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VOLUME VII                                OCTOBER, 1962                                       NUMBER 10

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


OUR LITTLE PLANET has been undergoing a considerable shakeup of late, as my be noted from the following list of news items gathered from west coast newspapers during the last week of August and first week of September:

“Naples, Italy, Aug. 22- A series of 14 earthquakes rocked Naples and the surrounding areas of southern Italy Tuesday night and today, causing death, destruction and panic. The quakes, which so far have caused 12 deaths and injured more than 200 persons,, caused mass terror throughout the area.”

“Medford, Oregon, Aug. 23-A rolling sensation earth tremor was felt throughout southern Oregon about 11:30 o’clock this. morning. “

“Eureka, Calif., Aug. 24-A sharp earthquake struck a 125-mile area of the northern California and southern Oregon coast Thursday, causing considerable damage but no causalities. The tremor measured at 5½ on the Richter scale at the University of California in Berkeley.”

“Athens, Greece, Aug. 28—A strong earth tremor centered 65 miles southwest. of Athens shook Greece and southern Italy today, causing panic, one death and some property damage.”

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

“Salt Lake City, Utah, Aug. 30-An earthquake rolled through the intermountain area today, knocking down bricks, dishes and plaster from buildings in three states, but no injuries were reported. The tremor was recorded at a magnitude of 6.1 on seismographs . . .”

“Tehran, Iran, Sept. 3-A saddened and weeping prime minister Assadollah Alam inspected sections of Iran’s earthquake area today and was informed that the death toll had passed 10,000 and might go higher than 20,000 … Alam and his aides were staggered by the amount of destruction caused by the series of tremors which first struck a 13,600 square mile area Saturday night.”

“Inglewood, Calif., Sept. 3-A sharp earthquake shook a widespread Los Angeles area extending from Inglewood to Hollywood Saturday. No injuries or damage was reported.”

“Eureka, Calif., Sept. 4-Two sharp earthquakes today broke several windows and knocked canned goods off grocery shelves in this north coastal community.”

“Lebanon, Oregon, Sept. 5-A slight earthquake shook the Willamette valley area Tuesday night … The quake rattled dishes and shook houses.”

“Tehran, Iran, Sept. 5-Earth tremors today rocked Turkey and Soviet Armenia near the frontier of Iran as this nation was digging out of the ruins from an earlier quake which killed at least 10,000 persons.”

“Salt Lake City, Utah, Sept. 6-A strong earthquake shook metropolitan Salt Lake City for almost half a minute yesterday, causing widespread minor damage and forcing two schools to close for the day.”

“Istanbul, Turkey, Sept. 7 – More earthquakes near Turkey’s eastern borders with Russia and Iran were registered here yesterday. The quakes shook Igdir, about 20 miles west of the Soviet Armenian border. About 5,000 homes were reported uninhabitable.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The connection between the very large number of earthquakes, and the amount of nuclear testing that has been going on of late, may be debatable. But it does seem as though we will have to add one more term to the old mosaic law: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” and “a shake for a shake!”

OCTOBER, 1962                        3

World report

Mysterious Lights in Polar Sky

(From New Zealand Herald, July 11, 1962)

A “very strange object” has been seen over Cape Hallet, in Antartica, said the New Zealand scientific leader of Hallet Station, Mr. C. B. Taylor, yesterday.

Speaking by radio-telephone, he said the object had three yellowish-white lights, the center light being midway between the other two and much brighter than the others. The object traveled from south-west to north-east, with its highest point in the north-west about 35 degrees from the zenith.

When the object was in the northern sky, it emitted a brilliant flash of white light.

As it neared the horizon, the smaller lights disappeared in the auroral glow.

“It took about three or four minutes to cross the sky, from about 11:10 p.m. to about 11:13 p.m.,” said Taylor. “It was too slow for – a meteorite, but too fast for a satellite.”

Seven of the station crew of 18 saw the object on Saturday night and it was photographed by the all-sky auroral camera.

Fossil Remains are Found

(From South Pasadena, Calif., Review, July 4, 1962)

A treasure-trove of animal remains from prehistoric times has been. uncovered at a construction site in Oakland, only a few miles from. the University of California at Berkeley.

The discoveries, identified by the Museum of Paleontology at U. C., include the remains of a giant ground sloth, an elephant-like creature, a bear that was larger than any type either prehistoric or modern, and a bison.

The bones were unearthed recently when a bulldozer, digging an underwater tunnel between Oakland and Alameda, hacked at some

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

adobe-like hardpan and came up with a fragment that belonged to the bear.

This fossil as well as the other remains uncovered, later were turned over to John Rensberger, museum paleontologist at the University.

The animals all lived several hundred thousand years ago during the latter lee Age in the Pleistocene Epoch. Fossils of all of them except the bison have also been uncovered in past years at Irvington, south of Oakland, and in the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. Remains of a primitive bison were discovered in the 1930’s during the construction of the Bay Bridge between Oakland and San Francisco.

Scientists Unable to Identify Strange Object

EDWARDS AFB, Calif., (UPI), Aug. 9, 1962-A possibility the X-15 encountered strange phenomena in space arose today with scientists unable to identify a mysterious object both sighted and photographed by Maj. Bob White on a soaring flight by the rocket ship.

Scientists said Wednesday they could give no explanation whatsoever for the objects that appeared near the X-15 on July 17 when White sky-rocketed to a world airplane altitude record of nearly 60 miles.

“It is impossible to explain the object’s presence at this time,” space agency scientists said. “As a matter of fact, we aren’t even sure that what White saw and the camera photographed were two different objects.”

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, after intensively studying White’s sighting report and films from a tail movie camera on the X-15, released photographs of an object that darted above and behind the plane.

The photographs, taken from the movie films, reveal an object that looks like a fluttering piece of paper and which scientists describe as being “grey-white.”

White, from his cockpit near the nose of the rocket ship, reported seeing what looked to him like a piece of paper the size of his hand “going along with the ship” at an altitude of 270,000 feet-over 50 miles high.

The movie films captured shots of an object flitting past the rear

OCTOBER, 1962                        5

of the supersonic craft on the same flight and at the same altitude.

“The object-or objects-were of undetermined size,” scientists said, “because we don’t know the distance they were from the ship to make such a computation.”

Do Other Planets Face Self Destruction?

(From South Pasadena Review, July 4, 1962)

If highly technical civilizations have arisen on planets beyond our solar system, do they solve their internal problems or do they destroy themselves soon after achieving the capacity to do so?

This is one of the many questions scientists must take into account, when assessing the possibilities of interstellar communication, according to Dr. Carl Sagan, Miller Research Fellow in the Institute for Basic Research in Science on the Berkeley campus of the University of California.

“Only a short time ago we earthlings arrived at the point where it is possible to listen for signals broadcast by intelligent beings on planets of other stars,” says Dr. Sagan. “Along with this has come the finite probability that we will soon destroy ourselves. If this combination of circumstances holds true of other planets where intelligent life is present, then such civilizations may be around for such limited periods we can have little hope of communication with them. “

Many scientists are now seriously speculating that some form of intelligent life is fairly common throughout the universe, Dr. Sagan says.

Underwater Rackets

(From South Pasadena Review, July 4, 1962)

The grunts, squeaks, purrs and knocks of fish communicating with fish-sounds first discovered by the sensitive underwater listening devices developed during World War II-have meanings all their own and the U. S. Navy is trying to find out what they are. The male toad fish of Chesapeake Bay, for example, grunts to warn fish away from his nest and makes a sound like a boat whistle during the spawning season, apparently to help the female find him. The Navy has been anxious about underwater rackets since it found that the sound of enemy submarines could go undetected in schools of snapping shrimp..

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING


(The above was distributed by the NEA News Service in August, 1962.)

Deceptively resembling the traditional game of home product testing, a dozen housewives in a suburban Long Island county will presently be trying a new array of soaps and detergents in plain, unlabeled boxes.

But if it’s a game, the stakes may eventually be life and deaths as the first U.S. crash program gets underway to turn the tide of polluted water that. daily jeopardizes more and more of the nation’s spigots.

For while the grim circumstances vary from place to place, the problem across the country is basically the same.

In Suffolk County, N.Y., overbuilt in the years since World War II, it is foaming tap water-the sure giveaway of synthetic detergents flowing from cesspools into water wells.

In New York City, used and dirty detergent suds back up several stories into bathtubs and sinks-a sure sign that plumbing systems are not keeping up with rising population and startlingly increasing needs for water in industry and air conditioning.

In the Ohio River valley, where water is used, purified and re-used as often as six times again before being disposed of finally, there are frequent reports of industrial waste products polluting water.

In southern California, naturally a lackwater area, liquid sewage effluent must be reclaimed and purified to take care of a sprawling densely populated territory.

In Maryland, the indications are that detergents from coin operated laundries are washing out to sea and possibly threatening the big Chesapeake Bay oyster industry. In parts of Michigan and Florida, foaming tap water indicates overbuilding and dangerous crowding of cesspools too near water wells.

But whether we have to change our type of detergent or even go back to soap-depending on tests like Suffolk County’s new product testing-the problem of pollution will not be solved so easily. Detergent manufacturers admit their products may be partly

OCTOBER, 1962                        7

responsible for the situation. Since the end of World War II 80 per cent of our soaps have been replaced by synthetic surface acting cleaners which do not break down in ordinary ground or plant disposal as easily as animal fat soaps.

Instead, detergents behave after use in the same way they satisfy household needs-remaining fluid and sudsy, even in the hardest water areas, and seeping out of cesspools and through the ground water system or out of disposal systems and into the public water supply.

But detergents are not toxic in the strengths that cause even luxurious sudsing. Daily doses of detergents fed to animals over many years, while not, nutritious, have not caused illness.

What, the suds do indicate, health officers admit, is the inadequacy of many sewage disposal systems. Samples of foaming tap water analyzed by the Taft Sanitary Engineering Center of the U. S. Public Health Service at Cincinnati reveal that of the organic pollutants, 25 per cent comes from detergents-and as much as 65 percent are unknown.

Getting back into our drinking water along with easily discovered detergents may be matter like insecticides, industrial wastes, fuels. and other persistent by-products of our plastic era.

To complicate the problem further, increasing demands for water to irrigate our economy frequently cause serious shortages which interfere with proper sewage disposal. In one recent case a Kansas. river fell so low that the current reversed itself, sending waste from a sewage plant upstream to a city water supply.

——— ♦ ———


The Ninth Annual Spacecraft Convention at Giant Rock Airport,. Calif., will be held Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 27 and 28, announces. George Van Tassel in his latest, issue of “Proceedings.”

Giant Rock is 17 miles north of Yucca Valley, Calif., and may be reached by taking the 29 Palms Highway turnoff from U.S. Highway 99, driving to the Victorville road turnoff just east of Yucca Valley and going north, following signs to the airport.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING


Mount Shasta is a 14,162-foot mountain in Northern California some 40 miles south of the California-Oregon border. It is admired by all who pass by as a mountain of majestic beauty, but more than that it is known the world over among mystic circles as a place of great spiritual power. There have been numerous stories in occult circles telling of great beings living on or in the mountain.

The following article, however, did not appear in a book of the occult. It was published in the Los Angeles (Calif.) Times on May 22, 1932, written by one Edward Lanser. Because an article confirming the existence of fabled beings on Mt. Shasta appeared in such a major publication as the Los Angeles Times, your editors consider it to be of extreme interest and significance.

The article in its original form is rather long, so we have reprinted only the most pertinent sections. As the article begins, the author is describing how, on a train trip from the San Francisco area to Portland, he went out to see the sunrise from the observation platform as the train was passing Mt. Shasta

“Gazing upon its splendor, I suddenly perceived that the whole southern side of the mountain was ablaze with a strange reddish green light. A flame of light that grew faint, then flared up with renewed brilliance.

“My first conjecture was a forest fire, but the total absence of smoke discounted that theory. The light resembled the glow of Roman candles,

“Convinced that I had not been the victim of a mirage, I later asked the conductor about the mysterious pyrotechnics. His answer was short but enticing:

” `Lemurians,’ he said. `They hold ceremonials up there.’ “Lemurians!”

“The fact that a group of people conduct ceremonials on the side of a mountain is not of exceptional interest, but when these people are said to be Lemurians, that is startling, for the continent of Lemuria, like the lost Atlantis, disappeared beneath the ocean ages ago, and the Lemurians have long since been known as an extinct race.

“Just as soon as I had transacted my business in Portland, I

OCTOBER, 1962                        9

returned to the Mt. Shasta region, incredulous but consumed with curiosity.

“I motored toward the point of my investigation, pausing at Weed, a town near Mt. Shasta, for the night. In Weed I discovered that the existence of a `mystic village’ on Mt. Shasta was an accepted fact. Business men, amateur explorers, officials and ranchers in the country surrounding Shasta spoke freely of the Lemurian community, and all attested to the weird rituals that are performed on the mountain-side at sunset, midnight and sunrise. Also they freely ridiculed my avowed trek into the sacred precincts, assuring me that an entrance was as difficult and forbidden as is an entrance into Tibet.

“It appeared that, although the existence of these last descendants of the ancient Lemurians have been known to Northern Californians for more than 50 years, only four or five explorers have penetrated the invisible protective boundary of this Lemurian settlement; but no one has ever succeeded in entering the village; at least, no one has ever returned to tell the tale. It is of course quite possible that if anyone did manage to visit the Lemurians in their Mt. Shasta stronghold, such a person might have good and sufficient reasons to hold secret that which he may have seen.

“It’s safe to say that fifty out of a hundred people living within a reasonable distance of Shasta have at some time or other tried to approach the Lemurians, yet many-who are known to have penetrated at least part of the mystery-will vehemently deny, perhaps out of some well-founded fear, having made such an investigation or having any knowledge concerning the Lemurians.

“It began to look as though the whole affair was a matter of well-seasoned legendry- and yet, I myself had seen the strange illumination on Mt. Shasta before I had heard any of the stories that are so common in the towns surrounding the mountain.

“Just then I learned that the existence of the Lemurian descendants on Mt. Shasta was vouched for some years ago by no less an authority than the eminent scientist Prof. Edgar Lucin Larkin, for many years director of the Mt. Lowe Observatory in Southern California.

“Prof. Larkin, with determined sagacity, penetrated the Shasta wilderness as far as he could-or dared-and then, cleverly, continued

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

his investigations from a promontory with a powerful long distance telescope.

“What the scientist saw, he reported, was a great temple in the heart of the mystic village-a marvelous work of carved marble and onyx, rivaling in beauty and architectural splendor the magnificence of the temples of Yucatan. He saw a village housing from 600 to 1,000 people; they appeared to be industriously engaged in the manufacture of articles necessary to their consumption. They were engaged in farming in the sunny slopes and glens surrounding the village-with miraculous results, judging from the astounding vegetation revealed to Prof. Larkin’s spy-glass. He found them to be a peaceful community, evidently contented to live as their ancient forebears had lived before Lemuria was swallowed up by the sea.

“When Prof. Larkin concluded his investigations he had gathered enough proof to warrant him to say that in this village, in a secluded glen at the foot of Mt. Shasta’s partially extinct volcano, far from the beaten paths that lead to our civilization, there live the last descendants of the first, inhabitants of this earth, the Lemurians…

“That these Lemurians who live in California are cognizant of the disaster that befell their ancestors is revealed in the fact that each night, at midnight throughout the entire year, they perform a ritual of thanksgiving and adoration to `Guatama,’ which is the Lemurian name for America. The chief object of this midnight ceremony is to celebrate the escape of their forbears from the doomed Lemuria and their safe arrival in Guatama …

” The Lemurians have been seen on various occasions; they have been encountered in the Shasta forest, but only for a brief glimpse, for they possess the uncanny secret knowledge of the Tibetan masters and, if they desire, can blend themselves into their surroundings and vanish.

“At times they came into the neighboring towns-tall, barefoot, noble-looking men, with close-cropped hair, dressed in spotless white robes that resemble in style the enveloping garment worn by the high-caste East Indian women today-to patronize certain stores.

“Indeed, the records reveal that at one time an official visit was made to the city of San Francisco by a white-robed patriarch from the mystic village. He came on foot with an escort of younger men

Northern california’s Mount Shasta

The descendants of the Lemurians live here!

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

to bring greetings and assurance of goodwill upon the anniversary of the founding of their sacred retreat in California…

“Various merchants in the vicinity of Shasta report, that these white-robed men occasionally come to their stores. Their purchases are of a peculiar nature. They have bought enormous quantities of sulphur as well as a great deal of salt. They buy lard in bulk quantities, for which they bring their own containers, peculiar transparent bladders. The gay materials and novelties of our modern civilization do not attract these simple people at all.

“Their purchases are always paid for with gold nuggets, since of course they have no money, and the gold always exceeds the value of the merchandise.

“As an illustration of the true scientific knowledge possessed by these Lemurians, we can take the forest fires that raged in many parts of Northern California last year as an example. When a formidable fire crept up Mt. Shasta, threatening the mystic village, they caused a wall of invisible protection to rise between the village and the forest. fires. As the flames reached that, certain point, they were mysteriously arrested, snuffed out.

“One can see the very definite line where the fires ceased to this day. . . “

——— ♦ ———


Ground was broken Saturday, Sept. 15, to mark the start of construction on Radio Understanding, the new age radio station to be built at Merlin, Ore. Further details on construction and photographs of progress being made will be published in future issues of this magazine.

The radio fund swelled to $687.06 last month. Donors included Understanding Unit #51 at Sayre, Pa.; Happy Tharp of Walla Walla, Wash.; Marcella Fortune of Loma Linda, Calif.; Feral Carsen of Washington, D. C., and George Chase of San Francisco, California.

OCTOBER, 1962                        13


(Editor’s Note: The following is another in a series of El Monte Unit 1 research reports on New Age organizations and ideas)

The title of your magazine: “UNDERSTANDING” has great appeal to me as it is by UNDERSTANDING all people, in fact ALL Life, as much as possible as a goal, that we learn to love and expand and thus in the greatest humility can serve better and learn from all. A Great Spiritual being has said: “Stretch your capacity for impersonal love-broaden the horizon of your UNDERSTANDING. Be big in all senses of the word.”

Thus VEGANISM is based on better UNDERSTANDING of All Life, thus more love to all, as UNDERSTANDING brings greater love and compassion to all Life and consequently brings us closer to Lasting World Peace.

My inborn love for and desire to help all who suffer: humans of ALL Races, animals of ALL kinds, etc., made me a Vegetarian about 50 years ago. Later on a tied cow moaning for her baby, also tied up at the other side of the road and grieving for her mother, let me to investigate the whole problem and soon I found out that the terrible cruelties in husbandry, transportation and final slaughter of ALL the so-called food animals goes on just the same, as long as we Vegetarians keep on consuming dairy products and eggs; thus I discarded them both. This was long before the word “VEGAN” was coined.

Much later, to my tremendous satisfaction, in 1944 the English Vegan Society was formed, issuing the splendid English Vegan Quarterly and distributing many pamphlets of most valuable information in regard to the horrible suffering of animals to satisfy our perverted taste and also pointing out the great benefit to humans who want to become Vegans, based on Love and Compassion. Since 1944 this English Vegan Society has made great strides and grown very much. All over the country they have Vegan eating places, Vegan guest houses, Vegan Health Homes, etc. Much has been done for Vegan pregnant women and later on their Vegan babies and children, proving great success in health, mentality and good behavior.

In the meantime some feeble efforts were made in the U.S.A. to

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

get the many Vegans here together. But it, was Mr. Jay Dinshah, son of the famous scientist on Color Therapy (Specto-Chrome in every Home) who founded the American Vegan Society, Inc., in Jan. 1960, issuing a splendid informative monthly, named “AHINSA,” a Sanskrit word having two meaning: 1. Harmless, 2. Doing Good. The Society is based on Love and Compassion, KINSHIP WITH ALL LIFE, as outlined in the following:


A         bstinence from all animal products

H         armlessness, as a Way of Life;

I           nnocence of Thoughts, Word and Deed;

N         ature, the practice of Harmony therewith;

S         ervice to Mankind and ALL of Creation;

A         dvancement of Knowledge and TRUTH.


Mr. Jay Dinshah, the President-Founder, has spread the Vegan principles far and wide, as the AHINSA monthly goes to many parts of the world, finding great response. He also has successfully completed a Coast to Coast Lecture tour of about 6 months, offering splendid, constructive information and enlightening books on his book table, before and after he has lectured at various conventions and other places.

His charming young wife is the secretary. We can expect great things from these energetic, brilliant young people, devoted to the cause of harmlessness and good deeds. They are assisted by their board of Director and Trustees, who are equally sincere and vitally interested.

Anybody desiring more information may write to Mr. Jay Dinshah, Route 4, Box 817, Escondido, Calif., and can become a member to learn and receive the monthly AHINSA. But for the higher membership, they have to become or be strict Vegans.

As you now have read the Vegan principles, most of you will UNDERSTAND that VEGANISM in its highest aspects is basic for the welfare of humans, animals, vegetation, etc., etc.

Who can imagine a strictly ethical Vegan preparing for war, being in favor of Capital Punishment, nourishing Race hate, making great trouble about the various religions, hating other nations, exploiting other classes and one another, etc.

OCTOBER, 1962                        15

Who can imagine a strict and well-informed Vegan working in a slaughter house, dairy farm, or poultry industry or use its products, or fish, or hunt, or vivisect?

Which enlightened Vegan will still use artificial fertilizers, poisonous sprays, etc., to slowly poison mother Earth, our own vegetation, kill insects and incidentally birds, cats, dogs, and us too? So we can go on and on.

We simply want to enlighten ourselves and others and then bring the newer knowledge into practice. Anyone with a heart for Love and Lasting World Peace will want to investigate all these numerous basic aspects of general living and slowly grow to the best we know. W e all are here to learn and if possible to teach in all humility and expand our understanding, as your magazine so wisely stands for.

Dr. C. Nimmo, D.C.

Oceano, Calif.


Latest Book Written by Frank J. Spiva, D.D.


Is the title of a book which leads to BIBLICAL SCIENCE AND

PSYCHOLOGY-The Cosmic Clock, based on the description of God. (Isaiah 40:22)

A REVELATION OF CREATION wherein the two minds are

personified in Adam and Eve, their children, Mind Children.


Book $2.00 Students of the Plan.

Mrs. Frank Spiva, 332 So. Michigan Ave., Glendora, Calif.


Albert K. Bender’s


Price: $3.95


(Limited copies on hand, first come, first served basis.)

Order from: Understanding, Inc., Book Dept.,

P.O. Box 76, Merlin, Oregon.

(California Residents add 4 per cent sales tax)

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner


Were I to love my brother less

Because his love returns not mine;

Then I would sadly twist the Fate,

That makes us both so truly Thine.

Were I to judge his every act

As other than his nature knows;

Then I would naught but live that act

As falsely as the thought that grows.

So let us live our lives today

That all the parts be free

To live the measure of Thy Plan,

And in the act, be one with Thee.

Isa-phene, July, 1962

OCTOBER, 1962                        17


Dear Sirs:

Thank you for the issue of August 1962, with word in it of Religious Research Foundation, Inc. We appreciate this notice very much.

Also, I am quite interested in your article in the same issue on the ability of twins to have a special rapport each with the other. In our reincarnation research, it seems indicated that our identical twins are actually the same soul, in literally a twin incarnation. Fraternal twins, even though not as close as identical twins, usually have quite a reason for closeness as well. I believe this item will be mentioned, and some of the material of this particular article from your magazine included in my new book, The Scientific Evidence for Reincarnation, which Doubleday plans to publish early in 1963.

I greatly enjoy the dedication of your magazine: “Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all of the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth!”

With all good wishes,


Franklin Loehr

Religious Research Foundation

437 N. Kenmore Ave.,

Los Angeles 4, Calif.

Dear Sir

We are enclosing $1 for 4 more copies of the September issue of Understanding. Without a doubt this is one of the best issues you have had for a long time. The article on page 3 “What Happens When We Die?” is as accurate in description as words of the third dimension can make it . . .

It is high time that some intelligent approach to death (so-called) is presented to the world, that is to say, the Christian world …

Sincerely Yours,

J. M. Gross

P.O. Box 282,

Mendocino, Calif.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Dear Friends:

On July 7 while coming home from a meeting in Chico (Calif.) I saw a green fireball about 8 inches in diameter going west towards the Pacific Ocean.

On July 17 going home from a grange meeting I saw a white fireball going southeast.

On August 1 at Camp Cleave which is located 5 miles up the river from Junction City, three members of the Chico club called a meeting with three local people and all witnessed a grand display by the space friends.

The vibrations at this camp are very good and any members passing through are invited to stop and rest or meditate.

Yours Very Truly,

G. C. Cottingham, Box 475,

Weaverville, Calif.

——— ♦ ———



10:00 to 10:05-Number, SEVEN

10:05 to 10:10-Color of disc, RED

10:10 to 10:15-Ball, block or hoop, HOOP

10:15 to 10:20-Card was, NINE OF HEARTS

10:20 to 10:25-Book or magazine, FATE Magazine, Sept. issue

10:25 to 10:30-Mystery object was, DISH OF COOKIES

——— ♦ ———


Saturday, October 20, 1962-Hope Troxell, founder of the Pasadena “School of Thought” and author of “Wisdom of the Universe,” will speak for the INGLEWOOD UNIT OF UNDERSTANDING on the subject “The New Race of Man” at 8 p.m. in the Business and Professional Women’s Clubhouse, 820 Java St., Inglewood, Calif.

OCTOBER, 1962                        19

bulletin board

Spacerama Convention Report

President Dan Fry and Corresponding Secretary Florence Twitchell represented Understanding during the first three days of the Spacerama convention at Marysville, Wash., July 28-30. Dan showed the film “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” which depicts a visit to the earth by a visitor from another planet, each evening and gave several talks during the days. The convention went on for 16 days. Other speakers included author Dana Howard, Wayne Aho and a representative of the National Health Federation.

News of Other Units

EL MONTE, Calif., Unit #1, held a discussion group in August, at which Alex Penzenik gave a presentation of the principles of Subud. The discussion went on into the morning hours. In Sept. Mrs. Ethel O. Hankey presented a talk on the Tarot, with many books and several sets of Tarot cards providing a most informative and interesting evening for all present. October will be a month of rest for the unit, as the Campbell’s, hosts of the discussion groups, will be on vacation.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Unit #11, heard a lecture by Riley Crabb, director of Borderland Sciences Research Associates, during Sept. The talk dealt with evidence to the effect that the moon is inhabited. It was illustrated with color slides.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

RIVERSIDE, Calif., Unit #22, submits the following report On the evening of Sept. 8 we were privileged to hear a most interesting and informative lecture by Dr. Eugene E. Whitworth, founder of Great Western University, San Francisco, Calif. His topic was “Mystic and Myth of the American Indian.” On July 7 we had the pleasure of hearing the late Carlton J. Hollenbeck, archaeologist, author, teacher, who spoke on his travels and experiences in the Holy Land, Mexico and Yucatan. We are looking forward to Oct. 6 when Michael X is scheduled to speak to us on “Mysteries Beyond the Earth.” At a recent membership meeting we received five new members.”

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., Unit #44 reports the following through President Charles Rhoades : “When you don’t receive news from Unit #44 it isn’t because there isn’t anything going on. It just means we’re too darn busy to write. Since our last letter, Roy Eugene Davis stopped with us for a couple of days, and a couple of lectures, of course: `The Soul Lives Forever’ and `The Secret of Self Contemplation.’ This young fellow speaks our language and we predict he’ll be one of the country’s top writers and lecturers within two years. We realize, of course, there are many people who accord him this status now … Ron and June Ormand spent some time with us recently and we convinced Ron he should show his film of his travels in the `Far East.’ What started out to be a small private showing turned into an overflow crowd at a rented lecture hall. (Carried in extra chairs till we had them packed like sardines, then opened up the doors and started seating them out in the hall must have been close to two hundred people in all, counting those who left because we couldn’t find any place to put, more seats.) That portion of the film showing Terte, the bloodless surgeon of the Philippines at work drew the most comment … Our “New Age Center” here is now one step closer to reality.”

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