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VOLUME X                                  DECEMBER, 1965                                   NUMBER 12

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


“And she brought forth her first born Son, and wrapped him is swaddling clothes and laid Him in a manger because there was no room at the Inn.”

How many times have these simple words been used at the beginning of the Christmas story!

All of the story of the birth, life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth is one of extreme simplicity and of constant rejection. Born to parents without lands or wealth, there was no room for Him in the caste system of society which prevailed during His life. Because He preached giving rather than getting, there was no room for Him in the marts of trade or in the halls of the money changers. Because He preached humility and condemned arrogance, He was shunned by the ruling classes. Because He said, “thou shalt love thine enemy,” He was despised and denounced by those in military service. Wherever He went, the answer was the same, “there is no room in our society for any one with such ideals and philosophy. Today, a large portion of the people of the world spend many hours of their time, and much of their money each year, to celebrate the birth of this simple Man, and the God-given philosophy which is now preached everywhere, even though as yet, it is seldom put into practice. To-

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

day the manger (which was in a grotto carved from rock) is surmounted by a magnificent cathedral to commemorate the hotly spot which is now known to Christians as the “Center of the World.” All of the places where Jesus walked and taught are now dotted with monuments to His memory. Mankind has found room for Jesus in cathedrals, in statuary and in monuments. It only remains for man to find room in his heart for the simple but divine truths which Jesus taught, in the coming Christmas season. While we rush about all our annual struggle to complete those tasks and duties which have came to be traditional at Christmas time, let us hope that we may find time to clear a space in our hearts for the Coming of tile One who was laid in a manger because there was no room in the Inn.

——— ♦ ———


Are dreams signposts for the future? From earliest recorded history, man has wondered. While many have scoffed, many have believed and written of their beliefs.

The Old Testament is full of allusions to dreams. Who has not heard of Joseph and his success in interpreting his own dreams! And of the great fame he won interpreting for others? No less a person than the great Julius Caesar was forewarned when his wife Calpurnia related her dream in terror. But he shrugged off her concern. And strode forth to his death.

In our dreams, we may be constantly projecting ourselves into the future. Perhaps only the powerfully emotional or tragic prophecies are strong enough to pierce through to the conscious mind.

At the turn of the century, a young Army bride, while napping, saw her husband fall clown tile shaft of a mine, saw him carried unconscious to the surface. So vivid was tile picture that she rose immediately and traveled many miles on horseback to an isolated spot where her husband had camped with a small surveying unit. The surprise of tile men was evident as well as apprehensive. But good news awaited her. Her husband had gained consciousness only minutes before her arrival, after falling exactly as she had seen in her dream.

Romylia Howard, a young San Diego woman, dreamed she was hit by a truck at one of the main intersections downtown. Four months later, in July, 1964, she was. This was not her first experience

DECEMBER, 1985                    3

in foreseeing future events. Has she a special power? Or is it just that the barrier between her subconscious and conscious is less formidable?

Carl Justav Jung, student of Freud and one of the most respected scientists of his time, has written extensively concerning his experiences with dreams and memories.

He feels, as the dream above would seemingly indicate, that part of our mind is not subject to the laws of space and time. Stimuli from other as-yet-undiscovered sources are constantly Mattering at our unconscious. In sleep, when our conscious mind relaxes its guard, these clues to future events call pierce beyond the barrier set up by our reason.

Are these hints always available? Are we hampered from fore-knowledge by our limited concept of time? Dr. Jung feels there is another reality behind our accepted world. ‘Facts’ we assume immutable possibly relate to another order of things not apparent to our educated, concept dependent upon “here or there’ and ‘earlier or later.’

But he further cautious us not to accept information based on dreams blindly, assuming its reliability. The hints may he subjective, the result of wishful thinking, and bear no relation to another world with its foreknowledge.

Let us, however, accept gratefully any hints we may receive through dreams of from spontaneously generated ideas. We call act upon diem in situations that will not disturb those around us. Presumably, we will not be able to alter the course of events. Fore-knowledge may only bring an earlier sorrow. But we may at least, appreciate the present and make sensible provision for tile future.

Even so modern a specialist as J. B. Rhine Of Duke University, after working on extra-sensory perception experiments, has indicated that clairvoyance and precognition trust he accepted as proof that our minds are not completely limited by time and space as we consciously know it.

It would seem only reasonable for us to accept clues to the future as possibly valid, particularly if they appear through dreams when our reasoning power is dormant. We call act upon these ]tints, not forgetting that. our conscious mind may have interpreted these clues incorrectly.

– Marjorie Jean Campbell

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING


Wait! Listen! Do not haste away. I have somewhat to tell. You in your busy preparations for Christmas, have you no time for Me?

I am the One for Whom Christmas began so very long ago. Remember? Or have you forgotten? No, you have not forgotten, not really. It is merely that the story is old and you, not all, crave distraction from things as they are; crave something new. And I am not something new. I am old, old yet without age. I was old, when man was new. I was born and yet not born in a stable. I did not die. I could not die for I was LIFE Itself. In semblance I was born, in semblance I died, that man might be reborn; that man need never die, and you and you, in commemoration of My birth, play with baubles!

I am not blaming you. Most men have not attained unto soul-maturity. There are few who DO hear the need-cries rising above the caroling of Christmas hells and the sounds of simulated joy in the tinseled market places; but few hear the cries of people the world over for the sustenance, the clothing, the shelter which the price of all the glittering baubles could have given them. Are you among the few?

If it be a gift to lie, for Me upon My birthday, that you would give, know yon not the gift that I would ask? Feed ye the hungry, clothe and shelter the needy. Comfort the sorrowing. Be the father of tile fatherless. Seek and find those who are lost and bring them to Me. The gift that I am asking of you, my children, is the gift of yourself ; your self-offering.

But Christmas is no longer as it was meant to be: as it was in the ‘beginning; the joyous coming of tile simple folk and of wise folk to bring gifts of those things which were their choicest possessions, not to give to one another, where there is no need, but, to give to Me, for Me.

My arms are outstretched with the arms of the homeless child, but you see Me not. My eyes watch in vain with those to whom assistance does not come. My voice is in the voice of all those who are crying for help the world over, but you hear it not, or if you do hear, you ask yourself, “Did I not send a pittance to some good

DECEMBER, 1965                    5

cause that begged it of me? That was my remembrance gift to the new born Christ.”

Then you turn to the glittering baubles for which you have spent far more than a pittance. So it is. I do not decry merriment. I was often in the midst of merriment, but could there not be one day, one self-giving day that is just for Me? I am addressing the many who forget, not tile few who remember.

You did wait and you did listen. NOW, WHAT WILL YOU DO?  Whatever you do for Me, in full measure and running over, my Children, I shall be doing for you.

(Submitted by Dr. C. Nimmo, Oceanside, Calif. Author unknown)

——— ♦ ———


To those who are not convinced that there is a continuing life after physical dissolution there are other helpful and consoling thoughts to be considered. There are traits and attributes that are eternal in duality and operation, attainable to those who consistently desire and work for them. It is obvious that justice and kindness will bring their own reward to those who practice the attitudes.

It is reasonable to assume that an Eternal God or Spirit would be of a just and kind nature, and anyone endeavoring to emulate these qualities would be in harmony with such an exalted Being. Having acquired a similar nature during earth-life would insure these qualities being perpetuated by their touching upon the lives of others. Simple goodness, as well as great evil, is long remembered and thus carries an influence into following generations.

The full impact of the power of goofiness is most realized by those who have made it till important part of their lives and have discovered the peace it Walt bring. It has an expanding and uplifting effect upon tile individual so living, but the effect is never experienced by those who Habitually think first of themselves.

The one who has made justice and kindness a standard by which to live may know that his every thought and good deed will neither be lost nor wasted, even though he may be convinced that death ends all -that he will be only all atom of energy in a vast eternal universe, and swept into some possible, accidental bit of life, or ray

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

of light in the cons to come. He may know that the lives he has touched in his earth existence have been made easier and more pleasant. He may know that because of his thoughtful consideration of others, he will be remembered and loved, and the thoughts of many will be more gentle for his having passed their way.

If thoughts are energy and energy is the stuff of which all things and energy is the stuff of which all things are Made, never dying, Only changing then that man’s justice and goodness will be eternal. He may, therefore, consider himself all immortal being, and this consideration may well provide tile incentive for a life of service to others.

In the event that his understanding was in error and he awakes on the “other side” very much alive and aware of himself, he would find that he had made a substantial gain in spiritual development because he cultivated a just and gentle nature. He would know that He had made many things right and had blotted out the wrongs and errors of his past life by his successful efforts to live up to his highest ideals.

Whether an atom of energy or an immortal soul, the kind and just man is assured of a wondrous continuity.

-Esther W. Lowery

——— ♦ ———


To know Another we begin with Self. So it was that the Workshop, of the Understanding, Inc. Annual Meeting on October 16th, commenced with a short personal test. Each participant was requested to write three to five reasons why he liked others and three to five reasons why he disliked others. Individually then, each was to evaluate his answers: are the qualities and attributes listed a reflection of one’s own nature, what one desires to emulate, what one lacks, etc? Such an analysis, honestly made, will reveal much of Self as well as of others , for are we not reflected in all others, to a greater or lesser degree? And, a study of our reactions to others can lead to personal “repair work.”

As a consideration toward a better understanding of others mention was made of the need to include the effects of heredity, environment and karma upon our lives, influences which are inadequately

DECEMBER, 1965                    7

known yet significant as expressed by our individual personalities. To accept a person for what he is, not what we would have him be, is the lesson to learn. -None are perfect and thus none can judge another by his imperfect self.

“Irritation is a two way street.” So, we strive to become peaceful within ourselves, knowing that as our auras touch others we radiate to them that which we are. One member mentioned that whenever she was irritated she paused to silently repeat “The Lord’s Prayer” with amazing results in the changed atmosphere of the relationship, Exoterically we say “Count to Ten!”

“As a man thinketh, so he is” suggests a review of our opinions of self. A nightly review of our day’s thoughts and deeds, with self-forgiveness for inadequacies, brings self-acceptance, a necessary prerequisite for the acceptance of others. To know Self we defeat the efforts of others to disparage or belittle us. This proposition was related to the mass acceptance (with resentment) by minority groups of their alleged inferiority, and the consequent need for a, change in group consciousness through education – to develop individual awareness of personal worth.

As we individually grow into a better understanding of life and its Multitudinous relationships, we feel the need to communicate this understanding to others. To be effective, understanding and Understanding, Inc. must reach others. As our opinion, are still frequently considered “The Other Side of tile Coin” it was recommended that our letters to editors, to government officials, radio and Tv outlets, be based upon sound, factual data, reflecting the basis of our “studied” views.  Opinions on such present day issues as fluoridation, spiritual education. extra-terrestrial life, chemicals in food processing, juvenile delinquency, etc., should be expressed. In writing to individual government representatives or to public news media, it was suggested that the writer invite questions encourage suggestions and that a contact address ho given, possibly P.O. Box 76, Merlin, Oregon.

In addition to the aforementioned personal letters, Understanding Units should sponsor a variety or public lectures, not confined to the UFOs nor metaphysical subjects, but covering all areas of human relationships and beliefs. With respect to controversial issues it was recognized that two speakers he invited to present objective,

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

unemotional data of both facets of a problem issue. We seek to create understanding in an atmosphere that knows no issue is uni-dimensional and that only through deep searching can answers be found.

As our contacts are made, either personally, through our lectures, or through letters to the public, we should “plant a seed,” “open a door,” to start others thinking; in heretofore closed areas. Use of the Understanding libraries – Unit and National- should be encouraged; study of the Understanding magazine articles promoted; and participations in understanding Study and Discussion Groups invited.

Although Understanding, Inc. has grown from the UFO contact, and though its membership basically hold to the belief that extraterrestrial life is visiting the environs of earth in spaceships, yet its true purpose is to create total understanding, as given by Alan to Dan Fry. For, only by the balanced development of the scientific, social and spiritual foundations of civilization can man progress to as yet unknown states of awareness, knowing peace and joy.

——— ♦ ———


As originally proposed by Executive Vice-President, Col. Arthur J. Burks, and as voted upon at the Annual Meeting in October, Understanding, Inc. now offers the following types of membership in its organization to “promote a greater understanding among all peoples of earth, and those not of earth.”

1.)        Associate Membership at Two Dollars per year, with subscription to Understanding magazine, Two Dollars fifty cents additional. This is primarily for those who “labor with hands and brains” to keep alive the organization.

2.)        Contributing Membership at Ten Dollars per year, including the understanding magazine. This membership is for unknown members of goodwill interested in providing; Headquarters with additional operational funds.

3.)        Sustaining Membership at Twenty-five Dollars per year, including the magazine, for those interested in sustaining costs of such programs of understanding as the magazine, Educational

DECEMBER, 1965                    9

Resources, etc. as well as providing funds to contribute toward expenses of President D. W. Fry for his many lecture tour, in behalf of “understanding and Understanding, Inc.”

4.)        Life Membership at Five Hundred Dollars, including the magazine. The funds from these memberships are, as Col. Burks puts it, “To sustain Understanding  Inc. `ambassadors’ abroad, where those who request visits by such ambassadors do not manage all expenses.”

You believe in the tenets of a greater understanding but are you. contributing to these ideals, either in hours of effort or dollars to sustain the effort? We invite you to share with us our dedication and know the inner joy of serving a cause higher than self.

——— ♦ ———

Flying Saucers in South Africa

(Topeka Daily Capital, Friday, September 17, 1965)

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) – South African police and scientists investigated Thursday  a report that a flying saucer-type object had landed on a main highway near Pretoria, the country’s, administrative capital.

Two police officers reported seeing the flaming “saucer,” about 30 feet in diameter, shortly after midnight. One of them said the shiny copper-colored object resembled a giant spinning top. The two men claimed that as they approached the object, it took off silently at great speed with flames shooting out of its underside. Scientists who examined the slot where the officers said they saw the object are reported to have found a six-foot wide section of the tarred road had been badly burned.

UFO’s in Finland

HELSINKI ( UPI )- – Mysterious  ball and cigar –shaped objects were seen in Finnish skies Friday night.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

They flew northwards, trailing light behind them, according to eye-witnesses who saw their 111 central and eastern Finland.

III the lead were 10 ball-shaped objects and behind them came a cigar-shaped object, they said.


(Grants Pass Courier , Sept. 22, 1965)

JERUSALEM, Israeli Sector (A P)-The drug Thalidomide, convicted of deforming babies, may will a reprieve as a treatment for sonic of the reactions of leprosy.

Israel has about 200 lepers.

Specialists at Hansen Hospital here started using the drug, a tranquilizer, to lesson the pains of lepers and allow them to sleep. Doctors were surprised to find that some of the symptoms of leprosy, such as efflorescence of the skin and inflammation of the eyes, tended to disappear ill a few hours. No serious side effects were noted.

Thalidomide was developed by a German company. It was withdrawn from general circulation after its effects on babies became known. The pills used here are made by a Haifa company.

Mind Reading by Scientists

(By Darid R. Francis, New York Times, July 24, 1965)

NEW YORK-When do you think mind-reading will be possible?”

Two scientists at Rand Corporation, the West Coast “think tank” asked 82 “experts” this question, among many others in a study of long-range forecasting.

Apparently the question referred to the possibility of using some machine to read a person’s brain waves. It might be something like a polygraph – popularly called the detector- but very much more sophisticated.

The results are more fascinating than science fiction. Actually, they could prove to he just that.

As the two researchers admit, “The use of intuitive forecasting as a basis for long-range forecasting is unavoidable.”

Answering the above question, several of the experts indicated that military projects aimed at mind-reading are already under way. Most agreed that, technically, mind-reading eventually will be possible.

DECEMBER, 1965                    11

With a “crash programme,” half of the panelists thought it would he possible within 40 years.

Some of the other forecasts as reported in News Front, a magazine distributed to management follow:

With an all-out effort, domesticated porpoises could be used for anti-submarine reconnaissance by 1970; laser beams or other directed energy beams could destroy missiles by 1975; and the weather could be manipulated for military purposes, also by 1975.

Predicted breakthrough, without crash programmes, include:

Biological agents to destroy an enemy’s will to resist 1975.

Manned Mars and Venus fly-by — 1978 .

Drugs to produce personality changes — 1983.

Primitive forms of life created in the laboratory -1989.

Commercial ocean-bottom mining -1989.

Commercial global ballistic transport – 2000.

Automated voting (legislation by plebiscite)-2000

Facsimile newspapers printed in the home-2005.

Brain-computer link to enlarge man’s intellect-2020.

Long-duration coma to permit a form of time travel-2050.

Limited control over the force of gravity-2050.

Sounds fantastic, but that is what. happened when a group of scientists let their imagination polish up the crystal Ball.

30-Ton Meteorite

(Grants Pass Courier, September 29, 165)

TOKYO (AP) – Communist China says it has discovered a 30-ton meteorite in the Gobi desert containing six “cosmic minerals.” The report, carried by the New China News Agency said the meteorite was the third largest in the world. The agency said, chemical analysis of samples from the meteorite “.how that its chemical composition is: 88.67 per cent of iron, 9.27 per cent of nickel, and cobalt, phosphorns, silicon, sulphur, copper and other elements.

Ancient Skeleton

(Grants Pass Courier, Sept. 29, 1965)

NAPLES, Italy- (AP)-The skeletonized remains of a man about 40 and a boy of about 6 have been found, virtually intact, in two tombs dating from the early 6th Century B.C.

Prof. Bernardo Yahannowski, acting superintendent of antiquities,

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

announced the latest find at the newly discovered necropolis at Vico Equense, near ancient Pompeii. He estimated the dates of the tombs.

Rockets Probing Sky Dust

(The Denver Post, Aug. lo. 1965)

WASHINGTON – (NANA) – Scientists of seven nations are collecting in earth’s extreme atmosphere samples of the dust between the planets.

They are concerned with the particles-some of which are known to be less than four millionths of an inch in diameter-which are responsible for tile “nectilucent clouds” which appear in the far Arctic and Antarctic during, summer months. These are accumulations of space dust. approximately 50 miles above the earth.

The project is under the direction of Dr. Robert Soberman of the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratory, who designed the “Venus fly traps” used in the collecting.

The nose cone of a fly-trap rocket opens like one of the weird flowers to expose four large “petals.” These contain about 500 square inches of collecting surface.

The high altitude rockets are launched from the Churchill Research Range in Canada. Participating nations, besides the United States and Canada, are Australia, France, West Germany. Israel and Sweden.

Radioactive Waste

(Grants Pass Courier, Sept. 15, 1963)

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (AP)-Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory say they have developed a new method of disposing of liquid radioactive wastes fly burying them underground.

The new system is called hydraulic fracturing and entails basically the blending of radioactive wastes, concrete, fly ash and other additives and pumping the mixture into bedded shale formation 700 to 1,000 feet underground.

Star Secrets

(From Hamilton Times, New Zealand, July 24, 1965.)

(Christian commentary by Presto John)


“Wanted: Young men and women for service on the planet of Mars.  Must be in   good health because of unique atmospheric conditions.

DECEMBER, 1965                    13

Candidates need to have a strong sense of vocation and be convinced of the importance of taking the Gospel to all peoples.”

Advertisements such as this have not appeared in our newspapers – yet.

But they became an exciting possibility last week as the world awaited the first photographs from Mars.

If it is found that humans exist on the planet, then missionary bodies will doubtless immediately consider the possibility of sharing with them the good of Jesus Christ.

On the other hand, the Martians may have further truths about Christ to share with us. It is no new idea that the Son of God may have been incarnate in other worlds than on earth.

What we learn oil other planets could well increase our knowledge of the way God works.

We may learn some of the secrets of healing and thereby be enabled to understand the way our Lord’s miracles operated.

We may even learn the workings of God’s laws as seen in the Resurrection and Ascension.

“In me Father’s house are many mansions,” said Jesus. Could these “mansions” include people with God-given souls on other planets?

Time alone will tell.

But whatever the future brings, this is an exciting time for scientists and churchmen alike. The more we study the planets, the more we become aware (in the words of Einstein) that at the back of the universe there is “the workings of a great mind.”

As an American Nobel Prize winner put it recently:

” Modern science of the real sort is slowly learning to walk humbly with its God.”

——— ♦ ———


At the Annual Meeting of Understanding, Inc. on October 16th, in Merlin, Oregon, it was resolved that Understanding, Inc., as an International organization, institute an official research project for the year 1965-66. It was further resolved that the project be a study of Peace organizations, National and International.

This study requires the cooperation of all the Understanding

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Units as well as Members-at-Large, wherever they may be. It involves writing to the various peace groups for their literature, determining their specific purposes and approaches to peace, detailing their accomplishments to date, and summarizing the research briefly, sending copies of the literature and the summary to the Merlin office. Once the reports are in, it is proposed that the material be worked into an article for the Understanding magazine, for distribution to every member of our organization.

Please write to P.O. Box 76 Merlin, of your intention to participate, indicating which group you prefer to study. We have many names available. May we count on you?

——— ♦ ———


(This sighting account was given personally to your editors.)

October 24. 1965. Karen and Luanna called me to come to the Union Station, where we observed two craft, approximately 100 feet in diameter, in the distance. The craft were visible for about one to one and one-half hours, until the fog commenced rolling into the valley. At about 11 P.M. they moved towards Day Creek, so I left, going to a friend’s home near the mountains.

Joan, her 12 year old sister, and I decided to wall: up the mountain to see what we could see from a higher level. Then I felt the urge to go higher to see what would be visible on the other side. We then saw four small scout ships in the valley, and as we watched one came toward us. As it came closer and closer to within 15 feet of us it appeared to be 5-7 feet in diameter, giving off light in two beams which formed a V from the ship.

As the craft turned the light hit and hurt the eyes of my friends so that they had to turn away from it. It seemed for a time that the little ship would fly directly over our heads, but instead it veered to the left. Then all four scout ships ascended.

During this time the large craft were to the right, a few miles away.  hovering between some ridges.

As my friends were frightened we returned to the house. Mary Root, Myrtle Creek, Ore.

——— ♦ ———

DECEMBER, 1965                    15

Book reviews

We Are Not Alone

(Walter Sullivan, McGraw Hill, ‘New York, N.Y. $6.95)

Author Walter Sullivan is the Science Editor for the New York Times, and has written several hooks, including a recent work concerning his coverage of the International Geophysical Year. With such a background this book-We Are Not Alone — cannot be regarded as lust another “saucer” report.

Mr. Sullivan offers the reader a tour of the universe, showing the likelihood of our sharing it with other civilizations. He discusses the historical background of our attempts to communicate with other worlds.

In the final chapter of this fascinating hook, Author Sullivan con-templates the possible effects of intelligent beings who might well shake the foundations of our religions and philosophies.

“The world desperately needs a global adventure to rekindle the flame that burned so intently during the Renaissance, when new Worlds were being discovered on our own planet and in the realms of science. Within a generation or less we will vicariously tread the Moon and Mars, but the possibility of ultimately `seeing’ worlds in other solar systems, however remote, is an awesome prospect.

“The realization that life is probably universal, however thinly scattered through the universe, has meaning for all who contemplate the cosmos and the mortality of man.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“The Universe that lie. about us. visible only in the privacy, the intimacy of night, is incomprehensibly vast. Yet the conclusion that life exists across this vastness seems inescapable. We cannot yet be sure whether or not it lies within reach, but in any ease we are a part of it; we are not alone!”

– Florence Twitchell

——— ♦ ———


Dear Mr. Fry:

I am a member of your wonderful organization — Understanding and would like to tell you how many wonderful friends through correspondence, it has brought me.

People tell me which magazines interest them and I endeavor to send them copies. For those who have asked for religious material Dr. Vincent Peale has donated a box of back issues of “Guidepost.” Other are interested in scientific materials, or social problems, and seek information from our magazines.

As I am retired and enjoy writing and receiving letters, I am happy in this work. I had a lovely letter from Malaysia from a young Taoist asking if l believed in reincarnation, UFO’s, and would I please write her about God. I felt this was quite a responsibility so I prayed for guidance . . . I also write to a University Professor in Calcutta. India, and someone in Pakistan.

‘My daughter and I have also seen an UFO. It was last October on a. clear moonlit night. We were scanning the sky about 11 P.M. when we noticed a star which appeared to he moving, slowly, silently and fairly high in the sky. Then it stopped, grew larger, twisted and turned several time., rapidly, first shaped like a quarter moon, half moon, quarter moon, and finally became a flat, disk, the size of a small dinner plate. This sent out lovely pastel iridescent lights of rainbow hues, then it became gold with horizontal black hands, gradually becoming smaller and disappearing behind light clouds. We watched it. for an hour and twenty minutes, with and without binoculars.

Would it be possible for you to come to Victoria to lecture here? I am sure many would be interested as the books on this subject are much in demand at our public library.

– Mrs.  Ethel Shook

DECEMBER, 1966                    17


There lives at this time in Judea, Jesus Christ, whom the barbarians esteem as a prophet, but His followers love and adore Him as the off-spring of the immortal God. He calls the dead from their graves and heals all sorts of diseases with a word or a touch. He is a tall Man and well shaped, of an amiable and reverend aspect. His hair of a color that can hardly be matched, falling into graceful curls, waving about and very agreeably crouching upon His shoulders, parted on the crown of the head, running as a stream to the front after the manner of the Nazarites, His forehead high, large and imposing, His cheeks a lovely red; nose and mouth formed with exquisite symmetry; His beard thick and of a color suitable to the hair and parting in the middle like a fork; His eyes bright blue, clear and serene; look innocent, dignified, manly and mature, His hands and arms most delectable to behold.

He rebukes with majesty, counsels with mildness; His whole address, whether in word or deed, being eloquent and grave. No man has seen Him laugh, yet His manners are exceedingly pleasant, but He has wept frequently in the presence of men.

He is temperate, modest and wise-A Man, for His extraordinary beauty and divine perfections – surpassing the children of men in every sense.

——— ♦ ———

This is a purported word picture of our Blessed Lord, written of Him while He was yet on Earth, and is on the civic records of the Romans, who were in power in the Holy Land at that time, hence quite authentic as a matter of history. This remarkable letter is supposed to have been written to the Roman Senate by Publius Lentulus, then President in Judea, about A.D. 33.

——— ♦ ———

“Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.” Luke 2:14.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Book Specials for the Holidays

For Christmas giving Merlin Publishing Company will offer at special rates the following books: Dr. Fry’s Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding, soft bound $1.00, hardbound $2.00 a copy; Calvin Girvin’s The Night Has 1000 Saucers, soft bound at $1.00; Dr. E. E. Whitworth’s Diary Into the Unknown, hardbound $2.00 Marke Norman’s Many Shall Be Called, softbound $1.00; and Kelvin Rowe’s Call at Dawn, hardbound $2.00.

Please order early as some title are in short supply. P. O. Box 105, Merlin, Oregon 97532.

Subscriptions and Yearbooks

We remind you that gift subscriptions to Understanding magazine may be ordered for your family, friends, libraries, schools, etc., for Two Dollars a year during the month of December.

We wish to announce that Yearbooks for 1963 and 1964 are now available, at Two Dollars each. Order from Understanding. P.O. Box 76, Merlin. Ore. 97532.

An Apology

It has been called to our attention that we erroneously listed Merlin Publishing Company as the publisher rather than merely the distributor of Dr. D. W. Fry’s recent books. Credit for publication, including the excellence of format, is due C.A.S., printers and publishers, of Lakemont, Ga. Our apologies to H. Edwin O’Neal.

——— ♦ ———

God’s Christmas Tree

God’s Christmas Tree is the Tree of Life
And on It may be found

Just anything you may desire
If you but look around.

Not tinsel things of no account
But gifts of value rare

True gifts beyond compare.

GOD is not here just one short day
But all the long year through

Creating gifts and giving them
To folk, like me and you.

– Aleta O. Johnston

DECEMBER, 1965                    19

Bulletin board

Election of National Officers

We are happy to announce the following as New Officers and Directors of Understanding, Inc.

President: Dr. Daniel W. Fry: Executive Vice President: Col. Arthur J. Burks; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Dorothy Harper; Recording Secretary, Mrs. Velma .lay, Treasurer, Mrs. Marcella Fortune; Membership Chairman: Mrs. Elizabeth Nesbit.

International Director: Mr. Herb Peter, Canada, 1; Northwestern Director, Mrs. Bonnie Miller, 21; Southwestern Director, Col. Harry F. May, Unit 1; North Central Director, Mr. Harry Fleenor, 66 South central Director, Mrs. Tahahlita Fry, 9; Midwestern Director, Rev. Steele Goodman, 46; Northeastern Director, Mrs. Mary Basano 59; and Southeastern Director, Mrs. Lucille F. Colyer, 62.

Mrs. Edna Basmajian continues to serve as Subscription Chairman and Mrs. Esther Stilgcboner as Organizational Chairman.

Orange, California

Unit 7 of Orange, California, presented on November 7th Michael X. Barton speaking on “U.F.O.’s and the Incredible Search for Dr. Halsey.” The story of the search for Dr. Halsey was well documented by means of color slides.

Merlin Unit Number One

On November 4th the Merlin Unit sponsored a public lecture in Grants Pass, presenting Dr. D. W. Fry. The subject was “The

2•                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Unpremeditated Pilgrimage” and included commentary and colored slides of the Frys’ recent trip to the British Isles, the Pyramids and the Holy Land.

On November 10th the Unit Discussion Group presented Mrs. Grace Graham in a study of Concert Therapy, illustrated by the art work of the speaker.

No December meeting is scheduled.

Reactivated Unit

Unit 35 of Tacoma. Wash., was recently re-organized. Officers elected included: Richard Kolb, President; Mrs. Charlotte McClain, Vice President, and Lela Maxwell as Secretary-Treasurer. Meetings are to be held on the second Tuesday of the month at the Swayze Library in Tacoma and interested persons are invited.

Welcome to Two New Units

The Understanding family has recently added two new units. Unit 70 has been organized in Chicago but neither name nor officers have yet been chosen.

Unit 71 has been formed in San Bernardino, Calif., officers to be announced later.

We welcome our new members to the joys of receiving and sharing understanding.

Riverside Reports

Unit 22 of Riverside, Calif., presented on October 25th, Dr. Eugene Thomas. Thomas has written several books, one of which is Brotherhood of Mt. Shasta. He is also the Managing Editor of Journal of Social Psychology.

On November both the Unit presented Maid Bey, founder of the Coptic Fellowship; and on November 22nd, Richard Kidder with “Films and Sound” color and stereo.

Please check with President Caroline Nuckles (4715 Bain St., Mira Loma, Calif.) for December program plans.

Free Booklet

Timothy Green Beckley, Director of the Interplanetary News Service, 3 Courtland Street, New Brunswick, N. J. 08901, offers to all our readers a free booklet entitled “The Real Flying Saucer Story.”

Although there is no charge for this interesting booklet, assuredly postage would be most welcome.

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by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

Both softbound                 $1.50 each


Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

Softbound, $2.00

Hardbound, $3.00

Merlin Publishing Company

P. O. Box 105

Merlin, Oregon 97532





Clark Wilkerson has classes in California and has written two books on Hawaiian Huna.

With his planet Venus contacts and his teaching from the Hawaiian Kahunas, he has a fast, workable way to self-mastery – How to rid yourself of all dissension of all kinds. Book one is “KNOW THYSELF” Book two, “CELESTIAL WISDOM”

$3.00 each, plus 35c postage


6711 Yucca Street,

Hollywood, California




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