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VOLUME VIII                               MARCH, 1963                                            NUMBER 3

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


With state legislatures now in session in most, of the United States, the perennial controversy over the issue of capital punishment is again waxing hot in a number of them, notably California. The same arguments that have been used for centuries are being brought forth in much the same way as before. Law enforcement officials in general favor the death penalty, on the grounds that it is convenient and expedient, and perhaps may even be a deterrent to capital crime, although no good documentary evidence seems to exist to demonstrate this stand. Opponents of capital punishment question whether it is morally right to kill one’s fellow man, regardless of whether or not it is convenient and expedient.

There are some aspects of this question which your editor has never seen discussed in print. The usual public attitude toward the criminal is that he is an enemy of society, whereas in fact a criminal is more accurately described as a failure of society, since the primary purpose of society is to create a human environment in which criminals do not develop. It is a moot question, therefore, whether society has the right to destroy its failures.

There are no means of determining how many innocent men have been executed by due process of law, although all of our written.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Every age, of course, has its eccentrics and non-conformists who stand stubbornly in the path of progress. There was a time when Americans, not knowing any better, drank milk just as it came from the cow … unbelievable, these days, but true. Then we learned how to knock out the germs in milk, and even more important, how to enrich it and improve it in many ways. And yet, until comparatively recently, there were still a few faddists who paid exorbitant sums to obtain raw, unpurified milk.

The chief danger of the fresh air propaganda is that it could influence gullible men and women to deny themselves the tremendous benefit of Glourine as a means of soothing and relaxing the nerves. In these days of acute world tension, this would be nothing less than tragic. But more than this, the fresh air zealots, perhaps without realizing it, are in a sense trying to undermine the very structure and fabric of our way of life. For Glourine is a vital factor in the present high degree of harmony and efficiency which has been reached in the various fields of industry, commerce, etc. Because of Glourine we find, for example, fewer and fewer differences of opinions, arguments and evidences of ill feeling between government and people, management and labor, and so on. Americans enjoying the benefits of Glourinated air are happier, more contented, and easier to please than ever before. They are less nervous and apprehensive about the future. Social workers and teachers report that children brought up on Glourinated air make exemplary citizens, richly filled with the spirit of our time, showing no signs of dissatisfaction or deviation from the way of life for which we all stand. Says Dr. Harland White, the famous author: “Glourine encourages a healthy attitude of being community-minded, progress-minded. Today, there are fewer `oddballs’ and `nonconformists’ in our society than ever before.”

We should wish the fresh air addicts every good fortune. May their checks grow rosier, their offspring more salubrious. But let the rest of us be reassured with the knowledge that in breathing Glourinated air, as specifically recommended by our government and qualified leaders in all walks of life, we are taking a solid, sensible step forward towards greater peace, contentment and good health. So next time a fresh air faddist comes along, don’t let him scare you. Glourinated air is all-right!

MARCH, 1963                             5


Extra Sensory Perception (the ability to send or receive thoughts or impressions without the use of normal means of communications) is considered by most people today to be the “Last Frontier of Earth-Bound Beings.”

We will not try to validate or authenticate any hitherto published work on this subject but will leave it up to the reader to pursue his or her own guidance as might relate to the purchasing of any books which might be mentioned from time to time. Neither will we choose sides in the age old argument that the ability to demonstrate E.S.P. abilities does not mean “extra, super-normal, or super-natural” senses are being used. Perhaps they are all “very normal” senses, possessed by every living human being.

It can be assumed the study and practice of E.S.P. has at last reached a stage of respectability and that few if any of you dear readers will be burned at the stake for “witchcraft” if you pursue the subject.

To the best, of our knowledge the term “Extra Sensory Perception” was coined by Dr. J. B. Rhine of Duke University or at least came into widespread use after the publication of his book bearing this title about 1936.

It might to well at this point to establish a “speaking acquaintance” with some of the “facets” of E.S.P. which we’ll be discussing later.

The term E.S.P. is usually considered to cover the words Telepathy and/or “Mental” Telepathy (the communication between two or more minds by means beyond what is ordinary or normal-normal here meaning the written or spoken word) ; Clairvoyance (the power or ability to know about things that are out of sight and about which there has been no normal communication) ; Prophecy (the ability to see into the future) ; Life Reading (the ability to see into the past) ; Auric Sight (the ability to see auras) ; Clair-Audience (clear hearing or ability to hear beyond the normal) ; Clair-Sentinance (the ability to sense previously unknown facts about persons or things said sense usually activated by touching an object or thing previously belonging to or owned by an individual-also might be said to be the ability to locate lost objects or things by establishing contact

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

through touch.) All of these last abilities are generally grouped under the heading of Clairvoyance.

Premonitions (the ability to sense something before it happens) ; Monitions (the ability to sense something is happening at the time it is happening- i.e., some loved one is dying perhaps as the result of an accident) Psychokinesis (mind energy control or the ability of the mind to control animate or inanimate objects outside of one’s self) are some of the E.S.P. terms which usually fall under the heading of Telepathy or “mental” telepathy.

Now that we have laid the ground work for a mutual understanding of what we’re going to be talking about in future articles I’ll leave you with the first, key to developing your own E.S.P. abilities YOU MUST BELIEVE THAT THE ABILITY YOU WISH TO DEMONSTRATE IS NOT ONLY POSSIBLE, BUT THAT WITH PRACTICE YOU CAN DO IT.

Chas. O. Rhoades

Oklahoma City, Okla.

——— ♦ ———

World report

Rock Hurler `Not Human’

(From Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, Jan. 13, 1963)

Those controversial falling or floating-rocks at Big Bear are still a mystery, in spite of “naive” theories being offered in an effort to explain them, according to a Los Angeles psychical research investigator.

He is Raymond Bayless, who disclosed that he has now completed and submitted to the Duke University parapsychology laboratory a full report on the Big Bear “poltergeist” case. His conclusion:

“No human agency can be found to account for the observed phenomena. “

Bayless questioned numerous persons who witnessed the falling rocks at Big Bear, including deputy sheriffs who saw the stones

MARCH, 1963                             7

come flying down from different angles and at varying rates of speed, in the vicinity of a small home formerly occupied by the W. M. Lowe family.

He said the idea that. mischievous children could have thrown the rocks was thoroughly investigated, along with other plausible theories.

After the case gained attention-especially on Halloween when the Lowes moved out-it appeared that small boys were contributing to the nuisance, but the bulk of the stones that seemed to zero in on the area around the house evidently were of “paranormal” origin, Bayless said.

While investigators do not necessarily acknowledge that a noisy or mischievous spirit-the definition of a poltergeist-is responsible in these cases, they use the term to indicate that no normal explanation seems possible and that. a force of a “paranormal” nature appears to at work.

In every instance, all sorts of theories are evolved to try to account for the moving of objects, flying brie-a-brae and other moving articles, including flying rocks, but generally, says Bayless, the theories are inadequate to explain the facts.

Only the “naive and inexperienced” would dismiss the Big Bear happenings as due entirely to pebble-throwing by children, he said, in citing the following facts of that case

The rocks fell both in the day time and at night.

They fell in an open area around the house, easily accessible for observation by officers and other watchers.

Some of the rocks were hot, as well as cold.

A sheriff’s car was struck but hardly dented by one rock, while another struck the arm of a watcher, who remarked that it did not hurt him.

Some observers declared rocks occasionally seemed to “float,” rather than fall down, and at one point a flashlight beam seemed to attract, rather than repel, the phenomena.

The rocks came in from many angles, meaning that numerous mischief makers would have had to hide in different positions where they could not. have been found by searchers.

And why was this particular house the focal point of all the rock throwing?

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

In many of the “classical cases of poltergeist phenomena, a young boy or girl appears to attract the strange force that causes objects to fly about. At one time the falling rocks at Big Bear seemed to follow 14-year-old Patty Lowe to a neighbor’s house nearby, but Bayless found evidence that the stones fell at the Lowe house before the family took over in July.

Likewise, there were numerous falling rocks after they left in October, and the manifestations reportedly did not follow the Lowe family, to a new residence.

Bayless said that the sheriff’s officers have closed the case, unless something new turns up, with the cause listed as unknown.

One deputy told him: “I don’t think anything human is causing it. “

——— ♦ ———

Group Aims at Mixture of Science and Religion

(From Los Angeles Times, Nov. 10, 1962)

An attempt to synthesize science and religion has been quietly undertaken by the Conference on Science and Religion, 1090 S. La Brea Ave., according to Leland P. Stewart, its executive secretary.

“Our purpose is to move toward a deeper meaning for existence,” he said. “I hope we are getting there.”

Many professional scientists, or men of scientific turn of mind, have been attracted to the meetings of the organization over the past three or four years, he said. Many members of the public, with no special capacity or training for either science or religion, also have attended.

The conference held its first meeting at one of the Claremont colleges, later sessions at USC or Caltech or Los Angeles State College, but it is sponsored by none of the schools whose facilities it has used.

Dr. Richard P. Feynman, Caltech physicist; Dr. Charles Morris, University of Florida professor of philosophy; Drew University’s Ira Progoff, a depth psychologist, and Dr. Frederick Mayer, of the University of Redlands, are among the scientists who have attended the meetings or expressed interest in them.

“Our meetings are usually the first Saturday of each month,”

MARCH, 1963                             9

said Stewart. “They are attended by 75 or 80. About 25% are professional people, 70%, are laymen and the rest ministers or other specialists.

“We ordinarily have an hour’s lecture, then a discussion for another hour. Then we have an annual spring conference, which lasts all day, and usually is held in May and in addition a weekend conference once a. year, ordinarily at San Jacinto.”

Stewart, 34, married and father of three children, is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School and was ordained a Universalist minister, although at present he teaches mathematics in junior high school. He feels that his conference has had some impact already.

“It has created a considerable climate of interest and concern with respect to those areas of science which pertain to the way in which people live,” he said. “It has brought to some a new sense of values.”

——— ♦ ———

600 Million Milky Way Planets May Have Life

New York, January 24, 1963 (United Press International) — There may be 600 million planets bearing intelligent life in the Milky Way alone, the institute of Aerospace Science was told Wednesday.

Prof. Lloyd Motz of Columbia University explained to an audience of scientists and engineers his theory that each of 200 million stars in our galaxy is similar to our sun and may be the center of a planetary system as great or greater than ours.

Motz said that while the earth is the only planet in our system to have a highly developed form of life, both Venus and Mars could support intelligent life under slightly altered conditions.

He said most scientists now take it for granted that life exists beyond our solar system even though we have no direct evidence of it.

Dr. Bernard M. Oliver of Hewlett-Packard Co., Palo Alto, Calif., discussed ways of using radio codes to probe deep into space seeking intelligent life on other planets.

He said such probes might have to be kept up for centuries before a response could be hoped for. That’s because some planets are hundreds of light years away.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Approximately three hundred people attended the Understanding Convention held at Harmony Grove, near Escondido, Calif., the week-end of Feb. 2nd and 3rd. In typical “Grove” fashion the weather was perfect, much different than customary so early in the year.

Inspiring addresses were given by Dan Fry, founder of Understanding, Inc., speaking on capital punishment; George King and Charles Abramson, representing the well-known Aetherius Society; Arthur J. Burks, noted author and exponent of metaphysical research, who also gave several private readings; Eugene Whitworth and Howard Winder, of Great Western University; Lenore Cook, editor of “Synthesis” and distributor of the “Great Invocation,” and Grace Hess with her magic stone of Wales.

D. B. Fairfield gave an interesting talk on the Great Pyramid with descriptive pictures of its design and interior. Ben Hestevelt and his wife Adina, all the way from Missouri, gave some delightful unaccompanied duets, and an exhibition of beautifully drawn and colored inspirational designs. John Blaylock, a constant visitor to Harmony Grove, showed several colored pictures of some of the earlier conventions at Giant Rock and other parts of the state, including some of those taken by Mr. Fairfield when he visited India.

A hand-made quilt, an old painting and some costume jewelry, contributed by three devoted people, were sold and the proceeds went to the fund for the erection of an Understanding broadcast station to be located at Merlin, Oregon, which will ultimately be the headquarters of Dan Fry and his staff.

In looking through the registrations it was noted that some fifty towns and cities in California were given as home addresses, and others came from Arizona, Oregon, Missouri and Ohio. A “reading” of the Grove itself has been taped by Arthur Burks, and this will be available, it is hoped, in the near future.

R. A. Crichton

Vista, Calif.

——— ♦ ———

MARCH, 1963                             11


Yackte spoke: “Let us first of all decide what this very intangible thing called `TIME’ is. To do so we must assume that, there are two divisions of time. One division we may call PHYSICAL TIME. The other we will call, for lack of a better designating term, MENTAL TIME. By careful investigation the actual facts surrounding the concepts of time may be brought out from their obscure corners and a definition of ACTUAL TIME synthetically built up.

“First. let us examine closely the division we, called MENTAL TIME. The brain is composed of many minute cells. It is from these cells we receive our impression of the existence and passage of time. Beginning with the lowest organism the process of evolution has progressed, keeping the low organism in its entity but continually adding more and more to it until the highest division of the species, man, consists of the original with a few million accessories. In this low organism, we believe, the existence of actual time was felt. In fact, evidence seems to indicate that time was to this creature its own life cycle; that. is, the length of its existence from complete separation from other organisms to the beginning of the enlargement of its own fissure of dissolution. This low type of life was eventually encompassed by the brain, due to evolution.

“This assumption is supported by much empirical evidence. For instance, it is known that when the human brain is well occupied it is not aware of the passage of time. When asleep it is also unaware of the passage of time. However, in instances when each and every faculty is summoned and the brain is acutely alert-as under stress of fear, or worry, or distress-the passage of time is made painfully conscious by the brain. This indicates that time, in at least one of its concepts, may possibly be identical with the length of life of the brain cell.

“Now to the PHYSICAL TIME concept. Einstein advanced the theory of SPACE-TIME and the fourth dimension. He approached the SPACE-TIME concept with a hope of explaining the fourth dimension. In a like manner, his theory of the curvature of space deviates from ours in that we believe that it is time that, is curved, and space is the measuring stick that indicates this. Time and space are correlated in such a way that space could not exist except for

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

time, for space is indicated and actually limited by TIME. While time, in the physical sense is not manifest to the five senses, it actually exists in measurable physical vibrations above the range of the senses.

“These vibrations require enormous amounts of energy. In fact, 88540 times 1095469 multi-ergs per year. In other words, more energy is required for the maintenance of time for one second than the sun gives off in radiation in seventy-five years.

“These vibrations were brought into being, in fact are a component part of time, and were the beginning of time. As these vibrations progressed the confines of space were pushed further and further apart, the beginning of time pushed further and further from the end. And time was warped, due to the unequal distribution of energy throughout space.

“Had there been no displacement of energy, time might have been a flat plane. But due to the disproportionate placement of energy, time has assumed an oval form. (This must be what Einstein referred to in his theory of the curvature of space.) Due to some rather violent misplacements the continuity of time was severed in two places, one about seventy-five quadrillion light years from the Earth, the other seventy billion million light years from the end of time as it existed in the year 3560 A.D.

“If it were possible to complete the oval formation of time and make it into a circle, present, past and future would cease to exist.. All of time, any period or era might be made present or past or future at the desire of any individual if he supplied by thought-force the power necessary to change him from one vibratory plane to another. To close these gaps and form this circle, the co-operation of each side of the breach is necessary. Vast quantities of power must also be supplied.

“I mention the energy requirements for the maintenance of time. To bridge these two breaches in the time oval it. will be necessary to set free the inter atomic power of the planet Mars in the first division. Noxion and Omeragé would supply enough energy for the second division. The water satellite of the planet Unraga would be sufficient for the third division.

“Once the atomic disintegration of one of these is started it is apt

MARCH, 1963                             13

to jar awry some of the innumerable gravitational forces to hold the galaxies in place. In that case it will be too bad, for if the disturbance is too great the results will be chaotic, and the measurement of PHYSICAL TIME by the re-occurring cycle of the brain cells (TIME) would cease to exist.”

Yackte leaned over and turned more power into the inter-atomic generator of his space ship in which we were cruising the bleakness of outer space. The acceleration was so great we both fell silent, my mind buried beneath the load of his explanation.

Dr. Eugene E. Whitworth

Great Western University

San Francisco, Calif.

——— ♦ ———


Over a long period of recorded history, stretching back through Biblical times, we find references, legends, or actual eye-witness descriptions of unusual phenomena such as a rain of fishes, or frogs, or showers of rocks or stones, seemingly plunging earthward from the vaults of heaven. In each case a, segment of the population were left baffled as to the source of the phenomena. In some cases they were terrified by the unexplainable occurrences, which in some instances caused diseases or death in the areas in which these falling objects took place.

In relation to this study, we find a most interesting theory given as to the probable cause for our present sources of oil.

According to Immanuel Velikovsky (WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA-1958-1959, Volume 30), the tails of comets are composed of carbon and hydrogen gases. They lack oxygen, consequently do not burn while they are in flight, but the gases being highly flammable, will be set on fire where the comet passes through an atmosphere containing oxygen. If the vapors, made up of carbon and hydrogen, are in a massive quantity part of such a combination will burn, using all the available oxygen at that particular time, the remaining particles will escape combustion and in rapid transition will become

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

liquid. The liquid state would pour earthward (we are discussing this theory in relation to this planet), finding its way into the pores of the sand and wending its way down through rocks and crevices, often to great depths.

In his research, Immanuel Velikovsky quotes from the POPOLVUL, the sacred book of the Mayas: “It was ruin and destruction… the sea was piled up. . . it was a great, inundation … people were drowned in a sticky substance raining from the sky… The face of the earth grew dark and the gloomy rain endured days and nights… And there was a great din of fire above their heads.” The entire population of the land was annihilated.

The MANUSCRIPT QUICHE gives a word picture of the people of Mexico nearly eliminated by a rain of bitumen: “There descended from the sky a rain of bitumen and of a sticky substance … The earth -was obscured and it rained day and night. And men ran hither and thither and were seized by madness; and they tried to climb to the roofs, and the houses crashed down; they tried to climb the trees, and the trees cast them far away; and when they tried to escape in caves and caverns, these were suddenly closed.”

From Siberia, the East Indies and Egypt came writings or stories kept alive through symbols or oratory down through the generations of “water of fire raining from the sky.” The Midrashim, in a number of texts, states that naptha, together with hot stones, poured down upon Egypt: “The Egyptians refused to let the Israelites go, and He poured out naptha over them. . . ” It was a “stream of hot naptha.” Velikovsky goes on to say that the “population of Egypt was pursued with strange rains and hails and showers inexorable, and utterly consumed with fire; for what was most marvelous of all, in the water which quencheth all things, the fire wrought yet more mightily,” which is the nature of petroleum.

If one checks the areas of the earth that are given in Velikovsky’s studies, such as East India, Siberia, Egypt, Iraq and Arabia, we find all of these areas well known for their oil deposits. Is there a clue here for further study? Is it quite possible that the oil in use today the world over could have originated in the tails of comets passing through our atmosphere?

If anyone is interested in this theory, we suggest they obtain a

MARCH, 1963                             15

copy of “Worlds in Collision,” by Immanuel Velikovsky, from their local library and study pages 53 through 58. Or for anyone wanting to read a vast source of material, collected and interestingly researched, we suggest the book in its entirety as he covers a wealth of material. Included are subjects such as, “ICE AGES,” “THE MAMMOTHS,” “THE WORLD AGES,” “HURRICANES,” “TIDES,” “THE REVERSED POLARITY OF THE EARTH,” “THE QUARTERS OF THE WORLD DISPLACED,” to mention only a few.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with Mr. Velikovsky, they will find a storehouse of information with references given as to the data used.

We would also recommend that if you find “WORLDS IN COLLISION” fascinating, you should read his “AGES IN CHAOS.”

I. L. Enochs

Merlin, Oregon

——— ♦ ———


A brief summary of information in regard to Jeremiah, the Prophet, shows us that he was the son of Hilkiah, a priestly family of Anathoth, the last of the great pre-exilic prophets of Israel. There is more information on this Old Testament Bible prophet than the others. Disregarding historical events, which portray a confused world such as exists today, and dealing with the nature of Jeremiah, it is recorded that he was shy, reticent and introspective, seeking a life of peace and goodwill. But, obeying the Divine compulsion to prophecy, he denounced his neighbors, championed unpopular causes and predicted doom. In his public life he had courage so great that he was enabled to condemn priests, other prophets, and ruling kings. In his message to the world, written for all time, he built upon the work of Hosea, and others. He emphasized absolute fidelity to God, whom he called a “fountain of living waters,” and his own life was an example of more intimacy with God than other prophets. He denounced sins of idolatry and false worship more

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

than social injustice. He taught that sin is caused by “the stubbornness of the heart (VII, 24; IX, 10) ” and can only be overcome when the sinner turns to God in genuine repentance. The climax of his message was expressed in the prophecy of the New Covenant, in which men should have the law written in the heart, and know God directly, without need of mediator (XXXI, 31-34).

His ideal was a personal religion, which his life exemplified. The Book of Jeremiah, according to King James Bible and the Septuagint Bible differs widely as a whole, but the text given here differs only with the word `glory,’ as used in King James, and `boast.,’ in Septuagint. With the assumption that it deals with the present world-wide situation today as it did in Jeremiah’s world of confusion, and also with the aspirations of Understanding, Inc., it is quoted here: Chapter 9, verses 23-24; “Thus saith the Lord: Let no man boast of his wisdom, nor the mighty man boast of his strength; neither let the rich man boast of his riches; but let him who boasteth boast of this only: that he understandeth and knoweth that I am the Lord, who exerciseth mercy and judgment and justice on the earth: that in these things is My delight, saith the Lord.” (This information was taken from the Encyclopedia Britaniea, King James Bible, and Septuagint Bible.

Mrs. Marian E. Nigl

Pres. Unit #51

Sayre, Pa.

——— ♦ ———


Saturday, March 23, 1963, John Douglas Low, guest speaker on radio and TV and outstanding lecturer and writer in the field of comparative religions, will speak on the topic “Initiation and Rebirth” when he addresses the Inglewood Unit of Understanding at 8 p.m. in the Business and Professional Women’s Clubhouse, 820 Java St., Inglewood, Calif.

MARCH, 1963                             17


Do you have a tape recorder? If you do, would you like to start “talking” with people around the United States and the rest of the world?

Below is a list of individuals who have tape recorders and who would like to hear from you on tape. If you’d like to get into tape “circulation” why don’t you send us your name and address and we’ll list you here too.

Tape respondents:

W. R. Coyne, 6544 Wilryan Ave., Minneapolis 24, Minn., U.S.A.

William Dyer, 30-22 Main, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

John F. Maxfield, P.O. Box 526, Ann Arbor, Mich., U.S.A.

Mrs. M. E. Nigl, 230 Desmond St., Sayre, Pa., U.S.A.

Charles O. Rhoades, 2856 N.W. 18 St., Okla. City 7, Okla., U.S.A.

111. A. Saxton, 3228 N. Syracuse, Baldwin Park, Calif., U.S.A.

Mrs. Alta Simpson, R. 2, Box 194, Perris, Calif., U.S.A.

Dr. Harrieta P. Steltz, 2450 Summit Dr., Santa Rosa, Calif., U.S.A.

Conny Tanasale, 3094 La Corona Ave., Altadena, Calif., U.S.A.

W. T. Vandenventer, 5050 Roseville Rd., N. Highlands, Calif., U.S.A.

Edwin A. Koupal, Sr., 5101 Ortega St., Sacramento 20, Calif., U.S.A.

——— ♦ ———

This Spiral is printed in an enlarged’ form in the HYPNOTISM HANDBOOK Have your subject gaze fixedly at the spiral and then read to him the hypnotizing techniques given WORD FOR WORD in Chapter Two of this “Handbook of Hypnosis for Therapy.”

As soon as he is hypnotized, READ TO HIM the particular WORD FOR WORD therapy which applies to his particular problem. Many such therapies are given, always in the exact WORD FOR WORD form, which is essential in any scientific or professional use of hypnosis.

There has never been a book like this! Over 250 pages of expert instruction, and a gold mine of information on this fascinating subject.

$4.50 from

BILL CRAWFORD, 14351 Alwood, Baldwin Park, Calif.

19                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner

New Age Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, lend us Thy strength and wisdom

to brighten our Star. Send forth Thy Helpers from our

Sister and brother Planets and from all Planes of being to join

Hands with us and weave a strong network of Light.

Help guide our Planet safely home to its next dimension

That the New Heaven and the New Earth may be manifest.

As we link our thoughts to draw in the Divine Power from above

And the cleansing Violet ray from the Blessed Mother Earth,

May we pray for it’s restoration to the Confederation of Light

Before Mankind destroys himself and unbalances the Universe.

May our Beloved Wayshower lead us in our work to fulfill

The “Plan for the Planet.”


(Donated by Unit #49; name pronounced “Vair-Ni”)

MARCH, 1963                             19

bulletin board

Merlin Radio Fund

During February the Merlin Radio Fund went over the $1,000 mark. We have received a total of $1,058.81, an increase in the past month of $83.50. Recent donors are Mrs. John Prouty, Underwood, North Dakota; Mrs. Marian Nigl, Sayre, Pennsylvania, and the Radio Fund received money from a sale sponsored by the Understanding Harmony Grove Convention held February 2 and 3 near Escondido, California.

News of the Units

INGLEWOOD, Calif., Unit #15 planned to hear Gayne Myers speak in February on “Why Your Name?” His talk is the result of the fascinating study of the science of names and numerology.”

In January a business meeting was held at which Clarence Gahlbeck was chosen president; Richard Gahlbeck, treasurer, and Barbara Yates, vice-president.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Unit #11 was host to Hope Troxell, well known contactee and author in January. She disclosed the tremendous pattern of the development of the race of man as given by cosmic teachers, and related her experience of moving into the fourth dimension.

Correspondence Acknowledgements

Wilber Smith, leader of Canadian Saucer Research at Ottawa, Ontario, Canada,. underwent a transition Dec. 27 at Ottawa. We are

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

grateful to H. L. Peters, president of Canada Understanding Unit #1 for letting us know of this.

An interesting item has been sent to us by members of Cleator, Arizona, Unit #49. It is a prophecy made in May, 1843, by Joseph Smith known as “The White Horse Vision.” It, was presented to the unit by Wayne Aho of the New Age Foundation at Toledo, Ohio. Space permitting, we hope to reproduce all or part of it in a future issue.

An article entitled “My Friend From Venus-A True Experience” has been received from Mrs. Kay Harney of 3 Glanville Terrace, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand. We also hope to find space for it in a future issue.

Other recent correspondence has included a. message from Rev. Frank B. Standing Horse of Rt. 13, Box 384, Tulsa 7, Oklahoma, received via John D. Carver of Green Valley, Calif. Mr. Carver urges interested persons to write to Chief Standing Horse at the Tulsa address.

Full-Page Newspaper Article About Dan Fry

The Medford Mail Tribune, a daily newspaper of 20,000 circulation published in Medford, Oregon, printed a full-page feature article about Dan Fry, founder and president of Understanding, Inc., in its issue of Sunday, Jan. 6. The article went into considerable detail concerning the White Sands Incident and Dan’s project at Merlin, Oregon. Several photographs accompanied the story. Understanding ordered 1,000 reprints of the page on which this story appeared, some of which are still available at five cents each. Anyone wishing copies should write to the Understanding Book Department, Box 76, Merlin, Oregon.

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1958, 1959, 1960, 1961


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1960-1961 volumes: $2.50

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Box 22, Station C, Pasadena, Calif.

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I Saw the End of Time …… $2.00

Will You Live to be One

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Awake America (The Truth

Of the Fallout) ………. $.50

Telepathy, The Cleansing

Agent of the Race…….. $.50

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Mrs. Frank Spiva,

332 So. Michigan Ave.,

Glendora, California


The Combined Edition of




By Daniel W. Fry

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P. O. Box 76, Merlin, Ore.

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June 22-23-24, 1963

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atoms, galaxies and understanding, by daniel fry ………….  2.00

White sands incident and

to men of earth, one volume, by Daniel Fry …………  2.00

Diary into the unknown, by Eugene and ruth whitworth              4.00

The sky people, by erinsley lepoer trench ………..  4.50

Spacewoman speaks, by rolfe telano ……  2.00

Why we are here, Gloria lee ………..  3.75

council of seven lights, by george van tassel…………. 3.50

my contact with flying saucers, fino kraspedon …….  3.75

My trip to mars moon and venus, by buck nelson ……..  1.00

night has 1000 saucers, by calvin c. girvin (paper, $2.00)….. 3.00

road in the sky, by g.h. williamson ……..  4.00

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

Secret forces that changed the world, by frank bowman     3.50

Flying saucers farewell, by george adamski …………..  3.95

Wake up the god in you and live, by Martha baker ……  2.00

we of the new dimension, by Will and evelyn miller …………  2.00

Unity in the spirit, by comptesse de pierrefeu ……………  2.00

These books may be purchased from Understanding. We pay all postage.

Residents of California please add 4 percent sales tax.