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VOLUME VII                                NOVEMBER, 1962                                   NUMBER 11

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


LET US IMAGINE a small tropical island in the South Seas, where the waters teem with edible fish, the jungle is full of game, and all sorts of fruits and vegetables grow freely and with no cultivation. If we assume that. the entire population of this island consists of half a dozen people, and if no outsiders ever visit this island, we can readily see that there would be little or no reason to create the medium of exchange which we call money.

If one member of the group chanced to be more agile than the others, and therefore better able to climb trees and gather fruit, another would prove more adept at catching fish, while a third might develop superior methods of hunting game, etc. In this case, each of these individuals would find himself with a surplus of the particular commodity or service in which he specialized, but it would be relatively simple to arrange a direct exchange of goods or services. There would be no need to create an artificial medium of exchange. This method of direct exchange of goods and services is known as the barter system.

Such a system would operate quite efficiently, so long as there were only a few persons involved, and provided that their needs were few and simple. As the community grew in size and population, however, and as the total number of available goods and services

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

increased, the hunter would find that he had less and less time available for hunting because it required more and more of his time to locate those who wished to trade for the meat. Eventually, centers of trade would be established-specific locations where all those who had a surplus of any commodity could congregate, so that the exchange could be made more quickly and efficiently.

This market place would solve a part of the problem of exchange, but there would still be difficulties. The hunter would discover that it. frequently happened that the individual who desired the meat did not possess the commodity for which he wished to trade, and that those who did have the commodity he wanted had no particular need, at the moment, for his meat. If he were to dispose of his surplus, and at the same time fill his own needs, a complicated and roundabout series of trades would have to be undertaken. It would soon be realized in the community that there was a need for a medium of exchange-a single symbol of value which could represent: a fish, a cut of meat, a basket of fruit or an afternoon’s work on a building project. And so money comes to our little tropic isle, solving some of our problems, but bringing with it a host of others.

The object or material which is chosen as a medium of exchange must be something which is acceptable to everyone. If the fisherman is to exchange his fish for mere symbols of value, be must, be sure that the hunter or fruit gatherer will accept these same symbols in exchange for their products. Suppose we consider the use of sea shells as money on this particular island. We can readily see that we would have to choose a particular kind of shell which was not too plentifully found along the beaches. Otherwise the fisherman, instead of trading his fish for the shells, would find it simpler to walk along the beach and collect his own. When we have chosen a particular kind of shell to use as money, its value in trade will automatically be determined by its scarcity. If the fisherman, while diligently combing the beach, can find an average of two shells per hour, and if while diligently fishing, he could catch an average of one fish per hour, then two shells would be equal in value to one fish, since they represented the same amount of human effort. This ratio would hold true until the total value of all the shells in use was equal to the total value of all the goods and services available.

Since the shells have no inherent value and are simply symbols of

NOVEMBER, 1962                    3

the goods and services which they represent, if more shells are introduced, the value of each will decline, and the shell seeker will find it more profitable to go fishing. Thus if we adopt as a medium of exchange an object, that has no intrinsic value, and yet requires a certain amount of human effort to obtain, we will have a money system which is inherently stable since it is controlled entirely by the law of supply and demand, which is a natural law that requires no human agreement or legislation.

So long as the medium we call money remains a simple symbol of the values created by human effort and achievement, no great problems or hazards to the development, of the race will arise. There are two elements, however, which have always become a part of our money system, which do not create such problems and hazards. These elements are called credit and interest.

The word credit refers to a transaction in which goods or services are transferred at once, to be followed at a later date by the exchange of the equivalent symbol of value. In this case credit is a harmless and frequently useful part of the money system. The danger lies in the fact that the concept of interest almost invariably becomes a part of credit dealings.

The fisherman who is furnishing some of his fish to his neighbor reasons thus: “I am giving my neighbor three fishes which have a value of two seashells each, but my neighbor does not have the shells to pay me now. He will not be able to give them to me until the next moon. In the meantime I will be deprived of the possession of the shells which are rightfully mine. I should have something to compensate me for this period of waiting. Therefore, I will demand that my neighbor give me seven shells instead of the six which represented the value of the fish.”

While this appears to be a reasonably logical argument, the development of a system of interest brings with it a great hazard to the welfare of the society which makes use of it. The reason is that money ceases to be a simple symbol of goods or services, and becomes a separate entity, a thing which is capable of growing, reproducing and adding to itself without reference to the goods or services which it was created to represent.. Money becomes a symbol of power and authority instead of being the evidence of the creation of value which it was intended to be. If money becomes a symbol

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

of power and authority, it follows that many people will desire it, seek it, and even worship it, purely for its own sake, and in so doing they will begin to create the host of evils which we find connected with our money systems today.

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Emmanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), Scandinavia’s foremost scientist, physicist, and theologian, declared “all Planets and Fixed Stars are Inhabited.” This great genius probably was the first accredited astronomer to have made such a claim. In his prolific writings, translated from Latin, Swedenborg had much to say concerning life on the other planets. He also propounded a theory of MOTION in connection with magnetic principles.

In this atomic age what does this 17th Century revelation mean? One answer would be that Swedenborg was three hundred years ahead of his time, for he seemed to comprehend the principle of Magnetic Force by which it is believed that flying discs (UFO’s) operate. His rich mind, probably the most advanced, versatile and extra-sensory since the time of the Ancients, explored every field of learning during his eighty-four years of life.

Referring to people per-se, all are spirits whether on this planet or another; whether in the body or beyond! Therefore Swedenborg assumed that an enlightened man would know that his spirit (individual ego) exists in stages, i.e., first in the physical or third dimension, and later (after death, so-called), in the ethereal or fourth dimension. “Man rises again as to his spirit, and is in the human form,” quotes the Swedish sage, “but man rises again only as to his spirit, and not as to his body.” He explains the difference, however; the ethereal body being light in weight and vibration, the physical coarse and ponderous in weight. “And,” continuing the subject, “he is to each and in every particular a man.”

That this man was able to use his sixth and seventh senses to our lasting profit we cannot doubt, when we reflect on recorded testimony: “All this I see and know,” he told Gjormell of the Royal Library of Stockholm, “without becoming the subject of hallucinations and without being fanatic; but when I am alone my soul is, as if it were, out of the body, and in the other world; in all respects I am visible there as I am here.”

NOVEMBER, 1962                    5

In this state Swedenborg wrote voluminously of the people from Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and the strange Moon people. He also wrote concerning five Earths in the Starry Heaven. Of the last, he mentioned, “I was led again to another earth which is in the universe out of our Solar System. In the way of progression I was enabled to observe how immense the Lord’s heaven is: for the parts uninhabited I was led to conclude that it was so immense, that if there were myriads of earths, and on each a multitude of men as great as in ours, there would still be a place of abode for them to eternity, and it would never be filled, for it did not represent a hundred millionth part of the extent uninhabited.”

When the Astral traveler inquired of one of the group concerning their houses, he said, “They are low, of wood, with a flat roof, around which projects eaves sloping downward. Of their food they said they drink milk with water, and that they have milk from cows that are woolly like sheep.”

Concerning worship and Divine revelation, they replied, “Every thirtieth day the nations with their families assemble and hear preaching. Revelation comes early in the morning, in a state between sleep and wakefulness, when they are in interior light not yet interrupted by the bodily senses and by worldly things. They then hear angels (presumably perfected spirits) speaking Divine Truths, and when they awaken, an angel in a white garment appears to them by their bed, who then suddenly disappears from their sight; and that from this they know that they have heard it from heaven.” On this earth (unknown to man) it was related that their Sun had a flamy appearance; that the length of their year was two hundred days and their days nine hours long, according to Swedenborg’s calculation.

Emanuel Kant, the renowned German philosopher, begged for an audience with the Scandinavian mathematician and scholar but because of travel limitations had to send a friend instead, a man whose name was Green. Mr. Green was told that the answers to Mr. Kant’s inquiries would be found in a recently published volume, “Divine Love and Wisdom.” This work has a special appeal to the philosophic mind by the reason of the author’s knowledge of anatomy and physical sciences which he used to illustrate his theological tenets. Among Swedenborg’s earlier works he published “The Economy of the Animal Kingdom,” “The Principle” and `The Infinite and

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Final Cause of Creation.” He found that our Lord is supreme in all the Galaxies, but that in the outer reaches of space He is perceived as a Celestial sphere, from the center of which the Lord emerges.

Sea navigation was simplified immeasurably as the result of Swedenborg’s method of calculating longitude, determined by the fixed stars. As a youth his agile mind teemed with new ideas and inventions. He sent drawings home from the Continent where he finished his linguistic and anatomical studies; these embraced such ideas as flying ships, submarines, a universal musical instrument. Truly Swedenborg has no modern parallel!

Mrs. Gladys Iris Clark

San Diego, Calif.

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The state of hypnosis has been known to all of the civilized world since time immemorial. Hundreds of years ago, the Finns spoke of the trance experience in their epic poem called the “Kalavela.” The Greeks had their “Sleep Temples” where the priests induced a trance like state in ill persons and they remained in this state in the temple room for days to rejuvenate their bodies. The Tibetans and the Yogins practice a particular form of entrancement which differs somewhat from that with which we in the West are familiar. The Balinese teach hypnosis to their children as soon as they are old enough to comprehend what the parent is trying to impart, to them.

Experts in the field of psychic studies have, for years, been trying to “pin down” the true nature of hypnosis. So far, no one has been able to adequately define it, as it has not been proven to be an “entity.” It is not “concrete.” You cannot hold it in your hands, nor can you see it. What we do see and feel is the accompanying phenomena. The simplest “working” definition that has been devised was given by a doctor living here in California. He said that “The Hypnotic state is merely an extension of the process of normal attention.”

If one will stop and ponder this statement, he will realize that he has experienced hypnosis many times without realizing it. Any speaker who holds your undivided attention has guided you into a

NOVEMBER, 1962                    7

light state of hypnosis. Any movie or television picture that causes you to lose awareness of your immediate surroundings has produced in you an hypnotic state. If you become so engrossed in a book that you do not hear someone call you, you have entered a trance state. Many words that we employ in speaking of hypnotic processes must be understood in relationship to this art as practiced in the western world. The Greek word “hypnos,” meaning sleep, was first used in connection with this relaxed state by an Englishman named Braid because it appeared to him that his subject was asleep. Actually, the hypnotic state and the sleep state are not related in any manner. One can be in the hypnotic state and appear to be wide awake. The casual observer would be unable to single out a trained somnambulist from a group of persons. Hypnosis is not a “trance” that you “go into” and “come out of” in the sense that once you enter it, you are held there at the mercy of the operator. Hypnosis as we practice it produces a trance state that is peaceful and profoundly relaxing. The subject only enters it on his own volition. He is aware at all times of what is transpiring about him. On the other hand, the Yogi and Shaman trance ensues as a result of sheer exhaustion. They become unconscious and are controlled by other entities. There are many more fallacious ideas in relation to this experience but we will not dwell on any more of them at this time.

Actually, the hypnotic state is autogenic or self induced. The operator can only guide the subject, he cannot force him. If the subject transfers his confidence to the operator and goes along unquestioningly with his directions, a state of profound relaxation will ensue. The conscious mind slowly recedes into the background and the subconscious mind assumes a more predominate role in the functioning of the subject. He enters a state or condition of “detachment” as he allows the trance to deepen. As stated earlier, this is a “blissful” state in which he is aware of happenings round about but, these external stimuli do not seem to concern him unless they appear to infringe on his safety. A person in hypnosis will not respond to any suggestion that is not in accord with his moral or religious training. He will either refuse to carry out the suggestion or awaken from the trance. If danger should arise when a person is in this state, the trance would be broken at once. There is always an innate portion of the personality that has been reserved and withheld

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

from the impersonal relationship that protects the subject in all situations.

The trance state is a neutral one. The good subject enters it and remains there in a seemingly “suspended” condition until directed to respond in some manner by the operator. A few of the applications of this neutral state are in the fields of medicine, education, personal improvement, and crime and psychic research.

The properly conducted induction and subsequent session is not and cannot be fraught with the dangers that some psychiatrists would have you to believe are just waiting to be released when the subject relaxes. One well known doctor has said that the “trouble with hypnosis is that it is not dangerous enough.” The ability to relax without trying, as learned in hypnosis, is well worth anyone’s effort to obtain it. This is only the beginning of what one can experience in this endeavor.

We will write more on specific applications at a later date if you so desire.

Edwin A. Koupal

5101 Ortega St.

Sacramento, Calif.

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Perfect love casteth out fear. 1 John 4:18.

This verse from the Bible is a wonderful thought to remember and keep in mind always, as it can help us in so many ways. Anyone who has to be alone at night, or travel to a great extent will find comfort in this verse. Many sick people on their way to the operating table are given this same verse by their minister to take with them and it brings great, comfort. Their is no fear in love. God has planted in us the love, the true love that we need for this life. What we love and how we love shapes our lives. If we love wealth and earthly things we will always be seeking, but not. finding. But if we choose the spiritual things, our blessings will increase abundantly. St. Augustine once wrote about God’s love for the individual: “Thou carest for every one of us, as if thou carest for him only; and so for all as if there was but one.” We should be thankful each day for God’s love, that nothing in this world can separate us from Him.

NOVEMBER, 1962                    9

Christ’s love was beyond anyone’s imagination, the love he had for the whole world and its people was a self-giving love, even to the end of His life here on earth; when He died, saying, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” With this great power of Love He was able to forgive all those that. were against Him. God’s Love also gives us the power to forgive each other. We also can consider Love as The Great Power to obtain Peace and Understanding.

Mrs. Louise Shay

Unit #51, Sayre, Pa.

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(The following is another in a series from the El Monte Unit #1 of Understanding research project.)

Since the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Beings can only come to the assistance of mankind upon our invitation, the Bridge to Freedom Activity has come into being “to establish `The Bridge” from the Human to the Divine and to give God Illumination to all who wish it until all nations, creeds, races and beliefs have at least a tolerance and kindly feeling of Brotherhood. . . “

According to the teaching “The Bridge” denotes a bridge of energy from Heaven to Earth which is built from the prayers, decrees and petitions of the students who work with the ascended Masters such as Jesus, Buddha, St. Germaine and others. “It is the instruction given forth by the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings on how to purify and harmonize the four lower bodies .. so that each one may `sow’ only what brings perfection into his world, and how to liberate the Christ. Within and thus fulfill his reason for being. “

It is further stated in their Primary Instructions pamphlet that The Bridge to Freedom Activity has come forth for the purpose of acquainting you (and all mankind) with a further understanding of God and his Messengers and the Divine Plan for you and the planet, and that the Cosmic moment of opportunity has opened be-fore you, to show you how to assist at this time of Cosmic import. “‘

The teachings are given in series of lessons, printed in pamphlet form. They include eight series of addresses by the Ascended Master;

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

a series of Primary Lessons; a booklet which gives detailed instruction on The Creation, The Hierarchy, The Purpose of the Seven Rays, etc. The set of Primary Lessons include such titles as Whence, Why and Whither?; The Violet Flame, and There is No Death.

Information on these teachings as well as on The Bridge to Freedom monthly journal may be had by writing to:

The Bridge to Freedom, Inc., P. 0. Box 777, St. James, L.I., N.Y.

——— ♦ ———


Near the entrance to a small, picturesque museum in Fort Jones, Calif., lies an object called the Indian Rain Rock. The rain rock is a two ton piece of stone which was uncovered accidentally by a road crew working with a scraper at Gotville on the Klamath river.

It was dug up and taken to Fort Jones in 1955. The rock is covered with Indian markings and pitted with holes. Indians have explained that it is a ceremonial rock and used by their ancestors to bring rain when their crops needed it. They did not wish it to be moved from its resting place at Gotville.

Legend has it that the Indians pounded holes into the rock with such force that there was a terrible flood, so the rock was buried in order this might never happen again. Indians say that weather conditions changed soon after the rock was uncovered and taken to Fort Jones, and the Indians begged that it be covered or buried again.

The rain rock’s fame spread over the United States and many letters were written asking the men who built the museum that they either cover or uncover the rock as need for rain or dry weather presented itself in the different localities.

Area residents viewed the rain rock in a 49’er parade one year and to insure fair weather a tarpaulin was erected over the flat bed truck like a roof.

There are many other interesting stories about the rain rock. For instance it was in September, 1955, that haystack fire burned hundreds of acres of forest, and it started down the Klamath river. In December of the same year, a flood took its toll of life and property. Many people believed it. was because the rain rock was uncovered that year and moved from its resting place.

NOVEMBER, 1962                    11


The many holes pounded in this rock are said to have been made to bring rain when the earlier day California Indians needed it for their crops.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Miracles do happen. One has happened to me. I am writing this lying in a hospital bed. But although I am in a hospital bed, there is nothing wrong with me now, and that is part of the miracle. For this is a Tuberculosis Sanitarium, and twelve weeks ago I had active T. B., according to scientific tests and X-rays.

The biggest part of the miracle however, was achieved within ten days of entering the Sanitarium, when I called for Healing Help, and received it by thought-force prayer from one man. He is a business man, modest, unassuming and a veritable power house when he starts to heal with prayers. I should say my case is unique, for how many other cases have been healed in such a manner?

This is how it all came about. Helen E- invited me over to her house to meet a local speaker. She said he had founded Great Western University-unique in itself in that it pays no salaries, literally giving its teachings away at the cost of reproducing them to be sent through the mails. All the professors and the staff give their skills to mankind. This speaker, a Dr. Eugene E. Whitworth, believed in thought-force prayer. He even protected expeditions into hazardous areas of the world by this technique.

“I know he sounds crazy,” Helen said. “But he’s not … really!” But I’m not sure I believed her at that time. Since knowing him now for almost three years, I can only say he is not only very sane he works miracles with this thought-force. Being around him I got accustomed to the unusual.

However, I wasn’t impressed that first, night we met. I was mildly curious, and determined to be critical. But there was little to be critical about! Certainly his tweed coat could have stood a better press, and his shoes were those of a man who had spent a long day in the office. He looked like nothing more than a business man. His wife was tall, pleasant, quite beautiful in a composed and relaxing way. They didn’t seem to me to be “different.”

Dr. Whitworth-who became Gene to all of us inside five minutes-was a big man, with a thick chest, dark hair, and a curiously relaxing vitality. From his conversation we gathered that he thought of himself as a business man who sweated out his daily bread. But the first indication of difference was this-he was proud of working

NOVEMBER, 1962                    13

for a living, proud of doing his part in this society. He didn’t expect “someone” to feed him because he and his wife had precious gifts. Both he and his wife had a lusty, laughing approach to life, and they were obviously in love with each other and with life itself. But there was no “goody goody” or “holy religious” approach about them. They, lived a terrific life unassumingly.

As the evening wore on I made up my mind that this was no ordinary mortal-just an ordinary hard working business man. How right and how wrong I was-as you shall see.

At last Helen introduced him to the group for his “little talk.” “He goes into the hazardous places of the world in search of some of the most ancient religious rituals. He never takes firearms. He says he prefers to travel “without guns and with God.”

He began. his talk-an explanation of a safari into a very dangerous jungle-with these words: “My wife and I believe that God walks with his arms around our shoulders… We cannot be in hazard.” And there was something about him that electrified the group. He told about his travels into the Lacandon Jungle in search of information on the religious techniques of the ancient Mayans in the use of thought-force prayer and chants in healing. He discussed techniques which might aid in developing extrasensory perception and effective prayer. By the time he had reached the closing part of his speech and made the point that such powers could never be used safely unless in the service of humanity, I had reached the most important decision of my life. I knew I just had to have that man as my personal teacher.

No philosophy I had ever studied-from Christianity to Yoga was so clear, so simple, and so apparently effective as his simple faith. So I went up to him after the talk. Others crowded around, but when his eyes held mine, we seemed to be alone. He seemed to be seeing right into the back of my brain. And we said very little. But there was such a wonderful exchange that I began to realize that words are not necessary-in fact they may even get in the way.

“The teacher-student relationship is not to be rushed into. Study me, and if you find a flaw don’t come back. For if I take you as a student I must assume responsibility for you-even financially.” Thoughtfully he added: “If you accept me as a teacher, you must

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

give complete trust and confidence.” (I was not to know for three years how seriously he meant those words.)

I studied him for a year. I found that he was always helping others. His phone was busy up until eleven at night with those who called for help, for healing, for prayers of the powerful kind he seems to be able to send. I found that he would never accept a cent for any of his work-not even a gratuity!

“I’m independently wealthy,” he jokes. “I got my wife a job yesterday.”

If money came to him, he turned it outward to the use of others. I also enrolled in Great Western University Correspondence Division and studied their course which be helped to write-ranging from physics to metaphysics. It is all unified into a single course. Time after time people said to me such things as: “He saved my sanity”; “I think I should have died for him,” or “he changed my life completely.”

My wife Peggy fell completely in love with Gene and Ruth. When one of our daughters fell ill she called him, and would only call our doctor when Gene firmly insisted.

“What is the use?” Peggy asked as she dialed our family doctor. “Prayer-force will do as much as pills!”

Before the doctor arrived my child’s fever dropped from 104 to 99 degrees, and the doctor was peeved at being called out at night on a wild goose chase.

I obtained and read from cover to cover, two of Gene’s books. The first “The Priceless Ingredient,” is man’s relationship to man. The second “The Technique of Effective Prayer” is man’s relationship to himself and to God, which I read in manuscript form, and for which I was privileged to write the preface. Two greater books have never come into my hands. Another manuscript of his travels is in the process also, and they are veritable gold mines of information for those who “follow the path.”

As time went on my life became more and more complex and confusing. My job was not to my liking, and I wanted to get some added education but at this time couldn’t afford to try. I wanted to become a Chiropractor, to assist the sick in mind and body, but didn’t have the money for the necessary four years of schooling.

One day just when my life seemed completely in a mess, Gone said

NOVEMBER, 1962                    15

suddenly out of a clear slay: “Check with Ruth for some time. You need help, and there is much to do in a little time. Big changes are coming into your life.”

He became my teacher-with all the responsibility that it entails. In the first week I found my life changed. My energy soared under the exercises we used. And I had to learn a completely new way of life-I had to change my way of life from the very cell outward. In about a year Gene said: “Howard, you’ll probably want to get out of the chemical business soon. Why don’t you go to school?”

I didn’t know what he meant until three months later when I went for my chest X-rays. There were several small spots, and the subsequent tests showed positive tuberculosis. I was ordered into the T. B, Sanitarium for three to six months.

I called Gene in panic and he said, “So? You need a rest. Go get it and study!”

“But my house-payments-car, wife and kids.” “I’ll lend you money or buy your house or both.”

He did, after we thought it all through. He bought our house at more than it was worth. During the ten days I was allowed to wind up my affairs, Dr. Whitworth was using thought-force prayer and healing. From the time I was notified about the tests on May 21st, until I entered the hospital, I was continually treated. When the last X-ray was taken at the hospital one week later, it showed a complete healing, or complete stabilization.

Let me tell you all-and I hope you tell everybody else-there is no reason to abandon hope when T. B. is discovered. I have seen the excellent progress of patients around me. Very few ever “make it out” in a box, for the miracle drugs and the excellent hospital care are doing wonders in every country. So T. B. is no longer the dread killer it once was.

When I try to thank Gene he laughs. “You can do the same thing! Jesus told us that we could do everything he did. Trouble is, most of us forget that promise of His.”

Gene doesn’t think it is a miracle that I have been healed. He expected it, and I realize now, that he had hurriedly prepared me for this ordeal by his teachings. Even for this he takes no credit.

“You’re my boy,” he says in full explanation of why he would spend money to help me. Then he adds: “IF THE GOD IN ME

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING


I certainly believe in miracles. One happened to me!

Howard Winder

P.O. Box 3601, Rincon Annex

San Francisco, Calif.

——— ♦ ———


Dear People

We’ve been experiencing some strange phenomena on our T.V. set the past two nights-with the set turned off, that is. Last night we unplugged it and even that had no effect on what we were seeing! We’re wondering if other have noted anything similar recently? So far it’s entirely visual-no sound. Pulsating lights from disc or elliptical shaped objects, hovering, then moving slowly to new positions. Rays or beams of light- Several times an explosion or brilliant flash of light (almost blinding) has been observed. Last night we saw an object (glowing), oval shaped, moving from left to right diagonally across the screen. Last time this business lasted for 40 minutes before screen finally darkened. We’ll keep a careful watch from now on-if anything occurs of importance we’ll let you know. In the meantime we’ve very curious to know of any other experience of this nature.


Mr. and Mrs. Francis B. Scott

5330 N. Muscatel, San Gabriel, Calif.

Dear Friends:

Just a line to thank you ever so much for the canceled stamps received this morning. We also want to thank you for the publicity you gave our stamp project in the July issue of your magazine.

In 1961 we sold enough of these stamps to deliver over 750 tons of food. And during the first eight months of 1962 we sold enough to deliver 711.57 tons of food …

Cordially yours,

Andrea Olsen, Stamp Secretary

Wash. Northern Idaho Council of Churches

2005 Fifth Ave., Seattle 1, Wash.

NOVEMBER, 1962                    17

Poet’s corner


As we hold High

Our Lamps of Light

And Love,

And steady hold the flames

Within the Lamps

We, blessings give

To those

Who walk within the Circle

Of this Light.

-Sue A. Gerlach

San Jose Unit #25

LIGHT is good, in whatever Lamp it burns.

-Chinese Proverb

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING


(AS MIND-CAST BY UNIT 44-October 19, 1962) From

10:00 to 10:05-Number, 6 (SIX)

10:05 to 10:10-Colored disc was, BLUE

10:10 to 10:15-Ball, block or hoop, BALL

10:15 to 10:20-Card was, KING OF DIAMONDS

10:20 to 10:25-Book or magazine, BOOK (As A Man Thinketh)

10:25 to 10:30-Mystery object, MAGNIFYING GLASS

Next test Friday, Nov. 16, 10 P.M., CST.

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bulletin board

Understanding Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of Understanding, Inc., was held Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 22 and 23, at Sacramento, Calif., with Unit .#46 of Sacramento as host.

Dr. Daniel W. Fry, president of Understanding, presided at the session, which included a meeting of the board of directors and the annual meeting of the unit delegates, at which time a new board was elected.

Elected to serve with Mr. Fry, who is an automatic member of the board, were Celia Barnes, Gerald Cooper, Steele Goodman, Ron Hansen, Charles Rhoades, Esther Stilgebouer, Cleve Twitchell and Paul Weast.

Dr. Fry gave a talk on the Merlin project and reported the progress of Radio Understanding, a New Age radio station soon to be

NOVEMBER, 1962                    19

erected at Merlin. Many of the 50 to 60 persons present made donations to the radio fund.

Unit delegates and other members present were reminded of the Understanding Tape Library at Oklahoma City (c/o Charles Rhoades, 2856 N. W. 18th, Oklahoma City 7, Okla.), through which numerous tapes may be borrowed; and of the Understanding Book Library (c/o Marie Henderson, 71 Allendale Road, Buffalo 15, N.Y.) through which books may be rented, also by mail. Readers of this magazine are invited to write to the two addresses listed to obtain information on renting tapes and books by mail.

Dan Speaks At Merlin

Dan Fry spoke to established residents of Merlin, Oregon; as well as recent arrivals at a meeting held in the Grange Hall in Merlin on October 12. The meeting was held to explain the hopes and policies of Merlin Development Company for the expansion and improvement of the community. Dan made it clear that attaining a physically, socially and spiritually successful community would take the combined efforts of all its members. He emphasized that positive thinking and action were necessary to meet the expectations of those considering Merlin for future residency. Plans for diversified small industries to provide a stable local economy were discussed.

Sayre Unit Sends Gift

In other Merlin news, Sayre, Pa., Unit #51 has joined the project in which each unit of Understanding is sending an item to the Understanding office at Merlin. Members of the Sayre unit sent a large volume on “Birds, of the World.” The gift is greatly appreciated.

Coming Lectures

Saturday, Nov. 24, 1962, Larry Chatterton, radio announcer and lecturer for the Association for Research and Enlightenment, will speak on the topic “Lost Atlantis to Rise Again” when he addresses the Inglewood Unit of Understanding at 8 p.m. in the Business and Professional Women’s Clubhouse, 820 Java St., Inglewood, Calif.

News of the Units

INGLEWOOD, Calif., Unit #15, in September heard a lecture by Riley Crabb, director o£ Borderland Research Associates. The talk dealt with data and illustrations which indicate that the moon is inhabited. Mr. Crabb also analyzed the controversial color photo

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

taken by Lt.-Col. John Glenn. In October, Mrs. Hope Troxell presented scientific and spiritual data received from the Master Teachers of higher realms and planets. The information was given to prepare men for the future.

SAYRE, Pa., Unit #51, reports a second meeting every month now to experiment with psychic reception of messages and healing treatment. The unit hopes to increase its meetings to four per month and also hopes to hear Paul Weast of Buffalo, New York, Unit #37, soon.

UNDERWOOD, No. Dak., Unit #54, submits the following report for September through their new secretary-treasurer, Bernard Thomsen : “We are happy to report that we had 100%, attendance of the original group, including Melvin and Irene Swanson of Triumph, Idaho.” For the program, the Swansons and Rev. Milton Haar, also of Triumph, told about the New Age village that has just been started there.

Merlin Radio Fund

The total of the Merlin Radio Fund through October 15 was $808.06. This is an increase of $121 over the month before. The contributors this month are: R. W. Stoughton, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Eleanor and William Bryan, Selma, Ore.; Elsa Tudor de Pierrefeu, Hancock, N. H.; Paul Haggard, Placerville, Calif.; Unit #22, Riverside, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Hans Brand, Encampment, Wyo.; Helen and Clyde Trepanier, Detroit; Mich. ; Frances C. Cain, South El Monte, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Baker, Lake Isabella, Calif., and members, delegates and guests at the Understanding Annual Convention in Sacramento, Calif.





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