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VOLUME IX                                 MARCH, 1964                                            NUMBER 3

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Several years ago, this magazine carried an editorial entitled “The Right to Know.” In this editorial it was pointed out that in any “Government of the People, by the People and for the People,” an absolute prerequisite of success is the availability to the people of all possible knowledge and information relating to any problem concerning which decisions must be made, even though the actual decisions are made by the people’s elected representatives. Thus the concept of “the right to know” is inherent in any such government. It was also pointed out that ever since the United States became involved in World War II, and especially during the last ten years, the concept of “the right to know” has been replaced almost entirely in our Federal Government by the military concept of “the need to know.” Under this system, the troops, or the people, are told only so much as their officials feel is necessary or desirable for them to know. This, of course, has been the philosophy of dictatorship throughout the ages, and the lengths to which it has gone in this country is one of the most dangerous situations with which we are faced today.

Immediately after the assassination of the late President Kennedy,

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the American people were assured, over and over again, and by the highest authorities in the land, that there would be a complete and detailed investigation of the crime, and of all of its implications, by each of three separate and independent agencies, the Dallas Police Force, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and a Congressional Committee especially created for that purpose. It was continually emphasized that all data obtained by each of these three agencies would immediately be made public through newspapers, radio and television, regardless of the nature of the data. The public was exhorted not to indulge in any speculation upon any possible implications until all evidence was made available. A few days after these reassuring promises, newspapers carried the headline “Dallas Police Clamp Lid on Investigation.” Nothing more was heard from the Dallas Police except their announced conclusion that Lee Oswald had committed the crime alone and without the knowledge or assistance of any other person or group.

If the evidence obtained actually supported this conclusion, your editor fails to see any reason whatever to “clamp the lid” on data which merely justified the original allegation of the investigating agency.

It is not the nature or the custom of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to report its findings to the public, and this case was no exception to the rule. After having, apparently, completed their investigation, it was merely announced that the findings were in substantial agreement with those of the Dallas Police. The “ball” was then, ostensibly, passed to the Congressional Investigating Committee. A few days after this committee began its work, newspapers and radio carried the statement that the results of this investigation would probably “never be released to the public, at least not during this generation.” Again the inevitable question, why? And again there is no answer.

Why should three separate agencies, every member of which is employed by and paid by the public, all deliberately violate their solemn pledge to their employers to make available all data as soon as it was obtained? And how can any reasonably intelligent citizen of these United States be expected to refrain from speculation in view of these facts?

Your editor, with the able assistance of several other persons has

MARCH, 1964                             3

carefully gathered, evaluated, and attempted to coordinate all of the data which has been released to the public through television, radio, newspapers and magazines, and has viewed repeatedly all released television sequences of the event itself. This effort, which required many hours of time and a great deal of careful consideration, did not lead to any firm conclusion as to who shot John F. Kennedy, how he was shot or why. It did lead to the inescapable realization that the publicly announced conclusions are totally incompatible with much of the announced data upon which these conclusions were presumably based. One or the other simply has to be incorrect, or at least woefully incomplete.

To outline for the reader the numerous inconsistencies in the testimony, the mechanical impossibility of the alleged sequence of events, the sudden change in attitude of several officials, and of the wife of the accused, the apparent abandonment of the promised post mortem trial of Lee Oswald, etc., would require many more pages than are available in this magazine, and would serve no specific purpose at this time, but so long as the iron curtain of admitted secrecy hangs over this case, the public is certain to speculate.

Perhaps some of the answers will emerge from the forthcoming trial of Jack Ruby, if that too does not go underground. In any event we shall follow it with the greatest interest and attention.

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There is a place where the month of September has 55 days! The place is the planet Mars where the hours, days, months and years have quite different meanings than they do here on earth. As each new space shot brings closer the day of interplanetary travel scientists are busily seeking the ways to reconcile and overcome these differences in time.

Planet astronomers have been able to assemble the largest amount of data on the planet Mars. It’s believed that Mars will be the first planet to be visited by earthlings.

The day on Mars is similar to our own, except that it’s 2.7 per cent longer. Since Mars is about one and a half times as far from the Sun as our own Earth, this means that it takes nearly twice as

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

long for the planet to make its orbital journey around the Sun. Thus there are 687 Earth days in one Mars year!

Scientists have already devised a Mars calendar that will come in very handy for the first earth explorers to set foot on the planet. The Mars year has been divided up into 12 months, each month with a name the same as ours, but with one difference. Up there the month will be about twice as long as ours. The old rhyme will have to be changed on Mars to 55 days bath September, March, June and December, and all the rest have 56.

Like earth, Mars has a leap-year but up there it’s December that gains the extra day. A day is added on Mars every three out of five years, instead of every one out of four as happens on Earth.

Dr. I. M. Levitt, director of the Franklin Institute’s Fels Planetarium in Philadelphia. has invented a clock that actually conquers time. Engineered and constructed by the Hamiliton Watch Company this ingenious space timepiece not only demonstrates the difference between Earth and Mars time but it also records the hour, date month and year on both planets. The astronaut who blazes a trail to Mars will make good use of this new kind of clock to integrate the time on Mars and Earth so he’ll be able to gauge to the exact second the time he has to disembark for his homeward journey.

What will be the effect of space time on the first pioneers that cross the Mars frontier?

Scientists are able to estimate that the journey from Earth to Mars will take about 260 days. The travelers will have to judge “day” and “night” purely with their watches for, you see, in space the sun shines continuously.

The timekeeper aboard the space ship will record the passage of days with his watch. When five days have gone by the ship will have traveled about one million miles. From this distance, the Earth below will appear about as small as the moon now looks to us.

Seventy days later these hearty space pioneers will don dark glasses and gaze excitedly out of the portholes of the space ship. Their eyes will be dazzled by a spectacular sight-the Earth and its moon will be visible against, a flaming background of the Sun.

Four Earth months and about 40 million miles from home, the space pioneers will still be receiving radio broadcasts which will be beamed to them from a special transmitter set on one of the space stations orbiting the Earth.

Ten days before the space ship is close enough to be caught by the gravitational pull of Mars, its crew will be at work unloading unneeded cargo and carefully determining the rate of speed.

Some twenty-four hours before the ship enters orbit around Mars, passengers will be able to look out of the portholes and see a huge, vari-colored disk which will seem four times the size of the Sun. It will be the planet Mars.

As the ship descends into Mars’ atmosphere the speed will be reduced to 120 miles per hour for landing. The heavy craft will touch dawn and the passengers, well protected in pressurized suits, will step out of the craft in which they have been “living” for about a year and literally float down to the surface due to the very weak gravitational pull.

Mars time will really play havoc with the ages of the passengers. A young man who would have been 21 on earth will go back in time and find himself at age 11½ again.

An elderly man, who has reached the age of 70 on earth, will suddenly get back his youth and find himself a robust 38 again. A passenger who has been accustomed to a nine-to-five work day on earth will find that on Mars he’ll be putting in an extra 12 minutes a day. But there’s a nice bit of consolation for him. A two-week vacation on Mars will span four Earth weeks!

Thus will man, with the help of his space clock and his vast amount of scientific knowledge, conquer time as well as space.

-Alfred K. Allen

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There is a trail that leads to health, harmony and happiness. It has many windings and there are deceptive detours. And it is not for everybody, by any means, an easy trail.

Metaphysics is a study designed to explain universal things not reached by materialistic science; though in attempting a simple definition one faces the possibility of confusion. While employing logic, metaphysical teachings must reach intuitive perceptions. It is not a package deal and it cannot be reduced to a condensed version.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

As objective factors become more complex and bewildering, the need for subjective understanding grows. There must be some center where one may find quiet; a bomb shelter does not fulfill the need. Sensing this growing demand, many schools have appeared, many teachers have arisen. What may one believe, whom may one follow

There is no one syllable answer. Nor, really, is the solution found in books or courses. The truth is an inner truth. It already exists, potentially. At best, study and teaching but, serve to vivify and quicken a basic knowledge, a fundamental ability. All may possess it, or the primal seeds, but in many instances the seeds are buried far too deeply for stimulation now. Those who seek will find that for which they are qualified.

The study of metaphysics leads to a recognition of principles. Universal principles indeed, yet presented in various guises by different schools and teachings. And along the way are inviting sidetrails. Scenic tours to mysticism, occultism, spiritualism, and other phases. Here, too, is knowledge, but only if there be comprehension to receive and understand and translate that knowledge to self wisdom.

We seek. Not magic. Not miracle. But truth as we are capable of knowing and receiving Truth. For it is not one-word, but as diverse as the growth and enlightenment of the individual who seeks. Nor is the answer in words, which are tuning forks sounding emptily until they meet responsive mind and heart.

The comprehension of metaphysical teachings depends entirely on receptivity. The mind gropes, bending to every breeze that wafts invitingly. The spirit answers that which it recognizes. The principles of Truth are known to thousands who have never heard of the term itself.

Metaphysical wisdom is not the dried bones of truth bleaching in philosophical gullies. It is not intellectual apprehension. It is not logic. It is the grasping of that which is infinite, and its necessary usage. Metaphysical wisdom is more than KNOWING-it is USING, DOING.

We bide on the way and we emphasize terms. Consciousness. Involution, evolution. Meditation. Principle, Karma. Spirit.. God. Life. We magnify words: love, loyalty, faith, goodness. We grow

MARCH, 1964                             7

weary with much striving. Comprehension is not a stagnant pool reflecting shifting shapes. Comprehension is an inner light that glows brightly without definition or words. We know.

But only understanding may confirm. The mind weaves back and forth, it queries, it wants answers. There must be intellectual satisfaction of mental demands. Truth holds no conflict with thought. The error is to suppose that. Truth evolves from thought, as a stalactite. The mind reinforces but does not cause, Truth.

We must sift our reading and studying, intent not upon the intricate meaning of the particular teacher, but of that which builds our own inner light. We do not. strain impurities by our minds but by our intuitive perception. The mind, however scrupulous, may be deceived. Once again, Truth is not clad in definite garments. None of us are in the identical stages of development; we view the kaleidoscope from slightly divergent viewpoints.

Our studies may be complex, as deep, as we wish. They may include side-trips and detours along whatever bylanes meet our fancy. A lifetime would not encompass any single aspect. Yet let us not think that metaphysics need be complex. Nor that the trail has a fixed destination. Somewhere along the way we find, and suddenly recognize, the particular landmark that is ours. We have reached, for all practical purposes, journey’s end. We know. We have achieved an inner flash and the buzzer sounds. We know.

But, and yet again, to KNOW is not, enough. We then must grow, develop, as we use that which we now recognize. Knowledge itself is static. Only through wise, continued application do we achieve the real meaning of our Truth, and the inner riches that may now be ours in unlimited and ceaseless supply.

-B. Coursin Black

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From “THE UFO INVESTIGATOR,” NICAP, 1536 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C.-January-February, 1963.

Some space races are undoubted far superior to us, according to Brig. Gen. John A. MaDavid, USAF, Director of Communications Electronic for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The statement was made in an A.F. approved speech at Milliken University, Decatur, Ill.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

General McDavid said we must be prepared for the future. “Our relation to other life in the universe is a part of this future, for as the British interplanetary scientist and author, Dr. Arthur C. Clarke, believes, `there can be little doubt we will ultimately come into contact out, in space with races more intelligent than our own!

General McDavid added, “Before long, people may be forced to realize and accept as a fact that this earth is only an infinitesimal grain of sand in an infinite universe, that the human is one of many forms of life with which God is concerned and that others are far superior to us.”

“And if this is true,” he warned, “our meeting with other types of existence in other places in the universe quite likely will increase the potential element of conflict rather than reduce it … This imposes an even greater burden of leadership on your generation,” he told the Milliken University students.

In the winter issue of Oomoto, official organ of Oomoto (Universal Love and Brotherhood Association) of Japan, we read of the 11th Congress of the World Association of World Federation, which met in Tokyo last August. At this congress Rev. Yasuo Sakurai, President of Oomoto, delivered an address entitled: “On Moral Aspects of World Federation.”

After a presentation of several factors of expediency that call for One World, Rev. Sakurai said, “The whole creation is actively one great life body based on cosmic creative will. Moreover its activity obeys an established law, and an existence without law is not permissible … In view of such a great universe where lawless activities and existence are not permitted, we must adapt the human society to the conceptions of the guiding principles of world federation.”

“Man’s life has been given by God, Who is the Creator of the Universe. This life bestows equal dignity. To mar this, or to take this away is the utmost felony. When we reflect on the past history of human society according to this basic principle, we cannot but admit the fact that a great deal of blundering has been committed. Moreover, man cannot live alone. As long as lives of others are dependent upon him, his existence is only possible by the aid of other powers, such a social structure as will mutually exist for all members should be created. Herein lies common morals, and a regulation

MARCH, 1964                             9

by `law,’ for the principle of live-and-let-live should be stipulated. But the morality and the `law’ should not be such as distort or suppress man’s life. It is love and wisdom that lie at the root of human activities, and the growth and conservation of life and the development. of vital power make progress by them. Love and Wisdom must not become egoistic, but be universal love and altruistic In the human community, social peace cannot be realized without the priority of universal love.

“Therefore human society ought to adopt `natural law’ based upon the cosmic principles as its foundation of law, and universal love attained by love and wisdom, that is, the idea of universal love and brotherhood should be morally observed as a common criterion. This attitude will create `justice’ in human society. The world federation will not be able to secure eternal peace without obeying this `law’ and morality …

——— ♦ ———

world report

Past Life Remembered

(Express News Service, Budaun, India, Jan. 2, 1964)

Sunil Dutt, the four year old son of Mr. Chadammi Lal Saksens of Bareilly, is said to remember his previous birth.

The parents were puzzled when the child began to refuse to do their bidding. With a seriousness worthy of a grown-up person he asked his parents not to bother him and get the work done by his servants. The parents never took him seriously about “his servants.”

When his father took him to a school for admission, little Sunil refused to study there. He said that he would study in his own school at Budaun. When asked about his school, he said that he was Seth Krishna and that he owned a school in Budaun. (‘Seth Shrikrishna, founder of the Seth Shrikrishna Intermediate College, Budaun, died in 1951).

The astonished parents brought him here on December 29. Sunil

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

at once recognized the college building. The little boy entered the college without any guidance and rushed towards the Principal’s room but was disappointed to see a “stranger” in the Principal’s chair. (The Principal whom the late Seth had appointed was removed from service after the Seth’s death.)

The child was then taken to the Shri Krishna Oil Mill where he rushed to the “gaddi” and sat on it as the Seth used to do. Then he called for Shafaat, an old servant and inquired about his wellbeing.

All of a sudden he rushed to the house in the mill where the Seth used to live and asked about “his wife”-Mrs. Shakuntia Devibut was sad to know that after the Seth’s death his widow had started living with the Seth’s adopted son in Mohalla Birampur. When shown a family photograph, Sunil recognized his past self and other members of the Seth’s family.

Sunil recognized Mr. S. D. Pathak, former Principal of S. H. College, among 30 people and rushed to him and sat, comfortably on his lap. Suuil then told his father, Mr. Saksena, that he would like to be taught by Mr. Pathak.

Later Sunil was taken to the residence of the Seth’s widow. When they met they stood gazing at each other, tears trickling from their eyes.

When asked if he knew Mr. J. D. Shukla, JCS, who was the District Magistrate in 1947-49, the child replied in the affirmative. When shown a group photograph he recognized Mr. Shukla, who is now Commissioner of Allahabad division.

The bewildered parents of Sunil did not allow the child to be photographed. They rushed him back to Bareilly and no one was allowed to question him further.

Mysterious Objects Seen in Sky

(New Zealand Herald, January 9, 1964)

Following the reporting of a strange flying light traveling at high speed over Muriwai beach on Tuesday night other Aucklanders have reported seeing mysterious moving lights, brighter than any stars.

Mrs. Eileen Nibloch, of Vincent Rd., Northcote, and Mr. E. Hurley were looking for the American Echo satellite when they saw a bright light traveling in the opposite direction. A neighbour, Mrs. H. Hena, also saw the object traveling due east.

MARCH, 1964                             11

Mrs. Nibloch said: “It was traveling very fast and we saw it for only about a minute. It was definitely not a falling star.

“We know the movements of the satellites quite well. It passed overhead and disappeared in just a flash. We couldn’t believe our eyes. It looked as though someone had speeded up a satellite, but it was brighter.”

A young Auckland man on holiday in Waihi said he saw a similar light on Saturday night. He preferred to remain anonymous. His description, while not tallying with the “zig-zag” course reported by Mr. and Mrs. J. Eyre, of Swanson, at Muriwai, tallied perfectly with the Northcote report.

“I was fishing at night, talking to some people when their daughter said `Oh, look, there’s a shooting star,” he said. “But it kept on going.”

The light was traveling north to south very fast. “Satellites just don’t go so fast,” said the man. It was less than a minute in crossing the sky.”

The light was traveling at about 75 degrees.

Phantom Plane Sends Message

PENDLETON, Ore. (UPI)-A radio message from a phantom plane that hasn’t been flying for 23 years had aviation officials mystified today.

It started Wednesday when a plane identifying itself as a Cessna with the registration number 1540M radioed the control tower for permission to make a simulated instrument. approach. Permission was granted and a few minutes later the tower talked to the pilot about weather conditions, which were generally good.

The plane never appeared.

Efforts to contact it by radio failed and three planes went up in a vain attempt to locate it. They halted the search at dark.

In the meantime, the Federal Aviation Agency in Oklahoma City was asked to trace the registration number. The FAA replied it was issued to a military aircraft that was taken out of service in 1940.

Puzzled officials discounted the possibility of a prank, but said the pilot could have accidentally transposed his registration numbers and then landed somewhere else.

No planes were reported missing in the region.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Fireball Seen

(AP)-A fireball has streaked across the Pacific Northwest sky, apparently heading toward south central Washington but not reaching the earth. Observers from such widely separated points as Missoula, Mont., and Everett, Wash., reported sighting the object about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. The meteor was described variously as red, white, green, orange and creamy.

Other reports came from Auburn, Spokane, Pasco, Seattle, Pendloton, Buckley, Eugene, Salem and Portland.

Astral Abnormality

(From The Data Capsule, August 1963)

Flying Saucers-are they myth or fact?

Two UTC employees are convinced that there was something strange in the sky one night a few weeks ago and they call it an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), for lack of a better label.

Dot Micali, of Photography, viewed the “object” from West San Jose at. about 7:30 p.m. She reports that it was very bright and surrounded by a light green cloud, similar in appearance to a rocket she saw fired about 7 months ago. Joe Cappels, of Publications, was also intrigued by the “object.” He saw it from his car on the way home and watched it for about 20 minutes between 7:30 and S p.m.

Cappels, who insists that he “makes no claims,” saw the UFO at first in a horizontal position, cigar-shaped, shining, and just hanging in the sky. As he watched, it. hovered and then started rotating, first turning so one end pointed down and then in the opposite direction. Using the last few feet of film in his movie camera Cappels photographed the object with a telephoto lens as it started moving horizontally.

As the sun was setting, he saw three jets, silhouetted by the sun, approach the slowly-moving object from behind. Suddenly, the object “took off” on a diagonal path and disappeared into the distant sky at “an incredible rate of speed.”

The Air Force officially states that only 2% of the UFO’s reported are actually unidentifiable. The majority of UFO’s, says the staff of Project Bluebook, are “astro objects,” which means they are merely meteors, comets, planets or stars which under certain visual conditions appear metallic. . .

MARCH, 1984                             13

But no one has volunteered to explain the strange object over the San Francisco area which appeared to be chased by jets until it disappeared. And, the Air Force at Hamilton field in Marin County wonders to whom the jets belonged-they insist that they did not originate the chase.

Pyramid Activity

(From New Zealand Scientific Approach to Cosmic Understanding, 33 Dee Street, Timaru, N. Z., bi-monthly News Letter No. 26, May-June, 1963.)

“In Fred Stone’s Panaroma, April, 1963, (Australia) we read: “A friend who recently passed through Egypt tells us that great activity is going on at the site of the Great Pyramid. The pyramid itself is now surrounded by heavy barbed-wire entanglements to keep folks away.

He was given to understand that. excavations which were apparent to him were being made UNDER the pyramid, and that they expected to find a temple there. However there is a UFO angle to this which should be of great interest to us, in that there is one contactee who claims that he was told and SHOWN a UFO which was buried under the Great Pyramid. Of course we cannot say whether this information is correct-only time will tell-but here’s hoping we will be told what is discovered there.. .”

——— ♦ ———


The Vista Understanding unit held their regular quarterly “Understandorama” at Harmony Grove, the weekend of Jan. 25. A goodly crowd attended this gathering, and they were rewarded by delightful weather and a very interesting and instructive panel of speakers.

Among those who lectured during the conclave were Fern Shaefer on the derivation and meaning of words; Riley Crabb with his concepts of possible events in 1964; Marie Hardy, the interpretation of dreams, with examples of cases from the files of the late Edgar Cayce; Leyland P. Stewart, who spoke on the dawning of the New Age, and Earl Williams, clairvoyant who gave a demonstration of answering questions while blindfolded.

Frank E. Stranges gave an inspiring address on the Flying Saucer

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

controversy and his prophecies for the future as revealed to him telepathically.

This was illustrated by slides, as was the talk by Floyd Flowers, who spoke of his research in pictographs, or writings and drawings made by some of the ancient dweller on this planet, including the now famous inscriptions on the rocks above Harmony Grove.

Roland Hunt, author of several works on tone and color, gave a fine discourse on his research into this subject, and the benefits to be derived health-wise by their use. John G. Blaylock, who is a regular attendant at all gatherings in Harmony Grove, displayed some wonderful colored slides of the visit of the noted yogi, Kirpal Singh, followed by several pictures of a recent trip to Sequoia and Kings Canyon. The final speaker was Russell Schofield, who gave another of his inspirational messages pertaining to the New Age upon which we are entering.

-R. A. Crichton

Poet’s corner

Look to the Stars

Look to the stars and know, Oh, questing soul,

As on we roll Through space,

There is a guiding hand

That shapes the land

MARCH, 1964                             15

And holds each star in place.

And if this ball

Of sea and rock and Life

And man-made strife

Should fall

From out its orbit ’round the sun

Till Life be done,

What then?

Is God so small?

He still has all

The stars and planets in infinity

And with His boundless, true Divinity,

Know He can carry on

Build a new sun

Or place his creatures on some far-off sphere.

Why not here

What do we fear?

Let our small souls unfold

Till, humble, bold,

We welcome any plan

God has for man.

-Mary Pansy Rapp


We conceived it, created it;

can we control it,

fingers on the keyboard, eyes on the dial —

servant or master?

We shaped the tools foreshortening time,

denying distance;

our fabrications fanned our dreams

Weightless, we soar …

Vision augments, grows planetary,

defying space;

our scope assumes Omnipotence —

We tremble.

-Jeanette Chappell

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Dear Sirs

I would like very much to see a copy of UNDERSTANDING, but do not know the price. Will you please tell me?

And here is a bit of verse. My husband laughed and asked why I did not try something with sense. I think it does have sense, considering the world of today. (We do too.-Eds.)

As the old ball we call the earth

Rolls round the fire known as sun,

We humans on it are as one

Be it fast or be it slow all together we must go.

Why not arrange affairs some way

That all together we may stay,

Not fall apart to fight and run

Then stand aghast at what we’ve done.


-Mrs. Virginia Long, R. N

Dear Dr. Fry and Staff,

Understanding-one of the greatest words in the life of the human race! Misunderstanding, one of the most tragic words in the life of the human race.

I am extremely interested in Understanding as the greatest need of the human race. We know that there are many Understanding Units and some of them no doubt do excellent work, but are there any that are using the Understanding Magazine as a study text toward better understanding?

I wonder if by printing this letter enough interest would be aroused to start a True Understanding Unit in this area-a group that would use the Understanding magazine as a study and discussion text, primarily.

I am rather dismayed at the, at least seeming, let-down of interest particularly in the “Flying Saucer” area and related fields this last year or so. Maybe this is the opportune time to gather in the wheat, the True searchers of Understanding. Furthermore I believe such Units could be of great help to the Understanding magazine as well as for Understanding as a whole.

MARCH, 1964                             17

Correspondence from anywhere, anywhere in the world and beyond, would be most welcome.


Wm. M. Duerst

6959½ Kittyhawk Ave.

Los Angeles 45, Calif.


At times in our hectic daily lives we often stop and wonder where we are headed. Are our seemingly feeble attempts to help this world achieve a higher state of living, really wishful thinking or vain idealism? If we pause for a moment, we in the United States might remember one of our own constant symbols of hope-she proudly stands, torch held high, welcoming the tired, the poor, the heavy-laden to our shores. This statue was a gift of understanding from across the Atlantic-an ever-mindful bond of two revolutions in two widely separated areas of earth, fought to help mankind in his struggle for liberation. These wars of independence were fought by the “common man,” not well trained and equipped armies. Money for the statue came in small donations from people throughout France-their gift of commemoration of one hundred years of freedom in our country. The base upon which she stands was built with the pennies, nickels and dimes from people throughout our own country. Yes, our Statue of Liberty, however her correct title, is “Liberty Enlightening the World.”

In perspective, human donations of time, money and kindness, no matter how small, can and have built lasting memorials in many forms throughout. history!

-Member of Merlin Unit

The time is at hand for all who are interested in a better world as lived by the Brothers, to put their instructions to work,

A correspondence course of information and instructions has now been assembled by George Adamski. It is given in simple language that all can understand, and will not interfere with the student’s faith. It prepares one for the future that he may guide others.

For information write to: Science of Life, 314 Lado de Loma Drive, Vista, California 92083


18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

One World -One Truth

by Johan H. Quanjer

Spiritual philosophy and the many mysteries of life are discussed with authority in “One World-One Truth” by Johan H. Quanjer, a new book recently published. The book is written in a style easily understandable and captivates immediate interest. It should also provoke curiosity among all thinking people.

The doctrines propagated within its pages are somewhat theosophical in nature. The chapters include: Life Without Death, Psyche, The Lifeline, Awakening, Cause and Effect, Companionship, The Underworld, Second Birth, God, Jesus/Man, Government.

The author is a young man. He was born in the tropics, but the best part of his life has been spent in various areas including Europe, the U.S.A. and Canada. Mr. Quanjer is not a member of any occult, spiritualist or religious denomination, but has investigated many groups and found remnants of truth from each one. His arm in life is dedicated towards a better world and to contribute greater understanding between all races of people. “One World-One Truth” is available for $3.00 from “SPACE REVIEW,” 2 Station Road, Frimley, Nr. Aldershot, Hants, England.


There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self. So you have to begin there, not outside, not on other people. That comes afterwards, when you’ve worked on your own corner.

-Aldous Hvxley (from Think)

MARCH, 1964                             19

bulletin board

San Jose Reports

New officers elected in January are: President, True Day; Vice-President, Sue Ann Gerlach, and Treasurer, James Curran. James Curran, in February, was the first of a series of planned monthly speakers. In addition to lectures the Unit, has commenced rehearsals on a dramatic production. This is a new approach to understanding, the outcome of which should prove interesting.

Understanding Book Club Activity

The January meeting, under the leadership of True Day, featured selected subject matter from the combined edition of The White Sands Incident and To Men of Earth by Daniel W. Fry. The text of Alan’s message was read and discussed with the purpose “that we who have the privilege of helping Dan carry this message will better understand it and be able to explain it intelligently.”

The February meeting featured Ruth Newell with a review of her book Think in Rhythm (Rosa Lee).

Visitor From India

President Mary Bassamo of Unit #59 has been in correspondence with a friend in India who plans to visit the Unit on his trip to the United States in February. The Unit plans include a booth at a spring Fair and meetings to capitalize on interest created by newspaper publicity.

Record Attendance

Unit #15 of Inglewood, California, sends word that a. “packed

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

house” of over 300 attended their January meeting, featuring George Adamski as speaker. They hope the same will occur on Saturday, March 28th, when contactee Orfeo Angelucci will speak on “Ships and People From Other Planets.”

News of Other Units

Mrs. Wilbert C. Eble of the Toledo Unit #45 writes that they recently hosted two speakers-Roy Eugene Davis and Wayne Aho. Unit #46 of Sacramento has had many speakers in recent months -George Adamski, Dr. E. E. Whitworth, Col. A. J. Burks, Dr. Irene Ilickman, Buck Nelson, Anne Armstrong, Dick Potter and Riley Crabb.

December elections were held with Wallace Tripp the new President; Glenn Tssel, Vice-President; Mrs. Steele Goodman, Secretary, and Irene Kennedy, Treasurer.

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