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VOLUME VII                                JULY, 1962                                                 NUMBER 7

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


There is a considerable difference of opinion among world leaders today concerning the final effects of full scale nuclear war between the nations. Prime Minister Nehru, of India, has, upon several occasions, expressed his opinion that such a war would result in the total extermination of all life upon this planet. Other, somewhat more optimistic leaders, believe that only mankind, and perhaps a few of the more highly developed animal species would perish completely. There are even a few who feel that some remnants of humanity might, survive.

There is one fact, however, with which all intelligent and informed persons agree, that civilization, as it now exists upon this planet, would certainly vanish in the holocaust of nuclear war.

The necessity of avoiding such total warfare is, therefore, the most urgent and pressing problem with which humanity is faced today. The search for a solution to the problem must be joined by all the nations of the earth, since all are threatened by it.

Before there can be any real hope for the achievement of a solution, however, we must first achieve complete understanding of the problem, and in order to do this we must first succeed in mentally

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

divorcing ourselves from that problem. This is the most difficult part of all because we are so intimately connected with it. Our lives, our freedom, our dignity and our possessions are threatened. Our emotions and our passions tend to take control of our reason and understanding, and so place us in even greater danger of catastrophe.

If we are to achieve a complete understanding of the problem, we must approach it as though we were members of an alien race, approaching this planet for the first time. We must try to analyze it as though we were space travelers, newly arrived here from some other planet.

If we adopt this course, we observe first that the major portion of the population of this planet is presently divided between two opposing philosophies of economics and government. One of these places both economics and government under the domination of the same rulers. The state is considered to be the vital entity, and the individual, only a relatively unimportant unit of the state. The individual, therefore, cannot possess any rights or privileges which could possibly conflict with or limit the rights and privileges of the state, and if such a conflict of interest should develop the individual must always yield. This doctrine is known as Communism.

The opposing philosophy holds that the individual is the vital entity, and that the state is merely a group of individuals. There is a considerable degree of separation between the government of the state and its economics, which are known respectively as Democracy and Capitalism.

While the two major philosophies of communism and democracy are completely opposed on most subjects there is one firm belief that they hold in common. Each side insists that it is 100% right, and the other side is 100% wrong. It is this simple fact that has created the impassible barrier between them. The followers of each of these philosophies are forbidden by that philosophy to make any approach to the other.

Any citizen of the United States who made the error of stating in public that there might be any value in any part of the communist philosophy would almost certainly be ostracized by his friends and relatives, and would probably be fired from his job.

At the same time, any citizen of the Soviet Union who admitted

JULY, 1962                                  3

that he saw value in any part of the Democratic philosophy, would not only be ostracized but would probably be liquidated.

Ill feeling has been built up until a situation has been reached where no diplomat or statesman of either side would dare to make a conciliatory approach to the other for fear of what his own people would think and say. Any concession or compromise would be denounced as weakness and appeasement, even though the only purpose of the compromise was to save the lives of all.

To Be Continued

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(The following is a communication received recently by Detroit, Mich., Unit #28.)

We have read and listened to the many reasons that have been given for the necessity of testing nuclear fusion devices, and we have observed that each interest promoting these tests have the common desire to gain power through the supremacy of nuclear weapons. A great deal of information has also been given why nuclear testing should be continued; however, little information has been released indicating the hazards that result from these tests. While any number of adverse effects are incurred from nuclear tests, vegetation and water contamination, increase of leukemia and other cancers, etc., the greatest danger lies in what is termed “poisoning of the atmosphere.” Poison is a mild term compared to the actual facts.

It is known that the greater portion of the radio-active particles of waste from nuclear detonations remain in the upper region of our atmosphere, and that it is composed of many delicate layers of rarified gas. We know further that these gaseous regions perform the function which screens out the harmful energies of the sun while at the same time these gaseous layers also transform other energies emitted by the sun into heat and light for the support and continuance of life on Earth. We know, too, that of the three states of matter, solids, liquids and gases, that gas is the most easily disturbed and affected by the introduction of an alien force. We also

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

know the transmuting effects radio-activity has on the atomic elements of matter in which the stability of electronic force or electron behavior in atoms becomes unbalanced and erratic depending upon the degree in which radio-activity is present. These are facts well known and accepted by our present scientists, philosophers, religionists, laymen; in fact, man down through the ages of Time have always conceded that if our sun’s life giving radiations should cease, life on Earth would also cease. None, save probably a few obscure, wise individuals, have ever spoken of a situation in which the sun’s emanations would continue without an envelope or an atmosphere around the Earth which would receive and properly process these energies for the benefit of Mankind. The sun’s energies would radiate directly upon the Earth with intense burning strength and in place of the present diffusion of light there would be only a dull red glow existing around the Earth’s surface. Simultaneously, all people on Earth would experience burning rays and extreme cold.

These conditions, if they do occur, form a picture vivid enough that we do not care to imagine it, but we must also consider another calamity of equal proportion. The polar regions, due to their magnetic polarity, receive large amounts of radio-active nuclear waste from our atmosphere. It is more than a likely possibility that both the Arctic and Antarctic will receive enough radio-active fall-out to cause a complete melting of the ice and snow masses in these regions within the next twenty years if nuclear testing continues at its present rate. An unnatural releasing of precipitation from the polar areas will bring about an occurrence of increasingly greater meteorological disturbances, gales, tornadoes, hurricanes, torrential rains, snows, etc., until there will follow a complete disorder of weather conditions.

A concentration of nuclear waste great enough to bring about the reality of these condition is rapidly developing, as the race for nuclear weapon supremacy continues. It has become quite apparent that the war of nuclear testing will continue until the Earth civilization is destroyed, unless a great opposing action takes place. The greatest power or force that can counteract or halt nuclear testing is the power that can be generated by the masses, the power of public opinion.

——— ♦ ———

JULY, 1962                                  5

World report

Life On Mars Theory Believed Reasonable

By Irving S. Bengelsdorf, Ph.D.

(From Los Angeles Times, April 26, 1962)

Almost every year the sun, the earth and Mars, our planetary neighbor, lie in a straight, line with the two planets on the same side of the sun; at these times, the earth and Mars are said to be at “opposition” and they approach closest to each other.

In 1609, Galileo, the great Italian physicist, built the first telescope and began his pioneering search of the heavens.

In contrast to the planet Jupiter, which he observed to have four moons, and our earth which has one satellite, Mars had no moons. This lack of Martian moons continuously bothered astronomers; at each opposition they searched the planet, but with no success.

At opposition in 1862, with Mars and earth the closest they would be in the 19th Century, astronomers again carefully observed the planet with their telescopes; again, they failed. There were no Martian moons.

Fifteen years later, however, in 1877, Asaph Hall, astronomer at the Naval Observatory in Washington, D. C., discovered that Mars indeed had two Moons; they were named Phobus and Deimos, after the two horses which pulled the chariot of Mars, the Roman god of war.

The two Martian moons are the most, unusual in the solar system; both are extremely small. At the most, Phobus is 10 miles in diameter, while Deimos is about five miles. Our moon is over 2,000 miles in diameter.

In addition, the Martian satellites are very close to Mars; Phobus is some 3,700 miles above the planet, while Deimos revolves at a height of about 12,000 miles. Our moon, by contrast, is 240,000 miles from earth.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Equally peculiar is that both Martian moons revolve in nearly circular paths around the Martian equator; one of the moons accelerates in a queer manner which can best be explained if it is assumed to be hollow.

The facts suggest that the Martian moons may not be moons at all, but artificial space stations orbiting around the planet! Perhaps they were not seen in 1862 and were observed in 1877 simply because they were launched into orbit during the 15-year interval.

At present, we do not know if Phobus and Deimos are artificial satellites; this consideration, however, leads to the old question of whether there is life on Mars and, if so, is it intelligent?

Dr. F. B. Salisbury of Colorado State University recently Las reviewed our total knowledge of the environment of Mars. He concludes that the idea of life on Mars is quite reasonable.

Big Fireball Spotted Over Butte

(From Butte, Montana, Newspaper, April 19, 1962)

A huge fireball was sighted throughout the west Wednesday night. It was seen by many Butte residents as it flashed across the sky. Wayne Montgomery, Lima rancher, said he saw the fireball from 9,500 feet up, while traveling between Kalispell and Butte in his twin engine plane.

Here is his version:

“I was between Kalispell and Drummond over the Rockies when I saw this gigantic, pure white fireball. It was blinding white. It was about 8:25 P.M.

“It wasn’t over two seconds from the time I first sighted it until it exploded. It was coming from east to west.

“In a split second it was out of sight. I expected it to disappear, but then I saw a tremendous explosion about 300 miles to the southeast. I thought it hit in Wyoming.

The thing must have had a huge diameter and traveled low across the horizon. I knew it had hit the ground because when it struck the flash was visible for about 50 to 69 miles over the horizon. “It’s splattering emitted a very bright red color with a greenish tinge. It must have been a meteor.”

JULY, 1962                                  7

Fireball Falls Into Sea

(From New Zealand Herald, Nov., 25, 1961)

A huge fireball flashed across the sky at 3:25 a.m. yesterday and exploded in the sea off Napier. It was seen by a party of police at Ahuriri as they were making an investigation.

Sgt. J. R. Wheeler said it was the most spectacular phenomenon of its kind he had ever seen. The fireball appeared in the Northern sky, apparently heading direct for the business area of Napier, lighting the sky with a red glow in spite of a full moon.

Trailing a long fiery tail, it traveled in a low are over Hawke Bay, dropping lower as it came, said the police party. At first it appeared to be traveling at a great speed.

The watch house keeper and constables on duty in the Napier Central Police Station saw the fireball flash past the windows, lighting the interior of the building with its glow.

Police received several reports from people who had seen the fireball. Its end was marked by a brilliant white flash and a rumbling explosion.

A number of patients in Napier Hospital also saw the flight of the meteorite and were alarmed.

Pilate’s Name On Stone

(From New Zealand Herald, June 22, 1961)

The first inscription bearing the name of Pontius Pilate, Procurator of Judea from A. D. 26 to 36, who ordered the crucifixion of Christ, has been found by an Italian archeological expedition near Caesarea, Israel.

Caesarea is on the Mediterranean coast, about 10 miles South of Haifa.

The name was found on a stone 31 inches high and 24 inches wide in the ruins of a Roman amphitheatre.

The stone was not in its original position when discovered. It is thought to have been used when a public building or statue was dedicated at Caesarea, the chief Roman town in Palestine for about 500 years.

In addition to the Latin name Pontius Pilate, the names of the Roman Emperor Tiberius also is inscribed on the stone.

A third line, possibly also a name, has not yet been deciphered.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING


It is ironical that Christians fear death so much when it is supposed to be their religion that holds out hope of eternal life to man. Christian doctrine says that on the day of the Last Judgment all resurrected Christians must appear. Each person’s deeds and omissions are weighed in the balance. This means that we only have one go at it-this lifetime of ours on earth, and if we miss the mark, we’re cooked or will be for eternity. Small wonder that a natural fear of death is reinforced. We know ourselves well enough to realize that all too often “we have erred and strayed,” and therefore the prospects for the future may seem all too “glowing.”

There is, however, another answer to the question “What next?” It is reincarnation, which I define as, the rebirth of the soul in successive rational forms as opposed to transmigration of souls, which is the rebirth of the soul in any living form. The idea of reincarnation is found in many religions of history, but most notably in our times in the religions of the Far East.

During the last century the idea of reincarnation was brought to public consciousness by Mme Blavatsky and her American Theosophical Society. Although she was eventually discredited as fraudulent in some of her claims to medium ship, Mme Blavatsky’s statements concerning reincarnation are still given attention by serious students of occultism.

Recently the practice of age regression of individuals under hypnosis has led to a revival of popularized awareness of the idea of reincarnation. Under this process the hypnotized person is asked to recall events at various times in his past years, and then he is asked to recall events that occurred to him before his birth. The most publicized case, of course, was Bridey Murphy, the Colorado housewife who told of having lived in Ireland during the late 18th century. But there have been countless others who have preferred to remain discreetly outside the range of public scrutiny.

I shall presume that you are all familiar with the basic tenets of Christianity and especially with the idea of resurrection, which is the physical resuscitation of the dead. By way of enlightenment though, here are some of the commonly accepted ideas held by those people who believe in reincarnation.

JULY, 1962                                  9

The universe is composed of seven levels in which different desires or attainments of the soul are paramount. The levels range from the gross physical to the complete perfection of the universal self. Furthermore, they say that man moves from heavenly knowledge down to the state where he can believe only what he sees and feels and what he can prove in terms of his conscious mind. Then he has to fight his way upward to universal truth again with the only tools he has left to him-which are suffering, patience, faith and the power of the mind. The virtues of mind and body that man possesses in the beginning and which he misuses, he loses.

The universe with its many solar systems is a cycle of experiences for the soul. On different planets there are dimensions or environments where different lessons are to be learned by the soul. A soul may have many incarnations in each dimension before it is ready to pass on to a new environment. Our Earth, in this scheme of things, is the environment where the soul must learn to cope with free will-which is comparatively dominant here.

Extremely important to the believers of reincarnation is the idea that every person’s life is shaped to some extent by Karma. This is the concept that man is at all times the total of what he has been and has done. But even so, Karma is not greater than free will. Karmic influences and urges may be the manifestation of debts incurred in former lives that need to be paid off or worked away. Here, then, may be an explanation for some of the sufferings in the world that seem so unnecessary or unjustified. The manner in which a person reacts to these karmic influences makes the difference in his soul’s development. Thus predestination in the form of karma and free, will in the form of man’s reaction to his situation might be said to coexist in each individual.

Naturally the idea of reincarnation gives rise to many questions. – Some of the most often asked follow.

Why do we not remember our past lives if we have had them? Books on the subject claim that such remembrance would hinder our learning in this life as we would carry over from our former existences prejudices and weaknesses.

Of great concern to the scientifically oriented is the problem where do enough souls come from to account for the present population explosion on earth? The number of people living today is more

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

than the total number who have lived on earth so far in history: But, don’t forget that the believers in reincarnation say the earth is only one of many environments through which souls must pass.

Another interesting question is-why is there no concept of reincarnation in Christianity? The closest Christianity came to reincarnation was the Gnostic sect prominent during the late first and second centuries. This sect held that salvation was the result of knowledge rather than of faith, ritual and good works. The beliefs of the Gnostics fostered a dualism between mind and body, as reincarnation does, which is the antithesis of the concept of resurrection. So the early Church worked as hard to suppress the Gnostics as it labored to popularize Christianity by spreading the Gospel with its message that man’s sins have been overcome by God’s sacrifice through Love and with its good news that, a new kind of life awaits man not only in heaven hereafter, but also in the Kingdom of God now, if he chooses to follow Christ.

Perhaps you can find answers that will dispose of the following questions with as much dispatch as I have disposed of the first three. For your profound consideration I humbly suggest: What actually is the point of this life? Which idea offers more inspiration to man-Christianity’s one life or successive’ lives? Which demands more virtuous living? And finally, which do YOU choose; resurrection or reincarnation?

-A Reader


As of June 14, 1962, a total of $480.06 had been contributed to the Radio Understanding fund for the purpose of erecting a New Age radio station at Merlin, Oregon. This represented an increase of $83.06 over the total of a month earlier. Recent donations have been made by the following:

Ruth Buehl, Lakewood, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fleenor, Topeka, Kansas; Unit #28, Detroit, Mich. ; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bryan, Livingston, Mont. ; Edwin J. McMahon, No. Hollywood, Calif.; Tressa E. Houloose, Pasadena, Calif.; Helen Poissant, San Francisco, ‘Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. Larew, Palo Alto, Calif. Benedict Sehiavo, Alhambra, Calif.; Topeka Space Age Group, Topeka, Kansas. Thank you!

JULY, 1962                                  11


Perle Johnson of Santa Cruz, Calif., Unit #9, who was a recent visitor at Dan Fry’s Merlin, Ore., project, holds a prized stone from Arizona which she presented to Merlin as a gift from Cleator, Ariz., Unit #49, It is hoped that eventually some object or memento from each of Understanding’s units can be placed on display at Merlin.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Stamps that you might ordinarily discard can be turned into cash to provide food for hungry children and needy families in other lands. 100 of some of the following stamps will provide 500 cups of milk. 400 ordinary commemorative stamps will deliver $38.00 worth of food (300 pounds).

We can use:

(a) Commemorative or Memorial Stamps (b) Special Delivery Stamps

(c) Airmail Stamps (except, small red and small blue)

(d) Foreign Stamps (except the small King and Queen Stamps of England and Canada)

(e) Any stamp 5c and over (sometimes found on packages)

(f) Special 1, 2, 3, or 4c stamps (not the green Washington 2c, the Liberty 3c, or the Lincoln 4c)

We cannot use:

Metered postage or stamps from stamped envelopes.

These stamps are valuable:

(a) New 7c Hawaii, Alaska and Jupiter Air Mail stamps

(b) United Nations Stamps

(c) Duck Stamps

(d) Certified Mail Stamps

(e) 80 Cent Special Delivery Stamps

(f ) Special Handling Stamps

Prepare stamps by the following method: Leave on paper. Cut or tear corner from envelope, leaving narrow margin of paper around stamp. If one perforation is missing the stamp is worthless. Many stamps are ruined by being peeled off the paper.

Send your cancelled stamps to the following address:

Washington-Northern Idaho Council of Churches

c/o Stamp Project

2005 Fifth Avenue

Seattle 1, Washington

JULY, 1962                                  13

The stamps are sold to dealers who process the stamps and then sell them to collectors. To date ( a period of seven and a half years) $17,413.77 worth of stamps have been sold-enough to deliver $593,774.78 worth of U.S. Government Surplus Food to needy families and orphanages overseas.

-Submitted By:

Mary B. Rechard

601 So. 13th

St., Laramie, Wyo.

——— ♦ ———

Poet’s corner

The Final Tax

Said Statesman A to Statesman Z, “What can we tax that is not paying? We’re taxing every blessed thing. -Here’s what our people are defraying:

Tariff tax, Income tax, Tax on retail sales,

Club tax, School tax, Tax on beer and ales.

City tax, County tax, Tax on obligations,

War tax, Wine tax, Tax on Corporations.

Brewer tax, Sewer tax, Tax on motor cars,

Bond tax, Stock tax, Tax on liquor bars.

Bridge tax, Check tax, Tax on drugs and pills,

Gas tax, Ticket tax, Tax on gifts in wills.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poll tax, Dog tax, Tax on money loaned.

State tax, Road tax, Tax on all things owned,

Stamp tax, Land tax, Tax on wedding rings,

High tax, Low tax, Tax on everything.”

Said Statesman A to, Statesman Z, “That is the list; a pretty bevy; No thing or act that is untaxed; There’s nothing more on which to levy.”

Said Statesman Z to Statesman A, “The deficit each moment waxes; This is no time for us to fail-We will decree a Tax on Taxes.”

(As much as the above may sound like a comment on current times, it isn’t. It was written in 1910! If the people of that day thought they were overburdened by taxes, one wonders what they would have to say were they alive today.)

——— ♦ ———



10:00 to 10:05-Number, 3 (THREE)

10:05 to 10:10-Color of Disc, YELLOW

10:10 to 10:15-Ball, Block or Hoop, HOOP

10:15 to 10:20-Card was, JACK OF CLUBS

10:20 to 10:25-Book or Magazine was, “White Sands Incident

10:25 to 10:30-Mystery Object was, PAPER CUP, Circular Stripes

We think we picked up messages from Riverside, Fullerton, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Merlin, Seattle, Minneapolis, Wichita, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Sayre, Buffalo, Washington, D.C., and Delaware last month. Not room enough to quote everything we thought we received. One station still sending in our direction at 11:25 our time. One party from Salt Lake City hit the May 18 test 50% right on the portion of the test he took. (James R. Wardle). The whole Roy F. Styles family of Santa Barbara, Calif., are avid E.S.P. fans and are trying the tests.

JULY, 1962                                  15



I have read the editorial by D. W. Fry in the May issue of Understanding, “Worshippers of the Status Quo.”

I wish to mention that this article is, wonderful and really fits the majority of people.

This note goes with a prayer to the men who give up their “so-called lives” for the betterment of Mankind.


A. Heuel

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Dear Sir

Regarding your article in the April issue of Understanding on Nuclear Tests and Propaganda, I would like to point out one of the facts that seems to be completely overlooked by almost all of the newspaper and magazine articles that I have seen so far, to wit

it was the western powers, namely, France, who resumed Nuclear Testing several weeks before Russia did, so that actually it was the western powers that resumed testing during negotiations. It would be almost impossible for Russia to know that the United States in reality, did not support France, whether technically, morally or any other way in making that test, in the African desert.

I must commend you for the point that you brought up about the United States being a puppet of the Soviet Union, in the sense that our policy is largely a form of reaction to whatever the Soviet Union decides to do. Why isn’t this more obvious to other Americans?

… On page 2 in the next article of the same issue, you say, “What Can I Do?”, then you end the article by telling me that I am already doing it and can’t help myself. The last statement, I can testify, is most certainly true, whether I write to you, Governor Brown or President Kennedy or a letter to the Editor, it seems to me that I just can’t help myself. In some cases, something I read or heard on the radio may make me so doggone mad that I have to write a letter.

…I have had answers from the Governor, from Senators, from the President, etc., but as of now, I question the value, or shall I say, I question the amount of influence that I have had in changing a

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

the policy of anyone regarding anything. As far as I am concerned, I know the suggestions and ideas that I have are practical and would operate for the benefit, of a great majority of the people involved, if they are ever put into operation, which I doubt. You may be able to give some of these ideas a little more publicity, if you think ‘they are worthwhile.


J. M. Gross,

P.O. Box 282

Mendocino California

Kind Folks

. . . I saw seven or 8 oval shaped opalescent lights from my rear porch one eve about 9 or 9:30 p.m. recently; seemingly over Las Tunas and Mission, or some such area, about 40 degrees or so above the horizon, moving rhythmically about, playing like a. ballet. of sea gulls.

I told a little woman I met on the bus going to L. A. She listened ‘breathlessly with rapt attention then almost whispered, “I saw exactly the same thing one night during World War II. We went out to look to see if any bombing planes were coming in sight there was a bank of clouds. These opalescent ovals would fly above the clouds and then below. When they came below we could hear the music of their vibrations when in motion.” We were both overjoyed. We shook hands-sisters in common experience. We were not “goofy.” Another had seen the same things. Her son at the time we met was a student at Cal. Tech. and sort of leery of her and my talk.

Tressa E. Houloose,

Pasadena, California

Dear Friends

On the 6th of May, 1962, I was driving a Gov’t truck on the Base where I work and in the northeastern sky toward the Sierra Nevada Mts I saw what appeared to be a city in the sky. It was a strange cloud formation that had the appearance of a city in the distance.

On the 16th of May, 1962, I came home from work about 1 o’clock a.m. and above my home, high in the sky, I saw 3 stars moving to the west and as I watched, they stopped and then I saw a lot of little yellow lights moving about them. Then one of the stars took off to

JULY, 1962                                  17

the east and kept right on going, not at a tremendous rate of speed but it took only a short time to get out of sight. They looked like the other stars in the sky except these three moved in the Heavens.

W. T. Vandenventer,

5050 Roseville Rd.,

North Highlands, California

Dear Sir:

… In 1952 I lived on the desert, 4 miles out of Taft. One night after I was in bed, about 10 p.m., I heard coyotes. Thinking they might be after my daughter’s bantams, I put on my robe, went down hill from the house and checked lock at chicken yard. Walking back: to the house up incline I looked up, saw what I thought was a low bright star. It came lower, as I watched. As it got closer, I feared it was a plane falling but it came 4 or 5 feet over roof of our large flat topped desert house, it was larger and all I saw was 3 colors pulsating red, blue and green lights surrounding my roof. Thought what in the world is this? Then it just soundlessly disappeared. Had never heard of a UFO, but couldn’t wait to get paper delivered by mailman next day. I looked on first page and sure enough there were a few lines about a UFO passing over L.A. that night and hundreds of people phoning.

Soon after I moved to L. A. and went to May Company to work. George Adamski gave a lecture there, but my boss wouldn’t let me go to the auditorium. But Capt. Mantell’s nephew was working with me that vacation time. He was about 19. He went down, regardless, and I gave him the money to buy my first saucer book.

I’ve never questioned any flier that didn’t tell me they believed these objects were from other planets.

Gertrude Allen

5415 Garford

Long Beach, California

——— ♦ ———


An Inter-Unit Bulletin is being organized by the Detroit, Mich., Unit #28. This bulletin will contain news, ideas and activities of the units, foreign correspondence, news of Merlin, and various material of interest to the unit members. Please send information to: Pres. Don Knight, 1745 Burns Rd., RR #2, Milford, Mich.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

“Diary Into the Unknown”

by Eugene E. Whitworth, Ph.D., LL.D. and Ruth E. Whitworth, A. B.

This book has its origin in a Thought-Force Transmission Experiment carried on by the Research Department of Great Western University. The department asked the Whitworth’s to serve as “traveling guinea pigs” for the three month experiment. Several stateside groups of interested individuals joined in the unique study, which was designed to test the effectiveness of techniques for sending and receiving thought-force messages.

“Diary Into the Unknown” was prepared by the Report Committee from the amazing diaries of Dr. and Mrs. Whitworth and collated with the diaries of the participating stateside groups. This Report Committee was composed of Daniel W. Fry, Ph.D., electronics engineer, chairman; John W. Hopkins, Ph.D., President of Williams. College, Berkeley, California; George H. Williamson, Ph.D., anthropologist; Rev. John O. McCoy, missionary-at-large; Mr. Walter H. Warner, Bible analyst; Mrs. H. Elizabeth Green, business woman; and Miss Del Green, television personality and actress.

Written in a powerful but unassuming manner, this fascinating book follows a trail from San Francisco to the dusty back-country of ancient Indian ruins in Old Mexico. The reader will relive the excitement of discovery, the frustrations, hardships, mental stimulations, and enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the charming Mexican people. It is an amazing record of a most unusual physical, mental and spiritual adventure into the ancient past and the unknown future. The book sells for $4.00.

-Peg Ham

JULY, 1962                                  19

bulletin board

Three New Units Come In

Units in Underwood. North Dakota, and in Altus and Enid, Okla., have joined Understanding.

UNDERWOOD, N. D., Unit #54, has Mrs. Bernard Thomsen of Underwood as president. Herbert Nathan is vice president, and Anna Wirtz .is secretary-treasurer. Melvin Swanson was president: and Irene Swanson secretary and treasurer for a short time. They left to move to Triumph, Idaho, where they plan to start a New Age village.

ENID, Okla., Unit #55, is headed by Dr. H. A. Sturdenvant, 501 First National Bank, Enid. Vice president is Delbert M. Hern. Secretary-treasurer is Mrs. Naomi Kindle.

ALTUS, Okla., Unit #56, has as president, Bill Shell, 504 N. Hardy, Altus; vice president, Bill Kinney, and Secretary-treasurer, Mrs. J. D. Peters.

News of Other Units

EUGENE, Ore., Unit #26, elected new officers recently. Dr. Olin Byerly is president; Margaret Minor, vice president; Pearl Kelly, secretary; and Florence Thomas, treasurer.

ELSINORE, Calif., Unit #38; heard a lecture by Robert Zarvell during May. The meeting was advertised by a very unique method: the notice was in poetry form.

TWIN CITIES, Minn., Unit #41, has had a busy schedule. During the past two months, they have had as lecturers: Dan Fry, Joe

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Simonton, the “Pancake Contactee” from Eagle River, Wisconsin; and Wayne Aho. Pres. Van Poperin writes, “Mr. Simonton was terrific … a lot of Irish wit. .. honest as the day is long, and the salt of the earth. I saw the pancake. It is very unusual, having tiny holes, much like a sponge. A year old but has not disintegrated.. . only slightly dried. My husband is a chef … he said in all his years of cooking he has never seen a pancake with holes of this type.”

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., Unit #44- From Charles Rhoades, unit president, comes word that he was a. little disappointed because he got only two new units into Understanding as a result of Dan Fry’s recent tour in that area! He had hoped to get four organized. The new units were at Altus and Enid. Dan Fry gave five lectures in Oklahoma in all. Between Dan’s lectures, a number of appearances by Gilbert and June Holloway and the monthly ESP tests, things sound as if they were in quite a madhouse at Oklahoma City!

TOLEDO Ohio, Unit #45, reports that over 100 people attended the lecture by Dan Fry on April 11th. Wayne Aho lectured on April 27th; and on May 13th, Bob Reid talked on “Mineral Deficiencies and You.” On May 23rd, Swami Parampauthi, a Hindu Monk from Assam, India, lectured.

NEW WESTMINISTER, B. C., Canada Unit #1-In a recent letter, secretary Louis Blanchard states: “We are studying different readings such as Soulcraft, also hearing different tapes. If you have any interesting tapes, please let us know, perhaps we can send greetings to you. A sighting was made at our Baseball Stadium in Vancouver on May 28th Monday evening at 10 p.m. While people were watching baseball, this glowing object came down quite low, and everyone saw it, scared out of their wits. Some friends of Herb Peter (unit president) saw it and had a good look at it, they mentioned it as a space ship. I was not there, so did not see it… it was mentioned in our local newspapers as a fireball or Meteor over the baseball grounds.”

Understanding magazine notes with regret the sudden transition early in June of Frank Spiva, author of a number of books and frequent contributor to this magazine. Frank was a widely traveled New Age lecturer and a longtime member of Understanding.

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