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VOLUME IX                                 APRIL, 1964                                               NUMBER 4

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


There are three broad stages in the evolution of human consciousness from the complete ego-centric, which is the beginning point of all life, to the cosmo-centric, which is the ultimate destination and which should be the conscious goal of all humanity.

In the first stage of evolution the attitude of the individual or of the immediate family group is one of, “kill or be killed”-“eat or be eaten.” There is no concept of mutual welfare or cooperation. Every man is the immediate or potential enemy of every other man, and might is the only right. The dividing line between stage one and two is reached when the attitude of man becomes, “every man for himself and the devil take the hindermost!” There is no cooperation, but the individual, instead of seeking to destroy his competitor, merely strives to leave him behind.

The second stage is known as the era of “live and let live.” The individual will tolerate competition within certain limits, and a reasonable amount of cooperation may be undertaken where the mutual benefit is clearly evident to both parties. The individual congratulates himself on his social evolution because he can tolerate the existence and, under favorable conditions, the presence of his neighbor.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

The third stage is the era of “live and help live.” At this point the individual ego begins to merge with the cosmic consciousness. The individual begins to realize that he is but a leaf on the tree of life, and that, while it is an individual entity, a leaf has no purpose or significance apart from the tree. He also, for the first time, truly begins to understand that strife between men or war between nations is as senseless as a battle between his left and his right hand, or between two branches of the same tree.

Our present “civilization” is, on the average, a little beyond the center of the second stage. We are willing to scratch our neighbor’s back so long as he does a satisfactory job of scratching ours, but. we still quote only the first portion of the cosmic motto. We are fond of saying that “the Lord helps him who helps himself.” When we reach the third stage of evolution we will have learned that He best helps himself who helps his neighbor.

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The sum of the prophecies that have been given to mankind down through the Ages, if we may sum, them up, may be generally interpreted as, `In the latter days of our civilization, great. chaos shall befall the people of Earth.’ Reactions to the prophecies given by the Prophets, Saints and Great Avatars of past. times, may be relegated to three distinct categories.

To the various phrasings and terminologies used to descriptively portray that which could happen, reactions have been either: (1) indifference or smugness; (2) disbelief; heedful and questioning, with the latter comprising only a very small minority. Sadly, many of those that have been indifferent and disbelieving have experienced suffering through the cataclysmic events that have already taken place.

But the prophecies have been given as `warnings’ that mankind might change the course of its selfish, earthly pursuits and find its way back home to a Brotherhood of Man in the Fatherhood of its Creator. The prophecies have been determined by reading a pattern, of seeing into the nature of mass actions and ultimately visualizing the events that the course of such actions would eventually bring about in future times.

APRIL, 1964                                3

It was known by the Prophets of old that our Earth and the system to which she belongs, would one day reach the ending of the present cycle in her evolution, and it was known that the majority of Earth People would not be sufficiently prepared spiritually to continue with their planet and solar system into the new cycle or New Age.

Civilization after civilization has chosen wrongly, and therefore, the beings in evolution upon this planet have lagged in their spiritual development and understanding, so the prophecies were given; they were given in great love, that the influence of their love might convey the reality of their words, but mankind in general has paid little serious heed to the fullness of these spoken warnings.

And again, almost simultaneously around the earth, Great Ones from other realms and other solar systems are echoing the overtures of the Prophets;; they are emphasizing that little time is left in which to prepare for the New Age now dawning. They foretell of the coming Age as being one of great, beauty and grandeur, an Age of Peace, Freedom and Justice-an Age where Man shall be transformed into a somewhat different, more highly refined species of Mankind. They speak of an entry of a new and second sun into our solar system, giving it an entirely new look and a greater energy radiating potential.

And due to the difference which this new sun shall make, out of the old will emerge a new way of things, for the consciousness of Man and systems must. ever evolve according to Divine Plan. But the transition from the old to the new will be a difficult road, a trying time, but it is also a time in which those with heedful ears can ill afford to remain inactive. Opportunities for soul growth abound for those who wish to serve, for only through service does Man grow in spirit, in wisdom, love and understanding.

The serving ones shall ride the crest through whatever chaos ensues; their protection is love, Light and understanding. Therefore, heed the prophecies, interpret them in relation to modern day information, and you shall find yourself going about a new way of life, earmarking that the building of the spiritual foundation for the New Age to come is taking place within you.

-Donald Knight

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING


Shortly after the close of World War I, a wandering Arab herdsman, searching for fresh oases and new pastures deep within the mountainous regions of Biblical Edom, came upon a twisting, narrow defile known as Bel-le-Sac (Arabic for Pass). For almost a mile he drove his trail-weary animals along its tortuous, gradually deepening path, to suddenly emerge amidst the crumbling ruins of what had once been a great city.

Temples, palaces and imposing mausoleums, many hand-carved eons ago into the face of living sandstone cliffs that towered in pink and rose splendor a sheer three thousand feet to the desert-like plateau above, lined its ancient thoroughfares.

Unknowingly, he had stumbled upon one of the wonders of the ancient world … Petra, legendary capital of the fabled Kingdom of Napal, its long-forgotten streets untrod by the foot of man for over a thousand years!

His natural curiosity aroused (and perhaps engendered a bit by thoughts of hidden treasure), he made his way through the age-old rubble. Entering one, of the more imposing facades (later to be identified as “Pharoah’s Treasury,” but in all probability the tomb of an early Nabatean king), he found himself in the eerie silence of a great, multi-pillared room forty feet square, with a row of strange inscriptions carved along the base of its far wall.

Going over to investigate further, one of the large, flat stones that composed the floor suddenly gave way beneath his feet. The next instant he was sprawling in a pile of soft sand. Fifteen feet above his head the stone slab silently completed a full are to reseal without a trace the opening through which he had just tumbled.

Uninjured by his fall, his eyes gradually adjusting, to the dim half-light of his surroundings, he gazed fearfully about him. He was in a small, cell-like chamber, connected to others like it by a series of low archways; the whole extending off into the distance as far as the eye could reach.

Cautiously he arose to his feet and entered the next room, then the next and the next, trudging warily from one to the other for hours on end, pausing only occasionally to rest, quenching his thirst

APRIL, 1964                                5

by licking moisture from the walls and eating sparingly of the moss like lichens that grew promiscuously near the damp spots. Suddenly he came upon a sight which, at any other time, would have cast him into a frenzy of excitement. Great piles of gold coins, precious stones and enormous pearls lay before his astounded gaze! Under his present circumstances, however, they held little interest for him. Fully aware that several days must have passed since he had first entered the great temple-room, there was but one thought foremost in his mind … freedom. He paused only long enough to thrust a few of the larger gems and some of the coins into a pouch at his belt, and continued wearily on his way.

Much to his joy, the monotonous maze of inter-locking rooms soon came to an end at the base of a long flight of well-worn stone steps that spiraled upwards, to be lost to view in the gathering haze and shadows far above.

Without hesitation he commenced the climb confronting him to come presently upon the first of several narrow landings, each with a small alcove leading from it. It was in one of these that he made his second startling discovery: a number of partially-rotted wooden boxes strewn about the dusty floor.

Thinking that perhaps he had come upon a second treasure cache, he hurriedly broke open several. To his great disappointment they contained only layers of rolled parchment, inscribed with strange characters of which he hadn’t the slightest knowledge. Unable, of course, to even estimate their potential value, he simply left them where they were.

-L. Berger Copeman

To be continued

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“If you confer a benefit, never remember it. If you receive one, never forget it.”

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

world report

The Air Force and Telepathy

LONDON -The United States Air Force has gone into the telepathy business.

At Hanscom Field, in Bedford, Mass., a research team comprised of a psychologist, an and a mathematician, has built electronics engineer, a physicist a computer to test three forms of extrasensory perception telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition.

The Air Force has just released “unclassified” material about some of the experiments which were carried out at Endicott Junior College for Girls at Beverly, Mass., between January 22 and May 31 last year.

Girls were chosen because it was thought that their womanly intuition was akin to ESP.

The computer, known as VERITAC, presents digits ranging from zero to nine to the subject in three different ways, each intended to satisfy the characteristics of the three forms of ESP. In testing precognition, the machine selects the target digit to be “guessed” after it has been chosen by the subject, and not before.

Hanscom Field is the headquarters of the electronics systems divisions of the Air Force and accommodates its Cambridge research laboratories.

Those concerned in the experiment-Everett S. Dagle, of the synthetic coding branch of the data sciences laboratory, William R. Smith, Margaret D. Hil, and John Mott-Smith, prefaced their report with a word of caution, but also suggested that they have taken the first step in a new direction-that of “employing automatic equipment to eliminate human bias and error.”

Stephen I. Abrams, an American researcher at Oxford University, reported that the Hanscom Field scientists seemed a little optimistic about their initial results.

He said the real significance of the news was that the American Air Force was that the American Air Force was prepared to put -money into this project and to let it be publicly known that it had

APRIL, 1964                                7

done so. At least one of the scientists in the U. S. team, he added, was evidently associated with the aerospace research project.

It has been known for some time that the Russians, led by professor V. Vasiliev of Leningrad, have been working on telepathy.

Convinced He Saw Saucers

(From New Zealand Herald, Feb. 8, 1964)

MELBOURNE, Australia-A Church of England clergyman attending the annual meeting of the Australian Council of Churches said yesterday that he was still convinced he had seen flying saucers and their mother ship.

He is, the Rev. Lionel Browning, aged 52, vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Cressy, Tasmania, and secretary of the Tasmanian Council of Churches.

Mr. Browning said he had been a sceptic about flying saucers when, in October, 1960, he saw a grey object appear from behind clouds near Cressy.

A number of flying saucers, he said, “fluttered” in the air around the mother ship. The mother ship remained stationary for several minutes, then disappeared back into the clouds.

Two of the saucers tipped at an acute angle as they accelerated at tremendous speed.

The appearance lasted about three minutes and was witnessed by other people in the Tasmanian midlands.

“I have never previously read anything about flying saucers,” said Mr. Browning, “but I am convinced that what I saw cannot be laughed off.”

Beauty Lasts 1800 Years

(From New Zealand Herald, Feb. 8, 1964)

ROME-The body of a beautiful young woman estimated to have been dead for 1800 years has presented Rome with a first-class mystery, says the British United Press.

The authorities have no clue to who she was or how she died. But when her body was taken out of the ground yesterday she looked as fresh and beautiful as she must have appeared when her tomb was sealed in the late days of the Roman Empire.

The body was so perfectly mummified that the police at first suspected they had stumbled on the corpse of a recent murder victim.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

They changed their minds after examining precious jewels on the body.

The rare archaeological find was made accidentally by building workers in an area of northern Rome where, in ancient times, patrician families and leaders of the imperial court had their villas.

A beautifully carved sarcophagus of pink stone was scooped out of the earth, and broken by a steam shovel being used on the building site.

Archaeologists who studied the body at the mortuary found the woman wearing two round earrings of finely worked gold. Round her neck she had a gold necklace studded with precious stones.

On the ring finger of her left hand was a large gold signet ring bearing the winged figure of a woman bearing a torch.

The woman had been placed naked in the tomb and covered with a strong fabric of laminated gold, which had preserved the body through the centuries.

Sun Spots and Human Behavior

NEW YORK (UPI)-Impressive massive statistics now support the idea that sun spots which periodically mess up the behavior of radios can also mess up the behavior of human beings.

The idea is not nearly as far-fetched as it may sound. To appreciate its worth you only have to realize that all creatures with central nervous systems operate on self-generated electricity.

It flows in direct currents, carrying nerve impulses. These power the built-in communications which permit people and other organisms to control themselves.

Transmitting and receiving radios are similarly powered. Their impulses travel through the earth’s magnetic field, and so do those of creatures. They have to-the creatures exist within the field.

Now, the earth’s magnetic field is, generally speaking, smooth flowing. The smoother it flows the better are radio communications. But there are continual variations which coincide with days becoming night and vice versa.

These are relatively minor, however. What really kicks up storms in the earth’s magnetic field are the cycling magnetic disturbances on the sun which result in “sun spots. “When these magnetic storms rage, radio communications are at their worst.

Drs. Howard Friedman, Robert O. Becker and Charles H. Bachman

APRIL, 1964                                9

of the state university of New York and Syracuse (N.Y.) University have been fascinated for some time by the possibility that magnetic storms can do no less to the human nervous system. Their human phenomenon was the varying daily admission rates for seven central New York state psychiatric hospitals over a. four-year period. Their magnetic phenomenon were daily variations in the intensity of the earth’s magnetic field over the same four years. The greater the intensity of the earth’s magnetic field due to “sun spots” and other natural interference coming out of the cosmos, the higher the rate of psychiatric hospital admissions-as mathematically correlated.

-Delos Smith

New Great Puzzle

WASHINGTON, D. C. (UPI-Feb. S)-Astronomers have discovered some strange objects billions of billions of miles out toward the edge of the universe. They don’t know what they are. So far only five have been spotted. It may be that there have been many more of them in the 13 billion years the universe is supposed to have existed.

There is reason to believe these objects live for only a fleeting moment-fleeting in the universal time scale-and then disappear, or evolve into something else.

One of them is the most distant object ever seen by an optical telescope. It is five billion light years away from the solar system. Whatever these things may turn out to be, at the moment, according to Dr. Jesse L. Greenstein of the California Institute of Technology, they are “perhaps the most bizarre and puzzling objects ever observed through a telescope.” They are not stars. They are not galaxies. That much they know.

They know something of their behavior, however. They are extremely powerful sources of radio energy. They may be the brightest objects, from the standpoint of light output, in the entire universe. Taking into account, their great distance they appear to be “100 times brighter than our entire galaxy.” But their diameters are estimated to be no more than a fifth and perhaps as little as a hundredth of the diameter of a typical galaxy.

The fact that they were ever seen at all is attributable to teamwork between radio and optical astronomers. Radio telescopes pinpointed

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

their positions and optical telescopes then found them in photographs taken in precisely those positions.

It quickly became apparent that they were “not individual stars but objects of a kind hitherto unknown.” For want of a better name they are being called “quasi-stellar radio sources.”

The source of their fantastic energy is a mystery. It is conceivable that “fundamental new processes” unknown to science are involved. Several theories have been offered as to their nature but “whether fundamental new processes lie behind their brilliant but ephemeral appearance, or whether our imaginations are still too limited, remains for the future to determine.”

Synthetic Diet Test

VACAVILLE, Calif. (UPI)-Nutrition experts working toward the day when man can thrive on chemicals alone have revealed the results of experiments conducted with the assistance of 18 convicted criminals.

For 48 days, 18 convicts at the California prison system medical facility here have been subsisting on synthetic diets consisting solely of foods from a test tube, mainly amino acids which act as the body’s protein builders.

Not only have the men subsisted. For many, the general physical condition has showed improvement. Fat men have slimmed down and the thin gained weight. Also, researchers say, there have been few gripes and none of the prisoners said be regretted taking part in the experiment.

One aim of the synthetic diet project is to develop suitable food for man-in-space programs. The project is financed by a National Aeronautics and Space Administration grant of $400, 000.

Dr. Milton Winitz, director of the project being conducted by the Medical Science Research Foundation, said the synthetic food would be wholly adequate for feeding men on round trips to the moon.

“But,” he said, ” the diet’s chief virtues are not in space flight but in medicine.”

He said the synthetic food substances could wipe out all diseases brought on by malnutrition or by protein deficiencies. Also, he said, users of the food could not develop allergies. It could be used for feeding the sick and aged intravenously and would make a perfect reducing diet, he said.

APRIL, 1964                                11

More Scroll Fragments

JERUSALEM, Israeli Sector (Associated Press)-Fragment of two newly found desert scrolls nearly 2000 years old are being studied by scholars in Jerusalem. One of the documents is said to show a remarkable resemblance to the famous Dead Sea Scrolls.

The discovery, described by Israel’s leading archaeologist, Prof. Ygal Yadin, as “sensational” was made during a recent excavation of King Herod’s palace on the isolated Massada cliff on the western shore of the Dead Sea.

Yadin told reporters that the newly-found scrolls have not yet been completely unrolled, but it was evident one scroll contains Chapters 81 to 85 of the Book of Psalms.

Big Blast In Air Over West Australia

(From the Sydney, Australia, Morning Herald, Aug 21, 1963)

DARWIN-A tremendous atmospheric explosion which shook buildings in the Kimberleys in Western Australia last night was reported in Darwin today.

The origin of the explosion is not known.

It occurred high in the atmosphere above Ord River and Turner River Stations, not far from the Northern Territory border.

Two eyewitnesses have reported that buildings at Turner River Station were shaken.

The report says observers saw a trail of smoke which was followed by an explosion and a ball of brilliant orange flame.

——— ♦ ———


Books On Saucers

(George Todt, L.A. Herald-Examiner, Feb. 5, 1964)

A recent column of mine posing the intriguing question whether there may be life on our neighboring planet, Mars, reveals extensive favorable interest in this subject from curious readers.

Many have written in to ask if there is any concrete evidence which might support such a controversial theory? There are a lot of pros and cons, of course, but enough of the former to be more than fascinating to contemplate.

Much in the way of hypothesis and common sense deduction has been stirred up by the tremendous controversy over so-called “flying

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

saucers” and other UFOs-which means “unidentified flying objects.” Do they really exist?

There is much more in the way of meaningful data and supporting evidence that these mysterious enigmas in our skies actually are realistic phenomena than most laymen off hand may suppose. Some of it is admittedly hokum. But in certain areas there is the ring of truth.

Before anyone closes his or her mind to the possibility of ancient civilizations existing in nearby interplanetary space, let me recommend a few reasonable and well-written books for your reading pleasure

These gems are “Flying Saucers From Outer Space” and “The Flying Saucer conspiracy,” by Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC-ret. (Henry Holt & Co., New York, N. Y.) and “Flying Saucers: Top Secret.,” also by Keyhoe (G. P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, N. Y.). All three eye-openers and masterfully written.

Also “The Great Flying Saucer Hoax,” by Coral Lorenzen (The William-Frederick Press, New York, N. Y.), “Flying Saucers and the Straight Line Mystery,” by Aime Michel (Criterion Books, New York, N. Y.).

Those who have read previously “The Works of Charles Fort” (Henry Holt & Co., New York, N.Y.) -especially one contained in the 1000-page volume called “Book of the Damned”-know already that considerable evidence extends back through the centuries concerning the elusive UFOs in our skies. Good reading!

Only the ignorant, superstitious or ill-informed could smile away the mountains of evidence given us in the outstanding books cited. Try them at your leisure. Then see what you think about it!

The most revealing works of all are found in the three books by Keyhoe. He is presently director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), located at 1636 Conn. Ave., Washington 6, D.C.

Almost single-handed, or with only negligible staff and financial help, he has done more than any other man in our country today to focus attention on the scientific-not mystic or spiritualistic-aspect of UFOs.

This fine American deserves adequate sustaining help from someone—perhaps a great foundation or dedicated philanthropist-to

APRIL, 1964                                13

obtain more facts and put the celestial jigsaw puzzle together.

Those interested in moving along an exceedingly worthy project may contact Maj. Keyhoe by writing him directly at his home: 214 Kent Road, Alexandria, Va.

In his “Flying Saucer Conspiracy” are some marvelous chapters on possibilities of interplanetary life close at hand to us now. Not any further away at this time than the Moon and Mars, itself. The evidence is almost overwhelming!

Let’s read it and perhaps we will be amazed to learn that the so called “canals” of Mars follow Great Circle routes and that her two tiny moons act, in such a way as to cause suspicion they may be space stations.

——— ♦ ———


While addressing a congressional wives prayer breakfast in Jan., President L, B. Johnson stressed the need for “a fitting memorial to the God who made us all” to be erected in Washington, D.C. Such a temple should be supported by all religious faiths, he said, and not built or sponsored by any government.

Most Understanding readers are aware of the progress towards just such a memorial made by the efforts of Mrs. Dickerman Hollister and her committee. (See Understanding magazine, March, 1962) The purpose of this “Temple of Understanding” is to make available the ideas, concepts and teachings of the major religions of the world and thus, through education, create in each person an expanded awareness and a greater understanding of mankind’s essential brotherhood.

Now would be an ideal time to learn more about this project and then to pass this knowledge on to others, by forming religious and civic groups in your area, and writing to President Johnson and your Congressional Representatives. Information may be obtained from: Temple of Understanding, Inc., Greenwich, Conn., U.S.A.

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come”

(Victor Hugo)

Merlin Unit Member

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

He Walked the Americas

(Amherst Press, Amherst, Wis. 54406 $6.95 Illus. in . color.)

To get the most from this wonderful book, let us first go back into the mystery and dignity which is the heritage of the Indian of long ago. These people who lived close to Nature and Nature’s God, whose keen eyes saw far beyond the sunrises and sunsets into the very home of the Great Spirit Himself, whose worship was sincere and clothed with a ceremony, reverence, and color which we would do well to borrow at this moment of time.

Nowhere in any book have I found the wistful, enduring love for a leader, which is shown in this one for the magnificent Pale God who walked the Americas so long ago and taught them his message of peace and love. The legends of this worship and love are proved many times in the book by records of archaeologists. But even if they were not proved-read it and listen! The Spirits of ages ago will speak to you through its pages.

You will be thrilled by the memory of this vibrant young God, who walked in his golden sandals and simple white robe with its border of black crosses from tribe to tribe. He left the imprint of a great love for the One he called “My Father” and also for these early regal people.

He is described as of kingly stature, with long curling red-gold hair and beard and with eyes in which the grey and green of the sea mingled in great beauty.

When He stood in the moonlight by the sea, He became at once part of eternity-but also part of His beloved people.

APRIL, 1964                                16

When He stood, as in Peru, silhouetted against the sky at sunrise, He became their symbol of the Dawn Star. A symbol of Him remembered to this day by them, as are also his hands, which carried the marks of the cross, and the great gift. of healing such as no other has ever possessed. This gift of healing is being restored or, repossessed in part at this time by those who love their fellow man enough, and revere the memory of the Pale God.

Some extracts from the book, with its central shining character and marvelous civilization will show the deep insight and spiritual wisdom of the author, L. Taylor Hansen; the language is musical and flows with a cadence few writers have achieved. The descriptions are breathtaking, especially of the golden cities of that ancient era.

For instance, Mr. Hansen writes of Tula the capitol of mighty Tollen of the Toltecs : “Of the features most remembered were the miles of fragrant parkways, filled with the sound of splashing fountains and the scents of exquisite flowers. Here the trees were filled with music because these enclosures were wire-netted and thousands of birds whose liquid voices had been specially bred for untold generations lived there to enchant the listener. Here, too, were kept birds of rare plumage.”

To this beautiful place came the Pale God in his golden sandals and spoke to them from the “Hill of Loud Outcrying,” and it was said of Him that “no one who ever stood in His presence and heard that voice of compelling magic, which swept away all opposition, could ever again forget the Healer. And so it was that day in Tula. The head plumes of the Toltecs were bowed, and in mass were they converted.”

Many were the names given to Him of the golden sandals, among them Wako in Panuco ; Paruxti by the Pawnees, and one which He gave to Himself as His childhood name. It was the Algonquins who had asked Him for this name. It was “Chee Zoos,” God of the Dawn Light. It was hard for them to pronounce in their language, but they still remember and try to say it.

The proud Dakotahs speak of Him thus: “We have backslid from His teaching but to Him we dance the Sun dance. We remember the great Wakona well.”

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

In this book you will read an endless variety of descriptions of other days, and of an ancient. race of people rivaling us in culture and spirituality, the latter due to the presence among them of Chee Zoos, the pale God of the Dawn Light; one who walked always in golden sandals and spotless white robe, and healed everyone as he went..

-Grace Reynolds

——— ♦ ———

Poet’s corner

Thoughts On Space: Earth and Outer

The mystery of the beyond-the-beyond is bigger than I;

I cannot embrace the entirety of outer space

and even here the magnitude of earth-things confounds me.

Who can know the why of long plains and wide valleys,

bilging rivers and commanding mountains

or the johnny-jump-ups at my feet?

I dream of flights among the enduring stars

and question their paths and their purposes;

I tell myself, “Someday, perhaps, I shall lift my eyes

and say, `go, go, go !’

I shall rise without wings, without nuclear capsule

into the heavenly universes

it is a dream, pure fantasy.

APRIL, 1964     17

These earth-things and I are entwined

as strange roots are intermingled in the ground.

Look! Here, now, at my feet a johnny-jump-up looks at me,

challenges me.

Even the hills confront, me with their majesty and their magnitude.

Why are they? Why am I?

How can I, small in my own universe,

embrace outer space?

-Gladys Vondy Robertson

A Smile

A smile


A caress without arms,

A song without sound,

Beckoning, loving in a glance —

The joy leaps from your eyes to mine,

And mine to yours,

Tugging our hearts together

In a sudden sparkle of smiling harmony

And prelude to a thousand



——— ♦ ———


Dear Mr. Fry

Because of your interest in the unidentified flying objects, I am writing concerning an incident which occurred between 12:00 and 1:30 A.M. Sunday, February 23, 1964.

My friend and I, both college students, noticed a particularly bright “star,” low in the southwest sky. It seemed to flash rather than twinkle. It seemed to glow a green color, then had flashes of brownish-orange light. We watched it, from one location, for about 20 minutes. It definitely moved, but in no particular pattern. It would remain stationary for several minutes, then it would either

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

climb, drop, or go into a slight circle. The movement was fast enough to be noticeable, yet slow enough to place a moment of doubt about it. With a hill to the front of us we definitely saw it rise in the sky . . .

Observing it from other locations, the bright object was visible in the same general area for about an hour and a half, and it moved in a very non-rhythmic pattern. Also, until it was about to disappear, the intensity of the light did not vary.

Without a background in astronomy it could possibly have been some heavenly body, but we both saw it. move. Also, with the immovable hill before us we had an object for comparison.

No conclusions are implied. I merely relate the facts and would appreciate any logical explanation.

I admire your interest in this field and this incident has stimulated my interest.


M. G. C., Medford, Ore.

Dear Mr. Twitchell:

The issue of Understanding you sent is most interesting. I admire the work you are trying to do, and feel sure that “Understanding” will, indeed, become a household word.

Though my own ideas may not be of interest to you, I feel that we must especially reach the little children before the prejudices of their parents and society are too deeply ingrained. . . My thoughts tend to be “way out” and I have a wild imagination, but as I read the literature you sent my only thought was: If creatures not of earth were attempting to aid the people of earth, they might do it through just such an organization as Understanding. So whether you are of this earth or another, thank you for the work you are doing and sincere wishes for continued success.


Lois D. Gray

Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.

-Marie Curie (from Think)

APRIL, 1964                                19

bulletin board

Visitors to Merlin

We would ask that those planning to visit Merlin in the coming months advise us in advance as to when we are to expect you. We are still too few in numbers (each busy with many projects), to maintain a regular Hospitality Staff. But we do wish to meet you and greet you and make your stay in Merlin as interesting and pleasant as possible.

Please write to the Merlin Development Company, Box 105, Merlin, and we shall make arrangements to be available.

Another Understandorama

Bob Crichton of Vista Unit #4 announces that plans are well under way for another “Understandorama” to be held at Harmony Grove, California, on April 25th and 26th. Speakers scheduled include: Col. Arthur J. Burks, Michael Y, Marianne Francis, John Joseph, Floyd Flowers and Earl Williams, with the possibility of Teska, D. B. Fairfield and Fred Kimball.

Unit Lectures

Unit #22 of Riverside on March 2nd heard Dr. Daniel W. Fry speak on “The Curve of Development.”

Unit #11 of San Francisco on March 13th presented Gayne Myers in a talk entitled “Explanation of the Galaxy Tapes.” Unit #15 of Inglewood, California, has scheduled Col. Arthur J. Burks for a return engagement on April 25th. The subject will be “New Age Concepts of Healing.”

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Oklahoma City Elects New Officers

Unit #44, Oklahoma City writes to tell of the roster of new officers: Kenneth Pamplin, president; Paul Wood, vice president, and Hattie, secretary-treasurer. All are welcome at their meetings at the New Age Center, 145 N. E. 14th St., on the second Thursday of each month.

Merlin Radio Fund

Recent donors are Understanding Unit #45, Toledo, Ohio; Mr. George W. Bauguess, Grants Pass, Ore.; Understanding Unit of Canada, North Vancouver, B. C.; Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hurtienne, San Marcos, Calif.; Mrs. M. Nigl, Sayre, Pa.; Mrs. Gary Shearman, Medford, Ore.; Mr. Oscar E. Applegate, Boulder, Colo.; Mrs. Frances Wyatt, Sonoma, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Colombo, San Jose, Calif.

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The editors of Understanding magazine are happy to consider unsolicited manuscripts, both articles and poetry. Articles should not exceed 1,000 words (poetry 36 lines). Almost any type of material will be considered, providing that it is of a constructive nature and contributes to a better understanding of the subject matter employed. The editors are particularly interested in developing a greater degree of understanding among different peoples of the earth and an understanding of basic issues facing the people of this planet. Payment for articles accepted will be made upon publication at the rate of one cent per word (poetry 10 per line). The editors also are interested in seeing clippings of unusual items from newspapers and magazines, for which the sum of $1 per clipping published will be paid to the first person submitting it. All manuscripts should be typewritten, double-spaced and on one side of the sheet only. Manuscripts may not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed envelope bearing sufficient postage.


Address manuscripts to Understanding, P.O. Box 76, Merlin Ore. 97532

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I, Bob Renaud, have met people from advanced civilizations on other planets and they are as real as you or your next door neighbor. They are flesh and blood human beings like ourselves, although far more advanced mentally, spiritually, morally, and scientifically. They are NOT hallucinations, the materialized dead from astral realms, or figments of the imagination. Their ships are NOT reflections from the sun, weather balloons, mirages, natural phenomena or pipe dreams. I know, because I have not only met Space People in person, but have personally piloted one of their space ships and taken photographs of their craft. Read my story starting in issue No. 18 of:


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The time is at hand for all which are interested in a better world as lived by the Brothers, to put their instructions to work.

A correspondence course of information and instructions has now been assembled by George Adamski. It is given in simple language that all can understand, and will not interfere with the student’s faith. It prepares one for the future that he may guide others.

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