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VOLUME IX                                 OCTOBER, 1964                                      NUMBER 10

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Many members of organizations which are devoted to the improvement of man’s lot and to the uplifting of his consciousness, often experience a depressing sense of inadequacy. It appears that their efforts are of no avail. That the inertia and the apathy of the world is so tremendous that no individual or group could possibly have any effect upon it.

I have often wondered how many of these people have ever watched a pair of tug boats take a giant ocean liner out of the harbor. When the tiny tugs come chugging up to the mammoth bulk of the liner, they appear almost as two flies approaching an elephant. It seems conceited of the tugs to think that they could ever move such a tremendous mass.

The towing lines are drawn into place, and foam spurts from the stern of each of the tugs as their tiny propellers churn the water. The observer watches the ship for what seems to be a long time, and nothing happens. Just as he is coming to the conclusion that a mistake has been made, and that the tugs will never be able to start the, ship his eyes detect a minute and almost indistinguishable motion. The great ship is actually beginning to move !

3                                                    UNDERSTANDING

As the tug’s engines continue to labor, the ship slowly, but surely gathers speed, and is eventually escorted clear of the harbor and into the open sea where its own giant engines may safely be put to work, and the ship is well and truly on its way to distant parts.

The task of Understanding is much the same. The impatient reformer who is determined to change the world at a single stroke, comes charging headlong against the inertia of that world, and receives only a bruised head in payment for his efforts.

It is the constant, gentle, patient, but unyielding tug which will move the world, and mould the destiny of man.

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Because I consider myself to be a fairly decent person I naturally want people to like me. By the same token I want to like others. I believe you feel this way too. To be liked by everyone all the time, however, is an impossibility. The very nature of our differences creates the difficult.

There is a common thread that runs through humanity in that we are all born with feelings capable of love and hate, hope and despair. Our problems arise because, as individuals, we do not have the same moods and feelings at the same time. When I feel cheerful and happy you may be unhappy or not up to par. Or, our situations may be reversed, you may be joyous and I may be sad. The saving grace is understanding. To try to understand the other person’s problem does much towards mutual friendship. This may appear to be an easy, simple solution, but in practice it can, at times, be very difficult. There are times when to like and understand another takes all the inner strength we possess, but I believe it is worth the effort.

Understanding is not a trait with which we are born. It must be acquired by hard work and constant effort. It is so easy to call the other fellow names, to say he is a grouch, is unfriendly, or unlikable, and then go our own way. This accomplishes nothing. To dig deeper to learn the other man’s problems is to acquire understanding. Maybe that grouchy chap is not well, perhaps there is an illness in the family; he may have all manner of problems and pressures. Remember the times you were sick or the pressures of your work were almost too much for you and you wanted to walk away to

OCTOBER, 1964                        4

forget it all. It is just possible that at those times someone understood your problems and gave you a kind word, overlooking your sour disposition. Although you cannot run around thanking everyone who has ever been kind to you yet you can pay off the debt by understanding and being kind to someone else in need.

Recently there have been horrible accounts printed in the newspapers of people standing by and refusing aid to individuals being beaten, robbed, and even murdered. Their cowardly excuse was that they did not wish to become involved. What these people did not realize was that they were involved. I would a thousand times rather be involved in a court case or a police. investigation than carry within me the knowledge that I stood by and watched a helpless human being suffer, or be victimized, without offering my aid. Which way would you prefer to be involved? In such circumstances you are involved whether or not you accept the responsibility. I believe that those who stood by without offering help are suffering from their lack of understanding.

Today there is much talk of juvenile delinquency. A close observation indicates that the major problem is a lack of understanding and communication between youngsters and adults. I do not condone many actions of our young people and wish they had a better understanding of the world, but as adults, we should have a much better understanding of our teen-alters. We have passed through adolescence and surely understand the problems and feelings of the young. Particular problems may have changed but basically they are the same problems. Could it be we do not. care enough, or is it possible we prefer not to be involved? Do we want someone else to handle the problem: to have the willingness and understanding to help? Do we look to the teacher, the preacher, the policeman to do the job of rearing and teaching our children? Do we want an easy solution, an easy way out?  Perhaps in our search for understanding we need to understand ourselves a little better.

I believe self-understanding should come first. Unless we understand ourselves we cannot understand the other fellow. Unless we have wrestled with our thoughts and feelings we cannot help others with their problems. I believe it was Shakespeare who said in so many words: Know Thyself. Be true to yourself and you cannot be false to others.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Our quest for self-knowledge and understanding is a lifetime work. No matter how long we live we shall always be amazed at learning new facets of our personality. In order not to turn self-awareness into self-centeredness it is necessary to study the other person also. The most worthwhile goal in life is to understand our fellow man; to recognize his problems and, having done so, be willing to share our understanding to help him.

-Howard Obermiller

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The television slogan IN LIVING COLOR has more depth and meaning than one realizes. Experiments are continuously unearthing new and startling facts about the influence of color in peoples’ lives. For instance, researchers find there are reactions, as well as ‘moods’ associated with dark, rainy days or sunny weather. Happiness comes to some at sight of the first, faint hues of spring while others must see the dramatic brilliance of fall coloring before their emotions are stirred.

Color has always held some meaning to man. In the long ago it was used to invite the gods or ward off evil spirits. The wonder of the rainbow might have inspired the connection between the supernatural and color-purple could fight away adversity, brown make the dead breathe and green enable the mute to talk.

Charms for curing diseases depended on specific colors, too. Character was judged by coloring-black hair indicated a wicked disposition-blonde hair, a cold nature, while people with pale complexions were deemed sly and untrustworthy.

Mystics insisted that the true temperament of an individual was shown in his aura. Panchadosi describes the human aura as a “fine, ethereal radiation or emanation surrounding each and every human being like the rising of heat from a stove.”

Such awe-inspiring qualities attributed to the spectrum have disappeared from modern culture. But although color scientists of today do not go to such extremes they are convinced that chromatics is influential in everyone’s life. They believe there is much to be .gained by `color therapy’ for those who are emotionally disturbed.

OCTOBER, 1984                        5

They are becoming more and more convinced that the colors used in homes, offices, schools: and hospitals have a direct bearing on people’s state of mind and health.

Faber Birren in his book Color Psychology and Color Therapy says red is the most dominant of all colors and demands attention. Intense red can temporarily raise the blood sugar and churn up the pulse as well as the brain of man. It can increase restlessness and nervousness and has even been known to induce thirst. It can whet an appetite and Mr. Birren believes this is one of the reasons that “rare steak and sliced tomatoes are so appetizing.”

Knute Rockne once had the Notre Dame football team’s whole dressing room painted red. He claimed that this dynamic, urgeful color kept the players keyed to a high pitch during intermissions.

Oddly enough tests have proved that red is woman’s favorite color (man’s is blue). Possibly it is the eternal feminine in her that instinctively turns to the siren lure. Man reacts to red, but undoubtedly his instinct for preservation suggests the cooler and calmer shade of blue. But woman can defend her love of gay brilliance by quoting John Ruskin who said, “”The purest and most thoughtful minds are those who love color most.”

Once it was believed that living under the environment of a forceful, passionate color could transfer a moody introvert into a lighthearted extrovert. But the modern psychologist does not go that far. He does not believe that color exposure can change a person’s chemistry.

Back at the turn of the century Mary Webb wrote about the beauty and influence of color. She said, “Of all colors brown is the most satisfying. It is the deep, fertile tint of the earth itself. It lies in the garment of multitudes of earth’s children-from the mouse to the eagle. There is that in brown which surely speaks to all who are ever born into the world.”

Of course in life today where the accent on living is important and decor of office or home, a status symbol, there are trained specialists to help in color combinations and use. There are charts, planning aids and even picture books for guidance, so even the novice need not be wrong nor chose in poor taste. However, the important point is for the individual to select only colors that appeal. They must be `simpatico’ emotionally and esthetically or they

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

should not be used. For harmony in living; which is such an important feature of happiness, depends on one’s surroundings. So, too, can the use or abuse of color mirror one’s personality. Dramatic shades for those who choose to `live dangerously.’ Calm, cool tones for those who prefer the `gentle way.’ One can live in a Joyously variegated environment or in the dull, tiresome world of monochrome. For today, color is more than the beauty of the spectrum-color is a way of life.

-Mary S. Garvey

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That all oxen thrive on grass and all lions eat flesh, “while one man’s meat is another man’s poison” illustrates the influence of the group spirit as contrasted with that of the human ego, for the requirements of each human being differ as to kinds and proportions of food.

From an occult viewpoint it is desirable for the ego to live as long as possible in each dense body, particularly after a start has been made toward living a spiritual life; and to retain as long as possible a body that. has become to some extent amenable to the spirit’s promptings. Thus it is highly desirable that we partake only of such food and drinks as will deposit the least amount of earthly substance in our tissues, and which requires the minimum of energy to assimilate.

It is axiomatic that the entire body is nourished by the blood, and that everything contained in the body, of whatever nature, has first been in the blood. Analysis shows that the blood holds earthy substances and that the arterial blood contains more matter than the versus blood. This is significant, for it indicates that in every cycle the blood deposits earthy substances. The food and drink which nourish the body must thus be the primary source of the earthy matter which is deposited by the blood all through the system, causing decrepitude and finally death.

To sustain physical life we must eat and drink but, as there are many varieties of food and drink, it behooves the occult student to ascertain which kinds contain the smallest proportions of obstructive

OCTOBER, 1964                        7

material. As each individual is at a different stage of development, there can be given no absolute rules, the matter of diet being an individual one. Pages 450–451 of the Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception. contains tables of food values helpful in the selection of foods for personal needs. Modern science hag discovered the importance of vitamins in maintaining health and vitality, as well.

The matter of chemical combinations is a complicated one, and one on which expert opinions differ widely. In general, it is necessary and best to experiment and study, using due discrimination, to reach individual conclusions.

The aspirant to the higher life should entirely avoid the use of flesh food, if possible. No one who kills, or causes another to kill for him, can go very far along the path of holiness. Certain dairy products however may be used, and milk is an important food for the occult student. Milk contain very little earthy matter and has an influence upon the body possessed by no other food. Buttermilk is considered valuable as a food and as a solvent. of obstructive matter in the. tissues.

Fresh fruits contain water of the purest and best kind. Unfermented grape juice is a particularly wonderful solvent. It thins and stimulates the blood, opening the way into capillaries which may be dried or choked. Its use materially defers old age, that is, if the crystallizing process has not gone too far. The aspirant should use only soft or distilled water internally.

The brain is composed of the same substances as are all other parts of the body, with the addition of a much larger amount of phosphorus. The logical conclusion is that phosphorus is the particular element by which the ego is able to create and express thought and thereby influence the dense or physical body. It is therefore important that the aspirant who is to use his body for mental and spiritual work should supply the brain with the special substance necessary for that purpose. Most vegetables and fruits contain some phosphorus but a greater amount is found in the leafy variety.

Temporary abstinence from food, if kept within limits, is of great value in clearing the system of the accumulated debris which interferes with the normal functioning of the system. At the first indication of any disorder the omission of one or two meals is highly

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

advisable. A fast of twenty-four hours occasionally is excellent for almost anyone, provided it is taken when neither mental nor manual work requires considerable energy. Longer fasts may be undertaken under the direction of competent medical advice. People who are psychically negative should avoid fasting for it tends to increase the negativity.

Overeating, in the final analysis, is probably the cause of two thirds of all human ailments. The majority of people could, with much profit, reduce by one third the amount of food eaten daily. Greater mental and physical efficiency would certainly result, also added years of life.

-Benedict Schiavo

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(This is the third of a series of descriptive listings of Exchange Publications received by Understanding, Inc. We encourage you to investigate those that appeal to you. Ed.)

Brothers, a quarterly published by Cosmic Brotherhood Association, Naka, P.O. Box 12, Yokohama, Japan.

Introducing phenomena between the planes -understanding friendship between peoples here-and practicing to make the Earth clean and right.

The Green Revolution, monthly published by School of Living, Brookville, Ohio.

Editor, Mildred J. Loomis. $3.00 per year. With Membership $5.00 per year. (For homes teaders-on-to-the-landers and do-it-yourself-ers.)

E.O. M. Universal, monthly. 18607 Dale, Detroit 19, Mich.

Editor, Alma Burch. Sent out under the Free-will, Love Offering Plan. (Promoting principles of Life and Government as taught by the Christ principle and is a gathering for all those who have made themselves ready.)

Panorama, monthly. (The Australian Saucer Record.), 22 Northcot St., Kilburn, S. A., Australia.

OCTOBER, 1964                        9

Editor, Fred P. Stone. Single copy 25c. (Wide horizon for U.F.O. students, groups and societies.)

International Friendship Guide, quarterly. P.O. Box 990 G.P.O., New York, N. Y.

Editor, Leopold Denke. $1.50 per year. (With allegiance to mankind as a whole-to promote the growth and development of truly friendly relations all over the world.)

Orien, monthly. Office of publication, Lakemont, Georgia.

Editor, H. Edwin O’Neal. $4.00 per year. 35e single copy. (Devoted to Light and Truth-to the development of awareness and the disentanglement of human thought from the limitations of sense experiences.)

Cosmic Star, monthly. 6311 Yucca St., Hollywood 28, California.

One year $2.00. Three years $5.00 (A reporting newspaper of News and Events from around the world, related to Psychic Phenomena, E.S.P., Metaphysics, New Age Philosophies and Allied. subjects.)

Chimes, monthly. P.O. Box 308, Brea, Calif.

$5.00 for 3 ,years. Single copy, 20c. (Largest psychic monthly. Lists spiritual churches by areas.)

New Age Expositor, P.O. Box 8151, Salt Lake City 8, Utah.

A non-profit publication, non-sectarial and non-partisan, beaming knowledge and wisdom to all people everywhere. No sponsors, no organization, no paid advertising, and no paid listings. READER CONTRIBUTIONS, ONLY.

Science Publications, monthly S.P. Newsletter. 1231 East Belmont St., Anaheim, Calif.

A. C. Honey, Editor. $3.50 per year. (Dedicated to the advancement of mankind of Earth in all fields of learning.)

The Year In-Between. Issued by “New Age Truth Publications,” 1900 S.W. 27th Ave., Miami, 45, Fla.

By Gilbert N. Holliday. Your requests for list of publications and services appreciated. “Dr. Holliday is a gifted writer and you will enjoy his ESP Impressions about you.”

-By True Day

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

world report

Exploding Stars

(The Independent, Pasadena, Calif., Thurs., Oct. 10, 1963.)

LOS ANGELES (AP) – A University of California astronomer says an exploding star, may have caused genetic mutations on earth which led to the dinosaurs-and the rise of man.

Dr. Gibson Reaves told of the theory in addressing USC’s Faculty Center Association.

An exploding star, a supernovae could send mutation-causing cosmic rays to earth if the explosion came near the earth, Dr. Reaves said.

In our galaxy there is a supernovae about every 50 years, he said. “Every few hundred million years our solar system is so close to one that the cosmic ray intensity increases at least 10 times and causes mutations.” he said. “This effect last about 10,000 years.” Mutations are changes in genetic structure which have been credited with changing the direction of evolution. Mutations could have doomed the dinosaur or started man’s evolutionary climb, scientists believe.

Dr. Heaves, working at Palomar Observatory during this past summer with a 48-inch Schmidt telescope, discovered three new supernovae in 10,000 galaxies. Only 140 are now known.

“Supernovae, now shining with as much radiant energy as a trillion stars, are 10 billion. times as bright as the sun,” Dr. Reaves said. “If one occurred one light year (or six trillion miles away) from earth, it would raise the temperature on earth to above the boiling point. The star would appear almost as bright as the sun itself. “

Dr. Reaves, a member of the USC astronomy faculty since 1952, said the cause of the explosions isn’t known. He offered some possibilities: “Possibly they could result from a collision of two stars. Perhaps they could represent the violent end of belligerent intelligent life somewhere in space.

“Or they could result from nuclear reactions becoming unstable for some as yet unknown reason.”

OCTOBER, 1964                        11

Superhuman Persons

(By Frank Carey, Associated Press Science Writer)

WASHINGTON (AP)-Navy biological scientists are seriously dreaming of some day making men “temporarily superhuman” in strength and muscular control by giving them chemicals, it was disclosed today.

They also are speculating about eventual development of “Skin farms”: these would be vast supplies of human skin, grown from individual skin cells in special chambers, and kept in readiness for use in mass disasters. Another envisioned project, “Instant acclimatization” would involve the ability to make a fighting man adjust to the terrific heat of a desert in minutes, days or weeks by giving him special drugs.

These are concededly long-range ideas, whose realization could come only from breakthroughs on tough research problems still under intensive study. They were outlined in a special issue of “Naval Research -Reviews,” a publication of the Office of Naval Research.

In one report, Dr. Robert K. Jennings, head of ONR’s biochemistry branch, described basic research to explain the chemistry of muscle action.

Among the possible benefits if this research is successful, he said “We may be able to deal more effectively with (muscle and nerve) poisons an enemy might employ against us, we may be able to treat diseases which incapacitate men today; and we may even learn how to create men who are temporarily superhuman in their strength and muscular control to deal with emergencies’ without being harmed.”

Jennings also told of pioneering studies on the cultivation or growth of animal and human cells outside the body.

“Such cultures develop characteristics which are not exactly like the cells and tissues found in the body. When enough has been learned about the factors which control the growth and differentiation of, let us say, skin cells, it may be possible to have `skin farms’ to which the physician can turn for replacement parts when large numbers of casualties are brought to him after natural or man-made holocausts.”

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Solving the Puzzle of Life

(Medford Mail Tribune, 7/27/64-by Delos Smith., UPI Science Ed.)

NEW YORK (UPI)-An American Nobel prize-winning scientist made a bold scientific forecast today in opening the sixth International Congress of Biochemistry.

“The human intellect,” said Dr. Severo Ochoa, “will eventually solve the puzzle of the nature of life.”

He then asked this question: “Will it ever solve the riddle of the meaning of life, of the existence of the universe or even of its prerequisite, matter, and of the essence of the intellect itself?

To that question he gave no answer, not even a guess, and proceeded, as President of the International Union of Biochemistry, to declare the gathering of some 6,000 biochemists from all parts of the world officially in session.

If his forecast proves accurate, if his question is ever answered in the affirmative, it will be the work of these scientists or their successors. Biochemistry is the chemistry which forms a living body any body operates it from inception to death and confers upon it the wondrous power to reproduce itself.

Ochoa was pleased by the progress of this basic chemical science of life. Why, it could be that in the next few decades biochemist’s will begin to understand the chemistry of the molecules responsible for “the higher functions” of the human brain.

“We are progressing fast toward a full understanding of the molecular mechanisms responsible for the continuity of life and for the amazing variety of living forms on our planet,” he said. “We are even beginning to catch some glimpse of the mode in which organic matter originated, and the exploration of space might provide clues for further inquiry into the origin of life itself.”

Ochoa, who is chairman of the Department of Biochemistry at New York University, was but one of 15 Nobel Prize winners at the Congress.

The chemical processes which will enthrall the scientists during this week are those which cause all living things to age, which permit them to resist disease, which enable them to put energy into “storage” and take it out as needed, which regulate their body

OCTOBER, 1964.                       13

mechanics, which account for offspring being like parents in finest detail, and which provide the instant and thoroughly reliable communications of the body, those being the nerve impulses.

Andes Hot Spot

(Medford Mail Tribune, 8/28/64–By Joseph. L. Myler)

WASHINGTON (UPI)-An international team is investigating a newly discovered “hot spot” under the Andes mountain range that appears to be associated with a gigantic mountain-building project recently begun by nature.

This was disclosed today by D. Merle A. Tuve, director of the Carnegie Institution’s department of terrestrial magnetism.

‘The buried hot area was discovered last October during magnetic studies by the Carnegie Institution and the Institute Geofisico del Peru of Andean earthquake regions.

It is believed to be connected with huge movements of the earth’s crust associated with earthquakes and active volcanoes.

In the Bolivian-Peruvian region of the Andes, the Carnegie Institution said, nature evidently is “repeating in our own time the vast spectacle of mountain-building” that was completed many millions of years ago in comparatively stable parts of the world. The Andes, apparently, are still under construction.

New studies of subterranean heat in the region have just started under the leadership of Dr. Scott Forbush and Dr. Ulrich Schmucker of the Carnegie staff. Three field parties are monitoring 10 magnetic stations in Peru and Bolivia.

Discovery of the hot area. was made last year. Scientists had reasoned that buried regions of mountain-building might be extremely hot and hence highly conductive of electricity. Their first results made them think the instruments had gone haywire.

But it developed the apparently erratic findings were correct and were due to “unexpectedly strong effects of very large underground electrical currents near the surface.”

The instruments detected the currents at a number of places 12 to 24 miles under southern Peru. Under most other areas of the earth, high electrical conductivity appear at depths of more than 200 miles.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

The UFO Evidence

NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) has recently published The UFO Evidence, an encyclopedia of UFO reports, statements and analysis. This book has been sent to every member of congress. One of the aims of NICAP is to bring about a new Congressional investigation of the UFO problem since it is felt that the Air Force has been reluctant to publish all facts and evidence of sightings, even when presented by reputable and competent observers.

The book is the result of six years of research on the history of Unidentified Flying Objects. Its 184 pages are divided into fourteen sections for easy reference. Section titles include the following: Cross-Section Digest, Intelligent Control, Air Force Observations, Scientists and Engineers, Special Evidence, Foreign Reports, Congress and the UFOs, and Problems and Dangers.

According to Cleve Twitchell, in an article in the Medford Mail Tribune, “There are many people in the United States, and in other nations as well, who have an interest in the UFO phenomena but prefer not to take the reports of contacts, flights to other planets and mental communications very seriously-people who simply believe that many sightings have never been satisfactorily explained. Individuals in this group, and also persons previously unaware of the enormous number of well-documented sightings by observers of unimpeachable character during the past fifteen years, should be interested in this volume.”

The volume sells for $5.00 and may be ordered from NICAP, 1536 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 0436.

OCTOBER, 1964                        15

Poet’s corner

The Secret

A wind whispered “autumn” to the earth.

The trees began to sigh.

They gossiped of the winter’s birth,

Foretold that leaves would die.

I got. the secret from a bird

Who, poised upon my sill,

Sang it so that every word

Echoed on the hill.

I took my pen and paper down

And scribbled off a note

To post so that my friends in town

Could read the robin’s quote.

But. long before my heart could share

The secret that I knew

My friends received it from the air

Through morning mist and dew.

-Susan Headon

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING


My heart insists that Paradise

Is not a place to go,

But the sharing of a moment

With someone we love and know.

It’s a fleeting glimpse of beauty,

And the power to understand,

It’s an unexpected kindness

From a neighbor’s helping hand.

It’s a looking toward tomorrow,

Blended with a memory,

It’s the closeness of communion

With a friend across the sea.

It’s the granting of a favor

That you hardly dared to ask,

It’s the honest satisfaction

On completion of a task.

It’s the depth for great emotion,

A capacity for love,

It’s a willingness for service,

Blessed by guidance from above.

It’s forgiveness for your errors,

It’s relief when you’ve confessed,

It’s this world-just. like He made it,

With His children at their best.

-Abbie Faye Petty

——— ♦ ———


(From “Life and Laughter” by Arthur L. Bietz, in The Youth’s Instructor.)

“An outstanding psychologist recently conducted some intriguing experiments. He found that people who laugh much and are generally cheerful also have better eyesight, sharper hearing, and keener taste. In other words, their senses are activated as the result of their positive approach to life.”

A constant state of stress may actually produce organic disease

OCTOBER, 1964                        17

and a prescription offered by one physician to help with all disease is: A happy disposition. A sense of humor helps immeasurably in making life happier and healthier.

“. .. Actually, the better our sense of humor, the more we get out of life. Humor is sadly lacking in America. We have tried to replace it with slapstick comedy, an insufficient compensation for genuine humor. Every channel on television displays the wares of neurotic comedians who put forth Herculean efforts to make the public laugh. Often they are successful. But rarely is this genuine laughter; it is rather the guffaws of people who are in a death struggle with self, trying to escape the reality of their frightfully unfulfilled life, They laugh because if they did not, chances are they would cry …

“A real sense of humor is equivalent to courage … the quiet courage of facing each new day with a smile … The science of a sense of humor is that we do not take self too seriously. This keeps us from getting bitter or cynical; because indeed, if we are looking for things to force down the corners of our mouth, we shall surely find them. A sense of humor can protect us from that fault. One with a sense of humor can laugh at his own misfortune, because he does not magnify it in his mind. ..

“Students of human nature have found that people with a sense of humor tend to have greater perspective in life than those who lack it. Because the mind dwells on wider horizons, it is free to work. Thus, such persons act more intelligently. People with a sense of humor also attract friends, for laughter quickly dissolves hostility and resentment … The great advantage of a sense of humor is that it helps one to face life optimistically. The annoying experiences that each of us faces lose importance if we can laugh squarely at them…

A sense of humor, by the way, is not inherited. You can cultivate it as you can cultivate a taste for music. .. The way to begin acquiring a sense of humor is to refuse to be so rigid that you regard every disappointment as a major calamity. ..

“Don’t hesitate to laugh at life. Nothing is so good as a good laugh to relax you … Laughter is medicine for the spirit. It keeps life on an even keel and can turn pessimism to optimism.”

Try it!

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

bulletin board

Voice of Understanding

Since volunteer efforts recently completed the exterior structure of the Merlin Radio Building, including roof, windows and doors, the second annual, Merlin Radio Building meeting was held on the site, Sunday, August 30th.

After voting to make the position of publicity chairman appointive, the following officers were elected: President, Daniel W. Fry; Vice President, William Bryan; Corresponding Secretary, Katharina Mosch; Recording Secretary, Eleanor Bryan; Treasurer, Carmen Brand.

Directors chosen for the new term are: Amy Bateman, Durward Fairfield, Ronald Hansen, John Harvath, Harry May, John Nunez, Esther Stilgebouer, Frances Wyatt, Joachim Mosch and Dan Fry.

After a discussion of the necessary financial foundation for the radio station it was voted to make it a wholly owned subsidiary of the Merlin Development Company, to be known as the “Voice of Understanding.” Upon consideration of the size of the station, costs of operation and initial interior modifications, Hans Brand was elected Chief of Construction, Engineering and Maintenance.

Dan Fry stressed that the submission of the F.C.C. application must be contingent upon the station’s ability to both meet the monthly operative expenses and to provide enough program material for continuous operation. The meeting closed after consideration of programming and the need for program ideas.

OCTOBER, 1964                        19

It is with deep appreciation that the following donors are acknowledged: members and guest of the Radio Guild meeting; Anonymous, Merlin; Florence Twitchell, Medford, and Amy Bateman, Grants Pass, all of Oregon. California donors include: Unit #48, Placerville; Mrs. Frances Wyatt, Sonoma; Ron Hansen, Pacific Grove; Mrs. G. S. Reinecker, Inglewood; Celia Barnes’ and Sophia Hall, Nevada City; Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brownell, Elsinore; John Harvath, San Diego; and Max Hoefner, Roy Lutzi and Mrs. Otto Heil of San Francisco. Contributions were also received from G. R. Shearman, Edmonton, Canada, and Mrs. M. R.Nigl of Sayre, Pa.

Understanding Conventions

Rev. Della Larson of Unit. #3, Oakland, California, announces that the annual Northern California Spacecraft Convention will be held at Hotel Claremont, in the Berkeley Hills, Saturday, Oct. 31, and Sunday, Nov. 1. Frank Stranges is to be the master of ceremonies.

The flyer states: Our Conventions are designed to bring specific information concerning the New Dimension before the public, with -well qualified speakers. Those engaged in this work seek to create a better understanding among all people, so a more unified thought pattern may be established in readiness to accept the issues of the New Dimension.”

Speakers scheduled include: Dan Fry, Gabriel Green, Hope Troxell, Col. Arthur J. Burks, Maria Graciette Elliott and Peter Hurkos.

From Robert Crichton comes word that another Understandorama is being organized by Vista Unit #4 for the weekend of Nov. 14-15 at Harmony Grove, Calif. Speakers are now being contacted to provide the usual wide range of subjects that have characterized the Understandorama of the past.

Cross Country Tour

After presiding at the annual Understanding meeting in Monterey, California, on October 3 and 4, and then speaking at the Giant Rock Convention, Joshua Tree, California, Dan Fry will have two weeks to complete his arrangements for his second cross country lecture tour this year.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Confirmed dates include a lecture at the Northern California Spacecraft Convention on October 31, then several lectures in the Twin Cities area, Nov. 2-4, under the auspices of Unit #41 of St. Paul. Please contact Dr. Johanna Van Poperin, 628 Stryker Ave., St. Paul, Minn., for particulars.

Dates set for New York City are Nov. 14 and 15. Details may be had from Mrs. C. Lois Jessop, 101 W. 55th St., New York 10019.

Mrs. William Ham is presently corresponding with both Units and individuals to arrange lecture dates in Detroit, Toledo, Buffalo, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., as well as in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, Oklahoma and Texas.

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“Within us all qualities that spring from a Source beyond our `normal personality: love, creativity, the spirit of service, aspiration-the `pull’ of the Prodigal Son to return to his Father’s house appreciation of truth, beauty, goodness, a sense however vague of `reality’ and of `something more’ which causes the perpetual restlessness in the human race-the `divine discontent,’ the spirit of adventure, the constant endeavor to achieve. All these are evidences that `man is an animal, plus a living God.’ “

(Meditation Group for the New Age)

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The editors of Understanding magazine are happy to consider unsolicited manuscripts, both articles and poetry. Articles should not exceed 1,000 words (poetry 36 lines). Almost any type of material will be considered, providing that it is of a constructive nature and contributes to a better understanding of the subject matter employed. The editors are particularly interested in developing a greater degree of understanding among different peoples of the earth and an understanding of basic issues facing the people of this planet. Payment for articles accepted will be made upon publication at the rate of one cent per word (poetry 10 per line). The editors also are interested in seeing clippings of unusual items from newspapers and magazines, for which the sum of $1 per clipping published will be paid to the first person submitting it. All manuscripts should be typewritten, double-spaced and on one side of the sheet only. Manuscripts may not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed envelope bearing sufficient postage.


Address manuscripts to Understanding, P.O. Box 76, Merlin Ore. 97532

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HEAR IN THE SILENCE ….             1.00


THE AURA …..             1.00




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If proof is desired, copy must be submitted one month in advance of publication.

Copy Limit, 20 lines per quarter page.

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atoms, galaxies and understanding, by daniel fry ………….  2.00

White sands incident and

to men of earth, one volume, by Daniel Fry …………  2.00

Diary into the unknown, by Eugene and ruth whitworth              4.00

The sky people, by erinsley lepoer trench ………..  4.50

Spacewoman speaks, by rolfe telano ……  2.00

Why we are here, Gloria lee ………..  3.75

council of seven lights, by george van tassel…………. 3.50

my contact with flying saucers, fino kraspedon …….  3.75

My trip to mars moon and venus, by buck nelson ……..  1.25

night has 1000 saucers, by calvin c. girvin (paper, $2.00)….. 3.00

road in the sky, by g.h. williamson ……..  4.00

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

Secret forces that changed the world, by frank bowman     3.50

Flying saucers farewell, by george adamski …………..  3.95

Wake up the god in you and live, by Martha baker ……  2.00

we of the new dimension, by Will and evelyn miller …………  2.00

Unity in the spirit, by comptesse de pierrefeu ……………  2.00

These books may be purchased from Understanding. We pay all postage.

Residents of California please add 4 percent sales tax.