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VOLUME IX                                 JUNE, 1964                                                NUMBER 6

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


One of our greatest statesmen, as well as a great general, has passed from mortal life into immortal history.

As the greatest of the `old soldiers,’ he will never die, nor is it likely that he will `just fade away.’

The controversy that surrounded his life and beliefs in his later years will fade with time, but the things that he did, and at least some of the things that he said, will live for as long as courage and logic and wisdom are recognized and valued upon this planet.

As our own tribute to his memory, we are printing once again the most significant passages of his oration of January 26, 1955, which newsmen who reported it said was probably the most profound and important speech which has been delivered during this century.

Quotes are omitted.

“Old Soldiers Never Die”

That famous barrack room ballard apparently counts on us, those old soldiers who have escaped the carnage of the battlefield, to find the fountain of youth. And indeed, we might if we only understood what the poet said, that youth is not entirely a time of life-it is a state of mind.

It is not wholly a matter of ripe cheeks, red lips or supple knees.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

It is a temper of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions, a freshness of the deep springs of life. It means a temperamental pre-dominance of courage over timidy, of an appetite for adventure over love of ease.

Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years. People grow old only by deserting their ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up interest wrinkles the soul.

Worry, doubt, self-distrust, fear and despair-these are the long, long years that bow the head and turn the growing spirit back to dust. Whatever your years, there is in every being’s heart the love of wonder, the undaunted challenge of events, the unfailing childlike appetite for what next, and the joy and the game of life. You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair.

In the central place of every heart there is a recording chamber; so long as it receives messages of beauty, hope, cheer and courage, so long you are young. When the wires are all down and your heart is covered with the snows of pessimism and the ice of cynicism, then-and then, indeed, as the ballad says, you just fade away.

History Of Man’s Wars

Many in this brilliant audience were my comrades-in-arms in the days of used-to-be. They have known war in all its horror and, as veterans, hope against its recurrence. How, we ask ourselves, did such an institution become so integrated with man’s life and civilization? How has it grown to be the most vital factor in our existence? It started in a modest enough way as a sort of gladiatorial method of settling disputes between conflicting tribes. One of the oldest and most classical examples is the Biblical story of David and Goliath. Each of the two contesting groups selected its champion. They fought, and based upon the outcome an agreement resulted. Then, as time went on, small professional groups known as armies replaced the individual champions. These groups fought in some obscure corner of the world, and victory or defeat was accepted as the basis of an enduring peace. From then on, down through the ages, the constant record is an increase in the character and strength of the forces with the rate of increase always accelerating. From a small percentage of the populace it finally engulfed all. It is now

JUNE, 1964                                 3

the nation in arms. Within the span of my own life I have witnessed this evolution. At the turn of the century, when I entered the army, the target was one enemy casualty at the end of a rifle or bayonet or sword. Then came the machine-gun designed to kill by the dozen. After that, the heavy artillery raining death upon the hundreds. Then the aerial bomb to strike by the thousands-followed by the atom explosion to reach the hundreds of thousands.

Now Destruction is in Millions

Now, electronics and other processes of science have raised the destructive potential to encompass millions. With restless hands we work feverishly in dark laboratories to find the means to destroy all with one blow. But, this very triumph of scientific annihilation this very success of invention-has destroyed the possibility of war being a medium of practical settlement of international differences. The enormous destruction to both sides of closely matched opponents makes it impossible for the winner to translate it into anything but. his own disaster.

The second World War, even with its now antiquated armaments, clearly demonstrated that the victor had to bear in large part the very injuries inflicted on his foe. Our own country spent billions of dollars and untold energy to heal the wounds of Germany and Japan. War has become a Frankenstein to destroy both sides. No longer is it the weapon of adventure whereby a short cut to international power and wealth-a place in the sun-can be gained. If you lose, you are annihilated. If you win, you stand only to lose. No longer does it possess the chance of the winner of a duel-it contains rather the germs of double suicide. Science has clearly outmoded it as a feasible arbitrator.

The great question is-does this mean that war can now be outlawed from the world? If so, it would mark the greatest advance in civilization since the Sermon on the Mount. It would lift at one stroke the darkest shadow which has engulfed mankind from the beginning. It would not only remove fear and bring security-it would not only create new moral and spiritual values-it would produce an economic wave of prosperity that would raise the world’s standard of living beyond anything ever dreamed of by man. The hundreds of billions of dollars now spent in mutual preparedness could conceivably abolish poverty from the face of the globe.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Would Reduce Nations’ Woes

It would accomplish even more than this; it would at one stroke reduce the international tensions that seem so insurmountable now to matters of more probable solution. For instance, the complex problems of German re-armament, of preventive war, of satellite dominance by major powers, of universal military service, of unconscionable taxation, of nuclear development for industry, of freer exchange of goods and people, of foreign aid and, indeed, of all issues involving the application of armed force. It would reduce immeasurably the power of leaders of government and thus render more precarious totalitarian or autocratic rule. The growing and dangerous control by an individual over the masses-the socialistic and paternal trends resulting there from-is largely by virtue of his influence to induce war or to maintain peace. Abolish this threat and the position of chief magistrate falls into a more proper civic perspective. You will say at once that although the abolition of war has been the dream of man for centuries, every proposition to that end has been promptly discarded as impossible and fantastic. Every cynic, every pessimist, every adventurer, every swashbuckler in the world has always disclaimed its feasibility. But that was before the science of the past decade made mass destruction a reality. The argument then was that human character has never reached a theological development which would permit the application of pure idealism. In the last two thousand years its rate of change has been deplorably slow compared to that of the arts and sciences. But now the tremendous and present evolution of nuclear and other potentials of destruction has suddenly taken the problem away from its primary consideration as a moral and spiritual question, and brought it abreast, of scientific realism.

Decision Now is Before the Masses

It is no longer an ethical equation to be pondered solely by learned philosophers and ecclesiastics, but a hard core one for the decision of the masses, whose survival is the issue. This is as true of the Soviet side of the world as the free side-as true behind the Iron Curtain as in front of it. The ordinary people of the world, whether free or slave, are all in agreement of this solution; and this perhaps is the only thing in the world they do agree upon. But it is the most vital and determinate of all. The leaders are the laggards. The

JUNE, 1964                                 5

disease of power seems to confuse and befuddle them. They have not even approached the basic problem, much less evolved a working formula to implement the public demand. They debate and turmoil over a hundred issues-they bring us to the verge of despair or raise our hopes, to Utopian heights over the corollary misunderstandings that stem from the threat of war-but never in the chancelleries of the world or the halls of the United Nations is the real problem raised. Never do they dare to state the bald truth, that the next great advance in the evolution of civilization cannot take place until war is abolished. It may take another cataclysm of destruction to prove to them this simple truth. But, strange as it may seem, it is known now by all common men. It is the one issue upon which both sides can agree, for it is the one issue upon which both sides will profit equally.

Self Interest Keeps Truth

It is now no longer convincing to argue, whether true or not, that we cannot trust the other side-that one maverick can destroy the herd. It would no longer be a matter depending upon trust-the self-interest. of each nation outlawing war would keep it true to itself. And there is no influence so potent and powerful as self-interest.

It. would not necessarily require international inspection of relative armaments-the public opinion of every part of the world would be the great denominator which would ensure the issue-each nation would so profit that it could’ not fail eventually to comply. This would not, of course, mean the abandonment of all armed forces, but it would reduce them to the simpler problems of internal order and international police. It would not mean Utopia at one fell stroke, but it. would mean that the great roadblock now existing to development of the human race would have been cleared. The present tensions with their threat of national annihilation are kept alive by two great illusions.

The one, a complete belief on the part of the Soviet world that the capitalist countries are preparing to attack them; that sooner or later we intend to strike. And the other, a complete belief on the part of the capitalistic countries that the Soviets are preparing to attack us; that sooner or later they intend to strike.

Both are wrong. Each side, so far as the masses are concerned, is

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

equally desirous of peace. For either side war with the other would mean nothing but disaster. Both equally dread it. But the constant acceleration of preparation may well, without specific intent, ultimately produce a spontaneous combustion.

World Leaders Show Lack

I am sure that every Pundit in the world, every cynic and hypocrite, every paid brainwasher, every egotist, every troublemaker, and many others of entirely different mould, will tell you with mockery and ridicule that this can be only a dream-that it is but the vague imaginings of a visionary. But, as David Lloyd George once said in the House of Commons at the crises of the first World War, “We must go on or we will go under.” And the great criticism we can make of the world leaders is their lack of a plan which will enable us “to go on.” All they propose merely gravitates around but dares not face the real problem. They increase. preparedness by alliances, by distributing resources throughout. the world, by feverish activity, in developing new and deadlier weapons, by applying conscription in times of peace-all of which is instantly matched by the prospective opponent. We are told that this increases the chances of peace-which is doubtful-and increases the chances of victory if war comes-which would be incontestable if the other side did not increase in like proportion. Actually, the truth is that the relative strength of the two change little with the years. Action by one is promptly matched by reaction from the other.

We are told we must go on indefinitely as at present-some say 50 years or more. With what at the end? None say there is no definite objective. They but pass along to those that follow the search for a final solution. And, at the end, the problem will be exactly the same as that which we face now.

Must we live for generations under the killing punishment of accelerating preparedness without an announced final purpose or, as an alternative, suicidal war; and trifle in the meanwhile with corollary and indeterminate theses-such as limitation of armament, restriction on the use of nuclear power, adoption of new legal standards as propounded at Nuremberg-all of which are but palliatives and all of which in varying form have been tried in the past, with negligible results

JUNE, 1964                                 7

Dangerous Doctrines

Dangerous doctrines, too, appear-doctrines which might result in actual defeat; such doctrines as limited war, of enemy sanctuary, of failure to protect our fighting men when captured, of national subversive and sabotage agencies, of substitute for victory on the battlefield-all in the name of peace.

Peace, indeed, can be obtained, at least temporarily, by any nation if it is prepared to yield its freedom principles. But, peace at any price-peace with appeasement-peace which passes the dreadful finality to future generations-is a peace of sham and shame which can end only in war or slavery.

I recall so vividly this problem when it faced the Japanese in their new constitution. They are realists; and they are the only ones that know by dreadful experience the fearful effects of mass annihilation. They realize in their limited geographical area, caught up in a sort of no-man’s-land between two great ideologies, that to engage in another war, whether on the winning or the losing side, would spell the probable doom of their race. And their wise old prime minister, Shidehara, came to me and urged that to save themselves they should abolish war as an international instrument. When I agreed, he turned to me and said: “The world will laugh and mock us as impractical visionaries, but a hundred years from now we will be called prophets.” Sooner or later the world, if it is to survive, must reach this decision. The only question is, when? Must we fight again before we learn? When will some great figure in power have sufficient imagination and moral courage to translate this universal wish which is rapidly becoming a universal necessity-into actuality?

Old Methods No Longer Suffice

We are in a new era. The old methods and solutions no longer suffice. We must have new thoughts, new ideas, new concepts, just as did our venerated forefathers when they faced a new world. We must break out of the straight jacket of the past.

There must always be one to lead, and we should be that one. We should now proclaim our readiness to abolish war in concert with the great powers of the world. The result would be magical.

——— ♦ ———

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING


As far as the human race is concerned, no one factor is as integrating or segregation as that of language and speech. In the 11th chapter of Genesis we read: “And the whole earth was of one language and of one speech.” There are two meanings here, otherwise there would be a period after the word language.

A country or nation has a basic language. This is the over-all unifying factor. But a language is divided many ways. The way we shall consider for the moment is the division into various vocabularies in use. All native born Americans may think they are well integrated because each speaks the basic language of our country. Yet this is a fallacy. There are many manners of speech, and as we are not all of one speech, therefore very few units of society are integrated in the true sense of the word.

To be technical for a moment, to be of one speech would require that each word of our language have but one meaning. The symbols used in mathematics, music, chemistry are good examples of an approach to one speech regarding a particular subject.

Unions, professions and associations become strong because they approach integration by both language and speech. Genesis 11:6, “and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.” (Having one language and one speech.)

Even in a one-race, one-citizenship society we find considerable segregation. Each occupation has a vocabulary of its own, i.e., railroaders vs. publishers. Words mean one thing in one trade, something else in another. The word “journal” to a railroader refers to the bearing area of a car sale whereas to the publisher it refers to a publication of specialized information.

In the word “line” we have about as many meanings as there are units of thinking. Note the difference in meaning as you change viewpoints from geometry to acting, selling, railroading, piping, typesetting, surveying, sailing, lighting, telephoning, fishing, etc. Also, you can line a line of vision and a line of reasoning.

Genesis 11:4 indicates that the people knew that they should be engaged in a single project, lest they be “scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.” From Genesis to 1964 — Is not the whole world trying to establish one project-a combined effort to arrive at a state of peace, understanding, justice and love?

JUNE, 1964                                 9

This end is as far away as the realization of a world having one

language and one speech. However, it is not hopeless. Science, which has one language and one speech, is giving us inventions which are direction or signs by which we can establish basic understandings. Another element is also at work. It is in the field of pleasure. The printer and the railroad man may be worlds apart by speech but when they fish together, swim together, golf together, play- together or worship together, they are just a little closer to having gone speech.”

Where there is segregation by color, it must be remembered that as yet no citizenry- of any nations has attained to that degree of integration cited in Genesis. But, as the people begin to think and speak in the manner and terms of their aims and dreams, the greater the gains that will be made. History shows that anyone, or any group, that lies beyond its understanding will find its language and its speech confounded. And, that which they would build comes to naught.

That which we would all build together must have a Divine Purpose and Divine Guidance: lacking that, Babel is invoked.

-M. A. Saxton

——— ♦ ———


Have you heard of the Pig Foundation-for the education of Korean children?

In 1961 a young Korean, who is presently a student at FairleighDickinson University, Rutherford, New Jersey, founded the Pig Foundation for the purpose of aiding his fellow country-men in gaining a financial means for an education.

About 85% of the children in the rural areas of Korea are unable to continue school beyond the 9th grade, due to a lack of funds. There are no free schools. A single pig solves the problem!

A deserving Korean child is selected and is given a female pig to raise under careful supervision. An average pig produces about 8 piglets each year, which are sold-except for one female piglet, which is returned to the Foundation to keep it self-perpetuating.

The price of providing one pig is $5.00, payable to the Pig Foundation, Inc., 155 Montrose Ave., Rutherford, N. J. This amount

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

covers all services needed by the child: breeding, inoculations, and use of a feed pulverizing mill.

Our Unit, #59, felt this was a most worthwhile project, inasmuch as it offers an opportunity to these children to pursue the studies of their choice, by opening the doors to many new and wonderful experiences. It. also teaches animal husbandry and that most valuable trait-independence. Our Unit has sponsored two pigs, and as it was a new opportunity for us, we felt other Units might also be interested to learn of people in other countries who are diligently striving, in their way, to help expand the consciousness of their people by interesting and comparatively simple methods.

-Mary Bassano, #9,

Maywood, New Jersey

——— ♦ ———

God Give Us Men

God give us men. The times demand strong minds, great hearts, true faith and ready hands. Men whom the lust of office cannot kill; men whom the spoils of office cannot buy; men who have opinions and a will; men who have honor; men who will not lie. Men who can stand before a Demi-God and damn his treacherous flattery without blinking. Strong men, sun crowned, who live above the fog of public duty and in private thinking. And as they rabble with their thumb worn creeds, their large possessions and their little deeds; lo, freedom weeps; wrong rules the land and waiting justice sleeps. GOD GIVE US MEN, men of dependable character, men of sterling worth; then wrongs will be redressed and right shall rule the earth. GOD GIVE US MEN.

-Josiah Holland, 1819.

——— ♦ ———


Boomerang: Thoughts, words, actions are boomerangs … Think speak, act with spirit and perseverance. Radiate confidence, capability, enthusiasm. For surely as the boomerang returns, what we send out comes back to us. With interest.

JUNE, 1964                                 11



The local stories of Merlin, Oregon, state that, the above pictured tree was planted in 1852 from a seed distributed by “Johnny Apple seed.” This nickname for Mr. John Chapman has been preserved in American history and legend as a reminder of the Pittsburgh, Pa., nurseyman who gave free packets of apple seeds from his orchards to our Westbound pioneers.

Our present day Johnny is Mr. John V. Nunez who, upon his arrival in Merlin in the summer of 1963, found this tree broken and split, yet still alive. After pruning the tree, he made a small park around it. Polished souvenir paperweights which he then made from the clippings will be sent upon request to those making donations to the radio fund. Sales of these souvenirs in the local area have added substantially to this fund.

We are very grateful to the following for their recent contributions: Merlin Unit #1; Peg Ham, Merlin, Ore.; Mr. and Mrs. Joachim Mosch, Merlin, Ore.; Mrs. Marian Nigl, Sayre, Pa.; Mrs. Otto Heil, San Francisco, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Thomsen, Underwood, North Dakota; Mr. G. R. Shearman, Merlin, Ore,; Irene Terry, Los Angeles, Calif.; Mrs. Verna Barker, Riverside, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hurtienne, San Marcos, Calif.; Mrs. Mabel Knopp, San Mateo, Calif.; Mrs, Catherine Taylor, Hicksville, N. Y.; Nettie McLain, Grants Pass, Ore., and Lillian Slevin, Sierra Madre, Calif.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

world report

Visit by Mars Men

(From Evening Times, Sayre, Pa., May 8, 1964)

A Newark Valley ex-school teacher turned farmer says he has talked to men from outer space.

Gary T. Wilcox, 28, who operates a 300-acre dairy farm in Newark Valley, told how he went to a high field April 24 to check the ground for plowing and noticed a glittering object, which he at first thought was an abandoned refrigerator and on closer inspection, noted it looked like a wing tank from an airplane. While he was looking it over, he said, two people, whom he described as being about four feet tall and dressed in suits of seamless material with hoods and foot coverings, appeared from either behind or under the 15 by 20 foot egg-shaped object.

Wilcox said the two spoke perfect English, told him they were from Mars, and were interested in gathering soil samples from the western hemisphere. Wilcox said they asked many questions concerning the soil and fertilizers and as he turned to go get samples of the type of fertilizer he uses, the craft suddenly took off with no sound or blast, just the sound of an idling motor.

He said he left a sack of fertilizer at the spot. and the next morning it was gone.

Mr. Wilcox said the men advised him not to talk about seeing them. They also said that if we send men into space, they wouldn’t be able to live more than five years without returning to earth.

Mr. Wilcox made a report to the Tioga County Sheriff’s Department and several federal agencies were notified.

Saw Saucer 5 Times

(Martin Paskind, Albuquerque Journal, April 30, 1964)

“I don’t know why they picked me,” said Apolinar A. Villa Jr. “I’m just an ordinary working man-just a mechanic.

“They said there was a purpose. What is it, I don’t know.” Five times in about five years, says “Paul” Villa, he has seen flying saucers. Twice, he has talked to their occupants.

JUNE, 1964                                 13

And once, he says, he returned from his encounter with a roll of film. If Villa is the victim of fantasy, it’s fantasy in Kodacolor. “The pictures are authentic. They’re the real thing,” he says. “There are a lot of things I can’t say-I don’t think anybody would believe it. But the pictures are the real thing.”

Villa, who is not surprised at recent saucer sightings, took his pictures with a Japanese camera the last time he saw the saucers, he said. Last June 16, be said, he spent from 2:30 to 4 in the afternoon with the people-men and women-borne by the space machine.

The saucer’s occupants, said Villa, were not superhuman. But they were superior to our species in physical qualities, and in quality of knowledge.

Villa, 47, lives with his son and daughter-in-law in Albuquerque and works for N.C. Ribble & Co. His first saucer sighting came on the West Coast, when he conversed with the occupant of a small saucer.

Twice, the devices hovered over his home. The second time, the home was burned.

Once Villa sighted a saucer near Lindrith. This was the largest about 900 feet in diameter.

The saucer be viewed near Peralta was about 160 feet across, Villa said.

From it. stepped a number of people from the far-distant galaxy of Coma Berenices, unimaginably far distant from here.

In the meeting, and in telepathic contacts before and since, Villa said he acquired fragments of the starmen’s knowledge.

Villa said the starmen are interested in New Mexico because of a magnetic fault in Farmington-their ships travel “magnetic lines.” Clothed in tight-fitting one-piece uniforms, the starmen made an attractive crew. And what did they think of us

“Their opinion is not that, we’re bad or good,” Villa said. Nor will they attempt to save the human race from itself.

“They know that there is a super intelligence that governs all the universe and everything in it,” he said.

Pesticide Peril `Like Radiation’

(From Vancouver Sun, Sept. 3, 1963)

ABERDEEN, Scotland (Reuters) -Pest-killing chemicals threaten the world in a way similar to radioactive fallout, a British scientist said here today.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Dr. N. W. Moore, head of the toxic chemical and wild life section of the British Nature Couservance Department, made the statement at the annual meeting here of the British Association for the Advancement of Science.

During discussion on effects of pest control agents, he said, pollution by persistent pesticides posed similar problems to those caused by radioactive waste materials.

“In both cases we are confronted with contamination on a world scale.

Residues of the most dangerous pesticides have been found in plants and animals in northern Canada, hundreds of miles from the nearest spraying operations,” Moore said.

He said the reproductive ability of at least one species of predatory British bird was declining, and the population of all predatory birds was declining in eastern England.

A most likely explanation, he said, was that this was caused by insecticides which became concentrated in bodies of flesh-eating animals.

——— ♦ ———


After reading many awesome reports of radar and visual sightings of strange objects, and the very interesting book “Flying Saucers Have Landed,” by Leslie and Adamski, I feel it is necessary to shed a little light on the subject by clarifying a couple of factors that are considered fantasy by many people.

Too many folks are letting themselves get, carried away with fantastic imaginations regarding UFO phenomena when they really know better. This creates distortion in UFO reports, and newspaper coverage that creates disbelief rather than constructive thought. I mean to bring the awesome points down to earth, and eliminate the ghostly atmosphere surrounding the saucer subject with commonsense practical facts.

For instance, nobody has reported seeing a large object suddenly dematerialize in front of their eyes, but, they have reported objects diminishing in apparent size to invisibility. Yet, some people would immediately associate this type of report with something supernatural, when a moment of plain thinking would tell them that any object. traveling directly away from a person would tend to diminish

JUNE, 1964                                 15

in size until lost in haze or in the glare of surrounding sky or clouds.

With increased acceleration of the object, the effect is more pronounced. In the distance, an object appears to fade into the background, unless it gets lost in low clouds sooner.

Radar echo reports tell of signals disappearing from viewing scopes. Yet most people who watch radar scopes know for a fact that even aircraft targets disappear from scopes when the aircraft is streamlined and approaching the radar station. This is simply because radar signals must be reflected from a target in sufficient quantity or volume to register on scopes, and the leading edge of an airplane wing presents a knife-edge effect to radar signals, reflecting practically no signals to the radar receivers. A cancellation effect also occurs in many radar systems if an aircraft is traveling at certain speeds, resulting in a temporary loss of targets at viewing scopes.

Now it is common knowledge that most of the UFO reports speak of saucer-shaped objects, which would naturally present insignificant amounts of signal reflections to a radar receiver, unless the UFO turned one of its flat surfaces toward the radar station. Yet radar observers appear to be perplexed that these targets should disappear from their scopes, when they should be awed at the times that they actually get satisfactory signal returns from such an object.

On many occasions people are prepared to call the Sheriff’s Office or newspapers as soon as they see a spot of light sailing across the heavens, without even seeing any substantial evidence of body, shape, or any altitude determination. They would almost swear to statements of having seen a flying saucer or UFO, when in reality they only saw an aircraft light, or a satellite which was illuminated by our sun (below the horizon).

Again, it is common knowledge that. all warning lights on airplanes do not blink on and off, and most aircraft carry red, white, and green lights. Also, we have over 400 satellites in orbit about the earth, some of which are in almost. continuous sunlight due to their position and altitude. These satellites range in size from one foot to thirty feet in length, with the larger ones now glowing as brightly as Saturn or Jupiter. We should not confuse responsible authorities with reports of moving lights unless we can describe the shape and

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

size of the objects which are carrying said light, and other definite and descriptive information. A meteorite (falling star) is easily recognized as such, and does not come under the heading of UFO or flying saucer.

If our society is to advance into a higher plane of technological existence, we must be willing to accept the idea that somewhere in this vast universe there might just possibly be someone with a superior intellect, or with more advanced mode of transportation than we have on earth. Then, if we can approach the flying saucer controversy with unbiased opinions and an open mind, much like a blind person who is learning the nature of a new device, we may be able to piece together sufficient pertinent data from thoughtful individuals to enhance the materialization of something concrete and understandable, that can be placed on a drawing board for practical application.

A good example of the prevalent negative approach to the situation occurred rather recently when a supposedly learned man (and an astronomer at that) went out on call to inspect the vicinity of a UFO sighting. We were astonished to hear that this man was looking for blast effects similar to that created by a Titan or Atlas type missile. Isn’t it amazing that our government should waste travel expenses on a person lacking an open mind to the possibility of acquiring knowledge in advanced concepts of technology? The man’s report was akin to one stating that the wind did not exist because we could not see any footprints where it had passed.

For persons who are frightened into showing hostility toward a UFO, we would remind them to consider the feasibility of attacking a superior type of adversary, especially if no hostility is demonstrated by the object. Also, we would be instigating an atmosphere of enmity which would immediately repel any friendly interest possible UFO occupants might have toward permitting us the opportunity to learn anything of their mode of transportation, or the chance to even meet them.

Another point. worth considering is that any object capable of creating a force field of sufficient energy to repel or deflect any missile or bullet fired at it. Since there have been no reports of hostility from any saucer-like objects reported in our midst, it may behoove us to dissolve the attitude of panic that is now prevalent

JUNE, 1964                                 17

in our flying saucer program, and encourage an atmosphere of welcome to any friendly opportunities for advancing our humble earthbound existence.

With the approach of summer weather and fewer sun-spots, there will be more flying saucer reports from our northern latitudes, so we should utilize every opportunity to inject common sense and calm thoughtfulness into every UFO report, and approach the matter constructively. If there are any advanced beings in our midst, we will certainly gain nothing by frightening them away to another country which may be willing to display welcome signs. We should be the first ones to exhibit a friendly interest in their advanced technology, and show a genuine desire for friendship and understanding.

-Steven J. Takacs

——— ♦ ———

bulletin board

Dan Fry’s Lecture Tour

Answers to the initial inquiries concerning Dr. Dan Fry’s proposed lecture tour indicate that the more distant Units would prefer a fall schedule. It has, therefore, been decided that Dan Fry will be available for public lectures in California during the month of June.

The lecture topics include: The Curve of Development; Science and Superstition, and Spaceships, Past, Present and Future. The Spaceship lecture will include “a discussion of the inherent aspiration of man, wherever he may exist in the universe, to reach out into

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

space; to have the mental and technological capacity to search for knowledge among the stars.”

Oakland, #3, has already selected Saturday, June 6th, St. Marks Hotel, 12th and Franklin Streets, Oakland, 8 P.M., as their lecture date.

San Francisco, #11, will present Dan Fry, Sunday, June 7th, 2 P. M., at 609 Sutter Street, San Francisco. A social hour with refreshments is planned.

Members and friends are asked to check with their local units on other possible June lectures in their respective areas.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The Understanding, Inc., Board of Directors will hold their semiannual meeting on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, June 6th and 7th, at the St. Marks Hotel, Oakland, Calif.

Merlin Reports

Merlin Unit #1 is maintaining a busy schedule of activities. The second film presentation of “The Strange Case of the Cosmic Ray” met with very favorable audience reaction.

Mr. Herbert Clarke the founder and President of the Vancouver, Canada, flying saucer club, will be the guest at the first club picnic of the season. Mr. Wayne Aho will be the guest speaker for the unit’s May meeting with his illustrated lecture “Are There U.F.O’s?”

Coming Lectures At Inglewood

Mrs. Roberta Forrester, Program Chairman for Unit #15, of Inglewood, Calif., announces that the June 27th lecture at 820 Java Street, Inglewood, will feature Jessica Madigan, who will speak on world prophecy and the Edgar Cayce records. The lecture is entitled: “Adventure Beyond Time.”

The Inglewood Unit also wishes to announce that their July lecturer will be Joseph Busby, editor of Voice Universal, now on a lecture tour of the United States.

The public is always cordially invited. Admission is by donation.

Type Library Address Change

Notice has been received that the Understanding Tape Rental Library has a new address. Please change your records to read c/o New Age Center, 145 N. E. 14th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 73104.

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10c per word per insertion; 3 or more insertions same copy, 8c per word.

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DOCUMENTARY-70 Minute-Full Color-Motion Picture

concerning … Unidentified Flying Objects

By Merle S. Gould and Dr. Frank E. Stranges, Producers

WHAT DOES Peter Hurkos, Dr. George King, Dr. George Van Tassell, Sydney Omarr, Gabriel Green, Michael X. Barton, Carl Anderson, CBS Newscasters, Bill Wolff and Fred Anderson say about the Flying Saucer Mystery? SEE and HEAR these outstanding authorities plus many more.


LONG BEACH-Morgan Hall, Star Auditorium Friday, June 5th, 8 P.M.

SAN DIEGO-El Cortez Hotel, Don Room  Saturday, June 6th, 2 & 8 P.M.

SAN JOSE-Sainte Claire Hotel, Sparton Rm. Thurs., June 11, 2 & 8 P.M.

SACRAMENTO-Senator Hotel, Jubilee Rm. Sat., June 13, 2 & 8 P.M.

SAN Francisco-Marine Memorial Club, Crystal Rm. Sun., June 14, 8 PM

OAKLAND-Oakland Auditorium, Ballroom Mon., June 15, 2 & 8 P.M.

PASADENA-Odd Fellows Temple Saturday, June 20th, 2 & 8 P.M.

ENCLOSED is $_____ For _____ Seats to “STRANGE SIGHTINGS”

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COSMIC STAR, Dept. IEC, 6118 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood, Calif.

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There is no charge. We will be glad to put your name on our mailing list.


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Think In Rhythm is a textbook

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What messages, what visions, do they have for you? Made according to an ancient Qabalistic formula, they were used by Rosicrucians and Seers of old to read the varied scrolls of human life and its destiny.


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