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VOLUME IX                                 DECEMBER, 1964                                   NUMBER 12

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


ONCE AGAIN we are approaching the season which has demonstrated, year after year, century after century, the true greatness and wisdom of that humble leader and teacher whose birth we celebrate each December 25th.

This season, like those of the past few years, is beginning in a world torn by strife, dissension, fear and a confused uncertainty toward the future.

In city streets, Christmas lights, bells and other decorations are still hung beside signs pointing to buildings designated as “Bomb Shelters,” and “Emergency Evacuation Routes.” In some food stores counters which have been piled high with Christmas goodies still have, at the other end, a stock of plain cartons labeled “Survival Food Kits-keep one in your car and another in your home at all times.” The postman brings us a handful of gaily decorated Christmas cards with the caption, “Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men.” At the same time he may hand us a grim little booklet entitled “How to Survive a Nuclear Attack.”

A spaceman, looking down upon this planet. from a vantage point of true culture, might wonder at the colossal ego that prompts us to

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

consider ourselves a race of intelligent beings. Yet the fact that we celebrate the Christmas season, indicates that we do possess at, least some degree of intelligence.

One of our great weaknesses as a world civilization is that we tend to follow, almost blindly, those who have achieved what we consider to be “success.” We always think of success in terms of wealth, social position, and political or military power. We feel that those who acquire these things are the “Great Men” of their time, and that they should be followed and initiated as closely as possible. Those who do not achieve any of these things, we are inclined to class as “failures,” yet Jesus of Nazareth, whose birth the Christmas season celebrates, if judged solely by these standards would be one of the greatest failures of all time. He had no worldly wealth with which to buy respect and attention; he had no political power with which to make laws; he had no standing army with which to compel obedience; and his only press agent was a man “crying in the wilderness.” He was tried, condemned and executed for “treason against the State,” and was hastily buried in a borrowed tomb. Yet all the world remembers him, and has long since forgotten the “successful men” of his day. His simple words and the example which he made of his own life command more respect and honor today than has ever been accorded to any dictator. The logic, the reason and the truth of the God given principles which he expressed so simply have conquered more minds and more hearts than all of the armies that have ever been assembled, and they still have more power to mould the ultimate destiny of man than all the nuclear weapons that will ever be built.

In the coming Yuletide season, when the raucous throb of the beat and jive that crowds our ether waves, gives way for a few weeks to the soft notes of Christmas carols, as we rush madly about doing that last minute Christmas shopping, or preparing the Christmas dinner, let us pause for a moment to remember the simple teacher whose only possessions were the spirit of God within him, and the eternal truths which he gave so freely to all who would accept.

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The biggest problem in the world could have been solved when it was small. (Witter Bynner, in Think)

DECEMBER, 1964                    3


IN DEEP meaning, and in intended sentiment, Christmas is truly the most beautifully sacred of all our holidays and festivals. Throughout the Christian world it is the sacred holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Also, Christmas has meant a. holiday devoted to the home, the family, but most of all to the children.

Christmas. The word is spoken and immediately we slip into a different world, an exquisitely beautiful world of happiness and love, made strong by the cords of memory. From the childhood of life, we recall snow-covered hills and frozen streams; we hear the wind among the trees and sleigh bells on the crisp cold air; we see lighted stained glass windows and those etched by Jack Frost’s master hand; we hear children’s laughter, and Christmas carols being sung from a passing sleigh. We remember turkeys and pumpkins, popcorn and nuts, fruit cake and candied apples, Christmas trees and toys. Most of all we remember the deep feeling of peace and inner happiness found in knowing we were loved by those around us.

For many of us, the younger ones, these are not memories, only mental pictures conjured from things heard and read. But there are some of us who are more fortunate, the older ones, who knew Christmas when it was a time devoted entirely to the home, the family and the children. We actually remember those things listed; but we also remember the deeper meanings associated with Christmas. Ours was a helping hand in the cutting, placing and decorating of the tree. We gathered holly and climbed high in the oak trees for the illusive mistletoe. As children we made paper chains and popcorn strings, found and cracked nuts for the candies sister and mother made. We watched in delicious anticipation as mother baked a dozen kind of cookies to supplement the fruit cake she had made and kept from the year before. We gloried in the stories our parents told us as we sat before the leaping fire while potatoes roasted in the ashes. We remember the large, medium and little stockings hung on the mantle-hung with care, with love, and with hope. We can see again the gifts beneath the tree on Christmas morning. They were few in number; they were neither lavish nor costly, but they were placed

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

there by the hands of love. The shining glow of rapture and happiness on the children’s faces has formed an eternal image of Christmas, the old Christmas, the children’s Christmas, that will be with us as long as we live.

Christmas: the Christmas of today is born anew each year. It is the child of industry and business. It is conceived in writer’s minds, nurtured and carried by artists and lay-out men, and given birth by the printer’s trade. The infant is delivered by advertising agencies and is shown to the proud godfather, profit. It still carries the family name of Christmas; but its given name is Commercial Advance sales weigh the child and measure it. Factories work day and night to care for it while salesmen feed it and transportation rocks it to sleep. The paper industry wraps it in gaudy blankets. Retail shelves are its cradle, and display counters are its play pen. The infant Christmas is not a child of chance; it was wanted, artificially conceived, carried, delivered, and cared for with such loving care–because it is for sale.

News of the infant’s birth accounts for newspaper advertisements in numbers that are astronomical; while magazines steadily carry reports of its health and progress. Constantly we are reminded of the infant’s age by our radio speakers and TV screens: “so many shopping days till Christmas.”

We, the American people, receive the news of its birth with varying degrees of emotional reaction: for many it is apathy; some experience sorrow and apprehension; too few, gladness. Many of us have only begun to pay the hospital bills for the infant born last year. Pitifully few receive the news with love and rejoicing. Those that do are the die-lards who cling tenaciously to memories of Yule Seasons long dead.

What of the children of today; how do they feel toward Christmas? Small children are sensitive to the feelings of people around them, the unspoken thoughts of their elders and, since there is no longer a feeling of gaiety, happiness and love in the air, the children have become apathetic to Christmas. Also, they are satiated by the heaping piles of gaudily wrapped gifts they find under the tree each year. Gifts not really and truly wanted. After all, why should they have any strong feeling for Christmas? It no longer belongs to the children, we, the grown people, have taken it away from them.

DECEMBER, 1964                    5

We adult, have made a failure of Christmas. No longer do we give a few well chosen gifts to members of our family; now we give because the Joneses give-to any, and to all, who gave to us last, year and also to any, and to all, who might give to us this year. Each year our list grows longer because it has become a status symbol; and as the list grows so does the feeling of frustration. Even the wrappings for the gifts have become a status symbol-out wrap the Joneses. The outcome is that we wrap our gifts in bitterness, and deliver them in resentment.

Once Christmas was a season of peace and happiness; now it is a time of rushing, ulcers, and gifts purchased without sane consideration of payment. We have taken Christmas from the children. Please, before we destroy the meaning of Christmas for all time–Let’s give it back to the Children.

-E. Jay Ritter

——— ♦ ———


ONCE UPON a time `it came upon a midnight clear’ – a Christmas out-of-doors.’

It dates back to the time of the first Christmas when Shepherds watching their flocks by night, heard the heavenly carolers sing their anthems of “Peace on Earth-Goodwill toward Men.”

California has long been noted for its many beautifully decorated out-of-doors Christmas trees. Many towns have streets lined with rows of Giant Redwood and Pine trees. Blocks of these living Christmas trees are gaily decorated annually, and kept lighted during the Holiday season.

The most outstanding of California’s out-of-door attraction is the Nation’s Christmas Tree ceremony honoring the General Grant Tree, which was designated in 1925 as America’s contribution to the Christmas shrines of the world. This Giant Sequoia is located in the Grant Grove section of Kings Canyon National Park.

The citizens of Sanger, California (54 miles from the tree), were the first to conceive the idea of establishing a “Nation’s Christmas Tree’ and their annual observance of the ceremony at the tree each year has earned for Sanger the honor of being recognized as “The Nation’s Christmas Tree City.” This famous Christmas Tree is of

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

a size difficult to visualize-it was a living, growing thing when the Shepherds saw His star in the East. Its size defies all attempts to adorn with elegant ornamentations. Can you imagine climbing 267 feet to pin a tinseled star atop your Christmas tree? Or stringing the traditional holiday lights around a green-boughed giant whose lowest limb towers 130 feet above the ground?

During the Christmas season, when the snow in the mountains permits travel to this 6500 foot elevation, services, both patriotic and devotional, are held under the tree. If the roads are not open, token services are held in the valley below by local church and civic organizations.

This is a memorable Yule-tide event-the singing of carols by local choral groups, an all nation’s chorus and a National Broadcast. The National Park Rangers contribute generously with time and effort to make this unusual observance of Christmas day, a safe and enjoyable trip.

However, it is inspiring to visit The Nation’s Christmas Tree at any time of the year. An atmosphere of stillness surrounds this great tree-a stillness that silently proclaims a message to all who come to listen.

Like the Chapel of Prayer in the United Nation’s Headquarters, this “Garden of Prayer” around the Nation’s Christmas Tree, has no stained glass windows, no altar-just a shaft of light from above as the sun beams find their way downward between the towering tops of the giant “Big Trees.” Here, too, every prayer whispered is a prayer for all, giving strength and inspiration alike to men of all faiths and all creeds.

America’s Christmas Shrine has become a symbol of world PEACE-and of man’s hopes that he, too, will learn how to eliminate every hindrance to his growth, to stand very still in the turmoil of life, be strong, draw from the Great Silence strength for his every need-to grow tall!

-True Day

Remember when the chemical value of the human body was tagged at 98 cents? The value now is $34.54 on the basis of a new chemical price list. (Burbank, Calif., Review)

DECEMBER, 1964                    7


(From Humboldt Times, 1963, Eureka, Calif.)

As the sea tossed itself restlessly onto the sandy beach, two little Indian boys romped over the wet sand, screaming with delight. At each jump they kicked the cold, white water high into the air. A suspicious seagull swooped down, and then dashed away after assuring itself the boys weren’t carrying an extra morsel of food.

A storm had battered the seacoast for days. It had now settled to a calmness, and peace spread out over the wide bay on this winter’s day of 1963 years ago.

The heavy rainfall had beaten the yellowed and orange-tinted leaves into a brown pulp. A few which remained in the trees rattled in the denuded limbs. If one listened, it sounded as though there was a lively conversation in progress.

An old man stumbled his way from the beach up the steep sand dune. As he did so, he muttered to himself.

At the rude village he called a group of men together. Standing before one of the huts, in his aged voice, he said: “I have seen many storms, and I have seen calms. Today the calm is different, and in its strangeness I feel the presence of a Great. Spirit. I cannot tell you what it is.” The old man looked toward the heavens.


Across mountains, seas and deserts, in the little town of Bethlehem of Judea, came Joseph and Mary. They were tired, for they had traveled many miles.

Joseph went from door to door, at each he sought accommodations. None were to be found. At an old stable shelter was offered, and the couple agreed they would remain for the night.


The Indians on the shores of the bay took the wise old man’s kindly words to their hearts. They built a fire, and they sat before it listening to his admonitions.

All that night the fire blazed and the men remained awake. Sometimes in silence, sometimes talking among themselves or listening to one of their group. Now and then one would break into a chant, to be joined by the others.

As the hours moved slowly, time suddenly stood still. The star

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

flecked sky was rent by a rocketing comet. The countryside lighted with a great brilliance.

The great pantomime of light in the skies frightened the tribesmen.

“Fear not,” the old man bade them. “This is the will of the Great, Spirit.” Even so, women huddled in groups, and little children whimpered.

From the skies shone a brilliant star. There were heavenly voices singing praises. “Gloria in Excelsis Deo!”

The ancient tribesmen heard but they understood not, and they would not know- for ages to come. “One day we will know the story of the star,” the old wise man said.


In Bethlehem, shepherds tending their flocks saw the star and heard the prayerful singing of angels. They heard the story of the Bate born in the stable-the son of Joseph and Mary- 1964 years ago.

——— ♦ ———

World report

Stars Say “Hello”

(San Francisco Chronicle, October 26, 1964-by Walter Sullivan)

NEW YORK-A Soviet astronomer has proposed that two pin point sources of powerful radio emission in the constellations Aries and Pegasus may be the beacons of super civilizations.

The unusual radio spectra of these sources have been noted by U. S. and British radio astronomers.

The Russian article was by Nikolai S. Kardashev, who has been working at the Sternberg State Astronomical Institute in Moscow under Iosif S. Shklovsky.

The two objects reported by Kardashev are known by their number in the catalogue of heavenly radio sources prepared by the California Institute of Technology. As CTA-21 and CTA-102. They

DECEMBER, 1964                    9

were first observed in 1960 and noted last year in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society of Britain.

The authors last year were R, G. Conway of the Radio Astronomy Observatory at Jodrell Bank in Britain, K.I. Kellerman of the California Institute of Technology- and R. J. Long of Cambridge University.

From a search of prints in the Palomar Sky Survey, the two sources of radio energy seem to be optically invisible. Above all, the spectra of their emissions is unlike that of any other recorded source. Both peak intensities are at about 900 megacycles.

As noted by Kardashev, this happened to be close to the optimum frequency for interstellar communication. The optimum range is bounded on each side by a form of radio interference.

Taking these effects into consideration, Kardashev has plotted a curve representing the ideal radio spectrum for communication between civilizations. He finds that it bears a striking resemblance to the spectra of CTA-21 and CTA-102.

His proposal is rooted in the idea of Professor Shklovsky that a highly advanced civilization would seek to draw attention to itself with an extraordinarily powerful radio beacon. Such a beacon would be necessary because of the extremely great distances between sun like stars and the even greater distances between those that probably shine on advanced cultures.

Since radio waves move at the speed of light, an exchange of messages with a civilization 500 light years away would take 1000 years. Such an exchange would be of interest only to societies of great stability and longevity.

Kardashev discussed three types of civilization. That on the earth currently generates 4000 billion watts of power. He termed this a “Type One” civilization.

He postulated the existence of “Type Two” civilizations that are 3200 years more advanced than ours and produce 400 million billion billion watts.

He noted in this respect a proposal by Dr. Freeman G. Dyson of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N. J., who suggested in 1959 that a highly advanced civilization in another solar system would be able to redistribute the material of the planets in a manner

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

completely enclosing its parent star. It would then be able to exploit all the energy radiated by that star.

Since CTA-21 and CTA-102 cannot be seen at ordinary wavelengths and since they seem to be comparable in size to a system such as that described by Dr. Dyson, Kardashev suggests that they may in fact be Type Two civilizations.

Kardashev’s Type Three civilizations would produce 40 billion billion billion billion (37 zeros) watts, which he liken to the total energy output of a galaxy.

Dream Research

(From Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Aug. 1964)

A striking number of telepathic. experiences occur during sleep-in dreams.

So do clairvoyant and precognitive experiences-all of which are part of extrasensory perception (ESP).

Douglas Dean, a chemist at the Newark College of Engineering, has found a way to study ESP in dreams, under laboratory conditions.

Dean’s technique is simple, but he has obtained results which, if they are borne out by other experimenters, will open a new door to parapsychological research.

Dean has about 200 pictures. His aim is to get people to dream about the pictures without seeing them.

He has only tried the experiment on four persons so far. But in these four, the results have been almost startling.

Dean’s subjects sleep with wires extending from their heads to an electroencephalograph (EGG)-an instrument that records the tiny electrical impulses given off by the brain. The device tells Dean when the subject starts to dream-an EGG pattern changes the moment a dream begins.

When the dream starts, Dean selects a picture to be the “target” of the subject’s dreaming mind. The dreamer, in effect, is supposed to dream about the chosen picture.

When the dream ends, Dean awakens the subject and immediately records his description of his dream on tape.

So far, Dean has found a close correspondence between about 60 per cent of the dreams and the pictures.

All of this is “suggestive” of ESP, Dean says, but none of it

DECEMBER, 1964                    11

was evaluated statistically. To study it in a way that could be measured-and, therefore, made more acceptable scientifically — Dean observed the motions of the dreamer’s eyes under their closed lids. Dean knew that psychologists have shown that, when a person dreams about an object moving horizontally-such as an automobile -his eyes move from side to side; but when he dreams about an object moving vertically–such as a ball being thrown in the air — his eyes move up and down.

So Dean chose pictures that suggested motion. He submitted the pictures to independent judges-persons not familiar with the experiment-and asked them to indicate which pictures showed vertical motion, and which showed horizontal motion. He did this as an extra precaution-to check his own judgment.

Then, using these pictures as targets for the dreamers’ minds, he made records of the movements of their eyes. He found a close correspondence between the direction of their eye movements and direction of the motion suggested in the pictures. A statistical analysis showed there was less than one possibility in 100 that the results could be explained by chance.

Dean is new to parapsychology, and has only used a few subjects in this research. His findings await confirmation by other investigators.

Shifting North Magnetic Pole

(Los Angeles Times, Nov. 4, 1964)

OTTAWA (AP)-Canadian scientists say they have again caught up with the wandering north magnetic pole.

They found that the pole in the last two years has moved some 20 miles farther north and about four miles east to a new position at the southern end of Bathurst Island, approximately 1,800 miles north of Winnipeg

The new position of the pole was determined by ground survey parties from the geomagnetic division of the observatories branch of the Department of Mines and Technical Surveys.

Edward Dawson, scientific officer with the division, said the position of the pole now is 75.5 degrees north and 100.5 degrees west. In 1962 its position was 75.1 degrees north and 100.8 degrees west.

“The pole now is moving about five miles a year north and one mile a year east,” Dawson said.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Earthquakes are essential to life, says Dr. Maynard M. Miller, professor of geology at Michigan State. “Mountains are constantly eroding. If they were not raised again, the world would become an awful place of stagnant seas and swamps.”

Magnetism Helps Plants Grow

(From New Zealand Herald, March 14, 1964)

Canadian agricultural scientists have discovered that seeds germinate faster and grow better when exposed to a magnetic field. The discovery was made at a research station at Lethbridge, in Alberta.

It was found that roots of one type of wheat grew predominantly in a north-south direction, and this trend also appeared in points as far east as St. John’s, Newfoundland.

After pondering this and other phenomena as revealed in the Lethbridge experiments, the scientists claim that the discovery can be of prime importance to northern agriculture.

Wheat crops could be planted there in spite of the short growing season and, if given a healthy shock of magnetism, grow to maturity. Thus, the Canadian wheat belt could be extended possibly 100 miles north of its present limit.

——— ♦ ———


This woman dreamed that she had shot herself and awoke to find herself wounded, with her revolver discharged. She was Mrs. Wm. Place of Mingo Junction, Ohio, and about July 6th, 1964, she died in Stebenville, Ohio, Valley Hospital, according to an A. P. bulletin dispatch.

There are unconscious thoughtforms that effect people for better or worse, more or less. “She brought it on herself,” people will say, realizing that research has found a definite process from will to deed. Another expression, indicating the below surface recognition of powerful thought forces is: He took the will for the deed.

The mystique is often borderline fact. In radionic laboratories, testing thoughtforms vs. just plain thoughts, it is observed that as the thoughtform (TF) builds up it also sets up energy, such as has been tested by our armed forces for different purposes (classified). So, unknown to this woman her dream thoughts created TF energy,

DECEMBER, 1964                    13

thought reproductions, of reality, and her hand really grasped the suicide weapon.

Many experiments, as at Oxford, England’s Delawarr Laboratories, indicate that TF broadcast results are automatic over thousands of miles, yet largely escape notice. Because radionics is still a difficult subject to comprehend, except for skilled TF operators, it is only given to the public in bits and dabs. Yet the laboratories have 13,000 radionic thoughtform photographs, and Eastman Kodak has confirmed the method as available to anyone, and has exhibited some of these “mind photos.”

— Clarence Van Vredenburgh

——— ♦ ———

Poet’s corner

Christmas Gift

Dear heart be still and listen –

You say you cannot hear

The angels’ glad rejoicing—

You cannot sing this year

Because of war’s dark menace

You cannot pierce the dread,

That clouds the searching upward

To find the star o’erhead.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

But calm and sure and steady

Its beams enhance the night

It will dispel the darkness

With love’s transforming light.

The love of God forever

Is in and over all —

He knows our every striving,

Who heeds the sparrow’s fall.

God intervenes forever

With His rich Gift to earth

His glory freely given

The Christ in Holy Birth

So light the candles gaily

And trim the Yule-tide tree

As long as we have Christmas

We know that we are free;

That Truth will ever guide us

And bring us through the strife,

Triumphant and rejoicing

With Peace and Love and Life.

-Letha Reineman


C hristmas brings thoughts of

H eavenly hosts above

R ejoicing

I n adoration of our

S avior, who came in love,

T o show us how we too

M ay have complete release

A nd true understanding,

S ustained in love and peace.

-Mark Brownell

DECEMBER, 1964                    15


(In a statement of their philosophy the Circulo Da Amizade Sideral, of Brazil, S. A., offers the following reasons for the support of Flying Saucers in their bulletin #5, March-July, 1964)

“We admit beyond the slightest doubt that Flying Saucers come from other planets whether from our solar system or from other systems; our technical advancement in relation to Astronautics makes this perfectly understandable and acceptable if we admit the existence of humanities with a longer time of existence on the cosmic scale … we admit that they could come from Mars, Venus, possibly from satellites of Jupiter, Saturn and any others where living beings would have adapted themselves to life there. We might mention that the astrophysicist, Tinierjasev, in spectrographic studies, discovered traces of chlorophyll, which must mean the presence of vegetation similar to ours … on Umbriel, a satellite of the planet Uranus.

“Let us remember, also, the great adaptability of man himself, living on our planet at the poles, in the tropics or in temperate forests without ever failing to be human beings, although he has presented small characteristics of adaptation according to the region he inhabits.

Let us also remember the existence, in our environment of organisms with metabolisms completely different from ours, such as bacteria that prosper perfectly in ammonia or methane, without any necessity of oxygen.

“Let us remember still the beings capable of bearing enormous pressures, such as the fish in the depths of the sea, which also do not need the sun’s light and heat, so necessary to us.

“These few examples illustrate clearly the marvelous adapting capacity of living beings to the environment in which they develop and lead us to accept this adaptability of living beings to the conditions unique to each planetary body within determined limits, as truth.

“Let us consider, in contrast to the astronomic observations, according to which no signs of activity of intelligent planetary beings have been seen, that our own satellites, by the photographs taken,

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

do not show any signs of our activity . . , yet beyond any doubt we are here …

“With regard to their shape, we believe the superior beings of other planets have a structure according to the universal pattern, that is-a trunk, four members, a neck and head, although within this pattern, the most varied possibilities regarding the proportions, diameters, height, etc., for nothing seems more convenient than this shape and Nature always tries to express itself in the most convenient way possible. ..

“All of them evidently visit us primarily as a logical consequence of their capacity to cross space in their ships and with various other purposes such as detailed study of our planet owing to their instinct of intellectual expansiveness, characteristic of rational beings; or possibly intervention in the case of an incoherent development of atomic explosions …

“While society, as a whole or the greater part of it, is not properly enlightened they cannot come into contact with us for our own benefit. Why don’t they intervene once for all, helping us resolve our problems? Because those who create problems should be the ones to resolve them, although they can receive help as to how to do it, and this has been done. The reorganization is up to us. The solution for attaining a balance in all the phases of our activities does not depend on reforms or laws but on our own interior reform; our interior is what creates our attitudes, not what is on the outside, although the exterior can induce us to better attitudes.

“In this way, our most efficient contact with beings from other planets depends or ourselves; it depends on an interior and exterior harmony, as well as adapting ourselves to the thought that they really exist. We say this because the difficulty many people feel in accepting this kind of fact, due to their minds which are built up with other patterns of ideas … we must spread these thoughts constantly even because of the psychological mechanism related to this mental resistance. . . . In the beginning you learn of a fact, the mind used to a different pattern of thought resists and tries to push it away at all costs … but with insistence and perseverance the mind ends up becoming curious about the fact, then it becomes interested and at last it tries to approach the fact to know it in its parts and as a whole …

DECEMBER, 1964                    17

“This is what we think. Some will find it foolishness, others will agree completely with us. At any rate we are all free to present our points of view about something whose definite solution has not been found.. . “

——— ♦ ———


” . . . There must be something to which we give the term life which animates the living organism, and is absent in the dead organism. That something has the power to give the substance form and expression, whereas when the something is absent., form and expression go and the substance which was previously animated returns to form part of the earth.

“It is, therefore, evident that there is something we cannot see or handle, and yet is real and powerful, which has this faculty of creating forms out of inanimate earth. I say it must be powerful, because it is capable of raising matter contrary to the force of gravity, and retaining matter in an erect position, as, when it leaves the substance, the force of gravity again assumes control and the substance in question is affected by all the forces of nature. A man, an animal, a tree, can stand erect when this life force permeates them, but when it does not they fall to the ground.

“Life, therefore, is an organizing force which can counteract the tendency in matter to disorganize itself. Life is a formative, thinking force, entering matter and arranging it, whereas matter without it is inert and devoid of personality . . .”

-From On the Edge of the Etheric by Arthur Findlay, pages 43-44

——— ♦ ———

Man, a thinking being is defined,

But how few ever exercise,

This grand prerogative of mind.

How few of us appreciate the

thinking few,

And how few ever think

Who think they do!

-Quoted by Dan Fry, source unknown

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING


May we remind you that the commemorative stamps on your holiday mail can provide food for hungry children and needy families in other lands. Just 400 commemorative stamps will deliver $38.00 worth of food (300 pounds) to those in need.

Cut or tear off the stamp corner on the envelope, leaving a margin of paper around the stamp (do not peel off the stamp). Send the cancelled stamps to:

Washington-Northern Idaho Council of Churches

c/o Stamp Project

2005 Fifth Avenue

Seattle 1, Washington.

——— ♦ ———

bulletin board

Merlin News

The first fall meeting of the Merlin Unit #1 was held on October 23rd, with Dan Fry speaking on “Looking Forward.” An election of officers followed the public lecture, with the following results President, Daniel W. Fry; Executive President, Durward B. Fairfield; Vice-President, William Bryan and Secretary Treasurer, Kerttu Campbell. The November lecture, in Medford, featured Col. Arthur J. Burks. Discussion Group meetings are on the first Wednesday of the month, at the home of the Campbells in Merlin. All are welcome.

DECEMBER, 1964                    19

Sacramento Reports

Steele Goodman of Sacramento Unit #16 writes that for the second year of participation of their Understanding Unit at the California State Fair the results have been most rewarding. He estimated that between 6 and 7 thousand people visited the booth, availed themselves of Understanding publicity materials, and viewed the film presentations offered. These included Dan Fry’s “Romance of Space,” the John Glenn Story, and three films on Rocketry.

Members of the Unit were most grateful for the help of individuals from other units, for it is a major undertaking to staff a booth for 12 days! But, the results may be far-reaching-perhaps a unit established in India, and another in Chile.

San Francisco

The San Francisco Unit in October hosted Fred Kimball, the man who speaks with animals. The audience, which included pets, was large and very interested in his presentation, readings from the consciousness of the animals present.

The November meeting featured Col. Arthur J. Burks, author and akashic record reader. Col. Burks offers a course entitled: The Wisdom Pool, whereby individuals may learn to touch their own subconscious akashic memory.

The December 6th meeting of the Unit will be a Christmas Party for members and their guests, with an informal program.

Twin Cities

From Dr. Johanna Van Poperin, President of Unit #41, comes word of a very good reception for Dan Fry’s “Curve of Development” lecture in Minneapolis on November 3rd. The story of Dan’s reception by the high school students was even more interesting, so we give it to you as we received it.:

“We began at 3 P. M…. at 4:30 the busses came and the first batch of kids moved out … the rest stayed … the questions started … at 5:10 we were invited gently by the principal to leave the auditorium so the janitors could get busy . . . we moved into the small dressing room and started again… gradually we were in the hallway… finally to the front door with the young people still with

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

us … at 6:05 we left the school. We all loved it, so did they… the principal was very enthusiastic and stated it well done.”

An Apology

Our sincere apologies to the Heralds of the New Age for having incorrectly listed their address in the August issue article: Examine All Things. The correct address is: 8 Glanville Terrace, Parnell, Auckland, N. Z.


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The famous LITTLE LISTENING POST at Washington, D. C., has issued four original New Age Mottoes. Each is on a different color, and they were lettered by a well-known artist. These Mottoes are “silent sermons” and make an easy way to get the New Age message across. A set hangs in the Library at Merlin. Help spread the Gospel. Send $1.00 for your set to THE LITTLE LISTENING POST, 4811 Illinois Avenue, N. W. Washington 11, D. C.

The editors of Understanding magazine are happy to consider unsolicited manuscripts, both articles and poetry. Articles should not exceed 1,000 words (poetry 36 lines). Almost any type of material will be considered, providing that it is of a constructive nature and contributes to a better understanding of the subject matter employed. The editors are particularly interested in developing a greater degree of understanding among different peoples of the earth and an understanding of basic issues facing the people of this planet. Payment for articles accepted will be made upon publication at the rate of one cent per word (poetry 10 per line). The editors also are interested in seeing clippings of unusual items from newspapers and magazines, for which the sum of $1 per clipping published will be paid to the first person submitting it. All manuscripts should be typewritten, double-spaced and on one side of the sheet only. Manuscripts may not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed envelope bearing sufficient postage.


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“Yes, it’s true. I, Bob Renaud, have talked with people from other planets over my short wave radio set, at regular intervals, for over 3 years. Since Jan. 6, 1962, I have. viewed these people inside their spaceships on my own TV Screen; met them in person; ridden in, piloted, and photographed their spaceships; visited their underground and undersea bases; and became the first Earthman to walk outside a spaceship in outer space! Learn what these advanced people teach, and of their plan to help mankind solve its problems and, in our time, to build a Great Society-advanced far beyond today’s most optimistic concepts. Read it all in “UFO International” starting with issue 18. Six issues for $3.00. Single copy-50c. Gabriel Green, Editor. 7 Flying Saucer color photos-$3.00. Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs, 2004 N. Hoover, Los Angeles, Calif. 90027.

The Masthead of the


Reveals the non-profit status of the New Age Press, while the selfless activities of its two moving spirits, CORINNE and THEODORE HELINE are “devoted to studies designed to aid the modern thinker to a spiritual re-orientation in the light of


Their work is helping others to gain a better understanding of factors in this difficult transitional period, and enlisting their co-operation in

creating a

New Day of Better Living

for all mankind

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atoms, galaxies and understanding, by daniel fry ………….  2.00

White sands incident and

to men of earth, one volume, by Daniel Fry …………  2.00

Diary into the unknown, by Eugene and ruth whitworth              4.00

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Spacewoman speaks, by rolfe telano ……  2.00

Why we are here, Gloria lee ………..  3.75

council of seven lights, by george van tassel…………. 3.50

my contact with flying saucers, fino kraspedon …….  3.75

My trip to mars moon and venus, by buck nelson ……..  1.25

night has 1000 saucers, by calvin c. girvin (paper, $2.00)….. 3.00

road in the sky, by g.h. williamson ……..  4.00

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

Secret forces that changed the world, by frank bowman     3.50

Flying saucers farewell, by george adamski …………..  3.95

Wake up the god in you and live, by Martha baker ……  2.00

we of the new dimension, by Will and evelyn miller …………  2.00

Unity in the spirit, by comptesse de pierrefeu ……………  2.00

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