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VOLUME X                                  NOVEMBER, 1965                                   NUMBER 11

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Many people have wondered why your editor and his wife should suddenly take off for Europe with almost no advance notice, and then, after a few days, with no notice at all, to depart from London, bound for Egypt, Jordan, Greece, etc. What were we looking for in Cairo, Sakkara, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Athens, Rome or Paris?

The answer to these questions cannot as yet be given in full, not because the answer is a secret from our readers, but because we ourselves do not as yet comprehend the full significance of the trip or why it was necessary to do the things we did. We only know that the trip was urgent, and that the tasks were accomplished. There were, however, some interesting by-products of the journey. We have several hundred color slides showing every step of our Pilgrimage, from its beginning in the San Francisco airport through 22,000 miles of air travel and eight countries. They contain many seldom seen items of great historical significance, and unusual views of the better known monuments to man’s industry and ingenuity.

All of these will be available to the members of Understanding, and to the public, in a series of lectures which will he made available as soon as the research and the text is completed. Many of the findings will also be presented in the pages of this magazine.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Another by-product was the golden opportunity to see ourselves as others see us. This was particularly important in Egypt where for years Gamal Abdul Nasser has done his best to degrade the American image by a constant barrage of defamatory statements, even while he is still holding out his hand for alms from the nation which he attacks. We were agreeably surprised to discover that Nasser’s propaganda has had little or no effect upon the thinking of the Egyptian citizen. In fact it appears that the private dream, and in some cases the driving passion of the average Egyptian is to find some way to come to the United States to live.

One of the most enlightening remarks which we heard in Cairo was made by a taxi driver when we remonstrated gently at, the speed with which he hurled his 1953 Chevrolet through the masses of pedestrians which crowd the streets. Patting the ancient vehicle fondly on the dashboard he replied, “Don’t worry, this is an American car; it never knocks anybody.” For an uneducated Egyptian who spoke only a few words of English, we thought that this was quite a. significant. and enlightening remark.

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The Los Angeles Times of August 28th presents an interesting account of a group known as the Argus-Astronets interested in lunar observations. We offer a report of the group not only because of its goals and achievements but as a reminder that individuals and amateurs may still contribute much to learning although our civilization seems to be dominated by large corporations, foundations, and computers!

Argus-Astronets is a network of 60 amateur astronomers working with more than 50 ham radio operators, vigilantly watching the moon’s surface, particularly during the period of the New Moon. The association is the brain child of Dr. Gerald Guter, a chemist with Douglas Missiles, Space System Division at Newport Beach, California, and Wallace R. Calkins, a communications engineer at Aetron Division of Aerojet General Corporation, Azusa, California. Both men are active in efforts to determine whether or not life can be supported on the surface of the moon.

NOVEMBER, 1985                    3

Dr. Guter has already confirmed that not only oxygen, but water as well, can be extracted from rocks known to clot the great slag heap which is the goal of Project Apollo.

Seeking to learn more by solicitation of assistance in reporting, by amateur astronomers, of the frequency, nature and location of transient lunar phenomena, Argus-Astronet was born. Yet, with but 60 observers gaps in reporting were evident, particularly since configuration of sightings was too slow. Wallace Calkins, a longstanding ham operator, then set about to match radio amateurs with astronomers in their immediate area, thus establishing rapid inter-observer communications.

Observations of the August New Moon were centered upon a star-like image in Aristarchus, a lunar crater, first sighted by amateur astronomer Ron Emanuel of Covina, California, on July 3rd. This sighting was confirmed by others in the association and by Whittier College during the next four days. The Whittier College observers reported a red color in Theophilus’ Central Peak.

Argus-Astronet hopes to confirm for scientists the sighting by repeated observations. The group works without the government NASA, without funds from private foundations, and “without glory to any of the lonely mountain and roof top observers or their amateur radio station counterparts.”

The excitement and enthusiasm of the group stems from the fact that not until 1958 were scientists willing to consider that the moon may not be a completely “dead world” after all. In 1958 a Russian astronomer, Koszyrev, observed and photographed what, has been termed “the most important single lunar observation ever made” except for the Russian photographs of the dark side of the moon.

Koszyrev sighted a cloud of gas being emitted from the central peal: in the Crater of Alphonsus. Similar sightings have been made since then, the most recent ones indicating red spots glowing briefly in certain areas. These observations may be evidence that volcanic activity exists today on the moon’s surface. Other experts, however, believe the gas clouds are merely a degassing phenomena and the red spots some form of surface luminescence. This latter is the view held regarding the pulsating star sighted by Emanuel and confirmed by Whittier College.

The work of Argus-Astronet is significant inasmuch as lunar

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

surface changes will be the determining factors for our proposed lunar landings. All work in this joint program is voluntary-, including the mountains of paper work, recording and comparison data compilations. More stations and participants are needed. Interested amateur astronomers should contact. Dr. Guter, and interested radio hams, Mr. Calkins.

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Today man knows more about his environment and can do more to control it and to prepare himself to cope with it than ever before. Science and technology have oracle astounding advances in the past few decades. Things which once confounded the wise are now common. knowledge among children. Although human beings have more and more power over nature, they seemingly have become less certain of what to do with their power and with themselves, and have become increasingly ill at ease in this world. We are not sure of the purpose of our being alive: and are less assured of our ability to discern what is right. and what is wrong. We are sometimes not sure if we value that which is in itself valuable or merely that which has come to be valued. We wonder if we are striving to conform to that which really ought to be or to social conditioning. In short, man tends to be almost overwhelmed by the immensity of our universe and the complexity of our societies. He cannot decide what role he must play in life and how he should play it.

The course of right actions involves basically two conditions: the knowledge of what is right and the will to do that which is right whether it is appreciated, and is or is not especially enjoyable.

Now this question is brought to mind: is there an absolute right? Is right objective or is it relative? Certainly man likes to think that the real nature of right and wrong is based on something higher than the fluctuating desires and choices of mortal man, for man changes.

Where can we find a set of principles to guide us through life? For years religion provided these principles; then there was the trend among some to let natural law and science serve essentially the same purpose that religion once did; and then came the trend toward psychology.

NOVEMBER, 1965                    5

Man’s mistake came in forsaking religion for the latter two. Science plays a tremendous role in our lives, but the scientific method does not reveal the essence of a good choice or a good life. Psychiatry also has its hart, but its end is not to render man virtuous but to restore him to mental health. We must keep science arid psychology in their proper perspectives and realize that they do not oppose religion, but can complement it.

What about religion today? It has been said of late that religion is simply an organization of people who profess to believe alike; yet, this is but a partial definition of a denomination. Religion is nothing so simple nor so impersonal. It is something which is so great and so complex as to be impossible to define fully, yet its nature is such that, it can be enjoyed by a child. It has been a factor in some of the bloodiest wars, yet it is the source of the greatest personal peace. It. may be something as all-encompassing as the ocean, or it may be as minute as the mustard seed. It may be heard in the wind and in the thunder, or in that still small voice in the heart of some man. Nevertheless, there are those who dare call it a sham.

Today it is proper by some standards to play down the importance of religion. Once whose religion plays a major role in his life is regarded as a fanatic as is a man who makes any sacrifice to fill the demands of his religion. A church is extreme and narrow-minded if it does not tell its members that they can believe anything they want to believe and do anything they want to do; and if it does not tell them that they are really- good people, and that as long as their names are on the church role and they attend services when it is convenient, all is well-they will be saved. No one is expected to get emotional about. religion; no one is expected to be idealistic.

Comments like this often arise in discussions : “She is too idealistic,” and “He is living in a dream world all his own,” or “Someday he will wake up. ” Idealism is shunned not only in religion, but in other realms as well. But is there anything wrong or backward about idealism

It seems to be a prevalent idea today- that an idealistic individual is afraid to face reality; but I say quite the opposite. Many, if not most of those persons insisting on living with grim reality are afraid to have ideals. Why are they in this condition? Oh, they do not bear

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the blame alone, but they share it with preceding generations. The ideals once shared by nearly- all have changed, or rather deteriorated. The home, once the epitome of stability and security, once a unit to he trusted, is now sometimes a misrepresentation. It is sometimes only a playgroup which can be torn asunder at will. It has been misplaced from its pedestal. The church, once a source of power and comfort, is now usually a congeniality group-a place to bear dull sermons and to plan socials. Much the same thing has happened to patriotism. The latest trend is to deride our foundling fathers and our leaders of today. Yes, the guilt is widespread, but in this case there is no strength in numbers. With the loosening of our grip on ideals, many seem to become frustrated and to decide that ideals are not to be trusted.

Religion, although sometimes considered to be burdening, can be the thing which gives man the greatest relief from the cares of life. I believe that religion can give a man a sense of direction and of self-fulfillment that no other source can give him, and that it can provide the guiding principles necessary for man to feel at home in his world.

-Sidney Lawrence

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(In a small brochure entitled “The Galileans” we find some interesting facts. -Ed.)

“The sun and its planets revolve around inside twelve titanic constellations in a stupendous cosmic circle, and as our solar system passes under each constellation in that vast circumference, we say that the earth is `under’ that Sign . . . As it consumes 25,867 years to rotate the celestial year, it follows that each of these zodiacal `months’ is 2,156 years long.”

For the past 2,156 years, therefore, our solar system has been going through the month of Pisces-Fishes–and is now entering the constellation of Aquarius-Air. Before Pisces we existed under the sign of Aries-Fire, and before that under Taurus-the Bull, etc. The origin of these signs has been lost in antiquity.

“Now whether you fancy it or not, here is a strange thing that

NOVEMBER, 1965                    7

happens under each of the 2,156 year celestial month periods. Mass religion for all the world takes on the aspects of the sign beneath which the solar system is rotating.

“For instance, this celestial month of Pisces which we are now on the of quitting, was a Water Sign and its emblem was the two Fishes. Christ, the Great Avatar, who seems to make a reappearance every celestial month, come, under the Piscean sign as the great Fisher of Men.

“Comparatively few- persons are aware that the Fish and not the Cross was the emblem of the world’s first Christians. Visit the famous catacombs at Rome and you will see the Fish carved on the underground walls of stone, where the early martyrs met roman persecution. Everything about Christ’s ministry savored of water. When He came to be consecrated to His ministry he was baptized in water. He selected His disciples from among fishermen. He taught many times froth a boat. He walked on the water and bade the stormy- seas abate . . . The centuries which witnessed the spread of the gospel were the times of maritime discovery, the invention of the steam engine for power and the hydraulic press for lifting.

“Prior to the Piscean Age, humanity- lived for 2,156 years under the celestial or zodiacal sign of Aries-the Fire Sign. All over the earth fire was the great consecrating, element and purifier. Burnt offerings were supposed to be most acceptable to Deity-. Entire races of men were sun worshippers — indeed, the word Is-Ra-El, or Israel, meant `people of the Lord-King Sun.’

“Going back still further to Taurus, or the emblem of the hull, we field the bull worshipped as the emblem of fertility; the bull’s carcass was mummified; he was led in all the festival processions …

“So we might go hack, back, back around the zodiacal signs till we arrive at Leo, the sign of the Lion, when the great felines were worshipped and the mummified carcasses of thousands of cats were, stored away in the pyramid crypts of Mesopotamia.

“Why these things should happen, we do not know. We only know that they do happen and that they are beyond the power of men in an generation to control. Far back in antiquity, over periods so remote that we have no written records of them, we final that without any conscious aid from humanity these `mysteries’ have

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

proved up. They seem to be concerned with what we might call Sacred Astronomy.

“We certainly know that. even Christ himself conformed to them. By the same token, looking forward now, we find ourselves entering across the cusp of Aquarius-the Water Carrier-into the sign of the air. And lo, the whole concept of science and religion partaking of things aerial. We already have perfected the airplane … to carry us thousands of miles through the air (written before the ad-vent of space probes). We have the inventions of the radio and television given us, both forms of aerial transmission of intelligence.

“And by the same token, modern religion is altering. In ten thousand Baptist churches last year, it is reported, not one baptism by immersion occurred. Baptism by water, is a rite of the Piscean Age, is simply being abandoned as something as archaic as a burnt offering to Deity out of the Aries sign would have been in the Age of Pisces.

“The coming religion is the religion of the psyehiacal senses-celestial telepathy of a sort with great spirit-souls in higher dimensions of time and space. Man is about to `talk with God’ of and for himself, exactly as the ancient Biblical characters claimed to have clone. He will need no ecclesiastical potentates to act as intermediaries for him.

“And just as Chrytos, the Great Avatar, came early in the Piscean Month as the Fisherman, so he will unerringly make His appearance in the flesh early- in the celestial month of Aquarius. Religion is already altering to prepare for His coming.”

——— ♦ ———


The many Flying Saucer Review publications offer the details of sightings which our space limitations preclude, yet we would offer our readers at least a survey of some recent sightings.

In Mexico: Three university architecture students say they were given a ride to the third moon of Jupiter on a flying saucer, manned by good-looking Giants, seven feet tall.

Three high school students also report a claimed ride in an UFO. Four men saw a saucer flashing lights near Tijuana, and another

NOVEMBER, 1965                    9

group reported seeing a saucer land near the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico city.

A resident of Mexico City reports holding a long philosophical discussion with an intellectual spaceman.

The Mexican Air Force has denied such reports but base commanders have standing orders to intercept and force down any UFO in their areas.

In New Zealand: Five people in Dargaville report three round, yellowish objects crossing one another’., trails within the span of three minutes.

Another report concerns a light blue hall of light about three-fourths the size of the moon, descending in a “free fall” near Pukekohe.

In Australia: A strange glowing object was seen :1 times in 3 days at Goonumble. The object was about. the size of a dinner plate.

A mysterious light was viewed by eight people over Australia’s largest bomber base at Amberly.

In an open field in the north of South Australia a sighting was reported in June, lasting four seconds before disintegrating. Reports from 2 Western Australian towns tell of sightings-one so bright it could not be viewed directly but which left a rainbow effect lasting for five minutes afterwards; and the other, a UFO viewed for five minutes by all early rising farmer.

These saucer publications also detail sightings in South America, Austria, South Africa, as well as those recently reported by the American news agencies.

The phenomena persist-the explanations are many-meanwhile we have sent our own spacecraft to explore outer space! Keep an open mind for we live ill a wondrous age!

——— ♦ ———

Books and Magazines Needed

A letter in our files asks for damaged books and magazines, much needed in Indonesia. Please send your contributions to:

T. A. Tjoa. Gedung Laaplin. Djl. Kebon Sirih 82-84, Djkarta, Indonesia.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

world report

Key to Life On Mars

(Medford Mail-Tribune, Medford, Ore., July 21, 1965)

SUNNYVALE, Calif. (UPI)-A large box at NASA’s Ames Research (‘enter here may hold the key to life on liars.

Life scientists have isolated what they believe are the components they Mars’ atmosphere and have watched compounds develop-including what one scientist calls “manna from heaven.”

“If you take the vaguely defined Mars atmosphere, and radiate it ultra-violetly-which should be right because Mars has very little atmosphere — you find that many organisms develop,” said Dr. Harold P. Klein, assistant director of Ames life sciences division.

“The organisms include common sugars such as glucose and other food material,” Klein said. “If such a process goes on, then you don’t need organisms which photosynthesize, because food is created physically.”

On earth, all food comes directly or indirectly from the photo-synthesis process.

“If this is true of conditions on Mars, then it is possible that there are living organisms below the surface which get their food as the `manna’ works its way underground,” lie said. “Since ultraviolet light is damaging to living things, this experiment has been a help to us, because we now know any possible living thing on Mars don’t have to be in the sunlight.”

Rash of Saucers

(Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, Tuesday, Sept. 7, 1965)

PORTSMOUTH, N. H., Sept. 7 (AP)-Officials at Pease Air Force Base are investigating reports of unidentified flying objects sighted in southeastern New Hampshire over the past six weeks, it was learned today.

Reports of an object that soars silently through the sky, its five red lights blinking in sequence, have been received frequently since July 29, a source said.

NOVEMBER, 1965                    11

The most recent reports occurred Thursday and Friday, when Exeter police “chased” unidentified flying objects for several hours. At least one similar sighting was reported almost every night last week. sources at the air lease said.

Exeter patrolman Eugene Bertrand, an Air Force veteran, said Norman . J. Muscarello, 18, appeared at police headquarters early Friday and said lie had been chased by a lighted object while hitch-hiking from Kensington.

Bertrand said he and another officer accompanied Muscarello to the scene.

When they stepped off the road into a field, Bertrand said, they saw the lights come over a group of trees toward them, then move away.

Quake Predicted

(New Zealand Herald, 8/20/65)

HOBART, Tasmania-An Australian geologist, Mr. John Grover, yesterday forecast a major earthquake in Chile, between September and December this year.

Mr. drover, head of the department of geological surveys and the seismological observatory in the British Solomon Islands protector-ate, gave the, warning at the congress of the Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science in Hobart.

He sake it would be bigger than the one which struck Chile in 1960, killing hundreds of people and sending immense tidal waves across the Pacific.

Mr. Drover said the earthquake would probably occur under the Chilean mountains at a point 24 degrees south latitude, and 69-1/2 degrees west longitude.

Mr. Grover said his forecast was based on warning shock waves recorded on seismographs by a French scientist, Dr. Claude Blot, chief of research at Noumea.

Doctor Blot’s work since 1962 had led to an understanding of seismic. patterns, enabling him to predict volcanic eruptions in the Solomons and New Hebrides.

Mr. Grover said the administrations of these islands were now using predictions by Dr. Blot to take emergency action three to four months before volcanoes erupted.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Continent At Back Of Moon

(New Zealand Herald, Aug. 18, 1965)

MOSCOW, U.S.S.R.-A gigantic continent, hundreds of huge craters and two big lunar seas divided by mountains cover most of the previously uncharted hidden side of the moon.

Russian photographs, taken by the Zond-3 spaceship last month, revealed these features.

The continent is pock-marked by huge craters ranging up to about 300 miles across. It covers practically the whole of the northern half of the hidden side of the moon.

A Moscow scientist,  Dr. Yuro Lipsky, said yesterday that the pictures lead revealed two formerly unknown lunar seas divided by a mountain range.

One picture, covering an area of about 1.9 million square miles, showed more than 580 craters, some more than 125 miles wide. The new Soviet moon triumph, following a similar feat in 1959, was announced on Saturday. However, first details of the pictures were disclosed by Tass, the Soviet news agency, yesterday.

Earth Gains Weight

(Albany Greater Oregon, Sept. 24., 1965)

A voice from the ocean bottom gossips that mother earth is gaining weight at a pretty good clip-about 13 tons every hour.

This new weight come front cosmic dust raining down all around the earth. It is composed of particles of matter – some of them microscopic – from burned-up meteorites or shooting stars and from comets.

The earth, wheeling through space, constantly runs into meteorites. So do man-made satellites circling the earth. Space, in fact, is fairly dirty this tray.

A new way of estimating how much cosmic dust falls to earth was reported Tuesday to the American Chemical Society by John L. Barker, Jr.. a research assistant at. the Enrico Fermi Institute for Nuclear Studies of the university of Chicago. The figure comes to 100,000 tons a year, he said, or about 13 an hour. This agrees with several estimates of the rain of dust. But it is lower than some others, including those from bits measured on earth satellites by particles or space dust.

NOVEMBER, 1965                    13

Book reviews

Capital punishment

(Theodore Heline, 52 pages, $1.00, New Age Press, Inc., 1544 Cerro Gordo St., Los Angeles, Calif. 90026)

The author, Theodore Reline, seeks in this small book to treat the subject of Capital Punishment from many aspects: historical trends, social implications, economic import, legal impact, humanitarian motivation, religious interpretation and the testimony of spiritual science.

Present day state laws are presented indicating a historical trend toward the abolition of capital punishment with its complete and final results upon our adjudged criminals. The case histories of Sacco and Vanzetti in the 1920’s, Caryl Chessman in the 1950’s and Paul Crunip in the 1960’s are given, indicating a change in public opinion toward executions and a change in laws accordingly. The number of criminals put to death in the U.S. in the 1930’s was 167 per year whereas the figure has dropped to 43 per year in the 1960’s.

Mr. Heline also shows the results of such laws in many foreign countries such as Finland, Luxemburg and Rumania, which countries have not had an execution since the early 1800’s. He also brings into hearing the law of Jesus Christ: “Ye have beard that it hath been said-Thou shalt love thy neighbors and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that hate you and pray for them that despitefully use and persecute you.” Evil can be permanently overcome only by reversing the process under which it operates.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

I must confess I expected the book to delve into politics or do some flag raising but I was very pleased to find that Theodore Reline remained completely neutral, reporting the facts in a brief but very emphatic manner. The book sells for One Dollar and is well worth it to gain a better understanding of our current laws on capital punishment.

-Col. Harry F. May

——— ♦ ———


In saucer reviews and New Age publications much has been written concerning reasons, real or hypothetical, for government secrecy concerning the UFO. In an article in the June, 1965, Australian Flying Saucer Review, by T. W. . Dutton, entitled “Changing Attitude,” some encouraging trends are noted.

“Whatever the motives for misinforming the public in regard to Flying Saucers our leaders may have,” says Mr. Dutton, “the fact it that the truth, with increasing force, is compelling them to release it. Their only concern, however, is when and how to disclose it, so as to save face and avoid all possible complications.”

pressed by prominent political and scientific personalities, concluding thus: With the prestige and respect these personalities command, it is easy to visualize the influence they have on “changing

Mr. Dutton gives in some detail, changes in the attitudes exactitude” of their colleagues and personalities on the same level. According to Mr. Dutton’s observations even the U.S. Air Force is changing its attitude by holding that the controversial book by Lt. Col. L. J. Tucker is a private matter, not necessarily expressing the official views of the Air Force.

In the area of public acceptance of a superior cosmic civilization Mr. Dutton notes the increased use of audio-visual instruction, influencing children, teen-alters and young adults. Not only do “comics” offer space strips, but toys include Martian dolls, moon vehicles, space suits, etc., and television and movies present such features as “Outer Limits,” “Worlds in Collision” and “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”

Indeed, it appears that the whole UFO subject, including actual records, has been borrowed for publicity purposes. Has not all this

NOVEMBER, 1985                    15

been clone for a certain reason or for certain subtle aims to be achieved ?”

Mr. Dutton further notes that various reviews and serious magazines are offering more and more articles dealing with extra-terrestrial biology, intra-cosmic communications, and that studies such as Telepathy, ESP and the Fourth Dimension are today read and understood by a large section of the general public. The effects of this subtle education are already being felt. Recent frequent sighting reports from all over the world “have caused hardly a ripple of surprise or concern among the public. Lecturers on the subject can confront attentive and interested audiences without fear of provocation and ridicule. Flying saucers are discussed among scientists on an open-minded level. Astronomical societies sponsor conferences and symposia on this subject-which they would not have dared to do five years ago.”

“Telepathic communication between saucer-crew and contactees, anti-gravity propulsion, speeds possibly higher than light, human life spans of around one thousand years, and many other once fantastic speculations become tolerable to our minds.” With acceptance of such concepts, consciously and unconsciously, man will achieve a complete change in his present views of life and the universe, and be prepared to face the truth without the reaction which our leaders have so much feared.

“As for flying saucers – they will survive the period of skepticism and ridicule just as successfully as submarines, aeroplanes, radio, television and orbiting satellites.”

——— ♦ ———


The following letter was received at Understanding Headquarters from, Penang, Malaysia. We hope that there will be some among our reader’s who will correspond with Miss Wong and send to her the material that she has requested


“With the good work of your organization, I hope you will help me to find a girl of my age whose hobby is stamp-collecting. And another interest I have taken up recently is the collecting of materials of the late President Kennedy. I wish to have magazine

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

paper cuttings, present news about his family and, if possible, photos. As you know I admire President John Kennedy so much that I intend to gather all materials in memory of him, all up to date. And I am so anxious to know what is happening to Jackie Kennedy now. As you know our local papers seldom reports about them.

“Before going further, I wish to say something of myself. I am a Malaysian-Chinese girl of 23 years. At. present, I am working as a typist. I hope you will not fail to do the this favor of supplying me the information. In return anything you wish to know of Malaysia, don’t hesitate to ask.

– Miss Rosalind Wong

16, Kajang Rd., Penan-, Malaysia

By corresponding with our friends in other countries of our planet, we do our share to spread understanding and peace. We also are very interested in sharing replies from foreign correspondents with our readers.

——— ♦ ———


Acting upon the suggestion in the October issue of Understanding, to consider “what questions would I ask a Space Being when contacted?” the Merlin Understanding Discussion Group took such a quiz.

Understandably the questions varied with the individual asking, but an interesting and comprehensive area was covered, from the strictly personal, “Can you cure baldness?” to the universal.  “What is your basic understanding of the consciousness that gives life to the entire universe?”

Questions included the obvious of “Who are you? Front where? Why are you visiting earth”‘ to “How long have you been trying to reach us?” and “How can we identify you among earth people?”

Queries as to the future were included such as “Will we of earth be able to travel as you do, and how soon? Will we destroy ourselves by wars? How long before our governments release true information on Space Ships? and Will you land en masse on earth soon?” Questions on the nature of life in other worlds covered such broad

NOVEMBER, 1965                    17

subjects as “What is the nature of your religions philosophy? What type of educational system do You have? Is yours communal life? Is work assigned?

Asking for guidance for earth people resulted in questions such as “Can you really Help us solve our problems? Will you teach us the religion of the universe? What can we do that would be of assistance to you? and flow can we learn to live in peace on earth?”

There were also questions as to the nature of the spacecraft and a few asked for a ride to another world.

Considering the multitude and variety of questions posed by the group it was concluded that a very wise space being would be needed to answer them fully to cur satisfaction!

Now-turn the table-you are an astronaut, landing on another planet..  You are being asked like questions. Are yon ready with the answers concerning life on earth

——— ♦ ———


Dear Editor

It was said on television recently that what we need is a new religion. It seems to me that what we need is a new understanding of the religion we already have, and have always had, although it has had many names. We talk proudly of our freedom of religion in America, but we really have little freedom in religion.

We have inherited so many dogmas and prejudices from our ancestors from the days when to interpret anything otherwise than as put out by Mother Church was to run the imminent risk of being barbecued alive in the town square, that much of the vital teaching of Christianity has been overlooked or lost. When Christ Jesus said “Other sheep have I which are not of this fold” it was meant to include, at that time, the Gentiles, and has lately been enlarged, somewhat reluctantly, to include almost all of humanity. May it not also include the inhabitants of outer planets and other less physical worlds? Alan stubbornly refuses to give up the idea that Earth man is tops, the supreme manifestation of the Deity’s power, but a “little lower than the angels” in which most people no longer believe anyway.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Is it not logical to suppose that other planets, some older than earth, some younger perhaps, may have developed civilizations, superior to ours in the first, perhaps inferior in the second?

Many people seem to think of the future achievements of mankind in terms of physical space travel, but it seems to me that the great change-over, becoming evident today as the New Age approaches, will not be so much in physical things as in thinking, in a new understanding of God, Man and Nature. Logic may supersede blind faith.

One of the indications of New Age attitudes seems to be indicated in the number of “miracles” in healing which are taking place to-day, many of which cannot be explained nor denied as they are self-evident, lasting, rather than the effect of hypnosis, hysteria or hallucination. There are, of course, no “miracles,” only a superior knowledge of the laws of Nature, a knowledge held by Jesus and many great saints and sages. Christ Jesus said, “The Things I do ye shall also do, and greater than these.” It is evident that this knowledge and its attendant power to heal has not been attained by study in this life, nor are all those who have it holy persons.

Therefore, it must come from past knowledge, stored and merited in the soul, which leads to the theory of Cause and Effect-the long chain of lives and experiences which develops a soul and explains infant. prodigies especially. It is a pity that so much nonsense has been written about reincarnation for it is a fundamental truth which will eventually have a tremendous effect upon the thinking and con-sequent actions of people.

These teachings of the Ageless Wisdom seem to be coming to the fore today, straws perhaps in the wind of understanding that will blow away most of the fear and hatred and wars of our times. It is an ideal toward which to work and hope!

– Raquel de S. Marshall

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NOVEMBER, 1965                    19

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The Understanding family is happy to welcome to its fold Unit 68 of Santa Barbara, California. The charter presentation was made by our Executive Vice-President. Col. Authur J. Burks to a very dedicated new group.

Rev. Violet Gilbert (133 So Salinas, Santa Barbara) is the President; Benjamin Flottter, Vice-President; Montford W. Smith, Secretary, and Ruth A. Potter, Treasurer.

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20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

promised Understanding Handbook. It is being printed and address labels for your order, are reach and we shall mail you your copies at the earliest possible date. Until then we call upon your continued patience and understanding. We assure you the Handbook will be well worth the wait.

Inglewood Lecture

On Saturday, November 27th, at 8 P.M. the Inglewood Unit 15 will present Mr. C. A. Honey of Santa Ana, a space research engineer for Hughes Aircraft Co., and an UFO investigator, who will speak on the topic: Visitors From Outer Space, Then and Now. This will be an illustrated slide lecture and will be given at the Business and Professional Women’s Clubhouse, 820 Java Street, Inglewood, Calif. Admission is by donation and all are invited.

Units Please Note

As this copy is mailed to the printer the Annual Meeting of Understanding, Inc., is about to commence. Reports of the Workshops and business activities will be given in the December issue.

With the election of Officers bringing new workers to serve Understanding, Inc., we request that all official correspondence from the Units be directed to P.O. Box 76, Merlin, Ore. Thank you for cooperating.

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“During the first seven months of this year (to August) we sent Church World Service checks totaling $6006.12 – enough to deliver 9000 tons of U.S. Government Surplus Food to needy families and orphanages overseas: Each dollar delivers over 300 pounds. During 1964 we sent a total of $8741.65 – enough to deliver 1311 tons of food.”

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from the Galaxies

Book I

Received by

Hope Troxell

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Declares Man’s Galactic Inheritance of Evolved Systems of Being, and the Opportunities open now, for such Life.

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Clark Wilkerson has classes in California and has written two books on Hawaiian Huna.

With his planet Venus contacts and his teaching from the Hawaiian Kahunas, he has a fast, workable way to self-mastery – How to rid yourself of all dissension of all kinds. Book one is “KNOW THYSELF” Book two, “CELESTIAL WISDOM”

$3.00 each, plus 35c


6711 Yucca Street,

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by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

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Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

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what we believe unequivocally to be recordings and teachings of Christ of this current generation intended for those to serve and survive 2nd Coming tempests before Christmas nineteen sixty-seven?

‘Soulcraft Commentary Number 1.’

One Dollar per Copy

Lowell Carman,

Box, 193, Stamford

New York 12167.

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“ELIJAH”                                                                                            SPEAKS

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must be BROKEN DOWN.

MIGHT does not make RIGHT.



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