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VOLUME VII                                MAY, 1962                                                  NUMBER 5

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


A great philosopher once said that the total population of the world can be divided into three general classes: the very few who make things happen, the somewhat larger group who watch things happen and the overwhelming majority who have no idea what has happened. This is true because often times a great majority of people not only have no desire to know what has happened but also in many cases have a distinct aversion to knowing it, especially if the thing that has happened may threaten to change their way of life in any significant way. We are to a great extent as a civilization, worshipers of the status quo. We find it difficult to take even a small advanced step, and those who take that first step are almost universally criticized by their fellow men. It is not only true now. It has been true as far back as history has been traced. And as far back as history goes, those who have had advanced concepts, those who have had experiences not available to everyone, have been the subject of. skepticism, ridicule and sometimes actual persecution.

And so it is difficult for an average person to attempt to describe to the public something which could not possibly have happened but which nevertheless did. The subject of the UFO is by no means new upon this planet. It also dates back as far as written history can be

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

traced. There is evidence that the earth has been under casual and passing observation by intelligent beings not of this planet as far back as history goes. You can find it recorded in every portion of the written history of this planet if you choose to look.

A particularly interesting example is an incident that took place in 1902 in which a spaceship hovered over the city of Chicago for 20 minutes and was seen by tens of thousands of people. Quite a good photograph was obtained considering the rather primitive state of photographic art at that time. The photograph is still in existence, as are the wood cuts which were printed on the front page of newspapers in Chicago at that time. The newspapers, with front pages filled for three days with descriptions of the sighting, are still in existence. Yet that incident was forgotten in three days. The usual attempts were made to explain the sighting in earthly terms, which seems to be a desperate necessity for some people. It was much more difficult at that time than it would be now. For instance, we couldn’t say at that time that it was a misinterpretation of a conventional aircraft, because at. that time we had no aircraft, conventional or otherwise. We had absolutely nothing that could go into the air and perform the maneuvers that this object was plainly seen to have performed by thousands of people, including the shining of some kind of searchlight on the ground below while it was hovering over the city. It hung motionless in one area over the center of the city of Chicago for 20 minutes. It then took off due north and was triangulated between Chicago and a suburb. That triangulation showed that its speed was 247 miles per hour. That one fact did more to cause that object to be dismissed than any other thing. The possibility of its being a solid object was dismissed because of its “incredible” velocity. Scientists said obviously it was ridiculous to think that any solid object could ever attain a speed of 247 miles per hour. So it was dismissed as utterly incredible. An astronomer was finally consulted as to his opinion of what it, had been. He hadn’t been present and hadn’t seen it. His reply was that there was no point in having an opinion on it because it just couldn’t, possibly have happened at all. It was utterly impossible. He said the best thing the people could do was to forget about it as quickly as possible. And that’s exactly what happened. From that time on there never was any further statement about that sighting.

MAY, 1952                                   3

Those papers have been scanned page by page, day by day from the date of the sighting on. There were three days of tremendous furor and a blank from then on. It was forgotten so completely that it took seven years of the most intensive sort of investigation before the fact that the incident had happened at all could be documented, although on one of my recent lecture tours I did meet a man and his wife who witnessed the sighting.

I like this example particularly because it answers the oft heard statement that if a spaceship were to hover over a major American city for a few minutes, the reality of its existence would most certainly be established and accepted by the earth’s peoples. Here in 1902 a spaceship did hover over a major American city for 20 minutes, and it was forgotten in three days.

People ask, “Why haven’t we become aware of this?” There are many reasons. It is unlikely that any ant living on this planet has ever become aware of the existence of any human being. We’ve occupied the same planet in intimate contact with each other for thousands of years, but I doubt if any ant has ever become aware of the existence of any human being, or would accept the fact if he did become aware of it.

When an entomologist goes about the study of ants he usually finds a place where there is a flourishing ant hill. He will then go out and dig a hole nearby, fill a large mouth jar with earth, bury the jar and then place ant food over the center of the jar. The ants soon discover that there is a constant supply of food at this location. When the colony splits in two, as they do from time to time, the new colony will in almost every case be built at the point where the food supply is found, and so will be built within the jar, only of course the ants don’t know it.

One day when the colony is well formed the entomologist will come out and pull the jar out of the ground and take it into his laboratory. He can then turn on lights, take pictures and study the life pattern of the ants, because the ant in burrowing inside this jar sooner or later comes up against the side of the jar, and being unable to penetrate it just burrows his tunnels from then on paralleling the glass, so that the glass forms one wall of the tunnel. So one side of all these tunnels is open to complete observation by the entomologist. The entomologist can study these ants for months, and yet I would

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

venture to wager that any one of those ants who had the temerity to suggest to one of his fellow ants that perhaps they were under observation by a superior type of intelligence would immediately become the greatest crackpot in the colony. And if he went so far as to suggest that perhaps their entire environment had been arranged for the specific purpose of making that observation easier he would then probably be confined in any place of confinement which ants have for such cases. -If the entomologist were to place some large tool suddenly by the mouth of this ant hill, the ants would be faced with a problem. If they were logical, they would have to explain the sudden appearance of that tool, and it would be a difficult thing to explain. They could not explain it as the act of a human being because that would imply something superior to the ant. And of course to the ant there is nothing superior, to the culture and technology of the ant. He would simply refuse to accept the evidence.

He would find some way of avoiding the necessity of admitting to himself that some superior creature existed.

We have succeeded in doing this too, for a long, long time. Earthman on this little planet has been raised secure in the belief that he is the supreme product of the universe. And when any evidence appears that tends to disprove this we immediately seek means of escape. We employ sarcasm. We employ ridicule. We employ earthly explanations. Usually they aren’t very good explanations, because you always have to knock off some of the data. You have to chop it a little bit here and bend it a little bit there to force it. into an earthly pattern. And even when you’ve done that, it still doesn’t fit the pattern very well. But the result is eagerly accepted by millions of people because it enables them to avoid the only conclusion which does explain all of the observed data. These so-called logical explanations usually aren’t very logical at all, but we accept them because it’s easier to do so and it saves our ego.

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MAY, 1962                                   5

World report

Water Witching Real, Can Do It With Coat Hanger, Says Engineer

(From Los Angeles Times, Feb. 11, 1962)

Water witching isn’t superstitious nonsense nor even black art.

It’s a science, according to, Kenith W. Templin, senior electrical engineer of the Byron Jackson Division of the Borg Corporation.

Templin recently described the science of water witching or dowsing before the California Society of Professional Engineers. He told the society there are several. widespread misconceptions about this branch of human knowledge. The first is, of course, that it’s a fake. It isn’t.

The second is that it takes a special gift. It doesn’t.

The third is that wooden divining rods, especially those made of witch hazel, work the best. They don’t.

Templin says he has found that wire coat hangers make the best divining rods, but that anything will work if it’s light enough to be held in a loose grasp.

As for special talent, Templin says 90 out of 100 people can find underground water mains and hidden springs with wire coat hangers.

The other 10 percent can’t learn to water witch because they’re too self-conscious to learn to hold the divining rods the right way. Templin got interested in water dowsing when another engineer told him of his company’s experiences drilling for water in Brazil. The firm had many failures until it hired local water witches to help decide where to drill. wells.

They reduced the failures to fewer than 5 percent.

“It was a shock to hear this technician talking about water dowsing,” Templin said. “But I suppose it shocks people to hear me’ talk seriously about it, too:”

Templin knows that water dowsing .works but he isn’t sure why.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

He has a theory that the divining rods move and thus indicate the presence of water by exaggerating tiny, involuntary movements of the wrists.

These wrist movements are caused, he theorizes, by changes in the earth’s magnetic field.

This isn’t, so far fetched as it sounds, since a British scientist has proved that abrupt changes in the magnetic field as small as a fourth of 1 percent can be sensed by the body and recorded by electrocardiograph and electroencephalograph.

To cause the minute wrist movements that are “amplified” by the divining rods, a definite change in the magnetic field is needed. For this reason, according to Templin, the water-witching reaction is seen only where the change from dry to wet is abrupt and well-defined.

Holding a divining rod over an underground pool of water would not cause the rod to react. It is the change that does the trick. “At first I wouldn’t admit I was interested in water-witching,” Templin said. “But it got about and even though I was a little self-consciousness, I have been able to prove it works to a lot of men whose word can’t be doubted.”

Templin has proved it works to A. H. Hollander, Caltech professor emeritus of hydraulics and now a consultant to Byron Jackson, and to his fellow engineers at the Vernon division of Borg-Warner.

Many scientists at the IngersolResearchCenter of the Borg-Warner Corp. at Des Plaines, Ill., have been convinced by Templin that there’s something to what they thought was nonsense.

Templin quotes A. B. Cleaves, professor of geology at Washington University of St. Louis, who says:

“I take my students water dowsing to teach them scientific humility. “

Novas Seen As Dwarf Sun’s Death Waltz

(From the Los Angeles Times, Feb. 11, 1962)

Hot blue dwarf suns forced by gravity into a kind of frenzied death waltz with cooler but. larger red companion suns my be the secret of one of astronomy’s oldest mysteries-exploding suns or novas.”

One of the best known novas is Nova Herculis, which exploded in 1934 and for a few days became the brightest star in the sky.

MAY, 1962                                   7

Another interesting nova is Nova Sagittae, a repeater that exploded in 1913 and again in 1943.

It has been suggested that the Star of Bethlehem was such a nova or exploding star.

Robert Kraft, Caltech astronomer at Palomar Observatory, says dwarf suns that explode into novas suddenly become about a hundred times brighter.

Ordinary, or middle-sized novas, become 100,000 times brighter, and the biggest of all, the supernovas, become a million times brighter.

Kraft believes that the transference of one of the universe’s hottest fuels, hydrogen, may be the cause of dwarf novas, and perhaps of novas and supernovas as well.

The dwarfs are so faint that Kraft had to study them through the 200-in. Hale reflector on Mt. Palomar, the world’s largest telescope managed jointly by Caltech and the Carnegie Institution.

In each case the dwarf, hot, blue sun was locked by the force of gravity into a whirling embrace with a nearby larger, cooler red companion sun.

In every case Kraft studied he found the exploding sun of such a double system was the hot, blue dwarf. The larger red suns were about the size of our own sun.

The two stars or suns revolved round each other at great speed. The time required for them to orbit each other ranged from 3½ to slightly less than 9 hours.

Because they are so close, the pull of gravity from the blue star continuously drags hydrogen from its cooler red companion.

It is this hydrogen that provides the fuel for the sudden explosion of the dwarf nova, Kraft believes.

Double stars are very common, according to Kraft. About 25 per cent of all stars are parts of such a double-star system. Most of them, however, are too far apart to allow gravity to drag hydrogen or other matter from one to the other.

For those who worry about our own sun suddenly turning into a nova-dwarf, middle-sited or super wouldn’t make much difference to us-Kraft has good news.

Our sun is not one of those that has a hot, blue, aggressive dwarf companion star.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Unusual Power Of Yogis

(From San Francisco Chronicle)

Don’t sell the Yogis short-they really can do at least some of the things they claim, a psychologist said yesterday.

Dr. Marion Wenger of the University of California at Los Angeles Psychology Department, using modern medical instruments in an investigation of Yogi in India, found Yogis who could:

Slow the heart beat almost to a stop.

Reduce the strength of the heart beat to a point where it could be heard only with electronic instruments.

Live in an ice-cold cave almost naked and even sweat on command. Wenger did not find any Yogis who could walk through fire unharmed, stick needles in themselves without bleeding, or emerge alive after being buried in a pit. He doesn’t say they can’t do these things; just that none agreed to do them under scientific conditions. UCLA released a portion of Wenger’s findings yesterday. In an interview Wenger told how he obtained them.

He and Dr. B. K. Bagchi of the University of Michigan medical school traveled through India for five months in 1957 studying Yogis in action. Whenever they found one who would submit, they taped electrodes on his skin and asked him to perform while they measured heart action, breathing, brain waves, skin temperature, etc.

“We found several who could slow the heart down to where no beat could be detected even with a stethoscope for three to four minutes,” Wenger said, “but there was always a pulse somewhere, if only in the finger.”

How could they do this?

“Anyone can do it, with practice,” said Wenger. “You take a deep breath, hold it and contract your chest and stomach muscles. This retards the return of blood to the heart through the veins and decreases the heart’s output. It’s the result of physical action, not mental at all.

The only truly mental feat Wenger found was the ability of one Yogi to sweat at will.

“This man had spent parts of two winters in caves in the Himalayas,” says Wenger. “During such periods, usually alone and

MAY, 1962                                   9

unclad except for an animal skin, most of his time was spent in meditation, seated quietly on another animal skin.”

“The cold distracted him and his teacher advised him to concentrate on warmth and to visualize himself in extremely high temperature situations, telling him that then he would acquire bodily warmth. He reported gradual success after about, six months of practice. Later he found that in a moderate climate the same practices produced not only increased sensations of warmth but perspiration.”

Wenger said he was helped in finding cooperative Yogis by Swami Kuvalayananda, a Sanskrit scholar and educator who, he said, is. about the only Yogi in India interested in Western science.”

——— ♦ ———


(Part Two)

(The following is the second in a series of two articles about sightings of unidentified flying objects in the Trail Creek Shady Cove-Prospect area of southwestern Oregon, located about twenty miles north of Medford and some fifty-five miles east of Merlin. –The Editors.)

The UFO sightings recorded in Carroll Watson’s book cover a wide range. The list of things seen varies from white lights to star like objects to silvery colored solid appearing vehicles. But all of the 37 sightings Watson has recorded have one thing in common. Fairly complete data has been compiled in each case, enough to indicate that the object viewed probably could not have been any type of conventional craft. Almost half of the sightings in the report occurred during 1961, principally because Watson did not actually start compiling his record until about two years ago.

Here are some more of the more spectacular of the sightings:

In 1950 (the exact day is not known) two young men were driving on a logging road in the Big Butte creek area when they saw a large reddish lighted object. which was very close to the ground, if not on it, about a quarter of a mile away. It seemed to be a solid object, although the brilliance of the light made it hard to distinguish. Two hounds who were with the men acted very scared, and they kept

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

shaking their heads as if their ears hurt. Almost immediately after they saw it, the object rose straight up to 150 to 200 feet and as it did the color changed to an are welder’s blue, then back to a fire red again as it stopped. From this point it started moving in a northeasterly direction retaining its fire red color and proceeding in a forwards, backwards motion similar to a lantern light held by someone while walking. When it was a half mile away it changed to blue again and made a great circle to the east, eventually disappearing in the vicinity of Mount McLoughlin. When the object returned after making the great circle, the men felt uneasy, thinking that perhaps they were being watched by someone in the object and were about to leave in a hurry when the UFO disappeared. They found that the two frightened hounds had already left in a hurry, and the dogs weren’t found until two days later!

On Oct. 4, 1961, about 5 p. m., two women from Prospect were driving on highway 62 when they saw two objects floating from southeast to northwest barely clearing the tree tops. The objects were identical in shape, size and color. They appeared to be about 50 feet in length and were cigar shaped with no wings or propellers, no evidence of openings and no smoke or vapor trails. Both appeared to be made of a material resembling milk glass. They crossed an area of sky estimated at two to three miles in about four minutes and then both disappeared behind a cloud. Moments later, one of the objects emerged from the cloud and continued on until it disappeared beyond the horizon. The other object never came out from behind the cloud. The large number of sightings in the Trail Creek-Shady Cove Prospect area raises speculation as to whether there is something there which attracts extra-terrestrial craft. While no definite information on that subject is available, there are a number of possible factors. One of the residents of the Trail Creek area says there is quite a bit of uranium there. Not far north of Shady Cove is an area at Tiller, Ore., where numerous landslides have occurred. And of course the entire area is only about 40 miles from famous Crater Lake National Park, a lake in the crater of an old volcano. Mount McLoughlin, some 30 miles east of Shady Cove, also was volcanic at one time. Perhaps there are some sort of magnetic force lines in the area.

Cleve Twitchell

Assistant Editor

MAY, 1952                                   11

Carroll Watson of Shady Cove, Ore., looks over his volume which records information on 37 sightings of unidentified flying objects in the Trail Creek-Shady Cove-Prospect area of southwestern Oregon.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

Japhalein; Mother-Ship of This Galaxy

This Blanche Pritchett has written herself a book! Some years ago Tiffany Thayer opened a book with something like this “This isn’t the best book you’ve ever read, not the worst book, but it’s the damnedest.” One is inclined to start the review with a comparable expression. In the first place she is admittedly an amateur writer; she allows you to regard her book as fiction if you like, but she assures me it is nothing of the sort she reaches heights of expression which makes an old-time professional envious. Also effectively naive is her statement, when out of words, that she doesn’t have them. This glossing over is weirdly dramatic in itself.

Dr. Blanche had known for years that she was “influenced” by the Archangel Michael. This purpose became known to her when she was taken aboard Japhalein from an island off the southwest coast of Florida about two years ago, in some kind of a body that differed not very greatly from the one she wears around in her day to day work, where Paul (one Saul of Tarsus?) began to help her recall past times and past lives when she had visited this ship before, during the thousands of years experts in the galaxy were building it. It’s a self-sustaining interplanetary city, whose rooms are occupied by “couples,” a situation which she doesn’t discuss quite enough for the appetites of the general public. Every man and woman aboard is an expert in matters quite clearly beyond the abilities of known Earthian scientists.

As an old science fiction writer I am awed by Dr. Blanche’s techniques

MAY, 1962                                   13

for staying in her body on the Earth and being aboard Japhalein at the same time. And I am not hinting that the work is fiction. Actually there is no such thing as fiction. I thought I had written everything in the line of fiction techniques, including the eternal puzzle of time travel, or if I hadn’t some of my colleagues in the field had, but Dr. Blanche comes up with something new that sounds reasonable; so reasonable that I’m tempted, as I know her readers will be, to try it out. Only thing is, I’m afraid it might work. I’ve decided to do as Dr. Blanche did; wait for an invitation from scarlet-garbled Paul.

One shakes his head over the idea of a mimeographed “book.” Blanche, to my knowledge, knows little about publishing, but she has duded up this “book” to the place where almost any woman, UFO bluff or not, would buy it for the pastels she uses-a different one for each of the seventeen chapters.

The men aboard Japhalein are handsome, including one of the lecturers whose name, oddly, is Karl Marx! Yes, the Karl Marx, whose lectures reveal what he intended by what has become known as Marxism, rather than what actually happened. One of the first things one would gather about Karl Marx is he’s no Marxist.!

Blanche mentions, in the course of her text-a delicious naiveté which advertises books she hasn’t yet written in the book she is writing (but why not?) -that one of her forthcoming books is to be EXCALIBUR (she spells it with a ber ending, which is all right with me) generally accredited to L. Ron Hubbard of Dianetics and Scientology fame. Ron used to write science fiction in the days when I did, but he never wrote anything like Japhalein, as fact or fiction, and he’ll be as awed as I am at the immensity of the conception. It beats me, will beat him, and we were among the first inventors of this sort of thing. Only ours was always fiction, which this just plainly isn’t (“but you can call it fiction if you wish,” Blanche wrote me).

Frankly, because I adore and respect the author of Japhalein (she mentions me twice in the book!) I suggested I review it. I opened the book gingerly. After forty years as a professional one opens all first books gingerly. I began to read, wondering as a professional how she was going to get herself out of this and that technical

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

dilemma, mouth agape when she managed it. I hadn’t expected to, but I was learning something.

I’ve been so impressed by Japhalein that I’m going, the instant I get it, to send her $5.00 for the review copy she sent me. The fact that she started right out, even though she knew that St. Michael was “influencing” her, and strung 70,000 words together, borders on the miraculous. And she thought there must be something wrong with her when she couldn’t find anything to put in her last chapter or two! She didn’t even know that most professional writers of 70,000 word books wonder continually what they’re going to put into the first chapter-and every chapter between that and the last one!

I could rewrite Japhalein, to give you more of an idea of its content, but as I look at just what I’ve written I know it isn’t true. I could neither write nor re-write nor condense it. Only “Dr. Blanche” could do it justice. Ask questions maybe, when you order Japhalein ($5.00, Marcap Council, Inc., Lakemont, Georgia.) More naiveté: no discount for cash or quantity!

Arthur J. Burks

Paradise, Pa.

——— ♦ ———


UNDERSTANDING MAGAZINE greatly appreciates the response to our announcement in the March issue of the launching of a fund for Radio Understanding, the radio station soon to be erected at Merlin, Ore. As of April 6, a total of $376 had been received from 33 contributors, whose names follow:

Harriet P. Foster, Del Mar, Calf.; Marian Miracle, Ojai, Calif.; R. D. Baumgardner, Elsinore, Calif.; Walter Gordun, Soquel, Calif.; Pauline Parrish, West Los Angeles, Calif.; Understanding Unit #9, Santa Cruz, Calif.; Clara T. Donatoni, Hemet, Calif.; G. C. Miller, Anderson, Calif.; Eva Clayton, Chico, Calif.; Marguerite F. Keyser, Chester, Calif.; Iver Blomgren, Costa Mesa, Calif.; Alfred Heuel, Wauwatosa, Wisc.; Norma Millard, Belmont, Calif.; Harry Hard Butte, Montana; Lewis Van Winkle, Seattle, Wash.; Marian Nigl, Sayre, Pa.; Bertha Mantzurani, Cleator, Ariz. ; W. J. Panneck,

MAY, 1962                                   15

Cleator, Ariz. ; Betty Lou Webb, Douglas, Ariz. ; Alyce M. Alexander, San Jose, Calif.; Mary L. McAlpine, Fairfax, Calif.; Edith Swanson, San  Francisco, Calif.; Edward Grill, San Jose, Calif. Stella Olson, La Habra, Calif..; Cleve and Flo Twitchell, Medford, Ore.; Eugene Hurtienne, San Marcos, Calif.; Otto R. Heil, San Francisco, Calif.; Guy E. Porter, Tucson, Ariz. ; Sophia A. Hall, Nevada City, Calif.; J. G. Barnes, Navada City, Calif., Understanding Unit #21, Garberville, Calif.; Verna Barker, Riverside, Calif., and Elizabeth M. Bradley, Redwood City, Calif.

Other contributions have been received from persons wishing to remain anonymous.

As mentioned in the March issue, all, contributors to the radio fund will be acknowledged in this magazine. Certificates of membership in the Merlin Radio Guild will be issued to all donors of $5.00 or more. These certificates represent a voice in programming policies of the station. The certificates will be sent out shortly after Dan Fry returns from his current lecture tour.

Several people have indicated that they will contribute monthly or when they are able. This is very gratifying. Even though such’ a contributor has been listed in a previous issue, his or her name will appear each time he or she donates. If you have sent in a contribution and your name has not appeared in this magazine, or if you wish to make a donation, please write to Radio Understanding, Box 105, Merlin, Ore. All funds are deposited in a special savings account. Donations will be carefully accounted for and will be used only for the purchase of equipment and materials to build and equip the radio station. Thank you.

——— ♦ ———


July 30 and 31 will be Understanding’s Days

at the Spacerama, Wash. Space Convention

Dan Fry Will Speak–Films Will Be Shown

Try To Be There On Those Dates

Program and Further Details Will Be

Announced in the Next Issue

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner

A Tribute To Mothers

Out of the Invisible, you have brought me into the Visible.

Out of physical inaction, you have brought me into physical action. Out of joyous travail-even through the Valley of the Shadow of Death-you have brought me into a new expression of life, for purposes hidden deep within the Heart of God-the Father, to be revealed to me, when I search for it diligently.

This Day, YOUR DAY, dedicated to You by the Children of Mothers, I sit. awhile in meditation upon the Divinity of Motherhood; its trials, its sorrows, the sufferings of its experience, the wealth of its remembrances to all Mothers when these children-so dearly bought and paid for, return unto you that which money could never buy-the joy and happiness of Motherhood.

Therefore, my gift to you MY MOTHER, and to all Mothers on this Mothers’ Day, is a prayer that the true Spirit. of Motherhood become better known, better appreciated, better understood, and more sincerely practiced; and that such knowledge, practice and understanding become an ever-increasing Stream of Divine Illumination, world without end, even as long as God-the Father, finds a need for Mothers in His Plan-of-Things-Made-Manifest, both above and below.

-So may it be!

-Sue Ann Gerlach


Los Gatos, California

MAY, 1962                                   17


Dear Editor,


Unit #44 wants to take this opportunity to thank all those wonderful people who have been trying the E.S.P. tests on the third Friday night of each month– We appreciate the kind letters of encouragement- We appreciate the little sidelights you mention when you write wanting the answers- We appreciate your mentioning the fellowship and excitement which it is creating, but —

Please hold the phone on those L.D. calls until after 11:00 P.M., Oklahoma time, or until after the last thirty minutes of the tests have been run- We’ll be glad to give you the information by phone-but only after the entire series of tests are over.

Trying not to pay any attention to a ringing telephone seems to require more effort that the sending of information- I guess we’re always afraid it might be somebody calling to tell us the house is on fire or something like that. Incidentally we’re going to be trying something new right after the tests in the future. All of the group here is going to remain quiet for five minutes right, after 11:00 P.M. and concentrate on any messages anyone might be sending our way. If we get any clear cut messages will notify the party or parties we think the message came from-so watch those thoughts you’ve been thinking right after the test.

For Unit #44

Chas. O. Rhoades

2856 N. W. 18 St.

Oklahoma City 7, Okla.

——— ♦ ———



10:00 to 10:05-Number: 3 (THREE)

10:05 to 10:10-Color of Disc: GREEN

10:10 to 10:15-Ball, block or hoop: BLOCK (YELLOW)

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

10:15 to 10:20-Card was: NINE OF HEARTS

10:20 to 10:25-Book or magazine was: BOOK, Keep a True Lent

10:25 to 10:30-Mystery Object was: TELESCOPE & TRIPOD

10 :30 to 10:35-Number was: ____

10:35 to 10:40-Colored discs– W to E: ______

10:40 to 10:45-Ball, block or hoop-W to E: ______

10:45 to 10:50-Five cards, W. to E: _______

10:50 to 10:55-Book or magazine: ______

10:55 to 11:00-Mystery object was: ______

——— ♦ ———


Do you have a tape recorder? If you do, would you like to start “talking” with people around the United States and the rest of the world

Below is a list of individuals who have tape recorders* and who would like to hear from you on tape. If you’d like to get into tape “circulation” why don’t. you send us your name and address and we’ll list you here too.

Tape respondents:

William Dyer, 30-22 Main, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

John F. Maxfield, P.O. Box 526, Ann Arbor, Mich., U.S.A.

Mrs. M. E. Nigl, 230 Desmond St., Sayre, Pa., U.S.A.

Charles 0. Rhoades, 2856 N.W. 1S St., Okla. City 7, Okla., U.S.A.

M. A. Saxton, 3228 N. Syracuse, Baldwin Park, Calif., U.S.A.

Mrs. Alta Simpson, R. 2, Box 194, Perris, Calif., U.S.A.

Dr. Harrieta P. Steltz, 2450 Summit Dr., Santa Rosa, Calif., U.S.A.

Conny Tanasale, 3094 La Corona Ave., Altadena, Calif., U.S.A.

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Magazines For Friendship

Understanding still has magazines available for you to send to other countries. Please write us for a list of names to which you can send the magazines, plus a bundle of old Understanding magazines if you need’ them:

MAY, 1962                                   18

bulletin board

New Unit Welcomed

Understanding magazine is pleased to welcome Unit #52 in the United States. It is situated at. Fresno, Calif. Officers are Alan Collier, 2123 E. Buckingham, Fresno, president; Shirley M. Saunders, vice president; and Trudy Mathews, secretary-treasurer.

News of Other Units

As this goes to press, Dan Fry, founder and president of Understanding, is out on tour. Already reports have been received by the bulletin board editor from five units which bested him during March and heard his talk on “Understanding-the Road to Peace.” Impressive appearing newsletters have come from MILWAUKEE, Wisc., unit #50; SAN JOSE, Calif., unit #25 and SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., unit #11, announcing Dan’s appearance there. From TACOMA, Wash., unit #35 comes this account: “On March 24, 1962, Dr. Dan Fry gave a serious and very informative talk… to a small but very attentive audience at the Odd Fellows Hall, Tacoma. At the close of the lecture a very interesting question and answer period was held . . . ” EUGENE, Ore., unit. #26 sent in a lengthy news clipping from the Eugene Register Guard, reporting on Dan’s lecture there in detail.

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., unit. #9 has sent us a clipping reporting

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

that the city’s mayor proclaimed March 18-24 as “World Understanding Week in Santa Cruz.

INGLEWOOD, Calif., unit #15 presented a lecture by Frank E. Stranges, evangelical minister and former special agent, who spoke on “My Pentagon Contact” during March.

SAN JOSE, Calif., unit #25 held election of officers recently. New unit leaders are Harold Freeman, 527A Easy St.., Mountain View, Calif., president, Alyce M. Alexander, vice president; Sylvia C. Hopkins, secretary, and Joy Daniel, treasurer.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., unit #44 has undertaken two projects for Understanding, Inc., in addition to the tape rental library it has already established for the benefit of all members. Unit members will compile and maintain a record of its ESP test and exercises and periodically issue a report for Understanding magazine. The unit also has begun a list of all UFO and metaphysical groups in the world. So if you have any confirmations pertaining to the ESP tests or if you know of a UFO organization that the unit might not have on its list, please write to Charles Rhoades, Understanding Unit #44, P.O. Box 5041, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Sayre, Pa., unit. #51 had its first meeting on March 11. The charter was presented and the articles of incorporation and bylaws of Understanding, Inc., were read. After the business meeting, Marian E. Nigl, president, gave a demonstration of the Windsor Radiometer. Explained Mrs. Nigl, “This little instrument proves that, we can run motors from solar energy, directly or indirectly. A real engine, although a toy, it requires no fuel, no lubrication and no repairs and, if handled with care, will operate forever. It has been manufactured for many years for physics laboratories in schools throughout the country… ” At. its next meeting the unit planned to have Marie Porter give a lesson in the operation of her, high-powered telescope.

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Two books by Mary V. Gordon

Written under the name of


$2.50 each or the two for $4.00

THE MINUS MONEY MOVEMENT of America. The most advanced plan of economics being taught today. Perfect coordination of production, distribution and compensation. Send 25 cents for a copy of the plan to:

Dr. Walter Gordun

P.O. Box 261

Soquel, California



Mother-ship of This Galaxy

by E. Blanche Pritchett


Order from Marcap Council

Lakemont, Georgia

$5.00 postpaid

Other Manuscripts Available:

Arthur J. Burks:

Monitors         ……. $5.00

First Book of Jesus …….. 1.50

Sex, Divine Flame …….. 1.00

Edward Longstreet Bodin:

First Century Healing …… 2.00

E. Blanche Pritchett:

When Will Yesterday Come?. 1.54

Send for our Book and Tape List and ask for a FREE copy of our MARCAP DISPATCH.





Lovingly in the Hands of the Father …….. $2.00

Make Way For the Christ-child 1.50

The Woman Healer ……..      .50

Gift of Healing ……….. 1.00

Healing Under Tropical Skies .       2.00

Peace of the 23rd Psalm . . . .         .75

The Psychology of Childhood .        1.00

Sermons in Flowers …….. .50

His Heart Was in America … 2.00

Canadina Tim … 1.00

Silences For Youth ……..       .25

A Fortune in a Dime ……      .50

Services and Smiles …….. 1.00

Broken Homes (Just off the Press) ……….. (2.50-2.95)

Good discount for re-sale Obtain from


231 Forest Avenue

anta Cruz, Calif.



“Revelations Through Sister Thedra From Jesus and Other Great Masters”

“Book of Prophecies”

“The Aryan, Wander of Earth”

“Book of Light”

“Other Communications: Things You Should Know”

“German Revelations”

“New Zealand”

“Golden Moments, Orion”

All Above Booklets 35c

each 3 for $1.00


Box 94

Morongo Valley, Calif.


——— ♦ ———



atoms, galaxies and understanding, by daniel fry ………….  2.00

White sands incident and

to men of earth, one volume, by Daniel Fry …………  2.00

Diary into the unknown, by Eugene and ruth whitworth              4.00

They sky people, by erinsley lepoer trench ………  4.50

Spacewoman speaks, by rolfe telano ……  2.00

Why we are here, Gloria lee ………..  3.75

council of seven lights, by george van tassel…………. 3.50

my contact with flying saucers, fino kraspedon …….  3.75

My trip to mars moon and venus, by buck nelson ……..  1.00

night has 1000 saucers, by calvin c. girvin (paper, $2.00)….. 3.00

road in the sky, by g.h. williamson ……..  4.00

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

Secret forces that changed the world, by frank bowman     3.50

Flying saucers farewell, by george adamski …………..  3.95

Unity in the spirit, by comptesse de pierrefeu ……………  2.50

Wake up the god in you and live, by Martha baker ……  2.00

we of the new dimension, by Will and evelyn miller …………  2.00

These books may be purchased from Understanding. We pay all postage.

Residents of California please add 4 percent sales tax.