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VOLUME IX                                 SEPTEMBER, 1964                                 NUMBER 9

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


ONCE in every four years the people of the United States are faced with the task of choosing those national and state leaders who will formulate our policies and direct our government. We hear many statements that the people actually have little or nothing to do with the selection of our national President; that he is in every case selected and pushed through to election by the leaders of big business and power politics. While there is obvious and undeniable truth in this assertion, the fact in no way relieves the citizen of his personal responsibility in government. We, the people, still have the right and the machinery to elect anyone to the Presidency if we have the interest, the energy and the determination to do so. (There is an ancient proverb which says, “Only those who are lying down may be trodden upon.”)

Between now and November there are a number of facts concerning the state of the nation which should be thoroughly understood and considered as one of the bases for our choice of leaders.

First, we must accept the fact that we are at war, an all-out war in which the continued existence of the United States as a nation, and democracy as a political system are absolutely at stake. It is

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

a. war which has been going on for 18 years, has cost us the lives of over 50,000 of our finest young men and over 600 billion dollars in money (more than $4,000 for each and every man, woman and child in the U.S.)

We still refer to it as a `Cold War,’ in spite of the fact that bullets have flown and our boys have died on every front on which that war has been fought from Korea to Africa, and from Viet Nam to Panama.

Second, we must face the fact that we are losing the war, and have been losing it ever since it began. A simple examination of the facts should dispel any wishful thinking to the contrary. In 1945 communism controlled about 9 per cent of the land area of the earth and about 8 per cent of the population. Today communism has absolute domination over more than 25 per cent of the land area, and more than 35 per cent of the earth’s people, and these figures continue to grow, slowly but continuously, through every week, every month and every year. The agents of communism have infiltrated every government, every society, and every race on the globe. They exert an influence in the United States which is so great that their own wealth and power protects them from discovery and exposure.

Khruschev has challenged the U.S. to demonstrate the relative merits of communism and democracy through economic competition. In this field we could certainly win with ease. But what actually happens? Whenever Russia or any of its close satellites develop a serious deficiency in their economy, the U.S. rushes to furnish them with whatever they need. We have spent more than six billion dollars in the last decade for direct aid to communist nations, and this aid has been in military as well as economic areas.

In our present political speeches we hear many references to `no win’ policies of various politicians. We must realize that in the past IS years all of our policies have been no win policies. We have accepted continual defeat, and found it palatable when well buttered with philosophy and salted with sophistry, but we have retreated from victory as though it were a terrible plague.

Before going to the polls in November we should first decide for ourselves whether or not we wish to win the so-called “cold war,” and whether there are actually any politicians or statesmen running for public office. who really desire to win it, and who are willing to

SEPTEMBER, 1964                  3

work to that end in the face of the overwhelming opposition of current political philosophy.

If we do not care about winning the war, then it will matter little for whom we vote, since the end result in any case will be about the same.

The Soviet Union is now moving rapidly toward capitalism, and the United States is moving even more rapidly into socialism, Within a few years we may find a Socialist America still engaged in an all-out cold war with a Capitalist U.S.S.R.

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STANDING inside New York’s giant Idlewild Airport is an unbelievable piece of apparatus. This device can actually tell the difference between a good one dollar bill and a bad one. The device consists of a unit attached to a flight insurance vending machine. A one dollar bill, when placed in the unit, is carried automatically past a photo-electric eye and weight and size gauges. A genuine one dollar bill closes an electrical outlet inside the unit. If the bill is a phony the machine automatically rejects it.

This is just one of the fantastic devices actually being produced or on the drawing boards within our nation’s busy electronics laboratories. Here electronic wizards are creating marvels to stagger the imagination.

One such marvel is roll-back roofs on people’s homes. These roofs will work very much like the roofs on convertible cars. They will “roll back” electronically to let in sunshine or starlight when the weather is appropriate.

There will also be heating cables inside the roofs and under the driveways of people’s homes. These cables will actually melt bothersome snow. No more shoveling!

Electronics laboratories are at work right now on a fantastic device called “Cold Light.” This lighting will flood a room with radiance or soft candle-glow. .. without shadows. The light will come in rainbow colors to blend with the decor of the room or with the changing moods of the occupants of the dwelling.

The kitchens of tomorrow will be fully automated. Microwaves will speed cooking. Potatoes will be baked in four minutes flat and

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

a golden 5-lb roast will be done and ready to eat in just a half an hour! How close are we to this “out of this world” kitchen? The fact is, an electronic range is already in production.

For people on a diet, here’s very good news. Such calorie-loaded goodies as pies, gravies and casseroles will be de-valorized simply by being inserted into a special machine. This machine will remove the fattening properties of these foods without affecting their taste one bit.

Ever forget to close your windows when you leave home? An electronic machine will correct this oversight for you. By remote control from your office or while you’re traveling you’ll be able to telephone orders right to the machine to close your windows, or open them if need be. By remote control you’ll also be able to operate a. vacuum cleaner that will suck dust in through wall ducts, and feed the goldfish on schedule. The machine will even turn stoves or heaters on or off at your command!

How would you like to do all your shopping without leaving your home? You’ll be able to through the magic of the “video-phone.” Just dial your supermarket or department store, examine prices and quality by video and order what you want. It’ll be as easy as that.

You’ll soon be driving electronically. A tiny accessory attached to the dashboard of your car will warn you when the car is veering from a safe path. One control in the car will start, stop, steer and turn your vehicle. In fact, it’s very possible that we will have electronic road controls that will take over driving chores completely!

In the magic world of tomorrow the electrical outlet, will be strictly passé. Everything will be transistorized and self-energizing.

For outdoorsmen there will be a battery-operated public address instrument that will be small enough to be carried in a shirt pocket. By using this instrument, a camper, hiker or explorer will be able to call to someone from hundreds of yards away. No more getting lost in the woods.

Outer space will be brought closer to us through the wonders of the electronic “oscilloscope.” This magical device will record electrical impulses with marvelous accuracy. Such electronic measurings will be of vital aid in the conquest of space and will also be applied here on earth for valuable uses in industry and medicine.

SEPTEMBER, 1964                  5

Machines will be activated and our homes will be heated by the cheap and abundant power of the sun… from atomic energy… and from the waste products of nuclear reactors.

All of this isn’t mere wishful thinking. These are actual predictions from the laboratories of electronic engineers. And we may indeed hope to watch all these forecasts come true … making life tomorrow pleasanter for all of us.

– Alfred K. Allan

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One wonders how many voters are still like an old man I recently heard say, “I don’t bother none about the man running for office. If my party runs him, I figure he’s okay. I’ve always been a Democrat and I vote a straight party ticket.” Or, like the man listening to him, who said: “Well, I’m not so much for the party anymore. I want to know the man and what. he stands for, before I vote for him.”

Perhaps there never was a time when it was more important than now for all the voters of the United States to know the issues before them and to know the men who represent these issues from the national to the local levels.

It is true many of the problems needing solutions seemed muddled and confusing. But intelligent minds should be able to understand and to act on the challenges these problems present, and to come up with satisfying solutions.

Too often it is the people knowing the least about the real state of affairs in government on both higher and lower levels, who do the most howling and fault-finding. They have nothing constructive to offer in the way of opinions and ideas, but they do want to appear smart, so they talk endlessly without point or purpose. Talking, big-sounding, gives them a sense of importance even when it. shows their abysmal ignorance of the subject.

We well know it takes knowledge and the right kind of talk to get things done. Here is where you and I can help. Neither wrong conditions nor misgovernments could long stay if every voter would exert himself, or herself, to become well-informed on issues at hand,

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

and decide which man offers the best solutions to them-letting no hearsay count-when it comes to election.

In a republic such as ours, despite what calamity howlers may try to make you believe, the people still have the power to right political, social and economic wrongs. Let us keep that way by doing our part willingly and faithfully. Unfortunately many people are inclined to sit at ease and let the other fellow do the job, and then, they complain as to how it was done.

All movements, to bring about better conditions, must. of necessity start with individuals. No one has the right to condemn any law in use unless he can do something definite to bring about a change. We should never be afraid or ashamed to express our opinions and ideas after we have studied and prepared ourselves to make them strong, practical ones.

No one can tell the tremendous force which may lie buried in some new idea until it has been given a chance to grow and to mature in some mind. Every reform, good or bad, was a germ-idea in the mind of some individual first. Just so will prayerful thinking and unselfish actions on the part of enough serious minded individuals create enough power in public opinion to bring about any desired change in our way of life. As individuals we think ourselves into wrong situations and then have to think our way out again. The trouble results from those who fail to do the thinking out part.

We, the voters, are responsible for what goes on in our national affairs in Washington and elsewhere in our country. Let us be certain at election time that we send our best brains into offices to do the jobs for us. Let us make certain, also, that we are living in service to one another in the community, and not at the cost of another. We pay the price dearly when we take more than we are willing to give in services. Again, are we willing to give the necessary amount of thought and time to the study of important issues posed by present conditions? Do we know, definitely, how each candidate stands on different issues and of his abilities to keep the promises he makes? We have no right to air our opinions nor to vote, even, until we do. Know your man and -why you are voting for him. Remember, your vote may help make the final decision, so cast it wisely.

When election day arrives it would be well if each of ,us is prepared

SEPTEMBER, 1964                  7

to put aside worn-out prejudices, unproved radical ideas and sentimental preferences and honestly and fearlessly vote for the man he believes best qualified to lead our country into ways for peace and prosperity for all, regardless of race or color.

How aptly Pope Paul VI expressed this need for all peoples of the world, whether they be Catholics or Protestants, in his radio message delivered from the Vatican when he said

“The new epoch which the conquests of space has opened to mankind will be singularly blessed by the Lord if men know truly how to recognize each other as brothers rather than competitors.” This truth can be applied to all phases of our modern life. If we are to survive and to move forward we must learn to live together in brotherly love. To “love God and thy neighbor as thyself” are not idle words. They were meant to be lived in reality by each of us.

So let us not forget the vital importance of seeking divine help through prayers that we may not make any mistake in our choice of a President in the coming election. Remember, the fate of this nation may rest on the integrity, the Christian principles and the devotion to duty of the man we send to the White House in the November election.

– Ona Lacy Hunter

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Jerome Ellison writes of the “Information Explosion” in the Christian Herald of August, 1964, stating that “we’re finding out more about more things more rapidly than we ever have before.”

The term “information explosion” was created by Wernher von Braun who pointed out the rapid advance in scientific knowledge doubled in the decade 1950-60. “All the knowledge acquired by man and preserved in usable form from the beginning of history to the year 1750 was doubled in the following century and a half, that is, by 1900. It required 50 years for the second doubling, 10 years for the third, and will need only seven for the fourth.”

“The best method man has so far found for keeping track of what he knows is by putting it in print. Throughout the world, more than 2,000 pages of authentic new information are published every minute. . .

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

There are 7,500 scientific and technical periodicals publishing in 65 languages, 300 journals devoted simply to abstracting them. About two million scientific and technical articles are published each year, and the rate increases annually by about 12 per cent…

That which is true in the field of science and technology is true also in all areas of man’s endeavors. The architect, the contractor, the teacher, the housewife, the merchant, even the religious leader, as well as a host of others, must keep abreast of the new information.

“Not all of this great flood of material is important, even to the specialists for whom so much of it is intended” and “there is a certain amount of unwitting duplication.”

Then Mr. Ellison notes that. there has also been an “Explosion of misinformation” as through comic books, radio and TV channels, with serious consequences, particularly to youth, from a too frequent devaluation of human life. He further notes that “though authentic information abounds as never before, and though this flood is swelled by trash and trivia, many areas of vital importance to our personal and national welfare still, paradoxically, remain dangerously under-reported” as with water pollution, foreign affairs, economic situations, and the like.

“This blizzard of words, whether in print, on tape or on microfilm, whether barbarous or beneficent, has to be catalogued. This is the work of our libraries” no one of which, even the Library of Congress, can handle everything. The solution offered is that of having libraries be particularly strong in special areas of knowledge. Even the blessings of automation are hardly adequate, as yet, to offer complete bibliographies on any and all subjects, for the “cataloging and programming job is of colossal size and almost insurmountable complexity.”

“What is the ordinary citizen to do about the tide of fact and opinion inexorably rising about him? The one thing he cannot afford to do is ignore it.”

“Since people cannot absorb all the information produced, and since they cannot ignore the deluge of new facts, the only alternative is selectivity … Such choices can only be based on circumstances and on conscience. Whether one is housewife or a brain surgeon, a physics professor or a greengrocer, one must, as a matter of sheer occupational survival keep up with developments in the area of one’s

SEPTEMBER, 1964                  9

specialty- … Besides there is one’s existence as a citizen of the world, a participant in a created universe…”

Jerome Ellison concludes the rather lengthy article by subscribing to what he terms the “most optimistic answer,” given by Meredith Bloss, who sees the present situation as an indication of a new age.

“It may be that our society is on the edge of a tremendously exciting break-through to a new level of reason and intelligence. There have been great strides. Some time in the next century or two, men will stop using their fists and invoke law based on reason. They will do this not because they ought to or have to, but because they want to. Some time in the next century- or two there may be not only the affluent society . . . but an educated society. Think of that!”

——— ♦ ———

world report

Outer Space Hardware

From a hundred miles or so to several thousand miles, the space near the earth is taking on the aspect of a junkyard with the first five years of the space age witnessing the launching of 79 satellites and 13 space probes up to January of 1963.

During 1963, 29 more space vehicles were launched. Of this total of 121 objects sent into space, 54 have fallen back earthward from their orbits. The above figures include only the payload of the launchings and do not include sundry items of hardware such as booster rockets or terminal stages that achieved orbit near their payloads.

The first five years of the space age, up to January, 1963, saw the United States launch 51 satellites and nine space probes. The Soviets post a score of 28 satellites and four space probes. In 1963, the USSR sent aloft 15 vehicles to 14 by the USA. However, the U.S. Air Force launched about 20 satellites, mostly- secret. The Air Force furnished a list to the United Nations giving date of firing, launch vehicle used, and decay dates of satellites in orbit.

To complicate matters in the junkyard of space some more, on

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

May 9, 1963, a Discoverer was launched and the next day, on command from the earth, unloaded 50 pounds of tiny wires in a communication experiment. These wires, called dipoles, have a certain amount of light reflecting ability and if used extensively would hamper photographic astronomy.

Some of this high-up hardware has a life-expectancy of only a few months, while others may be aloft for hundreds of years. As an example, Echo I will complete its fourth year in orbit Aug 12. By then it will have traveled approximately 533 million miles, and circled the earth more than 17,332 times.

-Harrey Dickey

Apemen Legend

PORTLAND, Ore., 7/1/64, (UPI)-The legend of the Apemen of Mt. St. Helens returns with summer weather.

The story of the Apemen of the beautiful conical mountain in the Cascades is a favorite in the area, but it just may have some basis in fact. There is more evidence to support it than Nepal’s Yeti or northern California’s “Big Foot,” and probably as much as Loch Ness’ monster.

Last summer, two different Portland groups who visited the southwestern Washington peak about 50 miles from Portland, reported sighting the monsters, usually described as from 7 to 10 feet tall, hairy, and either white or beige-colored.

Old timers aren’t surprised. The Apemen legend actually is older than the white man’s habitation of the Pacific Northwest.

Forest Ranger Marshall Stenerson reported. last year he had investigated many reports of the strange creatures.

The Clallam Indian tribe claimed the “apes” were the ferocious Selahtik Indians, a band of renegades much like giant apes in appearance who lived like wild animals in the secluded caves of the High Cascades.

The first recorded encounter of the apes with white men was in 1924. Marion Smith and five miners rushed into Kelso, Wash., to report that a group of great ape-like creatures had attacked them in the middle of the night.

Smith said they had been working a mine on the east slopes of Mt. St. Helens. During the daytime, they saw some of the apes and fired at them to halt the attack. One of the apes was apparently killed and

SEPTEMBER, 1964                  11

the body rolled into a deep ravine-which became known as “Ape Canyon.”

Then came the “great ape hunt of 1924.” Huge footprints were found, but no apes.

The legend grew, then subsided for several years with only sporadic reports of encounters with the apes.

Responsible persons, experienced mountaineers and skiers, have given credence to the story.

Bob Lee, Portland, a leader of the 1961 Himalayan expedition and advisor to last year’s Himalayan expedition, said last year he had a strange experience.

Lee has never claimed to have seen the apes but said “there was something strange on the high slopes of the mountain.”

He was a member of a party that searched for Jim Carter, an experienced skier and mountaineer, who vanished on the mountain in 1950. His disappearance remains a mystery.

Lee recalled stories of about 25 persons who said they had encountered the monsters during a 20-year period.

The canyon named for the apes is a lonely, ominous spot in a wild area. near Ape Cave, thought to be the longest unitary lava tube in the world.

There have been many reports of footprints in the area. Some are described as being 18 inches long, and definitely human. Unless the creatures are really fuzzy throwbacks, the lost Indian tribe theory seems most likely.

-James Doyle

Seoul Prodigy

SEOUL, Korea (UPI)-There is a wonder girl, 3, in Seoul who has mastered the curriculum for the third grade and teaches her younger sister how to write and read.

The prodigy, Cho Soo-hyun, is the eldest child of a shoemaker. She began to utter such words as “papa” and “mama” when she was only five months old, her parents say.

Her father, Cho Sung-hyun said he was surprised when the girl read the word “soap” in a newspaper advertisement only a few days after her first birthday.

The father found out later that the little Soo-hyun had learned

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Korean letters overhearing her 13-year-old baby sitter read books. Now she can read some Chinese characters and English alphabet and do sums. She teaches her two-year-old sister, Ki-hyun, who is said to be a budding genius also.

Comet-Like Tail of Earth

(From New Zealand Herald, March 16, 1964)

The discovery by an American satellite that the earth has a long comet-like tail of hydrogen is confirmation of a feature which astronomers have long suspected but could not see.

As early as 1899 a British astronomer, Dr. J. Evershed, made the first suggestion that the earth had a tail. The basis of his idea was a faint sky glow often seen in the midnight sky opposite the sun.

Later, when it was thought that. this glow was a special feature of the zodical light, the idea was dropped.

But in 1958, when rockets recording ultra-violet radiations were able to reach heights of more than 30 miles, a cloud of un-ionised hydrogen atoms was found to reach far into space.

In 1961 an American, Dr. J. C. Brandt, pointed out that the observed hydrogen must have originated in the earth. The pressure of solar radiations, he suggested, would drive the hydrogen away on the dark side of the earth to form a long, slightly curved “geotail.”

The surprising feature of the satellite observations was that the moon, believed to be changeless and dead, also appears to have a tail.

A Sonic Pile Driver

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Harvard University has a priceless collection of glass flowers, the Agassiz Glass Flower Exhibit, in its Museum. When Harvard wanted to build a new laboratory next to the wing where the flowers were on display, the University was concerned about piledrivers setting up shock waves that would shatter the glass. The solution: a sonic piledriver that drove piles silently, many times faster than a conventional driver.

Called the Bodine Sonic Piledriver and developed by the C. L. Guild Construction Co., East Providence, R.I., it has a sound wave generator at the top of the pile which sends sound waves along the length of the pile being driven. The waves’ frequency corresponds to the natural, or resonate frequency, of the pile.

SEPTEMBER, 1964                  13

Energy is transferred efficiently to the bottom of the pile. The pile penetrates rapidly and noiselessly.

The sonic pile driver was tested in competition with a standard pile driver. Each test pile was load tested to 140 tons; the conventional driver drove a pile in approximately 10 minutes. The sonic driver took 0.9 minutes.

-John O’Brien in Summer Edition Steel Supply Lines

Eavesdropping On Universe

(Medford Mail Tribune, 7/28/64)

WASHINGTON (UPI)-Maybe in the dim past. rolling stones did gather moss.

Possibly, long ago, a stitch in time saved only eight, and two plus two made five.

It may even be that the speed of light hasn’t always been what it is today and that the second law of thermodynamics was enacted only yesterday, so to speak.

If the speed of light isn’t constant, as they say, and if the second law of thermodynamics is less than sacred, modern science is a house built upon sand.

Still, a suspicion has been growing of late, according to Dr. Everett H. Hurlburt, that the basic laws of nature may be subject to change.

Hurlburt is director of the radio astronomy program of the National Science Foundation. In radio astronomy, scientists eavesdrop on the ancient chit chat of the universe.

Some of the signals they have been listening to, according to Hurlburt, have taken more than six million years, traveling at the speed of light, to reach the earth. The speed of light-nowadays, anyway-is about 186,300 miles a second.

By all odds the most amazing radio generators in the sky, discovered little more than a year ago, are the “quasi-stellar sources,” called quasars for short.

More than 20 have now been spotted. Among them are the most distant objects yet observed. They are too big to be stars like our sun and too small to be galaxies like our Milky Way aggregation of 100 billion suns.

Though smaller than the Milky Way, they are 100 times as bright.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

In mass and total energy output they are the equal of a billion suns. Some of them are about 36 billion trillion miles away.

On the basis of light and radio, signals now being received by optical and radio telescopes, astronomers have figured that the energy production of the quasars was comparable to the explosion of a thousand trillion trillion H-bombs every second.

That was six billion years ago, the period in the time when the information now being recorded began its long journey across the fathomless sea of space.

For all anybody knows, the quasars long since burned themselves out.

Scientists have been unable to explain their energy production on the basis of what they know or believe today. Some of the quasars fluctuate-or did six billion years ago-at a rate which appears to imply that some excitation stimulus in their innards was moving faster than light. This, according to Einsteinian physics, just isn’t possible.

The second law of thermodynamics says that in a closed system energy can pass only from a higher to a lower form.

The quasars appear to reverse this rule. Their nuclear energy, if that is what it is, should have degraded quickly to heat energy. Instead, it reappears in the record as high grade energy in the form of billion-volt electrons and vast magnetic fields.

Many scientists believe that further observation of quasars will show that nature’s rules six billion years ago were no different than they are today.

On the other hand, Hurlburt said, “some scientists suspect that many presently held fundamental concepts of physics, such as the speed of light or the nature of time, differ now from what they were at this early date in the history of the universe.”

“Possibly, they suggest, our fundamental laws of physics are not everlasting and immutable but rather have evolved from earlier different forms,” Hurlburt said.

“Cool Place” In Sun

FLORENCE, Italy (AP)-Astronomers have announced the discovery of a “cool” region inside the corona of the sun.

They estimated this region had a temperature of 20,000 degrees Fahrenheit compared with three million degrees Fahrenheit in the rest of the corona.

SEPTEMBER, 1964                  15


(From the Cosmic Brotherhood Assn. (CBA), Naka, P.O. Box 12, Yokohama, Japan)

The 3 by 4 inch pamphlet discussed in the letter following gives both the historical and modern story of the U.F.O. on a world wide basis. The small booklet contains over sixty pictures with descriptions of each in both English and Japanese. They are available on a donation basis from the above address in Japan. They are ideal gifts for friends-skeptics and believers alike.

Dear Sir,

We are very glad that we could send you pamphlets of flying saucers. These pamphlets were printed in large numbers in order to let as many people as possible know the fact of flying saucers and Space People. Flying Saucers are never such mistaken things as described in S.F. story, TV and cartoon. They are friendly Spaceships from outer Space visiting the earth night and day for their very important and urgent mission. People will know true image of flying saucers through this pamphlet and it is very important for the people who live in the world with you and for your own future. Please show it to your family, your friends and as many people as possible. If you want more, please write us so. And watch the skies for our friends, the Sky People. You will find it will not only be fun and interesting, but that you can combine your sky-watching with a picnic, or some other pleasant outdoor activity. It is possible that if sufficient numbers of you invite with your friendly thoughts the pilots of the flying saucers to visit the earth, maybe your thoughts will be answered. The world will one day realize that the power of thought is tremendous.

The flying saucers may answer your friendly invitation and come in great numbers. Why not have a try? Send out a friendly telepathic invitation. Here is a good opportunity to practice telepathy. Have you ever tried it? It could be interesting and good fun to try now. You might get a pleasant surprise!

Send out your friendly thoughts beforehand. Then, on the sighting day get. outside if possible, with your friends, your cameras, your binoculars and other equipment, or just with your naked eye and WATCH THE SKIES! Flying Saucer is always with you!

Yours, sincerely,

C.B.A (Overseas Department)

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner

They Said

Said the Wiser Ones, walking in the gardens of Jupiter …

“Continuity sustains Us

Here the falling leaf is valued equally with budding spray;

The focus of Our eves is not on endings,

Nor yet on beginnings,

For all is one continuous flow in rhythms

That are the golden stairs to Life and yet more

Life In never ending splendors,

Mounting ever to wider views, to greater understanding

And more Light and Love to all that lives.

Serene the hearts and steady is the gaze of those

Whose focus is on Life and not upon that. Moment

Of the spiral’s turn, the coda in the rhythm

That marks the melody that ye misname as death;

For he who once has lived can never more not be,

For all are born of God’s eternity.

-Roquel de Sulerzski

Two Crosses

We bear about a little load of care

And call it trouble, when the heart is young

SEPTEMBER, 1964                  17

Before Pain’s anguish from our lips have wrung

The cry that sends us to our knees in prayer.

We stagger ‘neath a crushing weight of woe

And call it discipline in after years

When Faith hath taught us through our blinding tears

His best beloved must crucifixion know.

-Helen True

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


UNDERSTANDING to be effective must, be practiced every day of our lives, not only by word but by deed.

How do we begin? What can we do? First of all, a sincere desire to be of service, be it to a person or a worthy cause, is a necessity. Then, we set aside a little time every day to seek out those whose burdens may be lightened by a few minutes of our time and personal attention. It can be a neighbor, a child, a friend, a relative, a lonely person; it need not be only individuals but worthy organizations as well, if time and circumstances permit.

There will be days when you may have only a few minutes to spare from daily tasks. Spend these few minutes in prayer and meditation for world peace, love and understanding, and you will find that you are not alone, because every minute of the day legions of people are also praying for the same cause, the world over. Add one more candle to light the way for others who are seeking The Path.

The effectiveness of our efforts in behalf of understanding results not from personal mental contemplation but rather from our daily contribution of active service to understanding. The results of a trial of a week or month will amaze you!

It has been written: Understanding of itself is of no consequence. It is solely dependent on the individual. It comes from the heart, works in silence, without fanfare, with no thought of compensation or remuneration; it is born of love and thrives on good; it wends its. way in and out of human lives, uniting people, restoring hope, weaving and galvanizing a lasting bond of trust and friendship in the hearts of mankind.

-Verna Barker, #22, Riverside

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Dear Editor

I have very pleasured when I saw the name of your club from THE VOICE” magazine. Because I do enjoy to make friendship with all people over the world and write many letters. If you haven’t objection, please use my name in your magazine. Name: Mr. Ali Fauzie ; Age 21 years; Address: Mini Balu 23, Bandjarmasin, Indonesia; Hobby: Correspondence. Collect Viewcards Photographs, magazines, books, stamps and exchange souvenirs.

Best wishes for all your members and especially yourself.

Yours truly

Ali Fauzie

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bulletin board

Annual Meeting

Unit #34 will host the 1963-4 Annual Meeting of Understanding, Inc., at Monterey, California, on October 3rd and 4th. Arrangements have already been made by Ronald Hansen for the meetings to be held at the San Carlos Hotel, located in downtown Monterey. It is suggested that unit delegates and members make their room reservations, as far as possible in advance, through Ronald Hansen, 1211 Lincoln Avenue, Pacific Grove, Calif. 93950. Individuals arriving on the Monterey Peninsula are invited to contact

SEPTEMBER, 1984                  19

“Understanding” at Hotel San Carlos. A social hour with a general discussion of ideas is planned. Other activities can be included if enough “Early Birds” arrive.

A full business agenda for Saturday afternoon has already been outlined. We recommend that as many members as possible attend this Annual Meeting to chart both short and long term goals for Understanding, Inc.

Unit Activities

Most units suspend organized public activities during the summer months. However, our newest unit, #61, now to be called the Yucaipa Valley Understanding Unit, has been most active. A public meeting was held on August 6th with Rev. Harold Osserman speaking on “The ESP of Prayer.” Two workshops have already been formed, one in astrology, the other in hypnosis, and a third is contemplated as a prayer group.

President Daniel W. Fry

Dan Fry is still busy delivering his special brand of “understanding” far and wide. August 8th and 9th he attended a gathering at Independence, California, thence to Denver, Colorado, to a Convention, followed by some lectures in Arizona, a stop-over in Southern California, with a return to Merlin in time for the Annual Merlin Radio Guild Meeting, August 30th.

His September tour travels should take him to Oregon and Washington and possibly Canada. Time permitting he hopes to visit the Understanding Booth at the California State Fair (Sept. 2-13). By mid-October another Eastern tour commences, with many lectures already scheduled en route.

In addition to these speaking engagements, Dan Fry has been filming and collecting a 20 minute movie film based on his text Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding. This will be first shown at the California State Fair and later made available for Unit showings.

Santa Cruz Reports

Recent elections by Unit #9 of Santa Cruz, California, have installed as President, Marl Schaaf, (P.O. Box 217, Ben Lomand,

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Calif.); Vice President, Bertha Manzurante; Recording Secretary, Duane N. Hodgkinson; Corresponding Secretary, Ruby Strong, and Treasurer, Dr. Mary Poston.

Both Michael N. and Rile Crabb have addressed the unit in past months.

Calendar Dates

September 2 to 13-Understanding Booth at State Fair, Sacramento September 25th-Lecture being planned for Unit #25, San Jose.. September 26th-Lecture scheduled for Unit #15, Inglewood. October 3 and 4–Understanding Annual Meeting, Monterey. October 10 and 11-Giant Rock Convention, Giant Rock.

All above events are in California.

A Reminder

There are many people throughout the world who would be most grateful to receive your used copy of the Understanding magazine. As a gesture of world wide friendship why not regularly mail your copy overseas. All it requires is an unsealed manila envelope and a five cent stamp. Names and addresses may be obtained from:

Scott Forsythe

2319F Ocean Park Blvd.

Santa Monica, Calif.

The editors of Understanding magazine are happy to consider unsolicited manuscripts, both articles and poetry. Articles should not exceed 1,000 words (poetry 36 lines). Almost any type of material will be considered, providing that it is of a constructive nature and contributes to a better understanding of the subject matter employed. The editors are particularly interested in developing a greater degree of understanding among different peoples of the earth and an understanding of basic issues facing the people of this planet. Payment for articles accepted will be made upon publication at the rate of one cent per word (poetry 10 per line). The editors also are interested in seeing clippings of unusual items from newspapers and magazines, for which the sum of $1 per clipping published will be paid to the first person submitting it. All manuscripts should be typewritten, double-spaced and on one side of the sheet only. Manuscripts may not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed envelope bearing sufficient postage.


Address manuscripts to Understanding, P.O. Box 76, Merlin Ore. 97532

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These rates are for additional insertions of the same copy.  The charge for copy change is $3.00 per quarter page.  For other rates, please write.

If proof is desired, copy must be submitted one month in advance of publication.

Copy Limit, 20 lines per quarter page.

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we of the new dimension, by Will and evelyn miller …………  2.00

Unity in the spirit, by comptesse de pierrefeu ……………  2.00

These books may be purchased from Understanding. We pay all postage.

Residents of California please add 4 percent sales tax.