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VOLUME VIII                               JANUARY, 1963                                        NUMBER 1

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


In the August issue of Understanding magazine, we carried an article entitled “Food to Win the Cold War,” discussing the fact that the United States has in its hands the most potent cold war weapon that has ever been possessed by any nation-a large food surplus and the ability to create an even larger surplus at a time when hunger is stalking the communist nations and most of their satellites.

A few pertinent excerpts from that article follow:

“In Red China, at the present time, there are about 35 million persons who are starving to death. About ten million of these will die no matter what is done from now on. The remaining 25 million will probably die unless the United States furnishes them with food.

“. .. If we do not feed the starving Chinese we will, sooner or later, have to fight them, and it will probably be very soon.

“The dictators of Red China have on their hands millions of still reasonably able bodied men, whom they cannot feed. It is not likely that the dictators will simply sit back and allow those millions of men to die of starvation when they could just as well use them in a military venture.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

“Viet Nam, Thailand and Cambodia have no defense which could possibly hold out against the onslaught of several million men, no matter how poorly armed and supplied the army might be. There would be no need to worry about logistics, no supply lines, since there is nothing to supply. There would be no need to consider casualty rates, since all of the men are doomed if they stay in their own country. They would simply be assembled on the borders of the countries to be taken, told that their only food was ahead of them, and to go and take it.”

The Chinese invasion of India came not too long after the August issue of Understanding had been out. We were wrong on predicting which nation would be invaded, but indeed a Chinese military venture was launched.

Late in November, an article by syndicated columnist Drew Pearson had some interesting comments to make on this subject. Excerpts follow:

“If you travel along the southern frontier of China or along the northern frontier, as I have done, you wonder why the Chinese push across their border into India did not start a long time ago.

“You also come to the conclusion that the Chinese-India war is probably the beginning of a glacier like human envelopment that eventually will spread out through Thailand, the Malays, the remains of French Indochina into Indonesia and on down to northern Australia …

“The Chinese must now feed approximately 700,000,000 people. At the rate their population is increasing, they will have to feed approximately 900,000,000 in ten years. In other words, the population of China will have increased by the present population of the United States (157,000,000) in one decade.

“Obviously there is only one way to take care of this bulging population in a country whose boundaries are limited: Expand the boundaries. If in so doing some lives are lost, this makes fewer mouths to feed…”

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JANUARY, 1963                         3


The aging process in animals has been halted, and ETERNAL PHYSICAL LIFE FOR HUMANS APPEARS POSSIBLE.

On November 25, 1962, news of this great scientific breakthrough was featured in a copyrighted article by the National Enquirer, published weekly by the Best Medium Publishing Co., Inc., 655 Madison Ave., New York 21. The story reads like a fairy tale of the Middle Ages, but is based on scientific experimentation by Dr. Richard Gordon working at the Monsanto Chemical Co. in St. Louis.

By eliminating the acid called tryptophan from the diet of mice, the aging process was halted for a year, and the mice did not continue the aging process until tryptophan was restored to their diet.. The normal lifetime of a mouse is one year, but these mice lived two years. Experiments appear to be successful with chickens also. Since the life span of a chicken is 10 years, the final results will not be known soon.

The animals appeared to stay healthy and resumed the usual maturation pattern when again fed tryptophan.

Tryptophan is a chemical present in protein. It activates the pituitary gland which controls body growth.

The new discovery may be useful in fighting cancer in children and in maintaining the youth of space travelers. Also the discovery holds tremendous economic and political implications. The National Enquirer rates it as more explosive than the H-bomb.

The U. S. Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare is now the sponsor of the experimentation and, according to the Enquirer, is. restricting information on the project.

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President John Kennedy has acknowledged the influence upon our Constitution of the United States by Indian thinking, their organization of government, and way of life in respect to the dignity of each individual, under date of 1776.

The Book of Mormon is the Indian Bible and was presented on

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

gold plates, in 1829, to a young man in New York, who was an American citizen of the United States, a nation that incorporated, by way of Benjamin Franklin and others, Indian influence in its derivation.

These Golden Plates were buried there in 121 A.D. in the hill of Cumorah, Palmyra, by Moroni, son of Mormon, after he recorded the killing of all the white Indians, of whom he was one, under the assault of Lamanites, the red Indians.

Lest the neophyte be hesitant to orient his concept of reality to such symbolization of the human mind, we may ask for him, “How come Moroni, under date of 421 years after Christ, buries the Gold Plates of the Indian History, both white and red Indians, in the hill of Cumorah at Palmyra, New York, and then 1,408 years later, in 1829, digs these same Golden Plates up for a young man, citizen of the United States of America, from the same Hill of Cumorah?”

In addition, this Moroni goes all the way and shows the young American citizen how to translate the Egyptian and Ancient writing of the Fertile Crescent which chronicled the Indian story from 600 years before Christ when the Indians left Israel to sail across the Atlantic Ocean into Yucatan: right down to the last white Indian massacred by the Red Indians, the Lamanites.

We initiate the newcomer now by showing that the Book of Mormon says ZION shall be established on the North American Continent, that not the Book of Mormon only, but also the Persian prophet, Bahaullah, of the 1829 to the Civil War Era of 100 years ago, picks the United States as the great power to carry the torch in making a world church-state hierarchy as Baha’i, forever and forever, including the start made by the United Nations.

What we have here, is a play like “Tinkers to Evers To Chance” for a triple on the baseball field. Of course, it is easy to see that the baseball idea was popular with the Mayan Indians of Moroni as shown by their archeological marvels of baseball courts and statues of players at bat on home plate.

We know now the Indians are here, were here, and are here being shoved around by an abandoned people, and that Moroni has their story and history on the Golden Plates, printed and translated in the Book of Mormon for all to see.

JANUARY, 1963                         5

The Baha’i people have taken to the Temple idea by building one just outside of Chicago as their off-set of the Mormon Tabernacle and Temple in Salt Lake City; both show places of fervor. The Baha’i, too, has a triple play: “Jesus Christ to Mohammed to Bahaullah” as a line of prophetic -prophecy by prophets.

A Rule Book is needed, now, along with a Referee on the Diamond who is not allergic to soda pop bottles and odd language.

Thomas Stuart Ferguson, an eminent Mormon, wrote a book titled, One Fold-One Shepherd, which shows that the Book of Mormon is required reading for advanced archeological UNDERSTANDING and exploration of the Western World.

Not only did the American Indian come to North America in 600 B.C. from across the Atlantic, but he came, also, around 3,000 B.C. on a trip from Israel by way of the Pacific. Had he knowledge of the recently discovered narrow river of water under the surface of the Pacific Ocean exactly at the equator which runs due east to the Galapagos Islands off Yucatan in Central America, while the surface currents of the Pacific Ocean move westward at the Equator?

The Book of Mormon is the INDIAN BIBLE.

The BOOK OF MORMON, written on Gold Plates, is translated now and published in BIBLE FORM to take its place alongside the HOLY BIBLE of Christianity as a COMPANION PIECE. Moroni got the Golden Plates back again and still has them. It takes a good man, and inspired, to anticipate and conquer their translation and their UNDERSTANDING.

The “TREE OF LIFE” engraved in the stone monument, Stele 5, of the Mayan Civilizations of the Indians, is a COMPANION PIECE to the “TREE OF LIFE” in stone monuments of Egypt and the Ancient Civilizations in the Eastern Mediterranean countries. On a mountainside in Japan, according to Jack Foisie, San Francisco Chronicle feature writer and brother-in-law of Dean Rusk, secretary of State for President. Kennedy, there is a stone monument to the grave of Jesus Christ who is buried there with the bones of his brother, Judas Iscariot, having brought them from Israel where Judas had taken his place upon the Cross of Crucifixion. Jesus died in his 104th year near where he was buried and where he had lived after his second trip and return with Judas’ bones.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Thomas Stuart Ferguson told me that a friend of his, the brother of Hirohito, Emperor of Japan, is an archeologist with whom he recently visited, who would be able to elaborate on the grave implication of Jesus Christ and His brother on the Japanese mountainside. In line with this suggestion of a denoument, I wait for return mail by Flying Saucer Special Delivery to Merlin, Ore., for a reply to my letter.

Without prejudice, we may have here the President of the United States grateful to the “American Heritage of the Indian,” the Book ,of Mormon as the Indian Bible requisite to UNDERSTANDING of the AMERICAN bedrock of social precedent; and, of course, the “TREE OF LIFE” for us all, with MORONI still holding fast the ” GOLDEN PLATES.”

We ask, “Is the conscience of America, the United States as a Nation, aware, as President Kennedy so forcefully says, that to know and UNDERSTAND our own country, our people as a nation, and our heritage incorporated in our government from those who lived here prior to our coming, we must recognize the INDIANS as a people and know our responsibility before it becomes a national disgrace.

In a larger context, for the INDIAN STORY given us by Moroni in the BOOK OF MORMON on the GOLDEN PLATES, are we correct in saying we deal here with the FLYING SAUCER PEOPLE in action.”

Stand by for the next episode: “How I Got So Small, I Flew Right Through An Atom. What else? Aboard a Little People’s Saucer,” and I beg to remain your devoted servant and everlasting suppliant,

Peter Francisco

Merlin, Oregon

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Listed by Who’s Who in the West

It is interesting to note that our editor, Dan Fry, and assistant editor, Cleve Twitchell, are both listed in “Who Who in the West.” This is the new issue published in December of 1962 for 1963-64.

JANUARY, 1963                         7

World report

Astronomer Finds Life On Stars

(From Associated Press, Nov., 1962)

Some of the best scientific minds in the country were stumped when a slender, dark-haired man chalked on the backboard this equation

n equals r fp ne fl fi fc 1

The speaker was Dr. Carl Sagan, 28, assistant professor of astronomy at Harvard University.

His audience consisted of several hundred members of the American Rocket Society, gathered for his luncheon address Thursday. The equation was his way of expressing the mathematical probability that intelligent beings from outer space have visited earth. Sagan explained that his equation “n” stands for the number of advanced technical civilizations in the universe possessing the capability of inter-stellar communications.

“r” is the mean rate of star formation averaged over the lifetime of the galaxy.

“fp” is the fraction of stars with planetary systems.

“ne” is the mean number of planets in each system with environments favorable for the origin of life.

“fl” is the fraction of such planets on which life does develop.

“fi” is the fraction of such inhibited planets on which intelligent life- with manipulative abilities arises during the lifetime of the local sun.

“fc” is the fraction of planets populated by intelligent beings on which an advanced technical civilization arises.

And “1” is the lifetime of this technical civilization.

Sagan said information in his formula is based on current estimates by astronomers. In making calculations, he assigned each symbol an arbitrary numerical value.

As expressed in numbers, Dr. Sagan said, the formula means that at least a million of the 100 billion stars in our milky way galaxy have planets which have developed civilizations capable of travel between the stars.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Mysteriously `Floating’ Stones Bombard Home, Rout Residents

(Los Angeles Times, Nov. 10, 1962)

BIG BEAR CITY-Stones have been mysteriously “floating” down from the sky upon a house here for the last four months. San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies have been investigating the phenomenon for most of that time.

They don’t know the answer.

“None of our officers have ever seen the stones fall from the sky,” said Deputy Jerome Ringhofer Friday. “Until we do we’ll have to assume some human agency is involved.

“But it is strange. We’ve conducted intensive searches in the area after the house has been pelted with stones and we’ve never come up with anybody who could have thrown them.

“Reliable witnesses in the neighborhood have told us they have seen the stones as they floated down from the sky.”

The one story house at 301. Division Rd. became the object of the strange bombardment after W. M. Lowe, his wife and their five children moved into it last June 15.

A short time later Lowe 44, former Fullerton real estate man, complained to the sheriff’s Big Bear substation that his house was being pelted by stones.

Deputies found stones alright. Some of them were as long as four inches. They weighed anywhere from one to four ounces.

Some of the windows in the house were broken by the stones. Others were cracked.

One of the Lowe children was bruised by a falling stone.

The deputies may have been skeptics at first, but after repeated investigations they soon became as mystified as the Lowes.

On Oct. 13, while deputies were at the house, one stone fell with a loud noise on the hood of the sheriff’s patrol car.

On Halloween night a stone whistled past the ear of Deputy Jack H. Cox and struck the house.

The Lowes moved to another house that night. “We needed a bigger place anyway,” said Lowe.

Lowe said the stones rattled against the house about four times a week. And at any hour.

Sometimes, he said, they fell out of a bright, blue sky. Other times they fell at night.

JANUARY, 1963                         9

Trying to find a logical solution, Lowe suggested that perhaps wind blowing across Rebel Ridge, a well-cleared ski area about a tenth of a mile away, had picked up the stones and showered them on the house.

About a year ago, a TV program devoted to strange happenings, “One Step Beyond,” told the true story of a California community that was bombarded by rocks falling from the sky about the turn of the century.

That mystery was never solved.

The house vacated by the Lowes recently obtained new tenants,. three young men who are employed at Rebel Ridge. They are Don Beasley, John Holdorf and Lee Peppard. They say the stones are still falling from the sky.

Strange Light On Bolt Mt. Puzzles Man

(Grants Pass, Ore., Courier-Nov. 24, 1962)

Ralph Wild, out Coyote Creek way, reported seeing an unusually bright object Thursday evening about 7:15 and when first sighted, on the South slope of Bolt Mountain, was so brilliant, Wild said he could “see the tree trunks as plain as day.”

It was first thought by the observers that someone was spotlighting deer, but it soon became apparent that the light was moving too fast to be carried by a person walking.

As Wild watched, the “thing” kept going higher and higher on the mountain and when it reached the top it. “sailed quite a distance in the sky, then would zig-zag back and forth, go straight for a while, then start the zig-zag pattern again, until we got tired watching it.”

Mental Telepathy Seen as Way to Outlaw War

Mental Telepathy may some day make war impossible, says Dr.. William Krogman, a University of Pennsylvania anthropologist. “I foresee the average man of the future with brain waves so powerful he will send and receive mental messages just like a wireless radio,” Krogman told a state conference on nursing education. Krogman said this will mean no secrets can exist between men or nations and “peace will come from this psychic status quo.”

Beware of Luminous Pocket Watch Dials

NEW YORK (UPI)-Men: If you are the proud possessor of a pocket watch with luminous dials, beware.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The New York City Health Department believes that such dials, when the watch is worn near the waist, expose the wearer to excessive radiation and possible genetic damage to the reproductive organs.

Acting on a study by the office of radiation control, the city amended its administrative code Monday to ban the sale of such watches here. It was believed to be the first such prohibition erected in this country.

The ban does not cover radium dial wrist watches, and it was suggested to owners of radium dialed pocket, watches, if they did not want to dispose of them, that they have the face and hands replaced.

Hanson Blatz, director of the Office of Radiation Control, said that watches examined by the Board of Health gave off 75 units of radiation a year, 150 times more than the amount considered permissible and safe.

Wrist watches are considered safe because the face and hands are smaller, and because the radium-treated surfaces are shielded from the body by the mechanism of the watch. The pocket watch, it was said, is usually worn near the waist, with the face turned inward.

——— ♦ ———


As this magazine goes to press plans are being made for a convention by the Southern California Units of Understanding, Inc., to be held on February 2nd and 3rd at Harmony Grove, Escondido, Calif. Speakers, old and new, are being contacted, including Arthur J. Burks and our own Dan Fry.

Further details should be available by mid-month by writing the Understanding Office or Unit # 1 El Monte, # 4 Vista, #15 Inglewood, #22 Riverside or #38 Elsinore.

Plan to Come!

Bring Your Friends

In Understanding,

-Kerttu Campbell

JANUARY, 1963                         11


The 1962 spacecraft convention at Giant Rock Airport, Calif., last October was attended by the usual large crowd. In the photo above, one may notice several shafts of light (unless the engraving wipes them out) that were not seen by the person who took the picture. Perhaps they were force fields of some sort. The photo below gives an idea of some of the cars parked around the rock during the convention.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner

Midnight and Dawn

God is in the grey dawn
Cold dark and dreary

In birds a slumber-shadows eerie

God is in the sunrise
Flaming in the sky

In eagles and spacecraft-soaring high

God is in the noontime
Sun full aglow

Casting heat on life’s ebb and flow

God is in the sunset
Cerise and gold

In quiet lanes of romance untold

God is in the midnight
He’s in the star

In the Constellations-near and far

God made the Galaxy; He’s
Everywhere present

Enfolding the heart of poet-and peasant.

–Gladys Iris Clark

San Diego, Calif.

JANUARY, 1963                         13


Gloria Lee, director and founder of Cosmon Research Foundation and well known lecturer in the New Age field, underwent a transition at 9:55 p.m. EST, Dec. 3, in George Washington University Hospital, Washington, D.C., after fasting for 66 days.

According to newspaper reports, Gloria was taken to the hospital in an unconscious state, after her husband, William H. Byrd, informed by a hotel clerk that his wife was near death, called Washington authorities and asked them to go to the hotel where she was staying. She died at the hospital a short time later.

Understanding magazine queried Cosmon Research for further details, and we are extremely grateful to have received a report from Barbara Steele, its secretary, excerpts of which follow:

“Gloria’s purpose in going to Washington, D.C., was only given to us in part. It was known she had instructions concerning the construction of a space platform, as a gift from the Space People to our Government in the interests of Peace and as a presentation to the country considered as being most dedicated to planetary welfare and non-aggression.

“The fast was not an expected feature of the Washington trip. We still do not have a complete picture of all that was expected of the fast or intended to be achieved as a result of the fast. We believe it was a sincere effort on Gloria’s part to conform to stepped-up standards of performance as an Instrument. We feel we do not have the whole story as yet.

“We believe the fast may have been intended to last 40 days … According to a telephone message given to me by Gloria herself,: in November, she felt there was the possibility that she would be placed in a state of temporary coma, physically, and would be given a rest in higher dimensions by her Guides, before returning to take up her work.

“Funeral services were in charge of Gloria’s husband, who requested complete privacy and we have no information on details of time and place.”

Present in Washington, D.C., with Gloria Lee was Hedy Hood, an individual she met last summer and with whom she was conducting joint research.

“It has been ascertained that Gloria, wishes us to continue Cosmon

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Research Foundation upon the basic principles that have guided it from its inception,” Barbara Steele added. “I will personally accept the responsibility for putting the affairs of Cosmon in order and carrying on the work we were doing together, with the help of the Board of Directors appointed by her, of whom I am one. We feel that this work is part of the overall God-inspired Space Age Plan now in action, and that we have a duty to carry out the duties originally assigned to us and shall do so as faithfully and lovingly as is humanly possible.

Gloria Lee was the author of “Why We Are Here” and “Changing Conditions of Your World.”


——— ♦ ———


Dear Mr. Fry

May I tell you that your magazine has given me great pleasure especially the September number.

I did not know about “Understanding” until June of this year, when I met Mrs. Coleman Campbell. She was so charming that I wanted to know something of her philosophy, and willingly subscribed to the magazine.

The July and August numbers were good, but the September number met my needs in the article “What Happens When We Die,” because of the recent. passing of my husband. We had been married

JANUARY, 1963                         15

nearly 66 years and were very close companions in our outlook on life here and, as far as we understood, the hereafter.

The second article which I appreciated very much was about the Dawn Redwoods. A bit unusual, for I’ve known about these marvels of nature for many years, but this is the first time I’ve come across anyone else who “wrote them up.” Fifteen years ago I did some research on the subject, but after the Chinese Communists took over those mountain provinces where what we call Dawn Redwoods were best known and grown, I gave the matter no more thought. So, when I read your article I felt as though I was meeting an old friend.

I want to say Thank You for the magazine, and hope I’ll always be a subscriber.

Very sincerely yours,

Mrs. Grace B. Caukin

Altadena, Calif.

Understanding “Friends”:

The two articles alone were more than worth the price of subscription to Our worthy magazine, namely: The Lemurians of Mt. Shasta and What Happens When We Die.

We are looking forward to completion of the New Age Radio Station “Understanding.”


Harry M. Fleenor

Dear Mr. Fry

`Your concept of money as expressed in “Understanding” for November, is very limited.

One of the Rothschild’s said, “Give me the power to control the money of a country and I care not who makes it’s laws.”

The Federal Reserve banking system has been the cause of all the wars and all the depressions we have had in the last 100 years, and the cause of a national debt of billions of dollars more than all its assets are worth.

We pay the interest in everything that we buy.

We have been told that the Stamp Act was the cause of the Revolution.

The Colonies were issuing their own currency and had established a profitable trade among themselves, Cuba, and the Central American states. They scarcely noticed the tax on tea.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The Bank of England couldn’t stand this so they flooded the Colonies with counterfeit money, the real cause of the Revolution.

The people of the North and South were well on the way of settling their differences by negotiation and gradually doing away with slavery, when the bankers deliberately caused the firing on Ft. Sumpter in order to force Lincoln to sign the First National Bank Act of 1863, or see the country divided. Lincoln said at the time, “I can’t fight two wars at once-the Confederates at the front and the bankers in the rear-but of the two the Confederates are more honorable.”

The U. S. used to have the respect and friendship of all the nations of the world, but no more. Wherever Dulles went in the East he was met with “Yanks go home.”‘ Nixon got no better reception in South America. Our Government has never sunk so low as at the present time. It is rotten from the executive on down.

Clara B. Moree

Dear Editors

Hope you repeat Edwin Konpal’s articles on hypnotism or hypnosis. I thought Daniel Fry’s article was great on Money, for so many have misused me and my money my husband left for me-being in a state of great grief. I still am the same but have little left for anyone to take from me.

I do think your little magazine is great, and I do manage to get a little comfort from it. Thanks so much to you folks and Daniel Fry and Our Great Spirit. I like to think of our Great Creator by this name.

Mrs. Pauline Parrish

——— ♦ ———

Radio Fund Report

The Merlin Radio Fund has increased $53.25, to a total of $904.31 as of December 15. Recent contributors were Connie and Gus Tanasale, Altadena, Calif.; Ruth Ann Love, Oklahoma City, Okla. ; Emma and Harry Chittock, Orem, Utah; Vancouver Flying Saucer Club, Vancouver, B.C. ; Marguerite O’Neil, Inglewood, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Maupin, Los Angeles, Calif.; Audrey Frosythe, Santa Monica, Calif.; Unit #15, Los Angeles, Calif.; and Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Gerlach, Los Gatos, Calif.

JANUARY, 1963                         17

book reviews

Life Is As You Give It

Talks By Louis Conde-Lahissa

Here is an excellent book for those who are interested in more than the physical or mental phenomena, to use as the beginning of this new year’s study. Trained in the wisdom of the master of the East, Louis Conde brought his message to the Western world and adapted his teachings to the thought and the needs of the people here. He lived and worked with people in all walks of life, learned to understand them, and thus was able to give the Universal Laws in language familiar to the common man. This book explains why we get back from life exactly as we give and shows how to give intelligently and thus receive the best and the most that life can hold for us,

The following are some brief excerpts from this book to whet your appetite.

“Nothing is lost in the scheme of the universe; it is a continuous cycle.”

“Life is existent in all things, and there is growth going on at all times, never stopping. Even stones are alive.”

“The ways are mysterious ways, and your God is a just God. It is not concerned about petty things, but it is concerned about the steps of progress of evolution.”

“There is no wall separating the spiritual and the material: it is a continuity of blending-in, and you will never find a beginning. When I made that statement to scientists years ago, they thought the molecule was the smallest particle of matter. Later on, they said

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

the atom was the smallest. A few years later, they said not the atom but the electron was the smallest-pushing the wall farther back. Now they are daring to think that the electron is composed of many revolving particles; and the wall is being shoved farther back still. And so it will be, ad infinitum.” (This statement was made prior to 1932.)

“So It is beyond, It is around, It is everywhere-that Great Intelligence. And the one who doubts that. there is a Supreme Intelligence, doubts his own intelligence.”

This book may be purchased through Understanding Book Dept., Box 76, Merlin, Oregon for $2.50.

(Californians should add sales tax.)

Peg Ham

Merlin, Ore.

——— ♦ ———


ESP TEST DATA AS MIND-CAST BY MEMBERS OF UNIT #44, OKLAHOMA CITY, Friday evening, December 21, 1962– 10:00 P.M. to 10:30 P.M. C.S.T.

10:00 to 10:05-Number was, FOUR

10:05 to 10:10-Color of disc was, RED

10:10 to 10:15-Ball, block or hoop, BLOCK

10:15 to 10:20-Card was, QUEEN OF HEARTS

10:20 to 10:25-Book or magazine, BOOK-Stake Your Claim

10:25 to 10:30-Mystery object was, ASHTRAY

This will conclude this series of E.S.P. experiments by unit #44. If a new series is to be started for the year 1963 we of unit #44 would appreciate your writing us and letting us know how many individuals in your unit are participating in the tests and any suggestions you might have for making the tests more interesting or practical. Write care of Charles Rhoades, 2856 N.W. 18th St., Oklahoma City, Okla.

Starting with the January issue unit #44 hopes to supply a monthly article for Understanding magazine setting forth as much information as is available regarding “What’s New in the Field of E.S.P. (Extrasensory Perception).

JANUARY, 1963                         19

bulletin board

News of the Units

INGLEWOOD, Calif., Unit #15, had a lecture in November by Larry Chatterton who is a well-known radio newscaster. He spoke on Atlantis, using information from the Edgar Cayce readings correlated with discoveries of modern science.

RIVERSIDE, Calif., Unit #22, held a business meeting on Dec. 15th to elect officers for the ensuing year. Those elected to office were: Ester Stilgebouer, Pres. ; Katherine Eckle, Vice Pres.; Della Smith, Secy-Treas., and Marcella Fortune, Corres. Secy. and Librarian. Unit #22 will again this year assist with the “Christmas Clearance “in Riverside-taking care of a needy family and helping some hospitalized person. After the business of the meeting was concluded members listened to an interesting tape by Col. Burks on the subject of “The Old Man of the Mountain.” On Dec. 12th the unit enjoyed a dynamic lecture by Wayne Aho.

SAN ANSELMO, Calif., Unit #31, heard Muriel Hively Alstrom lecture on “Adventures in Understanding” on December 7th. Mrs. Alstrom is the founder and director of Creative Living, a non-profit organization, and she can be heard on KSAY each Sunday at 9:30 a.m. Major Wayne S. Aho lectured on December 16th. His topic was “Who Will Save the World from Itself?”

BUFFALO, N. Y., Unit #37, reports that its president. Paul Weast, has moved to another home. Paul says, “I plan to fix the basement up as a permanent meeting place. It will even be big

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

enough for some public lectures. My new address after Dec. 1st will be 95 West Humboldt Parkway, Buffalo 14, N.Y.”

TWIN CITIES, Minn., Unit #41, put out an excellent newsletter recently. Last month the unit heard book reports and listened to a tape by Orfeo Angelucci.

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Unit #46, was host to Carl Anderson of Long Beach. Mr. Anderson, extra terrestrial contactee, gave a two hour lecture at the Hellenic Hall to a packed house. Prior to his speaking he was given a TV appearance with KCRA Television as well as an hour’s interview for a spot on radio. At the close of his talk the crowd asked for him to return at a later date… ” On Dec. 9th Durward Fairfield lectured on Temples of the Far East and illustrated the lecture with slides. On December 16th Major Wayne Aho lectured before unit #46.

SAYRE, PA., Unit #51, had its November business meeting on Nov. 18th and listened to the playing of a stereo record of Ronald Edwin, Mr. E.S.P. of British Broadcasting Corp. fame. The record is called “Top Secrets of Tomorrow,” and deals with the present year, 1962, with some insight on the years following, 1962-64. The unit hopes to have the companion record soon, which deals more specifically with 1962-65.

Merlin Unit Organizes

The Merlin, Ore., Unit of Understanding was organized on Dec. 14. The officers are as follows: President, Dan Fry; Executive President, Burlie Baker; Vice President, Irma Enochs ; Secretary, Hope Getchell, and Treasurer, Bill Bryan. Membership meetings will be held on the first Friday of each month, while open meetings will be the third Saturday of each month. A Christmas party was enjoyed at the Grange Hall on December 22.

Library Set at Merlin

Another Understanding Library is being established at Merlin. Gifts of books or materials will be appreciated, though it would be wise to write to find out what already is on hand. Many New Age organizations exchange their magazines with Understanding, and these will be on display. Odessa Morris is acting as librarian. Books and other materials will be available on loan.

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Merlin…. Oregon

The Nuclear Pile

War Material or H-Bomb Harnessed

1. “Fusion” and “Fusion Rocket Power” with computer for control and design.

2. COMPUTER DESIGN: Programmed to evaluate reality as does the symbolization of the human mind.

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your devoted servant


everlasting suppliant,


Peter Francisco


words from-LIFE IS AS YOU GIVE IT-by Louis Conde-Lahissa, master teacher from Tibet who pioneered New Teachings in the West; who declared before the 20th century … man would go around the earth (physically) in the flash of a moment, and to the planets; use forces then undreamed of; … that life exists everywhere-even in every star and planet, and the Moon.

This unique book offers practical methods for Happiness, Health, Mental-Spiritual Unfoldment, Overcoming Handicaps, Employer-Employee Co-op. Power of Suggestion, Thought Vibrations, etc., explained. 155pp beautifully bound, ideal gift, $2.50. Non-sectarian. Order direct from compiler:


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The Combined Edition of




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atoms, galaxies and understanding, by daniel fry ………….  2.00

White sands incident and

to men of earth, one volume, by Daniel Fry …………  2.00

Diary into the unknown, by Eugene and ruth whitworth              4.00

They sky people, by erinsley lepoer trench ………  4.50

Spacewoman speaks, by rolfe telano ……  2.00

Why we are here, Gloria lee ………..  3.75

council of seven lights, by george van tassel…………. 3.50

my contact with flying saucers, fino kraspedon …….  3.75

My trip to mars moon and venus, by buck nelson ……..  1.00

night has 1000 saucers, by calvin c. girvin (paper, $2.00)….. 3.00

road in the sky, by g.h. williamson ……..  4.00

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

Secret forces that changed the world, by frank bowman     3.50

Flying saucers farewell, by george adamski …………..  3.95

Wake up the god in you and live, by Martha baker ……  2.00

we of the new dimension, by Will and evelyn miller …………  2.00

Unity in the spirit, by comptesse de pierrefeu ……………  2.00

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Residents of California please add 4 percent sales tax.