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For September, 1960


THE ASCENDED STATE   ………             3

A LITERARY GEM   ………….             5

THE NEW AWAKENING (PART II)   ………             6

PARABLES, THE LANGUAGE OF GOD   …….             8

UFOs, ANGEL’S -HAIR SIGHTED   ………             9

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VOLUME V                                  SEPTEMBER • 1960                                NUMBER 9

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of the earth.

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IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN the habit of the earthman to blame his troubles and his problems almost entirely upon others. This is a handy habit, because it saves the necessity of searching his own conscience and his own soul to find the cause of his misfortune. When anything such as war occurs, which brings suffering and death to large numbers of people, a common symbol of evil is chosen, upon which all blame can be placed. This symbol is usually a man, although a generous portion of the blame is usually placed upon the nation or race to which he belongs, or upon the political ideology which he professes.

In 1918, when the first world war was grinding slowly to its close, your editor, aged 10 years at the time, spent several interesting hours discussing, with his young friends, the nature of the punishment which should be inflicted upon the diabolical and inhuman monster that was Wilhelm Hohenzollern, or “Kaiser Bill” as he was more commonly known.

We, together with most of the people of the United States, and of other countries, were firmly convinced that this monster was personally responsible for all of the destruction, suffering and death which was brought about by the first world war.

If only this man could be destroyed, we thought, the world would be “safe for Democracy.”

“Kaiser Bill” eventually went the way of all flesh, and since that time we have seen the rise and fall of Mussolini, Hitler, Tojo and Stalin, all of whom have been the focal point of unlimited hate, and all of whom have been destroyed. Yet we have little evidence that civilization has progressed to any remarkable extent as a result of their passing.

2                                                    Understanding

Their destruction did not solve any of the problems or change any of the conditions which brought these men into power. Today we have other dictators who are rapidly taking their places.

It is time that we begin to distinguish between the symbols of evil and the true substance thereof.

This process will require two things. First, a more complete understanding of the position and feeling of others, and second, a careful examination of our own conscience and our own soul. Armed with this knowledge and understanding we will be able to combat the substance of evil wherever it may arise, without the necessity of generating and focusing hatred upon its passing symbols.

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Understanding, Friend,

You published a letter I had written to Hope Troxell. Two persons saw it and wrote me questions.

I send you some ideas in my mind that seem seldom to run in minds of mankind; whosoever will, may think it over.

God is the Absolute Silence, unformed, uncreated, invisible, intangible Being before He moved upon the face of “The Waters of the Deep.”

To move is motion; motion is vibration, and when that vibration becomes slow enough the substance of which it IS formed becomes visible, and our physical plane, having passed through the six planes above ours, as this slowing process goes on down to our visible plane.

God the formless Spirit separated a spark of this Fire of Infinitude called the Spirit in man and sent it through the higher levels or planes down to one we call physical animal, flesh plane which is only a crystallization, condensation, solidification of that spark of Divine fire flashed on its way, to slow down until it has reached the animal solidified level that is visible and tangible to the five senses of ordinary man.

This process has taken years, as we know them, into the millions. It is the Fall of Man as told in the Adam and Eve story (that man little can understand). This was to gain experience all the way down from formless to the present solidified, condensed Spirit called fleshly

SEPTEMBER • 1960                 3

man. His consciousness now is on a low level or plane and is to rise, when he is fully satisfied and, we might say, sickened of mortal flesh life, and begins to hunger and thirst after righteousness or seek Spiritual ways that rise him back toward his original state from whence he came.

On this physical plane, and use of five senses, he passes through many Illusions; delusions possess his mortal mind and he must find their unreality and discard. In so doing, he rises step by step toward his Creator which is Overcoming the World, Flesh, and Devil ideas that have been in possession of his mind and Mortal Consciousness.

All better Lodges and Orders man joins here on earth have in some part of their rituals the expression about “Raising the Body.” By learning the real genuine Truth of Life raises man’s state of consciousness, and that Raises the Body on the return of Spirit out of Matter, back to God and the Ascension releases from all worldly conditions and that makes one the Ascended Master. At will he may return and take on the lowered vibratory rate and be visible on earth, and humans think him an Angel!

This Ascended State is the Real Salvation, Resurrection from the Dead (Dead to the Spiritual powers and abilities). Jesus was sent to earth’s people to show a life that had all experiences. Man has to confront immortal life and show how to pass through them all to gain the so-called Heavenly State. Man must some day reach to be saved (from this mess of worldly illusions) and come to know Truth which gives Peace, Happiness and Contentment called Heaven.

I have some charts drawn to illustrate some of these ideas more clearly a glimpse through the eyes is worth a thousand words.

Jesus said “If I be raised up,” and we know he was, He, atom by atom, cell by cell of mortal flesh that is composed of 80 per cent water and the rest of minerals which are earthy substance, replaced those atoms and cells that were vibrating in harmony with animal-plane conditions, replaced them with cells that harmonize with the Universal Vibration of Spirit. And that made Him One with the Father.

In fact, He destroyed and obliterated mortal man will and listened to the Inner, which is the Voice of God within. The Still Small Voice which is Vibration inside man, the same as words that are Vibrations outside him. He held the attention upon the Inner nature until He

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

developed ability to turn attention and listen Within. Then it became natural to turn attention Within where God is anchored to the heart-in-mind, and animate this Holy Ghost, that Holy Ghost which is an extension of God’s Spirit into physical plane conditions of the lowest rate of vibration having Intelligence in flesh.

Man must keep on reincarnating, life after life, until he feels the urge to Seek, Knock, and Ask for deliverance and God will Meet the Prodigal Son when he turns attention homeward of his OWN FREE WILL.

God bless all Understanding,

J. M. Darrah,

Little Rock, California

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THE FOLLOWING Is ATTRIBUTED to St. Justin, about 200 A.D. It is a fair sample of the many writings deleted from the Bible:

“For Christians are not distinguished from the rest of mankind either in locality or in speech or in customs. They marry like all others and they beget children; but they do not cast away their offspring. They find themselves in the flesh, and yet they live not after the flesh. Their existence is on earth, but their citizenship is in heaven. They obey the established laws, and they surpass the laws in their own lives. They love all men, and they are persecuted by all. They are ignored, and yet they are condemned. They are put to death, and yet they are endowed with life. They are in beggary and yet they make many rich. They are in want of all things, and yet they abound in all things. They are reviled, and they bless; They are insulted, and they respect. Doing good, they are punished as evil-doers; being punished, they rejoice as if they were thereby quickened by life. War is waged against them as aliens by the Jews, and persecution is carried on against them by the Greeks, and yet those that hate them cannot tell the reason of their hostility.

SEPTEMBER • 1960                 5

“In a word, what the soul is in a body, this the Christians are in the world. The soul is spread through all the members of the body, and Christians through the divers cities of the world. The soul hath its abode in the body, and yet it is not of the body. So Christians have their abode in the world, and yet they are not of the world. The soul, which is invisible, is guarded in the body, which is visible: so Christians are recognized as being in the world, and yet their religion remaineth invisible. The flesh hateth the soul and wageth war with it, though it receiveth no wrong, because it is forbidden to indulge in pleasures; so the world hateth Christians, though it receiveth no wrong from them, because they set themselves against its pleasures. The soul loveth the flesh which hateth it, and the members: so Christians love those that hate them. The soul is enclosed in the body, and yet itself holdeth the body together; so Christians are kept in the world as in a prison-house, and yet they themselves hold the world together. The soul, though itself immortal, dwelleth in a mortal tabernacle; so Christians sojourn amidst perishable things while they look for the imperishability which is in the heavens. The soul when hardly treated in the matter of meats and drinks is improved; and so Christians when punished increase more and more daily. So great is the office for which God hath appointed them, and which it is not lawful for them to decline.

“For it is no earthly discovery, as I said, which was committed to them, neither do they care to guard so carefully any mortal invention, nor have they entrusted to them the dispensation of human mysteries. But truly the Almighty Creator of the universe, the Invisible God Himself from heaven planted among men the Truth and the holy teachings which surpasseth the wit of man, and fixed it firmly in their hearts, not as any man might imagine, by sending a subaltern or angel, or ruler, or one of those that direct the affairs of earth, or one of those who have been entrusted with the dispensation in heaven, but the very Artificer and Creator of the universe Himself and by whom He made the heavens, by whom He enclosed the sea in its proper bounds, whose mysteries all the elements faithfully observe.”

By F. R. Brooks,

Morongo Valley, California

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING



IN EARLY OCTOBER of 1946, I was wakened out of a deep slumber to be confronted with the following questions ablaze finality: “You have taken the vow to serve God and humanity. Can you meet every edict within it? Can you meet every obstacle that appears in your path?” Now I had come face to face with stark realism-no place to hide, no escape from the inevitable. A new door opened; I stood on the threshold of a new vibrational field where everything thought and felt was lived as a tangible essence. Fear, such as I had never known, enveloped me like a cloud of whirling mist. After hours of mental wrestling, peace descended like a cool hand upon a feverish brow. Indecision yielded to “consent” and an unfaltering trust and I found myself immersed in a sea of Living Substance.

With it, came the understanding that life was not just something to be solved like an arithmetic problem, but had to be experienced in body, mind and heart. It had to be a Living Truth in every way. I realized that what I had been doing formerly was based upon what I thought was God’s Will which is quite different from living the True Life already inherent. Within the latter, no subtle evasion can endure. But subtle evasion and spurious resistance do rear their proud heads “till all be fulfilled.” Needless to say, there followed a series of events which exacted every pound of flesh.

For a time willingness to endure was punctuated by reasoning of old. The pendulum swung between the darkness of dying self-judgment and the joy of a quickened spirit until there was neither as something apart. Doors to many mansions were opened, many phases of “being” revealed. I was taken to lofty heights-secret places most high; likewise was I shown the depths of hell, but now there was a connecting link between all seeming opposites. As “self” is relinquished, the keys to heaven and hell are extended and it is seen that the life which man lives is real and eternal regardless of his concepts or false judgment.

The many experiences within the aforementioned time cannot be recorded here chiefly because it does not have direct bearing upon the subject at hand. Phenomenal events are secondary and are important only in the purpose which they serve.

SEPTEMBER • 1960                 7

As time marched on, through a quickened awareness came the certainty of the Truth within the Infinitesimal, the sustaining point of rest in activity. Through complete union within life’s circumstances, true insight was given. Again I became. alive in the realization o£ my earlier awakening, but instead of having a foundation in perception alone, now it had for its root, life lived in essence. It was no longer dependent upon any condition, any form but every experience bore witness to the Truth. There was no longer a need for “a path” or “a goal”; all was embraced within every moment.

Yes, the key had been given for only in complete abandon within the undeviating Principle, could one live the true life. “Abandon” comes not through knowledge or the attaining of a “high” as opposed to a “low” state of consciousness. It comes with the soul’s expectancy to unite with the object of its love-the Fathering Spirit of all life. This is the marriage that no man can rend asunder.

Now it was seen that within every person is the Inherent Nature of Truth, and that every moment that had gone before had been lived in part so that all might be fulfilled within God’s Divine Intent.

Throughout the entire period mentioned, the life lived was that of an average person; temptation, sorrow, joy, responsibility-all were included. There were times of such darkness that only through that Light which burned unceasingly, though often faintly, was it possible to continue to the end of self-awareness. Where willingness “to let” became absorbed completely within continuous spontaneity, I cannot say. It came as gradually as the plant unfolds through all stages of development until at last it has all been absorbed within the seed of its maturity. The new seed contains the power of perpetuated livingness through all generations.

For those earnest seekers who would give their all for the Pearl of Great Price, more is required than volumes of words, new philosophies or great edifices of learning. It requires “Truth” that is common to all; “Truth” that may be discernible to all; “Truth” that may be lived, and that livingness eternally perpetuated. No, not a new religion as such; no new form of any kind, but rather, the formless Truth that “is,” “was,” and evermore “to be”- constant and conscious IS-NESS. There is no need for new Truth, but rather, to understand that which is “at hand.”

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

A saying frequently heard is, “The time is short.” What particular meaning does it have? A few years ago, it required many months to send a message around the globe. As various devices came into use such as telephone, wireless, etc., that time was lessened. Radio made it possible to transmit a voice around the earth in a matter of moments; this by mechanical means. Instant communication without benefit of any mechanical means is a well-known fact at this time and experienced by those who understand that whatever is as living Reality, is instantly available, regardless of time, space or existing conditions. There is a quickening in the processes of all action. Almost simultaneously with a word spoken or a deed enacted, comes its effect, either through “sowing and reaping” or through “understanding.” This being the time of maturity in a so-called evolutionary cycle, mankind is at the point of balance between the “old” and the “new.” The new seed has the power to bring forth the fulfilling substance of the universe, sans the tares of misconception.

For those who enter the shadowless land there is no return, for there all men live, move and have their being;

They dwell in the Great Eternal

Where Allness, none can sever;

I Am-the only One I Am

In all of them, Together.

(To Be Continued)

——— ♦ ———

The Southern California Understanding Units will hold an afternoon social get together and picnic on Sunday, September 25, starting at 2 p.m., at the home of Dan and Elma Fry, 2527 E. Cameron, West Covina. Swimming, Food and conversation will be the order of the day, and each unit is asked to bring food and prizes. The Fry’s home may be reached by taking the Citrus St. exit off the San Bernardino Freeway and traveling south to Cameron, which is the second stop sign south of the freeway.

SEPTEMBER • 1960                 9


SINCE MAN WAS FIRST an entity of spirit, his language was also spiritual, like his Maker.

After being placed on earth in temples of flesh formation; he learned the language of the flesh; which language is according to the tree of knowledge; by trial and error.

Truth and error can be sensed by the entity of spirit of God in this flesh body, through the tree of life, which tree speaks in the silence of parables. This is the language of God of all spirits.

These two trees are parables set forth in the beginning of scripture. Cain’s descendants represent those who follow the language of the flesh. Seth’s descendants represent those who follow after the language of God, i.e. spiritual understanding heard.

Parables were used all through the Old Testament; however, to discern them, one must be able to sense the parable by the spirit

The Book of Enoch, visions by this prophet before the flood, is written partially in parables; therefore, the book cannot be understood by the flesh-mind of knowledge.

History of God’s “specially called people” is a parable of the spirits that hear the language of God upon this earth; therefore, are they blessed by their Maker for their obedience to Him.

The Life of Christ as the Son of God cannot be understood by reading the New Testament alone; the understanding is found by reading the Old Testament, understanding the parables of the priesthood of Aaron as High Priest, why he was called to this office, functions performed, their meaning unto the Israelites; effects of the High Priest’s works upon the people; his dress and oil, sacrifice, etc. These all have a parabolic meaning of the need of a redeemer for these spirits who believe in the language of God.

The captivity of Israel as a nation is parabolic, i.e. spiritual.

Jesus spoke all together in parables; since he came as the son of a spiritual father, it would be necessary that he speak in the same language of his Father.

All great philosophers have spoken in parables.

Eve was beguiled by language of the tree of knowledge, not by parable of Truth which does not lie.

By lone Roemer Longview, Washington

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING


MARRY McDONALD OF PASADENA, who handles book sales for the Pasadena Unit of Understanding, has provided Understanding magazine with a description and photograph of a sighting he made during a recent trip. The picture appears in this issue.

McDonald said he was on Highway 87 between Denver, Colo., and Cheyenne, Wyoming, when the sighting occurred on June 16, 1960.

A strange feeling in the air first made him aware of the presence of something unusual. “It’s a hard thing to describe,” he said. “It was a worried feeling. The air was upset. I just didn’t feel natural.”

This feeling caused McDonald to start looking around. It was then that he spotted some “angel’s hair” (strange white substance believed to come from UFOs, that dissolves soon after reaching the ground) falling to the earth. “I thought it was cotton until I realized I was in Colorado, not Texas,” McDonald said. “I put marks on the road when I realized that.”

He stopped and picked up some of the angel’s hair. It felt light. “There’s never a question in your mind once you see it. It doesn’t look or feel like cotton. It actually has no feeling to it at all. It’s clear and yet it has a body to it.”

The angel’s hair disappeared according to schedule. “I had some in my hand and then looked up into the sky. When I looked back it was gone.”

McDonald said he didn’t see any sign of craft in the sky at that moment and drove on for 10 or 15 minutes until he began to notice a few clouds over the Rockies. He watched them for a while and noticed that unlike other clouds they did not move or change shape. He also noted that they closely resembled saucer shaped craft. He then stopped and took the picture which appears in this issue. The clouds remained in the same formation and shape for another 45 minutes.

SEPTEMBER • 1960                 11

The above photograph was taken by Pasadena Unit member Harry McDonald between Denver and Cheyenne on June 16, 1960. A description of the events leading up to the taking of this picture appears in this issue. McDonald reported that the clouds shown here remained in the same formation and shape for nearly an hour. He could not explain the strange formations around the edges of the photo, although several observers made the conjecture that the markings might come from a type of force field. Pictures taken before and after this one did not bear similar marks.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Eerie Flying Saucers Reportedly Seen Over Wide Area of Southland

(From Aug. 1, 1960, Los Angeles Times)

Flying saucers spooked the Southland again early yesterday.

Eerie lights in the sky, described variously as bluish-white or red and green, were reported by a housewife in South San Gabriel, an unidentified motorist on the desert at Lancaster, a beach dweller at Malibu and two California highway patrolmen in East Los Angeles.

No official agency provided ready explanation of the unidentified flying objects which were reported overhead from midnight until about 3 a.m.

The housewife, Mrs. Robert Hewitt, 8069 E. Garvey Ave., South San Gabriel, said she was sitting in her patio at midnight waiting for her husband to return from work when she first spotted the light.

It appeared in the northwestern sky, bluish-white with the blinking brilliance of a star, but moving in relation to the horizon, she reported. The light appeared melon size in her perspective.

Her husband joined her and together they watched the light until nearly 3 a.m., Mrs. Hewitt said.

The highway patrolmen, Albert Coulombe and Donald Holten, filed a report that they spotted the light in the western sky while they were patrolling along Whittier Blvd. near Atlantic Ave.

The object remained in sight only about 30 seconds, the officers said. They described it at grapefruit size, reddish colored with a green tail. “I thought at first it was a plane burning,” Coulombe related, “but then I noticed it had no falling motion. It diminished in size as though going away from us, and just disappeared.”

The sheriff’s Newhall Station, answering a report of a motorist who told of seeing a green light over the desert at Lancaster, sent a car to investigate. The officers found nothing.

“If a plane had crashed near here we would know about it by now,” Sheriff’s Sgt. William Wright said at Newhall yesterday.

The sheriff’s Malibu Station had a report of a bluish-white light flashing across the ocean at about 2 a.m.

SEPTEMBER • 1960                 13

Close Watch Set For Flying Saucers

WASHINGTON, D. C., Aug. 5 (UPI)-The Senate Preparedness Subcommittee is under standing order from Democratic Leader Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas to keep a “close watch” on any new developments related to unidentified flying objects, a group of flying saucer watchers said today.

Johnson, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate, also has directed the subcommittee staff to report to him any “significant” sightings of saucers along with an analysis of the Air Force investigation of them, the group said.

Ret. Marine Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe, head of the group, called the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, said Johnson told him of the orders in a letter.

Colorful Displays in Sky Mystify County Residents

(From Aug. 1 Riverside, Calif., Enterprise)

Several Riverside residents called the Daily Enterprise last night to report mysterious objects in the sky over the Arlington area between 10 and 11 p.m.

George Houle of 5773 Clifton Blvd. said that he was watering his yard about 10:30 p.m. when he saw a fiery red ball in the sky, slowly descending.

“It was a brilliant red. It disappeared behind some buildings and I lost sight of it.”

He said that other than its overall color, he saw no indication of lights on the object.

Don Strong, of 8392 Madrona Rd., said that he saw three “flashes of light” between about 10:40 and 10:55 p.m.

They were yellow, he said.

Strong said he could not determine the shape nor the altitude of the source of the flashes.

A March Air Force Base spokesman said that the Air Force had no knowledge regarding the objects. They were not of military origin nor were any sightings recorded or reported there.

However, the spokesman did say that he remembered some type of announcement regarding the use of high energy lights over Los Angeles during about a 30-day period in connection with a civil defense exercise or experiment.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

A group of eyewitnesses saw a flash at about 10:05 p.m. as they clustered on Wayne court in the Arlington area. Craig Cope, 18, of 4115 Wayne Court spotted the brilliant flash as he played an auto spotlight on what appeared to be a drifting weather balloon.

The flash exploded to the west of the balloon and at a much higher altitude. A group of neighbors watching the balloon were startled by the flash.

The explosion of light burst like a falling star but then distinctly spiraled several times before dissolving into darkness. The final phase-the spiraling-resembled a type of July Fourth firework but appeared to be far too high in the sky for a conventional firework.

Saucers (Stars?) Reported

(From Aug. 3 Riverside Enterprise)

Four Riverside youths called The Press last night to report sightings of what appeared to be flying saucers.

At first there were only five of the “round-topped, flat-bottomed objects with what looked like three legs sticking out the bottom.” Two others joined the group for about an hour and then left.

The report was called in by Robert Cheek, of 6504 Harley St. Observing with binoculars, he and his brother, Stewart, sister Candace and a friend, Fred Kinos, of 6686 Indiana Ave., followed the courses of the glowing light red objects for nearly three hours.

A check with the Riverside Astronomical Society, meeting at the home of its vice president, Warren Estes, at 4529 Central Ave., failed to turn up anything other than a giant red star.

The star, Antares of the constellation Scorpius, was in the southern constellation, somewhat below the moon and to its right as observed from Riverside, Estes said.

He reported that the ten members of the society made observations from about 10:45 to 11 p.m. and failed to see anything resembling the saucers reported by Cheek. The two groups of sky watchers exchanged data.

Later in the evening, Cheek said that Antares was one of the objects his group had believed to be a saucer.

However, at the same time, he said that the other four north of Riverside remained in sight. These were not observed by the astronomers.

SEPTEMBER • 1960                 15

The Riverside County Sheriff’s office reported that an unidentified woman called about 9 p.m. and inquired about a huge red, flashing star. This could have been Antares. But it might have been a flying saucer.

Says Atlantis Found Under Aegean Sea

HELSINKI, Finland, August 1 (AP)-A Greek scientist says the lost continent of Atlantis has been found-beneath the waters of the Aegean Sea.

Although legend put the lost continent in the Atlantic, Prof. Angelos Galanopoulos told the 12th general assembly of the International Union of Geodosy and Geophysics modern scientific instruments located the island at a depth of 900 to 1,200 feet about half way between Athens and Crete. The sunken “continent,” an earthquake victim, is estimated to have been 36 square miles in area.

Man Roamed the West 30,000 Years Ago, Old Bone Reveals

NEW YORK, July 22 (UPI)-A Mexican archaeologist has found a jagged piece of ancient mastodon bone that documents man’s existence in the Western Hemisphere at least 30,000 years ago, it was reported today.

The find was hailed by leading anthropologists as a significant means of adjusting American anthropological history, moving back the time when man first began living in this hemisphere by at least 20;000 years.

The precious bit of mastodon pelvic bone was found May 2, 1959, by Dr. Juan Armenta Camacho, director of the Anthropological Department of the University of Puebla, Mexico.

Rays Responsible?

LONDON, Aug. 5 (AP)-Four Soviet scientists believe dinosaurs were killed off by radioactivity, Moscow radio reports. Their theory is major earth disturbances caused the radioactivity and contaminated the atmosphere, bringing about genetic sterility that resulted in the extinction of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.

Scientists Say Loch Ness Has Five Monsters

INVERNESS, Scotland, Aug. 1 (Chicago Tribune Press Service) There is not only one Loch Ness monster but a family of five, a group of English university scientists said here today. The men made their claim after scanning the deep, 21½-mile-long waters with an echo sounder for five weeks.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The news that there may be a family of monsters pleased local residents. For the “monster” has helped boost tourist trade ever since it put in its first appearance in 1933. With five monsters swimming about the loch, business should be even better.

Three of the scientists declared they saw a “monster” surfacing half a mile from the shore one evening. “I saw a 10-foot-long hump rising to about 18 inches above the water and traveling north at about 20 m.p.h.,” said Bruce Ing, one of the monster, trackers. “It surfaced for less than a minute and was of reddish-brown color.”

——— ♦ ———



I am a creature from outer space

Unwillingly trapped by the human race.

Dha is my name.

Dha-do you hear?

But my language is strange to your mortal ear.

Thrown from my orbit when two stars collided,

I followed the sky-trail that nature provided.

Out of the eons I fell into time, Wizened and woeful,

yet strangely sublime;

Out of one galaxy into another,

Unwittingly seeking a father and mother.

My spaceship collapsed when I landed on earth.

And that’s when you trapped me with something called birth.

Evelyn Tooley Hunt

(Reprinted from “Baby Talk” Magazine)

SEPTEMBER • 1960                 17


Dear Friends:

Our Buffalo Unit of Understanding is now “off the ground and ready to fly” (in saucers, we hope). I have enclosed our application for Charter with thirteen Charter Members.

Although I was fully aware of the wide spread interest in New Age teachings, I am still amazed at the way this Unit is snow-balling. We had our first “introductory meeting” at my home on Saturday evening May 7th. Much to my amazement there were 14 people present. I explained just who and what Understanding is. I read Dan Fry’s excellent message “Work of the Saucer Groups”. I then spoke for about one hour on the flying saucer story, from Ken Arnold’s first encounter to the latest actions of the USAF; touching briefly on the stories of many of the well known in the field, I tried to cover enough to enlighten those new to the study without boring those who have kept up on the reports. Interest and questions proved to me just how thirsty the people are for TRUTH. Discussion on U.F.O.’s and later on, on metaphysical topics, kept the majority of the people spellbound until 3 a.m. The last couple said a reluctant good night, or rather good-morning at 4 a.m.

I am most grateful and I’ll admit a trifle amazed at the really tremendous interest shown thus far. I hope we may soon expand that interest when we have the privilege and benefit of a lecture by one of your regular speakers.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to unite with UNDERSTANDING. I am sure our association will be pleasant and of great mutual benefit. There is so much to be done, so much to learn, so much to teach, and so many people to be reached! With God’s help we are most surely being “gathered together”.

May God’s blessing be with all of you at headquarters and may His Infinite wisdom be with all Units as they spread across the world.

Yours in Understanding,

Paul R. Weast,

Pres. Buffalo Unit

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Secret Forces That Change The World-Frank Bowman

The manuscript of this book was completed in August, 1941 and brings to the reader esoteric truths, that now, because of prophecies having become historical facts, can be verified. Along with the known fulfillment of some of the prophecies, are prophecies and esoteric teachings yet to be brought into manifestation.

The book is literally filled, paragraph after paragraph with knowledge so powerful and so revealing that everyone should own and read and study it with avid attention.

Among the many discourses, Mr. Bowman brings to the seeker are subjects on India, America, the American Indian, Communist Russia, the ‘future of Atomic Energy, Reincarnation, Atlantis, the future World Government, Earthquakes and Volcanic disturbances, the return of the Christ Spirit to earth and the ushering in of the Golden Age. Contained within these pages are more evidences that we have arrived at the end of an Age and are entering upon an adventure, that need not be gone into blindly, if we are wise and seek information so that we may be guided, directed and prepared for any and all events that must come to pass.

Man himself will change, with the natural transition that the earth is passing through and we find herein very important lessons we must learn if we are to make the transition that nature intends for us.

Little known facts on the life of Jesus, the Apostles and Disciples are recorded beautifully. We can know of a surety that the Universal message is Brotherhood, Peace, and Goodwill, among all men.

Individual areas and regions of all the earth are discussed and much amazing data is revealed. America is reaffirmed a land of promise, governed by a sacred document, The Constitution, and the future of our government will be a government pure and complete, encompassing the entire world.

I cannot in a few words cover the mass of information, not the knowledge revealed in this book adequately, I can merely state as the author states, “Test all things and hold fast to that which is true.”

Whether you may be a beginner or an advanced student in Esoteric teachings, this book will serve well to further enlighten you and give to you much more food for thought.

Barbara E. Murray Montrose, Calif.

SEPTEMBER • 1960                 19


EL MONTE, Unit No. 1, is preparing to send out short taped messages to other units. The tapes will include short talks by a number of unit members and a rundown on current activities of the group. The unit members also have launched a drive to establish pen pal relationships between the unit and foreign countries, and are writing their senators, congressmen and other lawmakers to inform them of latest developments in the flying saucer field. John McCoy addressed the unit on extra-sensory perception during August.

OAKLAND, Unit No. 3, heard Isaphene McGuire of the Santa Cruz unit give a lecture on the workshop program currently in operation at Santa Cruz.

ORANGE, Unit No. 7. Photographer John Blaylock, with slides of the Harmony Grove and Giant Rock conventions was a speaker heard by this unit recently.

LONG BEACH, Unit No. 8, heard George King lecture recently. Mrs. Nina Neely is now vice-president of the unit and Patricia Anne Rowe is secretary.

SANTA CRUZ, Unit No. 9, assisted in the sponsorship of talks by a student peace caravan during July.

The caravan included four students, from North Carolina, Minnesota, West Germany and India. They discussed a range of topics that included integration, the arms race and international understanding.

BALTIMORE, Unit No. 10, reports that several of its members attended the Warren Light Center convention at Franklin, Pa., during late June. According to President Percy Frailey, UFOs were sighted on one of the evenings of the convention, with one of the craft staying around until after 5 a.m.

PASADENA, Unit No. 12, heard a talk by Dan Fry on “National versus International Understanding” during July. Sam Ritchie of 1221 Allen Ave., Glendale, is now president of the unit.

MEDFORD (Ore.), Unit No. 20, has a new president: Mrs. Lorraine Fee of 384 Vilas Rd., Central Point, Oregon. She is the former secretary of the unit.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

SAN BERNARDINO, Unit No. 29, is carrying on experimental work in contact through hypnosis.

RIVERSIDE, Unit No. 22, has reorganized under the Presidency of Esther Stilgebouer, and conducted their first large lecture in the attractive Izaak Walton League Lodge on the lakeside of one of Riverside’s parks. A good crowd turned out to hear speaker Hope Troxell, and Coordinator John Root.

TACOMA (Wash.), Unit No. 35. In June Wayne Aho paid a surprise visit to the Seattle-Tacoma area. Major Aho is in Washington State establishing small groups in many cities and towns. Through the arrangement of Mrs. Wynne Carriveau of the Seattle group Tacoma Unit No. 35 had Major Aho for a Jecture. He lectured on a revelation he received concerning the period of 1960-80. The following week Major Aho again appeared before their group at the home of Mr. Kenneth LeRay. Major Aho has a very vital message and is a sincere and dynamic speaker.

On July 3 Tacoma Unit No. 35 entertained Dr. Leslie E. Lambert of Canada who spoke on Psycho Somatic Medicine. His lecture was very well received by those in attendance. He also demonstrated an emotional recording machine.

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Thursday, September 8: Michael V. Barton and Max Miller present the world’s first flying saucer film festival, Severance Hall, 940 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, September 24: Hope Troxell, author of “Wisdom of the Universe,” will speak for INGLEWOOD, Unit No. 15, on “Space Craft Today in the Light of Ancient Records,” Business and Professional Women’s Club, 820 Java St., Inglewood, 8 p.m.

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These words from a Master of Light, were received by Hope Troxell during a period of intensive training. From MIGHTY BEINGS come the Eternal Instructions now available and offered through the




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Complete Texts (taken from tapes) @ $1.00 each or 6 for $4.50

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ABOARD A FLYING SAUCER, by Truman Bethurum ……………  3.00

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the coming golden age, by dr. f. w. summer ………..  3.50

cosmic attainment, by hope troxell…. 1.00

council of seven lights, by george van tassel…………. 3.50

flying saucer pilgrimage, by h. and b. reeve ………  3.50

kearney incident, by reinhold schmidt……… 1.25

many shall be called, by marke Norman….. 2.00

my contact with flying saucers, fino kraspedon …….  3.75

My trip to mars moon and venus, by buck nelson ……..  1.00

night has 1000 saucers, by calvin c. girvin (paper, $2.00)….. 3.00

road in the sky, by g.h. williamson ……..  4.00

Race to the moon, Scientist from Venus …  2.00

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

Secret forces that changed the world, by frank bowman     3.50

Temple of god, annalee skarin …………..  3.50

they shall be gathered together, be john mccoy …………..  1.95

To men of earth,

WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, one volume, by Daniel Fry ……….  2.00

To god the glory, by annlalee skarin ………  2.95

Unity in the spirit, by comptesse de pierrefeu ……………  2.50

Up rainbow hill, by dana howard………… 4.50

Voice of venus, vol. 1 by dr. ernest l. Norman …………..  3.25

Voice of eros, vol. 2 by dr. ernest l. Norman …  3.95

Voice of hermes, vol.3 by dr. ernest l. Norman …………  3.95

we of the new dimension, by Will and evelyn miller …………  2.00

wisdom of the universe, by hope troxell… 3.25

Ye are gods, by annalee skarin ………….  3.50

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