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VOLUME VI                                 JULY • 1961                                               NUMBER 7

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


It is simple to point out the desperate need for a greater degree of understanding between the peoples of the earth. If, however, a successful effort is to be made to increase this understanding, a definite and carefully prepared plan of action is required. The problem must be analyzed and understood before any solution can be attempted.

We must realize first that there are almost no means by which the ordinary citizen of one country can learn how the ordinary citizen of another country feels about any of the great problems which beset our world today. It is true that we have many means of public communication between nations. Almost anyone today can tune his radio receiver to a foreign station and, if he understands the language, can soon learn what the leaders of that nation have to say concerning world problems. There is always a question, however, as to how closely the opinions of the leaders coincide with those of the rank and file.

It is seldom that a man is requested or permitted to express his opinions on world affairs for public dissemination unless he is a recognized leader in some field, whether it be politics, finance, science, art or religion. Yet when any man has achieved a notable success in a given field, when he has risen above the crowd by his own efforts and by the application of those principles in which he believes, no matter how sincere, honest and conscientious

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

he may be, his very success will inevitably bring about some degree of bias in certain lines of thought. In other words, his reasoning will not always parallel that of the majority.

It may be argued that the achievement of leadership by an individual is proof that his reasoning is superior to that of the average man, and that therefore we should adopt the reasoning of our leaders and not concern ourselves with the opinions of the masses.

The difficulty with this argument lies in the fact that the world is at the present moment almost completely divided into two great factions; two armed camps, each of which is led by men who have achieved a degree of influence and power unequaled in the world’s history, and who should therefore have the greatest reasoning power ever given to man. Yet we find that the reasoning of these two groups of leaders appears to be diametrically opposed upon almost every problem of human relationship. It becomes obvious that it is more important at this time that “we the people” learn what we do think than merely to speculate upon what we should think.

In order to assist in bringing this about, the members of Understanding in every country are gathering written opinions and conducting polls among groups which are truly representative of the countries in which they live. The questions asked concern the best solutions of the critical problems which are facing all of the nations of the earth today.

The results of these polls, together with as many of the written opinions as space permits, are being printed in this publication as they are received. Members of Understanding are also being urged to correspond with persons in other countries, both by letters and tape recordings and by the mailing of magazines, so that understanding will develop on a personal as well as a statistical basis.

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LET’S TURN OUR ATTENTION for the moment to another area of science where scattered bits of information have rarely been categorically organized. This is an examination of the human body electrically as well as chemically. In truth, there should be no disagreement in medical circles as to the relative importance of these two

JULY • 1961                                3

factors as they are essentially parts of the same. In chemistry we speak of valence which is the electrical combining power of elements in a chemical reaction. More accurately, then, a chemical reaction is an electro-chemical reaction. Body chemistry may be viewed from the standpoint of its electrical counterpart. Recent experiments have yielded evidence to support the theory that in some instances a chemical reaction can be accelerated by placing it in a magnetic field-the effect being much the same as a catalyst. Just as we differ physically we differ electro-chemically and this accounts for different reactions to drugs and foods. Our nervous system is recognized to be an electrical network and the measurement and graphing of brainwaves has given rise to the field of electroencephlography-a valuable device for studying mental disorder. Electrical body resistance differs with individuals as does pain sensitivity to shock.

Recently the negative ion generator to produce ionized air for the home has been introduced to the field of air-conditioning and is currently being demonstrated at the Los Angeles Home Show in the Memorial Sports Arena. These charged particles of air, when inhaled have a marked effect on a persons physical vigor and sense of well being. Negative ions in the blood stream accelerate the delivery of oxygen to cells and tissues and give the same euphoric up-lift that we get from a few whiffs of straight oxygen. The ciliary beat in our bronchial tubes and trachea is speeded up with the result that they keep the air passages free of dust and pollen and those who suffer from hay fever and bronchial asthma enjoy partial to total relief in a matter of minutes after having breathed the charged air. A complete article on this subject was contained in the October, 1960, issue of Reader’s Digest.

One of the most interesting phases of the search for greater understanding of the electrical aspects of the body is the work which has gone into producing the aurascope. Few individuals are gifted with the ability to see the human aura-that body of light surrounding our physical body which was ascribed to Christ and other Divinities of high spiritual development. The aura is the halo of light which, translated from Greek in the Bible, is called the DOXA.

We all exhibit this aura in greater or lesser degree but only recently have devices been developed through which it may be seen with the naked eye. The British Society for Physical Research uses filtering glass goggles coated with Pinacyanole Bromide. The Borderland Science Research group in Vista, Calif., has developed an aurascope even more effective than the

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

goggles which shows the auric outline in sharp contrast extending outward a sixteenth of an inch or more from the body. Edgar Cayce, gifted with the ability to see the aura with the unaided eye, described it as having different colors for different people the frequency characteristic of the degree of spiritual evolvement.

As we begin to accept that the body is not composed of protoplasm alone, we can begin to understand the efforts which have been put forth to produce electrical devices capable of altering and effecting neurobiological functions of the organs. Honest examination of the equipment used by some in Chiropractic and electro-therapy could be made possible if approached with an open mind and the knowledge that, like drugs, it doesn’t work equally well with everyone. Electro-psychometry for examining the human psyche, mescalin-the active principle of peyote, the desert cactus (The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley) -the vision producing 600 foot vine called banisteriopsis caapi which grows in the Amazon jungle and the mysterious vision producing mushrooms presented in a full length article by Life magazine are all areas open to research. These are as important as nerve drugs and gasses for warfare. The time is long overdue for research people to forget professional differences and realize individual differences and begin cooperating in an atmosphere of pure science with their ultimate goal an understanding of the destiny of man and what can be done to elevate his consciousness and his soul.


El Monte Unit #1

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According to a study done by Brookings Institute for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Americans should begin figuring out how to meet the psychological impact that there are intelligent beings on other worlds. Dr. Harold Urey says there are approximately 50 billion planets in the Milky Way, and statistically 100,000 have some form of life. Ever since Copernicus altered man’s geocentric view to a heliocentric view of the universe, and Galileo’s view of the planets through the telescope, man has speculated about life on other worlds. Man seems to be on an endless quest for truth, the ultimate nature of matter and energy, the purpose of life, always in search of meaning. In his search for meaning,

JULY • 1961                                5

man imagined mythological gods, Hercules, Osirius, and Apollo to inhabit the heavens, and control the forces acting on the Earth. Today man is faced with the significant fact that he is not alone in the universe, confined to one world among an infinitude.

The advent of the UFO brings home the startling realization that beady eyes are exploring the contours of our world, awaiting the renascent minds to comprehend the purpose of their visit. At present scientists have attempted communication by radio waves with intelligence elsewhere in the galaxy, but, alas, the universe remains silent. The UFO has been evasive, avoiding detection and analysis whenever possible. But, I am told, man has visitors from space they are friends and preceptors; life manifests in countless forms throughout the time/space continuum.

It will be soon, everyone will know-in man’s venture through space the significant fact that man is not alone, there are brothers elsewhere.


El Monte Unit #1

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Love is not activity of the mind, but is the Pure and Luminous Essence, which creates mind. This Essence from the Great Creator streams into substance, and constantly pours itself out, as perfection in form and action. Love is Perfection manifest. It can only express peace, joy, and an outpouring of those feelings to all creation-unconditionally. It asks nothing for Itself, because It is Eternally Self-Creating, being the Heartbeat of the “Supreme.”

Love owns All and is only concerned with setting the Plan of Perfection into action in all. Thus, it is a constant pouring out of Itself. It takes no cognizance of what has been given in the past, but receives Its joy and maintains Its balance by the continual Outstreaming of Itself. Because this Perfection is within Love, forever flowing forth, it is incapable of recording anything but Itself.

Love alone is the basis of harmony and the right use of all Life energy. In human experience, this grows into a desire to give, and give; and give of all the individual’s peace and harmony unto the rest of creation.

When the children of earth look away from Love, they are deliberately and consciously choosing the experience of chaos. Whoever seeks to exist

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

without Love, cannot survive long anywhere in creation. Such efforts are bound to bring failure, misery, and dissolution. Whatever lacks Love must return to chaos the unformed, so its substance may be used over again in combination with Love, and thus produce a new and perfect form. This is the Law of Universal as well as individual Life. It is Immutable, Irrevocable, Eternal, yet Beneficient, for creation in form exists that God may have something upon which to pour out Love.


Morongo Valley, Calif.

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There is a belief held in some corners of the New Age Field that all of the world’s major governments, including that of the United States, are in the clutches of dark forces, otherwise known as the International Bankers.

Many who hold this view feel the situation is so bad that there is no point in being an active citizen of the country in which they reside. They simply sit back, criticize those who govern them, and do nothing.

These allegations may well have at least a partial basis in fact, but one basic point has been missed by those who support this contention. And that is that we the people are the government, as long as the democratic process or even a mere semblance of it is in use. He who criticizes his government criticizes himself.

A great mind once said all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Before we criticize, let us be prepared to offer a better solution. Let us learn effective citizenship by becoming active in the lives of our communities. This is not to say that all of us should run for the school board or the city council. We can be effective citizens simply by keeping informed on the issues that affect us and by being prepared to support our convictions when the occasion warrants.


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When you have finished with your copy of Understanding magazine, why not mail it to some hospital in your vicinity for the education and enjoyment of the patients.

JULY • 1961                                7

World report

Life on Venus? Russians Think So

(From Los Angeles Times Once the Russians get a notion in their heads-it takes more than a hammer and sickle to get it out. Even their astronomers are stubborn this way.

I have been looking into their interest in the planet Venus, not that I haven’t anything else to do, but it puzzled me; that is, until I stumbled on some curious facts.

They alone of the world’s astronomers believe there may be life on that planet.

From the day in 1900 when Belopolsky placed the rotation period of Venus at 24 hr. and 42 min. to the recent conclusions of a whole group of Russian astronomers, led by Prof. G. A. Tikhoff, that Venus has distinct areas of orange and red vegetation, the Russian interest in Venus has been unflagging.

Yet the consensus of the world’s astronomers outside of Russia is that life is not possible on Venus, because of the presence of great quantities of carbon dioxide, which tends to blanket in the intense heat of the sun, making the possibility of life as we know it impossible.

True, as recently as 1930, some American and British astronomers had a different view. They felt that Venus must be a world in a state very similar to that of the earth perhaps 250 million years ago, when coal deposits were being laid down on this planet.

However, as soon as the abundance of carbon dioxide became too obvious to refute, the notion of a vast coal deposit had to be abandoned; in its place came a concept of a vast, dusty desert without a scrap of moisture.

Another mystery is the all-concealing atmosphere of Venus. The nature of the clouds which hide the surface of Venus, a planet which is very near the size of the earth, is still a matter of dispute. Two American astronomers, Whipple and Menzel, in 1954 came to the conclusion that the concealing clouds in Venus’ atmosphere are made up of ordinary water droplets.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Of course, since with the exception of the moon-Venus is our nearest neighbor, approaching us within 25 million miles, it is natural that the Russian space scientists want to hit it with a rocket. And if life is ever discovered there, Russian astronomers will have a right to say: “I told you so!”

Russ, British Studying Odd Space Signals

LONDON (United Press International)-Soviet and British scientists joined forces Monday in an effort to find out whether “suspicious” signals from outer space picked up by Britain’s giant Jodrell Bank radio-telescope came from the missing Russian Venus rocket.

For the past three weeks, mysterious signals have been picked up at Jodrell, the world’s most powerful radio-telescope. Recordings of the signals were sent to Moscow and brought a team of Russian scientists hurrying here.

Pasadena Residents See Flying Saucer

(The two following items appeared on successive days during mid June, 1961 in the Pasadena Independent.)

THE POSTCARD from W. E. about the strange light over the mountains that he saw a week ago Wednesday brought a reply from Eldin Fender of Caltech.

Fender saw the bright light, too, from the dome of the 29-inch telescope at Caltech. He would like W. E. to drop this department a note, describing in more detail the distance above the horizon at which the sauc . . . , excuse me, the object, passed over.

This way, says Fender, he can figure out the height at which the object flew.

——— ♦ ———

IN SPITE OF OUR NEWS SOURCES, it appears now that there was something in the skies over Pasadena a week ago Wednesday.

From Jennifer Gehr comes a letter:

Dear Mr. Leadabrand,

I wanted to send a note to inform W. E. that some friends for whom I was baby sitting and myself saw what we believe was a “flying saucer” last Wednesday evening. It traveled from west to east in the very late afternoon, as the sun was beginning to set, and looked much like a jet airplane

JULY • 1961                                9

in that it left a vapor trail. But as W. E. wrote, it was going much too slowly, it stopped several times, long enough for the vapor trail to vanish before it continued. The sun caught it to show that it was metallic, and also that it was reasonably large; although this may have been just because of the flash of the sun.

It was witnessed by a boy, 11; a girl, 7; and myself, 13 years.


——— ♦ ———

SO MAYBE W. E. WAS right and I was wrong and there was something up there last Wednesday even though no report appeared on any police blotter.

Any other sighters of this Wednesday evening saucer?

——— ♦ ———

The Wall. . . and the Door

(The following article appeared originally in a column published recently in the Pasadena Star News.)

IN 1962, AND none too soon, a woman scientist by the name of Gloria Mundy discovered the principle of the Wall and presented it to the government.

Trouble was brewing in Europe just then. It looked like War, if it was going to come, might come at any time. The bombs might drop so Congress okayed The Wall and the United States became an island in the ocean of the world.

Three miles offshore stood The Wall. You could neither penetrate it or fly over it or dive under it. It went up and it went down. You could see through it, dimly, wind blew through it, water flowed through it. But not a ship or plane or bomb or submarine or missile could penetrate it.

Radio waves were stopped by THE WALL.

The United States became isolated. No one left the country, no one came in. Foreign postage stamps shot up in value. Books on Europe became a curiosity. And the peaceful years passed.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

MANY YEARS LATER, The WALL Tenders invented a way to build a door in the Wall. A single door, about the size of the opening into your front room. The fact was announced. And a furor resulted.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“What will come through the door if it is opened?” people cried. “Perhaps germs have developed outside The Wall that would kill us today. Perhaps savages or robots are waiting to leap through the Door.”

So The Door mechanism sat there for many more years while Congress and churchmen and scientists debated its use.

Finally it was decided to send one man through The Door, to leave him on The Other Side for 24 hours and then to let him back in again. Selection of the right man took a long time. He was taught all the archaic Other Side languages. Finally, on the appointed day, he was ushered up to the opening and allowed to pass through. He made the crossing onto part of Mexico, near what had been a center of population at one time.


The Door was cranked open.

The man was not there!

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

They closed THE DOOR quickly, so as to keep out any strange bacteria, then tried it again in an hour, two hours, six hours, a day. A week passed but the man did not show up again.



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THE WORD MADE FLESH …………..  1.50

Most astounding books of this age. Students of Occultism, Methaphysics, Theosophy and mystic Christianity will be amply repaid. The Author shows very clearly the path to illumination for all people.

Full set of books $10.00

Individual books, price as quoted.

Order from:




JULY • 1961                                11


These cardboard letters suspended from the stage ceiling create a good effect in the auditorium of the Douglas, Arizona High School. The Douglas Unit, #33, uses there letters whenever it is presenting a speaker.

It was a long time before another man was sent through THE DOOR. The waiting period was one of tension. People were worried that the folks on the Other Side might have perfected a Wall Crusher. Or that monsters lived there now.

The next time they sent two men through.

They never came back.

Then they enlarged THE DOOR and sent through a crew in a small Airplane.

They never came back!

In the meantime they had tested the air from the Other Side for radiation, germs, poison gas. . . Nothing.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

FINALLY THEY sent out a man with a radio, and they put a radio receiver just outside the DOOR on the other side, and they ran a wire in through the partial opening.

The man reported what he saw as he walked.

“Nothing at all. No people … No airplanes… Nothing.”

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Time passed while the radio-equipped man explored. Finally his voice came through, excited and high-pitched.

“There’s a sign here. It says `to you inside the wall if you ever come out.’ “

“I’ll read the rest. `A year after you went behind the wall a space ship came from another planet. They are taking us to their home. They are greatly advanced people. They have cured all our ailments, banished pain and sickness and aging. Their planet has perfect climate, bountiful crops, beautiful cities. Everything anyone could want. They would have taken you as well, but they couldn’t wait to take time to find a way to communicate through the wall. They may come this way again any day… Be ready for them and it’s signed, `The Outsiders’.”

“What about the men we sent through the door before?” The radio behind the Wall crackled the question.

“They’re here,” replied the man with the radio. “They read the sign, then punched a button here and saw motion pictures the people from the spacecraft left behind. Pictures of their planet. Such pictures!” The man with the radio was almost hysterical with excitement.

“But what happened to the other men?” asked the scientists.

“They sat here and waited for the spaceship,” said the radio man. “They’re still here. . . Waiting. . .”


——— ♦ ———


Do you have a tape recorder? If you do, would you like to start “talking” with people around the United States and the rest of the world? Below is a list of individuals who have tape recorders and who would like to hear from you on tape. If you’d like to get into tape “circulation” why don’t you send us your name and address and we’ll list you here too.

Tape respondents:

John F. Maxfield, 2217 Manchester Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.

M. A. Saxton, 3228 N. Syracuse, Baldwin Park, Calif., U.S.A.

Mrs. Alta Simpson, R. 2, Box 194, Perris, Calif., U.S A.

Dr. Harrieta P. Steltz, 2450 Summit Drive, Santa Rosa, Calif., U.S.A.

Conny Tanasale, 3094 La Corona Ave., Altadena, Calif., U.S.A.

Cleve Twitchell, 4318 N. Muscatel Ave., Rosemead, Calif., U.S.A.

JULY • 1961                                13


AS THE DAWN OF THE NEW AGE Of LOVE and LIGHT becomes brighter, the forces of darkness seemingly become stronger in their fight for supremacy of the minds of men. Every good work is assailed by these vicious attacks, coming from those it was designed to help. The wise leader never blames or condemns those through which the attacks come, knowing that the mental chemistry that is taking place in the minds of men is causing the impurities of human beliefs to float to the surface, that they may be drained off and banished forever more.

The violence of these attacks depends upon the emotional nature of the one struggling to hold on to his old established convictions. The stronger the emotions the more violent the attacks. The seals of mortality are very painful to remove in most cases, unless softened by the oil of divine love.

The confusion and dissension that arises among groups and individuals causes many to turn away from a study of truth, and retreat back into more familiar, and safer (so they think) habit patterns of thinking. Many fear the unveiling of self, and others for the sake of vanity are unwilling to admit that their former established convictions have been wrong; and even less willing to discipline themselves to express their higher nature.

However, if one whose emotional nature is strong can be guided into right thinking, through love and UNDERSTANDING, he will be the most likely to attain success in the New Age. I have found that those who rant and rave the most against truth will make the best and wisest leaders once they are converted (reversed) and taught to rightly direct their energies. All so-called evil comes from misdirected energy. This fact is borne out in the life of St. Paul, who before his awakening was a loyal Pharisee (churchman) persecuting the early Christians; yet became one of the staunchest supporters of Christ after his experience on the road to Damascus.

Fermentation in anything causes a disagreeable odor. Just so, the mental chemistry necessary to enlighten people in this New Age will stir up all kinds of undesirable conditions to be met and conquered by the leaders of our day.

If all students of truth could be properly warned in such a way as to understand this mental chemistry, and be on guard to prevent an attitude

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

of negation, greater progress could be made in spiritual education. New Age Leaders have a tremendous responsibility to see that any condition of this sort is transmuted to good, and not allowed to remain a sore, festering into planned opposition to the spiritual pioneering now taking place on our planet. They should leave no stone unturned that might prevent a clear understanding of LIFE and how it can be lived to promote the greatest good for the greatest number.

Our only foes are the invisible powers and principalities of negation that seeks entrance into the minds of men, erecting a stumbling block in the path of spiritual progress.

This condition can be met and conquered by the use of the Divine Love Projection as given in my book WAKE UP THE GOD IN YOU AND LIVE. If used as directed in the NEW AGE LEADERSHIP PLAN, it will be quite effective in restoring harmony between individuals and groups, if practiced with diligence. The more divine love and UNDERSTANDING that is projected into our everyday lives the sooner man will awaken in the Divine Image and likeness of his creator. Determined persistence will win the battle of LIFE for those who are earnest enough to push forward in spite of all odds, and gain the kingdom that truly sets one free; not only free from sickness and lack and sorrow, but free to travel by levitation, free to manifest one’s supply from the universal mind substance, without benefit of job or earning money in the normal worldly way. This WAY OF LIFE is available to mankind now in this New Age. Some few have already attained this exalted state and it is meant for all. Man himself must decide when he will allow the kingdom of God to come on earth as it is in heaven. Why not WAKE UP THE GOD IN YOU AND LIVE and gain the UNDERSTANDING of HOW TO THINK TO LIVE FOREVER. (These books are available at your UNDERSTANDING HOME OFFICE.)


——— ♦ ———

Congratulations to The American Weekly for its article “UFO” by Major Donald E. Keyhoe. The article appeared in the April 16 issue of the magazine which has a large national circulation.

JULY • 1961                                15


(The following is a letter received by the editors reporting a recent sighting of unidentified flying objects, or flying saucers.)

On Thursday night, May 4, 1961, Lee and I finally had our first ‘flying saucer’ sighting! Yes, though we have been interested in this phenomenon since 1953 and have worked in the UFO field since 1958, presenting ‘contactees’ and New Age lecturers thru our Unit 15, we had never had a sighting before this year that we could actually call `flying saucers’. The interesting thing about this sighting is that we were invited to see it by one Reinhold O. Schmidt, who called us the day before (May 3rd) and told us to watch the westerly sky that night at 9 P.M. But it was too cloudy. Next day I called Smitty to tell him we hadn’t seen anything-had he? No, it was too cloudy-try tonight from 10 minutes to nine to 10 after nine. So we went and sat at the top of our hill again with our friends, Mary Ellen Pilgreen and her daughter, Nancy, age 11.

The vantage point is perfect, over looking the Playa del Rey and Santa Monica areas (as you know we live in the Baldwin Hills). The sky was clear, many planes, helicopters and search lights going by. But no UFO’s. At 9:20 we were discouraged and got up to leave when I saw a light high up in the sky above all the others, coming slowly across as if it were following the coast-line. We watched carefully, looking for red and green blinking lights-none to be seen. Then we thought we saw 3 lights -yes one in front and 2 behind. They faded out of sight. A half minute later another set of 3 lights came slowly across the sky-this time very clear, distinctly disc shaped lights, yellowish white in color-:n a tight triangular formation-gliding in the same direction and fading out of sight toward Malibu. Of course we were excited and little Nancy’s knees shook so that she had to sit on the ground!

This was May 4th at approx. 9:20 P.M. We called friends, the McGintys, at 9:50 P.M. and they were just seeing two overhead at that time. Don’t forget, the Astronaut was launched the next morning, May 5th. We later asked Smitty if his friends were here to observe the Astronaut’s flight. He said yes.

We thought you’d be glad to know we had a sighting at last!

Very Sincerely,


Inglewood Unit #15

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner

The Promise!

The Planet stirs at last

From Its long sleep;

And now we find

Emerging from the Deep

A World so new,

So bright, so fair —

We wonder why we never dreamed

That It was there

Waiting for us

To turn within and see

That “things unknown”

Are waiting there, till we

Become aware that

Space Is working,

In the hearts of men

And “Things Forgot”

Become alive again!

JULY • 1961                                17

And so it seems!

The wealth we thought

Was only in our dreams

Comes forth, and takes us

By the hand.

When will we understand?


The New Age holds for you!

Even The Impossible is True!


——— ♦ ———



Way down South in the Pacific Ocean stretches a group of Islands called New Zealand where the white man and the native Maori live in good-will and cooperation with one another.

For many years messages from space have been telepathically communicated, informing a small group of its inhabitants that New Zealand is destined to be a Spiritual Power Station radiating Light, Love and Peace to all the nations of earth.

This information is taken seriously by those who have heard the “Call to Service” and under the name of the “Heralds of the New Age” they faithfully obey the instructions given by the Space Brothers who are operating under the leadership of Jesus the Christ.

One of the principal space visitors to this group is a Venusian. Ide and his associates from other planets attend regular weekly meetings at the home of the organizer of the group where the messages delivered by the many speakers are tape recorded. A large portion of information given corresponds in many respects with Bible prophecy. The Heralds of the New Age are instructed to give world publicity to the Good News received.

Assurance was given in the year 1957 that the New Age teaching would spread over the world and this prediction is being fulfilled as many world groups engaged in the same form of service are all coordinating and realizing by combined effort that the days of tribulation are being shortened. It is a great privilege to be so sure that individually and collectively the Light of the Holy Spirit can shine forth from the hearts of the people who

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

are imbued with good-will and intention to dissipate the darkness of negative conditions created by the immature mind of mankind who have not yet discovered the Almightiness and Love of the Creator for His misguided children.

If men and women everywhere would only accept the Truth that Beings of high intelligence are watching over this planet and that they are waiting to come in love to help humanity, much of the fear in the hearts of the people would be dispelled.

This is the mission entrusted to the Heralds of the New Age-to spread the Good News of the Kingdom of God on earth-the Truth of the Love of the Father for All His children-that not one soul will be lost-that life is continuous, progressive and everlasting.

For instruction in New Age living and the means of finding hope and comfort in a world full of turmoil God has sent His Angels and His Messengers to lead mankind out of materialism into the Light of the fourth dimension where angels and men will co-operate to establish the Kingdom on earth.

Folders containing New Age knowledge compiled from teachings received telepathically from Space Beings are available to all who apply. No charge is made. The work is supported and furthered by free will offerings, gratefully received.

-MAY HARVEY, Organizer

Heralds of the New Age

Parnell, Auckland

New Zealand

——— ♦ ———


Saturday, July 29, 8 p.m., a special tape recording night will be put on by the Inglewood Unit #15 of Understanding. Thought-provoking talks by Space Men from other planets, including the timely “Universal Vibration.” Business & Professional Woman’s Clubhouse, 820 Java Street, Inglewood, California.

The Northern California Units of Understanding, Incorporated will hold their Northern Spacecraft Convention August 26 and 27 at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, California. Admission will be $1.00. It is suggested that persons planning to attend make their hotel reservations early.

JULY • 1961                                19

bulletin board

EL MONTE, unit #1 continues with its magazines for friendship program. Over 100 pounds of magazines have been sent to foreign countries. Other units have joined unit #1 in participating in this program, among them San Mateo, Monterey and Pomona, Calif., Tacoma, Wash., Eugene, Ore. and Buffalo, N.Y. The unit hosted Dr. Eugene Whitworth of Great Western University and George Hunt Williamson during June,

SAN MATEO, unit #2 heard George Hunt Williamson lecture on “The Cry of the Satyr” during early June. Orfeo Angelucci spoke for the unit later in the month on “Revelations and Decisions.”

VISTA, unit #4 entertained Partana Vegan as speaker in June. Dr. John Hopkins, president of Berkeley unit #17, is scheduled to address the unit during July.

ORANGE, unit #7. Thomas Roughley of 1052 W. 5th, Apt. 5, Santa Ana, Calif., has been elected president of this unit.

SANTA CRUZ, unit #9, has started putting out an excellent bulletin. The publication, issued at regular intervals, is filled with news of the unit, coming events, ideas and inspiration. The unit is thinking of producing a motion picture about its activities.

SAN FRANCISCO, unit #11 heard from Michael Barton, speaking on “World UFO Predictions and You” during May, and Orfeo Angelucci, speaking on “Revelations and Decisions” during June.

INGLEWOOD, unit #15 hosted Robert Galen Chaney, founder, director of the Astara Foundation, recently. He spoke on the subject “ESP

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

and What it Means to You in the Space Age.” A speaker during June was Mrs. Jessica Madigan, well-known California lecturer and researcher in the fields of reincarnation, dream analysis and prophecy.

SAN JOSE, unit #25 heard from Bessie T. Arthur and Orfeo Angelucci during June. May speakers included Michael V. Barton, while Dr. Francesca E. Moore spoke in April.

MARIN COUNTY, unit #31, recently celebrated its first anniversary when it was visited by Dan Fry, founder of Understanding. Dr. Fry spoke on two successive evenings. Later, Michael V. Barton addressed the unit on “World UFO Predictions and You.”

DOUGLAS (Ariz.), unit #33 has re-elected Mrs. Joe E. Webb, 1536 12th St., Douglas, as its president. Other recently elected officers include Mrs. Florence Stanaway, 1190 11th St., Douglas, vice president; Kenneth Fauchier, 920½ 10th St., Douglas, treasurer; Grace M. Wilton, 1049 Green, Douglas, secretary, and Mrs. James Cooper and James Johnson, publicity chairmen.

WILLOWS, unit #36, through its president Muriel Fernandez, 149 Fern St., Willows, extends an invitation to anyone passing through Willows to stop over for rest and to be refreshed. The unit also wishes to announce that a lending library is available to members and responsible friends who wish to either take the books home or read them at her home in my quiet and peaceful living room. Healings and other spiritual and physical changes have occurred in this atmosphere of peace and silence-A Haven of Rest.”

ELSINORE, unit #38 recently entertained Dana Howard, Robert Short, Elenoah Astrola and LeRoy Roberts. President Scott Brownell writes, “I had the privilege of seeing a big fireball last month, or perhaps a meteor. Anyhow it was a big one. I saw it appear in the southwest sky and travel north in a long curve clear across the sky. Center was white fire with a long tail and gold color outside. Lit up the whole sky and lasted three or four seconds.

TOLEDO (Ohio, unit #45, recently heard talks by Laura Mundo (Marxer), pioneer flying saucer researcher, lecturer, writer and organizer since 1954, and by Durward Fairfield, one of the original members of Understanding who toured the country recently.

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