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VOLUME VI                                 OCTOBER, 1961                                       NUMBER 10

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


This is a an item which your editor obtained from the ORANGE DISC, a magazine put out by employee stockholders of Gulf Oil Companies. We believe that it is most pertinent at this time. The item follows:

Once upon a time a young chipmunk named Everett graduated from college and came home to visit his father, an elderly gentleman who lived under an Oak Tree near Covington, Ky.

The first night he was home, Everett swaggered down the tunnel into the burrow dining room and helped himself to a big meal of his father’s choicest seeds. Then he selected one of his father’s best cigars, a full inch long and all Havana.

“It’s nice to have you home again, son,” Mr. Chipmunk said.

“Yep,” Everett said; “Must be.”

“But,” said Mr. Chipmunk, “I suppose ,you’ll soon be leaving to look for a job.”

Everett flicked his cigar ash onto the rug. “Not a chance, Pop Definitely not a chance. The fact is, I don’t like the whole economic system today.”

Mr. Chipmunk twitched a whisker ever so lightly. “What’s the matter with it, son?”

“No security,” Everett chirped. “The way I see it, the state

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

ought to take you over; give you a safe job, give you a snug, warm place to live, give you plenty  of seeds to eat, give you free medical care, give you free clothes, give you. . . “

Mr. Chipmunk gently raised a protesting paw. “Now just a minute, son. I’m proud of the American system. Lived by it all my life. I’ve worked hard, managed to save a few seeds each year, and we’ve not done too badly. The mortgage on our log is fully paid up. I was able to send you through high school and Chipmunk Aggies. And in a year or two I think I can retire. .. “

Everett interrupted to grin at him. “Wise up, Pop; wise up! Why beat your brains out? If the state’ll give you everything, what’s the sense of scurrying all over the forest trying to earn a buck?”

Mr. Chipmunk’s tail snapped irritably. “Now listen, son. In the first place stop calling me Pop. In the second place you’ll find that if you get entire security you’d lose your freedom. If the state were to give you everything, it would control everything; control your body and soul. I don’t believe you’d like that.”

Everett burst out laughing. “Stow it, old timer, stow it! You just haven’t got the word yet, that’s all. But you’ll learn.” He whacked his father a jovial blow across the stripes. “Say, sport, how about lending me the car tonight? Big dance going on down in the meadow.”

Mr. Chipmunk reached in his pocket for the keys. “Drive slowly, son. Lots of rabbits tearing around in cars these days. You can’t be too careful.”

“Don’t worry about this lad, Pop. I can drive circles around any little old rabbit that ever came down the path.”

Next morning at 7 o’clock the phone rang beside Mr. Chipmunk’s bed. “Sorry to bother you, sir,” said a voice, “but your boy had an accident last night. Smashed up a couple of rabbits in a convertible. Frankly, sir, he’d been drinking. We had to put him in jail.” “I’ll be right over,” Mr. Chipmunk said, tersely.

Twenty minutes later Mr. Chipmunk arrived at the jail, a formidable structure the chipmunks had built by inverting an iron wash tub and imbedding the rim in solid rock. The sheriff led him to Everett’s cell. Everett was alternately yelling and gnawing on the bars. “Lemme out!” he squawked. “Lemme out of this place!”

OCTOBER, 1961                        3

Mr. Chipmunk stared sadly at his son for a moment. Then suddenly he gave a little chuckle.

“What’s funny?” Everett screamed. “Get me out of here!” Mr. Chipmunk put a paw through the bars and patted Everett’s head. “Tell me, son,” he asked, are they keeping you snug and warm? “

“Sure, but. . . “

“Are they giving you enough seeds to eat?” “Sure, but . . . “

“Are they giving you free medical attention?” “Medical attention, he says. Get me out. .. “

“And I dare say the good sheriff will find a safe, easy job for you-on the rock pile. Am I right, sheriff?”

“Right,”‘ said the sheriff.

“And I suppose that the sheriff will even give you a free suit of clothes-a little number with horizontal stripes.”

Everett looked aghast at his father. “Cut the comedy, Pop!” he wailed. “Get me out of this place.”

“No, son,” said Mr. Chipmunk. “I’d like you to stay right here for a few days. I think you’ll find it a rewarding experience.'”

“Why?” Everett screamed. “Tell me why, Pop!”

“Because, my boy,'”‘ Mr. Chipmunk said, “it’ll give you a very good idea what it’s like to get COMPLETE security from the state.” Mr. Chipmunk winked at the sheriff, put on his hat, and walked out of the jail.

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(The following essay tied for second place in Understanding’s recent essay come. t, but then had to be disqualified for excessive length. We feel it merits publication however. -Editors)

The world can be a better place in which to live only when we recognize it to be a personal, inside job, and that God being the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Father of all Men, we are all brothers and sisters in Spirit, with an inherited responsibility one

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

to another and to our Universal Father. He decreed certain Laws for our mutual benefit and welfare. The first of these was “Love Ye One Another” -also “Ye Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me.” In the breaking of both these Commandments we have reaped a distressing harvest. We must retrace our steps, each one striving to become a Channel for Universal Love and Power so as to express it first within ourselves and then relay it to others.

In the great tug-of-war between the physical and the spiritual, it is not always easy to “Love One Another”-most of the time we fail to love ourselves. Humans do not as a whole, take kindly to discipline and so Love cannot be forced-we must creep up on it gradually and it might be well to begin with TOLERANCE as the least of the attitudes we dare display to those sharing the same Father.

We need strength to cope with our problems; this necessitates our recognizing God as a silent partner and seeking his constant help as the Source of unlimited supply. This we can do only through PRAYER and MEDITATION. As we draw the Spiritual Light within we absorb its Vibratory Power and Love Essence and send it out again to bless others needing it. We choose AFFIRMATIONS to establish closer contact with Spiritual Power and to strengthen our Faith as we seek Blessings for ourselves and for others, wherever they may be.

As Masters and builders of THOUGHTS we work at making them as constructive as possible. We also create MENTAL PICTURES of what we wish to express in our lives, knowing that inevitably the Innermost becomes the Outermost.

We will realize the importance of Food in creating healthy minds in healthy bodies, and strive to keep our DIET as natural as possible-over or at least 50 percent being in the raw or unfried state. At mealtime we will observe the directing of Universal Energy into what we are about, to eat, to increase its vitalizing effect, by turning the left palm upward to receive, the right, downward and over the food as we center our awareness on Spirit and give thanks for our supply.

Attention must also be given to exercising in the fresh air employing the DEEP BREATHING in of Prana or Life Force, as it circulates through the body on its cleansing, healing and

OCTOBER, 1961                        5

strengthening mission. Additional benefits can be derived from standing erect, raising both arms and face skyward as we invoke this Potent Force into our entire Being, sending it into all the seven Force Centers.

We must seek out and use any God-given creative talent we have and let nothing stand in the way of working with and at it. Also, all Do It Yourself programs, using both hands and mind are wonderful for maintaining physical-spiritual balance.

COLOR should be studied for use in daily living-it too, vitalizes and maintains health. We will note that the warm colors, Red, Orange, Yellow, deal with the physical nature; they stimulate and heal. The cool tones of Green, Blue, Violet, Indigo, deal with Spirit and so calm, relax and heal.

MUSIC is another invaluable spirit-raiser, able to either stir or soothe-we need its influence in our lives.

All the above were Musts to a Betterment Program, but a few “let’s also” are in order, such as —

Be more generous with smiles than frowns.

Give more compliments than criticisms.

Put more enthusiasm in our Greetings.

See the potentials in things, people, situations and work with the fundamentals at hand.

Strive for more simplicity-it encourages order.

Make an effort to see the light side’ and share laughter.

Appreciate all thoughtfulness with the “thank you” they deserve.

These small added courtesies in daily living take little effort but folks on the receiving end are stimulated to relay the good on to others for a sort of chain reaction.

We may not be able to incorporate every one of these factors for better, happier living in our schedules, but we can observe many of them and gradually work in others as we go along. If we plug away at TOLERANCE long enough, we may find ourselves a bit nearer to the LOVE aspect, and God’s First Law may become a reality in our lives, in the lives of others and finally complete a circuit. around the World.

— Ruth Hurtienne

San Marcos, Calif.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING


(The following is a report to Understanding Magazine o f the Understanding, Inc., convention put on by the Northern California units at Berkeley, Calif., during August. It is reported by Sibyl Wallett, a member of El Monte, unit 1)

Saturday morning the tape recordings began on time. At 10:00 our National Anthem and then the pledge of allegiance were rendered by all present.

A very illuminating invocation was given by Rev. Steele Goodman. (Sacramento Unit #46)

Richard Dachner (San Francisco Unit #11 made a short opening talk and introduced Michael X, Master of Ceremonies.

The first speaker was Dr. Wallace Halsey who opened with a prayer for the world and for peace. He spoke of working on storage for food caves, ice caves and rock excavations for shelters in the mountains of Utah. He indicated that more flying saucers are soon to be sighted, and also mentioned the changed position of the sun and a greater heat coming from it.. He played a tape recording of birds singing; sparrows twittering and crows cawing. This tape had been slowed down eight times and the resultant sounds were of melodious singing.

He was followed in the afternoon by Ralph Huffman who talked on Biblical prophecies and also prehistoric peoples. He spoke of an old race of initiates who were ten feet tall and that immortals lived here on earth first.

Due to the absence of Carl Anderson, Fred Willard spoke on Solar Energy and bombardment of life energy-rays. He also said that a certain craft hovering above is giving us solar energy and solar life energy. As bird songs affect people, with life giving power, he suggests living where there are many birds.

Charles Abrahamson, of the Aetherius Society, stated that one shouldn’t pray with closed hands as that makes a short circuit. We :should open our hands and stretch out our arms, he said. He spoke :about sunlight and prayer being inseparable. In the heart center is :a spark, a miniature of the God-Spark.

OCTOBER, 1961                        7

Michael X told us that a gentleman came from Canada to attend the convention, also a couple from Boston, Mass., and a lady cut short her European tour to attend.

In the evening there was a demonstration of Music, Voice and Color by Riley Crabb, during which time Dr. Dachner recited an original poem about creation.

Riley Crabb’s simulated trip to the moon was a clever arrangement of slides and photos of earth. He showed leaving earth, air travel, arrival on moon, with space fiction filling in between authentic slides.

He mentioned that men in England think we are now getting communications of outer space from highly developed planetary people. On Sunday morning the convention started late. After the invocation by Dr. Halsey, Daniel W. Fry gave a short lecture as he had to be at a Bay Area radio station for an interview early in the afternoon. He spoke on why the Space People are more interested in us today. We are in a critical time and point. He also stated that we should be sure and have an adequate foundation for what we do and plan.

Partana Vegan of Lemon Grove, Calif., began an interesting talk. As it was quite long, she relinquished the platform, to finish later. The surprise speaker in the afternoon was Rev. Steele Goodman from Sacramento. He had seen a two mile long space ship while traveling across a desert in his truck.

Dr. Nephi Cottam of Los Angeles was next. Although a man apparently over 80 years of age, the skin of his face and hands was soft and smooth as a child and of a healthy pinkish color. He spoke most interestedly of health and diet and breath control. He and Michael X had had an astral experience with the people of Rainbow City.

The question period brought out queries of intelligent interest. and answers were given by the speakers who were all on the platform. Robert Short of San Jose, Calif., was also there to assist in answering questions.

Sunday evening a tape recording of the Lord’s Prayer was given, then another Color, Voice and Music demonstration by Riley Crabb. Vivienne Day of Lemon Grove, Calif., spoke on vibrations and

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

measurements of the human aura. She had an aura-meter and read the auras of several people. She also read the auras of some flowers. She encouraged everyone to develop their inner eye to see auras and to develop the inner eye to hear sounds. Everything has auras, sound and odor.

The convention concluded about 9 p.m.

There had been a battery of microphones at the speakers’ desk, but nearly all of the lecturers gravitated away from it and stood at either side. I don’t know what the results were for the tape recordings! All the recorders were off stage in the left wing. Approximately 1200 people attended the convention during the two days.

-Sibyl S. Wallett

4318 N. Muscatel Ave.,

Rosemead, Calif.


Is Being Established in Subtropical Santa Catanna, a New Promised Land of Everlasting Spring, Tropical Fruits, Peace and Brotherhood in South Brazil, found after a 28 year Search through over Twenty Latin American Countries.

We are Gathering Here a Group of Spiritual People, Vegetarians, Pacifists and Organic Gardeners. Our aim is to establish a Model of a New Life and the Nucleus of a New Age.

Write for information and how to secure a tract of rich agricultural land in our community on which to establish your future home, organic farm and tropical fruit orchard.




P.O. Box 598, Joinville,

Santa Catarina, Brazil


The Eighth Annual



at Giant Rock Airport

Off Victorville Road

north of Yucca Valley, Calif.


Oct. 14 and 15

OCTOBER, 1981                        9



Nigeria as I have indicated in a previous article is divided into three political Regions. These regions are made up of twelve tribes, via: Ibos, Yorubas, Hausas, Ibibios, Efick, Tiv or Munchi, Fulanis, Nupe, Ijaw, Kanuri, Igara, and Ekoi.

Although these tribes have different dialects, the Nation uses three languages on National level Ibo, Yoruba and Hausa, but the linqua francha is English as it seemed impossible to create a national language from the above. The reason for such choice being that a fairly great number of Nigerians can now read and write English language with ease. Of course in many parts of Nigeria people make use of broken-English in order to facilitate understanding among themselves, but this is mainly on commercial basis, i.e., oral discussions in buying and selling. In most of the provinces the people could mix the broken-English with their own dialect which the adoption has spread in such a way that many in the provinces of Onitsha find it difficult to speak to their neighbors though of the same native without this mixture. The broken-English runs like this: “I tellam bnt he no gree’ for `I told him but he did not agree.’ `Come make me go’ for ‘ Come and let us go.’ Both the mixture of one language or other with broken English is now common in almost all the provinces throughout the country.

The dress in Nigeria is mainly flowing gowns or robes. This is known as national dress. But all the tribes have each a way of dressing slightly different from that seen in another tribe. All Nigerians as well as other Nations in Africa use African print as their chief cloth for clothing, while many educated young women imitate the Englishman’s way of dressing.

Of all the Nigerian tribes the Ibos are the strongest both physically and otherwise. The chief natural occupation is farming-agriculture. They labor very extensively and make actually a good living through the effort of theirs and will under no circumstances be compared with any other tribe in Nigeria in any aspect. of life. The Hausas, Falanis, Tie, Kanuri are sheep and cattle rearers while many of them are believed to be lazy, i.e., a great many of the people do nothing hard if not nothing at all. Those lazy folks will

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

continue to say Allah Inana, which follows that God will provide for all. The Yorubas and Nupes are generally traders and many of them grow cocoa and rubber. No occupation however is restricted to any tribe. This is an important remark which I should like you to bear in mind.

You will be interested no doubt to be reminded or to learn that my country became politically independent on October 1, 1960. You will also like to know who took the lead in leading the nation Nigeria-to this freedom. This man who has gained world fame is the Honorable Doctor Nnamdi Azikiwe, whom we know as our political wizard. The freedom is the most achievement any human being could accomplish in great peace as Zik. Zik has done this for his country peacefully without any bloodshed, either before or immediately after. I say immediately after here because after the general election of 1959, when the people elected those to man our parliament. for the independent Nigeria, the then General Governor Sir James Robertson called on Abukaka Tafawa Belawa to form the Government basing on party majority, whereby Belawa became the first Prime Minister, a post which almost every Nigerian hoped would have been Zik’s as a fair compensation for his good work and the struggle he had made to bring freedom to be. Thanks to the Almighty God for the Great man’s patience, for there would have been riots if Zik were not patient. As it has been said by many, Nigeria would have been worse than Congo if not for the Natural and God Created Leader-Zik. But the ever cultured, intelligent and grateful people of Nigeria later rewarded Dr. Azikiwe with the post of Governor General and Commander in Chief for Nigeria, which is now the post of Doctor Nnamdi Azikiwe in Nigeria.

Since gaining independence both the government and the people are working co-operatively and there is every evidence that the government is working smoothly. If ever there is any slight difference among the governed it has been solely on religious issues in the Eastern Region, where the C.M.S. and the Catholics (i.e., the Roman Catholics) seem to disagree on certain issues. This as far as I know sprang from some members of the denominations (R.C.M. and C.M.S.) trying to use the members of their church as supporters in order to win both local and national elections, thereby inciting members against themselves. But this is not anything very serious

OCTOBER, 1961                        11

as it does not extend to any other Region either North-or West. Yet the government of the East is trying to radicate the issue by preventing people from using religion as an instrument for politics by making the local politicians realize that religion is quite independent of politics..

Nigeria was happy with the work of the government, for the past few years and she is still happy with the present and has every hope that by the grace of God she will continue to enjoy a very smooth and prosperous government in the future.

– Ifeanyi Joel Anakpua

Nigeria, Africa

——— ♦ ———

world report

California Geologists Discover Man On Earth 1.75 Million Years

Atomic age detective work on a prehistoric skull has established proof that a tool-using man inhabited the earth an astonishing 1.75 million years ago, it was revealed yesterday.

The discovery, announced by the National Geographic Society, added more than a million years to the age of the earliest known man-type being.

The society said this new ancestor of the human race is known as Zinjanthropus, or “East Africa man.” He apparently lived and devised hunting tools in a dawn-of-time world that contained such fellow creatures as giant pigs and sheep, giraffes with antlers, elephant-type monsters and other fantastic. beasts..

Society president Melville Bell Grosvenor said the finding would “have a profound effect on the basic concept of prehistoric man and of recent geological eras.”

The society said new proof that pushed the known date of earth’s earliest man back a startling extent was based on the fossilized fragments of a skull found in a volcanic gorge in Tanganike, Africa, two years ago, by Dr. L. S. B. Leakey, noted British anthropologist.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The scientific detective work which it said proved Zinjanthropus lived and used tools 1.75 million years ago was carried out by two young American geologists-Dr. J. F. Evernden and Dr. Garness J. Curtis-at the University of California. They used what was ‘described as a “new atomic clock” to ascertain the age of Zinjanthropus.

The society said there was now growing belief that Dr. Leakey also may have discovered at the Tanganyika site remains of a manlike child even more ancient than Zinjanthropus.

Fossils of the child-jaw and teeth, parts of the skull, the collarbone, hand and an entire foot-were excavated from a lower level of the Olduval Gorge diggings.

Dr. Leakey told the society: “The child is considerably older than Zinjanthropus. How much older I cannot say at present. I can merely say it is older and quite different:”

Everden and Curtis are pursuing the same atomic laboratory techniques to discover the age of the child.

According to the society Zinjanthropus was low-browed and long faced. He held his head erect. His jaws were large and deep. He had tremendous molars. The tools which evidence shows he used consisted of hand-throwing rocks and rock chips fashioned for skinning and cutting game. The previous oldest human forebear was the Peking man. Scientists estimated his age at 600,000 years. Discovery of the first of 400 fossilized fragments of the Zinjanthropus skull on July 17, 1959, climaxed nearly 30 years of digging and sifting by Dr. Leakey, and his wife Mary, at Olduval, which is in the bed of a prehistoric site.

When he first found the skull Dr. Leakey, who is curator of the Coryndon Museum in Nairobi, Kenya, limited himself to assigning it a conditional age of “more than 600,000 years.” The scientific work of Drs. Curtis and Everndeu added more than a million years.

Essentially, they employed atomic radioactivity tests to achieve what they called an “inescapable” conclusion about the age of the find. Their technique was similar to atomic age use of the carbon 14 process which can measure the age of a painting.

New Space Mysteries Puzzling to Scientists

Some monumental new mysteries about the universe are puzzling astronomers gathered here from around the world. For one thing,

OCTOBER, 1961                        13

they find puzzling evidence that the universe is 20 to, 30, billion years old, not the young 10 to 11 billions it seemed to be just a couple of years ago. And they are finding many lopsided and chaotic galaxies or Milky Ways of Stars, each composed of hundreds of billions of stars or suns. Our own sun belongs to the Milky Way, which is only one of billions of galaxies.

Our galaxy seems to be running away from us at half the speed of light–zipping 93,000 miles farther away every second-yet it is apparently only half as old as the rest of the universe about us. New riddles like this seem to be popping up all the time, says Dr. Jon H. Oort of Linden, Holland, president of the International Astronomical Union.

“We can only hope that when we have amassed enough enigmas, the solution may be near,” he told some 1,000 colleagues from 33 countries who today began technical discussions on latest research findings in astronomy. Galaxies are found to occur in a great variety of shapes, and the majority have structures which cannot possibly be in equilibrium or balance, said Dr. Oort.

These galaxies were apparently created “in a past and quite different phase of the universe,” and a big problem is to find out what happened then and when. “But so far,” he added, “we have hardly been able to decipher any of the hieroglyps of these galaxies. “

(In other words, we really don’t know much of anything! -The Editors.)

Remnants Of Lemuria Found

The continent of Lemuria-like the fabled western Atlantis-had supposedly sunk millions of years ago, breaking off connection with Africa and Southern Asia and leaving behind the single isle of Madagascar. The lost continent theory had first developed in an attempt to explain the peculiar distribution of lemurs, but was abandoned when remains of the creatures were later found in Europe and Asia.

Recently, the U. S. Department of Commerce announced that the Russian explorer ship Vityaz (Knight, Errant) after a seven-month voyage through the Indian Ocean, had allegedly discovered the remnants of Lemuria.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“In the western portion of the Indian Ocean,” read a Soviet report, “we crossed the equator six times. Here, close to the shores of Africa, is an area of an enormous number of sunken islands.”

The Vityaz, during a continuation voyage of the International Geophysical Year oceanographic program had conducted tests of the ocean floor at depths of almost three miles, uncovering a layer of sand beneath ordinary ocean silt.. This, the Russian oceanologists felt, was a trace of the ancient continent of Lemuria.

The submerged islands, continued the report, were surrounded by coal reefs. And the system of winds and currents in the region, coupled with the underwater mountains, created conditions favorable for great shoals of fish.

Also obtained on the voyage was new data concerning deeper currents and contours of the ocean bottom, and approximately 100 types of previously unknown fish and mammals were discovered.

Newspapers Disappear Into Saucer

Somewhere in infinite space this day, the Sacramento Union is being read avidly. The Union’s interstellar edition, although it was not so labeled by earth-bound editors who have time only for deadlines, was literally whisked away, as if by a silent vacuum or a magnet, from the disbelieving grip of a carrier for the Union Tuesday at dawn. And it zoomed straight up into the maw of a flying saucer.

Do not laugh, jeer, scoff, or raise a cynical eyebrow above the coffee saucer, earthling! You do not believe in flying saucers? How then can you believe in the reality of your coffee saucer. Which is the illusion? Are you sure?

Read, earthling, of the experience of Phillip Wayne, 13 years of age, a youth with a talent for plopping your Union against the door without waking you.

Phillip told his story to high Air Force officials. They listened. Circle block of Meadowdale. The time: the magic trysting hour of daylight, and dark, a somnolent 5:30 A.M. “I reached my hand over my head to throw a folded newspaper,” he related, “and suddenly there was no paper in my hand! I thought I had missed and reached for a second paper. The same thing happened! When the third paper was jerked from my hand, I felt a suction, but heard no noise. “I looked up, “said Phillip, “and saw two things, that looked like

OCTOBER, 1961                        15

flying saucers. “One was larger than the other. But were about 80 to 100 feet above the ground. And those newspapers were soaring straight up to those saucers.”

The larger saucer was 50 feet across and the smaller one was about 40 feet across,” said Phillip. “They were shiny aluminum and seemed to be standing still,” he added, in an awed whisper. “Now, I’ve seen pictures of saucers, but these were different. They had lots of corrugated pipes protruding from different angles, like organ pipes. Different lengths.” What did Phillip do?

“I took off like a scared bird,” said he. “Later I went back, checking for the missing papers. I counted my stack three times. Three were missing. I never found them.

Phillip said he was delivering the Union in the 3400 Evergreen And they gave him “security clearance” to tell the Union about his experience.

The Union tastefully resists the temptation to point out the obvious: That Martians, Moon Men, or the inhabitants of Venus, did not choose the New York Times, Washington Post, London Times, or just any Sacramento newspaper in their quest, for news. It is sufficient to say: they chose the Union.

(The preceding items have been reprinted from newspaper reports.)

——— ♦ ———



The 8th annual Spacecraft Convention will be held at Giant Rock Airport this year on Saturday and Sunday, October 14 and 15. Dan Fry will again be one of the speakers (this year on Saturday only as he has a previous speaking engagement, on Sunday afternoon). Gracious hosts for the convention will of course be Mr. and Mrs. George Van Tassel.

Understanding, Inc.’s annual meeting will be held at Giant Rock on Saturday, October 14, in the late afternoon or evening, whenever the convention timetable permits.

Giant Rock Airport is located north of Yucca Valley, California, a few miles off the Victorville Road. Posted signs will direct you from the turnoff off the Victorville Road to Giant Rock.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner

To Those On High

Many brothers have we in the sky.

Some call them “Those On High.”

Some just watch as they go by

and think little of it till they die.

But what about you or I?

Will we throw it to one side

and think nothing of it till we die?

Or will we find the answers why.

They have been here since Adam and Eve

and for us they’ll never leave.

They have always been in our need

But not very many have taken heed.

They thank us for a moment of our time.

To us they have been so patient and kind.

Even before the first lovely pine

They have been here before that time.

You who have stayed so long in the sky;

Thousands of years have passed by.

We of earth want to thank you “On High”

For without you we’d surely die.

OCTOBER, 1961                        17

book reviews

“The Sky People”

by Brinsley Le Poer Trench

This author has written us a delightful book, rich in information and fascinating both for our recently interested and our more informed friends.

After clarification and coordination of concepts in History, Philosophy, Mythology and Sacred Writing an almost genial picture has been built, in which all fits in its own plane, showing the Light and Wisdom brought down to Earth by Visitors from Outer Space at critical periods in our history for millions of years.

Immense research has gone into the preparation of the book and the author has reached remarkable conclusions.

The author, in his foreword, does not ask us to accept all new ideas or concepts coming to us as total truth, but that we are prepared to give them house room in our minds. We are not asked to believe the perhaps novel and strange ideas advanced in this book, or to reject, them outright, but to let. them have the hospitality of our minds for a while. This is illustrated with a very fitting little fable; also it is expressed in its very well chosen and beautiful words at the opening and closing of the book, in which the whole purpose of this book is clearly described: “Let brotherly love continue, be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

Hebrews Xiii. 1-2

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

I cannot resist to repeat here the closing poem “Last Song” by Mrs. Millen Belknap of Fallbrook, California, knowing that Mrs. Belknap will want everybody to find peace of soul by these delightful and beautiful words.

The God stood at the top of the stairway to Heaven and looked down to see who it was coming up at such an unaccustomed hour

Coming with such a noise of singing, and coming, it would appear, quite alone-but rejoicing for all that.

Who is it who dares to climb by himself in the middle of the night, and to sing with such a loud voice?

The singer stopped singing, and laughed; and kept on climbing. `I am climbing because I know how,’ she said, `and I am not alone. And I am singing because of the other who comes the way I have come, and believes that he comes alone.’

So the God sat down with the woman at the top of the stairway to Heaven, and they sang together.”

These words explain better than any review the intention of Mr. Brinsley Le Poer Trench with his book “The Sky People.”

-C. I. Tanasale

El Monte Unit # 1

——— ♦ ———


Saturday, October 21: Carol Honey of Anaheim will speak on George Adamski’s latest book, “Flying Saucers Farewell,” at 8 p.m. in the New Lexington School, 708 West Bodger Street, El Monte, California. Presented by El Monte Unit #1.

Saturday, October 28: Dr. Eugene Whitworth of Great Western University, San Francisco, will lecture for Inglewood Unit #15 on “Diary Into the Unknown” at 8 p.m. in the Business and Professional Woman’s Clubhouse, 820 Java Street, Inglewood, California. This lecture will deal with Dr. Whitworth’s recent jungle expedition into Central America and his research into extra-sensory perception and “thought-force” religion.

OCTOBER, 1961                        19

bulletin board

News Of Understanding, Inc.

Celia Barnes of San Mateo, Calif., Unit #2, and Betty Lou Webb of Douglas, Ariz., Unit #33 have been appointed to the Board of Directors of Understanding, Inc., to fill two vacancies. Both have accepted their new posts.

Understanding, Inc., will hold its annual meeting at Giant Rock Airport during the 8th annual Spacecraft Convention on Saturday, October 14, 1961. All members are invited to be present. Each Understanding Unit is entitled to a vote, either by a delegate present in person or by proxy.

Unit vote on acceptance of a proposed amended set of bylaws as drawn up by a constitutional committee last June is now 7 to 2 in favor.

News of the Units

EL MONTE, Unit #1 entertained Dan Fry, president of Understanding and editor of Understanding Magazine, as its speaker in September.

OAKLAND, Unit #3, heard a talk on “Solar Light Energies in Relation to the Magnetic Anomalities by Fred P. Willard during September. The unit also has an Esperanto class.

VISTA, Unit #4, hosted two speakers recently: Mira Louise, naturopathie health lecturer from Australia, who spoke on “Color

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Therapy and Natural Foods” and Zipporah Dobbons, astrologer, writer, author and lecturer who spoke on “Is Astrology a Science?”

SANTA CRUZ, Unit #9, announces with deep regret the resignation of its president Bernard McGuire who with his wife Isaphehe, a director of Understanding, Inc., has moved to Bumble Bee, Ariz. Officers of the unit now are: Ruby Strong, moderator; Karl Schaaf, asst moderator; Connie Schaaf, recording secretary; Helen Anderson, treasurer; Perle Johnson, financial and membership dept., and Bertha Bag-well, librarian.

SAN FRANCISCO, Unit #11, had the distinction of putting on George Adamski’s final lectures before his retirement. Adamski, one of the most famous flying saucer contactees in the field, retired from lecturing after speaking to the San Francisco unit on Sept. 8 and 9. His topics were “The Blessings of the Space People” and “Cosmic Philosophy.” Members of this unit was also planning to aid Understanding magazines for friendship project and will be sending old Understanding’s magazines to other countries.

INGLEWOOD, Unit #15 reports an excellent turnout for its recent presentation of tape recorded “Voices From Other Planets.”

BUFFALO, N. Y., Unit #37 has resumed meetings after a summer break and is publishing a newsletter called “Sounds in Space.”

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla, Unit #44 heard a talk by Columba Krebs of Williams, Ariz., recently. The subject was “The Mysteries of Man and the Universe.”

SACRAMENTO, Unit #46 announces the appointment of several new officers. They are: Gerald Cooper, 4331 Turnbridge Drive, Sacramento, vice president. Toni Rossi, assistant secretary, and Jesse P. Bontrager, business manager. The unit enjoyed a swim party and dinner in addition to regular membership meetings during the summer.

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atoms, galaxies and understanding, by daniel fry ………….  2.00

White sands incident and

to men of earth, one volume, by Daniel Fry …………  2.00

Diary into the unknown, by Eugene and ruth whitworth              4.00

They sky people, by erinsley lepoer trench ………  4.50

Spacewoman speaks, by rolfe telano ……  2.00

Why we are here, Gloria lee ………..  3.75

council of seven lights, by george van tassel…………. 3.50

my contact with flying saucers, fino kraspedon …….  3.75

My trip to mars moon and venus, by buck nelson ……..  1.00

night has 1000 saucers, by calvin c. girvin (paper, $2.00)….. 3.00

road in the sky, by g.h. williamson ……..  4.00

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

Secret forces that changed the world, by frank bowman     3.50

Flying saucers farewell, by george adamski …………..  3.95

Unity in the spirit, by comptesse de pierrefeu ……………  2.50

Wake up the god in you and live, by Martha baker ……  2.00

we of the new dimension, by Will and evelyn miller …………  2.00

These books may be purchased from Understanding. We pay all postage.

Residents of California please add 4% Sales Tax.