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VOLUME IX                                 JANUARY, 1964                                        NUMBER 1

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


One of the greatest of the normal modus operandi of our two-party political system is the habit of each party to decry and denounce the actions and policies of the other party at almost every opportunity, and especially during election campaigns. Any fault or error of the opposing party or individual is exaggerated and magnified out of all proportion to the facts. During the heat of election campaigns, the political art known as “mud slinging” is employed almost as a matter of course. The general public, being long accustomed to such tactics, tends to ignore about 90 per cent of the vitriolic attacks and to review the remaining 10 per cent with a rather skeptical eye. Thus the political attacks on candidates by the opposing faction seldom have any effect upon the thinking of the general public (except to make the voters wonder, sometimes, how any of the candidates could qualify for public office.)

The great hazard lies in the fact that there are in the United States, as in every country, a certain number of individuals who are possessed of an infinite credulity coupled with a complete lack of ability to discriminate between true fact and political invective. These persons absorb the vitriol as a sponge absorbs water. They accept as unquestioned fact the diatribes which are issued almost

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

perfunctorily by the opposition party. In the mind of the credulous neurotic, this accumulation of mental poison soon breeds a rather virulent form of hate combined with a strong feeling that something must be done about the situation. At this point the overactive ego of the neurotic individual usually persuades him that he is the avenging angel appointed by God to correct an intolerable condition. The method chosen for the correction is usually the liquidation of the offending individual.

And so from time to time, a president or a governor will die, usually from gunshot wounds inflicted by a person whom they have never met or known. These men are victims, not of a few insane individuals, but of a political format that. condones and habitually practices deliberate exaggeration during political campaigns.

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On November 22nd, 1963, the President of the United States of America, “land of the free,” was slain.

In this tragedy which unfolded in our nation, the personalities involved-he who took a life and he whose life was taken-were representative of the nature of man in the struggle for true freedom. The elements that are contrary to man’s real nature are battling to the end-the Truth that sets men free. Fear and violence are the weapons. Hasn’t it been oft repeated that, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself?” Greatest of all fear, is fear of the unknown.

More deadly than the lead in the bullet that took the life of a man is the venom engendered by the hatred, malice and panic that is rampant in the minds of men who would obstruct, mentally or physically, the progress that is being made in new dimensions of consciousness.

It is apropos that the drama of two thousand years ago be re-enacted in some form, for again we are in a cycle of change: the breaking thru the crust of outworn concepts into more spacious avenues of spiritual and scientific endeavor. At such times, the signs are evident, casting their shadows upon future events. The highest and strongest level of conscious is represented in physical form. Such a one was Jesus of Nazareth who understood that the attack upon Truth was made against the form or personality. When he said

JANUARY, 1964                         3

unto his disciples, “Verily I say unto you that one; of you shall betray me,” they were exceedingly sorrowful and began every one to say unto him, “Lord, is it I?”

Likewise, on November 22nd, countless numbers of people stood nakedly ashamed as the awful impact of the President’s death burst upon the nation. As one after another was interviewed, it appeared as if each had become suddenly and thoughtfully aware of their own contributions to the ranks of prejudice, fear and injustice. There were those who simply and humbly said, “I’m so ashamed” and “Am I, too, to blame?” The deep seated anguish coupled with guilt spread like a blanket over the nation, making itself evident around the earth. Who could honestly blame another nation or so-called enemies? IT HAPPENED IN AMERICA.

Never in the history of the nation had such a great number of people become so keenly aware of the implications involved in the pulling of the trigger which took the life of a man. That act seemed to bring into focus every act, perpetrated in groups, large and small, in the nation, for he who would use any weapon, mental, physical or material against the Spirit of Truth is equally guilty of betrayal and murder.

Perhaps a great nation, like a great man on bended knee, can hear the voice of the Comforter-and hearing, be cleansed of the dross which is the substance of wars and misunderstandings. A nation, like man himself, is born in the Image of a Universal Idea and must fulfill the provisions within the unity of being.

America is the symbol of Unity in diversity, made up of people representative of all races, creeds and national origins. Its historical ground has been fraught with bloodshed and sacrifice. Now it is ripened for progress based upon misunderstanding and conscious unity of purpose. It is pregnant with ideas soon to be born on new levels of spiritual and physical living. We stand on the threshold of new dimensions of living but the “door” is man’s awakened consciousness of Truth, the true knowledge of things as they are in Universal structures and beingness. In no other way can new temples of understanding be built.

Men have been told in recent times that “what you have to do now requires that which goes beyond human knowledge, endurance and courage or by your own acts you shall perish.” This, one can

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

not know and understand until he be tested to the death of “selfness,” to enter a new door of conscious living.

Perhaps in no other way could we have known the nation’s strength and power of resurrection excepting through the spontaneous reaction in time of tragedy, remorse and humility. This was so clearly and wonderfully demonstrated in the hours which followed the assassination of the leader of our great nation. Barriers of race, color and religion were forgotten as the great surge of Spirit rose from within the heart of men and nations. As bands, orchestras, choral groups and voices throughout the land joined in love, reverence and new resolve, all blended as one in the Spirit of God in man.

As one commentator said, “Believe me, this has not been rehearsed,” and another, “What has been given has been more perfect than was humanly possible to make it.”

Yes, this, too, happened in America. The Salvaging Power is at work. Surely and steadily His Truth is marching on.

Isaphene McGuire

Bumble Bee, Arizona

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Many editorials and columns were written by newspapermen and magazine journalists after the, assassination of President John F. Kennedy of the United States.

One comment which stuck with us appeared in a column in a San Francisco newspaper. It made a point, the gist of which was this If the president of the United States, the most heavily guarded and well protected man on earth, can be cut down by bullets from the rifle of a single man, what sense of safety can the ordinary man grasp-the ordinary citizen who does not have secret service agents around to protect him?

The author of the column offered this comment as what he considered a partial explanation of why the American people were so stunned by the murder of their president.

Reading the column, we were led to reaffirm a conviction of ours that there is really only one way to defend oneself against death. And that is to discard the idea that death is  anything to be feared or mourned. As long as men look upon death as something awful

JANUARY, 1964                         5

and something to be feared and avoided at all costs, then they will never have any defense against it. Only by realizing that death is a form of graduation can men eliminate the fear of being killed. When someone dies, they are not gone forever. Sooner or later, somewhere, we will see them again.

We feel that everything happens for a reason. And many times we human beings do not know what is meant to happen or why. The best thing for us to do is to surround ourselves mentally with a positive atmosphere (some call it a white light of protection or a Christ light) and ask that right action, whatever it may be, take place.

Cleve Twitchell

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world report

Flash Is Still A Mystery

(From San Francisco, Calif., Nov. 9, 1963)

An explosive flash that lit up the western sky Thursday evening turned into a major scientific mystery yesterday.

It sparked controversy among astronomers and a swift, intensive investigation by a scientific team from the RAND Corporation, the Air Force’s top research organization in Santa Monica.

The RAND investigators flew to the Bay Area last night and plan to interview scores of Bay Area residents who saw the flash.

The brightly flaring burst of light-some said it had a long blue tail-appeared to explode and then die swiftly away, followed by a noise like distant cannonading.

Astronomers, military satellite trackers, radio engineers, and air defense controllers could offer no firm explanation that fit all the facts.

But the RAND team, a Space Agency scientist at Moffett Field, and a Berkeley radio astronomy researcher were all convinced it was a “detonating fireball,” otherwise known as a bolide, or a meteor that explodes and sends blasting shock waves down to earth.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

The phenomenon startled the Bay Area at 6:15 p.m. Thursday. It was a flaming ball and San Mateo county residents said it seemed to rush swiftly from east to west, dropping toward the ocean.

Dr. Roll Dyce of Stanford Research Institute’s Radio Propagation Laboratory calculated its flight path from observation reports and estimated it plunged into the Pacific about 50 miles off the coast.

Radio Station KSFO reported a wholly unfamiliar beeping coming in as interference on its frequency of 560 kilocycles. The beeping was tape recorded. It sounded like a satellite transmission.

Three Eruptions Spotted On the Moon

(From Associated Press, Nov. 8, 1963)

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – The Lowell observatory yesterday announced that three apparent eruptions-possibly volcanic in nature were observed this week on the moon’s surface.

The sightings were made by two selenographers of the United States Air Force’s Aeronautical Chart and Information Center, working at Lowell. They were attracted to the strange disturbances by their distinctive reddish color on the usually colorless moon surface.

The apparent eruptions were observed visually over a period of 20 minutes Tuesday night, by cartographer- observers James Greenacre and Edward Barr through Lowell’s 24-inch refracting telescope. The disturbances were all in the vicinity of the lunar crater Aristarchus, in the moon’s northwest quadrant. Each was approximately two miles in diameter.

The eruptions formed an oblique triangle with two of them about 16 miles apart and the third some 40 miles away.

Only three instances of suspected volcanic activity on the moon have been reported in the past decade.

Indians In Oklahoma 6,000 Years Ago

(From United Press International, Nov. 8, 1963)

LAWTON, Okla.-An unknown tribe of Indians probably suffered through a “dust bowl” era in southwestern Oklahoma 4,000 years before Christ.

Their plight was revealed by earthmoving machinery constructing a fill for a new expressway.

A stone hearth, dart points, knives, scrapers and a grinding basin

JANUARY, 1964                         7

were discovered during construction of Pioneer Expressway near Gore boulevard.

James A. Marler, field director for the Southwest Chapter of the Oklahoma Anthropological Society, said tests at the Mobil laboratories in Dallas, Tex., indicated the artifacts were made about 4,000 B.C. The approximate age was determined by tests of radioactivity found at the site.

The absence of any tools or artifacts made of buffalo bone led scientists to believe the Indians lived during the Altithermal drought that extended over most of western North America from 4000 to 2500 B.C. The drought eliminated the great bison herds from this section of the plains during that era.

New Search Planned For Noah’s Ark

(From San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 1, 1963)

JERUSALEM-A new expedition to search for the fabled Ark of Noah en the ice capped peak of Mount Ararat is being prepared by a group of archaeologists.

The team, which plans to leave soon for Anatolia, hopes that the recent thawing in the cold war will make its mission to Mount Ararat on Russia’s border with Turkey feasible at last.

Until now each expedition has been doomed to failure because of Russian charges that its purpose was espionage and the fact that permits are required from the Turkish government to enter what is still a military area.

The names of the members of the international archaeological team have not been generally published, as protection for their sensitive negotiations.

Optimism has been expressed that remains of the ark, which 5000 to 8000 years ago was to have saved the remnant of life during the Great Flood, will be found.

First suggestions that large sections of the ark are embedded in glacial ice were made in 1876, when James Bryce, later the author of “The American Commonwealth” and British ambassador to America, found a piece of wood on the snow-decked slopes of Ararat.

Since then there have been persistent reports of sightings of parts of Noah’s ship. During World War I a Russian pilot, Vladimir Rokovitsky who flew over the mountain, saw parts of an enormous vessel jutting out of a frozen lake.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Rokovitsky’s commanding officer sent a special courier to Moscow with the news of the discovery and with the pictures. A report of a Commission of the Turkish Government confirms the story: the ark is still there, but deeply sunk into the ice.

Only ten years ago a French explorer, Fernand Navarra, produced what some regarded as the first “scientific” proof that Noah’s Ark “pitched within and without with pitch” is still there.

He chopped off a piece of wood from the buried vessel in this glacier. In laboratory tests it was found that this was similar to the ancient gopher wood-a member of the cypress family-which according to the Biblical account was used in building the ark. Carbon-14 tests showed that the wood was about 5000 years old.

Experts referred to a severe geological disturbance which shook Ararat in 1883, and asserted that the ark, previously buried deep under ice and impervious to the ravaging effects of the weather, was hurled up by this earthquake.

The size of Noah’s Ark (Genesis 6:14-15) has been reckoned as the equivalent of a ship of 43,000 tons.

A recent discovery of a relief in Asia minor showing the King of Tubal praying to the god of fertility has been regarded as authentication of the Biblical flood story. Only a farmer would pray to the god of crop fertility.

According to Genesis 9:20 ” . . . Noah began to be a husbandman, and he planted a vineyard.” Historic investigation shows that viticulture indeed started in Anatolia, close to Ararat.

And Genesis 10:2 tells us that Tubal was a grandchild of Noah.

Shrub May Be Effective Cancer Drug

(From This Week magazine, Aug. 11, 1963)

Purified alkaloids extracted from an ornamental periwinkle shrub known by such names as “Little Pinkie” and “Bright Eyes” are being hailed today as new major weapons against cancer. Medical scientists reporting the remarkable activity of extracts from Vinci rosea use such terms as “dramatic effects … tumor tissue seemed to melt away.”

So far one alkaloid from Vinca has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use by prescribing physicians, having been tested for the past six years by cancer specialists the world over. Other useful pharmaceuticals are sure to follow. They have

JANUARY, 1964                         9

already demonstrated impressive ability to check not just one but several kinds of cancer. Perhaps even more important, the amazing scientific coincidence that resulted in these life-extending drugs has sparked an all-out search for other plants with promise in cancer treatment.

Dr. Jonathan L. Hartwell, in charge of botanical drug research at the National Cancer Institute, explains: “While any drug requires years of evaluation, Vinca certainly is one of our most promising anticancer agents. It is remarkable for the number of different types of cancer it affects, and for its results in some specialized cases resistant to other forms of therapy. Vinca extracts are the only derivatives from higher plants now in clinical trials within our program, though others are expected to reach this stage in the months ahead. The success with Vinca definitely started a trend.”

Monster Sighted Again

(Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, Post, July 24, 1963)

The monster of Lake Simcoe has reared its ugly head again. Igopogo, the elusive creature that stirs the waters of the lake, was seen off Jackson’s Point Monday by nine persons.

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Lathangue, Bradford, the Rev. Bill Williams, Mount Albert and their five children claim they saw Igopogo as they were making their way north along the eastern shore of Cooks Bay.

They saw the fins breaking the water and described the animal as being some 50 feet long, black and snake like. They turned the boat to intercept the animal and chased it at a distance of some 250 yards southwards.

“We read stories earlier this month that Igopogo had been sighted but we just laughed. It didn’t sound possible,” said Mrs. Lathangue. “But now we know these stories are true. There is something in that lake.”

The waters of the lake Monday were as smooth as glass and when the monster was first seen there were no other craft in the vicinity of the Lathangue craft.

Mrs. Lathangue said that the water seemed to “boil” at the front of the animal while some half dozen black fins showed along its back.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING


After several months filled with many delays, the construction of the building that is contemplated for use in housing the radio station equipment has once again got underway. The plans were lost after the block walls had been constructed, so I drew up a complete set with several copies of the blue prints now available.

The proposed floor plan, as shown, is what is anticipated. The exterior walls, ceiling and roof will be completed as soon as additional funds are available, but the dividing partitions and interior finishing will not be done until an OK is received from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). When this is received and the broadcasting package is purchased, then the final dimensions and locations of the partitions will be established.

As of the date of this writing, there have been 161 donors giving a total of $1,544 toward the financing of the radio station. The masonry contractor and the materials needed for the block walls and concrete slab have used up all but $58 of this money.

The station is expected to be a 20,000 watt clear channel, that is designed to reach the majority of listeners in the larger metropolitan areas. The broadcasting equipment may be bought on a time plan with a low down payment and the balance to be paid off over a period of several years ; however it still leaves a rather large amount to be gathered together before Radio Understanding will be “On the Air.”

Anyone is eligible to become a member of the Radio Guild by sending in a contribution of $5.00 or more. In return for this gesture, a certificate of membership will be sent to the donor. All contributions should be sent to the Merlin Radio Guild, Box 105, Merlin, Ore.

Col. Harry F. May

Vice-President Merlin Radio Guild

JANUARY, 1964                         11


The artist’s drawing depicts the layout for the proposed Radio Understanding station at Merlin, Ore. For further details see “Radio Understanding Progress Report.”

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner

My Shrine

I’ve closed the door to the yesterdays,

locking my miseries and disappointments away,

sealing within its gloom-ridden walls

heartaches, teardrops and his painful falls.

I’m building a room of hopes and smiles,

of springtime bloom for the afterwhiles;

I’m filling it with beautiful things,

which inner knowing and true faith brings.

No thought. shall enter that dear room,

that carries a hint of pain or gloom;

no hatred, no envy, no fetters or bars,

may enter to leave their hurtful scars,

closed and sealed are the yesterdays,

the paths of ignorance and errors maze;

fears and doubts for me, are no more,

for I lost the key to yesterday’s door.

I’m building my new room firm and true,

by keeping sweet and striving to do

the staunch things, that teach and test,

the soul’s worth and the heart’s best.

The sunshine of gladness, the Christ light,

JANUARY, 1964                         13

is beaming within this room of my life;

love-laden thoughts and deeds of mine,

will make this room God’s sacred shrine.

-Mildred McAllister


We lingered for awhile

Within the gates

That time had rusted,

Sensing even then

That old estates

Could not be trusted.

We cautiously proceeded

On tiptoe

To the door And knocked;

The only answer

Was a creaking

Of the floor.

There were no candles

In the windows

No one was at home.

Suddenly we felt compelled

To leave the place alone.

We hurried out

On to the road

And then began to run.

The way ahead

Was brilliantly

Illumined by the sun.

We left the house

Without regret.

What we had come to see

Lived not within

Its lonely walls

But in our memory.

-Susan Headen

Sacramento, Calif.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Hidden Treasure

A wooly worm’s coat, a ladybug’s shell

A bright shiny stone that he found by the well

An old bubble pipe that has long ceased to work

A jack-knife, a yo-yo, a fresh bag of dirt

An old circus stub, a real paper rocket

Are the treasures of boyhood

Found in a pocket.

-Frances Heighton


Thousands of people must have had experiences that are counterparts of this one, but can anyone explain them?

About four o’clock on a bleak February afternoon, I was sitting in a dim corner of a real estate office, the least consulted of four people involved in a deal, although it was my money that was being dickered about. Fifteen years of effort had brought a vegetable stand on a highway, to a filling station, to a grocery, to a general country store with all kinds of farm necessities. My husband had handled our cattle ranch while I managed the store. We had made (for our standards) quite a handful of money, and had no time to spend it, except on the children, who were now grown. After the ups and downs of industry, planning and figuring, day to day dealing with the public, I was not bored but I was tired. We had a “nibble” to trade the store for two hundred acres of steep, wooded Ozark hills, with equipment for raising turkeys. We knew nothing about turkeys, or of life anywhere but on the open prairies. Should we trade complete uncertainty for our slowly earned success?

As the comparison of values, assets and prospects drew to an end another drawback appeared, an 800 dollar tank and pump was not paid for. If these people could keep this until the last minute, what might come up afterward? I decided to state firmly that we had better take more time before making the deal. Not to appear too impulsive and feminine, I looked at my hands in my lap before raising my head to speak. I have homely-shaped hands, naturally much used. On my left is the normal wedding ring and engagement diamond. On my right I wear a pretty moonstone in a fancy scrolled setting. This was my mother’s, given to me before, she died. It always made me think of her. She had been a “lady,” trained only

JANUARY, 1964                         16

in social graces and household management until the early death of my father. By taking boarders, the only thing she knew how to do, she had become a business woman, maintained a good home and put us three children through college, remaining all the time pretty and charming.

As I started to raise my eyes to call off the deal, my moonstone started to glitter. With no light coming from anywhere that I could see, it showed brighter than my diamond, which is a good one. As I moved my finger slightly, it changed from crystal to a milky white, then faintly pink, and back to transparent crystal again. It seemed as if Mother was signaling to me to take a chance, to go ahead. Instead of saying I wanted to stop the deal, I said, “I believe we can make an adjustment.”

We made the exchange and have tremendously enjoyed our Ozark home. We love it. Did she actually give us a sign? Can such things happen?

Pauline Doane           La Russell, Mo.


Dear Editor

It seems to me that the original beginning of the Baha’i faith should be made known before I die, as I went to Persia over 20 years ago to find out all I could about the Baha’i faith to which I had been given the beginning by an English woman in London who was a very strong Baha’i. Baha’u’llah was not the first Baha’i but the second teacher after the Bab, a young man who went to a Persian holy man and told him the meaning of the holy books, as no one else could do.

The holy man realized that the young Bab was a prophet and teacher and believed in him. The Bab began speaking in the streets with such a divine spirit. and force that before long crowds gathered to hear him and the religious leaders became very jealous and went to the Shah, telling him that this young man, the Bab, was a danger to his throne. The Shah told to bring the Bab to him and he would judge for himself. This was done and the Shah questioned the Bab and was amazed at his spiritual understanding.

“I see no harm in this man,” the Shah said. “Let him speak.” But the crowds followed the Bab and the religious teachers again went to the ‘Shah and told him he would lose his throne as the people were following the Bab everywhere.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“Well, put him in prison,” proclaimed the Shah.

So the priests put him in a prison way out. of Tabriz on a mountain, but the people climbed the mountain and the head of the prison helped the Bab in every way he could and the priests were angry and went again to the Shah and complained that the’ people still followed the Bab even to the prison on the mountain top. So the Shah said: “Oh, kill him, if you wish. I can not be continuously bothered by this man!”

So the priests took him down from the prison to a building that was one story and open on two sides of a large square. I have seen a picture of the place. Two of the Bab’s followers asked to die with him. A regiment of soldiers were brought to the open square and the Bab and his two devoted friends stood together. The Bab told the officer who was to signal for the shooting:

“You can not kill me yet as I have not finished telling a follower what he has to do, but shoot now if you wish!”

The soldiers fired but when the smoke cleared, the Bab was not there and his two friends were walking about. The Captain who had ordered his men to shoot, threw down his gun, saying, “I will have nothing more to do with this great man’s death.”

So another regiment was ordered and when the Captain went to find the Bab he was in one of the little houses talking to a follower. “I am through,” the Bab said. “You can kill me now!”

The three friends stood together; the order was given to shoot, and when the smoke cleared the three friends were dead, but no bullet had touched their heads. The bodies were thrown into a ditch and at night the Bab’s followers took the bodies and kept moving them so they could not be mistreated.

Baha’llah heard about the Bab and his death and decided he must carry on the Bab’s work, which he did and suffered imprisonment. But his followers increased and he was allowed to go to Constantinople where he drew many followers as he talked of the Bab and his teachings. But he at last was imprisoned with his family and some of his followers at Acca, until the young Turks freed him and his family and followers. I have seen his house not far from the prison where people from many countries came to talk with him, for he was a wise and devoted follower of the Bab.

Marquise Elsa Tudor de Pierrefeu

Hancock, New Hampshire

JANUARY, 1964                         17

book reviews

“The Strange Case of Dr. M. K. Jessup”

by Gray Barker

Gray Barker, editor of Saucerian Books, is an author most of you should know well for his rendition in “They Knew Too Much About the Flying Saucers” After publishing such works as Bender’s “Flying Saucers and the Three Men” and many others, he has now come out with “The Strange Case of Dr. M. K. Jessup.” In this book he explains how Dr. Jessup took his life by suicide in 1959, the mysterious events leading up to this crucial point and many interesting later developments which apparently involved this famous astronomer and UFO researcher.

This story includes many interesting letters from such noted people as Meade Layne, Riley Crabb, both of B.S.R.A., Ramon Natalli, astronomer, Carlos Miguel Allende, mysterious correspondent, Col. “B,” the full name was never known, as well as several interested and informed people. Gray Barker also included parts of the most interesting and strange annotated copy of the book by Jessup, “The Case for the UFO.” This was mailed from Seminole, Texas, in 1955, to Admiral N. Furth, Chief, Office of Naval Research, Washington, D. C.

It had been edited by three different. people in three distinctive colors of ink, making notes in the margins, and was signed by Mr. A., Mr. B., and Jemi. From comments made by these three, it was apparent that they are known as gypsies from another dimension in space.

Among the documents reproduced are the very mystifying Allende letters. Several were received by Dr. Jessup and signed by a Carl Allen, instead of Carlos M. Allende. There is an implication, that

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

these two are not only one and the same, but, probably Mr. A. also. These letters tell of an unorthodox experiment by the Navy that worked with the most terrifying results. Either because of the shock or the effects of this electromagnetic experiment, the crew members lost their minds. The letters tell of a barroom brawl in which invisible or partly invisible men participated immediately after the experiment which was written up in a newspaper at the time.

The possibility of Jessup contacting us from the other side through the use of mediums since his death has been greatly increased by several communications which appear to have been from him although he hasn’t actually stated his identity.

This book is not to be intended as a solution to Dr. Jessup’s passing but to present such information as is available to throw as much light as possible on a very mystifying incident.

Col. Harry May

Grants Pass, Ore.

——— ♦ ———

bulletin board

News of the Units

Understanding Unit #1 at Merlin, Oregon, scheduled a lecture by Dan Fry, president of Understanding, on the evening of Friday, Nov. 22. That date turned out to be the evening of the day on which President John F. Kennedy of the United States was assassinated. The theme of the meeting and Dan’s talk were altered accordingly. At the suggestion of Col. Harry May, unit executive president, a minute of silent prayer was offered.

JANUARY, 1964                         19

Unit elections were held earlier in November. Dan Fry was reelected president of the unit, Col. May was named executive president; Gary Shearman, vice president; Hope Getchell, re-elected secretary, and Peg Ham, treasurer. Also during November, the unit put on a lecture by Buck Nelson, author of “My Trip to Mars, The Moon and Venus,” etc.

From Sweden Unit #1 at Stockholm have come several letters. Excerpts follow: “We are working in several ways. We gather together each week on Tuesday, and then we work in great harmony and fellowship…”

“UFO activity has been rather fine here in Sweden during August and September. We have gotten some good observations from people in north and central Sweden. .. “

“Now we have an Understanding library here at our home. Our members in Understanding can lend and borrow books and newspapers there. It is not a large library yet., but we hope we will buy more books… “

“The (UFO) activity is still very great. Several people have seen a lot of things. We have contacted some of them. I hope they answer us. Yes, we get some newspaper publicity on saucers here. The newspapers in Stockholm seldom publish anything about saucers but the newspapers in the province often publish observations.”

“Yesterday I read in a Swedish newspaper about one of our greatest writers Jan Fridegard. He has now written a book in which he describes his talk with his dead father. The book has not been published yet but it will be during the next few days. I think it is a very interesting book. It also will be published in English.”

The letters were from Ing-Marie Asklund, secretary of the Sweden unit.

Maywood, N. J., Unit #59, put on a lecture on Cuba recently. The speaker was a man who had been born and raised in Cuba by American parents.

Col. Arthur Burks addressed Inglewood, Calif., Unit #15 during November on the subject “The Invisible Physician.” The talk dealt with New Age healing.

Dr. Roland Hunt spoke for San Francisco, Calif., Unit #11 and Oakland, Calif., Unit #3 on “The Rainbowed UFO” and “Lighting and Righting the Planet.” He also spoke at the spacecraft convention

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

in Berkeley, Calif., Nov 3 on “The Rainbow Bridge Between People and Planets.” He is due to speak next at the Vista Unit’s Understandorama at Harmony Grove, Escondido, Calif., on Jan. 26 on the subject “Lighting and Righting the Planet.”

Coming Lectures

Inglewood Unit #15 of Understanding has scheduled George Adamski for a lecture on Jan. 25. Mr. Adamski will speak on “Major Events Of Visitors From Other Planets–1946 to the Present Day” at the Inglewood Business and Professional Woman’s Clubhouse at 820 Java St., Inglewood, Calif., Saturday evening, Jan. 25, at 8 p.m. Mr. Adamski is internationally famous for his early personal contacts with flying saucers and the space people. All UFO friends and the public are cordially invited to attend. Admission will be by donation.

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