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VOLUME IX                                 FEBRUARY, 1964                                     NUMBER 2

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


The desire of the United States to achieve and to maintain peaceful relations with all nations of the world, is being tested today as it has never been before. The principal agent in this great testing program is, of course, the government of the Soviet Union, whose plan for world domination requires that the United States be enticed or forced into military operations against as many small nations as possible.

The many acts of insult, injury, and general aggravation directed against the U. S. by the communist government of Fidel Castro were not the result of any personal feeling by the Cuban dictator, nor were they the result of indigestion or of pure unbridled aggressiveness. They were all part of a carefully designed and engineered test to determine the amount of deliberate affront which would be required to force the U.S. into open military action against a small and previously friendly nation.

It was not until the Soviet Union had actually set up nuclear missiles on Cuban soil that the government of the U.S. made clear to the Soviet Union that the terminal point of the test had been reached. Because of the blunt nature of the warning and because of the warning that the Soviet Union would be held principally responsible

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

if military action became necessary, the test was quickly cancelled and some of the missiles were removed. Immediate plans were made, however, to resume the testing in other small countries. Because of the more than twenty year lead which the Russian `Peace Corps’ has over ours, this was easy to do.

The Soviet Union began its `Peace Corps’ infiltration program in 1940, and has pressed it vigorously ever since. The result is that they now have thousands of agents in even the smallest of countries. These agents are now citizens of the country in which they live, are well established in business or a profession, and in many cases, in positions of considerable power and authority. They have been careful to cultivate as many friends as possible, and to build up an excellent reputation.

The 14-year old high school boy who raised the American flag in the Canal Zone was not a communist, nor were his parents, yet the idea which led to the act was not his own, and the group of students who promptly appeared to oppose the act were certainly pre-informed. The resulting riots were not led by the communists-there was no need. A certain amount of tension has existed for years between some of the Panamanian citizens and some of the American citizens in the Canal Zone. It was only necessary to create a simple trigger mechanism. Man’s arrogant pride and innate aggressiveness would inevitably do the rest.

We have seen a great deal of this sort of thing in the last two years and will undoubtedly see more of it in the future. How we meet these situations will have a definite, and perhaps conclusive effect upon our standing in the Cold War.

If we can be firm without being arrogant, humble without being abject, and friendly without being apologetic, we may yet achieve a position of real stature in the eyes of the world.

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To be attracted toward God and a better life, one must be Divine guided. There is, truly, wonderful illumination of thought given to those who are Divine-guided. Only when the soul attains this calm can there be true Divine work done and mind, soul and body be strong to conquer and bear all things. God’s “miracle working”

FEBRUARY, 1964                      3

power is only limited in each individual soul by the lack of Divine vision of that goal.

Some things separate one from God-a false word, a harsh criticism, a fear inspired failure, a stubborn resentment. These are things that put a distance between one’s mind and God. A word of love, a kind act, of helpfulness, a selfish reconciliation, these bring God closer.

It seems as though when God wants to express to men what He is like, He makes a very beautiful character. When the beauty of man’s character is impressed upon us, it leaves an image which, in turn, reflects through one’s own actions. Therefore, look for beauty of character in those around you. One’s own house will then begin to be set in order.

As one climbs the ladder of Divine growth and is truly seeking God’s Will in all things, he commences to become aware of a great truth-that God works through people! Everyone has his own personality, character traits, sense of duty, and free agency which are expressed by thought and action in the lives of others. Listen to others. Yes, even to the dull and ignorant for they too have their story to tell. For remember well that there is “a spark of Divinity” in all men and no matter how seemingly deeply hidden it is there, and sooner or later its expression must be made manifest. Watch for these things in others. Help develop this understanding in others, for by helping others you are helping yourself, many times even unawares. But as one grows spiritually this unawareness gradually leaves and he becomes conscious of his true identity and moves into his rightful estate physically, mentally and spiritually.

“Whosoever hateth his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen?” We can be drawn closer to the Infinite by seeking His Will and the power to carry it out. We can see God if we will look for Him in everyone and everything, for all things, all life everywhere is the manifestation of the Infinite Father.

Do you really believe that life is eternal? Do you really believe that God is within each and every man, woman and child in this world? Do you? Ask yourselves these questions. Ponder them. Then ask “How can I become a part of the world’s cures rather than its problems?” This answer is very simple, and older than time itself. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.” When you are looking for the “Divine

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

spark” in others you are doing exactly what our Lord admonished. You are doing exactly what all the great men of history had labored to teach people. You are doing exactly what the Infinite Father wants, His children to do so that He may “give them life more abundantly.” In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

We can liken ourselves to radio receivers tuning in on desirable or undesirable frequencies. “Pray always, lest ye fall into temptation” were not words to fall on deaf ears. They are a key to “tuning in” on the Infinite Source of Life. “Let your light shine so that others, seeing your good works, will glorify the Father.” For this great power, this great gift of eternal life, is within everyone! It is within you. It is you. Use it!

Today, knowledge has been increased and man’s awareness of his relationship with one another and his Creator has been enlightened tenfold. Signs are all about you, within you. Let go and let God in, indeed, tapping the hidden resources that will receive the truth thereby passing it. on to others. Seek to see God in everyone and everything. For, remember well, “let brotherly love continue and be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

Wisdom is the principal thing. Therefore get wisdom and in all your getting get understanding! Do this and Live!

Remember, God Created everything. Therefore, whatever you see, whatever you touch is God’s Creation. Be reverent to all and everything. Then you will never lose your temper, you will never aggravate nor be aggravated. You will have complete peace of mind. In short, you will attain perfect mental poise.

E. E. Bourne

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Two years ago I had a most unique experience in the field of extra sensory perception. I am blind, attending university now, and was in high school during the experiment in which I took part.

A man in Los Angeles had been doing work dealing with what he termed, “the sixth sense.” He believed there was some sort of a sensory field surrounding the human body, containing some sort of composite of all the other senses. He had developed the ability to

FEBRUARY, 1964                      5

read and discern objects and colors in blindfolded individuals. He thought, it would be most interesting to work with me, a blind individual, in this work.

I, of course, was most anxious to try as any skill, such as the perception of objects, would have benefited me greatly. I therefore began the experiment.

The class, consisting also of sighted people, psychiatrists, other scientists, and just onlookers, began, once each week. We first started by passing our hands over bits of cloth of different colors in ail effort to distinguish some sort of difference in heat. I immediately “felt” red to be hotter in temperature, and was soon picking out colors easily. I also noticed that the sighted people in, the room seemed to have more difficulty in this experiment than I did.

I then passed my hand just over, but not touching, various materials in the room-clothing of individuals, lamp shades, furniture, and so forth. I found that, although I could not always pick out the colors, I could trace patterns of warm colors.

This experimentation, however, took time, for I had to practice it at home. I found that by practicing and by testing myself on my own, I could do better and develop this “power” more than before. I continued to do better than those sighted around me. I contend that this is because the four remaining senses of the blind somehow strengthen and become more acute, or maybe its just because we pay more attention to them. Nevertheless, it was obvious that my “sixth sense” was more developed than other people’s.

Different shapes of cloth, but of the same color and texture, then were used. I found I could pick out the shapes, though not quite as accurately as with colors. I would also sometimes sit at a table, having someone place a red cloth, a blue, a yellow, and so forth, at various places on the table. I then would move my hand over the table, six inches above the surface, and point to each cloth, trying also to identify each color. I could pick the locations with almost perfect accuracy, and the colors with better than expected results.

The next phase of this work was with scrabble blocks, trying to pick out. letters without touching them. I found that the tiny indentations on the blocks were evident to me and I could pick out letters by feeling, so I had to put my hand a few inches above the blocks. First, we would line up four or five letters on the table. I would be

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

told what they were, but not in correct order, then told to pick out a certain letter. Somehow, unexplainably, I was able to do this, again with better than expected results.

Then I was told what letters were on the table, and told to form a word from them. I also found I could somehow form words from the letters. I was at last able to form three and four letter words out of seven scrabble letters on the table. I did not touch them and cannot personally explain how I knew what letter was in which position.

Unfortunately, I left to go to my college at that time, and was unable to continue in this most valuable and interesting experience. Some day I hope to return.

Finally, I went to one evening meeting with many of the same people in attendance. They discussed the week’s experiences and then tried an experiment. Each person drew a card from a deck and looked at it. We then put the card between our hands and held it tightly while the room was silent and everyone just concentrated. We each then placed our card in an envelope, sealed it, and the envelopes were shuffled and passed out. Fortunately, no one received his own card back again. The moderator told me what card was mine, so I was able to take part with everyone else.

We then opened the envelope we had, took out the card and held it between our hands much as before. We then went around the room, describing the person we thought had held the card at first. Amazingly, most descriptions were quite good. Some people were obviously not doing well, as their descriptions were very general and could have applied to many. I was able to describe a lady, giving her age, a little about her background, and what her future plans were. It turned out to be a fairly accurate description of some lady across the room I never had met. Most of the things I said, including her plans for some event in the future, were correct. Even her age and birth place, I had nearly correct.

From these two experiences in this group, I strongly believe in the existence of some sort of sixth sense or special perception. I do, however, also believe that only certain people possess this strange power. I strongly believe that I have some sensory perception, and hope that it. may some day prove even more useful to me.

Michael Yale

2441 Haste, Berkeley 4, Calif.

FEBRUARY, 1964                      7

World report

Wandering Magnetic Poles

(From Medford Tribune, August 29, 1963)

BERKELEY-The primeval wanderings of the earth’s magnetic poles are being mapped by a Stanford University geophysicist through the study of the Miocene lava flows of southern Oregon.

Research by Prof. Norman D. Watkins reveals that location of the poles from Oregon varied over 60 degrees of the compass during the Miocene period, 10-12 million years ago. In fact the two poles “flipped” he said, the North Pole becoming the South and vice versa.

Prof. Watkins reported his findings at the meeting of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics held at the University of California. His work has also been supported by the Air Force and the National Science Foundation, plus cooperation in the research from the U. S. Geological Survey of Menlo Park.

When the hot. lavas flowed from the earth in prehistoric southern Oregon, Prof. Watkins explained, they came under the influence of the earth’s magnetic poles. And, as each of these molten magmas cooled into basalt, the direction of the earth’s polarity at that time was “frozen” into it.

Using extremely sensitive instruments, the Stanford geophysicist was able to determine these directions from rock cores drilled out of the basalt.

Other scientists have attempted to explain the varying direction of magnetic polarity in rocks on the basis of “continental drift.” This theory postulates that whole continents have shifted position due to forces originating in the earth’s fluid molten interior. India is thought to have “floated” as far as 4400 miles. Prof. Watkins and others, skeptical of this idea, believe that the wandering poles offer a more plausible explanation.

He offers in evidence core samples of successive Oregon lava flows, laid one on top of another. Yet their polarity shows different

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

directions. Furthermore, in both age and magnetic direction, these rocks closely resemble core samples previously taken from flows at different locations in New Zealand.

Continental drift could not have changed the position of the Oregon flows relative to each other. And the fact that they match the New Zealand flows indicates the two continents must have remained stationary, while the poles did the drifting.

His samples indicate considerable “oscillations” of pole positions in well defined directions, Prof. Watkins said, in addition to their complete 180-degree reversal.

First UFO Photo

(From U.F.O., Nachrichten, Weisbaden, Germany)

The following is taken from “Letters from Readers” to the Italian Daily News “Il Tempo”:

Matteo Pomponi, Macerata: The first photo of a flying disc was taken in July 22, 1897, by James B. Sturges and Jacob Davidson. They were students of natural science in Zanesville (Ohio, U.S.A.). As they developed pictures of flying birds, both young men noticed on the plate a remarkable apparatus in the form of a lens with a dome over it, which was luminous. The young men remembered seeing nothing while taking the pictures and therefore thought this to be a defect. The picture was not destroyed. It remains and can be seen to this day in the museum of natural sciences in Zanesville.

(This item really went round and round before coming back home. -Ed.)

Insects Doomed by Sense of Smell?

WASHINGTON (AP)-A keen sense of smell developed by the world’s insects through countless centuries of struggle for survival may lead the pesky and destructive ones to eventual doom.

At least this is the hope and the basis on which Agriculture Department scientists are working to find ways of combating insects that would permit reduction and perhaps elimination of chemical pesticides that are hazardous to humans and to beneficial wildlife.

These scientists say that earth has been bothered by insects for perhaps as long as 400 million years.

“In this long and unimaginably competitive process of survival and natural selection, insects have developed some supersensitive faculties

FEBRUARY, 1964                      9

to guide them to food and mates,” said a recent Agricultural Research Service report.

“Among the most important of these faculties is olfaction-using the sense of smell to detect chemical substances that are the source of attractive odors. Some species have a sense of smell so keen that they can detect an attractant. more than a mile away. Sometimes the attractant is so strong that insects are irresistibly drawn to it.”

Now, after millions of generations, the report said, this keen sense may lead an insect to its doom instead of being a vital aid to its survival.

Scientists in and outside the department have developed several materials that attract various insects. In one case, such materials were combined with a pesticide to eradicate the Mediterranean fruit fly from more than 1,000 square miles in Florida.

Along with the chemical attractants, the department scientists are studying the use of light, color, air currents and other control methods to attract insects to traps and destroy them.

“The underlying advantage of this research,” the department said, “is that attractants open the way to a multi-pronged attack on insect pests. Possibilities include attracting insects to traps, to lethal poisons, or to chemicals that sterilize them. Or females may be attracted to lay their eggs in places where the eggs will not hatch. “

Among the most recent department accomplishments in attractant research was the use of the male annihilation technique to eradicate the Oriental fruit fly from Rota, a Pacific island about 37 miles north of Guam.

A strong, highly specific male attractant-methyl eugenol-was used to lure fruit fly males to an insecticide. Within five and a half months, this combination killed all males, reproduction ceased, and the species disappeared from the island.

Animal and Bird Talk Taped

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP)-Taped recordings of animal chatter have been studied for years by Clem Haagmer of Potchefstroom, a poultry breeder and university graduate.

He concludes that animals and birds can speak, but “unfortunately they do not possess sufficient words in their vocabulary to hold interesting conversations.”

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Haagner became interested in animal conversation when he began recording animal sounds for the proposed library of the National Parks Board of South Africa. He has eavesdropped on conversations by lions, hyenas, monkeys and baboons.

“I believe animals and birds converse using basic sounds connected with emotional facets of life. Mating, alarm and distress words are among the most obvious sounds,” he says.

Haagner’s research has disclosed a variety of accents used by animals and birds in different areas.

He also plays back his recordings of animal sounds to study their reactions.

Lion talk, taped in the Kalahari desert and replayed on a game reserve hundreds of miles away, has brought some lionesses trooping to his car.

The same lion talk played back to monkeys excites them to a degree of panic.

——— ♦ ———


In keeping with Understanding’s purpose: “to create a better understanding among all people of this earth” we are happy to announce that Scott Forsythe of Unit #15, Inglewood, has volunteered to serve as coordinator of our Friendship by Letters program.

Scott, 17, is an Understanding member interested in all aspects of New Age study-scientific, sociological and metaphysical. He has, on occasion, given brief talks at the Inglewood public lectures. He now seeks to serve our membership (and subscribers) by establishing files of names and addresses of those in other countries eager to correspond with Americans.

Please write Scott. Forsythe, 2419F Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica, California, for the name and address of someone with whom to share your attitudes, experiences and understanding. Then please share with our readers pertinent paragraphs from the interesting mail you will receive. A new experience in understanding awaits you l

FEBRUARY, 1964                      11

Impressions of Ghana

(The following interesting material is from a personal letter of an American couple spending a year near Legon, Ghana)

Were this written three months ago when we first came, it would gush with all kinds of novel impressions. But it does not take long for any place to seem quite ordinary.

“We have a six-room house as well designed to cope with heat, rain and insects as British ingenuity could devise, surrounded by frangypani, papaya and banana trees.

“Everything can be obtained at a price and with some irregularity; we miss only toothpowder and oregano, but, then we can have papaya, pineapple or mangoes every morning. The cost of everyday purchases is perhaps two times stateside, though individual items vary widely. Cigarettes are 62c and bananas two for a penny.

“How do the `people’ live? University students of course are not people. Relative to the rest of the population, they live much better than average U. S. types simply because there is only the Ivy League (the University here and two other institutions). Almost all have full expenses paid, are well fed and housed amid courtyards, terraced gardens, sunken pools and social rooms. Being completely unaccustomed to this standard of life, they react normally by biting the hand that feeds them. Some despise and others patronize the Government. Selection is by merit but secondary schools are few and for the better-off, although a few poor students are helped and indigenous society is not very stratified. In any case, not only do most experience higher material standards at the University, but also acquire an elitist attitude…

“How do ordinary people live? We don’t know. Income wise, the official minimum wage is about a dollar a day, but many receive less. In terms of standard of living, you have probably heard that all things are relative. This is one of the richer countries in Africa (thanks to cocoa and, to a much lesser extent, gold, diamonds, hardwoods). No sign of the desperate poverty of India-or of Morocco and Liberia where we stopped on the way, and, to a degree, Portugal, our other stop. In the thinly populated and resourceless northern region where we shall go on vacation people are less well off. Generally, the standard of life seems not to be below the threshold compatible with human dignity. Aside from this, or because of this, the

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

national personality is optimistic and vivacious. Ghanians believe they are a gay and charming lot and so act that way.

“Politically Ghana is in the emerging African pattern, which means, among other things, that it is difficult to understand. . . “Weather report: This is a hot place.

“Accra is not Manhattan, but. there is ample activity-some concerts, good movie society, many public functions and lectures, embassy activities and the intellectual and social life of a university …

“. .. This is an exotic place-all night drum sessions in the neighborhood, tropical birds at the window, and surrounded by people who look upon us as different.. .”

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

“Flying Saucers In the Bible” by Virginia F. Brasington

Mrs. Brasington spent many years as a secretary in a patent office before taking a four year theological course, which ultimately lead to her becoming a minister in No. Carolina. She has now been studying and preaching her interpretations of the Bible for some fifteen years. With this background of knowledge of the Scriptures and a precise method of expressing her ideas, she has come forth with this unique story of how the UFOs or Flying Saucers were talked about from Genesis to Revelations.

The author does not try to twist the words around to make them show where the Text is wrong, as many have tried to do in order to relate their beliefs, but on the contrary, she merely quotes passages, with all due references as to where they may be found, and compares them with the modern day space-age thinking.

FEBRUARY, 1964                      13

Did the question ever occur to you as to where the official seal of these United States, as shown on a one dollar bill, came from? In the Book of Deuteronomy are references to these same scenes in the city of Petra. Virginia does an excellent job of showing us how this is all related.

She brings out dozens of places where the “Pillar of the cloud,” “Out of a cloud,” “Where the cloud abode,” “The Chariot of Israel,” “Chariot of fire, “Whirlwind,” “The wheel” and many other terms indicate the presence of space craft as a means of conveyance some two thousand years ago.

We must realize that the interpretations used in this book are the author’s and are not necessarily to be taken as a basis to rewrite the Holy Scriptures, but are to be used as possible translations of heretofore unexplained mysteries or just food for thought. In any respect, she has a wonderful way of expressing her viewpoints.

Col. Harry F. May

Grants Pass, Ore.

——— ♦ ———


Dear Cleve,

Your letter of resignation as Assistant Editor of the Understanding magazine states: “I hope that my efforts in behalf of the organization during the past few years have in some small way compensated for the privilege of being among its members.” No mention is made of the innumerable hours of competent and dedicated service for which you so seldom received a pat on the back.

Accept now, Cleve, from the Understanding Staff, its members and its satisfied subscribers a sincere Thank You and our heartfelt appreciation for your loving services for Truth and Light for all men. We shall miss your toil and love for Understanding but wish you well in the new experiences you now seek to pursue.

Our blessings be with you!

“The knowledge and understanding of Self and the knowledge and understanding of Others is a requisite for a truly useful life.”

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner


Do you suppose the time will come

When man will cease to bleed

In making brotherhood suffice

For all-a common breed?

Will nations ever see a day

Ahead in freedom’s cause

To bind the heart of every soul

Without confining laws?

Is unity a hopeless case

For earth or any sphere;

Or, can we find an answer

Without prevailing fear?

Is happiness a sometime thing

Beyond the span of reach?

Is God so unreality

He can no longer teach?

Do you suppose we ever will

See love, in all its way,

To heal the sores of prejudice

That seem to rule today?

FEBRUARY, 1964                      15

Where, Oh where is sympathy,

And all that God intends

For us who stubbornly

Resist the love that mends?

-Norman Carroll Mohn

2831 Chisolm Trail

San Antonio, Texas

——— ♦ ———


The fathomless depths of deep blue space

Lure men to adventure there—

The priceless goal of the untried race,

Only the rash may dare.

What will he find when he shall arrive

At the outermost rim of space?

Will there be others there of his kind

To meet him face to face?

Will he be greeted with brotherhood,

Or will he with violence be met?

Will he receive as he has given?

And what will be the debt?

Will they believe him when he says

He comes with friendship true?

Or will they point at him a ray

And pierce him through and through?

We’d better be aiming for peace I think,

And not point our rockets amiss

If we would meet the people of space

With friendship and happiness.

-Letha Reineman

5218 Sierra St., Riverside, Calif.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

bulletin board

Bernard F. McGuire

Bernard F. McGuire, one of Understanding’s pioneering members, underwent his transition Dec. 21, 1963, at Cleator, Arizona. Mac, as be was affectionately known, was a principal moving force behind the formation of Santa Cruz, Calif., Unit #9 and later, when he and his wife Isaphene moved to Arizona, was instrumental in setting up the Cleator unit. He had a deep interest in Understanding and felt the organization had a bright future.

Mac was a landscape gardener by profession. At one time in Arizona he held the office of chief deputy registrar of contractors. He also was a former State Democratic Association president in Arizona. He was born in Newfoundland in 1897, and first went to Arizona 43 years ago.

Following is a poem written for Mac and given through Zora Shaughnessy on the morning of the service for him:

If Truth is what the heart must know

Go where the flowers grow.

Up on the slopes in the bright blue sky

Where soft winds come and go —

That’s where the flowers grow.

When life grows dim in its evening glow

And Truth comes hard to know,

Go where the flowers grow.

FEBRUARY, 1964                      17

Merlin Radio Fund

Recent donors are Mr. John Nunez and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Moesch, Merlin, Ore.; Marguerite Keyser, Chester, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harding, Butte, Mont.; Mr. Archie Solovoff, Oakland, Calif.; Mrs. Marin Nigl, Sayre, Pa.; Mrs. Iva Cree and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Maupin, Los Angeles, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hurtienne, San Marcos, Calif.; Mrs. Chester Stock, Pasadena, Calif.; Mrs. Isaphene McGuire, Cleator, Ariz. ; anonymous donations from Merlin, Ore., Pontiac, Mich., Merlin Unit #1 and the San Francisco Interplanetary Club.

A Swedish Translation

From our Unit One in Sweden comes the news of seven new members and a new venture to promote understanding. Our friends propose, under the direction of Pres. Sven-Erik Asklund, to monthly translate into Swedish the Understanding magazine-an arduous but worthy endeavor

Congratulations and Good Wishes to you all in your inspired efforts to bring understanding to an ever wider circle of reader friends.

Canada Reports

After some experimental meetings of the Forum type the Understanding Unit One of Canada has now embarked upon a serious study program, under the guidance of William R. Freeman. The program considers the efforts being made in our day by such groups as the Eranos Conference (Switzerland), C. G. Jung Institute (Zurich), the Ballengen Foundation (New Fork) and many other similar associations. From the long detailed account we conclude the group is taking an historical approach to metaphysical understanding.

Charter Received

The January 10th meeting of the Merlin Unit in Grants Pass featured Durward Fairfield in a program he calls “New Age Entertainment.” In the absence of Dan Fry, Mr. Fairfield, one of the original members of the El Monte Unit, presented to the Merlin Unit Executive President, Col. Harry May, its official charter as Unit One of Understanding-since Dan Fry is its President.

The Merlin Unit has recently been busily preparing a Unit Library in the Merlin Development building-the furnace is in, painting done, and books almost ready for circulation.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Letters to President Johnson

Donald Knight of Unit #28, editor of the Inter-Unit Bulletin, writes: It is worth recommending to everyone who is interested in seeing disclosures of U.F.O information to the public, to write personally to President Johnson, expressing his opinions and desires on this subject. He has been a strong proponent for Senate investigations of U.F.O. ‘s, and with enough mail of this nature bombarding him, we might possibly see a reactivation of U.F.O. activity (in many ways) and the editor feels that we cannot afford to pass up this opportunity to re-awaken and re-fresh that interest.”

Santa Cruz

At its December meeting Unit #9 of Santa Cruz sponsored a lecture on Color by Riley Crabb. The attendance of about 45 was most attentive, enjoying the talk and slides. The meeting received good newspaper publicity, as there were some reporters present.

Discussion Group

With the move of the Campbells to Merlin the Understanding Discussion Group in the El Monte-Los Angeles area has been taken over by a fine young couple, Ric and Jan Dow. All in the Los Angeles area interested in home meetings, with speakers followed by friendly discussion, should contact the Dows at 4610 Twining St., Los Angeles 32. Get on the mailing list for many an interesting evening.

New Officers

Unit #22 of Riverside, California, held their Annual Election of Officers on the evening of January 6th at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Knuckles. The following were elected: President, Mrs. Caroline Knuckles; Vice-President, Mr. Earl Shade; Secretary, Mrs. Marcella Fortune, and Treasurer, Mrs. Pat Nesbit. The business meeting was followed by a book review by Mrs. Knuckles on Other Sheep by Roy Weldon.

Notice: Colonel Arthur J. Burks returns to Northern California and Oregon, for lectures and readings, March 30 to April 5th. He will be speaking at the Women’s Club in Grants Pass, Sunday, April 5th at 1 P.M. In the Merlin area call Col. May (479-2227) for appointments and information; in the San Francisco area contact Mrs. Angela Hilsby (Delaware 4-1158).

FEBRUARY, 1964                      19


10c per word per insertion; 3 or more insertions same copy, 8c per word.

INVITATION TO WRITERS: Offering a complete plan for the production, Promotion and Distribution of your book … immediate acknowledgment of your manuscript, prompt reading and a comprehensive report within two weeks. TRUE DAY PUBLICATIONS, 91 East Virginia Street, San .lose, California 95112

FANTASY BOOKS FOR SALE: Death’s Deputy, Hubbard ($2.50); Sunken World, Coblentz, $3.00; Out of the Unknown, van Vogt $3.00. Others. Also back issues of Spaceway (fiction by Arthur J. Burks), 35a each’, Bill Crawford, 14351 Alwood, Baldwin Park, Calif.

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TORONTO, Ontario, January 23,1963. – C.B.C. National Television News. 11p.m.

“Data gathered by the American Communications Satellite ‘Telstar’ has revealed that radiation from high altitude Soviet nuclear tests polluted space, but an unidentified force quickly cleared radiation in the gap between the inner and outer Van Allen Belts.

“Telstar’s finding were given out at a meeting of the American Physical Society in New York.”

-From Earle Barnholder

night supervising editor, network and metro newsroom.

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