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Published monthly by ‘Understanding,’ a non-profit organization



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VOLUME VIII                               JULY, 1963                                                 NUMBER 7

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


As the physical plant of Radio Understanding is becoming a reality, so plans for the general program format are being developed. Many ideas and much material will be needed to achieve the true purpose of our station. At this time we earnestly urge each of you to participate in this sphere of our project by sending your material to Box 105, Merlin, Ore. Final approval of both format and material will be determined by both the Federal Communications Commission and Guild Members. (A donation of five dollars or more determines Guild membership).

Before presenting the program sketches, it might be well to first define “Radio Understanding.” Radio is our means of communication. Understanding implies comprehending as fully as possible the nature, significance, and implications of an attitude, subject or situation, and consequently arriving at a tolerant opinion. The comprehension is the mental process of assimilation of all available material on all possible facets of the subject, while the understanding is the end result. of this comprehension leading to tolerance. In all areas the station has the prime responsibility of presenting all available material on each subject from all viewpoints. The listener

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

in turn accepts the responsibility of comprehension leading to understanding.

The following is a tentative weekday outline which has been drawn up through the efforts of a number of persons interested in the radio station project:

6 A.M. – This is Radio Understanding (station letters and frequency) in Merlin, Oregon’s space age community. Opening-The Great Invocation

Meditation music

6:15 – News

Complete and detailed coverage including local, state, national, and international (especially international) received by short wave during the night; weather including worldwide coverage of physical phenomena; U.F.O. sightings; and sports.

6:30 – Music

Adult popular and light classics.

7:00 – News

Brief coverage and commentary.

7:15 – Road Show

Music including sing-a-long variety, road and weather conditions, news bulletins, sport reports, light format with the accent on humor.

8:00 – News

Complete and detailed coverage similar to 6:15 A.M. program, including worldwide news, weather, physical phenomena and U.F.O. sightings.

8:15 – Music

Adult popular and light classics, with accent on one artist and brief commentary on his work.

9:00 – Pre-school program

New Age presentation, including stories, books, study of sounds for this age group with interpretation, and children’s music from other lands (presented in the language of that land).

9:15 – Religious Program

Presentation of all areas of religion from around the world.

JULY, 1963                                  3

9:30 – News

Brief coverage.

9:40 – Music

Theme music from plays, television programs, and movies with brief commentary.

10:30 – Metaphysical Study Program

Presentation of all fields possible with their history and purposes.

11 00 –News

Brief coverage.

11:10 – Music

Presentation of music from other lands including folk music, with commentary and interpretation, (whenever possible) by a person from each particular country represented.

12 P.M. – News

Complete and detailed coverage including local, state, national and international, news, weather, U.F.O. sightings, sports and both national and international business reports and news commentary.

12:30 – Book Review and Music

Brief reviews of books leading to understanding in all subjects including science, art, religion, politics, and new age work; music with emphasis on original compositions. (including works from colleges, universities and music institutes) also unusual and original’ forms of orchestration.

1:20 – News

Brief coverage.

1:30 – School Educational Program

In conjunction with such facilities as schools, libraries, forest service, county extension agents and programs from schools from other lands.

2:30 – News

Brief coverage.

2:40 – Public Participation Program

Topics chosen in advance with questions submitted by mail, also allowance for some phone calls.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

3:00 – News

Complete and detailed coverage of worldwide news, weather and business-including brief commentary in each area.

3:15 – Music

Light adult music including short poems and prose.

3:50 – News

Brief coverage.

4:00 – Teen Program

to be produced by this age group with a minimum of adult supervision.

4:30 – Road Show

Accent on humor, light music, news, weather and sports bulletins (including short. tours and weekend trips).

6:00 – News

Expanded coverage including commentary and analysis; state, national and international “capital reports.”

6:30 – Music

Music for the family-including taped “sounds” from nature, cities and people.

7:50 – News

Brief coverage.

8:00 – Music

Jazz-emphasis as the only musical expression native to the United States, giving history of work by locality and artist and also comparisons with other forms of musical expression.

8:50 – News

Brief coverage.

9:00 – Music

Classical music-including brief instructional commentary on artists and compositions.

10:00 – News

Major news cast (including reports from short wave), covering news, weather, U.F.O. sightings, unusual physical phenomena and sports with commentary and analysis.

10:30 – U:F.O. and Space Program

Current U.F.O. news correlated with science progress reports,

JULY, 1963                                  6

space age tapes, current archeological discoveries and reports from Understanding correspondents on a world wide basis.

11:00 – Adult Education Program

Specific college level courses including programs dealing with water, soil and air pollution.

12:00 – Inspirational Message and Sign Off

Messages with emphasis on material from all available sources.

Considerable emphasis on “Radio Understanding” will be placed on special programming for the weekend when we will reach a larger listening audience. Some of these programs are briefly sketched as follows

Adult Panel Discussions

Some topic ideas submitted are: international affairs, current legislation (including legal reforms such as capital punishment, health and welfare laws, land, water and wildlife reclamation and conservation, Health foods, educational systems, and political discussions).

Teen Panel Discussion

This will be a teen participation program covering the role of young people in home and community, juvenile delinquency, acceptable behavior, dress and dating problems, and development of individuality and independence.


Complete presentation with commentary on history, life of composer and explanation of story.

Art Program

To include use of color in the new age field, precipitation art,, psychic and metaphysical art.

Sunday Music

Religious and symphonic music from around the world.

Magazine Reviews

Emphasis on lesser known magazines from all lands, including scientific, metaphysical, creative writing, art, and historical publications.

Cosmology Series

To include guest speakers, current events in the universe and

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

physical changes on earth (such as earthquakes, skyquakes, volcanic and tidal disturbances).

Understanding Around the World

Reports from Understanding Units, pen pals, exchange students and Peace Corps representatives.


From great works of literature both poetry and prose.

E.S.P. Series

Reports from college and university studies, interviews with students in this field and audience participation by mail.


Humor from other lands, ethnic groups and cultures, including readings and recitations.


To include legends and folklore as a study of their value as fact or fiction.


Emphasis on commentary and study of news around the world as viewed by both the individuals of the country involved and by those of other lands.

Merlin Radio Fund

The Merlin Radio Fund has now grown to $1213.00. Many of the recent contributors are people who have previously donated to the fund. The station is on its way up.

Recent contributions to the fund are by:

G. C. Miller, Anderson, Calif.; E. O. McVey, Salt Lake City, Utah; Mr. and Mrs. C. Twitchell, Central Point, Ore.; El Monte Unit of Understanding; Russell Grubbs, Alhambra, Calif.; Cloris Burbridge, Riverside, Calif.; Freda S. Medberg, Riverside, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. M. Fernandez, Willows, Calif.; Unit #45, Toledo, Ohio; Kenneth Le Rey, Tacoma, Wash.; Lillian Slevin, Sierra Madre, Calif., and Al Heuel, Wauwatossa, Wis.

Because of the press of work in Merlin, acknowledgements of recent contributions have been delayed. However, as this issue goes to press, letters expressing our appreciation have been sent to these contributors.

All persons, whether radio guild members or not, are invited to submit ideas for programs for the station.

JULY, 1963                                  7


What do you say when they ask you “What is Understanding?” True it is that Understanding, Inc., is now an international organization with many units, whose membership varies from the minimum of five to perhaps fifty. True also that units sponsor public lectures or conduct study and discussion meetings, and do research. But what is “Understanding”?

Our purpose is defined: To propagate a better understanding among; all the people of this earth and of those not of earth, and to this end we Examine All Things. Actually we examine particularly the unorthodox, in all areas of man’s relationships with others, to expand the generally accepted viewpoints.

Why are we banded together? As we study truth from as many perspectives as possible we begin to understand why others think, feel and act as they do, though these actions differ from ours. By understanding we have no quarrel with another-individual, group, nation or race. So it is we seek membership that others may share with us this search for understanding among all men.

What do we study? We have in the past few years covered many areas-health, comparative religions, ESP, the flying saucer phenomena with its spiritual implications, thus also metaphysics. We have speakers, we read books, we publish findings in our monthly magazine-Understanding; we live in accordance with our concepts of understanding, thus by example draw others to us.

What do we accomplish? We develop a new awareness that all aspects of life are not necessarily presently visible nor objective. Rather than render judgments based on prejudice, ignorance or emotions we seek to determine basic truths and consider new possibilities and perspectives. We seek that bond by which we are made One, that peace and good will may come to us individually and collectively.

We seek to understand our relationship to all the cosmos, infinite and eternal that it is. This is no small task yet we are aided in our beginnings by a consideration of the appearance in recent years of so-called “unidentified flying objects.”

None has the time to investigate thoroughly all the areas of human and divine relationships, yet by our sharing of understanding

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

gained we help others to grow. Our growth, however, does not come so much from an acceptance of new concepts of harmonious adjustment to life but from our practice of that which we learn. It is the same basic lesson-Service to others, directly or indirectly, according to our personalities.

Not everyone can teach from the platform, but we can each teach by our own lives. Not every neighbor accepts our new-age concepts, yet, by judicious use of example, stories and experiences, we can and do create at least curiosity to investigate new subjects.

Understanding, Inc., as an organization has no particular teachings nor lessons to offer because “understanding” encompasses all things-man’s every relationship to every aspect of life-physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, historic, scientific, etc. It includes an understanding first of man himself in his environment, then of his brothers which in turn leads him to his Creator. We study, we research, we read, each according to his particular interests, then we share with one another, on a person to person basis, through our Unit activities and through our monthly magazine. We are sharing with those about us by every word we speak, by every attitude we assume and by every deed we perform. Our influence, thus, is both direct and indirect.

Thus, if we offer what you are seeking, we extend to you a most cordial welcome to become one with us.

A Member

——— ♦ ———


The Lectorium Rosicrucianum, a Gnostic school of the Golden Rosy Cross with headquarters in Haarlem, Holland, has found it necessary, in the pages of its publication, AQUARIUS-NIEUWS, to warn its pupils as to “the dangers of looking at TV, because it causes an internal combustion which, in turn, causes absolute inaccessibleness to the working of the Gnosis. As a matter of fact, it concerns an all-out, world-wide attempt, in these days of the end, to render the whole of mankind inaccessible to the Gnostic Light..”

Quoting further: “We know a homeopathic doctor in The Hague, Holland, who gives children who have an allergy the advice to abstain from TV shows. To every sick child that comes to him for

JULY, 1983                                  9

treatment his first question is: Have you been looking at TV? If the answer is affirmative, and the child is not willing to give up TV, he recommends not to look at it from a short distance, in view of the disruptive character of the ultra-violet radiations which pass through everything, even through walls. The intensity of the rays is in inverse ratio to the square of the distance. The technical formula of the ray is 20 k. hertz, a dangerous atomic radiation indeed..

“Our pupils are being emphatically warned against this modern scourge of mankind.”

The following clipping was printed in their AQUARIUS-NIEUWS for February, 1963:


“The Children’s Hospital in Birmingham has lately admitted fourteen children (ages 8-14 years) because of the sudden occurrence of a fit while watching television.

“The image, shown on the television screen, consists of rapidly successive light impulses. These cause an effect in the brains of nervous children comparable to epilepsy.

“Advise: Do not allow the children to sit too close to the screen: The fits do not occur when watching at a suitable distance.”

Some months before the above information came to my attention, a friend informed me that her granddaughter, a schoolgirl of eight and an avid TV addict, had gone into convulsions several times recently. We supposed that worms were the cause of the convulsions. Could it not be that TV, rather, was the inciting cause of the seizures?

This same issue states that “There are many hospitals in many countries where large numbers of victims of television have been admitted.” Why is it that in America no hospital has connected TV viewing with cases that come through its doors? For an extra fee some hospitals even provide TV sets for patients.

AQUARIUS-NIEUWS for March, 1963, pursues the subject further by reprinting these clippings

“Of all TV viewers some 54% fall asleep in front of the screen; nearly every fifth viewer agrees that this happens to

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

him/her quite often. These voluntary confessions were noted by interviewers of the Institute for Demoscopy of Allensbach (Lake Constanz, Germany), in connection with a recently concluded inquiry amongst TV viewers.

“TV viewers who fall asleep quite often in the course of a broadcast. agree practically unanimously, that it is the same with the other members of their families. It does not seem strange therefore, that whole families fall asleep in front of the TV screen.”

“The 42-year old British Dr. G. A. Rose draws the attention of his fellow countrymen to a new danger of TV: the so-called ‘TV-angina.’ According to Dr. Rose, more and more cases of this new type of illness are admitted into his clinic. The heart specialist even stated that TV viewing is one of the most frequent causes of heart attacks.”

In America we need more Dr. Ann Wiggams to warn against the dangers of TV and to explain how to counteract the dangerous radiations by growing wheat grass in front of the screen, if we cannot keep from viewing it from a safe distance–at least nine feet away and off to one side, never directly in front. My own set has been in storage for many, many months. When I get around to dusting it off and offering it for sale to some poor victim, I shall feel inwardly guilty and apologetic. No doubt I shall warn him, but if he disbelieves, the consequences shall be upon his shoulders.

Grace Hess

La Jolla, Calif.

——— ♦ ———

With Beauty before me, I walk.

With Beauty behind me, I walk.

With Beauty below me, I walk.

With Beauty above me, I walk.

In Beauty it is finished.

-Navaho Mountain Chant

JULY, 1963                                  11


Just as this issue went to press, work began on construction of the building atop radio hill at Merlin, Oregon, in which Radio Understanding will operate. Preliminary work on a doorway and one of the corners of the building can be seen in these photos.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

world report

Odd Light In Sky Seen By Many

(From St. Pal Dispatch, St. Paul, Minn., June 4, 1963)

The Minnesota highway patrol and police in several southern Minnesota towns received reports of an unidentified flying object early today… Police at Austin were informed by five different truckers that they had seen a strange multi-colored light that appeared to settle to earth shortly after 3 a.m. in the vicinity of Lyle, 14 miles south of Austin on the Iowa border.

In St. Paul, Kenneth Whall, an employee at Sanitary Farm Dairies, Inc., said he also saw something strange in the sky about the same time while he was at work. At first he thought it was a sky rocket, reddish in color, and it appeared to be coming from the southwest.

An Austin woman, who was not identified, said she saw an object from a north window that looked like “a gigantic Roman candle spouting various colors. “

Police and patrol officers said reports had the size of the object varying from 3 feet across to “the size of a big semi-truck.” One report at Faribault said the object “hovered over the ground, landed and took off.”

The highway patrol said a man in the Lake Minnetonka area reported an unidentified object landed in the lake.

There’s Some Water On Mars

(From San Francisco Chronicle, June, 1963)

PASADENA, Calif.-There definitely is water in the atmosphere of Mars, but not enough to even wet the “canals” that astronomers once thought criss-crossed the planet.

This word came this week from researchers at the California Institute of Technology. Their report said there is so little Martian water vapor-1000 to 2000 times less than on earth-that it never rains or snows.

JULY, 1963                                  13

If it all condensed on the surface, it would be but three-thousandths of an inch deep.

The scientists also reported that carbon dioxide, a gaseous component of the earth’s atmosphere, is much more concentrated on Mars than previously supposed

They concluded that the water-carbon dioxide combination creates a “greenhouse effect” that admits sunlight but prevents solar heat from radiating back into space, making Mars warmer than it other wise would be. It still, however, would have a daytime maximum temperature of 70 degrees and be much colder at night.

Beware of Aspirin, Says Medical Doctor

(From United Press International, May 29, 1963)

SAN FRANCISCO-(UPI)-The common aspirin tablet, long a household remedy for an assortment of ailments, causes internal bleeding and may lead to ulcers and anemia, a Pennsylvania medical educator said Tuesday.

Dr. James Roth, professor of gastroentology at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Medicine, said studies had shown that 60 to 70 per cent of the population will lose as much as a teaspoonful of blood in the stomach after taking two aspirin tablets.

Dr. Roth also criticized, in his remarks at a University of California. Symposium, the “indifferent complacency” of physicians who know of the potentially harmful effects of aspirin.

No One Knows How Much Fallout Is Dangerous

(From Vancouver, B. C., Canada, Sun, June 5, 1963)

WASHINGTON-After two days investigating fallout, a joint Senate-House atomic energy committee still hasn’t found how dangerous it is.

They, did find fallout from last year’s tests will drench the continent with two or three times the radioactivity that was rained down last year.

And they found that by the end of next year the amount of strontium 90 in the American diet will have multiplied by four.

But the committee heard a parade of government-employed scientists troop to the witness stand to say the danger of the increased fallout is negligible.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

In effect, the government witnesses said they did not know how much fallout was dangerous but they were sure the amounts anticipated this year would not be.

U-2’s Discovery On Fallout Still Secret

(From column by Drew Pearson in June, 1963)

Probably the most important piece of managed news in Government files today is a secret report which came from sending a U-2 spy plane into the upper atmosphere.

It was sent, not to spy over Russia, but to ascertain the amount of radioactivity remaining from the last Soviet-United States nuclear tests. The results were shocking. It was found that three times as much dangerous radioactivity remains in the upper atmosphere as anticipated.

This is now in the process of falling to the earth.

When the National Advisory Committee on Radiation asked for a copy of this report on May 21, it was refused. The report remains top secret.

Some Notes On Pesticides

(Collected from recent news reports)

WASHINGTON (AP)-President Kennedy’s science advisory committee contends that every year 150 persons in the United States-half of them children-are killed through misuse of pesticides. To protect humanity and wildlife the committee urges strong, speedy action to assure more careful use of powerful chemical pesticides, including a strengthening of federal laws relating to control of their marketing and use.

The report was issued late Wednesday by the White House with an accompanying promise by the president that lie will urge Congress to accept its proposals.

Agriculture Secretary Orville Freeman said his department endorse recommendations for more research into possible long-range environmental effects of pesticides, new methods of biological control and tightening of registration and regulatory procedures.

WASHINGTON (AP)- About 45 million fish were killed by water pollution in and near the United States in 1962, the U. S. Public Service reported Sunday.

The largest single kill noted in the report was 37.8 million fish

JULY, 1963                                  15

destroyed in the Pacific outside the entrance to San Diego Harbor.

This killing was blamed on “a large amount of oil, known to be toxic to fish” which was clumped in costal waters. The report did not say who did the dumping.

VISALIA, Calif. (UPI)-A common insecticide was blamed Wednesday for the death of a Visalia boy who had eaten several recently sprayed peaches.

Tulare county pathologist Dr. Donald McGrew said Frank Gonzales, 4, died from the effects of common insecticide.

The child walked into a peach orchard near his home last Thursday and ate the fruit. A. mild illness soon grew to dangerous proportions and he died Saturday night at the Visalia hospital.

CARACAS, Venezuela-(UPI)-Three farmhands were reported dead in northwestern Venezuela today and 26 were seriously ill, apparently as a result of drinking water accidentally contaminated by a chemical insecticide.

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

The Urantia Book

With each new age, when man wearies of the old and needs renewed faith, comes a religious teacher or new writings to present to us modern concepts of GOD as the UNIVERSAL FATHER together with more enlightenment about His Great Works.

Jesus of Nazareth was our last great teacher who bestowed Himself upon this planet nearly two thousand years ago. Many of His truths have been deleted from His teachings, translated from

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

language to language, each interpreting it according to his own consciousness.

Of late the pure teachings have come through a soul who qualified for such an honor and who gives us these works word for word “The Urantia Papers.” “Urantia” is the cosmic name of the earth planet.

This great compilation began in approximately 1930 and later instructions were given to print them in 1955. “It is the most recent of the greatest revelations of TRUTH to the mortal races of Urantia. “

There is vast information in the first part of the book about Cosmography, the science which deals with the whole system of worlds and it clarifies the many references in the Bible to the worlds beyond. The spiritual governments are explained in full detail, describing the personalities and the many orders of ministering spirits therein.

We are taught the difference between effective prayer, prayers of petition, what TRUE WORSHIP is, and are told how to pray. We are enlightened as to the procedure of the resurrection of mortals at death-some individually and some in groups.

Other papers relate to the history of our planet, what the Luciferian rebellion is and what is being done about it; there is information about the governments of neighboring planets, the history of our religions and how we have arrived at the various stages today, the arrival and history of Adam and Eve, the real Garden of Eden and life in the garden.


2097 pages-Price $12.00.

Georgia Gecht

Member of the First Urantia

Society of Los Angeles

1420-D 20th St.

Santa Monica, Calif.

——— ♦ ———

JULY, 1963                                  17

Poet’s corner

Lilac Morning

I knew it once when, as a little child,
I saw the lilacs by the kitchen door,

Alive and fresh with summer morning dew.
They spoke to me-although they speak no more,

Because no little child can listen now
And said, “We are the souvenirs of God,

Whose face we do not know, but whose great love
Is everywhere-in flower, leaf and pod,

In rain and wind and thunder–and we stand
Beside the kitchen door, and wait. and wait…”

And when I asked them, “Why do you so stand?”
They answered, “He will call us soon or late,

And take us back, and send us forth again
On some new wonder-path, afar or near,

On earth, in air, in water, or the mist . ..”
And then I heard a whisper, soft and clear,

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

And gentle as the falling of a leaf;
And they-they heard it too, and, one by one,

Their tiny petals fell beside the door,
And in the glory of the rising sun

Their little souls-those flower-souls-were gone,
And what had been their loveliness was dust.

And as I watched, it seemed that all around
Above, below me, like a sudden thrust

Of blinding Light, a Purpose and a Plan
Revealed themselves to me, and I, the child,

Saw, for a moment, movement in the air
Of giant wheels and symbols, and a wild

And terrible sky of colors; and then peace
And silence, and a knowledge that arose

From deep within me, saying all was well,
That in the heart of every flower that blows,

In me, and in all things that ever were
Or ever will be lives a deathless Light

Of Godhood, and that nothing ever dies
Only its form is gathered to the Night.

But that was long ago, and I forget
The other things I knew, but I can see

Somewhere that kitchen door, the lilac bloom,
The summer sky, and all that used to be

When I, a little child, free, unafraid,
At one with all as with the grass I trod,

Beneath the soft and golden morning sun,
Heard flowers speak, and saw the face of God.

-George Cardinal LeGros

Chicago, Ill.

JULY, 1983                                  19

bulletin board

First College Campus Unit Forms

The first unit of Understanding to be formed on a college campus was organized during May at Stanford University, Stanford, Calif. The officers and members are from various cities throughout California. President is J. Lynn Mason of 12901 Dewey St., Los Angeles 66, Calif. Other officers are Robert T. Cook, vice president; Marilyn River, secretary, and E. Randolph Larson, treasurer. It is hoped that the unit may continue as a permanent fixture on the Stanford campus from year to year.

Meeting of Radio Guild Scheduled

All members of the Merlin Radio Guild are invited to attend a meeting of guild members on Sunday, August 25 at Merlin, Ore., for the purpose of selecting a guild board of directors and discussing guild policies. All persons who have made a contribution of $5 or more to the Merlin radio fund are members of the guild. Donors contributing smaller amounts on a continuing basis will be sent guild certificates when their contributions total $5 or more.

Coming Lectures

On Saturday, July 20, Mrs. Myrle Morgan, D.D., a talent, clairaudient and teacher of New Age concepts, including interplanetary communication, will lecture for Understanding Unit #15 at Inglewood,

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Calif. The lecture, on “A New Activity in Interplanetary Communication,” will start at 8 p.m. in the Business and Professional Woman’s Clubhouse, 820 Java St.

News of the Units

Merlin, Ore., Unit #1 and San Francisco, Calif., Unit #11 each entertained Col. Arthur J. Burks of Paradise, Pa., who told of his one and one-half year trip into the Amazon valley in Brazil exploring the use of extra-sensory perception by Indians. During May, the Merlin unit put on a talk by Understanding’s president Daniel W. Fry.

Understanding Unit #50 of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, recently presented a talk by George Cardinal LeGros, astrologer and metaphysical lecturer, who spoke on “Man’s Divine Origin and Destiny.” Mr. LeGros is the author of “The Mystic Testament.”

Members of Inglewood, California, Unit #15 took a tape-recorded “Tour of the Planets” at. their June meeting. Slides of UFO photographs were shown.

——— ♦ ———

The editors of Understanding magazine are happy to consider unsolicited manuscripts, both articles and poetry. Articles should not exceed 1,000 words (poetry 36 lines). Almost any type of material will be considered, providing that it is of a constructive nature and contributes to a better understanding of the subject matter employed. The editors are particularly interested in developing a greater degree of understanding among different peoples of the earth and an understanding of basic issues facing the people of this planet. Payment for articles accepted will be made upon publication at the rate of one cent per word (poetry 10 per line). The editors also are interested in seeing clippings of unusual items from newspapers and magazines, for which the sum of $1 per clipping published will be paid to the first person submitting it. All manuscripts should be typewritten, double-spaced and on one side of the sheet only. Manuscripts may not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed envelope bearing sufficient postage.


——— ♦ ———



After a 30 year search we found the Promised Land of the New Age in Subtropical Santa Catarina, Land of Eternal Spring, Tropical Fruits, Peace and Good Will, where a New Race is developing in World’s Low Fallout Zone as Pioneers of a New Civilization. Write for information about our New Age Colonization Movement, Esoteric Order and Biosophical Teachings of Human Regeneration. We ship organically grown DEHYDRATED BANANAS. 4 lbs. for $5.00, 9 lbs. for $10.00. 20 lbs. for $20.00 postpaid. Remit by check payable to Dr. Walter Siegmeister.


P.O. Box 554




We who believe in the mysteries of space and intelligent life on other planets can also enjoy a greater UNDERSTANDING of ourselves and our relation to the Whole by looking into Astrology. To show you how revealing the science is, I will be glad to cast your horoscope, analyze it, and work out your forecast for a few months for only $5.00. This is an introductory fee to make your acquaintance and make you acquainted with yourself as Astrology sees you. I promise that you will be amazed and delighted with the typewritten report you receive. Send your year, month, day, hour and place of birth, with the fee, and prepare for a big surprise-the story of YOU and YOUR FUTURE as reflected in the Magic Mirror of Stellar Space.


500 Diversey Parkway

Chicago 14. ILL.




Advertise Your Books,

Activities, etc.,

in Understanding Magazine


$5 per quarter page per month,

Three months: $13.50

Six months: $25

One year: $45

(If proof is desired, copy must be submitted one month in advance of publication.)

Limit, 20 lines per quarter page.



Help Promote Understanding!

Use These Handy Little Stickers

On Your Envelopes

Sheet of 104 Costs Only $1



P.O. Box 22, Station C

Pasadena, Calif. 91104

——— ♦ ———


By Evelyn Whitell

SHEKINAH ….. $3.00


OF THE FATHER ……. $2.00



BROKEN HOMES …….. $2.95


CHILDHOOD ………. $1.00



FLYING SAUCERS ……..     .50

CANVASSING FOR GOD ..            .25

Obtain From:


231 Forest Ave.

Santa Cruz,. Calif.





A man promised to God to build a shrine if his life be spared. The Shrine of St. Joseph of The Mountain was the result.

Another man hunted twenty years to find a place for his Grotto: Dedicated to God.

Why am I here? Is this same mysterious vibration still working? In my Father’s work I start RAINBOW HILL METAPHYSICAL CENTER. I have found the end of the Rainbow here atop Yarnell Hill.

Rev. Hal and Bea Lewtas

Box 11, Yarnell, Arizona