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VOLUME VII                                MARCH, 1962                                            NUMBER 3

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


ON JANUARY 1, 1962, the Understanding Magazine began its seventh year of publication. By July 1st of this year we hope to have in full operation, our own radio broadcasting station!

The primary requisite of Understanding is communication, and what better method of communication could we have than our own broadcast station?

Lecture committees have struggled valiantly, and lecturers have cooled their heels endlessly in the studios of various radio stations, in the hope of obtaining a few precious minutes of air time, frequently on programs whose basic purpose has been to cause the lecturer to appear ridiculous. Think of the advantage of having a station dedicated to the purposes of Understanding in operation seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day, if necessary, to bring the simple truths of harmonious living to all people.

The plans have been made, the site chosen, and the land purchased. It only remains to erect the studio building and transmitting tower, install the equipment, obtain the license and- Oh yes! there is always the problem of finance. A radio station of 5,000 watts of power, complete with land and studio building, would normally cost

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

between twenty-five and fifty thousand dollars. However, because we already own the land and because our own company will erect the building, and because of several other factors, we can do the job for something less than twelve; of this amount, the Merlin Development Co. will be able to contribute about half. The remainder must be raised by some sort of public subscription.

If every person for whom Dan Fry has lectured during the past five years were to feel that Dan’s years of work were worth as much as twenty-five cents, and were to contribute that amount toward the building of the station, the entire cost would be subscribed several times over. Actually, of course, we know that this will not happen, since we have no way of reaching most of these people, and many of them would feel that they were already contributing to as many causes as they could afford to support.

How do you feel? If you feel that it is worth anything for Understanding to have a broadcast station of its own, put your 25c, or your dollar, or whatever you think it is worth (and you can afford) in an envelope and address it to: Radio Fund, Box 105, Merlin, Ore. The fund will be used only for the completion and operation of the station. All contributions of $1.00 or more will be acknowledged in the Understanding Magazine (unless the donor wishes to be anonymous), and every person who contributes $5.00 or more will receive a certificate of membership in the Merlin Radio Guild, and will have a vote in the planning of programs.

If you think that the station will be too far away, and you will not be able to hear the programs, remember that the power and range of the station will be limited only by the amount of backing which we receive from you. So ask your friends and neighbors if they would like to contribute a dime or a quarter to a worthy cause, and send it along with whatever you can afford. Remember that millions of dollars have been raised for less worthy and desirable projects.

Many members of the Understanding Units throughout the country have complained that they were not given a desirable program upon which to work. Here is a project in which everyone can join. If you have no funds of your own, you can still arouse the interest, of others by discussing the subject with all of your friends and acquaintances. Let’s get Radio Understanding on the air by July 1st.

MARCH, 1982                             3


As a member of both the newspaper profession and the New Age field, I found myself in a somewhat unusual position during the period just prior to the planetary conjunction of Feb. 4. As a member of the New Age field, I was able to see the circumstances surrounding the various speculations and predictions which were made concerning the Feb. 4 weekend. And I was as annoyed as anyone else in the field at the misrepresentations and irresponsible reporting exhibited by the American press. Yet, as a newsman I could see the situation from the point of view of the press and could understand how the whole fiasco came about.

On the morning of Feb. 5, 1962, I wrote the following in my column “Regional Roundup” which appears in the Medford, Ore., Mail Tribune

“Your regional editor is pleased to note that the world did not choose to come to an end over the weekend. Although I have only been here for a couple of months, there are many aspects of the area that I would miss.

“Of course, the widely circulated stories concerning predictions of doom do bring to mind a question: Did anybody really predict the end of the world? The human race has an unfortunate tendency to jump to conclusions. We hear a prediction about an earthquake or similar upheaval and almost immediately we suppose that a lot of people have predicted the end of the world.

“I think that if we were to examine the so-called end of the world predictions throughout history we would find that in most cases nobody really predicted the end-earthquakes and upheavals, yes, but rarely the end of it all. Concerning last weekend, a number of astrologers predicted that happy events would transpire. Others predicted that little or nothing would happen. The happy predictions were forgotten almost immediately, while the dire predictions will probably be remembered for some time to come.

“There are numerous examples in our culture where people have jumped to conclusions. Often a scientist will report a particular finding, based on his knowledge and equipment available at that precise moment. Then because the man is tops in his field, his findings will become accepted as fact. Years later, other scientists or

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

even the same man may discover new evidence which repudiates the earlier conclusion. Yet because the previous conclusion has been accepted as fact, the new finding is regarded with suspicion and is ignored.

“A good example is the question of whether or not there is air on the moon. Within the last three years several prominent scientists have announced they now believe there is air on the moon, not a great deal, but some. Yet the general public as a whole still believes there is no air on the moon and most books published on the subject today still state flatly that there is no air on the moon.

“The sad part about the events which transpired over the weekend is that they reflect adversely upon many serious students of the unknown. Some of these persons are crackpots perhaps, but where would we be today without, a few crackpots like Christopher Columbus or Thomas Edison?”

An additional thought on the Feb. 4 business: The news articles tended to portray astrology as a lot of nonsense. Yet, many major American newspapers carry an astrology column every day. Hmm.

Since we are involved in an organization called Understanding, let us attempt to understand what transpired around the Feb. 4 date rather than condemn without thinking.

Newsmen are human beings and are capable of making mistakes. Unfortunately a mistake by a single newspaper can be compounded by a wire service which neglects to check the accuracy of the original story. This is what happened in the case of the Cleator, Arizona, story. A local paper in Arizona ran a story which while partially accurate contained several half truths and several erroneous statements. These erroneous statements were compounded by the Associated Press and United Press International in stories the two services circulated quite widely. The mistakes they made were such that anyone is capable of making. When advised of the errors, the Associated Press took steps to correct the mistake. I received the following letter from Sameul G. Blackman, general news editor of the Associated Press in New York:

Dear Mr. Twitchell:

Thank you for your letter explaining that members of Understanding, Inc., went to Cleator simply for the purpose of retirement.

MARCH, 1962                             5

After the first stories, we refrained from further associating the organization with predictions for the end of the world. We also included in a story for Sunday (Feb. 4) a paragraph setting forth the reason for the move to Arizona.

Sincerely yours,

S. G. Blackman

I reprint the text of this letter to show you that news services and newspapers do not care about being accurate. Most of them will take steps to correct an erroneous story if you can show them that it was truly erroneous.

I would like to thank AP for its response to our correction, and also United Press International, which printed a statement by Isaphene McGuire of the Cleator unit denying the earlier story. In stories on the weekend of Feb. 4 UPI continued to mention a group of 22 which had supposedly taken to the hills around Cleator to escape the disaster, but Understanding’s name was no longer mentioned.

There are numerous opportunities for errors in the newspaper business. One paper will often copy a story from another without checking the accuracy of the story. Often it does not have time to do so. If the first story was erroneous, then the second story will be erroneous too, perhaps even more so. When a reporter turns in a story, it goes through many hands before getting into print. Often an editor will change a few words or write a headline that alters the original meaning.

I once heard a newspaper editor remark that he was amazed-not that newspapers made so many mistakes-rather that with all the possibilities for error newspapers make so few mistakes.

Cleve Twitchell

Assistant Editor

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New postal regulations require us to pay from eight to ten cents for each issue of this magazine that is not delivered. So we ask that you be extra careful to report any change in your address as soon after you move as possible.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING


IT SEEMS that about every six months the U. S. Air Force issues a public statement to the effect that there just isn’t any such thing as a flying saucer. Following is the latest such statement. It appeared in newspapers around the country during the early part of February.

“WASHINGTON (AP)-They might have been birds, balloons, hoaxes or unusual sky lights-but not spacecraft from other planets. That is the word from the Air Force today after 15 years of investigating flying saucer reports. It said there was no evidence that any of the 7,369 unidentified flying objects checked on were spaceships swooping in from distant planets.

“To date, no unidentified flying object-UFO-has given any indication of threat to the national security, the Air Force concluded in summing up its investigations from 1947 through last year.,

“It said its Project Blue Book” has turned up no evidence that any of the unidentified sightings represented technological advances, beyond the range of our present day scientific knowledge,” or that any of the UFO’s were extraterrestrial vehicles under intelligent controls.”

“During 1961, the Air Force’s office of aerial phenomena probed into 488 UFO reports-26 fewer than the year before.

“At year’s end, only ten of the 1961 sightings still were classified as unidentified. Most of the rest, were traced to aircraft, balloons, satellites, astronomical phenomena, birds, hoaxes and other causes.

“The report disclosed that a new experimental beacon designed to prevent airliner collisions has been mistaken by some persons as an unidentified flying object. The beacon is intense and flashes for a fraction of a second.

It has been seen as much as 50 miles away and at that distance only the light could be seen, thereby producing a rather startling sight,” the Air Force said.

“Recently, too, there were widespread reports to the Air Force of flashing objects in the sky. Investigation revealed that these were caused by the earth’s passing through meteor showers, the report said.”

MARCH, 1962                             9

There are two interesting things about this story. The first is that it appeared at all. The fact that the Air Force felt it necessary to make such a statement would appear to indicate that apparently someone is still raising a rumpus about the UFO matter in Washington. The other interesting thing is that the Air Force pointedly reports that there were fewer sightings in 1961 than in the year before. The inference in this statement is, we believe, supposed to be that there are fewer and fewer sightings being reported every year, so therefore flying saucers are dying out. We would take sharp issue with this idea. The figures indicate merely that fewer and fewer sightings are being reported to the Air Force. And who could blame the sighters for not reporting them? After all, who wants to fill out an extensive UFO sighting report and then get told that all he saw was a flock of geese?

Still, 488 UFO sightings were reported to the Air Force last year. When you consider that that’s better than one a day, the record is nothing to be ashamed of.

There’s no such thing as a flying saucer? Now really, fellows. What about the thousands of well documented sightings that have been reported since the beginning of recorded history?

What about the numerous photographs that have been taken of these craft?

What about the statements of the distinguished military men on NICAP’s list supporting the existence of UFOs?

What about Lord Dowding, former commander-in-chief of the RAF Fighter Command, who said, “The mass of evidence is so overwhelming that I have long accepted their reality.”?

What about Wilbert B. Smith, former chief of Canada’s Project Magnet, saucer investigating agency, who said, “There is a 95 percent probability that the flying saucers are real, a 60 percent probability that they are alien vehicles (of extra-terrestrial origin), a 10 percent probability that they come from a dimension incomprehensible to man.”?

What about all the well-documented sightings in Major Donald Keyhoe’s books?

And finally, what about the experiences of men like Dan Fry? The latest comments by the Air Force on the flying saucer question would seem to indicate three possibilities: 1. that, it is under pressure

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

from someone to avoid admitting the existence of extra-terrestrial spacecraft, 2. that it is determined to perpetrate a preconceived opinion that spacecraft from other planets do not exist, or 3. that it is just plain stupid.

I personally don’t place much stock in the first named possibility, although I’d be the first to admit that it is a possibility. I think the second named item is most likely, although from what I’ve seen of Washington on visits there and heard about the red tape from congressmen I’ve known, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the third named possibility were true as well.

Assistant Editor

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IT IS PROPOSED to build a “Temple of Understanding” in Washington, D.C., U.S.A., in a central part of the city readily accessible to the traveler-at-large. A site has been chosen so that the Temple may be surrounded by a park, the grounds of which will provide an atmosphere of quiet for those who wish to attend lectures there, or to spend the day with their families, or even to be quite alone. The building is to resemble a jewel set in a reflecting pool of water. It will be constructed of GLASS and marble, and is to be relatively small in size. The dome at the center will be of glass, faceted to resemble a cut, diamond. Inside the building, beneath the central dome, will be a circular pool of water in -which the light from this dome will be reflected. The dome will be illuminated all night in order to indicate, symbolically, that even while the world sleeps, the light of understanding continues to shine. Radiating from this central dome will extend six wings, each to represent one of the six religions of the world which are international in scope: Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity and Islam. Each wing will contain a small chapel which, designed in accordance with the requirements of the religion it represents, and using the appropriate symbols, will illustrate its mode of worship. To the right of each chapel, or wing, will be a combined library and reading room. The books in this adjacent library will cover the main currents of thought of the particular religion, including its various branches. Each

MARCH, 1962                             1

library will be attended by a scholar able to answer intelligently the questions of the public pertaining to that area of religious thought.. The choice of design and equipment for the interior of the chapel, as well as of books for the library will be in the hands of a duly appointed representative of each religion. Beneath the main floor of the Temple, duplicating the pattern overhead, will be a Center of Understanding. In the main rotunda will be a small auditorium containing a stage and removable seats. Here also may be held meetings, concerts, film showings, social events, performances in drama and the dance, relating to the culture of the various countries and peoples. This downstairs area will serve children as well as adults and will be planned, acoustically, to protect the atmosphere of quiet in the great central Hall above. These six lower wings of the Temple will be dedicated to other facets of the diamond of Divine Truth, to art, to music, to science. In them will be housed current exhibits relating to the cultural life of the various nations. These areas of creative activity, being beyond the limitations of political and ideological differences, will implement our basic desire to “build bridges, rather than erect walls,” between the peoples of our planet. They will also implement Point Three of our project: to create a useful, vital and growing organization, as well as a symbol of Unity. The Temple is NOT to be used as a house of worship, but as an educational edifice. The hope is, as previously stated, three-fold:

1st: That this “Temple of Understanding” will stand in the eyes the world as a symbol of brotherhood and sisterhood of mankind and of our present awareness and acceptance of that fact. 2nd That by having in one place the accoutrements of the various world religions, the basic books to explain their beliefs and aims-as well as a well educated attendant to explain the concepts behind the symbols used, and to answer questions on the denomination’s history and beliefs — the peoples of this planet, and especially the new generation, will become more cognizant of the varied spiritual lives of their brethren.  This, in turn, should establish more profound political, social, and spiritual relationships, and help build a more stable world in this Atomic Age. 3rd: That this place of understanding” will prove to be far more than a mere building. It is hoped that it will render an inestimable service by stressing the spiritual values in human life. The end result of material abundance, we have

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

learned, is not necessarily either personal happiness or peaceful coexistence. To emphasize the spiritual aspect of our humanity-thus leading to greater enlightenment and a more profound “pursuit of happiness ” will be an essential function of this Temple. As we are rapidly entering into a new era of global relationships, and the boundaries of both time and space are shrinking in dimension, it is felt that universal understanding must inevitably replace nationalistic limitations-and that such an understanding of our neighbors’ religious aspirations must, of necessity, be common knowledge for the citizen of the world. In no way will this project, or those connected with it, seek to proselytize any one religion. Each will be treated equally, subject, only to the main concept as expressed in the architectural design of the building. “Truth is a diamond of Many facets…” The scheme has won the support of such eminent, spiritual leaders as the Vice-President of India, Dr. Radhakrishnan, representing Hinduism, Rabbi Goldstein, Vice-President of the World of Jewish Congress, New York, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, and many members of the world’s major religious faiths and peoples, for whom the centre is primarily intended. It will also be available to the Washington Embassies, thus providing a S.U.N. (Spiritual United Nations) Temple, through which the light of understanding may shine. The main idea of the Temple is, however, that it should be a centre. for the peoples of the world, and offers of financial help from religious organizations and foundations have been held in abeyance. It is hoped to have the name of every contribution engraved in the stone walks leading to the Temple, and the minimum amount of the contributions that would be needed to permit this is, for instance, in the U.S., one dollar. At night the light of the Temple of Understanding will continue to shine out, unaffected by the darkness around, so may the inner light of the many-faceted diamond of DIVINE TRUTH, which will give its form to the fabric of the Temple, shine perpetually forth into the spiritual darkness of the world.

Submitted by Dorothy L. Orrison

1447 Parkwood Pl., N.W.

Washington, D.C.

——— ♦ ———

MARCH, 1962                             11


is pleased to announce that an Understanding member has been appointed to the post of business manager for the Merlin Development. Company at Merlin, Ore. He is Bill Ham, a member of Detroit unit #38, who with his wife, Peg, and children, Steve, 10, Don, 8, and Meg, 6, came to Southern Oregon last December to launch a new era in their lives.

Up until December of 1961 the Hams lived in Livonia, Mich., a Detroit, suburb, and Bill was operations manager of the Manufacturers National Bank of Detroit. The family is now renting a home in Grants Pass and plans to buy property and build a home in Merlin this spring. Bill’s new job is to answer inquiries, handle business details and take care of a host of other duties connected with the Merlin Development Company.

“This is the most impressive part of the country we’ve seen,” says Bill about Southern Oregon. He has been in much of the northeastern United States, the midwest, and a good part of the south and southwest. Of Merlin specifically, Bill says, “Merlin would have the greatest potential for family living, enjoyment of nature and the hope of happiness of any part of the country.”

What is the Merlin Development Company attempting to do? In answer to this question, Bill said, “The purpose of Merlin is to give people what they are not finding where they are now. The aim of Merlin is to provide a community of completely diversified personalities, well-rounded and purposeful activities, and facilities for spiritual and physical development. This will be accomplished by providing all types of housing, light industry, employment for those who require funds and the opportunity to meet people of similar interests.

Merlin, Ore., is an established, although unincorporated, community of approximately 300 residents at this moment, Bill points out.

Its people are now spread about over an area several miles in diameter, and dwelling units are widely scattered. At present the Merlin Development Company owns 200 acres plus 60 buildings lots. Considerably more land will be purchased in the near future, he added.

How does one go about coming to Merlin?

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Business Manager for the Merlin Development Company

MARCH, 1962                             13

“For those who are willing and able to start their own businesses, it is only a question of making a final decision and actually coming here,” Bill said.

“For those who require employment, there are opportunities in the Merlin-Grants Pass area for skilled trades. Building contractors of various types are doing very well provided they are willing to work hard. As the development of the community progresses, we intend to find employment for everyone who is sincerely interested in’ the aims and purposes of Merlin. Each individual is encouraged to be self supporting.”

Houses can be built to specifications. Financing is available. Three houses have already been built and more are being started this month. Building sites are available on both lots and acreage, hilly or level, cleared or uncleared. Industrial structures are also being built.

Further information may be obtained by writing to Dan Fry, Bill Ham or the Merlin Development Company at Box 105, Merlin, Ore.


According to word received from Chas. Rhoades, Pres. of Unit 44 in Oklahoma City, at least one Californian was really tuned in on the right frequency during the E.S.P. test conducted by Unit 44 on January 19th.

According to a letter received from T.W. of California requesting correct answers for the last thirty minutes of the tests, she mentioned she thought she had done real well on the first thirty minutes of the test but, when Unit 44 turned up the power for the more complicated sending for the last half of the tests, she went completely out, waking up or coming to just as the test was finishing up at 9:00 P. M.

(How about turning the power down a few volts on the next test, unit 44? -The Editor.)


The fifth Annual Space Craft Convention at Buck’s Mountain View Ranch at Mountain View, Missouri, will take place June 23-25, Saturday through Monday. Speakers are wanted. Persons who have experienced sightings are urged to come and tell about them.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

world report

Early Answer Seen to Life On Mars

(By Gobind Behari Lal, Science Editor Emeritus Hearst Newspapers. From Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Jan. 26, 1962)

INSIDE THE NEXT ten years scientists will find definite answers to the questions: “Do the planets Mars and Venus support life? What kind of life? This assurance comes from the conclusion of a study made by a team of scientists-including Dr. William W. Kellogg of Rand Corporation, Southern California, and Dr. Carl Sagan of the University of California, Berkeley-who constitute the Space Board of the National Academy of Sciences.

On the basis of already carried out, studies of the atmospheres of Mars and Venus, by various methods, the scientists have formed certain pictures of life on these planets, which will be confirmed and elaborated or changed with the planned researches. Broadly the concepts are these:

“Evidence taken as a whole is suggestive of life on Mars. It is not conclusive., only suggestive.”

But, the life on Mars, as suggested, is in the form of colonies of germs, very simple living organisms. Are there no big animals, no “people,” on Mars? The report says: “At present, there is no valid data for or against the existence of larger organisms and mobile (moving) animals.” So Mars may have big animals, although they are most likely quite different from those on earth.

Concerning the planet Venus, scientific conjectures differ in extremes. The surface of Venus has been pictured by scientists as, “A bright desert, hot as molten lead; a sunless hot dreariness; an ocean covering the whole surface.”

In the ocean theory, Venus is the home of fishes.

“Island Of Love” Rises Off Italy

(Los Angeles Times, Jan. 15, 1962)

Ferrara, Italy-L’Isola Dell’Amore (The Island of Love) is rising.

MARCH, 1982                             15

again in the Adriatic Sea after being submerged for a decade.

Authorities said shifts in the earth’s surface crust apparently are responsible for the reappearance of the Islet, located in a cove five miles northeast of Volcano Beach.

Lessons From Space Creatures

(Alhambra, Calif., Post-Advocate, Jan. 29, 1962)

Suppose there is life on other worlds. And suppose, in the years to come, we can get together with some of those Space Creatures for a talk.

What would we learn? Such a careful observer as Sir Bernard Lovell, the British radio-astronomer, thinks we might learn how to survive.

Though once a skeptic about life in outer space, Sir Bernard has been converted to the growing school which holds’ that it is only logical to conclude that, if life can happen here, it can happen elsewhere.

There are probably trillions of stars possessing planets that might support earthlike life, and, at the behest of American scientists, Sir Bernard has been using the Jodrell Bank radio-telescope to try to tune in an Outer Space broadcast.

The kind of life we know on earth may have been experienced in many planet civilizations in Outer Space many years ago, Sir Bernard believes. Some confronted with the nuclear dilemma will have perished.

They will have found life in a nuclear age too delicately balanced and slipped to disaster. But those that survived the crisis will possess a technological and scientific potential, Sir Bernard believes, which will be very hard for us to envision here on earth.

When and if we ever make contact with our betters in Outer Space, we will certainly be humble in learning all we can-including any tips on surviving in a nuclear age.

But, if we’re not being too vain, we think Man will have something to offer those super Creatures of Outer Space, too. We’ll not need to tug at our forelocks in abject obeisance.

We daresay no creature will be found to be more venturesome, more courageous, or more determined, than man, and, with his poetry, his art, his music, more in tune with the immortal spirit of the universe.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

On Flying Saucers

(From George Todt column in Los Angeles Herald-Examiner)

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamed of in your philosophy.”

-Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act I, Se. 5

Not long ago I discussed UFOs (unidentified flying objects) with Ralph Story on his popular “Story Line” at CBS radio in Hollywood. We had a ball. For this is a subject which has long held the interest of the public. What are the answers?

I told Ralph my interest in the mysterious objects had existed since World War II days in Europe. On two occasions it was my lot to stand among groups of observers that watched some unexplained lights hovering in the air above France.

What we saw then tallies closely with innumerable reports on UFOs given since by a wide variety of sober and competent witnesses. On one occasion a party of four of us-including a lieutenant colonel-watched a pulsating red fireball sail up silently to a point directly over the American-German front lines in 1944 during the battle of Normandy. It stopped completely for 15 minutes before moving on.

I witnessed a similar performance again in early 1945 in Paris, along with 50 or 60 Frenchmen gathered around me, at the Place d’Concorde near the U. S. Embassy. We all saw the same thing. It was neither an hallucination nor a “temperature inversion.”

Still I cannot guess what it was actually because the celestial body was glowing with a pulsating, intermittent light which precluded the possibility of observing the outlines of the strange craft-if craft it was! Who knows?

Let me qualify this observation by pointing out at the start that there is-and always has been-a great schism among the aficionados. One segment is interested in the scientific approach alone and collects data for down-to-earth evaluations. The other group, sometimes called “contactees,” gets into the mystical wild blue yonder and assert they are in personal or telepathic communication with the flying saucers.

Nearly all of my own contacts in this interesting field are with the scientific clan-centered in the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), directed by Maj. Donald E.

MARCH, 1962                             17

Keyhoe, USMC-ret., 1536 Connecticut Ave., Washington 6, D.C. It includes many professional men on the highest plane, including Vice-Adm. R. N. Hillenkoetter, USN-ret., former head of CIA. Other UFOlogy groups that have done serious work include: (1) Civilian Saucer Intelligence of New York, 245 W. 104th .St., New York 25, N.Y., Alexander D. Mebane, Admin. Vice Pres.; (2) Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, 4145 E. Desert Place, Tucson, Ariz., Mrs. Coral Lorenzen, Director.

A vast number of books about the so-called flying saucers have been written. Here are several I suggested on “Story Line” at CBS: “The Book of the Damned” by Charles Fort; “Flying Saucers and the Straight Line Mystery” (Criterion) by Aime Michel; “The Report On Unidentified Flying Objects”. (Doubleday) by Edward J. Ruppelt and three outstanding works by Keyhoe “Flying Saucers From Outer Space” (Holt), “The Flying Saucer Conspiracy” (Holt), and “Flying Saucers: Top Secret” (Putnam).

All of these books lend credence to the notable statement of Dr. Albert Einstein, who, when questioned about UFOs, replied: “Well, people are seeing SOMETHING up there!”

Other books also have been written debunking the Saucerians. The best of these is “Flying Saucers and the U.S. Air Force (Van Nostrand) by Lt. Col. Lawrence J. Tacker, USAF.

The NICAP group in Washington has long pressed for an official congressional investigation of the UFOs and have had encouragement from some prominent members of Congress-in particular the new House majority leader, Congressman McCormack, D-Mass.

Many others have expressed interest, too. Let’s see what happens!


We are down to virtually zero in our supplies of 1956 yearbooks of Understanding magazine. This predicament necessitates two things:

1. We’ll have to take the 1956 yearbook off the market.

2. We need a copy of it for the Understanding rental by mail library now organized by Buffalo Unit #37. If you have a copy you’d be willing to donate, please send it to: Understanding Book Lending Library, c/o Marie Henderson, 71 Allendale Road, Buffalo 15, N. Y.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Here are the answers to the ESP test conducted by Oklahoma City, Okla., unit #44 on Feb. 16, 1962:

10:00 to 10:05: the number was 3.

10:05 to 10:10: the color of the disc was black.

10:10 to 10:15: ball, block or hoop? It was a ball.

10:15 to 10:20: the card was a seven of diamonds.

10:20 to 10:25: It was Life Magazine, a January, 1962, issue.

10:25 to 10:30: the mystery object was a ladies’ red shoe.

The next ESP test. will be conducted on Friday, March 16. Here’s how the test goes

On the 3rd Friday of each month Understanding Unit #44, Oklahoma City, Okla., will conduct the following E.S.P. test program, starting promptly at 10:00 P.M., Central Standard Time.

A card table; covered with a white cloth, will be placed in the center of the room and all members present will be SENDING the following information

10:00 to 10:05-We will. place on the card table an 8½ x 11 sheet of white paper on which will be ONE number about six inches high. Numbers will run from 1 through 0- That is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0.

10:05 to 10:10-We will have on hand five colored discs approximately 6 inches in diameter. ONE of these discs will be placed in the center of the table during this period. Colors of the discs will be-Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Black.

10:10 to 10:15-A ball (size of tennis ball), a small square block (selected from a child’s block set) and a small hoop or ring, approximately 4 inches in diameter, will be on hand and one of these will be placed in the center of the table. Objective will be to get the object used, its color and the letter on the top side of block.

10:15 to 10:20-A card selected from a regular deck of bridge cards will be placed in the center of the table.

10:20 to 10:25-We will place either a magazine or book in the center of the table and thought will be concentrated on the size, color and name of the book or magazine.

10:25 to 10:30-We will place a MYSTERY object on the center

* Copy reads: “red ladies show.”

MARCH, 1962                             19

of the table. It will be some object commonly found around the average home. It might be a pencil or pen.

Accurate records of each test will be furnished UNDERSTANDING MAGAZINE and each issue will carry the correct solution of the test for the preceding month. In this way you can grade yourself and, we hope, watch your ESP abilities develop month by month.

On these same nights a second series of tests will be conducted for those who feel their capabilities are developed to the point. where they can receive more than one thought at a time. Starting at 10:30 P.M., we will send the following information

10:30 to 10:35-We will place five of the above mentioned numbers across the table to form a five digit number. (Example 35604). Numbers will be laid out from West to East.

10:35 to 10:40-We will place the five colored discs across the table in a line. The object will be to see them in the right order. Left. will be West-right East.

10:40 to 10:45-We will place the ball, the block and hoop (mentioned above) across the table in a line. Objective will be to see them in their correct order.

10:45 to 10:50-We will place five playing cards across the table in a line. The objective will be to name the suit and count of each card from left to right. West to East.

10:50 to 10:55-We will place another book or magazine on the table. The objective will be to see its location on the table, also its shape, color and name.

10:55 to 11:00-Another mystery object will be placed on the table and objective will be to get as much detail as possible in addition to what the object is.

This last thirty minute series of tests will be used as a control to see how many persons are trying the tests and the only way you will be able to get the correct solution to these tests will be to send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Unit #44, 2856 N.W. 18 St., Oklahoma City 7, Oklahoma.

——— ♦ ———

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

bulletin board

EL MONTE, Unit #l, has launched a project to conduct research on other organizations in the New Age field and write essays on them. The reports will be shared with unit members and portions of them may subsequently appear in Understanding magazine.

SAN FRANCISCO, Unit #11, reports that Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dachner are moving to Roville, Calif. Their resignations as president and financial secretary, respectively, Lave been noted with great regret. During February, the unit entertained Peter Willard of Berkeley, speaking on “Light Energy Manifestation.”

RIVERSIDE, Unit #22, has become part of the World Prayer Circle. Prayer is conducted during a 24-hour period on the 13th of each month as part of a world chain. During December, Marianne Francis addressed the unit on “The New Age and the New Dimensions.” Dana Howard spoke during Feb. The unit put out an ambitious newsletter recently outlining its many objectives and projects.

TWIN CITIES (Minn.), Unit #41, also put out a lengthy newsletter, announcing numerous projects. The unit has opened a New Age Center of Understanding, a headquarters for meetings, classes and consultation. Also a class in the metaphysical study of cell salts.

MILWAUKEE (Wis.), Unit #50, presented Joe Simonton as speaker at its January meeting. Mr. Simonton is the man who received national publicity last April when he reported a spacecraft landing near his farm at Eagle River, Wis. Prior to Mr. Simonton’s talk, Adale S. Vaughan, unit president, spoke on “Resume of the Flying Saucer Phenomena.”

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