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VOLUME IX                                 MAY, 1964                                                  NUMBER 5

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Within the last few weeks the Treasury Dept. of the United States Federal Government has casually announced its intention to default on one of its most solemn and simple pledges to the American people. It is not the first default of this type that has occurred, but it is probably the most important because of its extensive nature, and because not even the ghost of am apology or any valid excuse was offered by the Treasury Dept. for its decision to refuse to honor its written obligations. There are in the United States today something over three hundred million promissory notes issued by the United States Treasury which that treasury now announces it has no intention of honoring or redeeming. These promissory notes are more commonly known as one and five dollar silver certificates. The five dollar certificate is seldom seen at the present time since most, of them were taken up and disposed of before the default was announced. Your editor, however, still has a number of these five dollar certificates which are now unredeemable.

Until a few months ago, every dollar bill printed was a silver certificate, and all of them have printed across the face the following statement: “This certifies that there is on deposit in the treasury of

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

United States of America one dollar in Silver, payable to the bearer on demand. This means that for every paper dollar that was printed a silver dollar was coined (or was supposed to have been coined). The silver dollar was stored in the treasury and the paper dollar which was issued was simply a certificate of ownership in the silver dollar which had been deposited. These silver dollars do not belong to the treasury or to the government. They belong in law and in fact to the people who have the ownership certificates known as one dollar bills.

The treasury dept. now announces that there are about three hundred million more of the ownership certificates in circulation than there are silver dollars to redeem them. This means that either a tremendous fraud has been perpetrated upon the public by the issuance of hundreds of millions of ownership certificates to nonexistent dollars, or the treasury has managed somehow to lose or mislay some three hundred million silver dollars. Since three hundred million silver dollars would weigh something more than 10,000 tons, its loss or misplacement by the treasury would seem to be somewhat careless.

Perhaps the fact that the silver dollar now has more than a dollar’s worth of silver in it may have something to do with the problem although the treasury has absolutely no right to melt these coins or to dispose of them in any way since they do not belong to the treasury. They belong to those who hold the promissory notes.

This deliberate default creates a serious hazard to the stability of our entire financial structure, but even more serious than this is the fact that it is certain to lower the confidence of any foreign people in the dependability of our government. Their attitude is certain to be, “how can we place any confidence in the promises or the treaties of your government when that government so casually defaults on its simplest, most solemn promise to its own people?”

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Volumes have been written and competent speakers have proclaimed the glory of Creation in perpetuity. No generation before us has ever been privileged with so many demonstrations pertaining to the reality of reincarnation as has our Aquarian Age. We are in an age where even the most ardent atheist is confronted with undisputable

MAY, 1964                                   3

evidence of the Universality of life and the perpetuity of it throughout the universe.

Those who have been blessed with contacts from other planets may well represent pioneers or forerunners of a new and more expansive age to prove that space and life is Universal and eternal. On the above basis, then, we may well ask ourselves the question ” What are our duties, what are our obligations toward that Source which forms the origin and the nucleus of that which we call life?”

An effort toward understanding this secret phenomena of life in its various stages seems an inescapable necessity for each living being. On the basis of the reality that life is eternal, would it not seem imperative that each and every living being should of necessity orientate his living and thinking toward the clear and concise understanding of the process of life.

The following lines are composed by the writer to form a spectrum of this phenomena of life and death, and it is hoped that the reader may gain some glimpse of that ever-shining light, the inspirations of a well-lived life and the peaceful passing into what seems eternity which follows the material existence upon this earth.

Out of Creation’s mystic realms the nebulous web of destiny brought into being the stellar script of universal life.

From Ursa Minor to the Southern Cross, to Orion, Pleiades, and Hercules, the Zodiac, and the Milky Way proclaim the glory of Creation’s timeless day.

Within this vast and complex movement of planets, sun and moon, through timeless interstellar space, we feel and see the mighty hand of God by which each heavenly messenger moves silently in its respective orb.

The Zodiac, God’s sentinels, and our guardians from the cradle to the grave.

The Sun, their Master-the Moon, its Warden.

Within this galaxy of interplanetary space, the orbs of planets through the Zodical signs proclaim the annual return of seasons. The birth and crucifixion of the Son of God, and with unerring accuracy, the Sun maintains the balance as the center of our solar script and its all-seeing eye guards and directs mankind’s unceasing quest.

In Consonance with Cosmic Law and by Creation’s infinite design,

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

mankind appeared as points of being within the dark and silent cosmic Night.

Let there be light! was our Grand Architect’s supreme command, and with the dawn of cosmic light an era of a New Creation became the order of a timeless day and our Spirit Mind and Body became the object of our Creator’s Grand Design.

Involution-Evolution-Epegenesis constitute the Holy Trinity by which Creation follows in the path and forms a pattern for the destiny of humankind.

Unerring as the Planet’s endless orbs and constant as the Northern Star, are God’s eternal laws by which mankind must live, to love and understand His purpose and design.

These are the laws which throughout eternity have regulated and maintained that equilibrium by which the Cosmos follows in its course and mankind lives and dies-and lives again.

Thus are we chosen, thus are we blessed, thus are w e privileged to be born, and cause birth, that we may learn to see and feel and understand the complex hand which guides us all.

Mankind’s travail, though self-imposed through ignorance and fear, will yet become a blessing when by our trial and error we have learned to know and understand the purpose of our mission here on earth.

It is with this purpose to fulfillment that we are here today and even though we may be gone tomorrow, in our limited concept of material life there is a continuation of that which we have postulated here on earth.

The question whence and whether confronts us all, and in our search we learn by logic, prayer and reason that mankind’s purpose and reward on earth is neither a beginning, a fulfillment, nor an end for spirit, mind, and soul.

That our body is Creation’s gift, a sacred trust, and temple, wherein the mind and spirit dwells and by the Grace of its Creator’s guiding hand, seeks to evolve to consciousness and power to infinite realms of universal life.

The mind is mankind’s gateway, the battleground of every human heart.

Man’s greatest sin is idleness. Creative labor-Godliness.

MAY, 1964                                   5

Throughout the pages of recorded time appeared a creed, a dogma, a moral code of conduct by which men found their brother and their God. It led them from eternal darkness into that light by which men found the purpose and objective of mankind’s life and death.

Prayer has been given men to form a fulcrum by which he elevates his spirit, mind and soul above material limitation and when sustained by cardinal virtues and its tenets, will reach attainment to our Creator’s mystic realms.

Laws, creeds and dogmas inspired by those who searched and found the purpose of Creation and their God, have left us a heritage and with eternal reverence we must hail the blessing of our Creed.

May the blessing of creative and constructive labor blended with an expansive understanding of the vicissitudes of life and the recognition of our obligation for the Power that sustains our everyday existence, be ours in constant, perpetuity.

-R. H. Dachner, Understanding Unit No. II

——— ♦ ———

world report

The Future

(The following statements are from an article entitled: “Human Deep Freezing,” by James C. G. Conniff. Family Weekly, March 8, 1964.)

But if you think refrigerated spacemen are the ultimate in ways and means of interstellar travel, you just haven’t heard about a promising technique geared to the more remote future. A fantastic process called “time-stopped molecular decomposition-recomposition,” it is already being pursued, on a hush-hush basis, both here and in the Soviet Union.

In simpler terms, that mouthful means that nucleonic scientists hope one day to be able to convert the material of a spaceship and its crew into their pure-energy components without damaging either.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

They will then launch this “electrodynamic bio-pack”-like a plane homing on a beacon-along radio beams to whatever star is considered likely to have livable planets.

On arrival within the gravitational field of the chosen star, centuries or millennia later, the pre-timed process will reverse. Ship and space travelers alike will be “reconstituted” for one of the most awesome awakenings this side of kingdom come.

The Eightfold Way

(Time Magazine, February 28, 1964)

“The esoteric world of theoretic physics went into spasms of enthusiasm when the Brookhaven National Laboratory announced the identification of a new elementary particle. It is not the biggest particle known nor the smallest, and it lives only one ten-billionth of a second. But physicists all over the world were stirred up because it has almost precisely the mass that was predicted for it by long-range theory.

“For years physicists have been confused by the largely accidental discovery of more and more particles .. . By the time about 100 such bits of matter had been found, physicists began to doubt that they were really elementary. Questions arose. Were some of the particles merely “states” of other particles, differing only in minor ways? Were they all just combinations of a few really elementary particles? … No general law relating the particles to one another could be proved.

“One of the most promising attempts to devise such a law was made by Physicists Yuval Ne’eman of Israel and Murray Gell-Mann of Cal-Tech, with a contribution from Japanese-born Susumu Okubo of the University of Rochester. Called affectionately the “eightfold way,” from Buddha’s list of eight virtues, the theory is based on eight quantum numbers or fundamental properties that can be used to describe particles . . .

“The unknown particle predicted by the eightfold way was named omega minus, and both CERN Laboratory in Geneva and Brookhaven National Laboratory started elaborate campaigns to find it … There was an almost uncanny agreement with the predictions of the eightfold way …

“Their discovery by a guiding theory has given an enormous boost to physics. Now that the eightfold way has been checked by this

MAY, 1964                                   7

striking success, it can be used as a trusty tool in the search for more discoveries.”

Doctors Who Saw Ghosts

(Chicago Daily News)

SAO PAULO; BRAZIL-Nineteen doctors, eminent, specialists in their fields, have been conducting extensive experiments with the supernatural.

According to their reports, they have seen ghosts.

The experiments have been taking place in Uberaba, in the state of Minas Gerais, long the mecea of Brazilian mediums and spiritualists.

Recently newspapermen have been permitted to assist and to take pictures.

Elaborate precautions have been taken to prevent fraud and deception. The meetings are held in the offices of various participating doctors, with all doors, windows and other openings lacked and sealed so that no one could enter or leave the room.

The place is thoroughly examined for secret passages or panels and only the minimum of necessary furniture is permitted.

All participants are searched and must appear without coats and ties and with empty pockets. Moreover, each participant has a large phosphorescent number painted on his back to enable the others to keep track of his movements.

Every camera and each film used are not only inspected but specially marked to remove any chance of photographic tricks.

As a further precaution, the medium is locked in a specially constructed iron cage, similar to the ones used for animals in zoos. And as a final measure, the medium is tied by the doctors to a chair within the cage, with hands and feet handcuffed, thus preventing any movement.

The testimony of the 19 doctors, as well as of the newsmen who attended the séances, is almost identical. All agree on what they have seen and heard; yet none is able to explain the apparitions he has witnessed, which were also clearly recorded in the photos taken.

The behavior of the mediums varied little. Two men and a woman had acted at different times. Secured in the cage, with the lights out, the medium would fall in a trance during which he would secrete

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

through his mouth, nose or ears a milky white substance resembling toothpaste. This is now being studied in laboratories.

It is from this “ectoplasm,” which contains a number of matters essential to life, including protein, that the apparition takes its final shape.

Will a medical solution be found to explain these phenomena? Will this open new fields for medicine and science? Or were all these apparitions simply master frauds? Only time will tell.

Signals to Earth

(By Theodore Shabad, New York Times News Service)

MOSCOW-Two Soviet science writers have advanced the hypothesis that on three occasions within the past century light signals were received on earth from apparently highly developed inhabitants of a planet of the 61st star of the constellation Cygnus. These signals, which the authors interpret as “invitations to talk,” were said to have been received in 1882, 1894 and 1908. The last of these, identified with an unexplained natural catastrophe in Siberia, was, in reply to explosion of the Indonesian island of Krakatoa in 1883. The interval of 25 years is roughly the time needed for light to travel from the solar system to a distant star and back again.

The intriguing theory of interstellar two way communication is published in the latest issue of the Leningrad Literary monthly Zveda by Genrikh Altov and Valentina Zhuravleva. Zveda and another Leningrad magazine, Neva, have been bold in scientific speculations which frequently has been criticized by Soviet academic scholars.

Situated in one of the most. impressive sections of the milky way, Cygnus contains a relatively faint star marked 61 in large star maps. This was the star selected in 1838 by German astronomer Friedrich Wilhelm Dessel in the first measurement of a star’s distance.

Soviet writers suggest one of the planets of star 61 has a highly developed civilization which long has been sending laser type signals in the direction of the solar system. Laser is a device using ruby crystals for sending highly intense light beams over long distances.

In the view of the authors, these signals on coming in contact with the earth’s atmosphere produced either an explosion or an unusual optical phenomena resembling the fall of a meteorite.

MAY, 1964                                   9

Such a phenomenon, in the form of a greenish luminescent disk, was observed and described in detail in 1882 and 1894.

The third signal is associated by the authors with the so-called Tunguska meteorite which laid bare a vast. uninhabited area of central Siberia June 30, 1908. The catastrophe has been the subject of a great controversy among. Soviet scientists, who have sought explanations in a giant meteorite, a strange spaceship, a rock shower, cosmic dust and even in an atomic explosion.

The writers contend the last ray signal from the distant planet was in reply to a great volcanic eruption on the island of Krakatoa, situated between Java and Sumatra.

This explosion, the most powerful in human memory, ejected plasma (ionized gas) which, in the authors’ view, interacted with the earth’s ionosphere to emit a powerful radio or light impulse which was received on the Cygnus planet 11 years later and interpreted as a signal from the solar system.

Savagery Hardly to Be Believed

(Decatur Herald, April 4, 1964)

As evidence that man does not profit from the savage lessons of history, the annual “seal hunt madness” in the Gulf of St. Lawrence may be cited.

According to a New York Times report, people in large numbers go out to slaughter seals, earning as much as $1,000 a day.

“Even housewives join the hunts, chasing the bleating pups and their parents across ice floes. They fracture the seals’ skulls with two-foot clubs, skin them and drag pelts back to collection points,” the Times reports.

The pelts are in demand for women’s coats, the blubber for margarine, some of the leather for wallets and the paws-after being marinated-for food. Hunters have used ski planes and helicopters to make “hunting terribly efficient.” The herds are in great danger of being destroyed as were the great herds of buffalo and flocks of passenger pigeons in the last century.

It all seems like a grotesque April Fool’s joke in an era when one would suppose that unrestrained and senseless slaughter had been eliminated by game conservation laws.

Do the civilized nations of the United States and Canada really permit such savagery at their front doorstep?

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING


(From the “Christian Yoga World,” April-May, 1964, we publish the following article, written by Swami Sanatjumara)

What Yoga Is Not

“Yoga is neither a system of thought, nor a belief, nor a cult. It is the path on which man gradually unfolds superconsciously (awakens the Christos) to the Truth, the Realization of Self within himself.

`Yoga is not a strange system of oriental gymnastics, nor the demonstration of extraordinary physical or mental powers. True Yoga is not demonstrated.

“Yoga is not intellectually learned, memorized, nor discussed. It is infused, felt, seen, awakened and become.

“Yoga is not a retreat from the so-called realities of life. It is a constant practice of self-enquiry giving the ability to transcend the seeming limitations of the conscious min (the external phase of the mind).

“Yoga knows no ten-easy-steps or instant-illumination pills. It is a natural unfoldment, stimulated only the devotee’s intense desire to realize Truth …

“Yoga is not first aid for the frustrated; it rather allows the patient to doctor the cause of the cut.

“Yoga is not a method of self-hypnosis offering escape to the disappointed or the depressed.  It is an elevator in the mind, enabling those who attain the heights of consciousness an unobstructed view.

“Yoga is not unscientific. It reaches dimensions within man only now beginning to be tapped by the tools of science.”

What Yoga Is

“In whatever degrees man thinks, feels, and acts, so that. he is able to make contact with the spiritual source within himself, he is enjoying the practice of Yoga, or Union!

“Who Am I? Where Did I Come From? Where Am I Going? “Most of us are too easily beguiled by the ramified distractions of our material lives to even consider for long, `Why am I here?’ As long as we can remain physically comfortable and secure from

MAY, 1964                                   11

day to day, there appears to be no compelling reason for ever discovering an answer to the question, if one exists. Indeed, it is more reasonable, or at least more comfortable, to accept an inheritance of belief, particularly if a great number of other people can be found to believe roughly the same tiring, for to wonder too long and too penetratingly about such ideas as “Who Am I?”-“Where Did I Come From?”-” Where , Am I Going?” will, eventually, separate us from the crowd. And truly, the Yogi is one who neither seeks nor finds fulfillment in “the crowd “-he gives to “the crowd” of the endless resources lie finds within himself, and thus, he might seem, to be one of the crowd, apart, different.

“He is. He is striving to be himself instead of being everyone around him . .. “

(From the “Voice of Astra,” July, 1963: “Will Adventures in Space Make Man Psychic?”-Margaret Doring)

“The success of our recent Mercury Project has changed the direction of scientist’s endeavors from around and around the earth to up and away … For such tremendous distances the space ship will be modified and also the astronauts.

“In a startling statement at a recent meeting of the American Rocket Society, leading aerospace physician Dr. Toby Freedman said, `Man can be changed into an `optiman’ and we think we can make him in the near future …

“Another of his statements was, `Medicine has in the past confined itself to restoring the patient to his natural state, which is by definition an optimum, and left it to the cults and quacks to offer programs for developing superhuman powers.

“Dr. Freedman suggests an investigation into the superhuman powers of the Tibetan Lamas, the Yogis and Peruvian Indians. Their feats are an answer to space travel problems, such as maintaining normal skin temperatures in sub zero cold; how to exist on a fraction of normal oxygen consumption; to do heavy labor at altitudes where the average man cannot breathe; to be immune to space radiation. There are others the doctor did not mention: How to obtain sustenance from the atmosphere; thought communication, and control of gravity and the magnetic energies.

“Dr. Freedman added, All these adaptations have been accomplished

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

without the benefit of science, but now science can take a hand and speed up the process immeasurably.’ . . .

“There is indeed a `great day dawning’ and science will be amazed to find that the Great Architect has `built in’ all the capacities and abilities necessary for space travel in man’s second body the Psychic Self. . . “

——— ♦ ———


(At the suggestion of the president of the Riverside Unit, #22, members of the group wrote letters to her explaining the significance of Understanding to them personally. The following are extracts from two such letters.)

The first letter reads: “I would say that the purpose of Understanding is expansion-growth, in other words. I see Understanding as a great portal. As we pass beneath this grand arch we see many gateways on both sides of the highway. There is philosophy, healing, UFO’s, hypnotism, self-realization, electronics, borderland sciences, communications, and others. We enter at first one gate and then another, In some fields we stay longer and study deeper-as the individual desire prompts us, but Ave are all welded together in a forward movement of unfoldment and upliftment. And, thus we grow and expand. We learn how better to understand ourselves, our neighbors, other races and nationalities, and to prepare ourselves to understand those on other planets.

“I want to serve Understanding in whatever way I am capable. I am not a lecturer, author, organizer, contactee, nor am I even highly educated, but I am willing to do whatever I am physically, mentally, and spiritually able to do-with the prayerful desire that I can contribute more as I grow- and develop in Understanding.”

The second reads: “I believe that to promote understanding amongst all the people of the earth through love and mutual helpfulness, without depriving anyone of his right to express himself as an individual, is the only way we will have a lasting peace on earth. We need the unique expression of truth that every individual, every religion, every country has to offer. We need the love and wisdom to hear all opinions and consider every solution possible to live with

MAY, 1964                                   13

all others in harmony. There are many pathways to truth. No one has a monopoly on God and His goodness.

“This wider and more universal viewpoint, so necessary for world peace, is, I believe, taking place because of the devoted work being done, both on the outer and inner planes, by people of all faiths-and because of the help we are receiving from our more advanced brothers from outer space. I believe that it is the only way to avert the destruction that seems to be about to engulf us. It will turn the tide for a way into the New Age with a just and lasting peace.”

——— ♦ ———


A substantial group of Merlin residents and other interested people participated in a combination brush burn and picnic on Sunday, March 15th at the site of the station on Radio Hill. Their efforts succeeded in removing most of the debris left from the initial clearing of the site for the building and transmitting tower. At the next volunteer session it, is hoped substantial progress will be made on the road and parking area.

The work of completing the F.C.C. application has been divided into the categories of programming, engineering and organization. These areas are nearing completion and upon their joint compilation the application will be ready for submission. Merlin Development Company will be responsible for the business and financial aspects while the Radio Guild members will be most directly involved in programming.

Donations to date for the building fund stand at $1775.00. After the cost of previous construction has been deducted there is a balance of $250.00 available for completion of the building.

The transmitter package is going to cost approximately $15,000 and may be purchased with a down payment of about $2,000. We are most grateful for the receipt of a substantial anonymous donation for equipment. This leaves only a small amount of the down payment, to be raised.

With the building nearing completion and submission of the F.C.C. application at hand, if everyone interested in the station will contribute just a small amount, Radio Understanding will be on the air.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner


Tortured by unknown forces,

Pulled downward unceasingly

By that force which draws all of us

To solid earth,

Tugged upward continually

By that force that draws some of us

To the uncertainty of the firmament.,

The tides move inexorably

To their predestined fate.

Infinitely they do their prescribed duty

At the appointed time.

Before all … after all The tides will prevail.

-K. Strelecki

Revelation In the Bud

I lower my glass from tracking satellites

To contemplate the rose bush on my lawn:

There’s stalk and stem and leaf and pin-point thorn

And network vascular to boll of bloom,

And over all intoxicating scent

MAY, 1964                                   16

Each subtle part and the mysterious whole

A preconception set and held on course

By threads of inspiration in the seed.

I lower my glass pursuing trial balloons

That man has cast to interlope among

The hoary fixtures of the universe

To muse upon the rose bush at my door

What need to flit afield up there, when here

Is lodged all revelation in the bud!

-A. S. Flumenhaft

——— ♦ ———


(This is the first of a series of descriptive listings of Exchange Publications received by Understanding, Inc. We encourage you to investigate those that appeal to you. Ed.)

1.      The Voice Universal, 8 Watling Road, Southwick, Brighton, Sussex, England.

A New Age Friendship Newspaper representing the VOICE of Truth, Brotherhood and Right Understanding throughout the world. Editor, Joseph Busby.

2.      The Aberee, P. 0. Box 528, Enid, Oklahoma.

The Aberee operates on a very unique policy. .. with sub-policy, a sub-sub policy and also a sub-sub-sub policy. If you are not getting it better send 25 cents for a sample copy. It is well worth it!

3.      UFO Investigator. Published by the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, 1536 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washington, D. C.

NICAP membership including UFO Investigator $5.00 per year. (Information, facts and findings of high level source.)

4.      International Paranormal Bulletin, Amsterdam, Holland, G.P.0. Box 1524.

A bulletin dedicated to physical and psychical para-normal subjects, borderline science and research-also ufology, etc. Non-politically directed. Dedicated to individual human rights and values-the defense of freedom and the promoting of knowledge and understanding.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

5.         The Journal of Borderland Research, P.O. Box 548, Vista, Calif. Riley Crabb, Director.

A publication of the Borderline Sciences Associates Foundation, Inc. The chief concern of this Association is to make this information available, as a public service. Single copies $1.00 each.

6.      The Voice of Universarus, 6403 N. E. Pacific, Portland 13, Ore.

Publication of the Universarun Foundation-a Cosmic movement for the Planet Earth. Single copy 50 cents.

7.      The Spacecrafter. Publication of the Spacecaft Research Association, P. 0. Box 264, Phoenix, Ariz. (non-profit organization.)

To encourage public support, investigation, and research.

8.      Mark-Age Publications, 327 N. E. 20th Terrace, Miami 37, Fla.

Presents a Hierarchical Plan for our Planet and this Solar System. No charge is made for these publication-voluntary contributions only. There is much valuable material in each issue.

9.      Religious Digest. Edited and published by K. Ramachandra, Jayanthipura, Ceylon. (Talangama.)

An International devoted to the teachings of prophets, sages and saints of the east and west. Single copy 50 cents.

-True Day, #25

——— ♦ ———



Synopsis: After World War I an Arab peasant chanced upon the ruins of an ancient city, Petra. His investigations led him into a 40 foot square room and there he fell through a revolving floor slab into a labyrinth of underground chambers. Here he wandered for days. During these wanderings he found one room filled with piles of cold and precious jewels, another filled with boxes of rolled parchments.

His long, lonely ordeal beneath the ruins of the ancient city was almost over. The countless steps ended at the entrance of a dark tunnel into which he crawled on hands and knees; emerging a few minutes later inside a large cave almost a mile above the spot where he had first entered the temple, nearly three weeks before!

As can readily be imagined, word of his fantastic discoveries

MAY, 1964                                   17

touched off a feverish search for the vast treasure-hoard, as well as the equally valuable scrolls. Even the staid British Museum sent out a well-equipped expedition in the spring of 1927, in hopes of re-locating the mysterious “revolving stone.” But although men paced the floor of the great temple-room for hours on end, it continued to elude them.

And so, down through the years, the mysterious contents of the great subterranean labyrinth has remained a challenge to archeologists and scholars alike. Had the herdsmen unwittingly come upon one of the treasure vaults dating back to the heyday of the great city, and perhaps overlooked in a moment of sudden peril?

Or was it the illy-gotten wealth of ancient pirates who, legend tells us, founded the city long before the days of the Nabateans ? And the scrolls; Is it possible that they might be more “lost books” of the Bible, such as were the famous Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered in 1947 by two shepherd boys playing in a cave near Khebert Qumran? Or are they merely some long-forgotten records of the ancient founding kings themselves?

Still unanswered too is whether these same tumbled ruins hold yet another famous treasure: Israel’s most prized of all religious relics, the sacred Ark of the Covenant, said to have been spirited away from Jerusalem on the eve of her fall to the Babylonian hordes of King Nebuchadnezzar by the great Hebrew prophet, Jeremiah. (11 Kings : 25)

Perhaps some dedicated theologist, such as Dr. Phillip C. Hammond, of the Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey, who has spent three summers conducting extensive excavations in the wake of similar expeditions (the Horsfield-Melchett party, 1925; the British, 1937; and the Department of Antiquities of the Hashmite Kingdom of Jordon, 1955, to name but a few), will someday find the answer, thereby shedding still more light on the religious history of the Western World . . . while at the same time bringing a fuller understanding of Christianity to all mankind.

——— ♦ ———

He who has a goal and moves toward it, walks unconfused in the midst of confusion.

-Sue Ann Gerlach

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

bulletin board

Lecture Tour Impending

Dan Fry is considering the possibility of a National (and perhaps an International) lecture tour. Final decision will be based upon the interest shown by the various units and any other interested groups. Starting date should be sometime between the middle of May and the first, of June.

If you have any thoughts on this, please advise us as soon as possible so that. final plans may be made. (P.O. Box 76, Merlin, Ore.)


Buck Nelson announces he will sponsor his 8th Annual Spacecraft Convention at his Mt. View Ranch, Mountain View, Mo., on June 27-28-29.

Wayne Aho will be the featured guest speaker at the Space Age Conclave at Love’s Retreat, Lakemont, Ga. This meeting is sponsored by The Church of Ageless Wisdom (Philadelphia) and will be held during the week of July 18 through 26.

Maywood Hosts Joseph Busby

President Mary Bassano of the Maywood Unit #59, of New Jersey writes: We recently sponsored a lecturer-Joseph Busby, mystic, universalist and editor of the “Voice Universal.” The lecture was well attended and most inspiring. Mr. Busby spoke on “Mystics and Occultists I Have Known.” He also displayed and explained some very beautiful paintings of his proposed Temple of the S.U.N. (Spiritual Unity of Nations).

MAY, 1964                                   19

If he is due in your area during the next few months, it will be a wonderful experience for you to hear this truly spiritual man.

Educational Movies

Merlin Unit .#1 in Oregon has inaugurated a new program of monthly educational movies to better acquaint the public with Understanding. The first program was given on April 12th and featured “Friendship Seven,” a fascinating color presentation of the orbital flight of John Glenn.

With well known lecturers in the area, April 5th the Unit presented Col. Arthur J. Barks and April 24th, George Van Tassel.

News of the Units

Col. Arthur J. Burks spoke at the April meetings of both Unit 11 in San Francisco, and Unit #15 in Inglewood. George Van Tassel will be the guest speaker in Inglewood on May 23rd, presenting a talk entitled “Mysteries of the Saucers Revealed.”

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The editors of Understanding magazine are happy to consider unsolicited manuscripts, both articles and poetry. Articles should not exceed 1,000 words (poetry 36 lines). Almost any type of material will be considered, providing that it is of a constructive nature and contributes to a better understanding of the subject matter employed. The editors are particularly interested in developing a greater degree of understanding among different peoples of the earth and an understanding of basic issues facing the people of this planet. Payment for articles accepted will be made upon publication at the rate of one cent per word (poetry 10 per line). The editors also are interested in seeing clippings of unusual items from newspapers and magazines, for which the sum of $1 per clipping published will be paid to the first person submitting it. All manuscripts should be typewritten, double-spaced and on one side of the sheet only. Manuscripts may not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed envelope bearing sufficient postage.


Address manuscripts to Understanding, P.O. Box 76, Merlin Ore. 97532


Would you like to receive letters from people sincerely interested in helping others along the path of light? The Friendly Letter Service is designed to fill the need people have for talking over the things that bother them, and to provide sympathetic friends in whom they can confide. It is our purpose to help people in their quest for understanding of life.

There is no charge. We will be glad to put your name on our mailing list.


P.O. Box B, Mount Shasta, Calif.





A Spiritual Vacation With Fun In The Sun. Relax and Refresh in Body, Mind and Spirit



Philadelphia, Pa.

(Rev. Beth R. Hand)

Presents Their Annual


(July 18 thru July 26, 1964)

And Have As Guest Speaker


One of the nations most popular speakers on New Age and Space.








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Laws of Scientific Living

Creative Problem Solving


Understanding of the Creative Process and Your Ability to Apply It.

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The time is at hand for all which are interested in a better world as lived by the Brothers, to put their instructions to work.

A correspondence course of information and instructions has now been assembled by George Adamski. It is given in simple language that all can understand, and will not interfere with the student’s faith. It prepares one for the future that he may guide others.

For information write to:


314 Lado de Loma Drive

Vista, California 92083.



Down the corridors of Time

echo the prophecies of


What messages, what visions, do they have for you? Made according to an ancient Qabalistic formula, they were used by Rosicrucians and Seers of old to read the varied scrolls of human life and its destiny.


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Dept. U

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Author of

“My Trip to Mars, the Moon and Venus”


The Eighth Annual

Spacecraft Convention


Buck’s Mountain View Ranch

Mountain View, Mo.

June 27-28-29, 1964

(Speakers Wanted)


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is the history of the United States, yet more amazing was its founding, the story of which is unfolded by

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The greatest adventure of this century: The Wisdom Pool. Your key to forever is found in your past, present and future. Investigate YOUR OWN royal path to cosmic consciousness. Death must be a conscious experience if you are to live consciously in the worlds between incarnations. This is possible only if you increase your awareness by re-viewing your past, present and future memories and make death a conscious experience. Send at once for “You Know It All” to:

Arthur J. Burks

c/o CSA-UN,

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