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VOLUME VI                                 DECEMBER, 1961                                   NUMBER 12

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


The 1961 Christmas season is beginning in a world torn by strife, dissension, fear, and a confused uncertainty toward the future. In city streets, Christmas lights, bells, and other decorations are hung beside signs pointing to buildings designated as `Bomb Shelters” and to `emergency evacuation routes.’ In food stores, counters; which have been piled high with Christmas goodies, have at the other end, a stack of plain cartons labeled `survival food kits. Keep one in your car and another in your home at all times.’ The postman brings us a handful of gaily decorated Christmas cards with the caption “Peace on earth, goodwill toward men.” (And a grim little booklet entitled “How to Survive a Nuclear Attack.”)

A spaceman, looking down upon this planet from the vantage point of true culture, might wonder at the colossal ego that prompts us to consider ourselves a race of intelligent beings. Yet the fact that we still celebrate the Christmas season indicates that, there is intelligence among us.

One of our great weaknesses, as a world race, is that we tend to follow, almost blindly, those who have achieved what we consider to be `success.’ We always think of success in terms of wealth, social position and political or military power. We feel that those:

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

who acquire these things are the `Great Men’ of their time, and therefore should be followed and imitated as closely as possible. Jesus of Nazareth, whose birth the Christmas season celebrates, if judged solely by these standards, would have been one of the greatest failures of all time. He had no wealth at all, no social position, and no political power, yet we remember Him and have long since forgotten the successful men of His time. The logic, the reason, and the truth of the God-given principles which He expressed so simply have conquered more minds and more hearts than all the armies which have ever been assembled, and they still have more power to mould the ultimate destiny of man than all the nuclear weapons that will ever be built.

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world report

Disc Leaves Salt Lake Pilot After Chase

What began as a routine flight Monday noon for a Salt, Lake City pilot turned into an exciting chase and launched an investigation by Air Force officials into a report of a “flying saucer.”

PILOT WALDO J. HARRIS, 631 Garfield Ave. (1831 S. State) was the first to sight an “unidentified object” while he was preparing for takeoff on a flight from Utah Central Airport, 3200 W. 2100 South. At least seven other witnesses sighted the same object from the ground.

Mr. Harris, a Salt Lake real estate and insurance salesman, and veteran pilot, told Hill Air Force Base security officials that he first sighted what he thought was another airplane when he turned onto the airport runway ready to begin his flight.

“At first, I thought it was another plane south of the field,” Mr. Harris said, “but when I was airborne I was surprised to find the object was still in the same position as when I had first sighted it.”

IT WAS THEN, Mr. Harris reported, that he decided to investigate. “I changed my heading,” Mr. Harris continued, and flew

DECEMBER, 1981                    3

toward what appeared to be a large disc, hovering with a rocking motion at an altitude of between 6,500 and 7,000 feet.”

THE PILOT radioed back to Utah Central Airport that he had sighted what he thought to be a “flying saucer” and was going to attempt to get a closer view.

Mr. Harris told officials that he estimated the distance between his plane and the object at about 5 miles at the time of the sighting. HE HAD REACHED a point about three miles from it when “it suddenly moved upward like an elevator and began to move south.” His observations of the object he reported, showed it to be a light gray disc which he estimated to measure at least 50 feet- across and about four feet thick at the widest point.

“THERE WERE no openings visible, no vapor trail or exhaust , smoke, yet I am sure it was a controlled craft from the performance during my observation,” Mr. Harris continued.

The pilot followed the “saucer” when it began its flight and then was able to observe it again when it suddenly halted and began hovering at a point almost directly over the Utah Lake Omni station.

“AFTER HOVERING there,” Mr. Harris said, “it moved straight up, then began to move west at an extremely accelerated rate of speed and disappeared within a few seconds.”

During his entire flight, Mr. Harris maintained radio communication with both the Utah Central Airport and the Provo Airport. In addition, he relayed the information to the FAA communications tower at the Salt Lake Municipal Airport.

(The U. S. Weather Bureau said that the prevailing winds measured by a weather balloon at 10 A.M. shortly before the object was sighted, were clocked at two miles an hour and were from a southeasterly direction.

The next weather balloon was sent. aloft at 4 p.m. when the winds at the 7000 ft. level were registered as being from the northwest and about five miles an hour.)

Seven witnesses at Utah Central Airport reported sighting the object from the ground. One of them, Virgil S. Redmond, 6266 S. 2005 Wst., Salt Lake City, had just landed and reported: “It wasn’t there when I came in.”

Other witnesses, some of whom used binoculars to watch the object, were Mr. and Mrs. J. Galbraith, 1564 600 East, owners and

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

operators of the airport; Clyde Card and Duane Sinclair, both of Lincoln, Nebr., who were preparing for a flight.; Robert Butler, 1274 E. 6600 S., an employee of Ute Aeromotive, based at the field, and Russ Woods, 291 E. 700 North, Provo, an airport employee.

ALL OF THE WITNESSES reported watching the object for more than 15 minutes. Mr. Redmond reported that “whatever it was seemed to be rocking while hovering almost stationary just south of the field. At times, as it turned, it almost looked like a Zeppelin.”

“WE PASSED the field glasses around,” Mr. Redmond continued, “and all of us had a good view.”

All the witnesses agreed that when the object moved, it was at a terrific speed.

THE AIR FORCE said late Monday an investigator from Hill Air Force Base security division had conducted a routine investigation of the reported sightings of an unidentified flying object Monday noon. The findings will now be forwarded to Air Force headquarters in Washington, D.C., for evaluation.

A base spokesman said the long range search radar at the base had not reported anything unusual during the day, although the range of surveillance radar does not usually extend into the south of Salt Lake City area.

——— ♦ ———


(The following is a lecture which was delivered by Karl L. Veit, leader of the German UFO Study Society, Wiesbaden, Germany, at the Second Convention of the International Space Project at Bakersfield, Calif., in Sept., 1961)

Dear friends

As an inhabitant of the old continent, I bring you greetings from the UFO friends from Germany and Europe, and I will tell you about the development of the European UFO research and our work in particular.

My wife and I have a Christian-spiritual foundation and therefore habitableness of the stars has been self-evident for us.

I first heard about Flying Saucers through a pamphlet, on the book from Frank Scully in the years 1950 and 1951. Because of our

DECEMBER, 1961                    5

spiritual knowledge and perception, we had also no difficulties with the subject: Life or Human Life in the Cosmos.

I am an artist-painter and a publisher of books. My wife is an expelle from Czechoslovakia (Sudetengau). God joined us together and so we have worked for many years in the vineyard of the Lord. Just now she is writing a book of many cases of healing with ourselves and other people through putting her hands on the patient in the name of Jesus Christ. I have held meetings and lectures and I have published pamphlets, booklets and books; amongst others:

“Germany’s Christian-spiritual mission”

(heavenly mission)

“Endtime and Return of Jesus Christ”

“Listen to the Voice of God”

“I come to You”

“Seven Steps to the Heavens

‘`Spiritual Teachers and Messengers of Love”

“Oklahoma-America’s Spiritual Development and Mission”

“The Earth under the Sign of Aquarius”

We had and have in Europe ancient cultures and Christianity but also much materialism in the universities and in the practical life. Only a small number of people were able to understand our books. We faced the question:

“What can we do; how can we help more?

In those years 1950-56 we got much knowledge on Flying Saucers and we had also seen such objects from our home.

Once we prayed to our Father in Heaven: Who are the people to spread the Truth about Flying Saucers and Spirit? We received the answer in our hearts: “You are these people!”

I wrote a pamphlet of 8 pages: “Revolutionizing Events, The Coming of the Space-people and why they come.” The publishing of this pamphlet was a test for German speaking people. The echo turned out greater than we had thought. We founded a new publishing section and we translated and printed the American books “In Days to Come” by Ashtar through E. P. Hill; further “The White Sands Incident” and “Alan’s Message to Men of Earth” by Dan Fry; “Flying Saucers Have Landed” and “Inside the Space Ships” by G. Adamski.; “The Secret of The Saucers” by Orfeo

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Angelucci; “Two Nights to Remember” by C. Anderson; “The Kearney Incident” and “To the Arctic Circle in a Space-craft” by R. Schmidt.

These were followed by: “The Coming Golden Age” by Dr. Sumner; “My Friend from Beyond Earth” by Dr. Stranges; “Flying Saucers from Mars” by C. Allingham; “Look Up” by Rex and Ray Stanford; “Flying Saucer Pilgrimage” by B. and H. Reeve.

In Berlin was published a book by Major Keyhoe : “Flying Saucers from Outer Space” and in Switzerland: “The Coming of the Space People” by Dr. Holloway.

We have translated still more books by Howard Menger, Truman Bethurum, Dino Kraspedon, Elizabeth Klarer, Peggy le Grand, Gloria Lee, etc., but we do not have enough money to publish all these books.

In Europe three Contactees became known through us: the Austrian Emanuel Cihlar, who had an experience in the Austrian Alps; the Englishman Cedric Allinghamn, who had a contact in Northern England, both in 1954; the third is a German: Herbert D. Nielsen met and spoke to a Venusian couple in the Swiss Alps in 1956.

In this year (1956) I founded “The German UFO Study Society” and our monthly magazine “UFO or IFO-Nachrichten” (Reports). Within five years we printed 61 numbers. These News are going into 40 countries in all 5 continents. Parts of them were translated in French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Israelish and Russian.

My wife and I have seen UFOs 9 times from 1955-1960. As founder and leader of the German UFO Study Society I have given more than 200 lectures with slides in 5 countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweeden ; among others, in the cities of Berlin, Zurich, Vienna, Kopenhagen and Stockholm.

In all cities we had a select and highly interested audience with 300-1000 people-so also at Hamburg, Stuttgart, and Salzburg, the beautiful Mozart city.

Mr. Zawada (friend of Mr. Zalewski), a Polish Esperanto delegate from Warschau, visited at our home and we gave him a lot of UFO- Nachrichten, German and English UFO books, and so this group was expanding. They expressed their thanks for our affability and help.

DECEMBER, 1961                    7

So we became a Central of German and European UFO-research, as it were. We have also held interviews with the Press and 9 times with Radio and Television with enlightenment to millions of people. We also held International Meetings and Conventions at Wiesbaden in 1956, ’57, ’58 and ’60. In 1958 George H. Williamson was at Weisbaden lecturing, and he and I gave a Radio Interview in the Studio at Mainz. He is a wonderful man and our friendship is his for life.

In 1959 I went to London, Caxton Hall, where I heard George Adamski and later in Switzerland I conveyed greetings to him from the German UFO friends.

The German UFO Study Society is a Member of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), Washington. Member of the UFO Observer Corps, London, and Member of the International Space Project with President R. Schmidt, Bakersfield. (Rev. Dr. Frank E. Stranges appointed me honorary member of the International Evangelism Crusade, Inc., Palo Alto, California).

We are in exchange with 40 other UFO magazines; therefore we can speak of a World ITFO-Research Federation. The UFO groups in the whole world are estimated at 15,000.  They collected more than 100,000 UFO-sightings since 1947.

In 1960, October 22-24, we held our last great International Convention at Weisbaden. I had given the convocation as President and more than 1000 persons were present from 14 nations every day.

Prof. H. Oberth, former teacher of Dr. Werner von Braun, the important American rocket designer, spoke, along with other scientists from Germany and foreign countries.

Likewise our dear friends Reinhold Schmidt and Carl Anderson, the American Contactees, won much love.

You may understand the high interest of German UFO friends in the fact that we could render possible their flight and stay for one week. Both found the way into the hearts of all participants. The Convention motto was:

“International Understanding Interplanetary Friendship.”

These were unforgettable days with high vibrations-people were healed, even without human touchings. Waves of love from our

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

cosmic brothers and sisters came down to us, spreading from us over the whole globe.

I printed a Documentary Report, of 216 pages with more than 100 pictures. Another book with the title: “Do People from Other Planets Visit Our Earth?” is about to be printed.

In Germany as well as in other European countries we have opponents and enemies. And so I was accused as Convention leader of fraud. But this is nothing else but envy and slander.

All prominent and highly educated listeners have offered to testify under oath to our honesty to how we were able to reach the intellectual groups who could be reached neither through the church sects nor the Bible-which makes us very happy.

For years we have had no easy stand but were facing much resistance and having a hard fight. If I had not had my indefatigable wife who accompanied me on all my lecture tours (except this time), the immense and idealistic work could never have been accomplished.

At our Convention last October there were 22 reporters from newspapers and magazines and their reports could be read in most of the continents. Over 100 news reports-even from South Africa were sent to us.

Other UFO Research Groups-as far as we know-exist in England, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, and Russia.

On August 26, 1961, I received a letter from the Academy of Science of Moskau with the request to send them my Paper, the UFO-Nachrichten.

But also many believing people attend our meetings because they do not hear the truth about this phenomena in their churches.

In the spring of 1961 Prof. Oberth and I had an invitation to come to Japan to attend their Convention at Tokyo. On account of several difficulties we could not go as planned. Reinhold Schmidt and Carl Anderson were also invited. The Japanese felt sorry and are hoping to meet us some other time.

Some of our UFO Study Society donated the expenses for my trip to the Convention here in Bakersfield and so I bring you the greetings of all the German speaking friends of the countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland-and an extra special greeting from the leader of the Swedish UFO Study Club-Miss Edith Nicolaison, from Haelsingborg.

DECEMBER, 1961                    9

Now I am experiencing this Convention here at Bakersfield with prominent speakers and his initiator, Reinhold Schmidt, as well as editing the film “Edge of Tomorrow.” In number 61 of our UFO-Nachrichten I mentioned this already. I shall, as an UFO Investigator and Reporter for Europe, write more about this unforgettable event and so 10,000s of UFO friends in 40 countries in the world will hear about it.

As you Americans have the Oahspe work (the Cosmon Bible) so we in Europe have the “Göttlichen Offenbarungswerke” and the great Gospel of St. John (11 volumes) in which Jesus during His Life on earth made a prophecy which refers to the 20th century.

The lights of America and of the old continent shall meet, recognize each other and cooperate.”

And so we are experiencing today such a meeting and gathering between the new and the old continent.

Even John McCoy speaks of this in his little book “They Shall Be Gathered Together.” In this way we shall form a true amalgamation of world citizens and Cosmics in a universal friendship and brotherhood.

So we try to serve Cosmonites according to God’s Plan. Jesus Christ is the eternal Logos and Master o£ Heaven and earth-also the greatest Scientist, Artist and Highest Sovereign. According to His instructions Flying Saucers and their occupants come as forerunners and appointed ones for the re-establishment of the Cosmic Order on our earth at the beginning of the New Age and introduction of the return of Jesus. In the book “I Call You Once More” the Lord says:


With this lecture I wish to make my contribution to the mission between America and Europe.

-Karl L. Veit

UFO Study Society

Wiesbaden, Germany

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Pictured above are three homes nearing completion in the new Merlin community. They are the forerunners of several hundred homes of various types and sizes to be built by the Merlin Development Co. Built to sell in the 8,000 to 14,000 bracket depending upon the size and features, they can be financed on easy terms, and some will be offered for lease.

Also planned are modern business buildings and small rental units. The site for the Merlin Radio Station has been chosen and the land purchased. The station should be complete by early spring.

If you have written to Merlin Development Co., or to Dan Fry, concerning the project and have not yet received an answer, please be patient. A large number of letters have been received and will be answered as soon as possible. If you have not written, but wish more information, address your inquiries to Merlin Development Co., Box 105, Merlin, Ore.

DECEMBER, 1961                    11



(The following won fourth prize in Understanding’s recent essay contest. -Editor.)

Long years ago Benjamin Franklin said, “Honesty is the best policy.” This is the only solution we can use in promoting peace for the world today. HONEST individual scrutinization of our world’s troubles and an HONEST effort on the part of each one of us to do something about those troubles can only lead to the eradication of ill-will among the peoples of the world.

We might as well face it-not one person alive is ever completely honest with himself either with things that influence him individually, or with local, national, or world events that directly or indirectly affect him. Let’s be HONEST with ourselves and admit that we are not really concerned about our neighbors next door or our neighbors across the sea. We only want to insure our comfort, our pleasure, and our bank account. If we HONESTLY looked at, the world situation today, we would know that it is this unconcern for our fellow man that is the underlying cause for all our trouble. If we were HONEST with ourselves, we would not neglect our voting power; we would not overlook the policies of our government which do not appear to be in our best interests; we would insure that capable HONEST men represented us in matters of government and world affairs. Instead, we let government rule us when we should be remembering that we, the people, are the government and should be calling the plays ourselves.

Jesus gave us the Golden Rule to live by. But do we HONESTLY live, or try to live, by that rule? No, indeed; we are more apt to think it applies only to the other fellow, not to us.

Putting the words “Do unto others as you would that they should do unto you” into action with HONESTY and sincerity on the part of each one of us as individuals and as a collective people is the only way that we can ever hope to create a better world for us to live in.

-Lucia Goldie

18626 Tudor Street

Covina, California

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Today the haunting fear that war is imminent gnaws deep within the human consciousness. We have learned that fighting on a physical level CANNOT solve our problems. But how about the higher level? We all know that all action originates in THOUGHT, and that our national attitude is a compendium of our individual thinking. Therefore, to start a new condition, we must correct the INDIVIDUAL thinking. As we diminish the greed, hatred and chaos within ourselves, we inevitably do the same for the nation and the world. (The amount of irritation generated at some breakfast tables or in heavy traffic, multiplied by several million, could produce a war. For our individual thinking, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE.

This YOU Can Do For Peace

1. Develop a sense of appreciation of God’s gifts to man; the sunshine, the clouds, the mountains, a flower ; and FEEL and SAY frequently: “THANK YOU, FATHER, FOR ALL THE BEAUTY AND GRANDEUR YOU HAVE MADE.”

2. Generate within yourself all the LOVE possible: let it permeate every cell, and let it GROW and GROW. Then, THANK YOU, FATHER, FOR LOVE.”

3. Realize that the ONLY TRUE ACTION IS LOVE-all else is RE-ACTION. Carry this Love with you, letting it shine on everyone you contact or think about. Let it expand beyond your home to your town, your country, every person and thing in the whole wide world. See UNIVERSAL LOVE as the natural atmosphere in which everyone lives, moves and has his being. Picture people straightening their backs, looking up smiling, with hope in their eyes, joy in their hearts. Then, “THANK YOU, GOD, FOR ALL THE GOODNESS AND BLESSINGS EVERYWHERE.”

Think less about yourself, and plan to give ten percent of your time to helping others, and another ten percent to learning from others, thus helping and being helped, and GROWING IN UNDERSTANDING.

If this effort appeals to you, begin to include it in your daily awareness. Then type copies of this message, or write them, or have them mimeographed-the cost is slight for hundreds or even thousands

DECEMBER, 1961                    13

of copies, and WHAT PRICE PEACE? but send the idea far and wide. It can do nothing but good, and as it goes farther and farther, the Light grows stronger.

The results of this effort could be astronomical. If WORLDWIDE PEACE BASED ON HUMAN RELATIONS-which is the ONLY TRUE PEACE-could be brought about even one hour closer by each ten of us who do this on a daily basis, a million persons might bring it several hundred years closer, and peace MIGHT come in our generation.

Humanity Anonymous

HUMANITY ANONYMOUS is a spontaneous expression of those it inspires. It has no leadership, officers, nor dues. It simply invites you to participate in a new approach to a world-old problem, by accepting PEACE AND LOVE for the welfare of HUMANITY as our natural heritage.

This is not a chain-letter and is entirely within the law.

——— ♦ ———


Once again Understanding magazine is offering Christmas gift subscriptions. From now through Dec. 31 you may order subscriptions for $2.00 per year instead of the usual $2.50 rate.

Send your orders to Understanding, P.O. Box 22, Sta. C, Pasadena, Calif.

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The El Monte Unit of Understanding will hold a Christmas party on Sat., Dec. 16, from 8 to 10:30 p.m. at the New Lexington School, 708 W. Bodger Street, El Monte, Calif. All Understanding units, members, their friends, subscribers to Understanding and interested parties are invited to attend. Dan Fry will be present to give a talk. Refreshments will be served. Persons attending are invited to bring gifts of food or children’s toys to be given to needy families in the El Monte area. RSVP: 502 N. Chapel Ave., Alhambra.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner


Once in a while the hot soundless tears,

Sear a deep furrow down their pathway of years.

As I tear at the self imposed prison wall,

My soul in torment asks the why of it all.

Yet. deep within my memory of the misty yester-years,

I find a glimmer of reason for my present state of tears.

I know we earn our just rewards of good or evil ways

And build our Karma by our thoughts and our empty days.

Oh Yovah, God of gods, Father of us all,

Give us strength to overcome our own restricting wall.

Give us understanding and the wisdom of the Sages,

As we go hand in band down through the ages.

-Mabel C,. Hershberger

11580 N. E. 91st

St. Kirkland, Wash.

DECEMBER, 1961                    19



Through the efforts of Understanding Unit #44 in Oklahoma City, Okla., a library of tapes is now available for use by members of Understanding, Inc.

There is no charge for borrowing these tapes other than the cost of postage and insurance both ways.

A list of tapes now available is included in this article.

To get a tape, write to Understanding Tape Library, P.O. Box 5041, Oklahoma City 7, Oklahoma. Specify the tape you want by the title and lecturer’s name.

In order to show that you are a member of Understanding, it is requested that you send your membership card along with your request. The membership card will be returned with your tape. All tapes will be insured for $10 when they are mailed from Oklahoma City. Borrowers are requested to insure the tapes when returning them.

Tapes are available under this arrangement for a period of 10 days. A fine of 10 cents per day will be levied in the case of tardy tapes.

If you want your own copy of a tape in the library, you may obtain it at a rate of $5.00 per hour, $7.50 per two-hour period or fraction thereof.

Remember, this service is for Understanding members only. If you are not a member and wish to borrow tapes, you may do so by purchasing membership for $2.00 a year (if you are already a subscriber or do not wish to subscribe to Understanding magazine) or $4.50 a year if you wish both a membership and a magazine subscription.

The following list of available toes gives the lecturer’s name, the title of the lecture and the approximate playing time in that order:

AHO, Art, “Energies,” 1:00

AHO, Wayne, “Spacecraft and What They Mean to Us,” 1:45

ANGELUCCI, Orfeo, “The New Touch,” 1:00

BARTON, Michael (X), “Mystery of the Inner Earthians,” 1:00

BLACKSCHLEGER, Herb, “E. S. P. Discussion,” 1:00

BACKSCHLEGER, Herb, ‘Active Metaphysics, Yoga, Creation,” 1:00

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

BURKS, Col. Arthur J., “Panel Discussion Re: UFO Subjects,” 1:00

BURKS, Col. Arthur J., “Psychic Answers to UFO Questions” 1:00

CRABB, Riley, “UFO and the Cavern Mysteries” 1:40

FAIRFIELD, D. B., “Great Pyramid and Its Prophecies” :40

FRY, Dr. Dan, “The White Sands Incident,” :45

FRY, Dr. Dan, “Science, Ego and Saucers,” 2:10

FRY, Dr. Dan, “Rockets-Past, Present and Future,” 2:00

FRY, Dr. Dan, “World Problems,” :40

FRY, Dr. Dan, “Relativity of Reality,” 3:00

FRY, Dr. Dan, “Cosmology Series-Tape 1,” 2:10

FRY, Dr. Dan, “Cosmology Series-Tape 2,” 1:00.

HAMILTON, Bill, “Man in Space,” 1:00

HOWARD, Dana, “Did Astronauts Solve F. S. Mystery,” 1:30

LEE, Gloria, “Psychic Secretary,” 1:30

LEE, Gloria, “Beginning a Long Search,” 1:00

LEE, Gloria, “Science, Saucers and Sex,” 1:00

MILLER, Mel, “Mutual Understanding,” :50

MITCHELL SISTERS, “We Talk With People from Space,” :50

NELSON, Buck, “My Trip to Mars, the Moon and Venus,” 1:40

RUSH, Ray, “History of the Saucers,” :45

SCHMIDT, Reinhold, “The Kearney Incident,” 1:40

SOUDA, Dr. Andrew, “Reincarnation,” 1:15

SOUDA, Dr. Andrew, “Love Is the Cosmic Binder,” 1:00

STRANGES, Dr. Frank, “Venusian In the Pentagon,” 1:00

TROXELL, Hope, “The Sign of Earth,” 1:3C

TROXELL, Hope, “Survival of the Fittest,” 1:30

VOLKOV, Alex, “Trip Through Russia-Slide Lee.,” :50

VAN TASSEL, George, “Flying Saucer Picture & Q. & Ans.,” 2:30

WHITWORTH, Dr. Eugene, “Dairy Into the Unknown,” :50

WILLIAMSON, George Hunt, “Son of Morning,” 2:00

WILLIAMSON, George H., “Wheels, Chariots & Millenium,” 2:00

WILLIAMSON, George H., “Flying Saucers,” 1:40

WILLIAMSON, George H., “Coming World Changes,” 1:40

WILLIAMSON, George H., “Venusian Footprints,” 1:35

WILLIAMSON, George H., “City That Existed Before the Moon,” 1:30

WILLIAMSON, George H.,   “New Quest For the Holy Grail,” 1:15

DECEMBER, 1961                    17


ADAMSKI, George, “Palomar Interview,” :30

BLACKSCHLEGER, Herb, “Blackschleger Philosophies,” 1:00

BURKS, Col. Arthur J., “Gen Info. Tape Re: Barks’ Readings,” 1:00

CAYCE, Hugh Lynn, Re: Assn. Activities at Va. Beach,” :25

CHIEF STANDING HORSE, “Space Contacts & Space Trips,” :45

ERICKSON, Mary & Eric, “Space Contacts & Experiences,” 1:50

HOLLENBECK, Dr., “Interview Re: UFO,” :07

RHINE, Dr. J. B., “What’s New In the Field of E.S.P., :15

TIBBS, Burrell, “I Taught Wiley Post to Fly-Q. & Ans., :45

——— ♦ ———


Dear Editor

I cannot describe how shocked I felt at reading an article in your magazine dealing with and seeking to encourage American Patriotism. (“Passing of a Patriot”-Sept., 1961.)

Patriotism in proper perspective of course is desirable-but as conjured up by the author (Dr. Max Rafferty, La Canada, Calif., school superintendent) could be a guarantee of a continual cold war between East and West and at worst a nuclear war.

Could the author have acquainted himself with the facts on both sides? He is politically naive to say the least when he pictures America as the defender of “freedom” and implies that the Russians are the embodiment of evil. How delightfully simple to think in terms of black and white.

Can any “red blooded American” forget the cruel suppression of the freedom of their own American Indian? Does he recall the more recent attempts at interference in Cuba-regardless of signed treaties giving assurance that this would never happen

Surely an attempt at seeing all opposing points of view-a willingness to take into account. our own weaknesses and a continuing and never failing willingness to sit down and discuss mutual problems with all our own brothers is the only answer. This and our knowledge that we are loved equally by the Father of us all.

And surely not the need for more patriotism as an American but the willingness to make the effort to conceive of oneself as a member

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

of the human race here on our plant Earth. Along with the expanding view of ourselves as members of the Father’s family throughout the Cosmos.

That a magazine with the all comprehensive title of “Understanding,” should give in your editorial comment some support to this article is incredible, especially in of the very high quality material you have offered in the past.

I can hope that the article has served the purpose of provoking thought of the right kind and stimulating response from all lovers of the grand concept of the Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God.

Valerie Hambley

3854 W. 33 Ave.,

Vancouver; B.C., Canada

Dear Editor

Re “The Passing of a Patriot” in “Understanding,” Sept., 1961, page 8, I would like to see this reprinted in the “Reader’s Digest.” ,I think it is excellent.

-Hester Robinson

Oakland, California

(The article “Passing of a Patriot” was reprinted by the “Reader’s Digest” in a recent issue. -Editor)

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New Units

Understanding’s two newest units in the United States are Placerville, Calif., Unit #48, and Cleator, Arizona, Unit #49.

DECEMBER, 1961                    19

Paul R. Haggard, P.O. Box 56, Camino, Calif., is president of the Placerville unit. Mrs. Rose E. Baldwin is vice president; Mrs. Eleanor Murphy, secretary, and Mrs. Jessie D. Jones, treasurer.

Bernard F. McGuire, Camp Red Bird, Bumble Bee, Ariz., heads the Cleator unit. He is the former president of Santa Cruz, Calif., unit #9. Vice president is Helen Forrest, while the secretary is Virginia Vawser.

News of the Units

EL MONTE unit #1 presented an evening of tape recorded messages from space beings instead of a lecture during November. The unit is planning a Christmas party this month.

VISTA unit, #4 heard Hans yon Keorber, guest professor at Palomar College, speaking on “Other Planets and Their Inhabitants” during November.

SANTA CRUZ unit #9 entertained Ray Stanford, author of “Look Up,” speaking Nov. 9 on “Official Censorship of UFO Information” and showing movies of unidentified flying objects.

SAN FRANCISCO unit #11 has a new corresponding secretary, Carol R. Petroich. The unit heard Ray Stanford’s talk on “Official Censorship of UFO Information” during November. A Christmas party is planned during December.

INGLEWOOD unit #15 heard Dr. Eugene Whitworth of Great Western University speak during October on his experiments in extra-sensory perception in a lecture on “Diary Into the Unknown.” Dan Fry spoke on “The Infinity of Reality,” celebrating this unit’s third anniversary in November.

RIVERSIDE unit #22 hosted two speakers recently, Zipporah Dobyns on “Is Astrology a Science?” and Riley Crabb on “Man and Woman in Space.”

SAN JOSE unit #25 was another of the Northern California units hearing Ray Stanford’s lecture on “Official Censorship of UFO Information during November.

TACOMA (Wash.) unit #35: Durward Fairfield of unit #1 lectured on the construction and measurements of the Great Pyramid of Egypt and its relation to prophesy in September. During the first part of October Dana Howard lectured on space education and later gave an informal talk to a home group.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

TWIN CITIES (Minn.) unit #41 has put out an impressive annual report, showing the many activities the unit has undertaken in its first year. During September the unit put on Dana Howard on “Weightlessness and the Black Band Around Earth” and presented Dr. Gilbert and June Holloway in a series of 10 lectures. An audience of 100-150 attended each of these 10 lectures. Riley Crabb lectured for the unit twice during October, on “Man and Woman in Space” and “The Inner Earthians.” In other activities the unit has established a meditation and prayer time and has joined the World Circle of Prayer. A group of unit members is taking classes in space education put on, on demand, by the St. Paul, Minn., Public Education Dept. The unit has enjoyed a great deal of publicity. Local papers have published several feature articles about its activities in addition to meeting notices. There has also been good TV and radio response. The unit is assisting NICAP in its fight to get open Congressional hearings on UFOs. A unit library has been established and Understanding magazine has been placed in the St. Paul Public Library. Dr. Johanna van Poperin, first president of the unit, recently was re-elected. Understanding magazine wishes to congratulate the Twin Cities unit for its many fine accomplishments.

Other News

Understanding magazine announces with regret the death of Marke Norman, author of “Many Shall Be Called.” Mr. Norman passed away several weeks ago while in Seattle for a speaking engagement.

The Understanding Tape Library, new borrow-by-mail tape service set up by Oklahoma City, Okla., unit #44, would like any tapes that individuals or units would be willing to lend to the library. Tapes can either be lent permanently to the library or the Oklahoma City unit can copy a tape and send it back to its donor. Tapes can be mailed to Understanding Tape Library, Box 5041, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Readers are reminded that Christmas gift subscriptions to Understanding are now available. Through Dec. 31 you may order subscriptions for $2 instead of $2.50 per year.

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