow reason to deal with the formula which we have created. If we do this, we will not fall into the common error of confusing relativity with a concept of absolute determinism.

-Daniel W. Fry

——— ♦ ———


Mankind has crossed the threshold in which technology promises a new utopian world with its abundance of material wealth, fewer labor hours and greater leisure. But these revolutionary changes and prophesied promises bring with them also new challenges. The challenge to civilization comes not from nuclear weapons, for surely man’s moral integrity will withhold their destructive uses, but rather from tile need to promote man’s spiritual nature in keeping with his scientific achievements.

Years ago, speaking with reference to the first atomic bombs,

APRIL, 1965                                7

Madame Chiang-kai Shek said, in essence: May tile spiritual maturity of man ever equal his scientific ingenuity. Though the statement was a provocative challenge to man’s use of civilization-annihilating nuclear energy, its significance is applicable to our technological era as well. We must pause in our rapid scientific progress to evaluate man’s total position in both areas-spiritual and scientific.

The reading of any publication today brings before us the ingenuity of scientific creativity. We have reached a stage of intellectual propulsion in which the knowledge of the past, so laboriously accumulated, has been so coordinated and combined as to produce new possibilities and extensions, seemingly limitless in scope. Alan’s material environment, with its attendant social ramifications, is changing so rapidly that our lives have but little relationship to the past, even to the past of our own lifetime!

Automation and its promises of push-button living, in tile factory and the home, will make necessary many social adjustments. Electronics and tile “electric brain” not only simplify accounting practices and statistical studies, but reduce by years the computations and calculations of scientific studies. Electronic brains are thus further speeding the advance of technological developments, thereby increasing the impetus of change in our daily living.

Atomic research with its years of groundwork behind closed laboratory doors is now evident in our way of life. Contrary- to popular belief, ninety percent of tile research is for “peacetime” application rather than the military. As the laboratory doors are opened and the “atomic age” is realized more fully, man hours of labor will be considerably reduced even as the material standard of living reaches new heights.

In other areas scientific ingenuity is undergoing similar revolutionary advances, and many ideas have already passed test stages. Jet propulsion, speed faster than sound, earth satellites and projected colonization of the moon and planets are no longer fantastic day–dreams. In today’s fabulous world scientific imagination is quickly translated into reality.

As technological change demands less of man as a producer, it will give him more of that precious leisure for which lie has yearned all through history. Estimates, conservatively stated, indicate that in 30-50 years men may be needed only four hours per clay, fewer

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

clays per week to contribute their share to a higher standard of living for all. Perhaps this time schedule is more accurate for the United States than elsewhere presently, but the radical change in the production-consumption equation will become world wide in time.

So much then for the scientific ingenuity, which will undoubtedly seek new tangents as present possibilities are confirmed and become commonplace.

But what of man’s spiritual maturity? Has it kept, pace, relatively, with his intellectual achievements? Is it sufficient that we acquire the utopian ideal of material comfort and adequate leisure if we are unable to live more fully and richly on a higher level than as mere consumers? Civilizations do not long survive on a diet of “bread and circuses.”

Is not now the time to consider how we may prepare men to live lives more significant-more spiritually rewarding in this era of technological abundance? Must we not educate ourselves to a state of inner self-sufficiency in order that we need not. spend our new found leisure merely as consumers of the entertainment productivity of others? How boring will be endless hours of television, or of constant speeding from place to place, even though it be to the moon, merely to kill time!

Because change in the future will be ever more rapid, it will be impossible to merely gradually adapt ourselves to the new environment change creates. We must anticipate the modifications necessary in personal and social living and prepare ourselves so that the impact of the new will find us ready. The children of today will live in this future. Should not our present educational insights be so directed that the years ahead may bring spiritual enlightenment and growth along with physical plenty and comfort? Our lack of foresight, or inadequate preparation now, for the full measure of life’s change in an advanced Technological Era can and may lead to inestimable damage and decadence for future generations. If we are but “children in the morning of time,” as someone has so beautifully expressed it, our spiritual capacities are there, needing but the proper stimulation and guidance to reach a full flowering. Man may reach heights, inaccessible even to our thoughts as yet, even as were the present scientific achievements but fifty years ago.

APRIL, 1965                                9

We must somehow educate all men, despite differences in their innate capacities, to an awareness of their own worth and dignity, to a realization of their own potential, vary as it does with individuals. We must make men conscious of the fact that mere vegetative existence, no matter how pleasurable physically and mentally, is not the end-not the goal of the travails experienced by all life forms since the first amoeba announced the miracle of life itself. For some higher destiny was man and his soul created! Man must become as acutely aware of his spiritual possibilities as he is presently of his intellectual abilities. Leisure should provide for him the stepping stones to future spiritual growth, for the development. of those finer sensibilities which have been so long dormant, as he struggled merely to keep body and soul together.

The challenge confronts us: How is man to greet his changing world with a spiritual enlargement commensurate with his scientific achievements? We must foresee and plan for a future which will avoid spiritual poverty in the midst of technological abundance!

——— ♦ ———


(This is the first installment of a two part. article concerned with unknown forces in our environment Here are given the results of scientific researches. The concluding article will present the relationship of the wisdom of ancient astrologers to modern findings. It is suggested that Part One be retained and reread in conjunction with Part Two.)

Think back over the past few days. Can you recall something you did on the spur of the moment for which there seemed to be no rhyme or reason-something impulsive-something which if you’d stopped to think about you might have done differently? It’s only natural on occasion to act impulsively. But why? What triggers these sudden inclinations to act? Call it instinct, intuition, insight-or you might flippantly explain your action by saying, “Oh, I just had a way-out brain wave.” And, believe it or not, you might be right! Scientific experiments during the past two decades have disclosed evidence that brain cells may be impelled by electromagnetic charges or rays from outer space. Could it be that astrologers’ learned this many centuries ago?

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Since the beginning of time men have looked to the heavens for guidance and wisdom. Philosophers and theologians of all religions have long believed that humanity depends for its existence and welfare on ethereal energy. Until about a century ago scientists were reluctant to accept the possibility of unknown forces in our environment. But during the nineteenth century, mounting evidence to prove that such energy exists has stimulated more and more re-search and investigation of such phenomena. Physicists and scientists have discovered that the universe is interlaced with an intricate network of electromagnetic waves and rays-radio waves, Hertzian waves, microwaves, infrared, ultra-violet, X rays, cosmic rays, and other unidentified radiation emanating from outer space.

During this same era, chemists, physicians, psychologists and biologists have also been busy, and have observed that laws governing plant and animal life seem to be as regular and automatic as those governing the movement of planets.

Ten years ago Bruce Bliven, a student of modern science, stated in Popular Science magazine: “The human nervous system–brain, spinal cord, and nerves-contains what is substantially a wet-cell electric battery, generating a direct current of about a tenth of a volt … As each section of nerve fiber receives an electrical impulse it triggers a reaction in the neat section, so that impulses travel instantly to and from the marvelously intricate message centers of the brain.”

Dr. Harold S. Burr, professor emeritus of anatomy at Yale School of Medicine, agrees that the nervous system is an extremely efficient receptor of electromagnetic energies.

Additional evidence comes from Dr. Charles H. Bachman of General Electric Research Laboratories who designed a device with which he detected and measured hitherto unknown direct electric currents deep in the nerve systems of the brain and in the neuron cables of the backbone and limbs. From his research, be identifies the inputs which maintain these currents as electromagnetic. forces in our environment.

All this tends to support findings of Dr. Wilhelm Fliess, German physician, who more than a half century ago charted data on thou-sands of people over a period of twenty years. Dr. Fliess identified two basic cycles in human nature: a 23-day- physical cycle of vitality,

APRIL, 1965                                11

strength, resistance; and a 28-day sensitive cycle of mood, sensitivity and Feelings. These were later corroborated by Dr. Alfred Telscher, a professor at Innsbruck University in Austria, who charted data on several thousand students to determine whether there might be a rhythm of clear thinking and alertness. As a result of his research, Telscher identified a third cycle-a 33-day intellectual cycle of memory-, alertness and reasoning power.

Studies in Switzerland and Germany- suggest that these cycles are merely a gentle ebb and flow, and are easily overridden by will power, habit and learned skills. Other studies have determined that people are not ordinarily aware of cyclic rhythm within themselves; they think of their good days as normal, and blame their dismal periods on the weather, illness or unpleasant and unfortunate social incidents.

There is also evidence to suggest that weather and earthquakes may be influenced by the axes of planetary magnetic fields.

We know that there are clocklike cycles in the habits of plants, animals, fish and birds. And children-before reason steps in to complicate their lives-react simply- to the world about them. And what about the coincidence of similarity in behavior and thinking of twins? Here is evidence that people born with identical aspects of time, place and hereditary physical and mental tendencies, react much the same to identical cycles and electromagnetic influences.

This raises the question of whether ancient astrology may have based its findings on the discovery-or awareness of ethereal forces without having identified or isolated them. As to the credibility of astrological theories, there are many arguments pro and con.

-Albert W. Bailey

(To be continued)


Have you mailed in your post card to Radio KSJO, Aborn Road, San Jose, Calif., indicating your interest in the proposed half hour program by Dr. Daniel W. Fry “on the subject of space with full coverage of the UFO field?” Indication of public interest is needed to launch this valuable educational series.

Write, wherever you may live, for this initial offering, well received, could and should encourage other stations to offer similar coverage. Thank you for your cooperation.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING


The following two questions have been received from Junior High School students.

1. Is there life on Mars and Venus?

The question undoubtedly refers to life — human — as we know it on earth. My. answer is Yes, there is life, similar to earth life on these planets. Our information indicates that though the internal structure of the Martians and Venusians differs from ours, they are very similar to us in appearance.

Their personality traits are much like ours also, but in their more advanced intellectual state, they no longer express the negative qualities of earth man.

Because of the differing internal structure of their physical bodies, the Martians and Venusians need a three day adaptation period in their space drips before attempting any prolonged stay on our planet. This period is required to adjust their bodies to our magnetic field, temperature, atmospheric structure and pressure, humidity, etc.

2. Does the study of UFOs and related fields make for a better person?

The answer to this question is dependent upon the nature of the investigator. Our answer to the question is yes. Again, we can only express our feeling, for the acquisition of information about such vast and beautiful subjects naturally gives one much satisfaction. Such information enables one to appreciate his own nature and his place in the universal order of life.

As to becoming a better person: What makes you think that. you are not all right as you are? Remember that you are a definite part of the Divine as you always have been. For this reason we will not, say that the study and interest in UFOs or any other subject will make you better.

-Gayne Myers

(Next month: Deimos and Phobus and the Mars Probe)

——— ♦ ———

APRIL, 1965                                13


(The following article was written by Thomas H. Kuchel, senior senator from California. It is reprinted from the C.T.A. Journal.)

Americans are keenly aware of the :;rave and evil hazards to our freedom and our way, of life which international communism is dedicated to destroy. We confront another evil, equally offensive to all free Americans, in the zealots which make up the self-styled “I-am-a-better-American-than-vote” organizations.

For an extended time last year I received 60,000 letters a month of which an estimated 10 per cent was what I choose to call “fright mail.” The fright peddlers “knew” that a military exercise in Georgia was actually a takeover of the United States by the United Nations. They “knew” that Chinese communist troops were massed on the Mexican border, prepared to attack California. Hence, they “knew” that members of the Congress were traitors to the U.S.A. because they refused to acknowledge these alleged sinister threats.

In their frenetic, misguided zeal to fight communism, they called General Eisenhower a communist-and they heaved their venom on the late President Kennedy, calling him a communist agent. Indeed any decent, self-respecting citizen who declined to swallow the mishmash principles of radical right group automatically found himself labeled a communist.

Clutching at half-truths and downright falsehoods, the fright peddlers fabricated hoaxes, frightened Americans and diverted our attention from the real menace. They sowed suspicion and hated, undermined faith in government and its institutions and leaders.

I am deeply concerned about the right wing extremists, not because of the noise they make, but because they are Americans and not agents of foreign powers. The letters they write betray hysteria often amounting to paranoia. Obviously uninformed, the fright peddlers accept no explanations, preferring to cling to their fears.

It is my earnest hope, however, that the education of our youth in the generations ahead will make the rise of the right. extremists simply a brief historical incident. I share with you teachers a belief that our best. defense against extremism of either right or left rests in the enlightenment and the faith of our citizens.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Faith in the power and integrity of our Government and belief in the values of the American way of life are built on knowledge. A citizen can find no better document on which to base his knowledge than the fundamental law of the land, the Constitution of the United States of America.  A living, and dynamic thing, the Constitution cradles the Bill of Rights, our guarantee of freedom.

I commend the teachers of California for their continuing diligence and their intelligent dedication to teaching the principles of the Bill of Rights. I am confident that as each American child grows up in full understanding of his heritage he will discard extremism of all kinds.

——— ♦ ———

Recent UFO Sightings

A news clipping from Minnesota stated that a Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) official at Hibbing, Minn., said he is sure an unidentified flying object (UFO) sighted on the 12th of February was not a plane. Three reliable reports on the sighting were received, the first by three Duluth residents – William McEwan, Chairman of Science at the University of Minnesota, Duluth Branch, his wife, and D. A. Jackson, a mathematics professor.

A March 5th report from Florida states that John Reeves of Brooksville, Florida, “saw and had contact with a figure aboard a flying object or saucer. . . He claims his visitors left parchments with mysterious writings on them but no one has seen them.”

The February 28th Medford Mail-Tribune of Oregon reports that two Roque Valley residents saw strange lights in the sky between 3 and 4 A.M. One report was of “a number of large lights . . . some appearing as large as truck tires.” The other report was of a “star-like object which seemed to fall and theft stay- in the same spot for 25 minutes, at times emitting beams of light, then disappearing.” From Elmira, New York, comes a news clipping chafed March 3rd

APRIL, 1965                                15

stating that mystery still surrounds the reports of the UFO in the area of East Hill “The latest reports were about evenly divided between sightings of a slowly moving object with lights at the end of so-called wings with a revolving light in the middle, and reports of two streaking balls of fire seen for several seconds, followed by a sonic boom.”

Newspapers and radio station switchboards were jammed March 5th in Sydney, Australia, with call. of a “flying saucer” over New South Wales. Members of the astronomical Society in New South Wales said they saw lights almost directly overhead daring their weekly meeting at the Belfield Observatory. These, they said, could have been “meteorites fragmenting on contact with upper layers of the atmosphere.” The Royal Australian Air Force said no planes were in the area where the sightings were reported.

Colored Bands On the Moon

(From New Zealand Herald, Sept. 16, 1964)

WASHINGTON — Tow scientists at the Goddard space flight center at Greenbelt, Maryland, reported that they had sighted through a telescope two reddish panels and one bluish band on the face of the moon.

Mr. Saul It. Genatt, astronomer and station manager for the Goddard optical research facility, said he and an electronic technician, Mr. Edwin Reid, saw the colored bands on August 25 from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. (1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on August 26, New Zealand time).

The hands were over the crater Aristarchus, on the north-west quadrant of the moon.

Mr. Genatt said that through a 16-inch telescope they saw two distinct reddish bands over the southern part of the crater and a bluish band over the northern part.

The bands were roughly parallel and the reddish bands were of equal thickness-about four or five miles. The longest reddish band was about 35 miles in length. It was the most southerly of the three.

The other reddish band, just above it., was only two or three miles away and about 30 miles long.

Mr. Genatt said: “Up in the northern part of the crater, about 20 miles from the northern reddish band, was a bluish band about 15 miles long.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“All the bands ran an east-west direction, roughly parallel to each other.

“The colors were very prominent at first-the reddish bands were really red and the other was quite blue. As time passed the intensity of the colors weakened.”

Mr. Genatt said that he and Mr. Reid had been checking the mechanical operation of the telescope and Mr. Reid noticed the lunar colors by pure chance.

He had no basis for any speculation what the bands were.

——— ♦ ———

poet’s corner

Path to Peace

The path to peace is strait and narrow everywhere,

Men seeking it on earth encounter myth.

This onward drift. toward peace talks few mortals share,

Not all their walks nor words have any pith.

Let hearts look inward. Each road starts within;

Nor love nor hate subsists save by man’s will.

To our lame natures we are blind as sin,

Yielding to the least strenuous way. Peril

Still must be weighed for it threads every road,

Conscience defies it in her passion for peace.

A stunt man on a tightrope, mind forms her code

APRIL, 1965                                17

Be vigilant lest friend, foe and sun cease.

Receive with love the rancor our days bring,

Gently-the way is love, fold peace. Time’s burning.

– Margaret Diorio

Working Together

We all have a share in the beauty

We all have a part in the plan

What does it matter what duty

Falls to the lot of man.

Someone has blended the plaster

Someone has carried the stone

Neither the man nor the master

Ever has builded alone.

Making a roof from the weather

Building a house for the King

Only by working together

Have men accomplished a thing.

-Helen True

——— ♦ ———


From Timothy Green Beckley, of the Interplanetary News Service (3 Courtland Street, New Brunswick, N. J.) comes the announcement that he is serving as Coordinator for a proposed International UFOlogist Day in 1965 at the New York World’s Fair. The UFO Day would also serve as a world Flying Saucer Convention.

This project “can become a reality with the co-operation of all international Flying Saucer Groups … A Global Gathering, if possible, would capture the imagination and interest of many. ..” To implement this proposal “we must unite our enthusiasm and mutual interests by clasping hands in friendship across oceans and continents to prove our dedication to the awes-inspiring feats of visitations from other worlds, possibly from unknown star systems.”

For further details concerning the plans for the World Fair UFO Day and how you may contribute to its reality and success, please contact Mr. Beckley at the above address. Your cooperation is needed and will be appreciated.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

bulletin board

Santa Cruz Reports

On February 24th the Santa Cruz #9 Unit sponsored a talk by Sid Padrick about his contact with a spacecraft near his home at La Selva Beach, Calif., on January 30th.

Mr. Padrick 45, is a TV repair man and operates an Amateur Short Wave Station. lie is skilled along these lines but does not claim higher learning. He has served in the Air Force.

A clear description, with illustrations, of his contact, was given by Mr. Padrick. He mentioned that while on the Craft he was asked if he would like to pay respects to the Supreme Deity. He was then taken into a room that appeared to represent a chapel. He walked what seemed to be a triangle from where he sat and knelt, giving “thanks” for his experience. He said that something happened to him that made him feel nearer the Presence than ever before, and he knows this has changed him.

When Mr. Padrick asked the space beings why he was selected, as he had no formal scientific education though he was a keen ob-server, he was told that no one could have understood anymore than he did through an experience similar to his.

The New Age Press has contacted him to write his story.

Radio Station Donors

Gifts for Voice of Understanding have recently been received from the following friends: Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Maupin, Los Angeles, Calif., Mrs. Frances Wyatt, Sonoma, Calif; Mrs. Marcella

APRIL, 1965                                19

Fortune, Loma Linda, Calif; Mrs. M. S. Erlewine, Big Bear Lake, Calif., and Mrs. Marian Nigl, Sayre, Pa.

New Membership Chairman

As personal circumstances made it necessary for Mrs. Florence Twitchell to resign as Membership Chairman of Understanding, Inc., we are happy to announce the appointment of Mrs. Elizabeth Nesbit (4585 Bandini Blvd., Riverside, Calif. 92506) as the new Chairman. Thank you, Flo, for work clone! Thank you, Pat, for work to be done!

Riverside Unit Active

Mrs. Caroline Knuckles writes that Unit #22 of Riverside, Calif., is already in the process of a very active year. Lectures to date have included Orfeo Angelucci, Dr. Leon De Sablo, and Rev. Hamid Bey, with Riley Crabb scheduled for the April 11th meeting. Lectures are held at 2:30 at the. Isaac Walton hall, 2900 block of Dexter Ave., in Riverside.

The Unit also has regular workshops as listed: The First Monday of the month, Teska Study Group; Second Monday, Urantia Study Group; Third Monday, Morse Fellowship Study Group. Business Meetings are held the last Monday of each month.

Another Understandorama

Mr. Robert A. Crichton announces that he is planning another Understandorama at Harmony Grove, Calif., for the weekend of May 29th through the 31st. The panel of speakers is now being readied, and as usual will cover studies in many areas of New Age thought.

Coming Lectures

Dr. Daniel W. Fry is scheduled to speak to Unit 21 at Miranda, Calif., on the evening of April 8th, en route to the Director’s Meeting to be held in Fresno, Calif.

Fresno Unit 52 will sponsor a public lecture by Dr. Daniel W. Fry on Sunday, April 11th, at 1:30 in the Oriental Room of the Towne and Country Lodge, 3093 North Highway 99, Fresno, Calif. Please contact Claudia Owens, 1305 North 8th Street, Fresno, for further information.

Arrangements have been completed for the lecture by Dan Fry on April 18th at the Knickerbocker Hotel, Hollywood Room, 1714

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Ivar Street, Hollywood, Calif. The lecture will be at 2:30 Sunday afternoon, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Florence Verrico and Mrs. Jessica Madigan.

Lectures by Colonel Arthur J. Burks have been set for:

April 8, Yucaipa Unit 61, on “True Believers,” at 8 P.M. at Park Cottage, Yucaipa City Park on Seventh Street

April 16, Orange Unit 7, on “Never Stop Searching” at 8 P.M., Community Clubhouse, Center Lounge, 1104 W. 8th Street, Santa Ana, Calif., and

April 24, Inglewood Unit 15, on “When Time Shall Be No More,” at 8 P.M. at the Women’s Clubhouse, 820 Java St., Inglewood, Calif. Lectures are open to the public and admission is by donation.

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The editors of Understanding magazine are happy to consider unsolicited manuscripts, both articles and poetry. Articles should not exceed 1,000 words (poetry 36 lines). Almost any type of material will be considered, providing that it is of a constructive nature and con-tributes to a better understanding of the subject matter employed. The editors are particularly interested in developing a greater degree of understanding among different peoples of the earth and an understanding of basic issues facing the people of this planet. Payment for articles accepted will be made upon publication at the rate of one cent per word (poetry 10c per line). The editors also are interested in seeing clippings of unusual items from newspapers and magazines, for which the sum of $1 per clipping published will be paid to the first person submitting it. All manuscripts should be typewritten, double-spaced and on one side of the sheet only. Manuscripts may not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed envelope bearing sufficient postage. Payment will not be made for mimeographed material.


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