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VOLUME VllI                               APRIL, 1963                                               NUMBER 4

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Scientists are now at long last beginning to admit that H-bombs do have an effect on the weather. An article by Leslie Lieber in the March 10 issue of “This Week” magazine, a Sunday newspaper supplement, attributes statements to a number of scientists who support the belief that bomb tests have had an effect on the weather.

The article starts by pointing out the unusual winter that has been experienced on this planet in recent months, including the worst snows of the century in England and Japan, colder weather in many areas of the United States, and unusual cold in Central America. Then it goes on to quote the opinions of some scientists. One of them is Captain Howard T. Orville, chief aerologist for the United States Navy on all operational weather matter during World War II, who is quoted as saying that when an H-bomb is exploded, radioactive dust is blown into the upper atmosphere, tending to reduce radiation from the Sun, thereby cooling the earth’s atmosphere more than normal.

Another scientist, Dr. Irving P. Kricks, who was for 10 years head of the meteorology department at Cal Tech, Pasadena, Calif., is quoted as foreseeing colder weather all around.

The statements of these and other scientists covered by the “This

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Week” article present just another example of the fact that orthodox science eventually does come around and admit the validity of statements advanced thinkers have been making for years before.

And the admissions by these scientists that bomb tests are effecting the weather makes it just that much more urgent that we take some steps to control these H-bomb tests, unless we wish to experience another ice age.

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(The following article appeared in the March 3, 1963, issue of the Medford, Oregon, Mail Tribune. A minor portion of it repeats material contained in “The Lemurians On Mount Shasta,” the article which appeared in the October, 1962, issue of Understanding, but most of it is new.)

Mt Shasta, the awe-inspiring 14,162 foot giant that decorates the center of California’s Siskiyou county, means many things to many people.

It is world famous, but for varying reasons. To some it is an enjoyable winter playground, to others an opportunity for commercial gain.

But the mountain is perhaps most widely known for its mystic quality. Religious groups around the globe have incorporated it into their beliefs as sort of a great white God.

Amid all the clamor, Mt. Shasta stands alone, with Shastina, her second peak, nestled on her western slope.

Peter Skene Ogden, according to history, “discovered” the mountain in 1827, although legends speak of it many thousands of years into the past. Scientists say it is 16 million years old. Geologists call it a dormant volcano with a boiling hot sulphur spring near the base of the main summit pinnacle.

The awesome beauty and enormity of the mountain captures the attention of authors, artists, nature lovers, photographers, hikers, skiers and religious groups. But most people agree that there is something mysterious about, Mt. Shasta. Even people with no interest in the occult aspects of the mountain say that it has a kind of magnetism about it.

One of the principal legends about Mt. Shasta is that it became

APRIL, 1963                                3

the refuge of escapees from the sinking continent of Lemuria, or Mu as it is often called, now lying beneath the Pacific ocean. According to this legend, some inhabitants of Lemuria migrated eastward when the continent began to sink and made their way to Mt. Shasta, which loomed before them to the east, seeming to be a natural haven.

There are said to be descendants of these Lemurians living on or inside the mountain today. Some say they inhabit a self-contained underground city eight miles below the peak. Others say they live on the mountain slopes someplace. There is supposed to be a hidden entrance to the underground city somewhere on the mountain.

Persons who believe in the existence of this underground city say that the Lemurians occasionally come out. Some present-day residents of the city of Mt. Shasta say they can recognize a Lemurian when he shops in the town.

An article by Edward Lanser which appeared in the Los Angeles Times of May 22, 1932, had this to say about the Lemurians:

“The Lemurians have been seen on various occasions; they have been encountered in the Shasta forest, but only for a brief glimpse, for they possess the uncanny secret knowledge of the Tibetan masters and, if they desire, can blend themselves into their surroundings and vanish.

At times they come into the neighboring towns-tall, barefoot, noble-looking men, with close-cropped hair, dressed in spotless white robes that resemble in style the enveloping garment worn by the high-caste East Indian women today-to patronize certain stores.

“Indeed, the records reveal that at one time an official visit was made to the city of San Francisco by a white-robed patriarch from the mystic village. He came on foot with an escort of younger men to bring greetings and assurance of goodwill upon the anniversary of the founding of their sacred retreat in California. .. “

The article goes on to say that these same white-robed men frequently came into stores in the city of Mt. Shasta, making purchases with gold nuggets, usually overpaying. They were said to have large quantities of sulphur, salt and lard and to have shown little interest in “the gay materials and novelties of our modern civilization.” Lanser’s article also claimed the Lemurians donated some of their gold nuggets to the American Red Cross during World War I.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

This same 1932 Los Angeles Times article also makes the rather startling statement that the existence of the Lemurians on or in Mt. Shasta was vouched for some years before by Edgar Lucien Larkin, for many years director of the Mt. Lowe observatory in southern California.

“Prof. Larkin, with determined sagacity,” the Times article says, “penetrated the Shasta wilderness as far as he could-or dared and then, cleverly, continued his investigations from a promontory with a powerful long distance telescope.

“What the scientist saw, he reported, was a great temple in the heart of the mystic village-a marvelous work of carved marble and onyx, rivaling in beauty and architectural splendor the magnificence of the temples of Yucatan. He saw a village housing from 600 to 1,000 people; they appeared to be industriously engaged in the manufacture of articles necessary for their consumption. They were engaged in farming in the sunny slopes and glens surrounding the village-with miraculous results, judging from the astounding vegetation revealed to Prof. Larkin’s spy-glass,”

Evidently this was not an underground city but one somewhere on the surface of Shasta’s slopes.

According to the book “The Mt. Shasta Story,” by A. F. Eichorn, Sr., published in 1957, some observers doubted that Professor Larkin ever made the statements attributed to him. Others, however, are reported to have said that the professor did “accidentally” discover the Lemurians.

The Lemurian legend has been the subject of numerous books and newspaper articles. Perhaps one of the earliest books on the subject was “A Dweller on Two Planets,” written in 1894 by Frederick Spencer Oliver, who is said to have discovered evidence of a strange race in the Mt. Shasta area, following which he said he felt a strange feeling come over him that prompted him to write down a manuscript by a being named Phylos the Tibetan.

One of the more recent articles to come out of the Lemurian legend, according to Eichorn’s “The Mt. Shasta Story,” was an article in the Oct. 30, 1955, San Francisco Examiner (originating from the Siskiyou Daily News at Yreka) reporting the discovery at the 11,000 foot level of a gigantic footprint with three toes.

Another legend mentioned in Eichorn’s book deals with bells. The

APRIL, 1963                                6

book quotes a journal entitled “California Bell Legends: A Survey” reporting that the inhabitants of a city called Yaktayvia underneath the mountain created bells with a sound so mighty that it was able to move vast masses of rock within the mountain and hollow out room for the city.

Still another Mt. Shasta legend concerns the “Little People.” An article by Eugene H. Drake of Los Angeles, for instance, reports that the writer encountered during 1951 and 1952 large numbers of tiny beings who had the ability to appear or disappear at will.

The Mt. Shasta area today is occupied by a number of groups. with various beliefs about the mountain-among them the “I Am” group, Rosicrucians and others.

Following are the results of interviews with a number of individuals connected with these organizations

Mrs. Mildred Coleman, a Rosicrucian, tells of the Lemurians that she knows live in the mountain. They come to town, but remain incognito. She tells of the Ascended Masters who have a mammoth temple under the mountain at the 12,000 foot level. The mountain is referred to as God’s Mountain-one of His shrines. The temple was hewn out by spiritual labor.

She says Lemuria is due to rise and the ocean will come in. The coast range will be leveled. Safety for the people lies within a ten mile radius of the mountain.

Miss Ruth Light joined the “I Am” religious activity in 1932. She tells of the founder of the organization, Guy W. Ballard, being sent to the Mt. Shasta area by a mining concern 30 years ago, and of his encountering St. Germaine at a mountain spring one day while he was hiking on the trails of McCloud River valley, seeking peace and inspiration.

An electric current. went through his body when St. Germaine spoke and gave to him a cup of the Water of Life. Thus was born the “I Am” Activity. This group refers to re-embodiment, rather than reincarnation as do the Rosicrucians of this vicinity. To conquer self is the group’s goal as well as to project light, to bless, to heal and to prosper. The annual “I Am” pageant, staged in the huge outdoor amphitheater in Mt. Shasta, draws visitors from all over the world.

The Great White Brotherhood believes in extra-sensory perception

7                                                    UNDERSTANDING

and metaphysics. Its members declare that there is no death and lose all fear of it, feeling that. there is a survival of human entity after death of the body. They too have a great affinity to the mysterious power of Mt. Shasta.

Whatever their tastes, beliefs or traditions, all these organizations embrace the mysticism of the mountain and its Lemurians or whatever inhabitants are there.

According to one source, Lemurians appear as earth people. To another source they are seven feet tall with extra large heads and long arms, with a marble-like skin-covered bump in the middle of their foreheads, a third eye which enables them to sense the presence of earth people long before the earth people know they are around, and do disappear at. will.

In every book written about tribes of Indians living in the area around Mt. Shasta, mentioned always is the mystic, strange atmosphere of the mountains.

In all the religious organizations that have sprung up in the region of the great white mountain, mysterious powers are attributed to it. Lights are seen on its towering sides, bells ring, strange occurrences which can’t, be explained take place. Some persons make yearly pilgrimages and many others have moved to the area to make their homes in its shadows.

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Some of you may think that you have already heard or read enough about breathing. But I do not think so. And do you know why? Because BREATH IS LIFE! YOUR LIFE is in YOUR BREATH. I don’t think any intelligent person will disagree with this, but if there should be any doubts on this part of anyone, they have only to consider this: Man can live twenty, thirty, forty and more days without food, and three, four or even more days without water, but how long without air-sixty seconds, two minutes maybe? And I am not speaking of just air, as such-like with which to blow up a tire or a toy balloon-but of that quality in the air we breathe-the Prana, the God Essence, the Divine Spark.

You could compare your body to your automobile. You know that

APRIL, 1983                                7

you can have a tank full of gas and plenty of oil in the engine, but your car is not going to budge one little inch unless it gets the spark. And so it is with our bodies. Plenty of nourishing food to eat and pure water to drink will not, of themselves, give nor sustain life. There must be that Divine Spark. And this we take into our bodies with the oxygen which the breathe.

Actually, it is our cells which breathe. Our bodies are composed of billions and billions of little living, breathing (thinking?) animal cells. We are much like a Zoo keeper. There are bone cells, gland cells, blood cells, brain cells, and many, many others. It is our responsibility to feed all these little hungry animals. They must have the Divine Spark. So, we inhale this life giving quality into our lungs, and the red corpuscles pick it up there and deliver it to every cell in our bodies-with the help of the lymph, which runs along by the side of the blood vessels and distributes the food to the cells, and then brings back the waste matter and dumps it into the blood stream and it is carried to the lungs and expelled. (Again we have the comparison to our automobile-the exhaust which expels the carbon dioxide).

When the oxygen comes in contact with the carbon element in the cells there is a combustion, an explosion. This action is what we mean when we say the cells are “eating.”

To feed our cells properly we must breathe properly. There are breathing exercises without number. It is too vast a subject to pursue further at. the moment. And the doing of these exercises takes much time. Suffice it to say that. specific breathing exercises DO produce amazing and beneficial results. However, in the hustle and bustle of our modern living day much benefit can be accomplished by adhering to three basic rules for breathing. These are: to breathe rhythmically, deeply and gently. The breath should be even-that is to say that each succeeding breath should be the same length as the previous-thus forming a rhythm. And we should breath deeply-diaphragmatically, swelling out the rib box, and remembering if we bring the air up into the upper lobes of the lungs to raise the shoulders so as to take the pressure of the chest frame off of the lungs. But this deep breathing should always be gentle-never forceful. When you say deep breathing to some people they get the idea

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

of a snorting, forceful intake of breath. This is not the way. In fact, the Pundit Acharya says that our breathing should be so gentle that if we held a tray of ashes beneath the nostrils neither our inhalation nor our exhalation should disturb them.

Down through the ages, from earliest times, man has always attributed Divine qualities to the breath. In certain aboriginal tribes there was only one word to mean breath, spirit, and soul. In some religions, such as the ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Hebrew, the Divine quality of breath was very much stressed. In our Christian Bible, both in the old and new testaments, this relationship has often been referred to. One interesting instance recorded in the Gospel of John was when Jesus breathed on his disciples as he gave them the gift of the Holy Spirit.

In regard to exercises, I want to give you one simple little exercise which is very easy and might come in handy. If any of you are ever bothered with cold feet, or cold hands-do this: As you breathe in through the nostrils also breathe, or pull in, the air through the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands. You will soon notice a warm, tingling sensation in your feet, and hands. You will immediately recognize the mental aspect of this exercise. Don’t ever under-estimate the power of the mind! The mental attitude is of great importance in all our exercises. You should be consciously using this power every day. For instance-in your normal breathing-when inhaling you should always imagine that you are taking in with your breath all the good qualities that you desire-such as courage, strength, beauty, love, peace, or whatever good it is that you desire. And when exhaling imagine that you are expelling all the bad qualities-the ones you want to get rid of-such as fear, anger, suspicion, hate, etc.

And now, in closing, I want to ask you all to take a more active and more MEANINGFUL part in this glorious, mystic art of breathing. Remember-BREATH IS LIFE. YOUR LIFE is in YOUR BREATH!

Marsha Fortune

Unit #22, Riverside, Calif.

——— ♦ ———

APRIL, 1963                                9

World report

Hundreds In Hawaii See UFO

HONOLULU (United Press International), March, 1963 An unidentified flying object, traveling west at a “very high altitude and a very high rate of speed,” was sighted by hundreds of persons in the Hawaiian Islands last night.

Two Hawaii Air National Guard pilots said they saw the object north of the Island of Kauai during a routine training mission in jet fighters at an altitude of 40,000 feet. Honolulu newspapers and radio stations were flooded with calls.

Capt. Jon Parish said he thought the object was “possibly a rocket or some sort of space object flying a pre-determined course.” Lt. George Joy said he thought it was the Milky Way at first, but then noticed that it left a visible vapor trail.

Witnesses in Honolulu said the object looked like a crescent shaped moon falling into the sea. They said it was bright, and some said it appeared to be on fire.

Military officials had no immediate explanation, but said it was not an airplane.

Two Believe They Saw Space Ship

(From Riverside, California, Enterprise, Feb. 27, 1963)

Two Rubidoux men ran out of gas in the desert near the Calif, Nevada border early yesterday morning and while they were walking eight miles to the nearest town, saw what they believe was a flying saucer, or some other type of space ship.

The men are James Brown, 49, 5934 Mission, and Victor Hirt, 24, 4026 Mennes. Brown is a salesman and Hirt a miner.

“I know it sounds crazy,” said Brown, “but we know what we saw.”

What they said they saw was a blue light moving in a semi-regular pattern among the stars in the southern sky between 2 and 3 a.m. as they trudged toward the tiny desert community of Cima, southeast of Baker in the deserts of eastern San Bernardino County.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

While they were walking, Hirt said, they watched the sky and a display of meteor showers.

“We were walking with our heads up,” he said; “otherwise we might have missed it.

Brown said Hirt spotted the light first. Then they watched it “leapfrogging”, moving from east to west about 20 degrees above the horizon in a series of apparently regular maneuvers.

Hirt said the light would speed up slightly and then at the end of a “leap” hesitate.

“We had no way to figure the distance or altitude,” he said. “It could have been 10,000 feet up to 10,000 miles. All we could see was just a spot of light. No shape or outline.”

Both men said the blue light was not an airplane nor the Echo balloon satellite which both had observed on previous occasions. As they walked and watched, Brown said, the light stopped near a star-which appeared to be about twice as bright as the object. “I said, `Maybe he’s got a girl friend on that star,’ ” Brown recalled.

Then, as they walked and watched-looking at the star and blue light about every 10 steps-suddenly the object, was gone.

It had been near the star for about 10 minutes, Hirt said, before the last time they saw it. “Then it just wasn’t there,” he said. “There was no sign of it..”

He said that the object appeared to travel slowly but said if it was 10,000 or 10 million miles away the speed would be fantastically fast. And because both men feel the probability or possibility of life on other planets in the galaxy is high, Brown and Hirt are convinced in their own minds that what they saw was a spaceship.

Was Christ a Spaceship Doctor?

(From New Zealand Northern Advocate, May 25, 1962)

MOSCOW-A Leningrad newspaper has ridiculed a Soviet scientist’s theory that Jesus Christ was a spaceman, and the Ascension was a space launching.

The newspaper Leningrad Pravda, reported that a science lecturer at Leningrad University, Mr. V. K. Zaitsev, put. forward his theory at a public lecture at the University.

Mr. Zaitsev said space-travelers were “the inspirers of social

APRIL, 1963                                11

progress in ancient times, and brought culture, science, the arts, morals and regimes” to the earth.

Christ., he claimed, was a spaceship doctor who lauded on earth with a space crew, and won fame by curing earthlings with the help of hypnosis.

He also believed the Resurrection and the Ascension were “real Historical events,” which occurred when the spaceship took off from earth with members of the expedition.

The Holy Trinity was the three-man crew of a rocket which landed on earth, according to the scientist.

The three were “met by earthlings and made saints.”

The newspaper expressed surprise that the authorities of the university-“one of the greatest centers of Communist education in our country ” had not reprimanded the scientist.

The newspaper said that giving space treatment to religious tales “willingly or unwillingly, helps modern obscurantism, supplying the servants of the cult with a scientific foundation for the most absurd episodes of Biblical mythology.”

——— ♦ ———


John Barnes, one of Understanding’s pioneers, underwent his transition on March 5.

John and his wife Celia were the moving force behind the founding of San Mateo, Calif. Understanding Unit #2 (which last year moved to Nevada City, Calif.) This was the first unit to be formed outside of El Monte, Calif., where Understanding was founded in 1955.

Following is a portion of the service for John Barnes, which was given in Oakland, Calif., on March 7 by Eugene E. Whitworth, Ph.D., LL.D., of Great Western University, a close friend of the Barnes family.

“John Gordon Barnes–that is the name of the one we are gathered here to bid Bon Voyage to, or to wish a happy graduation into a larger school.

“He was born in Colorado, schooled in the state of Washington, but he spent much of his life in California. He was an engineer, and worked many years for the California State Highway Department.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“He is survived by his wife, Celia, and a large family whom he loved very much. But I have been specifically asked not to name them-for John Barnes felt that the entire world and every individual in it was his family.

“With an Engineer’s precision he moved on at Three-Five in the early morning of 3/5/63. John Barnes moved on as he had lived, gently and peacefully. At Three-Five he passed into the arms of Eternity. For a moment there was indeed stunned silence upon the earth. But it was soon broken by a sweeter laughter from heaven.

“John Barnes had begun his greater schooling. He had graduated to a very much greater opportunity to serve his fellow man. “John Barnes was ever a man to adventure. In the physical he loved nothing more than he loved the productive breaking of new trails. He was a man who joyfully lived, and he always faced the storm winds willingly-and he never failed and he never quailed. His body even had the make-up of the adventurer-lean, strong, swift and light. Yes, he was indeed an adventurer in the flesh. But he was more than that-much, much more.

He was born with that strange courage-so seldom found but so very noble-which made him also an adventurer of the mind. He quested far, he quested wide in the search of absolute Understanding and Final Truth. He threw his vigorous mind into the vaster problems-such as Universal Understanding. He uncovered new fields, brought out new concepts He dared challenge and question and with even more courage he dared embrace the new.

“For John Barnes refused to accept as good that which was merely old-that which was merely respected because it was old, or orthodox, accepted, or hallowed. Always from threads of straight. thinking he fashioned a new basket of finer stuff in which to carry the newer problems and the heavier burdens of this New Age.

“John Barnes did not live for self alone-he lived to serve his fellowman in every way he could. He did not live for family alone, though he loved them well, and they worked together in companionship, love, helpfulness and priceless friendship. No, he worked not for family alone. And he did not live for the community in which he lived-not alone-though many sought his aid and his advice, and no one ever came from his presence without a stronger and more courageous heart, and a mind filled with the determination to live

APRIL, 1963                                13

well and serve better. He did not live solely for the State or the Nation only-though he served them well. John Barnes did not live solely for this ONE WORLD. Indeed he could not., for he lived as a man dedicated to developing the knowledge and the welfare and the Understanding of the Universe. He lived as a man determined to promote Eternal Understanding in Men of Earth. And he was equally determined if there be such Beings, to promote Understanding and peace in the Beings of the Galaxies.

The shadow of such a man stands tall upon the doorway of our future! He has left a high mark indeed for us to measure ourselves by and try to grow up to! Bigger indeed we must become. But he left us a legacy of PRODUCTIVE EFFORT in the interests of all mankind-he left us this priceless heritage …”

——— ♦ ———


Dear Editor

This letter is in reply to your article in March, 1963, Understanding booklet written by Anthony Penfield from “This is Why,” Eden Valley Press, Loveland, Colorado.

As you will be able to deduce I have had no “Glourinated Air” and therefore my opinion differs from Mr. Penfield.

But in the way of life I believe in, this attitude is a healthy one. I would not like to have many persons own the same opinions of mine. Wouldn’t it be dull if everyone thought the same?

I do not consider this article of Mr. Penfield’s angering but one which makes me stop and thank God that my reason and thought capabilities have not been altered so that I have been able to care enough to write.

Dear Mr. Anthony Penfield

There are a few things an articulate spokesman like yourself should know. These are facts.

It has been known for countless years that the air we breathe holds millions of micro-organisms, harmful and beneficial. It is known too, that the body is adapted to its environment. True it is that disease is not eradicated in our present society. My bet is that Glourinated air will not do it either. There is nothing in this world that is one hundred percent.. It just cannot be. The best and foremost scientists of today cannot reach perfection in any field. If they

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

tell you they can, you must doubt their validity. Perhaps if you were to speak personally to Dr. James Weatherby of the Institute of Advanced Neuro-Psychology he would tell you also, if he remembers his history, that great nations fell many times not due to frustrations and differences of opinion but due to the stifling and lack of imagination of the people, their complacency and love for Status Quo. This to me is what you advocate.

Here in your article before me you speak of “purified” and “unpurified” milk. One of the reasons, if you did not know, for altering milk with heat was that it was needed in cities en masse for human consumption and this altering with heat increased shelf life. Heat destroys the bacteria which causes milk to sour and coagulate (not one hundred percent) and other bacteria both harmful and beneficial. The harmful micro-organisms, such as the Tubercular bacilli, are destroyed by our public health laws which makes the dairy man check his stock for disease, requires him to have clean surroundings, equipment and even requires the dairy man to have blood tests to make sure he is free from diseases which are communicable. The ignorance of our forefathers was not the pound of cure but the ounce of prevention, just as through cleanliness and new found sanitary education has smallpox been virtually (but not. one hundred percent) wiped out in this country.

In the field of long life, the statistics state, we live longer. It is not through our chemicals that we do so, but mainly through the grace of new found methods in Obstetrics which save more children from dying in childbirth than ever before in the history of our nation.

My question is this: Why is the government spending our money to “invent” new air for us to breath, trying to give us this “pound of cure” when what we need is the “Ounce of Prevention.” Let’s clean up our own air first.


Dr. Sharon I. Strong

4340 Los Gatos Hwy.

Santa Cruz, California

(Editor’s Note: The article “The Great Fresh Air Myth” printed in the March, 1963, issue of Understanding was a satire on the subject of water fluoridation. The author invented the concept of

APRIL, 1963                                15

“gluorinated” air as a takeoff on “fluoridated” water. The idea, we believe, was to move the argument usually employed in favor of water fluoridation into a different context to show how ridiculous and illogical they are. Apparently Mr. Penfield did such a good job that some readers mistook the article to be serious.)

Dear Friends

“Understanding” is a joy to receive … small, compact with articles of significance-not too wordy or hulky.

Blessings on you!

Ada Davis Stecher

218 Avila Road

West Palm Beach, Florida

——— ♦ ———


The twelfth annual DAY OF CHRIST AND HUMANITY, or World Invocation Day, will be observed on Thursday, June 6th, 1963. People all over the world will join in voicing the Great Invocation, a prayer which is known in at least 50 languages and dialects. It belongs to no particular group or organization, but to all humanity, regardless of race, color or religion.


From the Point of Light within the Mind of God

Let Light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the Point of Love within the Heart of God

Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.

From the Center where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men

The purpose which the Master knows and serves.

From the Center which we call the Race of Men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

APRIL, 1963                                17


God of Luck

Intricately carved from a semiprecious stone found at the base of the Pyramid known as “Sun of God.” Legend has it that this small primitive idol rules all games of chance, and has the power to bring good luck, prosperity and happiness to the wearer. It is also said to be the Patron God of the crops and harvest. This carved idol on chain makes an attractive necklace for the ladies. Key chain for the men. $2.00 P. P, Please state which you desire.




MYRTLEWOOD from the Holy Land. Siamese Vermillion, from Siam. Oriental Mahogany, from China. Also Oak which alone is sacred to Sagittarius. These may be used by Mystic and Layman alike and have proven amazingly accurate.

Usually clockwise is an affirmative answer, counter clockwise negative, horizontal doubtful. However since each person’s vibrations are different it is wise to determine for oneself by holding pendulum over the hand and asking the question. After this is established it will not change. Remember the type of answer depends upon your attitude. Sincerity brings a sincere answer. Like attracts like. Price $2.00 P.P. Please state which kind you prefer.

Fantasy Line




$1.00 Dram in plain bottle

SPECIAL-6 for $5.00

2 Drams in gold metal top spill proof bottle-$2.00

Legends relating to the power of these exotic Oriental oils for Love, Peace, Prosperity, and Health have drifted to us too often on the breezes of time to be ignored. They have always been used during Temple Rites as well as for personal appeal. These same pure uncut oils are still available in the following fragrances:

Sandalwood, East Indian Mimosa, Tibet, Sacred Lotus, Black Leopard, Seventh Veil, Money Oil, Wisteria, Jasmine, Rose, Lilac, Violet, Magnolia, Gardenia, French Frangi Panni Hawaiian Ginger Blossom & Pikaki, Carnation, Lavender, Patchouli, Drifting Sands, Sambac.


No C.O.D.please

Fantasy Line

dept. F

952½ South Hobart Boulevard

Los Angeles b, California


$1.00 ppd.







18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner

Melody House

I’m dreaming the house I will someday build

Overlooking the bay’s quick changing hue

On a lot with a magnificent view

High as a C-note on a Sunset Hill.

Eucalipti will strum the tuneful winds,

Wisteria show how the melody goes,

Deep crimson will reach the tip of the rose

At the lyrics the lovelorn hollyhock sends!

The rain will tap on the sloping roof

A promise that winter brings verdant spring:

Clouds will hesitate and be less aloof,

Then whistle the tune as they onward swing:

Caroling birds give the whole world proof

That happy hearts must either burst or sing.

Dr. Eugene E. Whitworth


San Francisco, Calif.

Top Secret

Strange and fleeting flying saucer,

Queer and eerie sky embosser,

Do you emigrate from Mars,

Or venture here from farther stars?

Because of all the mystery

Surrounding you with secrecy,

I’ll greet you with a startled whistle-

If you aren’t a guided missile!

-Grace Hess

Burbank, Calif.

(First published in the Portland Oregonian of 4/2/52)

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bulletin board

Understanding Directors’ Meeting

Unit officers and members are invited to attend an open board of directors meeting on Saturday, April 27 from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. at Merlin, Oregon. Following the meeting, a no host dinner will be held at the Riverside Motel in Grants Pass, Oregon. At 8 p.m. Dan Fry will give a public lecture in the courtesy room of the motel. On

APRIL, 1963                                19

Sunday morning, April 28, there will be an informal meeting for inquiries and information concerning the Merlin project and Radio Understanding. Following there will be a drive through scenic Hells Gate Canyon to picturesque Indian Mary Park, where a picnic lunch will be served, sponsored by the Merlin unit. Persons interested in attending should write to P.O. Box 76, Merlin, Ore., for further details.

Dan Fry Lectures in Southern Oregon

Dan Fry spoke to two capacity audiences in mid-March. He addressed the Merlin unit at a theatre in Grants Pass on March 16 on “The Curve of Development.” On March 21 in nearby Medford he spoke to a large group, most of whom had never heard him before, on “Space Craft and Space Travel.”

Changing Your Address?

If you move, we would appreciate being notified of your new address as soon as possible. Because of new postal regulations, it now costs Understanding 8 cents whenever a magazine is returned because the subscriber has moved.

Coming Lectures

On Saturday, April 20, 1963, 8 p.m., Mrs. Roberta T. Forrester, leader and teacher of New Age philosophy and researcher in the field of prophecy, is scheduled to speak on the topic, Prophecy Light on Present Events Viewed from Ancient Records, for the Inglewood Unit #15 of Understanding in the Business and Professional Women’s Clubhouse, 820 Java St., Inglewood, Calif.

Understanding Workshop

On a recent trip to California, Dan Fry lectured before the Understanding Workshop at San Jose. True Day, who is in charge, reports a series of four lectures has been started dealing with health, wealth, love and expression. Two local men spoke on health, and Dr. Walter Jerome Gordon covered economic problems of our day on March 25. The April and May meeting will be on love and expression, respectively.

The Understanding Workshop meets on the last Monday of each month at 8 p.m. in the Friendship Room of the Citizens Federal

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Savings and Loan Bldg. located at 50 No. 1st St. Use the rear entrance by going through the parking lot on No. 2nd St.

News of the Units

TWIN CITY (Minn), Unit #41 was host to James A. Earl, Professor of Physics at the University of Minnesota. He gave an illustrated slide lecture on cosmic rays on February 23. “Professor Earl is a graduate of Mass. Institute of Technology, and worked a year at Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey, on Earth Satellites, and is presently doing extensive research and writing.”

The Twin City Unit is thinking of holding a Minnesota Convention in August, preferably the 17th and 18th, and would like to know if any lecturers will be in the Middle West at that time.

One member, Frances Heron, has opened an Inspiration Shop at 3554 Girard Ave., So. Mpls., 8, Minn. She is handling many books on health, prophecy, and many inspirational articles.

INGLEWOOD, Calif., Unit #15 reports that Dr. John Douglas Low, writer and researcher into Comparative Religions, spoke on “Initiation and Rebirth” on March 23. Mr. Low holds degrees in two local Universities with a broad experience in leadership and teaching. Among new officers of the unit are Roberta Forrester, corresponding secretary and program chairman; Buena Riley, membership chairman, and Betty Gahlbeck, book and magazine chairman.

SAN JOSE, Calif., Unit #25 has elected new officers as follows: President, Mrs. Alyce M. Alexander; vice-president, James Curran; Secretary, Mrs. Sylvia Hopkins ; Treasurer, Mrs. Lotta Hanezak.

George Hunt Williamson showed pictures and Major Wayne S. Aho spoke on “Who Will Save the World From Itself?” for the group on December 14. George Adamski spoke on the “Benefits Received from Space Visitors” on February 4, reporting that he recently made a trip to Saturn and sat in on a conclave of delegates from 12 planets in the solar system. A capacity crowd attended.

Merlin Radio Fund

The Merlin Radio Fund has grown to $1,093.50 through March 15. This is an increase of $34.69 in the past month. Recent donors are G.C. Miller, Anderson, Calif., and E.O. McVey, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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