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VOLUME X                                  JANUARY, 1965                                        NUMBER 1

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


(As Dr. Daniel W. Fry has been on an extended lecture tour since late October, we offer the following reprint editorial of Jan., 1962.)

One of the first questions which is invariably asked by those who have never taken the time nor the trouble to investigate the subject, is — Why is there no proof?  If spacecraft are actually coming into our atmosphere, and are being seen daily by hundreds and even thousands of people; if the craft have, upon a number of occasions, been landed upon our surface; and if the intelligence which operate these craft have established direct contact and communication with our people, why is there not some absolute and unquestionable proof of all these things?

The answer is, of source, that. there simply is no such thing as absolute and unquestionable proof of anything. The correct definition of the word proof is, `evidence of a nature and degree sufficient to bring conviction to the mind.’ Yet we know that the type of evidence which will establish belief in one mind, may be dismissed as `meaningless’ by another mind which may require evidence of an entirely different sort. The average person who is discussing `Saucers’ for the first time in a group discussion, will usually

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

mention `pictures and hardware’ as items of ‘proof.’ The writer has been asked many times (by people who have never investigated the subject).  “If these objects are real why hasn’t someone taken pictures of them?”

Of course anyone who has even casually investigated the subject of spacecraft knows that not only hundreds, but literally thousands of pictures of these UFO have been taken by people in every country on earth and from every possible walk of life. The sceptic, or the person who, for any reason, doesn’t wish to believe, will always point out that it is possible to ‘fake’ almost any type of picture. In this statement, of course, he will be perfectly correct, but to assume therefore that all of these thousands of pictures taken by people from all parts of the world and from all walks of life, are all fakes, is an assumption so fantastic that it is doubtful that it could be seriously entertained by anyone of reasonable intelligence. It is much more logical to assume that the objects are real, and that at least a large proportion of the pictures are genuine. Nevertheless, the point has been made that picture are not proof. They are only evidence.

The subject of ‘hardware’ now comes up. Many persons have said that if a material object, a piece of metal of some operating device from a spacecraft could be put on display, it would be absolute proof that the craft were real. Here again those who have followed the subject know that many persons have announced that they are in possession of bits of material which they believe to be extraterrestrial in origin. A number of these objects have been taken by official investigating agencies for the purpose of analysis. In each case a report was subsequently issued which stated that the object was of ordinary earthly material, but in no case, so far as this writer has been able to learn, has the object ever been returned to its original owner, in spite of the fact that several of these persons have complained bitterly in the public press about this illegal withholding of their property. Of course the agencies may have been perfectly correct in their conclusion that the objects were of earthly material. But the question is, How would they know? Every element which has been found to exist anywhere in the universe, is also found here on earth, which simply means that any-thing which could be produced anywhere in the universe, could be

JANUARY, 1965                         3

produced here (if the knowledge and understanding of the methods were available).

We must realize that no matter what sort of material objects or operating devices were obtained and displayed, no matter how strange the material or how marvelous the function of the device, the sceptic could truthfully point out that it might possibly have been produced by one of our advanced thinkers here on earth. So we see that ‘hardware and pictures’ are not. proof. They are only evidence. The same is true of any type of material or objective `proof.’ Yet this is the only type of proof that many people can accept. We have an example of this in the Bible. when Thomas had been informed that Jesus lead returned from the grave, he said, “Unless I shall put my finger into the print of tile nails, and thrust my band into His side, I will not believe.”

This is the type of ‘proof’ which Thomas required. We can see that it was not proof. It was not even particularly good evidence. We know that if another man had desired to impersonate Jesus he could easily have had similar wounds inflicted upon himself, and we also know that if Jesus had desired to do so, he could at any time have caused the wounds to foal without leaving any evidence of their existence. So we see that. the mere presence or absence of wounds had little significance. The true proof lay in his supreme character, his personality and inherent greatness. ‘these were things which no one could impersonate. imitate or ‘fake.’ They were the true proof of his identity. The wise man recognizes that subjective evidence is often far more dependable than mere physical or material ‘proof.’ This fact was also pointed out to Thomas after he had been shown his proof and had confessed his belief. Jesus said, “Thomas, because thou hast seen me thou have believed. Blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed.”

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Reincarnation is a profound experience involving the Past, the Present and the Future: The Past, embodied in the physical self, the Present in the mental consciousness, the Future in the domain of our aspirations as soul-personalities in the process of evolution. (Rosicrucian Digest, Oct., 1961, E. C. Peake)

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING


Living from day to day in our private worlds, with our personal dedications we arc often unaware of the scope of the changes taking place that affect all of civilization. Some of the more significant `’revolutions,” as he termed them, were mentioned by Dr. Howard John Zitko, in his address at the 17th Annual Conference of the World University, July- 17th, 1964, in Hollywood, California.

In 1946 Dr. Zitko proposed the concept of a World University to “teach the doctrine of human purpose. .. to help make possible a world in which human life is not only safe, but sacred … to contribute to the dignity and the happiness of the individual person.. . to lift the general educational level.. . to awaken the divine element within male…” and though the physical structure is not yet ready, much progress toward the ideal has been made.

In the address given at the 17th Annual Conference, Dr. Zitko’s tall: was entitled: Education’s Unfinished Business. The initial comments were: “In no comparable period of human history has there been so much change in so short a time, with such profound significance. .. Today man is faced with four simultaneous revolutions of the most massive consequence to his mode of living, revolutions that are one and at the same time frightening and inspiring, revolutions that have nothing directly to do with military conquest, political ideology, or social innovations, revolutions that ignore the existence of capitalism or communism, theism or atheism, caste or nationality, boundaries or economics, but revolutions nevertheless that are now, today, overturning every conceivable concept by which man has lived during the many centuries of recorded thought.”

The four revolutions to which Dr. Zitko alludes may he briefly stated as follows

1. The Cybernetic Revolution, brought on by the combination of the computer and the self-regulating machine, which is changing the social structure as completely as did the advent of industrialization. Already the computer is making enforced idleness, without pay, a permanent part of the American way of life.

2. The Weaponry Revolution, the result of advances in scientific research, which has made man hesitate in the use of the weapons of

JANUARY, 1965                         5

destruction he has created, though, as yet, he has had but little training for peace.

3. The Human Rights Revolution which is demanding the universal recognition of the spiritual integrity of every human being, for each individual should feel valued and wanted, and will not be denied “his rights.”

4. The Demographic Revolution, or population explosion, which presages by 1980 a world population of 4000 million, with a consequent impact on political and economic ideologies.

It is an expressed purpose of the proposed World University to provide for man the more abundant life by an adaptation to the new conditions upon Earth, to enable him to cope with the aforementioned “revolutions.” “The old world is breaking up around us, and it is going fast. A New World is taking form, and it is coming on with almost frightening rapidity and “its problems need our studied consideration now.”

While Dr. Zitko does not include the implication inherent in the exploration of Space in the framework of his “four revolutions,” he does note: “A few years ago, our planet was considered a closed area of human habitation, comprising national distinctions conveniently arranged by Nature. Today, all this provincial thinking fades into insignificance before a new fact of life–the fact of Space … A new era is being born on the heels of man’s conquests of Space..  The full effect of space exploration and interplanetary migration may not come for generations, but the implications of an Earth shrunk by electronic communication and supersonic aircraft can easily overturn our outmoded ideas, which no longer fit. the circumstances of our time.”

Space limitations prevent a further examination of this vital analysis of the world in which we live, but copies of the complete address may be had by sending twenty-five cents to: World University, Box 4800 K, Tucson. Ariz.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


The fingers of your thoughts are molding your face ceaselessly.

-Charles Reznikoff

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING


(The following is taken from the “Medford Mail Tribune”  October 4, 1964, and was written by our former Assistant Editor, Cleve Twitchell.)

Stories and legends about oversized humanoid creatures continue to make news. Not a great deal has been heard about the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas nor the Sasquatch of British Columbia of late, but other reports have been published.

Near Sister lakes, Mich., last June, a number of individuals re-ported seeing a 9 foot tall creature with a black leathery face and burning eyes, who “cries like a baby and quacks like a duck.” Meanwhile an L-sited Press International story from Portland explored some of the most recent developments in the legend of the apemen of Mt. St. Helens, Washington, which have been described as hairy, ape-like creatures, 7 to 10 feet tall, usually either white or beige in color. The apemen have been sighted at least 25 times over a period of 20 years.

According to the UPI article, the apeman legend actually is older than tile white mean’s habitation of tire Pacific Northwest and goes back into Indian lore. Members of one tribe claim that the apes are a band of ferocious over-sized Indians who live like wild animals in caves high in the Cascades.

One of the most widely known monster or creature stories, however, is that of the Big Foot of Northern California. This is a story which also goes back into Indian lore, but it has become widely publicized only during the past 10 years.

Some persons have claimed to have actually seen large human-shaped creatures covered with fur. Others have spotted footprints of a human shape. averaging about 17 inches in length, with a stride from 46 to 60 inches.

Although reports have come from various parts of Northern and Central California, the region in the northeast corner of Humboldt County has such a reputation for Big Foot lore that some maps designate it as “Big Foot Country.”

The Big Foot legend, for obvious reasons, is not taken seriously by the general public. It is dismissed as fantasy by many, who reason that the creatures sighted were probably large hears and

JANUARY, 1965                         7

that the footprints were probably faked. But those who do not believe in the existence of one or more genuine Big Foot creatures generally have one thing in common: few of them have ever seen one of the creatures or one of the footprints.

However those persons who have seen something in connection with the Big Foot mystery tell another story, which most. of them are reluctant to discuss.

Kenneth D. Westwood of Talent, Oregon, considered the Big Foot something of a joke when lie first became interested in the mystery four years ago. Today, after four trips into northeastern Hamboldt County he no longer laughs at the stories.

In June, 1960, Westwood, after reading skeptically of the California Big Foot in a national magazine, decided that a Bit; Foot hunt would prove interesting as a trip for an explorer Scout host. The group traveled, off the highway, near Bluff Creels, California. After several hours the boys gave up but Westwood continued further up the creek:. By dusk he found some tracks. They measured 15 inches in length, 7 inches in width in front, five inches in width at the heel. The distance between footprints indicated a four-foot stride, lie said.

“The tracks we found were three or four times the size of mine,” he explained, “and the sand and gravel there are hard. By stamping my own foot. I could hardly make a track whereas the Big Foot. tracks were three-quarters of an inch deep.” As the tracks indicated toes digging into the ground as they do when a man walks, Mr. Westwood felt they could not be faked.

In March of 1961 Mr. Westwood made a second trip and found more tracks, and ones of a better quality than the first time. He went back again to the area in April of 1962, finding only a few tracks this time. But he heard from residents and loggers in the region that tracks were being found in other nearby areas. One logger reported finding them around his equipment after it had been left out overnight in a remote area.

Mr. Westwood’s most recent excursion to the Bit; Foot Country was in July of this year. As loggers were in the Bluff Creek area he went further south, toward Willow Creek. En route he heard from a highway maintenance mechanic that the crew had left a road culvert overnight on a road in the area. The culvert, weighing 200

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

pounds, lead disappeared during the night and was not found until several years later, atop a knoll several miles from any road or trail. “After seeing the tracks myself and talking to people in the area, especially oldtimers, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is definitely something there,” Mr. Westwood maintains. “The thing that disturbs me,” he adds, “is how others are so sure of what you have seen. “

Perhaps the mystery could be solved, he notes, by “setting up a situation to make him (a Big Foot creature) come to you,” for it appears that whatever is making the tracks likes to prowl where humans work or camp. He thinks that through a process of quiet. waiting, a whatever-it-is could be captured.

– Cleve Twitchell

Growing New Heart

(BY Joseph Myler, The. Medford Mail Tribune, Nov. 30, 1964)

WASHINGTON (UPI) — The time may come when it will be simpler to grow a new heart than to repair a bulky one.

This prospect is suggested by the National Science Foundation in a report on research in cell differentiation, a mysterious process “basic to life itself.”

“It. is possible,” the science foundation said, “that as scientists learn more about all differentiations, biological factories may be set up to manufacture large quantities of specialized cells to help repair damaged or diseased tissues.”

And it may come to pass, the foundation continued, that instead of resorting to costly and difficult transplantation of entire organs, “doctors of the future may be able to order heart tissue or kidney tissue from one of these factories and implant. it in a diseased body where it will grow and develop into a normal healthy organ.”

Such wonders are, of course, “far, far over the horizon of present knowledge.” But the fact that they are even conceivable explains

JANUARY, 1965                         9

why study of cell differentiation is one of “the most. exciting research projects in biology today.”

Every individual was once a single fertilized egg cell. From that miniscule beginning, the foundation said nature contrived to produce “a mature human being with a brain that thinks, eyes that see, legs that Walk.. . “

One cell develops into more than 100 different kind., of cells numbering in the millions and adding up to a person.

When the person-to-be is still a microscopic duster of identical cells, something happens, and these cells begin to manifest differences. Some grow up to manufacture muscle or bone. Some become liver or kidney cells-and so on through the list of all the cells it takes to make an entire human being.

The science foundation answers such questions as:

“What made these identical cells begin to differentiate? How did they do it!”

The answers, when they come, may revolutionize medicine. Once scientists find out low cells develop normally, they can expect to learn why abnormalities which cause such defects as hemophilia and diabetes and various deformities.

Researchers already have established that specialized cells, once differentiated from their fellows, can recognize each other and their proper environment.

If you mix kidney and liver cells they will reform ranks, the kidney cells to make a kidney and the liver cells to make a liver. Inject hone marrow cells into an animal, manifesting an “uncanny homing sense,” and they will go directly to hones where marrow repair is needed.

Full understanding of these fundamental life processes may be a long way off. But already, the foundation said, “scientists are beginning to put together the jigsaw puzzle of cell differentiation.”

Editorial Comment

(From Grants Pass Courier, May 5, 1964)

Be they hysteria, hoax or the real McCoy, there’s nothing to stir up the imagination like the sighting of an unidentified object, or UFO.

The season of the UFO seems to be on us again, with several objects

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

of unearth like qualities having been “seen” in recent weeks, one of them by a law enforcement officer whose ability to report accurately what he sees was verified by his superiors.

Among the recent incidents have been at least two where impressions in the ground of something, plus charred vegetation, have been found on spots where the UFOs were spotted.

The Air Force pooh-poohs the whole thing, pointing out that it has investigated more than 8,000 UFOs in 16 years and has yet to discover any evidence that the objects represent a threat to U.S. security.

The common-sense Air Force also says its investigations have failed to turn up any evidence that the objects are “alien interplanetary space vehicles under some form of intelligent control.”

Heck, Air Force, why be such an old party-pooper. You yourself admit that 7.7 per cent of the 8,128 reported sightings remain unidentified.

It makes tire race for space a lot more interesting if we can hope to meet aliens on other planets. And the UFOs that have not been explained could still be interplanetary space ships and not pose a threat to U.S. security.

After all, who’d want to poke into earth’s problems? We’re in too much of a mess for any intelligent alien to risk his neck by getting involved. -H. L. E.

Climate Like Africa’s for Russia

(From The Los Angeles Times, Nov. 12, 1964)

MOSCOW (.1P)-The Russian winter isn’t as cold as it used to be, a Soviet geographer says.

G. Sidorov wrote in the newspaper Selskaya Zhizn (Village Life) that some day- parts of Russia may look like Africa.

Sidorov said more than 600,000 square miles of ice fields on the shores of the Arctic Ocean melted during 1924-44.

In recent years forests have advanced from 30 to 60 miles into the barren tundra region in some areas, he reported.

One explanation favored by Soviet scientists is that man is burning so much fuel the air temperature of the planet is slowly being raised, Sidorov said.

JANUARY, 1965                         11


As this is being written Dr. Daniel V. Fry is approaching Albuquerque, New Mexico, his last scheduled lecture stop, before returning to Merlin, Ore. The tour has taken him across the Midwest, to tire East Coast, down to the South and Southwest, during a period of seven weeks.

Understandably with driving days and lecturing evenings, there has been little time for personal reports, but mail from his various sponsors has been both interesting and encouraging-encouraging because of the unexpected public interest in the new and unusual. As one person expressed it: Spaceships and flying saucers seem to be the magic words to perk up public interest. However, those who have heard Dr. Fry realize that the “phenomena aspect” of the UFOs is but the starting point for his message which integrates science, sociology and philosophy.

Attendance in many- areas has surpassed expectations, with an excellent follow-up attendance at the subsequent Unit meeting. Unit #37, ‘Buffalo, New York, writes, “At our nest meeting about 90 people attended, mostly strangers, some of whom, in private, reported sightings in the immediate vicinity very recently.”

The most delightful report came from William Prinz, instructor of the 7th and 8th graders in St. Paul, for whom Dr. Fry gave a special lecture. Mr. Prinz sent the personally written comments of his students which included remarks such as: Very good; most interesting; I learned a lot; new ideas presented; glad to listen to things I’d never heard before; very thought provoking; lets us understand things you thought impossible: hope he comes again soon; as well as a few opinions; of doubt, as “I did not think it was true.”

Another interesting letter was received from tire young men of the Rissler Observatory in Philadelphia, which contained the question: What did you think of the UFOs that were overhead that Tuesday night? .

Unit #28 also reported a sighting, “And to our surprise the brothers on that Friday- night also performed over the northern part of our Detroit Metropolitan area… one witness said she watched the object for 15 minutes.”

Newspaper publicity given Dr. Fry, both before and after his lectures, in most areas, has been excellent. The Buffalo Courier

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

carried a feature article in a Sunday issue under the section, ” Our Cultural Heritage.” The Lowell Sun ran a series of three articles on the lectures. The titles used were: : Warns Against Self-Annihilation; No Experts on Space; and The White Sands Incident, Was it a Ship from Space?

Naturally, we at Merlin are most eager to have Dr. Fry personally fill in the missing details. We also look forward to a new surge of interest in Understanding because of Dan Fry’s inimitable presentation of our goal of creating a better understanding among all peoples of this earth and those not of earth.

——— ♦ ———


The Christmas tree has been dismantled. The gay string of lights, the lovely- Christmas angel and the brightly colored glass balls are all carefully wrapped in soft tissue paper and placed in sturdy cardboard boxes. But wait! Before you store those boxes away until next December 25th, haven’t you forgotten something?

Did you, by chance, wrap and box not only the glitter and tinsel of the tree, but also the glow and warmth of the Christmas spirit? Very often, we tend to treat Christmas ornaments and Christmas spirit as one and the same. Both are brought out and polished up for use in December and then carefully hidden away for the remainder of the year.

The glory of God, the joy of love for our fellow men-these are all fine sentiments that we understand and value in December. But, come January, our understanding evaporates.

“Christmas is over and Business is Business,” Franklin Pierce Adams once wrote. All too many of us adhere to this philosophy. The Christmas spirit is only a pause in the year’s activities. Like a vacation, we savor it, bask in its glow and then leave it behind.

The joy and the understanding generated at. Yuletide should live in man’s hearts the year round. How hypocritical it is to practice love and understanding only once a year.

In its truest sense, the Christmas spirit means understanding that. leads to l brotherhood of man. Understanding heeds constant drill and exercise to succeed. Don’t wait until next December 25th to practice understanding. Begin now!

-Audrey Appel Corn

JANUARY, 1965                         13

Poet’s corner


Perhaps it comes to just a few

(Too few nowadays from what I’ve seen),

This knowledge of one’s earthly bonds-

This oneness with all life, I mean.

For I’m the bird who sweetly sings,

And I’m the swaying storm-tossed tree,

And part of me is in the dawn-

There’s part of me in all I see.

There’s part of me in every stone,

In every star far out in space;

There’s part of me in every child,

In every white or colored face.

Perhaps it comes to just a few,

But someday every man must learn

To live in oneness with all life-

Attain the peace for which we yearn.

-Logs D. Gray


The old year leans his tired arms
On fences in the town,

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Holding parcels of ambitions
Slipping down.

Wearing a coat of deeds
That he has finished.

For answers he couldn’t find
He dusts closets of his mind.

Leaving a giant gift box
Filled with silver threads of rain

For tomorrow’s year to wash and stitch
Earth’s verbal wounds of pain.

He leaves a briefcase filled with wishes
And test tube atoms of hope

That the New Year will discover
With the aid of his microscope.

– Mary Ann Putman

——— ♦ ———


(From Electronic News, July 13, 1964. These excerpts are from an article by Dr. Lawrence T. Dietlein, Chief Space Medicine Branch, NASA’s Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston, Texas.)

“All forms of life as presently exist on this planet represent the end product of many eons of evolutionary adaptation to the earth’s environment. The present terrestrial environment, however, was not always so constant a milieu. There is abundant geological evidence of drastic temperature fluctuations which have been foisted upon the earth’s animal and plant species.

“Those forms of life capable of adapting to such dire changes survived; those which could not, perished, and are known to us today only as fossil relies of eras long past. But no such cataclysmic changes in man’s earthly surroundings have occurred during historical times, with the possible exception of the great flood of Biblical fame, and man has largely taken for granted those conditions which are permissive of, or compatible with, life as be experiences it today.

“It is only when these conditions change rather precipitously, either naturally or by artificial design that man becomes acutely

JANUARY, 1965                         15

aware and appreciative of the mail- forces of nature to which lie is constantly subjected … forces lie must take into serious account, if indeed he is to survive potentially lethal changes.

“In his invasion of space, man today experiences just such a drastic and sudden change of environment; he is exposed to extremes of temperature, to a nearly complete vacuum, to essentially null gravity, to changes in electromagnetic and other radiation fluxes, and to accelerative forces on launch and re-entry many times the force of gravity.

“There is no life sustaining oxygen available and no protective atmosphere to absorb ultraviolet and other harmful radiation, to help dissipate the highly energized cosmic particles from periodic solar flares.. . Faced with this impressive array of adverse circumstances, mail … must surround himself with more familiar environmental conditions to which he has become accustomed throughout many centuries of adaptation. These benign conditions are pro-vided by his spacecraft with its complex of life support systems.

“ln studying and testing the efficacy of the many systems … required to sustain life processes, nearly all the various environmental conditions that obtain in space can he duplicated or simulated on earth with impressive precision, with but one exception-that of prolonged weightlessness …

“Since man has evolved under the influence of a. gravity state, one might reasonably hypothesize that certain gravity-dependent or gravity-responsive body systems might be expected to change under the influence of null gravity. One might further postulate that man would, in time, adapt to this new condition of weightlessness. Much effort is currently expended in an attempt to test these hypotheses .. . but such investigations are fraught with difficulty because of impossibility of precisely simulating weightlessness in a 1g environment …

“Actual in flight experiments and observations have helped to indicate gross trends in problem areas and have served to define more precisely those body systems which appear vulnerable…

“Our primary concern is the question of whether or not some system of artificial gravity must be provided on extended space flights ill order to maintain the physiological integrity of the human organism and insure his safe return to force fields on earth re-entry

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

…making the engineering aspects of the task considerably more complex…”

How wondrous are man’s scientific achievements!

(The two questions and answers below were taken from an article published in the Diario de S. Paulo on January 31st, 1964, the first asked of Cezare Zavatinni and the second of Emilio Pericolo. They seem quite reasonable.)

Question: What does a scientist feel when he hears someone affirm that in the Universe there is no life?

Answer: We always feel like perfect inquisitors; after climbing one more stair, we always stop on it as if it were the last one. Be-sides this we consider ourselves self-sufficient enough to judge the dimensions and height of the stairs that we don’t know yet. This is the image that comes to my mind when I hear some scientist negate the possibility of life in the Universe.

Question: What is your impression when some scientist affirms the non-existence of life beyond the earth?

Answer: Probably most of them do it in good faith, but still they commit the great error of becoming slaves to the coldness of their formulas and instruments. Science should teach all that the known things are infinitely less numerous than the things that exist, even though we don’t know them. One of these things could be the existence of other humanities.

(Courtesy Circulo Da Amizade Sidereal, Brazil)

——— ♦ ———


Dear Friends

En route to the Giant Rock Convention, October 9th, car problems forced us to spend the night in the desert town of Little Rock. During our evening walk to enjoy- the beauty of the heavens we recalled that. a recent Understanding Magazine article had suggested inviting the space people to visit our planet earth. This is just what we did.

We spoke words of welcome aloud and silently and felt friendly toward them. For about an hour nothing was seen, and then, turning west, my husband sighted a bright star. It was moving quite rapidly toward us. bigger and brighter than an ordinary- star, and

JANUARY, 1965                         17

with an orange sparkle. “It must be a jet!” I exclaimed. It came faster and closer, but a jet does not come quietly, make a right angle turn, nor turn another right angle turn before disappearing.  We were thrilled and excited about this sighting, feeling that our space friends were putting on a wonderful show for us.

We continued our watch but it was almost an hour later before my husband exclaimed: “hook over there!” This time, looking to the south, we beheld an almost pure white object, shaped like a funnel at the bottom, and fanned like a shell at the top. It was visible for several minutes, staying in one place until it faded out.

Even though we had an unpleasant experience with our car, it was overshadowed by- the two UFO’s we saw. We know now that our space neighbors and their ships are still around, and what a very wonderful, satisfying and exciting feeling that is.


May Knight

——— ♦ ———


FREE ART-Contemplation!

‘Tis only such things as styles of women’s hats and fashions that vary- with the seasons-human nature never changes.

However, men change their opinions about human nature, and by man-made opinions governments rise and fall.

Opinions are based largely on discovery or recognition but ultimate understanding is the result of constant awareness of that never changing law which governs all nature.

Mankind sees nature constantly outwitting tragedies which often for a time at least, appear to be a direct contradiction. vet nature continues unchanged as the turmoil and conflict of life passes away.

Though we fail to recognize it, human nature never changes. However, it is often ignored because we forget to work with it, even after we have become aware of it.

The age-old search for `a way of life’ that insures civil liberty, economic equality and freedom for all mankind is nothing more than man’s efforts to understand the law of nature, by which the action of all things is governed.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Each generation, in its turn, uses the discoveries of past generations and discovers a few more principles, but the life of a man is a short span compared with the time necessary to grasp harmonious relations with all mankind and joyful expression. Nature invites all men to be free and live victoriously.

Contemplation of nature reveals art in its highest sense-the Art of Living!

To live scientifically is to live in harmony with all Nature Therefore the art of living becomes one with the contemplation of Nature.

And it is Free Art “Contemplation” that results, ultimately, in UNDERSTANDING

“If you are convinced that you have understanding, don’t argue it-live it.”

-True Day

91 E. Virginia St.

 San Jose, Calif

Bulletin board

Progress Report

Mrs. Caroline Nuckles, President of Unit #22, Riverside, Calif., writes that in 1964 the Unit sponsored 15 public lectures and reached many hundreds of new people. In addition to the lectures three workshop classes were conducted weekly-Teska, Morse Fellowship and Marala Copeland.

The Unit members collected commemorative stamps, which were sent to the Washington-Idaho Council of Churches, which in turn sells the stamps to collectors, using the funds to feed the needy.

JANUARY, 1965                         19

Officers elected for the coming year are: President, Mrs. Caroline Nuckles (4715 Bain St., Mira Loma, Calif.) ; Vice President, Dr. Victor Willey; Treasurer, Earl Shade, and Secretary, Mrs. Marcella Fortune.

Mrs. Nuckles adds: We of Unit #22 enjoy our times of working and sharing together for the sake of Understanding, Inc., and all humanity.

Coming Lectures

Saturday, January 23rd, 1965, Marianne Francis of Santa Barbara, internationally known lecturer, researcher and telepathic channel in the Flying saucer and Prophecy fields will speak oil the topic: Man From Space and the Prophecies of Earth Change. The lecture is sponsored by the Inglewood Unit, #15, and will he given at the Business and Professional Women’s Clubhouse, 820 Java St., Inglewood. Calif., at 8 P.M. Admission is by donation and the public is invited.

Buffalo, New York, Unit Reports

President Beverly Pierce of the Buffalo Unit of Understanding reports that the Unit membership has participated in many worthy projects during the year: Contributions have been made to the local Helping Hands program; money has been contributed for two pigs for farmers in South Korea; financial assistance has been given to Care and to earthquake sufferers; and toys and food gathered for the needy.

These projects were in addition to public lectures and twice monthly meetings to discuss the latest developments, as reported by the press, on Mr. Pierce expresses the attitude of the Unit thus–There is much in the universe that we do not. understand and of which we are unaware. Understanding, Inc. attempts to develop a scientific, investigatory attitude toward what today is considered the supernatural.

Unit  #37 is the custodian of the National Understanding Library on Flying Saucers and metaphysical studies. We urge our members to write for the latest book list front Mrs. Scott Henderson, 71 Allendale Road, Buffalo 15, New York.

The Voice of Understanding

In presenting an application to the F. C. C. for a license to operate “The Voice of Understanding” it is necessary that we present our

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

planned program format. Considerable time, effort and research will be necessary to assemble and collate materials to fulfill this requirement, and then to continue broadcast operations daily thereafter.

We invite all interested persons to send suggestions and material to be considered to: Voice of Understanding, P. O. Box 76, Merlin, Oregon, 97532.

We gratefully acknowledge recent donations from the following: California donors, John Hancsak, Gladys S. Reinecker, May F. Knight, Mrs. Otto Heil, Yucaipa Unit #61, Frances Wyatt, Muriel Erlewine and Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fortune; Oregon donors, Mr. K Mrs. Joachin Mosch, Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Campbell; and others, Unit #41, St. Paul, Minn., Edna Tatseh, New Jersey, Unit # 59 Bergen County, New Jersey, and Marian Nigl, Penna.

Your Indulgence Please

If occasionally your Understanding magazine does not arrive as promptly as expected we ask you to understand that. circumstances beyond our control are responsible.

The magazine copy is assembled in Merlin, Oregon, mailed to Baldwin Park, California to be printed, and then mailed from Pasadena, California. The post office is involved more than once, and the lives of people always. The last. two issues were somewhat delayed by problems confronting our printer.

Please remember, as you wait, that we are doing our best to serve you faithfully.

The editors of Understanding magazine are happy to consider unsolicited manuscripts, both articles and poetry. Articles should not exceed 1,000 words (poetry 36 lines). Almost any type of material will be considered, providing that it is of a constructive nature and con-tributes to a better understanding of the subject matter employed. The editors are particularly interested in developing a greater degree of understanding among different peoples of the earth and an understanding of basic issues facing the people of this planet. Payment for articles accepted will be made upon publication at the rate of one cent per word (poetry 10c per line). The editors also are interested in seeing clippings of unusual items from newspapers and magazines, for which the sum of $1 per clipping published will be paid to the first person submitting it. All manuscripts should be typewritten, double-spaced and on one side of the sheet only. Manuscripts may not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed envelope bearing sufficient postage. Payment will not be made for mimeographed material.


Address manuscripts to Understanding, P.O. Box 76, Merlin, Ore. 97532



“Yes, it’s true. I, Bob Renaud, have talked with people from other planets over my short wave radio set, at regular intervals, for over 3 years. Since Jan. 6, 1962, I have viewed these people inside their spaceships on my own TV Screen; met them in person; ridden in, piloted, and photographed their spaceships; visited their underground and undersea bases; and became the first Earth-man to walk outside a spaceship in outer space! Learn what these advanced people teach, and of their plan to help mankind solve its problems and, in our time, to build a Great Society-advanced far beyond today’s most optimistic concepts. Read it all in “UFO International” starting with issue 18. Six issues for $3.00. Single copy-50c. Gabriel Green, Editor. 7 Flying Saucer color photos-$3.00. Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs, 2004 N. Hoover, Los Angeles, Calif. 90027.


Advertise Your Books,

Activities, etc.,

in Understanding Magazine


$8 per quarter page per month

Three months: $16.50

Six months: $28

One year: $48

These rates are for additional insertions of the same copy. The charge for copy change is $3.00 per quarter page. For other rates, please write.

If proof is desired, copy must be submitted one month in advance of publication.

Copy limit, 20 lines to quarter page


10c per word per insertion; 3 or more insertions same copy, 8c per word.

INVITATION TO WRITERS. Offering a complete Plan for the Promotion, Production, Reproduction and Distribution of your Book. Immediate acknowledgment of your manuscript or copy, prompt reading and comprehensive report within two weeks. CREATIVE PUBLICATIONS, 14856 Rossmoyne Dr., San Jose. Calif. 95124.

The famous LITTLE LISTENING POST at Washington, D. C., has issued four original New Age Mottoes. Each is on a different color, and they were lettered by a well-known artist. These Mottoes are “silent sermons” and make an easy way to get the New Age message across. A set hangs in the Library at Merlin. Help spread the Gospel. Send $1.00 for your set to THE LITTLE LISTENING POST, 4811 Illinois Avenue, N. W. Washington 11, D. C.