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VOLUME VII                                JUNE, 1962                                                NUMBER 6

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


There have been individuals of note who have been aware of the existence of and the occasional visitation to earth by extra-terrestrials for a long, long time. There are other people who will say and you have probably heard this yourself if you’ve mentioned any interest in the possibility of extra-terrestrial visitations “Oh, how ridiculous! Don’t you know that only uneducated individuals, only superstitious morons are interested in a subject like that.”

Well, let’s look at a few of the poor, stupid, uneducated morons who have been interested in the subject. If we look in our history books closely enough, we will learn of a man named David Rittenhouse. He isn’t mentioned very widely in schoolbook histories because he was neither a soldier nor a politician and, in general, schoolbook histories speak only of soldiers and politicians. But he was one of the most respected men on earth of his time. He was one of the best known physicists, philosophers and astronomers on earth. In 1775 he was speaking before the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia, and during the course of that talk he was asked his opinion concerning the possibility of the existence of extra-terrestrial life and intelligence and of the possibility of gaining assistance there from if it should become necessary.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Dr. Rittenhouse’s reply to that question is a classic, because it is just as informative today as it was then. It was a precise answer to a question which millions of people are asking today. His reply was this: “Neither religion nor philosophy forbids us to believe that infinite wisdom and power prompted by infinite goodness may throughout the vast extent of creation and duration have frequently interposed in a manner quite incomprehensible to us and at a time when it had become necessary to the happiness of created beings of some rank or degree. How far indeed the inhabitants of other planets may resemble man we cannot pretend to say. If like man they were created liable to fall, yet some if not all of them may still retain their original rectitude. We will hope that they do. The thought is comforting. If they resemble man in their attitudes and affections, let us suppose that they govern themselves at all times according to the dictates of that wisdom with which they are endowed by their creator (There’s just a little bit of sarcasm here as he was pointing out, that we certainly do not and never have, and yet nothing is more logical than that we should.) in such a manner as to consult at all times their own and each other’s true happiness. Let us hope that their statesmen are patriots and that their kings if that order of being has found admittance there have the feeling of humanity. Happy people, and perhaps more happy still that all communication with us is denied.”

That was the reply of Dr. David Rittenhouse before the American Philosophical Society in 1775. If you care to look it up you’ll find it in a book called “Seeds of Liberty” by Max Seville. You can get it in any good public library. This is not a book of the occult or metaphysics. It is a book of biographies of early American patriots. This book happens to quote verbatim a few of the speeches that were given at that time.

If you get the book, you’ll find another interesting talk quoted there. This one was given by a man named Benjamin Franklin. I’ve heard a lot of things said about Benjamin Franklin, but I never heard anyone say that he was a stupid, uneducated, superstitious moron.

On this particular occasion Benjamin Franklin was speaking against the importation of colored slaves into the United States. It’s a fact that it was beginning in his time although not many people

JUNE, 1962                                 3

today know it. He pointed out that the white race to which his listeners belonged was actually a minority race. He said, “I could wish that our numbers were larger. Therefore, while we are so busily scouring our forests of their trees (and this is an interesting sidelight, because it shows that even in the time of Benjamin Franklin there were men who were concerned at the rate with which we were tearing down our forests.) and thereby presenting a brighter view of our new continent to the inhabitants of Mars and Venus, why should we at the same time by our dark deeds darken ourselves in the eyes of superior beings?”

In this talk Benjamin Franklin wasn’t making an argument for the existence of extra-terrestrials. He took it for granted. He knew that it was true. He, in common with every other truly great man that has ever lived, knew it was true. He, was using the argument against something else. Note that he took three things for granted first, that here were inhabitants on Mars and Venus; second, that they could observe us, because if they couldn’t observe us we couldn’t possibly darken ourselves in their eyes; and third, that they were of a superior degree of development than we, because he specifically said so.

There is one thing you will find that all truly great men have in common, if you are willing to look. I’m not talking about experts in any one subject. I’m talking about men who stood head and shoulders above their contemporaries in a number of fields: Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, David Rittenhouse, and if you want to come up a little bit farther, Thomas A. Edison, others in between and still more as far back as you want to go. If you’ll examine their autobiographies or speeches they gave you’ll find they all had one thing in common. They were all aware of the existence of extra-terrestrial life and intelligence, and upon frequent occasions they attributed most, of their success in life to this knowledge.

So when someone tells you that only stupid, uneducated morons are interested in this subject, don’t let it worry you. You’re in pretty good company.

——— ♦ ———

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING


American Astronaut John H. Glenn, Jr., confirms George Adamski’s contacts with Flying Saucers in reporting same Space Phenomena as Mr. Adamski saw in space aboard a Space Ship!!

The greatest discovery made by Astronaut John Glenn in his flight into outer space is a phenomena known as “space fireflies.” In a dispatch appearing in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer for Feb. 22, 1962, by the Associated Press from Grand Turk Island, Bahamas, John Glenn is reported to have seen a first-class mystery in outer space … swarms of ” space fireflies.” To quote the dispatch: “The `fireflies’ were luminous particles of something streaming past his spaceship at each sunrise. Glenn was facing away from the rising sun, and described them as space fireflies which, when they were close to his window, more resembled snowflakes.” Dr. Robert Voas, psychologist and training officer of Project Mercury, is quoted as saying: “We hope to come up with the answer as to what they were; it’s one thing we had not prepared John to expect-we didn’t predict it.”

In an Associated Press dispatch from Point Arguello, Calif., Feb. 20, “Glenn Reports Mysterious Particles In Air”: Walter Schirra, who commanded Mercury Tracking Station No. 13, is quoted as saying that neither he nor Glenn had any firm idea of the nature of the glowing particles and that they might have been micrometeorites (space dust) or perhaps something else.

Mr. George Adamski, writer and amateur astronomer and who lived on Mount Palomar, home of the world’s largest telescope, wrote a best-seller book published in 1955 called INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS, in which Mr. Adamski describes his trips into outer space aboard space ships of people from other planets. In 1959 Mr. Adamski went on a world-wide tour, giving lectures and showing a color motion picture of UFOs (flying saucers) in flight that included a royal audience with Queen Juliana of the Netherlands … the only man who had ever claimed rides in flying saucers to be granted an audience with such high government leaders. On

JUNE, 1962                                 5

page 76 of INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS, Mr. Adamski tells us what he saw in “My First Look at Outer Space.” “I was amazed to see that the background of space is totally dark. Yet there were manifestations taking place all around us, as though billions upon billions of fireflies were flickering everywhere, moving in all directions, as fireflies do. However, these were of many colors, a gigantic celestial fireworks display that was beautiful to the point of being awesome.”

Here is something that beats any “Buck Rogers” Science Fiction Story, in that not even in any of the science-fiction novels has man even dreamed of seeing “space fireflies.” All this goes to show that Mr. Adamski’s story was no science-fiction thriller, but must have been the real thing, for him to describe a mystery in outer space now confirmed to be fact by America’s astronaut John Glenn. Note very carefully that John Glenn uses the same words as Mr. Adamski to describe his first look at outer space.

In an Associated Press dispatch from Washington, D. C., dated February 7, 1962, the U.S. Air Force is quoted as saying that at the end of its 15-year study of unidentified flying objects, it found no evidence that flying saucers exist. The confirmation of the space fireflies seen by Mr. Adamski aboard a Venusian space ship seven years ago by America’s astronaut John Glenn shows the falseness of the Air Force’s statement that flying saucers don’t exist!

In July of this year I will be releasing to the public and members of Congress a book called The Case For George Adamski’s Contacts With Flying Saucers… a mass of data proving not only Mr. Adamski’s stories true, but proving the U.S. Air Force has not told the American public the truth about the flying saucers. In a UFO Fact Sheet from the Department of Defense dated July 21, 1960, the Air Force, in referring to civilian UFO researchers and study groups, said: “For the past thirteen years these groups have repeatedly stated that their organizations possess documented evidence proving the existence of space ships from other planets. However, when asked as patriotic citizens to deliver this evidence to the United States Air Force or other government agencies, they have refused to do so. The obvious conclusion is that they do not possess this information or evidence proving the existence of space ships.”

I ACCEPT THE AIR FORCE CHALLENGE. I list my qualifications

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

as an internationally known writer and researcher on unidentified flying objects for the past eight years. My books on Mr. Adamski will present the documented evidence the Air Force asks of us civilian researchers in that I have worked eight years on the project.

Richard Ogden

1233 Ninth Ave. West

Seattle 99, Wash.

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ONCE UPON A TIME there was a fisherman. He was a big, handsome fisherman-and he had a look of agelessness that no one could describe. Some people did not even think he was real-but he sat there on the bank every day and fished, and there was a light about him that no one could understand, either.

He was very interested in one little fish. This little fish simply would not stay close to the other fish-but there was also a light about it that could be seen away out in the water. There were lights about the other fish closer in, too, but sometimes the water was so muddy they could hardly he seen.

Now all these other fish were very good fish, indeed. They stayed in schools, for hadn’t fish always stayed in schools? And they swam this way when the sun came up, and they swam the opposite way when the sun went down because for ages and ages fish had always done this. And they strongly desired to be very good fish and anyone could easily see that they behaved and did exactly what every good fish should do.

But the fisherman sat on the bank, and he loved all the fish. He did not wish to eat them, for he felt they were part of him-didn’t their bodies have the same iron, the same sulphur, the same iodine, the same minerals and other opaque materials that his did? And did they not move with direction and energy as he did? But you see, since he was sitting up on the bank he could see in all directions, and he had been many places on both land and sea, so he knew lots of things the little fishes did not-and he could see everywhere in

JUNE, 1962                                 7

order to teach and guide these little fishes so they would be safe and live their lives to learn everything a fish should learn, and he knew no harm would come to them if they would listen to him and love him as much as he loved them.

Now the fish close to the bank were a little unhappy with the little fish far out…. he was sort of a problem, so they thought. He did not really bother them for he was about the business of finding out what was out there. And oh the fishes he met from all over the ocean, the big beautiful ones that. came from, oh, maybe Hawaii, with many colors; and the strong less colorful ones from the colder waters up north, maybe Iceland; and the old old ones from waters close to India and Africa who could tell all kinds of tales about fish being born again and again. Yes! The very same fish would earn all it could in one life, or perhaps be caught in the middle of life by some fisherman who would eat him, and so he would have to come back and learn some more in a later life … But anyway, these disgruntled fish came to the fisherman and they said, “Now, Master Fisherman, anyone can see that we are good fish. “

And the fisherman agreed. Yes, they were good fish, and more than that he loved them very much.

“So,” said these fish (who, by the way, had had many talks together and had decided something must be done), “why do we have to watch this little fish do all the things that we don’t do’ He wiggles this way and that way, and anyone knows that he should go in a straight line because for ages and ages it has been proven that this is the shortest way between two points … And another thing, he talks to every fish he sees-and some of them have been down in the mud for some reason or another (We can’t quite figure out why since none of us ever do this), and they are kind of dirty when he meets them. Of course we will be fair: We notice that after they swim around up higher for a little while they are as clean as we are-well, maybe NOT QUITE, but we will be gracious for we criticize just in order to help. But this little fish is just not doing what all good fishes should and he is throwing reflections on us, for all the other fishes know he is one of us.”

And the fisherman said, “I did not wish to tell you this, for it is far better that you learn all things for yourselves rather than being told, but since you come to me with questions I must answer. You

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

all know that time is passing. This moment that you spend wondering what my little fish is doing, and criticizing him with what you so nobly feel are good intentions, is lost. You have spent it in sometimes clear, sometimes muddy water for you have spent it doing what other fishes have told you to do. I tell you now, swim with joy, swim into water that is always clear, be so busy about learning all that you can that you do not see or be concerned with what other fishes are doing. If you see another in trouble, help him. If you see muddy water ahead, or tangled seaweed, tell him-but if he wants to swim there anyway, let him for he may see a troubled fish even through the muddy water and he has his job to do which has been directed by me and not by any one of you. I have seen all of these things- I have done them when I was once a fish, and you are only doing things now that I did long ago. You do not know why, or what my little fish is doing for you have not been with him -you only know what you have seen on occasion-or what you have heard by the soft swish of water as he swims-or the little noises as he talks with other fish. And so, from where you swim, you judge him by your own limited experience. Why do you deny yourselves the wondrous unknown? Don’t you know you need no other fishes swimming beside you, for I go with you wherever you venture? Is not the whole ocean there for your learning, your playground, your meeting and helping and joining with all other kinds of fishes?”

And there was great consternation among all the fishes that were closer in. Did they dare to go out farther and farther? Could they trust the man on the bank?

Well, a few of them decided to try it. They did not even discuss it with their friends-for they were caught up in a wonderful feeling they could not even describe. And when they did this, they found that they really were not alone as they went out. They could see sometimes, the fisherman on the bank-and when they could not they could feel him as though they were still very close to him they found that little by little they swam with joy and love for all the other fish and that in this way somehow they did not even see the clumps of tangled seaweed-nor the muddy water-for they always seemed to be swimming in clear water.

Wasn’t that funny?

But anyone who happened along during the times the fisherman

JUNE, 1962                                 9

was on the bank could see a smile on his lips-and the light about him that could not be explained. Especially a child.

For anyone knows that children can see things that many grown ups just can’t understand.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

All the people in the town knew the Fisherman but no one knew His Name… except once he did say, “Once you smiled at me… when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy . . . ” And so, from that time on, the only name they ever knew Him by was ONCE.

-Mona Solcany

——— ♦ ———


Understanding Headquarters will soon be at home in Merlin. A lovely old Grange Building situated on Main Street between the new office buildings and the Post Office is expected to be used for all the Understanding, Inc., activities. It is not far from the hill site on which the new Radio Station is being built.

Merlin will be a model community. A balance already shows in the pattern as laid. Man will be able to improve his life here by cooperation. We felt the Magic of Merlin; we saw the vision of the man who is thinking and who is dedicating his life to what he was told to do by Alan seven years ago.

Understanding Headquarter’s new home is in center of town. This section, shaped like a triangle, was plotted in 1904, when mining and lumber were thriving industries. There were two fires, the last in 1915. Merlin was not rebuilt. A few remaining buildings are now in use or are being remodeled.

An editorial by Dan Fry in Understanding Magazine, issue of November, 1961, gave the facts and figures concerning the site; therefore, this will be our story with a seeing and a feeling of what was really happening there.

Bill Ham, business manager for the Merlin Development Company, showed us the many properties and carefully answered our many questions. Two triangles seemed to make the picture, the small triangle showing the 1904 map, the larger triangle represented by

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Jump Off Joe Creek and Louise Creek which come together at the top and which are controlled by the Merlin Irrigation District. Merlin Road runs across the bottom of this large triangle as it enters town from Highway 99. The sides of a triangle are represented in symbol by ZEAL, FERVOR, and ENTHUSIASM.

Branching from the imagined triangles are roads to the various properties. Crow Road is the way to the 88 acres on hilly, wooded land which has been owned a long while by the Frys. It is being sold in five acre parcels. This has attracted several of the members of Understanding who are on the staff and who will enjoy relaxed living in gorgeous woods close to Nature’s own landscaping.

Abbegg Road took us into a rugged country where 31 acres, parceled into one or three acres, were shown us. It borders Jump Off Joe Creek, with fishing a specialty here. This is also wooded land similar to many advertised vacation spots of Southern Oregon.

Bill Ham pointed to the old farm house and barn with pride, telling us he was renting this place which is on 8 acres and already owned by the Merlin Company. The land is tilled and also borders Louise Creek where the younger Hams and others can fish. We were invited to a picnic there March 25th and found Cleve Twitchell planting vegetables. Address is 2776 Merlin Road, about two miles from Headquarters.

A $526,000 High School is to be finished by September. On Monument Road, one half mile from the school, a purchase of 32 acres of level tillable land was made which will suit the gardener as well as the home builder.

Working from center of town out, old sections have been cleaned up, 64 building lots made available. Lot sizes are 100 by 100 or 50 by 100 and planned to suit various types of living. There is Silver Tip Mill owned by the Company which can furnish the building material. This, and a Radio Station dedicated to Understanding to reach out to share a way of living in this New Age, does give that magic to Merlin. All who wish to find a serene scene in which to express their lives, where workmanship can excel and pressures be consumed may find the two survival cities as found by folks in Understanding the answer to their need.

We visited Cleator, Arizona, when Unit #49 was born at Camp Red Bird in October, 1961. Now we are thrilled to write that we

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

know our Understanding Headquarters has chosen a right place, that all Units will realize what, a blessing it will be to have a Radio Station there, and will want to contribute to this Radio Fund.

-N. Edwin and Perle

Johnson Santa Cruz Unit #9

——— ♦ ———


Exploring the unknown regions of human thought, stumbling along the uncharted byways of human experience, bleak with the bones of forgotten dreams, one can grasp meaning and purpose in man’s actions. But struggle, pain, and loss bring despairing memories of purposelessness in life. The most painful memories are those of war, generated by a destructive discharge of mis-emotion. When man becomes material, mis-emotional, irrational, he generates destruction. The virtues of understanding, self-sacrifice, and sympathy are lost, and pain and suffering result. There seem to be few with a feeling of joy and affinity for life.

One key to the locked doors of man’s mind is hypnosis. The phenomenon of hypernesia (power of recall) and posthypnotic suggestion are valuable tools in researching the uncharted pathways of man’s mind. Man’s memory seems extensive and prenatal. Thought does not die, but appears eternal, independent of time and space. I have explored regions through these locked doors that. has yielded data confirming the hypothesis of reincarnation, telepathy and other mental phenomena. Here is a magnificent possibility: That man is an eternal being with a purpose higher than contemplated with materialistic philosophies predictions.

Perhaps the realization of man’s spiritual evolution will create higher motivation toward a constructive synthesis of knowledge, energy, and ideals. The exploration of this magnificent possibility can create a better future for mankind. Who will lead the way?

William F. Hamilton

Best Book Ever Published to Learn and Teach Hypnosis

THE HYPNOTISM HANDBOOK-A. E. Van Vogt and Charles E. Cooke

Word-for-word Instructions for Almost All Situations

$4.50 from BILL CRAWFORD, 14351 Alwood, Baldwin Park, Calif.

JUNE, 1962                                 13


Three women driving through a largely uninhabited portion of northern Nevada April 7 encountered an unidentified flying object which flew along with them for about an hour.

It was a bright object about the size of a beach ball, and it glowed with a yellowish-orange light, they reported.

The women were traveling southeast from the Oregon-Nevada state line to Winnemucca, Nev. They first sighted the object, explained one of the women, Elma Westwood of Talent, Ore., about 60 miles northwest of Winnemucca when it crossed the highway about 100 feet in front of their car.

The object then followed behind their car all the way to Winnemucca, she said. At times it was so close to the car that the rear view mirror was all aglow with light. The ufo also seemed to shine a light on the ground.

During the hour the object followed them, the women said just two cars passed, both going the opposite direction. As the headlights of the oncoming car were first visible in each instance, the object’s light would suddenly go off. Then when the car had completely passed it would go on again.

Mrs. Westwood also reported that the object apparently restricted her car to a top speed of 60 miles per hour. She floor boarded the accelerator, but the car, which normally can go 80 miles per hour with ease, refused to go any faster than 60.

The women’s reaction to the UFO?, “We were scared,” Mrs. Westwood said.

(Mrs. Westwood’s husband is interested in the Big Foot of northern California, an Abdominal Snowman type of man who is reported to have been observed by various individuals in northern California and whose footprints are sighted every now and then. Mr. Westwood has color movies of Big Foot tracks. He is planning subsequent, searches of the primitive area south of Happy Camp, Calif., for further evidence of him. We hope to carry a report on the Big Foot mystery in a future issue.)

Cleve Twitchell

Assistant Editor

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

world report

Boy “Killer” Confesses -120 Years Later

(From London Sunday Express, April 23, 1961)

A doctor who is probing the minds of students to try to find out if reincarnation is possible, reports that one boy of 17 told him, under hypnosis, that he committed murder in Poland 120 years ago.

And the boy spoke in excellent Polish-a language he does not understand.

Dr. Jonathan Rodney-that is the pen name of a Liverpool specialist who writes books on hypnotism-has worked for a year with 150 students.

Using a tape-recorder, he hypnotizes them and takes them back to the age of one. Then he says, “You are going back in time. What have you to tell me?”

He has found these reactions-1: Those who say nothing more; 2: Those who spin historical fantasy; 3: Those whose stories of another life seem accurate and difficult to break down.

Said 40-year old Dr. Rodney, “In an attempt to corroborate stories from this last group, I send details to historians, police and registrars.

He added, “I have gathered such interesting material that if a person came to me now and claimed he had lived another life centuries ago, I would not feel entitled to disbelieve him without the most careful investigation. The subject is still open to a great. deal more experiment, for so far the theory is neither proved nor disproved.”

Flash Sears Utah Sky

(From Salt Lake City Tribune, April 19, 1962)

A brilliant object flashed across the western skies Wednesday about 8:15 P.M. Federal aviation agency officials said it was apparently a meteor but the thing touched off alarm in Utah, Idaho, Arizona and other sections of the west.

JUNE, 1982                                 15

Some residents in Eureka, Juab County-some 75 miles south of Salt Lake City-were convinced the object, whatever it was, crashed in the nearby mountains.

They cited a “blue flash and a rumbling off in the distance.” Eureka Police Chief Joseph Bernini said the crash was “very close” to the community.

Law enforcement agencies and The Salt Lake Tribune were swamped with calls from citizens reporting or inquiring about the object.

Those who witnessed the phenomenon said the object flashed across the night sky from east to west and was visible for about two to four seconds.

After the flash of brilliant light came explosions which one Nephi resident said shook her house. Other reports said the object left a smoke or vapor trail.

Pilots from as far east as Goodland, Kansas, and in Utah, Nevada and Arizona, reported spotting the flash.

The light was so brilliant it caused the street lamps in downtown Eureka to go off momentarily.

Chief Bernini explained that, the street lights were on a photo electric hookup and when it gets light enough early in the morning, they go off. The fireball caused enough light to darken the street lamps.

And early Thursday, Associated Press added a report of a “flash” in the skies over Ocean Beach, Calif., Wednesday about 8:55 P.M. (PST) (9:55 P.M. MST.)

The California fireball “seemed to move west over the Pacific toward a spot some 30 miles off San Francisco,” the report said.

——— ♦ ———


The New Age Expositor, Box 8151, Foothill Station, Salt Lake City 8, Utah, reprinted in its entirety our recent editorial “Radio Understanding,” concerning the establishment of a radio station at Merlin, Ore. The reprint, which appears in the magazine’s first issue of 1962, closes with a recommendation from the editor of the

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

New Age Expositor that, all persons in the New Age field get behind our radio project and support it.

The editors would like to take this opportunity to commend the New Age Expositor for its fine support. It is deeply appreciated. It might also be mentioned that this publication has additionally devoted space to publicizing the Understanding book rental by mail library at. Buffalo, N. Y., and Understanding magazine itself in several previous issues.

——— ♦ ———


As of May 16, 1962, a total of $397.00 had been contributed to the Radio Understanding fund for the purpose of erecting a New Age radio station at Merlin, Ore. This represented an increase of $121.06 over the total of a month earlier. Recent donations have been made by the following:

George and Helen Brodsgar, Palo Alto, Calif.; Andrew Pilato, Ridgewood, N. Y.; Della Larson, Oakland, Calif.; Hester Robinson, Piedmont, Calif.; Understanding Unit No. 9, Santa Cruz, Calif.; Violet Dannenberger, Toledo, Ohio; Helen Forrest, Bumble Bee, Arizona; Dorothy Orrison, Washington, D. C.; Lee A. Yates, Los Angeles, Calif.; Sven Erik Asklund, Stockholm, Sweden; Understanding Unit No. 22, Riverside, Calif. ; Esther Stilgebouer, Riverside, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Hans Brand, Encampment, Wyoming; Iver Blomgreu, Costa Mesa, Calif.; Gary Shearman, Vancouver, B. C., Canada; Elizabeth A. Hunt, Atherton, Calif.; Murrill Fagot, Oakland, Calif.

Thank you!

——— ♦ ———


The list of books now available through Understanding’s book rental by mail plan continues to grow. Recent additions to the library include” Flying Saucers and the Three Men” by Albert K. Bender, published by Gray Barker, and “The Great Flying Saucer Hoax” by Coral E. Lorensen.

Complete book lists may be obtained and books may be rented by

JUNE, 1962                                 17

writing to the Understanding Book Lending Library, c/o Marie Henderson, 71 Allendale Road, Buffalo 15, N. Y. The list was published in the February, 1962, issue of Understanding.

The library is by no means complete, and donations of books are always appreciated.

——— ♦ ———


We have spoken on previous occasions of the value to be gained by sending magazines to other countries. It is a good way to spread understanding among nations and understanding about the United States, particularly in countries which are deluged by easily available communist publications.

In this regard, we recommend the program of the Person to Person Workshop, 2444 Silver Ridge Ave., Los Angeles 39, Calif. The people there receive thousands of letters from people in all walks of life in Asia, people who are interested in receiving American magazines.

We urge that you write to the Person to Person Workshop. Its office will send you a letter from someone in Asia requesting a subscription to a certain magazine. You are then urged to mail that magazine to that person each month or, however often it is published. You can also correspond with the person as well.

——— ♦ ———




10:00 to 10:05-The number was 7 (SEVEN)

10:05 to 10:10-The color of the disc was BLUE

10:00 to 10:15-The object was a BLOCK (Color Yellow)

10:15 to 10:20-The card was “QUEEN OF DIAMONDS”

10:20 to 10:25-“TRAVEL MAGAZINE, for May, .1962”

10:25 to 10:30-Mystery object was a COIN- U.S. 25c piece

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner

My Neighbor and Me

God told me to love him,

My neighbor, you see,

For God’s love is the same

To my neighbor and me.

Who is my neighbor?

He who carries a load,

One that I may help lift

As we journey the road.

What I measure to my neighbor

God said, it is true,

He will turn right around

And measure back to you,

I must not take from my neighbor

Anything rightly his own,

For any trespassing

I will have to atone.

-Iola McReynolds,

Unit #16 634 Flume St.

Chico, Calif.

——— ♦ ———


Saturday, June 30, Dr. Gina Cerminara, author of “Many Mansions” and other works on the subject of reincarnation, will address the Inglewood Unit of Understanding at 8 p.m. at the Business and Professional Women’s Clubhouse, 820 Java St., Inglewood, Calif.

Saturday and Sunday, June 30 and July 1, Vista, Calif., Unit #4 will host a convention for the Southern California Understanding Units at Harmony Grove, Escondido, Calif. Speakers will include Michael X, Dana Howard, Frank Spiva, Riley Crabb, Vivian Day, Robert Zarvell, Dr. Light and Zipporah Dobbyns. Dan Fry hopes to be there as well. There will be a one dollar charge for each of the

JUNE, 1962                                 19

days. Special prizes are planned. Mrs. Rosa Rose, one of the Vista unit officers, has written a piece of music for Alice Bailey’s “Great Invocation” which convention organizers hope to use to open each day’s session.

Monday and Tuesday, July 30 and 31, will be Understanding’s days at the Spacerama convention at Marysville, Wash. Dan Fry will give several lectures. Films will be shown. Understanding will have a special booth.

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bulletin board

New Unit

Understanding welcomes Unit No. 53 in the United States, at Gettysburg, South Dakota. President of the new unit is Vernette Thompson of Gettysburg. Other officers are Victor Aldinger, vice president, and Elvera Aldinger, secretary.

News of Other Units

NEVADA CITY, Calif., Unit #2: John and Celia Barnes, who moved to Nevada City from San Mateo and took their unit with them, report they are busy building a new home for themselves.

VISTA, Calif., Unit #4, has changed its regular meeting night from the third Saturday to the second Saturday of the month. This change was made in cooperation with Mrs. Vivienne Day of San Diego, whose group meets on the second Friday of the month, thus making it possible for a speaker to be presented at each gathering on successive nights.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Unit #11, entertained Calvin C. Girvin, author of “The Night Has a Thousand Saucers,” for a lecture May 11 on “Before the Beginning.”

INGLEWOOD, Calif., Unit #15, heard a talk on “The Unidentified Flying Objects and Human Thinking” by Trevor James, author of “They Live in the Sky,” April 28.

RIVERSIDE, Calif., Unit #22: Talks by Robert Zarvell on “Visions of Tomorrow” and by Col. Arthur Burks on “Reflections From the Great Mirror” were heard by this unit recently. The unit also presented Mark and Yolanda of Mark-Age and was the only unit in the area to have them. People came from many surrounding towns.

DETROIT, Mich., Unit #28, is participating in a project of correspondence with citizens of foreign countries.

BUFFALO, N.Y., Unit #37, heard a lecture by N. R. Balakrishnan during March. Dan Fry visited the unit in April. Unit members have decided to set aside a portion of the proceeds from future lectures to denote to the Radio Understanding fund.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., Unit #44, reports that everyone should have been 100 per cent correct on information received during the unit’s ESP test of April 20, because Drs. Gilbert and June Holloway, authorities in the field of ESP for many years, were present for that series of tests. The Halloways also gave several lectures in Oklahoma City.

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Unit 46, sponsored several speakers during the past two months, among them Dr. Frank E. Stranges, Dr. Eugene Whitworth, Dan Fry and Riley Crabb. Durward Fairfield also spoke to the group, telling of his travels recently through the Orient.

CLEATOR, Ariz., Unit. #49, reports that recent visitors there have included lecturer Robert Zarvell, Agnes Sanborn and author Dana Howard.

Dan Fry returned to Merlin in mid-May after an extensive two month lecture tour that included visits to most of Understanding’s units. The tour also included a five-day stay in Oklahoma, where Dan’s lectures resulted in the formation of several new units.

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