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VOLUME VII                                JANUARY, 1962                                        NUMBER 1

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


One of the first questions which is invariably asked by those who have never taken the time nor the trouble to investigate the subject, is-Why is there no proof? If spacecraft are actually coming into our atmosphere, and are being seen daily by hundreds and even thousands of people; if the craft have, upon a number of occasions, been landed upon our surface; and if the intelligence which operate these craft have established direct contact and communication with our people, why is there not some absolute and unquestionable proof of all these things?

The answer is, of course, that there simply is no such thing as absolute and unquestionable proof of anything. The correct definition of the word proof is, `evidence of a nature and degree sufficient to bring conviction to the mind.’ Yet we know that the type of evidence which will establish belief in one mind, may be dismissed as `meaningless’ by another mind which may require evidence of an entirely different sort. The average person who is discussing `Saucers’ for the first time in a group discussion, will usually mention pictures and hardware’ as items of `proof.’ The writer has been asked many times (by people who have never investigated

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the subject), “If these objects are real why hasn’t someone taken pictures of them?”

Of course anyone who has even casually investigated the subject of spacecraft knows that not only hundreds, but literally thousands of pictures of these UFO have been taken by people in every country on earth and from every possible walk of life. The skeptic, or the person who, for any reason, doesn’t wish to believe, will always point out that it is possible to `fake’ almost any type of picture. In this statement, of course, he will be perfectly correct, but to assume therefore that all of these thousands of pictures taken by people from all parts of the world and from all walks of life, are all fakes, is an assumption so fantastic that it is doubtful that it could be seriously entertained by anyone of reasonable intelligence. It is much more logical to assume that the objects are real, and that at least a large proportion of the pictures are genuine. Nevertheless, the point has been made that pictures are not proof. They are only evidence.

The subject of `hardware’ now comes up. Many persons have said that if a material object, a piece of metal of some operating device from a spacecraft could be put on display, it would be absolute proof that the craft were real. Here again those who have followed the subject know that many persons have announced that they are in possession of bits of material which they believe to be extraterrestrial in origin. A number of these objects have been taken by official investigating agencies for the purpose of analysis. In each case a report was subsequently issued which stated that the object was of ordinary earthly material, but in no case, so far as this wrier has been able to learn, has the object ever been returned to its original owner, in spite of the fact that several of these persons have complained bitterly in the public press about this illegal withholding of their property. Of course the agencies may have been perfectly correct in their conclusion that the objects were of earthly material. But the question is, How would they know? Every element which has been found to exist anywhere in the universe, is also found here on earth, which simply means that anything which could be produced anywhere in the universe, could be produced here (if the knowledge and understanding of the methods were available).

JANUARY, 1962                         3

We must realize that no matter what sort of material objects or operating devices were obtained and displayed, no matter how strange the material or how marvelous the function of the device, the skeptic could truthfully point out that it might possibly have been produced by one of our advanced thinkers here on earth. So we see that `hardware and pictures’ are not proof. They are only evidence. The same is true of any type of material or objective `proof.’ Yet this is the only type of proof that many people can accept. We have an example of this in the Bible. When Thomas had been informed that Jesus had returned from the grave, he said, “Unless I shall put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into His side, I will not believe.”

This is the type of `proof’ which Thomas required. We can see that it was not proof. It was not even particularly good evidence. We know that if another man had desired to impersonate Jesus he could easily have had similar wounds inflicted upon himself, and we also know that, if Jesus had desired to do so, he could at any time have caused the wounds to heal without leaving any evidence of their existence. So we see that the mere presence or absence of wounds had little significance. The true proof lay in his supreme character, his personality and inherent greatness. These were things which no one could impersonate, imitate or `fake.’ They were the true proof of his identity. The wise man recognizes that subjective evidence is often far more dependable than mere physical or material `proof.’ This fact, was also pointed out to Thomas after he had been shown his proof and had confessed his belief. Jesus said, “Thomas, because thou hast seen me thou hast believed. Blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed.”

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Saturday, January 27 at 8 P.M., a special tape recording night of “VOICES FROM OTHER PLANETS” will be put on by the Inglewood unit 15 of Understanding in the Business & Professional Woman’s Clubhouse, 820 Java Street, Inglewood, California. These are thought-provoking talks by Space Men from other planets, including the timely, “Life and Death.”

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

world report

(The following are from newspaper articles. -Editor)

Vicar Gets Ready To Welcome Visitors From Space

LONDON, England, Aug. 20, 1961 – A. Church of . England vicar has asked parishioners who claim to have seen flying saucers to give him details. “I believe in these things,” he said last night, “and although I have never seen one myself, I feel it is a good thing to hear of them and accustom ourselves to the idea of visitors from space.

“Then, when they do land in numbers, which is quite likely, we can accept them as friendly visitors, and not grab a gun and start a terrible war with people who most probably are more peace-loving than ourselves.”

The vicar is the Rev. F. Vere Hodge, 41, of Kingswood, Surrey. He was awarded the Military Cross in 1943. The appeal to his 5,000 parishioners is made in his parish magazine.

He said to me: “I think that the owners of these flying machines, probably from Venus or Mars, are concerned that we are liable not only to blow ourselves to bits, but may damage other worlds in our madness also.

“There is now such a weight of evidence coming from all over the world from many competent and reputable observers that it is difficult to see how any fair-minded person who examines the facts can deny the existence of flying machines from outside our earth.”

The vicar said it was unfortunate that one of these spaceships, resembling an inverted soup-plate, was first described as a flying saucer.

“The name immediately became a target for humour,” he said, “and this has become a serious handicap to serious study ever since. “

There was evidence that unidentified flying objects may have been intelligently controlled-some by pilots and the smaller ones by

JANUARY, 1962                         6

remote control. But none of the machines or its occupants had ever given the impression of being hostile.

In his magazine appeal Mr. Hodge quotes a missionary in New Guinea who has made a file of unidentified flying objects sighted during the last ten years.

The missionary reported that on one occasion four figures appeared on the upper deck of a mysterious, saucer-shaped space-craft “and waved at him and his companions.”

Mr. Hodge went back to helping his wife pack for a motoring holiday in Scotland with their two teenage sons and daughter. “We’re going to do a little touring while we’re up there,” he said, “and we may be lucky enough this time to make a flying saucer sighting of our own.”

Said Mrs. Hodge : “I agree with my husband that people should be prepared to expect a landing on earth by beings from other planets. Should a Martian land in our back garden this afternoon I would do what I always do with visitors-invite him in for a cup of tea. “

She said her husband’s M.C. was awarded when he was a gunnery captain in a bombardment during the landings on Sicily. The official citation spoke of his resource and devotion to duty and “complete contempt for his personal safety.”

Footnote: An Air Ministry spokesman said that hundreds of reports of sightings of unidentified flying objects are made to the Ministry every year. “But we keep records of only the military sightings,” he said.

Sky Scanners Spot Weird Flying Object

SUNSET, Utah, Oct. 16, 1961-Renolds A. Miskin, 1703 N. Main, head of the Strange Aerial Sights Information Organization (SASIO) just being organized, has recorded several unexplained “sightings” of unidentified flying objects in the sky, but he got his. information firsthand Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Miskin had received a report late Saturday afternoon of some strange objects high in the sky from Mrs. Michiel Burson, 2446 N.400 West, wife of Sunset’s mayor.

She told him she had seen four white circular objects Saturday

7                                                    UNDERSTANDING

about 5:30 p.m. traveling southeast. Her husband told her he had seen similar objects a few minutes earlier.

Mr. Miskin learned that the same objects had also been seen by Thomas J. Kay, 23, 252 W. 2300 North and Kent Draper, 23, 1704 N. 250 West, Sunset.

When Mr. Miskin arrived at the Burson home Sunday afternoon to question Mr. and Mrs. Burson on the matter, he saw Mr. Burson outside and asked him to describe what he had seen. The time was 4:20 p.m.

Mr. Burson looked up into the sky and said, “There’s one of them coming now.”‘

“It was the most amazing thing,” Mr. Miskin said. “There were several, but they had no definite shape. They were rather puffy and irregular, like puffs of cotton. They were moving at a high speed in the same line of flight as the objects seen Saturday, coming from the northwest to southeast.

“Then another come, with a definite shape to it. It was round and looked about like the moon does in the daytime, but of course was much smaller.

Mr. Miskin said he notified flight operations at Hill Air Force Base of the sighting.

Mayor Burson said two of the objects, which had the general appearance of “angel hair” seemed to be attached together with “long, stringy stuff.” Viewers heard no sound, but said the objects moved at “terrific speed.”

Mr. Miskin said be would appreciate receiving reports from others who may have seen such objects. He may be reached at TA 5-4077. Mr. Miskin said that SASIO is a non-profit organization for exchange of information on strange sights in the sky.

Planet Calling Earth?

DAYTON, Ohio, May 7 – Scientists have heard sounds which appear to be coming from another solar system, an electronics engineer told delegates today ‘ to an amateur radio operators’ convention.

Samuel Harris, chief electronics engineer for Microwave Associates of Burlington, Mass., and an editor of CO Magazine, said he was personally given the report on the signals by Dr. Frank

JANUARY, 1962                         7

Drake, project director at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory at Green Bank, W. Va.

“It is very likely,” Harris quoted Drake as saying, “that the apparent signals came from a planet of a star named Epsilon Eri Dani, about 11 light years away.”

Something which sounded like pulsed radio signals, with eight pulses per second, were heard for three minutes on April 22, Harris related. When asked to confirm the origin, Drake said

“We’re working on this problem but have no conclusive results as yet. I’d rather not comment on it at all.”

U.S. Plans Soon to Discover About Life On Other Planets

For centuries, man has speculated on the possibilities of life on other planets. Astronomers have trained their telescopes on the “canals” of Mars and the dense curtain of cloud that hides Venus. Science fiction writers have capitalized on a “safe” mystery. Their imaginations have conjured up all sorts of tales.

Sometime in the early summer of 1962, the United States will begin a program designed to solve that mystery-at least insofar as it. concerns Venus and Mars.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has announced plans to send a 400-pound space probe to the vicinity of Venus about the middle of 1962. The exact timing of the shot will be determined by careful astronomical calculations. An Atlas booster rocket will be fired into orbit when Earth and Venus are in closest proximity. The orbiting Atlas will serve as a launch pad in space for its second stage Agena-B rocket which will trigger the probe on a 26-million mile journey.

The NASA probe will report back on magnetic fields in space, solar particles, distant galaxies, meteoric dust detectors and a device which will attempt to “see” beneath Venus clouds and report the surface temperature. The shot is expected to place the probe within 40,000 miles of the Earth’s sister planet.

Last Feb. 12 Russia launched a 1,400-pound space probe toward Venus. Its course had been plotted to come within 65,000 miles of Venus, but shortly after launch, the Red spacecraft’s radios went, dead. Soviet scientists admit they received no useful information. The probe is only the beginning of the NASA program for the

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

exploration of Mars and Venus. Later shots, scheduled for 1966 and 1967, will attempt to land instruments on the two planets instruments that should, once and for all, answer the riddle of centuries.

Planetary exploration by unmanned spacecraft is expected to get a boost in 1963 when NASA launches Project. Surveyor, the initial exploration of the moon which will be a forerunner to Project, Apollo, a U.S. attempt to put men on the moon.

Neanderthal Man Found Not to Be Brute

WASHINGTON-One of the things that have helped keep modern man from being completely swamped by the rising tide of femininity is the illusion that his ancestors were real he-men. We have always thought of ourselves as being descendant’s of the cave man, who traipsed about the prehistoric landscape swinging a club and dragging his mate along by her blonde tresses.

This concept has served to strengthen and succor us at times when we were being intimidated by our women folks. The ladies didn’t dare push us too far for fear we might revert, to type.

But now comes the National Geographic Society with a report that we poor blokes no longer have even that thin reed to sustain us.

Anthropologists. have discovered, says the Geographic, that the cave dweller was not really the beetle-browed brute that we have fancied all these years.

Actually, he was kind of an artistic sort, who used paints, went on hunting trips with his buddies and fooled around with his tools in the familiar do-it-yourself manner.

These findings came to light as a result of excavations into the ancient dwelling places of the Neanderthals, who lived some 40,000 years ago.

(Editor’s Note: The preceding item could be construed as partial confirmation of statements by contactees that the cave men were not descendants of apes but rather mutations of human beings caused by an atomic war which in turn had destroyed a higher civilization.)

Bright Meteor Viewed By Travelers

An eyewitness account of the meteor which plunged into the Pacific Ocean last Sunday was related by an acquaintance who.

JANUARY, 1962                         9

notified the Beacon shortly after the flaming object streaked through the night and quenched its flames in the water somewhere west of here.

The occurrence was witnessed from a point about two-thirds up the James Creek grade. Suddenly, out of the blackness, a flash of blue-green light illuminated the trees and countryside for miles around. It was as bright as if the mid-day sun had suddenly appeared.

The source of the illumination was a streak of blue-green fire, intensely bright, like that of a flare. For only a few moments it appeared, traveling in a southerly direction downward at an angle of about 45 degrees. Then it appeared to strike something, turned dull red, bounced once, tracing a dull-red are, and then disappeared. Darkness returned and nothing happened after that. Because of the high elevation and broad westerly vista at that point along the James Creek grade, the whole thing was seen as perfectly as the few brief moments of the meteor’s life would allow. There were patches of fog along the grade, but immediately before and after the meteor appeared, the weather was clear, stars could be seen shinning brightly, and the moon was well below the horizon. The night was pitch black. (Dec. 8, 1961.)

Whatever ‘Twas — ‘Twasn’t Nike

It’s no simple matter to trip the trigger on a Nike missile and send it hurtling into air, Army officers said Friday night.

In New Berlin, Wis., some residents reported seeing an object skim over the housetops about 5:50 P.M. and disappear into the low cloud cover, spitting an exhaust of flame as it went. “Was it a rocket?” asked Mrs. R. J. Burns, 2331 S. 134th St., when she called the Sentinel. Her daughters, Sharon, 16, and Pamela, 14, and a friend had seen it, she said.

Could it have been, speculated other callers, a missile from the Nike site at Muskego?

“Absolutely not,” answered Capt. James R. Griese, public information officer at the 1st Missile Battalion (Nike-Hercules), 59th Artillery. “Besides, if it was, someone would have reported one loud noise, too.”

What was it, then? A bird, a plane, or… ?

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Is it a cloud, or isn’t it? If it is a cloud, what’s inside of it? This photograph was taken with a small Brownie camera at Encampment, Wyoming, by Carmen Brand during June, 1961.

JANUARY, 1962                         11


The belief that the mind wears out and becomes less able to function because of age is as outmoded as the horse and buggy. Man can learn as long as he lives, and live as long as he learns. The reason for being is to learn. The learning process goes on forever.

The human race consciousness (the devil of humanity) tries to convince man that he cannot learn after a certain age. The majority of mankind live under this false assumption. This is the lie that causes old age and death.

The mind like any other part of man must be used in order to function properly. The more it is used the more proficient it becomes. There is no need for any individual to become senile and useless to himself and others as long as he will willing to learn and live.

The hurts and resentments that men accumulate along the road of life lockup his attention units and sap his mental powers. This should not be, and would not be if all were properly educated in spiritual truth. What good comes of hashing over old heartaches? It just opens old wounds and causes mental and spiritual chaos. Therefore the first thing that mankind should learn is to forgive and forget all his grievances, both small and large, and release the subconscious power of his mind to focus on his highest hopes and fondest dreams. When this prejudice of age can be overcome, man’s potentials are unlimited.

Many people pay out large sums of money to learn new trades, or attend some technical school where they can prepare themselves for high paying positions in the world. All this is well and good, but along with it one should never neglect the spiritual values of life. Too few are willing to spend any time in self-introspection, or be still to listen to the inner self. Yet this work of knowing thyself is the greatest and most soul satisfying of all work that any human being can undertake. No matter where your interests lie-whether in some highly skilled technical job, a simple clerk’s position, keeping house, or nursing the sick-knowing yourself and giving of yourself in accordance with your own life pattern, is your greatest asset.

Once I read in a national magazine the statement that “curiosity is more essential than cleanliness.” At first glance, I was skeptical

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

of this statement; however on perusal of the idea, I had to admit that it was true. It is the curious that learn new things. It is the adventurer and pioneer that uncover new knowledge. Without curiosity and faith in new and untried avenues of thought, little progress would be made. The learning process goes on forever, why let it pass you by because you think you are too old to learn? WAKE UP THE GOD IN YOU AND LIVE, and learn HOW TO THINK TO LIVE FOREVER. If you will make the habit of learning something new everyday, you will soon gain greater understanding of yourself and other. This is an excellent habit to form for both the young and old.

Martha Baker

Little Rock, Ark.

——— ♦ ———


To all members and friends of Understanding:

If you have been wanting to really test your E.S.P. abilities and perhaps the abilities of some friends, here’s your chance

On the 3rd Friday of each month, during the year 1962, Understanding Unit #44, Oklahoma City, Okla., will conduct the following E.S.P. test program, starting promptly at 10:00 P.M., Central Standard Time.

A card table, covered with a white cloth, will be placed in the center of the room wherever we are meeting and all members present will be SENDING the following information:

10:00 to 10:05-We will place on the card table an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of white paper on which will be ONE number about six inches high. Numbers will run from 1 through 0 – That is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0. Only one number will be used during this period.

10:05 to 10:10 – We will have on hand five colored discs approximately 6 inches in diameter. ONE of these discs will he placed in the center of the table during this period. Colors of the disks will be-Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Black.

10:10 to 10:15-A ball (size of tennis ball), a small square block (selected from a child’s block set) and a small hoop or ring, approximately 4 inches in diameter, will be on hand and one of these will be placed in the center of the table. Objective will be to get the object used, its color and the letter on the top side of block.


JANUARY, 1962                         13

10:15 to 10:20 – A card selected from a regular deck of bridge

cards will be placed in the center of the table and the group will concentrate on the suit and count.

10:20 to 10:25 – We will place either a magazine or book in the center of the table and thought will be concentrated on the size, color and name of the book or magazine.

10:25 to 10:30 – We will place a MYSTERY object on the center of the table. It will be some object commonly found around the average home. It might be a pencil or pen.

Accurate records of each test will be furnished UNDERSTANDING MAGAZINE and each issue will carry the correct solution of the test for the proceeding month. In this way you can grade yourself and, we hope, watch. your E.S.P. abilities develop month by month.

On these same nights a second series of tests will be conducted for those who feel their capabilities are developed to the point where they can receive more than one thought at a time. Starting at 10:30 P.M., we will send the following information

10:30 to 10:35 – We will place five of the above mentioned numbers across the table to form a five digit number. (Example 35604). Numbers will be laid out from West to East.

10:35 to 10:40 – We will place the five colored discs across the table in a line. The object will be to see them in the right order. Left will be West-right East.

10:40 to 10:45 – We will place the ball, the block and hoop (mentioned above) across the table in a line. Objective will be to see them in their correct order.

10:45 to 10:50 – We will place five playing cards across the table in a line. The objective will be to name the suit and count of each card from left to right. West to East.

10:59 to 10:55 – We will place another book or magazine on the table. The objective will be to see its location on the table, also its shape, color and name.

10:55 to 11:00-Another mystery object will be placed on the table and objective will be to get as much detail as possible in addition to what the object is.

This last. thirty minutes series of tests will be used as a control to see how many persons are trying the tests and the only way you

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

will be able to get the correct solution to these tests will be to send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Unit #44, 2856 N.W. 18 St., Oklahoma City 7, Oklahoma.

We think we have several real good senders in the group but if none of us are operating on your wave length, don’t knock us, come help us.

Any Understanding Member who has not received a list of the tapes available from THE UNDERSTANDING TAPE LIBRARY, write Understanding Tape Librarian, P.O. Box 5041, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for a free list. Tapes and permission to use them have been received from almost every lecturer in the field.

——— ♦ ———


A Suggestion From Hungary

WE NEED A COMMON LANGUAGE. I am not the first who discovers that the chief difficulty of the better understanding among the people is the difference of the languages. According to my modest opinion too the world needs such a neutral international language which everyone can make oneself master of easily and quickly. Sorry one cannot make from one sole national language an international one, as it would bring with itself the forging ahead of the nation’s interest in question. At the same time every nation would aspire to make its language the international one. In this manner one can make only an artificial language for international use. We know of such artificial languages as the Volapuk, Universal Glot, Esperanto, Ido, Nonal, Interlingue, Basic English, and Romanid, but these languages are not too modern and one cannot make oneself master of them easily and quickly. We would need a new modern and very easy artificial language which can increase the speed of the integration of the world’s people.

According to my opinion one should make known this language by the Understanding Magazine, and what is more, should write the Understanding in this language later. I would like very much if, in the future, the readers of Understanding would speak on this subject. I hope that my modest, proposition contributes to the realization of Understanding’s ambitions.

Stephen Molnar

Kisutszallas, Hungary

JANUARY, 1962                         15


Wednesday evening, Nov. 8, 1961, on our way to Vista, Calif., for business meeting of Understanding Unit #4, my wife and I saw what we definitely believe to be an UFO.

The object. was first spotted when we were near the home of Bill Fleming on Deer Springs Road. It was to our left at an angle of about 15 degrees and at a. distance of three-quarters to one mile. The object was a bright mercury blue light. The size was that, of a street light viewed at around 400 yards. The time, around 7:10 P. M.

Our first observance of this object lasted close to 3 minutes before its disappearance behind the mountain to our right. We were traveling west when the object was first seen, but as we turned south on the road the object was seen moving southwest in a horizontal plane to the earth’s surface. Its speed, I would say, was close to or better than 10 mph, but since we were doing around 40 mph the object must have been doing at least 50 mph, thus giving us the impression of traveling at 10 mph.

Just before the object disappeared behind the mountain to our right, the blue light went out as if someone had flipped a switch. There was a faint dull white glow left, showing a fractional portion of solid matter in shadow. Then in two to three seconds the blue light came on as quickly as it went out.

After it disappeared, we continued south on Twin Oaks road until we came to Hwy 78. We kept looking to our right in the hope of spotting the object again. We did just before turning right on Hwy 78. This time it was low in the sky and about 4 miles away which would put it close to Palomar College. It could just be seen over some of the house tops in the town of San Marcos. After turning right we lost it and this time we had to travel west on 78 for about 4 miles until we picked it up once again.

This time it was to our left at a distance of about 2 miles but low over the houses in the valley. Its height could only be a few hundred feet. A turn in the hwy blocked our viewing it further and it was also the last time we saw it.

Total time in observing this object was between 3 to 5 minutes. Other facts of importance are:

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

1. There was no noise heard

2. The sky was clear and cloudless

3. The light was a steady glow

This was the first sighting for my wife and my third.

Eugene Hurtienne

Rte 1, Box 1550-I

San Marcos, Calif.

——— ♦ ———


I have often wondered what would happen if our churches were made as attractive as bars …

A bar is a place of companionship-those who serve, and those who drink, make no pretense at being more than they really are they are all there to ENJOY themselves . .. and they stay in business because there is never any real satisfaction there-and so all keep going back to find it-why? Because there IS a form of companionship here-all are silently saying, “We are all alike. We all like to drink … we do not have to meet any criticism of ourselves, no piousness, no standard to meet when we come here.” And, when the brain is stilled with alcohol, most people LIKE each other. Then, excuses are made when people finally break down and are just themselves-even if they fight each other.

Why can’t we go into a God place nakedly and unashamed? Why can’t those there all feel akin-no better and no worse than the other one? Non-critical, not prideful-but just coming for companionship, love and understanding? You know I don’t think God is pious … I believe he is very real, and very rugged and strong, and very understanding of our weaknesses-I don’t believe there is anyone who hasn’t gone to a church sometime who hasn’t been thrilled by singing together some phrase of some hymn-sometime when he hasn’t been lifted by the beautiful music and the being together, in a sort of companionable one-ness. Do you? Haven’t you?

I can’t quote him exactly, but Huxley said “Alcoholism is used by many unconsciously as a means of getting closer to God,” BECAUSE when the active brain is anesthetized the spark of what we really are inside manages to give a little light-we feel GOOD. Oh, yes, we feel lousy the next morning because we have given our

JANUARY, 1962                         17

body an unnatural treatment-but we have had communion with our souls while our thoughts weren’t flashing in all directions. Meditation would do the same thing-but this isn’t advertised. It isn’t on television, it isn’t on the radio or in the newspapers.

We are in a scientific age of proving things. I have heard from a certain scientist that the sounds that can be heard, or the colors that can be seen, compared to those that have been proved and established by science itself, is as two inches to forty feet. So let us prove by experience these things we have been told-these ways of living. They cost us nothing except a spirit that is willing to “adventure” . . . a certain humility that we don’t know everything … the thing that brought this nation into being and is still here the RIGHT to think and act freely. We are FREE to try whatever we will in so many ways. We had better try it-and we- had better strengthen, as human links in a chain, this spirit in our country we COULD LOSE IT.

Now, THINK. Decide-is this giving me satisfaction? Really? Or is it a never-ending and expensive seeking? What is here that I cannot have with people in my own home, my sanctuary-my castle? Oh, make no mistake about it, my friend. We have been sold down the river in our thinking-and we have swallowed the bait, and we go back again and again for more. Read some of the Homer Curtiss books sometime-the peace you seek is within you, right. where you are-you don’t HAVE to go any place to find it. But church or a place to worship (how about having a little sanctuary, a corner or room, right in your own home that is holy-ized?) is a good place to find it. And farther, YOU OWE IT TO LIFE to give it something that will build, not destroy, yourself and others. Think it over. You KNOW these things are true.

An Understanding Reader

——— ♦ ———


Mrs. True Day, director of the Philosophical Interplanetary Science Study, announces meetings every Friday at 2 p.m. at 91 E. Virginia St., Apt. #4, San Jose 12, Calif. The group is currently reviewing the new book “Cosmic Philosophy” by George Adamski. – : Ms. Day is a member of Understanding Unit .#25 in San Jose.  “

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Dwight D. Eisenhower has been appointed chairman of the People-to-People Committee, an organization devoted to bringing about more understanding between people of the earth which Eisenhower himself started in 1956 while president of the United States.

President Kennedy recently reactivated this program and named Eisenhower to head it.

It is interesting to note that Eisenhower started the People-to-People program shortly after he had received and acknowledged —through his personal secretary-several copies of Understanding magazine, which came into being in January, 1956. The insignia of the People to People program is quite similar to Understanding’s.

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Do you have a tape recorder? If you do, would you like to start “talking” with people around the United States and the rest of the world?

Below is a list of individuals who have tape recorders and who would like to hear from you on tape. If you’d like to get into tape “circulation” why don’t you send us your name and address and we’ll list you here too.

Tape respondents:

William Dyer, 30-22 Main, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada,

John F. Maxfield, P.O. Box 526, Ann Arbor, Mich., U.S.A.

Mrs. M. E. Nigl, 230 Desmond St., Sayre, Pa., U.S.A.

Charles O. Rhoades, 2856 N.W. 18 St., Okla. City 7, Okla., U.S.A.

M. A. Saxton, 3228 N. Syracuse, Baldwin Park, Calif., U.S.A.

Mrs. Alta Simpson, R. 2, Box 194, Perris, Calif., U.S.A.

Dr. Harrieta P. Steltz, 2450 Summit Dr., Santa Rosa, Calif., U.S.A.

Conny Tanasale, 3094 La Corona Ave., Altadena, Calif., U.S.A.

JANUARY, 1962                         19

bulletin board

EL MONTE, unit #1: Unit One was left in the hands of Ben Schiavo, recently elected vice president, by the December departure of President Cleve Twitchell, his wife Flo and son Peter. The Twitchell family has moved to Medford, Ore., where Cleve has joined the staff of the Medford Mail-Tribune.

LONG BEACH, unit #8, entertained Dan Fry, Understanding’s founder and president, for a lecture on “World Understanding” during December.

CHICO, unit #16, held an election of officers during December. J. L. McGury was re-elected for a fourth term as president, Hal Lewtas for a second term as vice president, Zelma Siria, recording and corresponding secretary.

WILLOWS, unit #36, sends along the following report through President Muriel S. Fernandez:

“Mr. and Mrs. Max Gross went out, as usual, on Sunday evening, Nov. 10, 1961, to watch for flying saucers. They thought they had spotted one when they sighted an object that kept bouncing up and down, also right to left and back again. Then they saw another floating along about four or five miles away. Neither of the two objects made any noise. Mr. Gross flashed his flashlight toward them twice and all lights went. out and they disappeared. This occurred about 8 P.M. Mrs. Gross said she had seen several that

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

were of changing colors but these were the first ones she had seen that were showing off a white light.”

CLEATOR, Ariz., unit #49, submits a Christmas poem created by Jean Brashear, a neighbor of the unit members who live at Camp Red Bird in the Cleator area. She said this was the way things appeared to her as she watched the ghost town of Cleator rise again through the efforts of the unit:


Night before Christmas all was still on the desert with fair weather.

Nothing was stirring, not even a feather.

In a red truck Santa came to town with motor silent-hardly a sound.

His round rozy face shinning with glee as he saw all the bright tinsel in the Mesquite Tree.

Ho! Ho! He’. He! What do I see?

Such gracious “Welcome” I receive.

New Village-the ladies have taken a stand to remodel the buildings-and this they can.

Bertha, Isaphene, Virginia and Valarie, they’ve hammered, sawed and scrubbed daily.

I heard ole Saint Nick say, as be silently sped on his way, “Man in search in outer space for women on earth have taken his place.”

Jean Brasher

Magazines For Friendship

Understanding still has magazines available for you to send to other countries. Please write us for a list of names to which you can send the magazines, plus a bundle of old Understanding magazines if you need them.

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Are being spent each year for the sole purpose of teaching man more efficient ways of destroying MAN.

Other billions are spent for, or on, almost anything man can imagine. But-fantastic as it seems-practically nothing is being expended on what is probably the most important concept in each individual’s existence-the extension of the human life span!

It seems fairly certain that if a fraction of the money which is being expended for the purpose of exterminating people were spew on scientific research aimed at extending the life span, we would be able to live useful lives for at least several centuries.

Would like to hear from individuals willing to invest time and money to form a foundation for research along these lines.

BILL CRAWFORD, 14351 Alwood, Baldwin Park, Calif.


1958 & 1959



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atoms, galaxies and understanding, by daniel fry ………….  2.00

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to men of earth, one volume, by Daniel Fry …………  2.00

Diary into the unknown, by Eugene and ruth whitworth              4.00

They sky people, by erinsley lepoer trench ………  4.50

Spacewoman speaks, by rolfe telano ……  2.00

Why we are here, Gloria lee ………..  3.75

council of seven lights, by george van tassel…………. 3.50

my contact with flying saucers, fino kraspedon …….  3.75

My trip to mars moon and venus, by buck nelson ……..  1.00

night has 1000 saucers, by calvin c. girvin (paper, $2.00)….. 3.00

road in the sky, by g.h. williamson ……..  4.00

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

Secret forces that changed the world, by frank bowman     3.50

Flying saucers farewell, by george adamski …………..  3.95

Unity in the spirit, by comptesse de pierrefeu ……………  2.50

Wake up the god in you and live, by Martha baker ……  2.00

we of the new dimension, by Will and evelyn miller …………  2.00

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