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VOLUME VI                                 MARCH • 1961                                          NUMBER 3

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


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LAST WEEK, YOUR EDITOR had the opportunity to view an hour long motion picture film depicting the tremendous advance of communism throughout the world.

The picture was obviously designed to shock the American citizen into a state of awareness of the great peril which currently faces his way of life.

The picture does an excellent job of startling and shocking the audience, but unfortunately, it offers no solution to the problems which it presents, no way of escape from the danger which it so graphically portrays. The viewer is left with the frustrating feeling that he is surrounded on every side by an implacable enemy who has already seized more than half of the world’s population, and has its talons firmly fixed in most of the countries which it has not yet seized; that the United States is in immediate and deadly peril, and that there is really nothing much that the citizen can do about it except to continue waving his flag, and shouting defiance at the oncoming juggernaut.

The picture does not show or describe, except in the most general terms, how the communists operate in foreign countries, but does demonstrate, beyond question, that, whatever the modus operandi may be, it is

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

amazingly successful. The statement is made that the principal Soviet successes are obtained, not by military action but by infiltration of the coveted area. This statement is obviously true, but the accompanying implication that this infiltration is accomplished principally by cloak and dagger methods is just as obviously incorrect.

Cloak and dagger methods, while they are frequently useful in the achievement of limited political objectives, are certainly not designed to make friends and influence people on the nation-wide scale that is necessary if a country is to be “plucked like a ripe fruit from a tree.”

Eighteen years ago, while your editor was stationed in Honduras, in connection with the building of the Pan-American Highway, he had the opportunity to observe one phase of the communists’ operational methods in person, and at close range.

In the town of Choulteca, Honduras, there were two young men who were Russian communists, although they had sought and obtained Honduranian citizenship. They were also two of the best known and liked individuals in the entire town.

At that time, Russia was an ally of the United States in the midst of World War Two, and there were no barriers to fraternization.

We became acquainted with these two men in the course of business, and took, occasion to ask one of them how he had come to settle in a country so far and so different from his homeland. His reply, given without hesitation or evasion, was as follows.

There is, in Moscow, a small governmental department whose function is to seek out young men and women of the highest degree of intelligence, integrity, sincerity and compatibility, for the sole purpose of resettling these people in foreign countries. Since many of these young people come from families in very limited circumstances, most of them are glad to accept any opportunity to advance themselves, even if it requires them to move to another country.

From an applicant list of twenty to thirty thousand persons, about one thousand are chosen each year. These persons are first taught the language of the country to which they will be sent. They are taught the laws of the country, and the social and religious customs, so that they may fit smoothly and securely into the life of their new community. When all of this has been done, arrangements are made to have them admitted to the country for which they have been chosen, and they are given sufficient money to enable them to establish themselves in some small and respectable business.

MARCH • 1961                           3

They are not sent as spies, nor are they instructed to preach the communist “line.” In fact, they are advised to refrain, insofar as possible, from any discussion of international politics. (This is partly because there are, in the communist dogma, many basic fallacies which can be detected by anyone of reasonable intelligence, if he examines the dogma closely.) The young people are not sent to “sell” communism as such, but only to sell themselves as individuals. They are instructed to be as considerate, as kind and as helpful as possible upon all occasions. Since only persons who already possess these attributes are chosen for the task, they are usually successful in establishing themselves in a position of high esteem among their new neighbors and countrymen. This is all that they are required to do. When it becomes known that they are communists, most of their new friends, acquaintances and neighbors will think to themselves, “If those men are communists, then communism must be a desirable thing.” They fail to realize that the most arrogant and unscrupulous political faction can, and does, use a very large number of basically honest and upright individuals in the furtherance of its plan for world domination.

The Soviet Union has been far more successful in selling lies than the United States has been in selling truth, simply because the Soviet Union has made a much greater sales effort, and because the planners in the Kremlin realized two decades ago that the final decision would not be reached on the field of battle, but in the minds of men.

Whether or not there is a one or two year “missile gap” between the United States and the U.S.S.R. is a matter of small consequence. The thing that is important is the twenty-year gap in our personal approach to the individual of the uncommitted nations.

Even at this late date, our State Department could, within a few years, place in the field an equal number of silent but dedicated missionaries of good will and understanding. Such a project might cost as much as three or four large aircraft armed with hydrogen bombs, but it would prove far more effective.


As this edition comes off the press, a weekly television series featuring Dan Fry will probably already be underway in Douglas, Arizona. A new television station at Douglas, KCDA-TV, Channel 3, has offered a 13-week series, 15 minutes every Saturday night, to Understanding. Through the efforts of Douglas, Ariz. Unit #33 and its president, Betty Lou Webb,

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

arrangements were made for Dan Fry to confer with station officials early in February. Preliminary talks created much enthusiasm at the station. It is believed that if the first 13 weeks are well received, another 13-week series of half-hour programs may be scheduled.

Dr. Fry is presenting a series entitled “The Romance of Space.” It is a general scientific program showing how galaxies are created and pointing out that because life starts first at the center of a galaxy and because the earth is on the outskirts of its galaxy, it is most likely that millions of inhabited planets in our galaxy have achieved space travel during the past few million years. Drawings by Gus Tanasale are being used to illustrate the program.

The series was scheduled to start whenever the station formally went on the air, which was expected to take place about Feb. 20 as this issue went to press. The new station is using extremely modern TV equipment, much of which has never been used before. It is therefore expected to gain national attention.


Understanding is planning to present an “Understanding Congress of New Age Progress” featuring talks by six or more prominent speakers in the New Age field at some point during 1961.

Date for the two-day event had been set for April 22 and 23 at Pasadena, Calif., but due to a possible conflict with another convention and the unavailability of several important speakers for that date, the congress committee has decided to put it off until a time either in May or June or in late September or October.

Further details will be announced in a future issue.


Understanding, Inc. takes great pleasure in announcing that Dr. Daniel W. Fry, founder of this organization and editor of Understanding magazine has been bestowed with a new honor. He is listed in the 1961 edition of “Who’s Who in California.” Dr. Fry’s biography and photograph appear on page 286 of the honorary volume. He is one of some 1,500 listed in the book. California has some 15 million residents, which means Dan is considered to be “one in 10,000.”

Dr. Fry received an honorary Ph.D. last year from St. Andrews College in London, England.


MARCH • 1961                           5


(The following article is reprinted from the Dec. 25, 1960 issue of Parade magazine, a syndicated Sunday supplement which appears in numerous daily newspapers in the United States. The resemblance of this story to “A Stranger Appears Before the U.N.,” an article which was printed by Understanding in November-December, 1958 and reprinted in December, 1959, is uncanny. Understanding wishes to thank Parade for granting permission for this reprint.)

A Man of Peace

There was a report during the recent gathering of world leaders at the United Nations that an impressive stranger, presumed to be a spokesman for some peace group, had slipped into the delegates’ lounge and preached peace to all who would listen to him. PARADE’S Washington correspondent, Jack Anderson, has built the incident into a Christmas story whose message is as old as the Christmas event we celebrate and as new as today’s headlines.

THE DELEGATES LOUNGE at the United Nations was electric with apprehension. The disarmament debate that morning had been tempestuous. The behavior of the Russian had startled and shocked the assembled statesmen. Even Hitler and Mussolini at their wildest had never brandished their bayonets as this man brandished his rockets. With flailing fists and bellowing voice, he had set a new low in brutal diplomacy. Once more the world had heard the familiar cry of the dictator: “Might is right!”

High in the press room clattering typewriters and teleprinters carried his message of force and fear to every country on the globe. In the lofty, spacious delegates’ lounge overlooking the East River, the diplomats huddled in groups to discuss the portent of his performance. Out of his bombast and belligerence had come this apparent warning: “Who is not with us is against us.” So the nations were choosing sides, some from fear, some from spite, some from ignorance.

It was at this moment that the Stranger entered. For some minutes he went unnoticed except by a watchful guard whose eye was caught by what might have been a trick of light from the great wall windows, now shimmering in the winter sun. The Stranger seemed to have a radiance around

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

him, but the guard had a peculiar feeling that it came from some source other than the glinting sunlight.

The Stranger was tall, erect, lordly, without seeming stiff or haughty. He was dressed simply in an inexpensive but immaculate business suit. But it was his head that was most striking. He had thick chestnut hair, parted in the middle, which fell in waves to his shoulders. This was matched by a short, forked beard. His skin was tanned. His blue eyes had a piercing, commanding, yet curiously gentle look.

The guard was accustomed to seeing people of all descriptions, gathered as they were from all lands. He put the Stranger down as a representative of some peace organization, perhaps a crank but certainly harmless. Discreetly the guard edged toward him to challenge his credentials.

The Stranger had joined a knot of Asians and entered their conversation. His voice was deep, almost melodious, yet somehow penetrating. The guard, to his utter amazement, found he could understand every word that spoken. It was like the instantaneous translation during UN debates-but without earphones.

“Before there can be peace on earth,” the Stranger was saying, “there must be good will toward men. The love burning in a single heart gives off a glow. The glow from many hearts could create a light so bright it would banish darkness from the world.”

From group to group the Stranger moved, spreading his message. The awe-struck guard followed, drawn by the magnetic personality and the miracle of tongues. Others also appeared to notice that the Stranger’s words were understood by men of different dialects. But they shook off the idea as if they distrusted their ears. As he pleaded, he encountered some cynicism but never lost patience. Most of the time his face was grave, even a little sad. But when he smiled, it was a sweet smile.

Then the Russian stormed into the lounge, surrounded by his entourage of satellites and sycophants. He was squat, strong, quick, like a wild boar. At once he was the center of attraction. Even those who hated and feared him drifted nearer to hear what he might say. He crossed the lounge cracking jokes, slapping backs, shaking hands. Then he proceeded to hold court. The diplomats bunched around him, all hanging on his words.

Suddenly as if by signal the crowd parted, and the Russian was face to face with the Stranger.

MARCH • 1961                           7

“Good will!” the Russian roared. “This is a phrase to induce sleep. But we shall not sleep. The cannibals wish to disarm us, so they can pop us into their kettles. Only our military might prevents them from destroying and devouring us. We cannot defend the gains of communism with good will.”

“You have built great military strength,” agreed the Stranger. “So have other nations which now lie in the dust of history. How much more lasting is great spiritual strength. Without it, a military nation is a ferocious beast with no conscience to control its appetites.”

The Stranger smiled. “Who,” he asked, “profits from a wolf fight? Which of the bitten wolves is better off for his wounds? So long as nations meet force with force, fear of death, not love of life, rules the world. Hate breeds hate, violence breeds violence, one war sows the seeds for the next. Who is to break this terrible cycle?”

“You talk of peace,” retorted the Russian. “We want peace. We are against war. We live on the same planet as the capitalist countries. All we ask is peaceful coexistence. People do not always marry for love, yet they live out their lives together in reasonable harmony.”

“Those who leave love out of human relationships will not find peace,” the Stranger warned softly. “You have extended your rule without the consent of the ruled. Force and fear may make men obey you. They will not make men love you. Yet the power of love can disarm the world.”

The Russian snorted like a wild boar. “The capitalists do not love their fellow men,” he said. “They have created a paradise for the rich and a hell for the poor. Millionaires talk about their belief in God, but they go on robbing the people. It is the kingdom of the dollar.”

“Man is not perfect,” agreed the Stranger. “Many who worship with their lips do not worship with their hearts. Love is a tender plant. Over the centuries it has sprouted and bloomed and faded again. It has many roots honesty, compassion, humility, gentleness-and they flourish best in freedom. Why are you so alarmed by the simple word, love? A man does not love his neighbor less because he loves his country. He does not love his country less because he loves all mankind. But without freedom, true love cannot survive.”

The Russian scowled, then grunted: “Enough of these fables about freedom. The capitalists boast of their free world. Free for whom? The workless are free from work. The poor are free from money. In the Communist countries, we are building true freedom-freedom from unemployment,

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

from hunger, from exploitation. The capitalists say, `Trust in God, love your fellow men, then you will go to paradise when you die.’ We Communists trust in our own labor. We will create a paradise in this life, not in the hereafter.”

The Stranger sighed. “Without freedom of the spirit, the word has no meaning. All men desire the good things of :his earth. But there is more happiness in a full soul than a full belly. Yours is a strange paradise indeed that causes so many people to flee from it.”

“Some people cling to their old shoes,” snapped the Russian. “They behave toward communism as they do toward new shoes. They are afraid the new system will pinch. And it will pinch those who oppose it. They will be cast onto the garbage heap of history.”

“I know your fondness for Russian proverbs,” answered the Stranger. “One says that garbage can best be recognized by its smell.”

“History is on our side!” the Russian shouted. “Might is on our side!” “Might has been forever on the march, and right forever trodden down,” said the Stranger. “But the future always rises out of the dust. For right lives on in the hearts and minds of men after might has been buried in the graves it has created.”

Then he looked piercingly into the Russian’s eyes until the burly one began to sweat and fidget. “What is wrong for one man to do to another is equally wrong for one nation to do to another,” the Stranger declared. “‘The deeds of a nation are now upon your shoulders. No longer can you hand your conscience over to Lenin or Stalin. You have taken the responsibility upon yourself. Let me say to you that it is better to suffer wrong than to cause it, to feel pain than to inflict it.”

The Stranger smiled that sweet smile. The Russian looked at his watch, scowled and barged off, followed by his claque.

The Stranger watched them go without a word. Then slowly he walked from the lounge to the Meditation Room where all men, no matter what their faith, may pray. His face seemed sadder, his shoulders bowed. In one hand he clutched a small, well-worn Bible.

The guard waited outside the Meditation Room. Several minutes passed, and the Stranger had still not emerged. Finally, the guard opened the door a crack and peered in. The room was empty. The only evidence that the Stranger had been there was his Bible, left open on a chair at the tenth chapter of St. John. Drawn to it, the guard’s eyes fell upon verses 14 to 16:

MARCH • 1961                           9

I am the good shepherd and know my sheep … And I lay down my life for the sheep. And other sheep I have which are not o f this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice.”

World report

Bright Object Has Texans In The Dark

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (AP)-The bright and unidentified object spotted in the sky over this South Texas city for the past week may be the plane: Venus but no one is certain.

“It was too bright to be a star,” many persons who saw the object said.

A naval air station control tower spokesman said the Navy had received reports about an object in the sky for a week and is “still trying to identify it”.

The operator of the Tule Lake life bridge, W. J. Mobley, said he viewed the object twice and on both occasions it appeared to remain stationary for about an hour. Then it suddenly moved rapidly due west.” Herman Gary studied the unusual light through binoculars,

“It is impossible for me to describe what it looked like,” Gary said. “It was somewhat irregular in shape and had a sunburst effect with what appeared to be rays of light flowing back from the direction it traveled.”

Gary said the light had no perceptible movement during the minutes he watched and it was uniformly lighted across the entire surface.

‘Huge Ball of Fire’ Sighted Off Holland

IJMUIDEN, Holland (UPI)-An “enormous ball of fire” flared 15 miles off the Dutch Coast Sunday night, disappearing slowly in a northerly direction and decreasing in brilliance from a bright to a dark red, observers said.

No immediate explanation was available for the fireball, which was first seen by the Dutch coastal station Scheveningen at a height of 6o deg. above the horizon, 15 miles away.

The Scheveningen observer post is located on northern island of Terschelling.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Fiery Object Starts Phone Call Flood

(from Los Angeles Examiner-January 18)

Scores of Los Angeles area residents noticed a “dazzling white” object shooting across the southern sky Tuesday night shortly after 7 p.m. Newspaper, police and Griffith Observatory personnel were flooded with calls.

R. A. Kuchenski of 2515 Glenrose Ave., Altadena, was driving south on Brand Boulevard, Glendale, when he noticed the fiery object. It burned for about “four seconds” and then fell to earth, he said.

The object, seen by Long Beach and Los Angeles airport control towers, appeared to be a meteorite burning up in the earth’s atmosphere.

Russians Rap Saucer Reports

MOSCOW (AP)-Two Soviet newspapers denounced yesterday those Russians who believe stories about flying saucers. Pravda, the Communist Party organ, and Komsomalskaya Pravda, the youth newspaper, assailed those who spread and those who believe in such tales.

Pravda said flying saucers had their origin in American press reports years ago. Academician Lev Artemovich said flying saucers are nothing but reflections of sunlight from water droplets and ice in the atmosphere. Any other explanations, the Soviet scientist wrote, is “either self-deception or a conscious falsification of the facts.”

10,000-Year-Old Ox Poses Mystery

CARSON CITY (AP) -January 15-Discovery of the jawbones of a shrub ox believed to be over 7,000 years old perplexed state museum officials yesterday because the animal was not known to live in the Nevada area.

Part of an upper jaw bone and an entire lower jaw were discovered by museum archaeologists in a rock shelter near Lake Winnemucca. The animal lived in the glacier age between 7,000 and 10,000 years ago and the species originated in Asia, said Richard Shutler, Jr., a museum archaeologist.

“We knew it was something different,” Shutler said, “because the jawbones just didn’t look like any known to be in this region now or in the past.

Shutler said the animal was woolly-haired, about six feet long and short legged. It is now extinct.

MARCH • 1961                           11

What’s Ahead for ’61

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (UPI)-John F. Kennedy will have a second term in the White House; Princess Margaret will bear a child probably a boy-in April or July; a prominent world figure will be assassinated within the next six months . . .

These are some of the predictions for 1961 by British clairvoyant Maurice Woodruff, who claims no powers of “fortune telling” but says he does have a gift for looking into the future.

Many of England’s leading entertainment and society figures swear by his predictions. He has been presented to royalty four times.

A short time before the national political conventions in Los Angeles and Chicago, Woodruff issued a prediction that was printed in a London newspaper stating that Sen. John F. Kennedy would be elected president of the United States.

He has no crystal ball, and never goes into a trance.

“When I do a job of work, I do it logically,” he said. “Why put on a pair of earrings, you know?”

In predicting Kennedy’s re-election as President in 1964, Woodruff added that the President-elect would have a “stormy time” ahead of him in the next four years.

I’m a little worried about business activity in the United States in the coming months,” he said. “It will be rough going for about the next six months, but after that-in June or July-it will pick up again.”

He foresaw the death within the next year of a well loved world leader, but declined to name the figure.

“I never tell a person I see. that he is going to die,” Woodruff explained. “It would do no good. It might hurry along the death.”


Do you have a tape recorder? If you do, would you like to start “talking” with people around the United States and the rest of the world? Below is a list of individuals who have tape recorders and who would like to hear from you on tape. If you’d like to get into tape “circulation” why don’t you send us your name and address and we’ll list you here too.

Tape respondents:

M. A. Saxton, 3228 N. Syracuse, Baldwin Park, Calif., U.S.A.

Conny Tanasale, 2122 S. Curtis Ave., Alhambra, Calif., U.S.A.

Cleve Twitchell, 4318 N. Muscatel Ave., Rosemead, Calif., U.S.A.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Sighting Report

A sighting reported by Manuel Fernandez of 149 Fern Street, Willows, California, June 2, 1960 at 12 noon: “I was working in my flowers and garden in my backyard. My attention was drawn to look to the north east. There, moving slowly in a south-easterly direction, was an umbrella shaped illuminated object about 100 feet across with a 2-foot illuminated band all around it. It appeared to be about 20 miles away. I called to my wife to bring the field glasses, but when she arrived with them, it had disappeared. I watched it for about five minutes. To my knowledge, no one else saw it. It was my first sighting. Anyone who has sighted one knows exactly how I felt.”

Strong Possibility of Life On Mars

LONDON, Feb. 26, 1960-There was a strong possibility that life of some sort existed on the planet Mars, said the eminent radio astronomer Professor Bernard Lovell, at a meeting of the Royal Society of Arts in London yesterday,

He said the theory that the formation of life on our own earth was a unique process had been changed with the abandonment of the idea that the earth was torn from the sun.

Professor Lovell said: “Now we believe that the earth and planets were formed by the accretion of large numbers of small solid particles from a dust cloud which was either formed with the sun or which the sun collected in its journey through interstellar space.

“On the accretion theory there is no reason why the prelife processes should not have existed on the primeval dust and been preserved during the accretion phase.”

Professor Lovell said crucial experiments now under way might prove the existence of living things on Mars.

Satellites carrying robot sampling instruments might soon be flown to the neighborhood of the planet to radio back information about its surface and atmosphere.

By bouncing signals off the planets, he added, information could be gained about the nature of the surface of those nearest to the earth Venus and Mars.

-submitted by:


New Zealand

MARCH • 1961                           13


Contact –

IT ALL STARTED ON September 24, 1959, while I was working in Las Vegas, Nev. On a tower doing some work for a radio station in that city, I was suddenly contacted by a high field of energy of indescribable origin coming from the tower. Many things I did not understand seemed to be happening to my body. I could hear a station on the air, and at the same time other high-pitched :ones were penetrating my ears. Small flames of fire came from my body, yet I was not burned.

Then, a new sound came to me which seemed to be coming from inside my head. In tones as clear as a bell, I heard these words spoken: “John, do not be alarmed or fearful of what you see or hear. We are Mardinus people, a small group directed to contact people of your world. We are all about you. Even though you cannot see us, we are nevertheless right near you. This is because of the vibratory frequency that surrounds each individual. It is far too complicated to try to explain because most people on the earth cannot comprehend what is meant by vibration and vibratory frequencies as applied to realms beyond the physical state of being.

“We are no different from you, except that we have achieved far greater understanding of life and our understanding of life has led us far beyond the field of science which you are now experiencing in your earth plane. Tomorrow you will be met by one of our people. We are exactly like you in physical stature, so you will have no fear when you meet the being who will contact you. We will take you to a place not far from here.

“The purpose of this is to show you what we have achieved, and at the same time explain to you some of the things in store for you and your world in the near future. We have only friendly thoughts and hopes for your people. We are here to offer our assistance and to help you receive the understanding that the people of this world sorely need. It is necessary that the people of your world achieve a better way of living in order to fully understand and become a part of the age that is developing in the solar system.

“This is very important in order to save yourselves from self-disintegration which may result from the misuse of the atomic and other energies which your scientists have developed. The ships we fly are called flying

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

saucers by your people and the planet from which we come is also called Mars by you. Our ships are of many kinds, sizes and shapes. Some of our craft measure 168 miles in diameter; some are smaller and used as scout ships or to transfer people and supplies from various places to our larger master ships.

“John, you will remember you contacted us visually in 1954. We did not contact you at that time because you were not ready to meet us. You saw our ship and were impressed, but you could not pick up our sound vibrations which we attempted to send you at that time. Now, however, as a result of your working on these towers the past few weeks, your body has become conditioned to the point where, using the tower you are now working on as an antenna, we are able to contact you. The frequency of energy in this tower is acting as a booster to bring your our words. This is the reason you are able to hear us at this time, and we have taken this opportunity to express our desire to accompany the individual who will contact you tomorrow. So, until then, have no fear and we will see you very soon.”

About The Ship –

As a result of the contact, I was mentally instructed the following morning to build a working model of their craft. With seven contacts, they would supply me with information and details necessary to complete this craft to the exact scale and dimensions of their ship, utilizing the same source of magnetic energy. These contacts were given to me as I progressed in the work of this project.

I had no way of knowing how to start or what I was to do-I only knew that the information coming to me was of such a nature that I could not doubt the information was correct. I waited patiently and late one evening after finishing a job near my home, I was directed to begin work on the project. I stayed in my shop and began the assembly.

I was amazed myself at what transpired, and it wasn’t long until I was actually building the device which, when completed, would be the thrill of a lifetime. This piece of apparatus was very simply constructed. It consisted of two rods and four ping pong balls put together in such a way as to form a type of gyro which, once started, was self-propelling. This created what we call perpetual motion and would continue to run until some outside force was acted upon to cease its operation.

While this device was in operation, it resembled a sun generator; which many are familiar with through demonstrations in classroom physics.

MARCH • 1961                           15

As it increased in its revolutions per minute, it gradually became weightless and rose from a pedestal upon which it was resting.

It flew across the shop and in turn crashed against the wall, destroying the working unit. This demonstration of anti-gravity force proved that a magnetic field could be put into use without inducing any electrical force or fuel to create its motion.

Needless to say, this spurred me on to build the model. It is 24 inches in diameter and measures approximately 8½ inches in height. When completed, this craft will be controlled electronically. Through the application of permanent magnets, I intend to maintain a torque of 3800 RPM in a counter-rotating motion. As a result of this counter-rotation, the 18-pound craft will lift itself vertically into the air.

Once airborne, it will be completely controlled with equipment made by Lear Electronics and Tapco Electronics. These controls are in use today in many of our satellites and by many airlines around the world. These controls have been proved and tested to be reliable through many years of actual application and will, therefore, be completely safe for operations of this craft. The Lear control will act as an autopilot to control the craft by transmitting a given impulse and on a given frequency to activate a memory spool which will drive a series of servos. This, in turn, activates a transistorized servo amplifier, transmitting its signals to a position servo, velocity servo, tracking computer and data conversion units.

Control of the craft is maintained through the activation of these units. The amount of power required for these units is a ten-watt steady rate and an eighteen-watt peak. The craft should then be in complete control and capable of supporting eighteen times its own weight, proving Einstein’s most familiar theory.


Covina, Calif.


BEFORE ANY SIGN OF LIFE Of a physical nature appeared on the earth-plane, there was a period when Nature laid the necessary foundation for its inception. Always a certain environment must be induced prior to the arrival of a living organism placed therein.

Any form of life requires water to sustain life. A bird cannot fly without air against which to beat its wings. Man’s requirements are more exacting than those of any other living organism. As man advances in the realm

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

of physical achievements, so do his requirements multiply and, one by one, he contacts and appropriates the more subtle, wonder-working forces previously prepared for his use.

Man discovers (he does not create) the forces by which he becomes arbiter of human destiny. By the misuse of these inconceivably powerful forces by which he finds himself surrounded, he deliberately destroys him self. One might liken man to a pitiful imbecile who burns the boat sent to rescue him from shipwreck.

No one who is utterly devoid of any spiritual understanding can properly adapt himself to the conditions which will prevail upon this earth within a very short time. A change in the very atmosphere, in the magnetic structure, in the super-imposed illumination and consequent transfiguration of the unseen (physically), but powerful controlling influences, is taking place. Man can no more stop this transmutation than he can stop the tide from rising or the sun from setting. These spiritual changes are beyond man’s jurisdiction. True, he may elect to remain without their beneficent influence. Likewise he may choose to attune himself to the tempo of their elevating force.

Man himself decides his own fate. Opportunity after opportunity is given him (regardless of his social or economic status) to recognize the true principles governing all human progress as regards those spiritual values which underlay all superficial aspects as measured by the perishable assets of personal possessions.

A glutton for physical condiments which quicken the senses and deaden the soul, for power over fear driven slaves to convention and compromise for all the evanescent glories of material wealth-such a glutton has had his day. His death knell hath sounded. By a grim irony of fate his own hand has closed and locked the door which leads to the fulfillment of his fondest hopes and dreams. No such monarch as he pictures himself to be can live in the world now coming into existence.

This glutton who has fattened on the unrequited labor of his fellow beings has dug for himself a pit so deep he can never climb out of it. He has foredoomed himself to suffer for his own arrogant presumption in diverting the material blessings designed for his brothers to his own selfish use.

A change COMETH. A new environmental condition prevails and unless a man be spiritually adapted to the new and rarefied atmosphere and intensified vibrational tempo, he will vanish as completely as those pre-historic

MARCH • 1961                           17

monsters who prowled the earth in past ages but are now merely curiosities in museums. The etheric atmosphere surrounding this revivified globe will automatically exclude those not qualified to thrive in its soul satisfying aura. Not by cruel edict of eviction will the “unfits” be eliminated but by the very simple method of self-extinction. All unfit for survival in this particular environment will by what men term “natural means” be transported to a place better suited to their abortive state of development.

As for those earnestly striving to attain a normal balance twixt the physical and the spiritual, they will find themselves suddenly in perfect harmony with the Rhythm of Life which will be manifest on the plane of physical expression in perfect accord with the spiritual inspiration which preceded it. All shall be in accord with the perfect plan of the great Creator.


Morongo Valley, Calif.

Poet’s corner

Oh America – Freedom Work Must Be Constant

When man has become so naïve
that Freedom is spoken of lightly,

When man has turned from truth
from just practices-opposed to corruption,

When man says “Forget it, it is only politics!”

Then truly, is the “Time of Sorrows at Hand!”

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Many have shed tears for Freedom, once it was lost,

Tears shed when it is too late,
Cast not even a shadow on the destroyer’s hand.

Desolation comes when man takes lightly,
His God given gifts and heritage!

Let us not make the mistake again
To slumber while the thief creeps in with stealth,

Takes up his position to destroy.

Homes, factories, families matter nought to him!

Tears shed in the end avail nothing.

It is the early Awakener-the warning knell that is to be heeded.

By courageous hearts springing to defend
The Freedom, homes and nation.

This is the Savior of a Land-proven time immemorial!

Nations have been saved-Oh, Many times.
By One Loud Cry-a Warning shouted

UP! AWAKE! The enemy is in our midst!

So it is again-and again-proud hearts grow careless
saying “Freedom! Pshaw! Who would dare take it from us?”

Pride ever changes to humility
When we find with what passion God Over-looks our lives

And guards-and helps
Even while man Sleeps.


-Wayne S. Aho December, 1960


Truth is a maiden wondrous fair
With sparkling eyes and shining hair

And skin of alabaster rare.

Truth lives in a well of depths untold
To guard her secrets like pure gold;

Yet earnest seekers will behold.

Understanding is the name of this deep well,
Here each soul drinks when needs impel

And many searchers claim to tell.

I saw her form of classic grace,

MARCH • 1961                           19

I saw her clear and radiant face

While drinking at her dwelling place.

Wisdom questions without blame,
No two of us will see the same

And many blaspheme truth’s fair name.

Let’s test each view by the Golden rule
And may we never play the fool

With our own reflection in the pool.

Then let us often find it’s brink
To search, to meditate and think

And deeper understanding drink.

Let not the ripples dim our goal
Nor shadows play destructive role

But glorify Truth’s brilliant soul.


Pres. Elsinore Unit No. 38

Understanding Inc.


A Little Girl Writes From Greece

Under the auspices of the Save the Children Federation a friend and I have sponsored a child in the mountains of Greece—a dear little girl now about 12 years old who sends us beautiful letters, such as the following:

“My dearest Auntie

I greet you with great love and respect and send you a small composition . . . hope it will bring you pleasure . . . it is a present for you … On the First of May

“It is the 1st of May when flowers are celebrating and the birds on the trees are calling to us.

“On the eve of this day everyone pours out in the country. Songs and merry laughter are heard everywhere, and all are holding nice flowers in their hands. On the morning of the 1st of May everyone starts for a suburb or the countryside, and the songs and merry-making are again heard. They are singing `May, Sweet May’ around the bushes. Thus we, too, started with our teacher on an excursion to the fair woods of our village, Oh, how glorious it was! We had not enough of looking around us-the whole of nature-gazing at the fine trees which were gently sighing and gave us the pure air and crystal water. Everything on this day was smiling and pleasant,

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

as if enjoying the fine May day. The little birds on the trees were singing sweetly and offered us the best of music. The much-praised Spring, passing from everywhere on her flower-adorned chariot, was generously shedding beauty and joy. From everywhere you could hear merry singing, the whole of nature was feasting-as well as people, flowers and birds, and even the running waters. It is the 1st of May, so beautiful and gay. It is a praise to our Creator for all the goods he has offered to mankind. In the evening we all came back, happy, wearing a wreath on our head.”


(The letters are translated for us, both ways, through the offices of the Federation.

——— ♦ ———


Dear Editor:

At a recent lecture I attended here in Eugene one of the books recommended by the speaker was “The Pentagon Case,” by Col. Victor J. Fox. I have just finished reading this book and feel impelled to make some comments.

There is unquestionably much truth in the story presented in this very effectively written book. One is carried along sympathetically and feels the violation of all that our society has stood for in the problems facing a loyal and fearless supporter of the “American way of life.” An uncritical reader finds here a simple answer to the problems we all face, with the cause sharply defined and the counter-offensive clearly outlined.

What bothers me is this. Our goal is human brotherhood in a world a universe, which reverses and works in harmony with the Creator of all. As I understand it, any idea is strengthened by opposition. Must we be led around by the nose in the ideological struggle, answering “communist” offensive with counter-offensive? This focuses our attention negatively on the evils forced upon us by the representatives of the “dark forces” and our fear only adds to the power and momentum of their offensive.

As I understand the teachings of our Elder Brothers, whether it be through the great religions of the world, or the more recent lessons from “space”, there is great power in thought. The human family creates its environment through its mental and emotional processes. Those ideas which receive the largest share of our attention, our strongest emotional responses are the ones which dominate our lives on the level of physical experience.

MARCH • 1961                           21

From this point of view this book is inflammatory and decisive. In the first place the evils pictured, while based on unquestioned evidence of degeneration, are overdrawn. In the second place, by naming Russian Communism as THE enemy, and a stereotyped liberalism as its dupe, the conflict is presented on a base level where solution is impossible. By attempting to meet “communism” on its own ground we can gain no victory, for only a degenerate theology can gain a hold at that level, and the inspiration and commitment required to “overcome” it do not function through the baser emotions where it has its hold. By “fighting communism” per se we only perpetuate divisions and add to the indignities men heap upon one another.

Surely our Creator calls us to function on another level. What do military might, nuclear bombs, fear psychology, feelings of superiority in race, religion or class consciousness have to do with human brotherhood? What goals are gained through name calling and retaliatory responses? The evidence would indicate that even the most hardened criminals can be redeemed through genuine love and UNDERSTANDING. I believe the solution to the worlds problems is to be found on a spiritual, rather than a political, economic or ideological level. THE PENTAGON CASE notwithstanding, I shall devote my efforts to demonstrating in my small way the meaning of compassion in areas of racial, religious or other prejudice; in teaching love and brotherhood to my children, in sharing my bit of worldly goods where there is need; in seeking to avoid judgment of my fellowman-holding to my faith that good shall prevail over evil in the end.


Unit 26, Eugene, Oregon

Dear Editor

Tonight I’ve made up my mind to write to you. I’ve just reported a strange object in the sky that was also seen by others A light high up changing colors from red to green, purple, etc., it seemed to have a band around it flashing colors.

For the past few months I’ve been reading your issue of “Understanding”, and the “White Sands Incident” given to me by a friend. I found them to be extremely interesting as I’ve experienced seeing a saucer some four years ago. I was driving down Crenshaw Blvd. about 4 p.m. just outside Northrop. Traffic was heavy as the plant released its workers. I had to come to a complete standstill at one of the gates, doing so, I stuck

22                                                  UNDERSTANDING

my head out the window and looked up at the sky as it was a pretty day and the sky was so clear and blue. I saw a silver object high and far away and thought it to be an airplane, then I noticed instead of flying in a lofting manner, it seemed to be darting and at a terrific speed until it was directly above my car at a complete standstill about 20 feet up. The only thought that came to me was it was so perfect, silver in color and no seams. It was completely motionless for about 30 seconds and then shot up diagonally and was gone at such a terrific speed that if I had blinked, it would have seemed to disappear.


Covina, California

book reviews

“Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding” by Daniel W. Fry, Ph.D.

Dan Fry’s new book, just from the printer, will probably be the book so many of us have been looking for, in our quest for truth about the nature of the Universe, and the pulsing forces behind it.

Dan gives us a look behind the screen that surround the complex but fascinating world of micro- and macro-cosmos. A world, indeed screened for many of us through its use of abstract mathematics and highly complex scientific language.

Once guided, by simple examples, through the first chapters of necessary and interesting basic information about the structure and working of the most minute and fundamental particles of nature-insofar as they are known and understood today-a fascinating world starts opening up, where our imagination can play freely with already or not yet discovered possibilities. Then we accompany Dan into space, and learn to understand the relativity of time and distance; to accept the necessity of reference

MARCH • 1961                           23

points to measure distance or define motion. We also observe the creation of new galaxies, still going on, and in amazement we stare at the so familiar constellations, wondering, why we were never before told about their origin and development in such an understandable manner.

Dan has done the utmost, to bring a highly complex science-cosmology-back to the degree where it is understandable to almost everyone, who has been searching for the relationship between our planet and the rest of the Universe; the unity of micro- and macro-cosmos.

We are given a bit of understanding about the wonders of the Universe, and if we all would understand at least a little more about the causes of our existence, we could do a much better job handling the effects, and so make the people of Earth happier and much more dependable.

-C. I. Tanasale

Unit # 1 Alhambra, Calif.

bulletin board

EL MONTE UNIT # 1 is sponsoring a course in “ELEMENTARY COSMOLOGY” every second and fourth Friday of the month by Dan Fry. All are welcome. The unit entertained Michael V. Barton on Feb. 18 and heard his talk on “UFO PREDICTIONS FOR 1961.”

In recent elections, the unit re-elected Cleve Twitchell of 4318 N. Muscatel Ave., Rosemead, Calif. as president. New vice-president of the unit is Bill Hamilton, who held that post several years ago. Irene Terry is secretary and Gus Tanasale is treasurer.

SAN MATEO UNIT #2 has changed its meeting place to the Peninsula Savings and Loan Assn., 2850 S. El Camino Real, San Mateo.

24                                                  UNDERSTANDING

VISTA UNIT #4 recently enjoyed a very interesting lecture by Violet Gilbert on, “Auras, Rays and Colors.”

ORANGE COUNTY UNIT #7. Dr. Roy Parsons, Carl Anderson and Dana Howard entertained members and friends with wonderful lectures in December, January-, and February.

INGLEWOOD UNIT #15 heard Dana Howard on “IS SPACE EDUCATION NECESSARY TO OUR FUTURE?” in January. Election of officers was scheduled for February.

BERKELEY UNIT #17. On February 8th, Fred W. Willard lectured on, “FLYING SAUCER RESEARCH; OCCULT BIBLE SUBJECTS AND SEERSHIP.” On February 22nd Riley Crabb gave the final lecture in a series of four on, “COMMUNICATION WITH FLYING SAUCERS.”

RIVERSIDE UNIT #22 presented Gloris Lee in January on the subject of “THE SPACE PROGRAM AND THE LATTER DAYS.” Rev. Franklin Loehr later spoke on the “POWER OF PRAYER WITH PLANTS.”

EUGENE (ORE.) UNIT #26 meets on the second Friday of each month at the homes of various members. Riley Crabb was a recent guest speaker, Officers elected for 1961 were Leonard Bischel, President and Mrs. Evelyn Grady, Secretary-Treasurer.

DOUGLAS (ARIZ.) UNIT #33 has inaugurated a weekly television program featuring Dan Fry on the subject “THE ROMANCE OF SPACE.”

TACOMA (WASH.) UNIT #35 is seeking to line up several other cities and towns in that territory in order to treat their lecturers more generously by having four or five lectures to make the trip worth while.

ELSINORE UNIT #38 recently tried some experiments in telepathy and ESP, using dominoes. A high of six out of ten was scored. A library of UFO tapes and slides is being built up.

SACRAMENTO UNIT #46. Having been organized but about four months Sacramento has developed a very active Unit, sponsoring Dr. Frank Stranges, Wayne Aho, George Hunt Williamson and Dana Howard in that time.

Steele M. Goodman is President, Maurice Simms, Vice President, Berea Wheelihan, Secretary, Irene Kennedy, Treasurer and Jesse Bontrager, Membership Chairman.


Understanding Coordinator


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My trip to mars moon and venus, by buck nelson ……..  1.00

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Voice of venus, vol. 1 by dr. ernest l. Norman …………..  3.25

Voice of eros, vol. 2 by dr. ernest l. Norman …  3.95

Voice of hermes, vol.3 by dr. ernest l. Norman …………  3.95

Wake up the god in you and live, by Martha baker ……  2.00

we of the new dimension, by Will and evelyn miller …………  2.00

wisdom of the universe, by hope troxell… 3.25

Ye are gods, by annalee skarin ………….  3.50

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by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

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White Sands Incident and

To Men of Earth

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Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

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