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VOLUME VII                                DECEMBER, 1962                                   NUMBER 12

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


The events of the recent Cuban crisis provide a rather interesting demonstration of just how much bluff is involved in the Soviet Union’s cold war tactics. Once the United States government finally got around to calling Khrushchev on one of his bluffs, he was forced to back down.

One of the little known factors in the showdown over Cuba was the fact that the United States now has some 30 times the nuclear striking power of the Soviet Union and 30 times the capability of delivering it. If a nuclear entanglement had come about, the United States would have been hurt, but the Soviet Union could well have been wiped off the map. Khrushchev knew this, and so when President Kennedy made the statement. that the launching of a missile from Cuba on ANY nation would be considered by the United States as a direct attack by the Soviet Union on the United States, subject to full retaliation, he successfully called Khrushchev’s bluff.

The Soviets managed to save face by referring to the back down as a move in the interest of world peace. And at the same time, it is probably doubtful that all Russian missiles have been removed from Cuba. Some Cuban exiles have reported that missiles are being hidden in caves. These exiles aren’t being taken very seriously by

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the United States. But, they weren’t taken very seriously either when they reported some time ago that the Russians were moving offensive weapons into Cuba.

The statement that the United States has 30 times the nuclear striking power of the Soviet Union may seem surprising in the light of the “missile gap” issue that was used during the 1960 presidential elections. Data to support these figures, however, can be found in a very interesting article entitled “Steps Toward Disarmament,” by P. M. S. Blackett in the April, 1962, issue of the magazine “Scientific American.” The data in this article tends to indicate that the Soviet strategy has been to build only enough nuclear weapons to be able to retaliate in event of an attack by the United States or any other nation, and to put all other available funds and effort into propaganda and subversion activities. The Soviet leaders apparently have recognized that they could not hope to overcome the Western powers in warfare, and are therefore attempting to do so on an ideological level.

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There was a time when this magazine’s principal problem was finding enough material to fill the pages. Some years ago your editors threatened to put out an issue with nothing but blank pages, except for a notation to the effect that this particular issue contained all of the material that had been submitted for it during the preceding month.

Today a slightly different situation faces our magazine. In one sense we have more than enough material being submitted every month, and in another sense we still have too little. Many faithful Understanding members and magazine readers have sent in lengthy articles dealing with philosophical and spiritual topics, so many in fact that it has become difficult to acknowledge them all. Quite a few of these articles have been highly inspirational, and your editors certainly recognize the amount of work that contributors must put into creating these efforts and appreciate receiving them.

In order to fulfill its purpose, however, a magazine such as ours must reach as wide a circulation as possible, and in order to do that

DECEMBER, 1962                    3

it must achieve a balance in content. Unfortunately, the lengthy philosophical and spiritual types of articles we have received in such abundance have a rather limited appeal. A recent survey of some of our readers indicates a need for more of the factual-report-on unusual-subjects type of article, such as the stories we’ve published in recent issues on “What Happens When We Die?” “The Lemurians on Mount Shasta,” “UFOs in Southwestern Oregon” and “The Rock That Made Rain.”

Your editors have a few more such articles in the works for future issues, but the subject matter available in southern Oregon and northern California for this type of writing is limited. We need to have some additional “reporters” on our staff, people who would be willing to take a little time and research some unusual subject or event and write us a report on it, 1,000 words or less, with photographs when possible. Perhaps a world-wide network of such reporters could be set up, to be used later by Radio Understanding, the radio station now under construction at Merlin, Oregon.

In order that no one will go to a lot, of time and effort on a story we cannot use, it is suggested that “reporters” contact your editors first regarding story ideas before actually doing any work on them.. Any volunteers?

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World report

Insecticides Dangerous as Raw Sewage, Doctor Says

ST. LOUIS, Mo., Sept. 29, 1962 (Associated Press) -Insecticides are as dangerous as raw sewage to public health, says a national conservation leader.

L. C. Binford, Portland, Ore., president of the Izaak Walton League, said Friday in a speech prepared for the President’s Water Control Advisory Board, that insecticides, herbicides, pesticides and detergents present as great a water pollution problem as does raw sewage.

Binford said federal, state and local governments and private industry

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

must find some way to remove these elements from rivers and streams or the national health will be endangered.

“I am, of course, primarily interested in how it affects fish and wildlife,” Binford said. “But, as a human being, I am thoroughly worried over the health hazard these insecticides and detergents present.”

Book Sparks Debate on Use of Chemical Sprays

(From United Press International, Sept. 6, 1962)

Is man poisoning his own environment by waging chemical warfare against plant and insect pests?

The question would have been dismissed as absurd 20 years ago. Today it is being seriously debated by scientists and Government officials.

It has been made relevant, if not urgent, by far-reaching change in the methods by which man carries on his age old struggle against bugs and weeds.

Before World War II, chemical poisons played a relatively minor role in this battle. Then came DDT, which was credited with saving 5 million lives during the war by controlling insect-borne diseases.

After the war, laboratories began turning out a whole arsenal of chemical pesticides-2, 4-D, Malathion, Dieldrin, and hundreds of others.

Farmers, foresters, public health agencies, housewives and home gardeners took up the new weapons with enthusiasm. Production of pesticides became a major U. S. industry, with annual sales totaling $300 million. Last year, about one billion pounds of chemical poisons were sprayed over America’s farms, forests and gardens.

The services which pesticides perform, in raising output of food and fiber and protecting public health, have been frequently extolled. But some biological scientists have come to look upon the mounting use of chemical poisons as a menace — to wildlife, to the balance of nature and to man himself.

Their viewpoint is dramatically expressed in a new book, “Silent Spring,” by Rachel Carson, author of the 1951 best.-seller, “The Sea Around Us.” Portions of Miss Carson’s slashing attack on pesticide were published by the New Yorker Magazine in June. The entire book will be published in October by the Houghton-Mifflin Co.

DECEMBER, 1962                    5

On the basis of the furor it already has raised, “Silent Spring” seems likely to rank as the most controversial book of 1962.

The National Agricultural Chemicals Association, speaking for the pesticides industry, has denounced it as “one sided and unfair.” The American Chemical Society has protested that Miss Carson’s warnings are “strongly flavored with sensationalism.”

But the Audubon Society of Naturalists and the Wildlife Federation of America have hailed “Silent Spring” as a sober and well documented report on pesticide perils.

Miss Carson, trained marine biologist who was formerly on the staff of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife service, says wholesale use of’ chemical poisons is causing “severe and, in some cases, catastrophic” losses of wildlife.

But her main concern is for human beings. Man, she says, is rapidly poisoning his own environment. He is polluting his streams, his food supply and even the air he breathes with deadly poisons which, absorbed in minute quantities over a lifetime, may have incalculably harmful effects on his health and his progeny.

She says some pesticides now in use are carcinogens-chemicals capable of causing cancer. She calls attention to their demonstrated genetic effect on lower forms of life and asks why man should assume his own species to be immune.

Finally, she charges that chemical control of pests has been vastly overrated in effectiveness. Wholesale use of man-made poisons upsets the delicate “balance of nature,” she contends and, by destroying natural checks, sometimes results in making insect pests more numerous and troublesome than before.

Miss Carson argues that far better results can be obtained against insect and plant pests, with far less danger, by employing “biological controls,” the use of nature’s own weapons, as in the introduction of a natural predator to check an insect infestation. A classic example is the widespread use of milky spore disease to curb Japanese beetles.

Smog Sears Ventura County Crops

VENTURA, Calif., Oct., 1962-Los Angeles smog has struck a costly blow to Ventura county lettuce and spinach growers, the loss estimated at nearly a half million dollars.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Growers report the heaviest concentration of smog in the history of the Oxnard plain area blew in on an east wind draft last Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The chemical laden damp air burned tender leaves of romaine, Boston “butter” and some head lettuce at the critical time of harvest.

Farm Adviser Cal Delphey explained that as soon as the outer leaves of lettuce and spinach plants are burned by smog, they are no longer able to stand up under shipping conditions and spoil within a few days.

While some of the smog might have originated in Ventura County, Delphey said he believed most of it came from the Los Angeles basin. Growers generally agreed the damage this year was the worst they had ever experienced since the Oxnard plain became a haven in the past 15 years for growers fleeing the Los Angeles area where smog crop damage is common.

(Editor’s note: If smog can burn the outer leaves of lettuce and spinach plants, one wonders what it can do to the human lungs.)

Mystery Material From Sky

(The Desert News and Telegram of Salt Lake City, Utah, reported the following on October 19, 1962:)

Great globs of white, sticky material fell from the sky Thursday afternoon and settled in balls and sheets and threads over much of the Utah Power and Light Co. Gadsby Plant, 1407 W. North Temple.

Some pieces were 60 to 70 feet long and gave the appearance of a tattered parachute. But the substance was sticky and disintegrated into nothing when stretched far enough.

Some 50 employees first saw the white material high in the sky about 2 p.m.

Pete Beloz, a transmission engineer, said, “At. first it looked like two or three parachutes coming down. Then as it came closer, we saw it was big globs of this stuff. A lot of it got tangled up in transmission lines, but it didn’t cause any trouble. It was all over the place. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

He said some of it was in big balls, other parts were in sheets and threads. “It looked like a tarantula spider web,” he said.

The material came from the north and fell from the sky for 15 or

DECEMBER, 1962                    7

20 minutes, apparently mostly in the area of the Gadsby plant.

No one knew what the mysterious substance was, but guesses ranged from something caused by the Hercules explosion Wednesday afternoon to an invasion from outer space.

Dr. Grant, Wynn of the State Health Department, informed of the phenomena Friday, said he had “no guess as to what the substance might be.”

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Each individual has formed and is forming all the time, certain habits of living, whether consciously or unconsciously, which assist or retard his spiritual growth. Just as our habits dealing with the physical and material world determine our efficiency or inefficiency in managing our lives, so do certain habits apply to our spiritual nature.

Some people are attracted to my, teachings because, they say, they do not have the time to spend in long hours of silent, meditation, as so many truth teachings recommend; that this teaching assists them to practice and live the life while going about their mundane affairs.. This does not mean however, that meditation is not important. Everyone should spend some time BEING STILL, both without and within, sitting or lying down quietly alone, meditation on the inward man, waiting to hear His Voice for direction or counsel at least for two periods a day, morning and night, and more often if possible. But aside from this, one should remember to practice THE PRESENCE, by turning within for leading and guidance in every thing he says, does; or thinks.

We learn by doing. If one remembers to practice the PRESENCE, and keeps practicing to remember, the habit will become established and nothing can prevent the light of Christ, from coming forth in the life of that individual.

The DIVINE PRESENCE within each of us is like unto a most dependable, wise and loyal friend. Isaiah called Him the WONDERFUL COUNSELOR, the Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of HIS government and peace

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from hence forth even for ever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.” Isa. 9:6,7.

Remember that your own Higher Self is the Lord God of your being. Although this SELF should be the ruler in your life, all too often we forget to consult with Him and go our own willful way. This is a mistake. If the kingdom is to be established within us with judgment and with justice, the counsel of the Higher Self is most essential. In our paper called FREE MEDITATION, which anyone can have for a self-addressed stamped envelope, we liken the Christ to a little child. This PRESENCE must grow within us until we ACTUALLY BECOME IT, or rather come to the realization that we are IT. As John the Baptist put it: “He must increase, and I must decrease.”

The mortal “I” is all too prominent in the average individual. The immortal “I AM” has been disregarded and unable to function without our consent. The freedom we are allowed to exercise has become “FREE DOOM.” The mortal I is doomed to death, because it refuses to accept the truth of being, the gift of God which is LIFE ETERNAL here and now. But those who can accept it and desire to march forward into the light will do well to form the habit of PRACTICING THE PRESENCE, each and every moment of the day, knowing that we live and move and have our being in God (Ever-present Life) and He lives and moves and has His being in us. Give up the dual thought of life and death, and realize that THIS IS LIFE ETERNAL, in which you are living right now, and act as if it is impossible for your body to age or die; because in reality one does not die, but only kills his body with bad-will thinking and other negatives that result in death of his body temple. “What house will ye build me, saith the Lord, what is the place of my rest?” Acts. 7:49.


Martha Beaker

Little Rock, Ark.

DECEMBER, 1962                    9


Unidentified flying objects appear to be making an increasingly large number of appearances over southern Oregon. At least nine sightings were reported between May 31 and Sept. 17 of this year, according to Carroll Watson of Shady Cove, Ore., whose interest in UFO sightings was reported in the April and May, 1962, issues of Understanding. When those articles appeared, we reported that Watson had compiled details on 37 Oregon UFO sightings since 1950. Today he has information on close to 50 in all.

Perhaps most spectacular of the new sightings took place on June 9 when two objects were sighted by five young men of high school age in Medford, Ore. The first of the objects, observed for 20 to 25 minutes through a telescope, appeared to be an Adamski type saucer with three porthole-like spots along the top of the dome and three landing gear type of devices on the bottom. Second, the boys observed a cigar shaped object.

One of the youths also reported having seen a star-like object on the night of May 31. The object moved in a northerly direction, then hovered for 15 minutes, then headed east. and disappeared. It was. also seen by seven other persons in the Medford area.

In mid June two 16-year-old boys were fishing in the Rogue River near Shady Cove, Ore., just after sundown when they saw a red fireball-like object coming slowly up the river just above the tree tops. It was round, made no noise and was about the size of a car, they said.

A Shady Cove woman on June 24 reported seeing an object about as large as Venus on a highway five miles north of Medford. She stopped her car and watched. First the object got brighter. Then in a space of two minutes it faded out and disappeared.

Another group of Shady Cove residents, including Watson himself, saw an object moving slowly over tree tops approximately three miles away from where they were watching. The date was June 29. The object bore two red lights which, from observation through a telescope, they judged to be about two feet apart. One of the lights was blinking on and off; the other was steady. The object had no sound, in sharp contrast to a conventional airplane which flew by

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

during the observation of the UFO. The UFO’s lights were much more intense than those of the conventional aircraft, the observers reported.

On July 29, another Shady Cove man observed a star like object move and then stop periodically as it made its way across the sky. On July 31 a Medford man saw a white light for three seconds before it disappeared behind a ridge. He said it was going too slow to be a meteor and too fast to be a flare attached to a parachute.

A cigar shaped object was observed on Sept. 17 by a Prospect, Ore., woman. It hovered for 1.0 minutes, then moved away slowly.

——— ♦ ———


Gung Hsing Wang, an attaché to the American Chinese Embassy during the second World War, wrote a book about his country and its people, hoping for a clearer understanding between the two countries.

He cited that research shows they have had knowledge of, and practiced the cosmic laws for the past 5,000 years.

It was not until the last 2,500 years, through the teachings of Confucius that they lived under a Golden Rule similar to ours-before it was mostly the welfare of the family and the sanction of God.

Wang quotes Confucius as saying, “Those who strive to bring about the Golden Rule in a World Society must first put their nation in order. An orderly nation is impossible unless the families within it are well managed. To manage the family well implies the presence of mind and the earnestness of will.”

Listen now to Confucius’ comments on applying the Golden Rule, “When the Golden Rule shall finally prevail, the World will belong to all.

“They will elect the virtuous and be able to take charge of affairs. There will be mutual trust and neighborliness. People will not only love their own parents and look after their own children, but the aged will find happiness during their remaining years. The able-bodied will be usefully employed. The young will be properly brought up. The weak, widowed, the maimed and the crippled will have care.

“There will be such a plenty of commodities everywhere that people no longer will find it necessary to own them.

DECEMBER, 1962                    11

“Conspiracies and disorders will disappear forever. This is the Golden Rule.”

Let us of America remember this and the Chinese people with understanding and compassion when they start what we choose to call the third World War.

Because according to Nostradamus they have been chosen by the Powers that Be to do this thing. Why? Because no other people can work as long hours with less food, take more punishment without complaint and they have by far the largest population; including the 11,700,000 of their wealthiest already established in Asia Minor where the war will most. likely start.

They will also pick up many allies as they move along, not India, Asia, Egypt or America, so you figure that one out.

Nostradamus says the war will last seven years, plus twenty months of skirmishes before an Armistice is signed. Then it will take five years four months to build a new World Government.

Twenty great Beings will come from a big black object in the air to help the seven remaining recognized world leaders work out this new World Government. The Eagle (America) will be fortunate. Read Daniel 12th Chapter, the first verse, to see who is our protector. Nostradamus says “And the Eagle Shall Ride on His Wrist.”

Now, who are those who will survive? Those who know and live by the Golden Rule and the Basic Cosmic laws; also those who desire and strive to understand and live by those laws.

Some basic laws I find interesting:

1. That 2X2=4, two times two, equals four, not what we are told today it means.

2. Love thy neighbor as thyself, not more. Do not let him ride piggyback on your shoulders while you carry his burdens. You have no right to do that to him or yourself.

3. Balance of labor and industry. To keep a balanced economy. Spend your money now for what you want and need. Nostradamus says our dollar will be worth one and one-fourth cents when the war is over. Spend now and keep our economy strong.

4. The law that nothing gets colder than at zero, only more condensed and still. The molecules of the atom show less vibration when cold which scientists call “order.” Heat is “disorder.”

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

5. What makes the stars sing? Those who know color-music know this law of color vibration.

6. The law of tithing, the least understood law of all. Do you know that if you give for God’s work you have the right. for a tenfold increase? But who can give freely without constantly wondering when that increase will come back to him?

No wonder Jesus said, “It’s easier for a camel to go through the eve of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven.” Not that a man does not have a right to wealth but, can he give freely without watching for the manifestation of his supply?

This is a two part law. Part two: If you use of your tithe money for personal or commercial needs, you must. replace it. tenfold. That makes a balanced law; think about it.

Nostradamus does not say when the Chinese will move out., but if you want to add the years and months stated above and subtract from the date most often quoted in the books we read, as the time the new age will come into manifestation, you will find it will not be many years.

Then remember the Chinese people with tolerance. There is none other who could stand up under what it will be necessary that they endure. They do have a reward though, at the final reckoning.

Margaret J. Barnett

Fresno, Calif.

——— ♦ ———


Dear Editors

This is to thank you for sending me several “Understandings” and printing my article (“Veganism” which appeared in the Oct., 1962, issue).

Under separate cover I am sending you a copy of “Stepping Stones.” I hope it may be of value to you. May the New Year continue to bring you physical and spiritual well-being and success in your work.

Yours for cooperation and understanding with and of all life,

C. Nimmo

Oceano, Calif.

DECEMBER, 1962                    13


(The following is another in a series from the El Monte Unit #1 Research Project on New Age organizations and ideas.)

Subud is a religious training and experience intended to help mankind towards spiritual regeneration.

The founder of Subud is Muhammad Subuh or Pak Subuh. He was born in Java in 1901 and passed “through the process of spontaneous spiritual transformation” between the ages of 24 and 27. At 33 he received the revelation that he was to transmit to all men who asked for it the spiritual Power received by him.

J. C. Bernett states: “Subud is a method of spiritual training that develops all the powers of man, purifies his nature and awakens his true self. It acts upon the physical body, the feelings and the mind, and also upon the hidden inner powers from which come healing, inner vision or clairvoyance. It gives men and women a new capacity for understanding themselves and others. The results are seen both in outer life, which becomes harmonious and effectual, and in the inner life which becomes free and strong.”

Subud is not a religion, a creed nor a philosophy but its practice adds depth and significance to all life. To become a member of Subud means merely to participate in the spiritual training and experience of the Power. There is a three month waiting period during which time the seeker acquaints himself with the nature of the experience by study and personal contact, after which he “asks” to be ” opened.”

This “opening” is given through one who has passed the experience personally. Then comes a two to three month period of practice with supervision of the Subud experience (latihan) before the exercises are practiced alone or with other groups.

The term “latihan,” associated with Subud, is explained as “a non-verbal spiritual training.” It consists in the practice of submitting one’s own personal will to the “Will of God.” As the experience is individual it can neither be described nor explained but rather must be learned by doing the exercises with those who have already received the Power.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

For those desirous of further details we suggest the interesting text by J. C. Bennett : Concerning Subud. For a complete list of Subud literature you may write: The Dharma Book Company, P.O. Box 176, Old Chelsea Station, New York 11, New York.

Kerttu Campbell

Alhambra, Calif.

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Unit 44 of Oklahoma City, Okla., would like to again take this opportunity to invite all members of Understanding and their friends to join in these E.S.P. mind-casts the third Friday evening of each month. These tests start promptly at 10:00 P.M., Central Standard Time (The same time the year round as Oklahoma stays with Standard Time instead of going to D.S.T. through the summer months).

The first thirty minutes of these tests are designed for those who are just beginning to flex their E.S.P. muscles and the last thirty minutes, from 10:30 P.M. to 11:00 P.M., are for those who find the first thirty minutes of tests too simple.

The next issue of Understanding Magazine following each series of tests carries the correct data covering the first thirty minutes of tests and any Understanding member may write Understanding Unit #44, 2856 N. W. 18 Street, Oklahoma City, Okla., inclosing a self addressed stamped envelope and receive the correct data for the last thirty minutes of tests.

The following information was mind-cast by Unit 44, Nov. 16, 1962.


10:00 to 10:05-Number, 4 (FOUR)

10:05 to 10:10-Color of Disc, GREEN

10:10 to 10:15-Ball, Block or Hoop, BALL

10:15 to 10:20-Card was, QUEEN OF DIAMONDS

10:20 to 10:25-Book or Magazine was, DICTIONARY (Webster)

10:25 to 10:30-Mystery Object was, ALARM CLOCK

If you have a friend claiming E.S.P. abilities, here’s his chance to prove it to everyone’s satisfaction.

DECEMBER, 1962                    15

Poet’s corner

Christmas Night in Santa Cruz Mountains

Starry-eyed Night

Swathed in luminous garments

Of Moon-glow,

Walks these Mountains of

The Holy Cross,

While the Voice of a Night-bird, caresses

The Silence.


by Sue.

Sue Ann Gerlach,

Los Gatos, California

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Volumes and volumes of books, pamphlets, sermons and words both written and spoken have poured forth on the subject of Truth since the beginning of mankind.

One may hear Truth expounded on almost every street corner in the larger cities. Our churches, tabernacles, temples and now television are filled with “Truth Speakers,” and as must, be, enough “Truth Seekers” to encourage the “Speakers” to continue. So it is and has been.

What is this thing TRUTH, that so many are searching for and just as many, if not more, are so willing to share with anyone who will listen

Once a man of acclaimed intelligence in his sermon shouted loudly and long that: “Truth is the key and all must search for Truth.” After listening repeatedly to these statements in his talk it came to mind perhaps this man was not truly so intelligent as had been thought. Here he was talking over an hour on Truth yet never once did he say what truth was. He did say: “Truth could not be denied… ” “Truth was man’s salvation… ” “Truth could set men free… “

Years later the realization came of why the man did not ever say just what Truth was. Indeed he was an intelligent man, a man of wisdom. All through his speech -were hidden Truths and most of them boiling down to one fact: “Truth is many things to many people.”

Once this realization took hold it did indeed open new horizons. It was not the fact that Truth itself changes-for Truth is-but the fact that the individual’s aspects change from day to day even concerning that same Truth. What is held as Truth today may appear tomorrow to be only half-truth and so it goes, and ever grows,

It was once Truth to people on this earth that it was an impossibility to pick up a piece of wire with a flat speaker on the ends and converse with people on the other side of the world. Yet today it is a very solid Truth that a, day seldom passes without most of us using this wire and speakers (phone) at least once.

When one can consciously conceive the fact that the angles and

DECEMBER, 1962                    17

aspects of Truth change (there is nothing so consistent as change) it opens up a complete new, world of understanding. It replaces arguments, anger and many other grievances with new understanding and new hope. Two people in the midst of a red hot argument are actually speaking Truth for that moment … each speaking Truth in his own aspect and W his own level of understanding of that moment.

Would it then not be more reasonable to broaden ourselves in the matter of understanding Truth? Let understanding of ever changing and expanding aspects of Truth replace any former radicalism. We have only to review our own lives to see where this growing, expanding pattern of Truth has given its own proof of these words.

As we reach forth our hands in friendship, our hearts in love and as we walk in our own aura of understanding let us not only know and feel our own developing and expanding Truth but let us also give others the benefit of allowing them the freedom of their own growing Truths. Let us truly realize TRUTH IS MANY THINGS TO MANY PEOPLE, and in our meditations and prayers ask for our own growth of Truth to make itself known and shown thru us.

Margo Sylvester

Brotherhood of Man

Sedona, Ariz.

——— ♦ ———





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Below is a list of individuals who have tape recorders and who would like to hear from you on tape. If you’d like to get into tape “circulation” why don’t you send us your name and address and we’ll list you here too.

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2. “COMPUTER DESIGN” programmed to evaluate reality as does the symbolization of the Human Mind.

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DECEMBER, 1962                    19

bulletin board

Giant Rock Report

The ninth annual Giant Rock Convention was hosted by Mr. and Mrs. George Van Tassel on October 27th and 28th. Argosg Magazine commissioned a reporter to do a factual report on both the convention and the work of some of the guest speakers. The selection of “Miss Outer Space,” a charming 16 year old redhead named Vena; and the development of a Polaroid snap of one of the speakers which revealed three UFOs, added to the excitement.

Perhaps the underlying feeling of the convention was one of mutual understanding and dedication of purpose as expressed in the paragraph below by Mrs. Donald Knight of Ventura, Calif.

“We need quickened minds and men of action to meet the problems of today. The speakers are right in that we need changes in our thinking to meet with these problems. There are higher and better ways of doing things. There is a higher learning.”

Speakers included George Van Tassel, Orfeo Angelucci, Dan Fry, John Otto, Frank Stranges, Riley Crabb and Max Miller. Also present were Dana Howard, Gabriel Green, Calvin Girvin and Michael X. Barton. George Adamski sent a telegram expressing regret for his inability to be present.

Radio Station Foundation Poured

The foundation and floor of the radio station at Merlin, Ore., have been poured and the construction of the walls will have been started before this issue of Understanding is distributed.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Last month’s donations, which totaled $53, increased the radio fund to $561.06. The recent contributors were M. F. Crocker, Compton, Calif.; Charles Rhoades, Oklahoma City, Okla. ; Edwin J. McMahon, North Hollywood, Calif.; May and Don Knight, Ventura, Calif.; William Duerst, Los Angeles, Calif.; Sibyl Wallett, Medford, Ore., and Unit #15, Los Angeles, Calif.

Public Library Buys Books

The county library at Placerville, California, has just ordered several of Dan Fry’s books, and the librarian commented that she understood there was a waiting list for The White Sands Incident, which already is on the library shelves.

News of the Units

NEVADA CITY, Calif., Unit #2, reports that, “Our meeting this afternoon was very fine. It was decided that, for the winter months we would hold our meetings from 1:30 to 3:30 P.M., the first Wednesday each month.” Fourteen were present, and four new members signed up. More are anticipated.

DETROIT, Mich., Unit #28 – The new treasurer, Victor T. Kucharek, sent the unit’s monthly donation to Understanding Headquarters and ordered twelve copies of the October issue of Understanding.

SAYRE, Pa., Unit #51-Marie Porter, secretary, said in a recent letter, ” . . . I would like to tell you of a sighting of a flying saucer, by myself. I was out in my backyard, looking at the sky, as I do quite often. I saw this object. traveling from northeast to southwest, at a terrific rate of speed. It was oval shaped and sort of gold colored. I was very excited when I saw it, because I knew what it was, but I was able to see it for only a few seconds.”

NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C., Canada Unit .#1-New members are gradually being added. The secretary, Louise Blanchard, reports that she has seen spaceships near the North Shore Mountains but not close enough to get a close look at them.

-Charles Bryan

Merlin, Ore.

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