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VOLUME VI                                 SEPTEMBER, 1961                                 NUMBER 9

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


As the crucial month of December approaches the tension mounts steadily between the East and the West. The Soviet ultimatum is, of course, a tremendous bluff. No leader of any great nation today is so stupid that he does not realize that nuclear warfare will bring total destruction to all concerned.

The great danger lies not in any planned political or military move, but in the unplanned and unforeseen events which so often occur under conditions of tension between nations.

The greatest immediate danger lies in the seething discontent and unrest which exists within the Red controlled sector of Berlin. If this should erupt into open rebellion, the United States would be forced to make a choice between two grim alternatives. We could not escape making the choice by the simple expedient of doing nothing, as we have so often done before, because doing nothing is one of the two choices.

If a revolt should break out in East Germany, and if the United States should simply sit back and watch while the Reds crush out the last spark of freedom and self respect in the occupied area, we would certainly lose whatever prestige we may still have in the world, and those nations which are currently threatened by communism

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

would lose all faith in us as a source of protection. This would probably mean that the Reds would eventually win the Cold War. If, on the other hand, we should intervene in the struggle, we would be taking the first step in what almost certainly would develop into total war, with all of the horrors of nuclear holocaust, and the probable destruction of sixty to eighty percent of the entire population of the world.

Truly, our leaders today need guidance and wisdom as never before in the history of this civilization.

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The budding new city of Merlin, Oregon (which takes its name from Merlin the magician of King Arthur’s Court), will spring up, almost like magic, from the somnolence and lethargy which have characterized its past history. Already interest is growing rapidly in surrounding towns and areas, and many people are talking of “moving to Merlin.”

While Merlin will welcome any person who is sincerely interested in developing a model city, its invitation is extended especially to those persons who are currently trapped in densely populated metropolitan areas, where the smog, the drouth, the traffic, etc., rob life of most of the beauty and enjoyment which it should have.

If you would like to be a part of the new city, designed as a pattern and an example of the manner in which communities can and should be developed, drop a card or a letter to Dan Fry or The Merlin Development Co., Box 105, Merlin, Oregon. If you have a profession a trade or a skill, let us know about it, as there will be a need for people of all types of ability in the new Merlin. If you are interested, please act quickly. It may be later than you think.

-Daniel W. Fry

SEPTEMBER, 1961                  3



(This article won second prize in Understanding’s recent essay contest.-Editor.)

The author humbly dedicates this article to the memory of Florence Fairfield who, with eight other tireless workers, spread UNDERSTANDING throughout the world.

“May the Lord bless Thee and keep Thee. May He turn His countenance to Thee and give Thee Peace.”


The key word in this breath-taking title is “PRACTICAL.” The dictionary states practical means, “relating to practice, use, or employment. Capable of reducing knowledge or theories to actual use.” It seems if we are to make the world a better place in which to live we must first transmute our ideals, theories and colorful, dreams “to actual use”  — as the book says.

Christians and Metaphysical students sincerely try to follow God’s laws. They DO NOT kill, lie, steal or pass judgment. But what Do they do? DO NOT laws are passive or negative, really. For New Age people to live by them is only half our duty. “Sins of omission” result from DO NOT living. To HAVE great Wisdom, Knowledge and Good Intent is not enough. We must give, give,, give-so long as God gives to us I We should practice tithing, not only of wealth but also of energy and talents.

Many say, “If only I had money I would do so much-I would gladly share,” but are we willing to divide the things we DO have? We can all give of Time, Service and Love-things money cannot buy. A person that comforts a crying child, places a’ young bird back in the nest, or carries a drink of water in His name, is perhaps of more worth to humanity than the executive who studies world condition and economics but applies knowledge only for personal gain. God is very busy and constantly needs workers. If we take care of the little things, and each other, He will fulfill The Grand Plan for all.


4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Good, Just and Merciful, let us be PRACTICAL and put our New Age “knowledge and theories to actual use.” It is not enough to BELIEVE in the Power of Prayer. We must PRACTICE PRAYER.

The Berkeley UNDERSTANDING UNIT has adopted a definite plan to actually use prayer . As often as possible, each member pauses at the beginning of each hour to unite in a moment’s meditation for Peace. Who can say how far-reaching is the Light and Power and Unity sent forth by this small, earnest group! They invite all others of UNDERSTANDING to unite in this positive effort to “reduce knowledge and theories to actual use.”

The Berkeley Unit also encourages all others to daily use The ‘Great Invocation. Only the Lord’s Prayer can equal it in Power and Glory! This prayer is one of the most ancient known to man. Once, (it is said) only Great Beings were permitted to have this prayer, but now it is given the world in fifty different languages! We should cherish it, mediate upon it, place a. copy on our wall and recite it daily.

BE PRACTICAL! PRACTICE PRAYER. PRAY FOR PEACE! Ask and it shall be given to you. Help make the world a better place in which to live-then the Angels and Great Teachers will walk among us, once again!

Jeannette Jerome,

P.O. Box 7115

Oakland 1, Calif.

——— ♦ ———

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men

The purpose which the Master knows and serves.

SEPTEMBER, 1961                  6

From the center which we call the race of men

Let. the Plan of Love and Light work out.

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth

——— ♦ ———

world report

Earth May Have Two More Natural Satellites

Two faint, cloud-like objects have been seen circling the earth `a moon’s distance away,’ according to a Polish astronomer who reports having photographed them four times on two different occasions.

The find, if confirmed by other astronomers, would mean discovery of the first natural satellites of the earth other than the moon.

Two American astronomers who were apprised of the report of Dr. K. Kordylewski of Cracow Observatory called the discovery “very interesting” although one pointed out that the new moons probably would not make the record books because they were too insignificant as far as such celestial bodies go.

Very few details of the find, as reported in a circular of the International Astronomical Union, were available, according to a note about it in the July number of Sky and Telescope.

From the information that was disclosed, however, it appears that the two objects are almost certainly not solid bodies, but swarms of meteoric material caught in a “pocket” of low gravitational field strength of the earth-moon system, according to Dr. Kenneth L. Franklin of the American Museum-Hayden Planetarium.

The pocket in which the material is trapped is sixty degrees ahead of the moon and its orbit. It is equidistant from the earth and the moon, about a quarter of a million miles away.

Another such gravity-weak pocket lies sixty degrees behind the moon in a similar orientation.

Alien Satellites May Be In Orbit

One of the world’s leading radio astronomers has suggested that

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

a satellite dispatched by another civilization might be in orbit around the sun, says the New York Times.

The scientist, Dr. Ronald Bracewell, believes that the satellite might bear a recorded message to be broadcast when activated by radio. This could include a television image of the constellation from which it was sent.

Dr. Bracewell, an Australian who is now professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, is coauthor of a leading textbook on radio astronomy.

The New York Times says that his startling theory was first published in the British scientific journal Nature and he has now repeated it in an interview.

Dr. Bracewell noted, the newspaper says, that in 1927, 1928, and 1934 strange radio echoes were heard that have never been adequately explained.

It was unlikely, but not entirely impossible, that these were emissions from an interstellar messenger.

Professor Bracewell, the New York Times adds, has gone a long ;step beyond those astronomers who, in recent years, have contended that there almost certainly are intelligent beings elsewhere in the universe.

He believes it possible that such societies within our own galaxy have long since established contact with one another.

Noting that Professor Bracewell’s theories have evoked worldwide interest among scientists, the newspaper says: “The question, as he sees it, is whether our civilization, having taken 5000 million years to evolve, can survive the few hundred years necessary to establish contact with such a galactic community before we blow ourselves to atoms.”

Glowing Mystery Object Falls On Tractor

A small, red-hot piece of metal which dropped from the skies on March 24th and struck the petrol tank of a tractor at Whitstone, near Oamaru, New Zealand, has been sent to the U.S. for tests.

The incident occurred in the early afternoon as the owner of the property, Mr. L. Wilson, was grubbing a paddock.

Mr. Wilson burnt his finger in trying to pick up the metal object. When it cooled, it was sent by Mr. Wilson to Mr. A. R. Lowry,

SEPTEMBER, 1961                  7

science master at Waitaki Boys’ High School, who tested it for specific gravity.

It was only 6.3, whereas the specific gravity of iron or nickel from a meteorite is expected to be in the vicinity of 8.5.

Mr. Lowry sent it on to Professor D. C. Coombs, professor of geology at Otago University, who, after tests, was not prepared to say what it was.

He in turn sent it on to Professor B. Mason, a New Zealander, who is a meteorite expert at the New York Museum of Natural History.

Professor Mason’s report has not yet been received.

Mr. Lowry said the piece of metal was a small 3/4 inch cube, reddish brown in color, with cubical markings and definite areas of stratification.

“Phantom” In Texas Town

Dozens of people in the town of Levelland, Texas, told yesterday of seeing the previous night a big, brightly lit phantom object land on the roadways and take to the air again.

The Sheriff, Mr. Weir Clem, said he saw the phenomenon himself. One witness, James Long, a Negro truck driver, fainted from fright. He told the sheriff that the object cut off the engine and lights of his truck. When it took off again, his engine and lights came back on.

A Johannesburg report says that “strange, cylinder objects” which hovered at a great height in the sky and then “shot off” were sighted over the City on Sunday for the second time in three days.

Hum Has Everyone Baffled

A mysterious, high-pitched humming which has not been traced is puzzling and annoying residents of certain areas in the widely separated counties of Kent and Buckinghamshire in England.

All have complained to their local councils, written to the newspapers and held meetings about it.

The author Edward Hyams, who leads Kent protestors, said that to him it was continuous and irritating. “We have tried sleeping pills and things in our ears,” lie added, but all to no avail. “It must be either a major industrial undertaking somewhere or some Government concern, probably subterranean. My wife and I are seriously

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

thinking of moving unless something can be done about it. In Buckinghamshire, the humming first made itself heard about the beginning of the year. “It is high-pitched and quite vibrant,” said Mr. Graham Walls, a chemist, “and we hear it mostly in the evening and the early morning, but it is not limited in any particular hour of the day or season.”

No one claims to own either hum. Post Office Depots, a radio research station, and a commercial nuclear reactor have been tested, but all of the tests have proved negative.

The search for the source continues in both counties.

Men Able to Live On Other Worlds

A Russian biologist, Dr. Yuri Rall, says in an article published yesterday that some of the 150,000 planets in the earth’s galaxy could have inhabitants similar to man.

Dr. Rall bases his assumption on calculations by a Russian astronomer, Vladimar Fasenkov, that for every million stars in the galaxy there is likely to be one planet with conditions able to support life.

However, Dr. Rall says, intelligent creatures might exist on only a few.

He says, “The earth has no monopoly on life. The universe is full of planets in every possible stage of development.

“Life on them emerges and dies all the time, taking on ever-changing forms in the eternal movement of matter.”

(The preceding items have been reprinted here from various accounts appearing in newspapers around the world. -Editors)

——— ♦ ———


(Editor’s Note: The following are excerpts from a speech, “The Passing of a Patriot,” delivered recently by Dr. Max Rafferty, new superintendent of La Canada, Calif., Unified School District. This magazine is dedicated to presenting the views and feelings of the various peoples of the Earth. The views expressed in this speech, while they may be opposed by some readers, do represent the feelings of many

SEPTEMBER, 1961                  9

Americans and some members of Understanding. At any rate, this is an article which should supply much food for thought.)


I want to talk to you this evening about a vanishing species-the American patriot. I hope to show you what you and I have done during the last 20 years to make possible-nay, to render inevitable, this dwindling decline of a once noble breed. And, at the end, I shall propose to you a simple question: “Is this what we want?”

First, go back with me if you will in time 185 years. Our country is in a strange sort of undeclared war against the forces of despotism, then as now. A young man volunteers to go behind the enemy lines to collect information, also then as now. Instead of many thousands of dollars a year, he is paid nothing at all, and here the parallel breaks down temporarily. But, it builds up again when he is captured and tried as a spy and publicly questioned.

And then the parallels diverge sharply and completely and forever. Surrounded by the jeering foe, cut off beyond all hope of rescue, the rope already knotted about his bared throat and the pallor of approaching death already on his cheeks, he breaks his steadfast silence. With the wind of another world cold upon his forehead, he speaks one short sentence, and his words echo down the corridors of time to us today, ringing and lighthearted and magnificent: “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”

His statue, with the throat still bared, stands today gazing with blind stone eyes across the green park in New York City, where I saw it not too long ago. He was a schoolmaster like some of us here tonight-God rest his soul-and he did not live to see his 22nd birthday.

What were those blind eyes looking for a year ago, I wonder, when another young American-the end product of 185 years of public education-went on trial for his life? If the stone heart could have quickened, and the stone lips have moved, they might have spoken after this fashion: “I died, after all, for a Dream still nurtured in the womb of the Future. That Dream, watered with the unstinted blood of countless thousands over the many years that lie between,

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

has grown to glorious life and wonderful reality-the last, best hope of men on earth. Surely this youth-with Reality to defend, not just a Dream-will better my example.”

And what would the stone ears have heard across the void of Time and Space? The voice of young America after well-nigh two centuries of growth unparalleled, wealth beyond the dreams of avarice, power so staggering it stuns the imagination-the voice of rock-and-roll, high-speed, carefree young America: “I didn’t know what I was doing.”

And while the sinister judges smiled and nodded and nudged one another knowingly: “I know now I was risking world peace. My superiors were responsible.”

Nathan Hale could have blamed George Washington, I suppose. He might even have had a chance to save his neck. Perhaps it’s just as well that stone ears can’t bear, nor stone eyes see, nor a stone heart beat heavily with shame for one’s countrymen.

Oh, I can see what you’re thinking. They’re not all like that. No, thank Heaven, they’re not. But this one was. So were a sickening, staggering number of our young men just ten years ago who ;sold out their fellow American soldiers, and licked the boots of the brutal Chinese and North Korean invaders, and made tape recordings praising Communism. So are all the phony sophisticates who clutter up our colleges, and who seem to spend every waking moment agitating against ROTC, booing Congressional committees, and parading in support of Fidel Castro.

Whether we like it or not, ladies and gentlemen, this is our doing yours and mine! Not in La Canada, thank Goodness, but widely in California, in the Far West, and throughout the nation, the great mistake was made by my profession, and, by the voters and taxpayers who permitted it.

These spineless, luxury-loving, spiritless creeps came right out of our classrooms. Fifteen years ago, they were in our kindergartens. They went on our field trips to the bakery, and danced around ribboned poles at our May Festivals. Only about nine years ago, they were studying something called “social living” in some of our seventh grades. They were tested and guided and motivated. They were “adjusted to their peer groups.” They were taught that competition was bad, that co-operation was supremely good.

SEPTEMBER, 1961                  11

They were told little about democratic capitalism, and that little was usually taught with a curled lip. They were persuaded that the world was very shortly to become one big, happy family, with everyone loving everyone else. They were taught to be kind, and democratic, and peaceful.

These last are praiseworthy goals. What went wrong!,

There were two things, you see, that we DIDN’T teach them. And, oh! how they needed to learn these.

One was that most of the inhabitants of this big, bad-tempered, battling planet hate our American insides. This is hard to teach, and unpleasant to learn. It is the simple truth, nevertheless.

The other thing should have been sublimely simple for us to get across to the children entrusted to our care. It was to teach them every day in every necessary way to memorize and to believe and to LIVE Decatur’s great toast: “Our country! In her intercourse with foreign nations, may she always be in the right, but our country, Tight or wrong!”

Had they been taught to love their country with the same passion that inspired other generations of American youths, they would not now be wondering what all the fuss is about. They would know that their country was in danger, and that, would be enough. It was enough in 1861, and 1917, and 1941. It is not enough today. Too many of them neither know nor care.

It’s our own fault, and this is what frightens me. What will history have to say of my generation of educators-the generation of the 30’s, the 40’s and the 50’s. We were so busy educating for “life adjustment” that we forget to educate for survival. Worse still, we forgot that the first duty of a nation’s school is to preserve that nation… .

The crux of the problem, of course, is this: “Do we believe it ourselves?” I am convinced with all my heart that we do. It’s not the fault of teachers as individuals that our profession has been brainwashed for a quarter of a century with slogans like: “There are not eternal verities“; “Everything is relative“; “Meet only the felt needs“; “Teach the child, not the subject“; and-worst of all-“Nothing is worth learning for its own sake.

The results are plain for all to see; the worst of our youngsters growing up to become booted, side burned, duck tailed, unwashed,

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

leather jacketed Slobs, whose favorite sport is ravaging little girls and stomping polio victims to death; the best of our youth coming into maturity for all the world like young people fresh from a dizzying rollercoaster ride, with everything in doubt. No wonder so many of them welsh out and squeal and turn traitor when confronted with the brutal reality of Red military, force and the crafty cunning of Red psychological warfare.

We as a people have been taunted and reviled and challenged in the last few years-and months-as we thought no one would ever challenge us. A soulless Thing slavers at us today on all the continents, under all the seas, and out into the void of interplanetary space itself-a rotten, hateful, vicious entity. Our national nose has been tweaked and then rubbed contemptuously into the dirt. The flag for which our ancestors bled and died has been torn down and unspeakably defiled by a dozen little pipsqueak comic-opera countries emboldened by our weak-kneed spinelessness and encouraged by our sneering Enemy. I don’t know when at long last the American people will rise in all the power and majesty of their great tradition to put an end to this role of international doormat which we have assumed of late, and which becomes us so poorly.

But I do know one thing. When that time comes and it cannot be far distant-we educators had better not be caught short. We had better not be caught withholding from the nation’s children the wonderful, sharp-edged, glittering sword of Patriotism …

-Submitted By

Virginia I. Cassil

Altadena, Calif.

SEPTEMBER, 1961                  13


A young man lived with his parents in a public housing development. He attended the public schools and participated in the “free” lunch program. He entered the army, then upon discharge retained his National Service life insurance. He enrolled in the state university, working part time at the state capitol to supplement his G.I. education check. Upon graduation he married a public health nurse and bought a home with a F.H.A. loan. Then obtained an R.F.C. loan to go into business.

A baby was born in the city hospital. He bought a small ranch with the aid of the veteran’s land program and obtained emergency feed from the government. Later, he put part of the land in the soil bank and the payments soon paid out the ranch. His father and mother lived on the ranch very comfortably on their social security and old age assistance checks R.E.A. lines supplied electricity. The government helped him clear the land, the county agent showed him how to terrace it and the government built him a fish pond.

He read books from the public library and his banked money was insured by an agency of the government. The child grew up, entered the public school, ate “free” lunches and rode the school bus, played in the municipal park and swam in the public pool, and joined the F.F.A. The man owned an automobile so he favored the federal highway program. He signed a petition seeking federal assistance in developing an industrial project “to help the economy of the area,” was a leader in a move to get a new federal building and went to Washington with a group to ask the government to build a great power dam costing millions so the area could get “cheap” electricity. He was also a leader in a move to get his specific type of business special tax write-offs and exemptions.

Then one day he wrote his Congressman

“I wish to protest these excessive governmental expenditures and attendant high taxes. I believe in rugged individualism. I think people should stand on their own feet without expecting hand-outs. I am opposed to all socialistic trends and I demand a return to the principles of our Constitution and the policies of State’s Rights.”

-From The Right Hand

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner


The Neophyte questions

Why must the Soul suffer so in its upward climb?

Why must the road so rocky be to reach the heights sublime?

Does a lovely flower pushing toward the light.

Or a graceful bird in its outward flight

Suffer too because they strive to reach the Sun?

I do not understand!

If all our mental learning we have acquired before

Why does it not reveal itself and build a higher score?

Why do I strive always in circles’! Doubts obsess me.

Life’s perplexities and inconsistencies oppress me.

Vainly I clutch at the veil which hides from me the Truth.

If only I could understand!

So helpless myself-how can I extend help to others?

It seems I can only love them-would this help my brothers?

I seek not wealth nor pleasure, praise nor power;

Walking hopefully the Path, yearning only for that hour

When I shall be considered worthy

And will understand!

SEPTEMBER, 1961                  15

The Teacher answers:

In its upward climb the growing Soul

Must suffer much to reach the goal.

The flower, the bird must reach the sky

In pain and beauty as you and I.

Through toil and grief our height we gain.

A sense of feeling is born of pain.

A wealth of treasure in hurt is born,

A glorious gift for those who mourn

The treasure you seek is in your hand

If Love lights your Path-you’ll understand!

Marsha Fortune

Unit # 22

Riverside, Calif.

——— ♦ ———


Man’s powers can exert themselves, and grow in massiveness and edge; they can be hastened by a great need, lifted by WILL grown athletic. Beside the old state of mind this new state of awareness is high, wide and blissful.

Fears will try to knock at the door of your heart hurriedly, whispering at the key hole !

Some day, when man wills it, there will be an entire awakening from sleep, a still, smooth, deep and entire return to one’s self. Then these walls, these difficulties, would be paper and mist!

These days we call splendid are fairly shadowy, almost night, before the splendid dawn they forsee! Mankind is not using for flight one feather of that mighty wing-Imagination! What is Reality? What is real perception, real knowledge, real will, real action? Can one make reality? Give it, Can one make reality? Give it, as it were, birth from desire, mind and will?

His mind was warm with its own deep speed, strength of a larger self, on the road to a larger yet.

Imagine and remember, dream and picture, bring into new combinations

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

all experiences, share in elemental life. The sea of memory is a dense element but we are at home there!

Something is working for us, underground or overhead, in our own nature! Our being has stories, as a many-storied house; if you can help yourself in the story where you now dwell, you help all the other stories! The deliberate, day by day, endeavor to remove ourselves from our prison. If what opposes is too massive, too numerous, today, that might not be the case tomorrow. Work! with brain and hand. Necessarily it is inch work … the opposing forces have an air of resting yet in their age-deep bed.

He persevered, but he saw that an angel must break these prison bars. Well, make the angel! Make, or awaken, he cared not which, so that the winged being arose!

Pondering this mass of present knowledge, traveling to and fro upon its surface, learning by degrees to sink into its interior, to permeate, as it were, its molecular structure, he found open to him, in a sort, fields of space and rivers of time. So well did he learn to know books that he knew much in them that was not written down!

He had a power of longing-but all was cut across by a wall of pearly mist. There must be light there-for he saw the wall!

He wrapped memory about him like a cloak. He sat beside it like a fire. He wrought and wrought, until he opened blocked paths. With infinite care and patience he matched ends and colors. He began to see his life as he had not seen it. before. He sorted out, phenomena, and put them in sequences. He put together purposes, and saw that always they were threads of larger purposes. Yet were all these but Inns, but shrines, but cities on the way out. He must not rest; he was addressed to real escape with all his being!

Every power at his command must be used: judgment, intuition, compassion, vision, each was a finger to pry a chink loose in the wall of ignorance and intolerance; get a finger in-work and work!

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

You never can tell what a thought can do

In you hate or love;

For thoughts are things, and their airy wings

Are swifter than carrier doves.

They follow the law of the Universe;

SEPTEMBER, 1961                  17

Each thing creates its kind.

They speed o’er the track to bring you back

Whatever went out from your mind!

-Ethel Hook

——— ♦ ———


Dear Sir

Enclosed with this letter is some material which has been helpful to me, and which I thought you might be able to use in Understanding Magazine.

I am bothered by the great outpouring of psychic phenomena which we are so ill-prepared to interpret. I have experimented and investigated for some time, and feel that we need to use great caution and maintain an attitude of objectivity at all times if we are to avoid the serious pitfalls around us.

The general quality of Understanding Magazine articles is good, and helpful, and I always read every issue from cover to cover. You are to be commended for your work.


Lois Barton

Unit # 26

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The Mastery Schools teach that our planet is a living, conscious being, evolving along with other parts of the universe. It has a “soul” and the inner counterparts of man’s various vehicles. Individual human beings might be likened to cells within the earth’s body, centers of energy working together to promote the evolutionary process.

Here is an interesting idea. Because of man’s unique consciousness, humanity might be equated with the nervous system or the bloodstream of the planet. If each individual is a point of feeling and receptivity, or a nourishing cell, then a city where many people dwell must be a living center, a concentration of potential force or energy. A beautiful city with good civic policies, cultural activities and praying citizens is a place o f real pourer. Conversely, a city

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

with slums, grasping, mercenary citizens, organized crime is a festering sore on the face of the earth, in an etheric sense.

As white corpuscles clean and purify an infected wound, let its be selfless healing agents within our communities. A white corpuscle gives no thought to his advantage or even his life, but is utterly dedicated to the good, of the whole, scarcely even conscious that he has a separate existence.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Do you have a tape recorder? If you do, would you like to start “talking” with people around the United States and the rest of the world

Below is a list of individuals who have tape recorders and who would like to hear from you on tape. If you’d like to get into tape “circulation” why don’t you send us your name and address and we’ll list you here too.

Tape respondents

Walter Gordun, P.O. Box 261, Soquel, Calif., U.S.A.

John F. Maxfield, 2217 Manchester Road, Ann Arbor, Mich., U.S.A.

Mrs. M. E. Nigl, 230 Desmond St., Sayre, Pa., U.S.A.

M. A. Saxton, 3228 N. Syracuse, Baldwin Park, Calif., U.S.A.

Mrs. Alta Simpson, R. 2, Box 194, Perris, Calif., U.S.A.

Dr. Harrieta P. Steltz, 2450 Summit Dr., Santa Rosa, Calif., U.S.A.

Conny Tanasale, 3094 La Corona Ave., Altadena, Calif., U.S.A.

Cleve Twitchell, 4315 N. Muscatel Ave., Rosemead, Calif., U.S.A.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Wed., Sept. 6: Frank Spiva, author of “America, Know Thy Destiny” and other books, will lecture for the Riverside unit of Understanding at the Senior Citizens Recreation Hall, located on the extreme north end of Fairmount Boulevard in Riverside, Calif., at 7:30 p.m.

Sat., Sept. 16: Dr. Daniel W. Fry will speak in El Monte, Calif., at the New Lexington School, 708 W. Bodger Street (west of Hoyt Avenue) at S p.m. His lecture, designed primarily for those who

SEPTEMBER, 1961                  19

have not heard his original story before, is being presented by the El Monte Unit of Understanding.

Sat., Sept. 30: The wedding of Joan Louise Fry, and Dr. Richard Allen Woolfe will take place at 2 p.m. at the Pasadena, Calif, Presbyterian Church, 585 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena. All are invited.

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bulletin board

EL MONTE unit #1 has been pursuing a busy schedule of an average of seven meetings per month recently. In addition to the monthly business meeting, discussion groups are held twice monthly and classes led by Margo Sylvester are being presented weekly. The unit continues to send magazines and correspondence to other nations and to invite other units to join in these projects.

VISTA unit #4: John W. Hopkins of Williams College lectured to this unit during July, on “The The Music of the Spheres.”

SANTA CRUZ unit #9 recently published the second issue of its new “Understanding Bulletin,” a newsy newsletter.

RIVERSIDE unit #22 entertained George Adamski, author of “Flying Saucers Have Landed,” “Inside the Space Ships” and “Flying Saucers Farewell,” on July 29. The unit felt especially fortunate to have heard him, as he announced his intention to retire from lecturing on September 10, 1961. The Riverside Unit is also taking part in the National Purpose Project, a nationwide program of discussion groups to determine what the national purpose of the United States should be.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

SAN JOSE unit #25 heard two lectures by Bessie Arthur recently, one of them on the subject of “Quick Decision or the Deciding Factors.”

TACOMA unit #35 heard Orfeo Angelucci June 23, in a challenging lecture at the Tacoma Public Library. Mr. Angelucci spoke on “Revelations and Decisions” and reviewed his previous contacts and presented new revelations for bettering the human race.

WILLOWS unit #36 entertained Orfeo Angelucci and LeRoy Roberts as speakers recently.

ELSINORE unit #38: Dan Martin lectured for this unit Aug. 18 on “Interplanetary Communications and Other New Age Topics.” The Elsinore unit has also named a new treasurer: Rev. Isabell E. DeMille.

TWIN CITIES, Minn., unit #41 has placed Understanding magazine in the St. Paul, Minn., Public Library, built up a good book library and entertained several speakers, including Dr. Frank Stranges, author of “Flying Saucerama,” and Peace Pilgrim. The film “Red China Under Communism” was viewed.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., unit, #44 has agreed to take over the tape recording library of Understanding, Inc. Tapes made by many speakers in the New Age field will soon be available through them.

(Units are located in California unless otherwise noted)

Understanding magazine yearbooks of 1958 and 1959 are now available for $1 apiece. 1956, 1957 and 1960 yearbooks are still priced at $2.50, the first two years because few copies are left and 1960 because these are the most recent to come off the press. But if you’d like to get a 1958 or 59 edition containing all the issues of Understanding magazine during the respective year, here’s your chance to get it at a saving.

“Diary Into the Unknown” by Eugene Whitworth and his wife Ruth is now off the press. Published by Understanding Publishing Company, it sells for $4.00. Books and yearbooks may be purchased by sending your order to Understanding, Inc., Box 22, Station C, Pasadena, California.

Voting by the units on proposed amended bylaws for Understanding, Inc. as drawn up by a constitutional committee in June, now stands at 5 to 1 in favor.

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Announces its 6th Annual Interplanetary


SEPTEMBER 22-23-24, 1961

Place: Chicago Room, Palmer House, Chicago, III.


Address inquiries to: MRS. META CHRISTENSEN


(Not a Spacecraft Convention)



1958 & 1959



(DOWN FROM $2.50)

’56, ’57, ’60 YEARBOOKS


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Diary into the unknown, by Eugene and ruth whitworth              4.00

They sky people, by erinsley lepoer trench ………  4.50

Spacewoman speaks, by rolfe telano ……  2.00

Why we are here, Gloria lee ………..  3.75

council of seven lights, by george van tassel…………. 3.50

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My trip to mars moon and venus, by buck nelson ……..  1.00

night has 1000 saucers, by calvin c. girvin (paper, $2.00)….. 3.00

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SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

Secret forces that changed the world, by frank bowman     3.50

Flying saucers farewell, by george adamski …………..  3.95

Unity in the spirit, by comptesse de pierrefeu ……………  2.50

Wake up the god in you and live, by Martha baker ……  2.00

we of the new dimension, by Will and evelyn miller …………  2.00

These books may be purchased from Understanding. We pay all postage.

Residents of California please add 4% Sales Tax.