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For August, 1960


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VOLUME V                                  AUGUST 1960                                           NUMBER    8

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of the earth.

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The United States is rapidly moving into the most critical period of its national existence.

At a time when the entire future of civilization upon this planet is hanging by a few slender threads, the United States has come into the leadership of one of the two opposing ideologies whose constantly mounting friction threatens to bring a sudden end to everything for which mankind has struggled for thousands of years. If this leadership is to be successful, it must be based upon international understanding rather than upon the sophistry of national self-interest. Yet up to the present time there is no evidence that this basis has been or is about to be adopted. Those who have followed with open minds the world events of the last two years must realize that the United States is failing to achieve the goals to which it is dedicated, that our prestige in foreign countries is reaching new lows each passing month, and that the United States is rapidly losing the leadership of the free world. These are facts which are hard to face. Yet if there is to be any hope for civilization in the future, they are facts which must be faced. Only through the honest admission of past failures may we achieve the determination to find a more successful formula.

In the past, national leaders have had the sole duty of protecting and advancing the welfare of their own people. The leaders now in power in the United States and those soon to be elected have the primary duty of protecting the existence of civilization itself. Since it appears obvious that the welfare of the United States depends on the existence of civilization, it might at first seem that these two duties are identical. And in the long range view, of course, this is true. But in the short range

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

view which is almost always adopted, there may be serious differences. It is to be hoped that the future political leaders of the United States, whoever they may be, will consider carefully the effect which their decisions will have upon the world as a whole and not merely how they will be viewed by their immediate constituents.

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Concerning the editorial policy of Understanding, we wish to point out and we believe that “it is more important at this time that `we the people’ learn what we do think than merely to speculate upon what we should think.”

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Understanding Magazine is pleased to announce that Dan Fry, founder and national president of Understanding, has become a Dr. He has been presented with an honorary Ph.D. degree in Cosmology by St. Andrews College in London, England.

The award has been given for Dan’s work in his book “Steps to the Stars,” as college officials felt that such a work should not go unrecognized academically.

-The Assistant Editors

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On June 7, 1960, between ten and ten-thirty P.M., Mrs. Ruth Outland and I were standing in her front yard at 610 Knob Hill, Redondo Beach, California.

We saw a large beautiful ship to the north of us; it was traveling west very slowly. It was cigar-shaped; probably 100 feet long; on top of the ship was a large red light, forward toward the front, which was going around (revolving effect, not blinking) ; there was a dozen or more square windows, below center line. On the inside, white lights flashed on and off. You could see the full outline of the ship which seemed to be metallic. We watched the ship for about five minutes until it disappeared behind trees.

-Martha C. Smith

Inglewood, California

August • 1960                              3



“Man in God’s image knows all and is all.

When the light shines within your heart, oh

seeker of the way, you shall see God in man

and man in God.”


——— ♦ ———

Journey Into the Eternal

In this writing the endeavor is to reiterate the Truth as it has been perceived by all who have journeyed long in search of the Holy Grail. The attempt is to strengthen the faith, of those who seek God; to lead them into the understanding that man lives and has his being in Truth every moment regardless of who he is or what he is doing, and through awakening to the Truth, he shall come into the consciousness of Eternal Life.

From early childhood, I had been seeking the real nature of myself, my relationship to God. Very early in life there was something very tantalizing which stirred within me. There was the fervent desire to know the mystery of life, yet I did not know where to find the answers which constantly arose within my thinking. Unsatisfactory answers were my portion. Many theories were advanced, but in turn each seemed to prove untrue in my living. While teaching in a little country schoolhouse, I found in the words of the poets the very thing which I felt stirring within me-the beauty of life and the deep hunger for its realization. Thus began the relentless search.

Years passed with life through the various phases of development, each day with its joys or its disappointments, actions and reactions, hopes and aspirations. Gradually, I observed that all men lived through very much the same general pattern, Through all life there was consistent action, an operative principle which brought forth everything after its kind. Whether conscious of it or not, all moved toward one mysterious realm-all were included; all were sustained throughout all stages of development.

It was observed that the entire pattern for the mighty oak was hidden within the acorn. Was the history of man not written within the seed of the new-born babe? What sustained everything in continued and unbroken existence? What was that something which constantly linked

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the past and the future? That something was called God, but did one dare try to solve that which seemed unsolvable?

The innate will “to do” was stronger than the question, “shall I?” as was revealed in the days and years to come.

My first glimpse of “spiritual reality” came at a time when I was leaving the hospital following a siege in which there was the hovering between life and death for many days. Suddenly, and as if all were risen from the dead, every person and object took on the glow of eternal realness and beauty. My eyes beheld the glory of the heaven and of the earth. The “bluer than blue” sky crowned a landscape of living color as flowers, grass and trees yielded themselves in wondrous embrace. While every object was individual and clear-cut in detail, all things were beheld in perfect relationship. Nurse and patient were equally perfect in that which they were expressing. The usual comparisons, such as health versus illness, did not prevail. Everything was perfect in that which it was. Even that which had formerly appeared to be ugly or even discordant was now unquestionably perfect.

The influence of that which had appeared, lingered for many days. It served to strengthen my faith in securing the ultimate answer, for now a door had been opened into the Great Unknown.

From time to time there followed other glimpses. While on vacation on the Mendocino coast in 1941, there was a recurring experience similar to the one just related. Though it lasted for only a moment or two, it was more intensified than before. Time stood still as all “being” merged in infinite NOW-NESS. So great was the impact that I was unable to answer the questions of the friend who was present and aware that something unusual was taking place. It was not until years later that I wondered how she knew, for to my knowledge I had neither moved nor spoken.

During the entire period from 1941 to 1944, there was a persistent drive from within which found expression in almost constant study and participation with others in the exchange of spiritual ideas, that is along the lines of a movement I was identified with at the time.

One spring morning in 1944, without warning, there came a shock so great that I was rocked to the foundation of my being. Like a bolt of lightening it came-I knew not where to turn for help but to the Source within me. Beads of sweat mingled with tears of mortal anguish as living fire swept through every fibre, nerve and cell of my physical

AUGUST • 1960                         5

structure. Everything within the emotional nature of self-consciousness was being consumed within the crucible of the soul. Eons of time seemed to pass as I struggled for release. It seemed utterly impossible to remain alive, and indeed that was true in a great sense, for when the tempest had subsided, nothing remained but a shell of my former self. A death had taken place but as yet no resurrection.

Two uneventful days passed. Suddenly, while occupied with household duties, I was enveloped in a light so brilliant, like the light of many suns, yet it blinded me not. It was everywhere. It permeated everything. It not only permeated everything-it was everything. Whereas there had formerly been the “enhancing” of color, textures and appearances, now pure light was the substance of all things. In it, existed the everythingness of Infinity; the identity of all things, seen or unseen. There was not only light-substance and identity but there was light as knowledge. Here was the splendor that “was before the world”! Here was the light that “lighteth every man that cometh into the world”! Here was the Pure Word! Here was the First-born of every creature! Neither tongue nor pen could fully describe such an experience; in its stillness was perfect bliss-a living ecstasy. Such cannot be imitated for there is always a missing link between “knowledge about” and “immersion in” the essence of life.

This experience took place in a natural setting and lasted for more than two hours. There was awareness of the surroundings, but no distraction from within them, even though there were included the events of the day. Not having been a student of occult teachings or mystery schools, there had been no previous knowledge regarding that which took place, neither was it something that was self-induced.

There was a prolonged search for the explanation of that which had come and gone without having remained as a sustained consciousness. There was an established certainty of Omnipresent and Immortal Life without the understanding of how that which had been revealed could be fulfilled within everyday living. Perception, yes-but no consciously sustained IS-NESS.

Weeks and months passed as these mysteries were being pondered in my heart. Words that had been just beautiful concepts now took on a new meaning. Did the words, “Let there be Light,” “The Word made flesh,” “Thy Will be done,” not have within them the power of fulfillment

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

as did the seed of the oak or the seed of man? Again, there was a new resolve to live that which had been awakened; the effort to live the Truth which is the uniting of heaven and earth-for the sense of ‘..’division” still loomed on the surface:

The fervent vow to “follow to the end” was made, and no man knows the full import of that until he has lived it and unto the end. Perhaps the acorn too groans with pain as the new growth breaks through the shell, or the sun’s rays penetrate the tender shoots as its vitalizing essence wends its way to the deepest root. Is it not possible that the plant and mankind are akin to “a woman when she is in travail. hath sorrow because her hour is come; but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world”?

To some, the awakening process with its accompanying experiences may come more gradually. The Law works perfectly in accordance with the fulfilling need within the individual. One’s ability to make the complete “break-through” depends upon willingness to give all that he is mentally, physically and spiritually. Only when the Cup is empty can, it be filled with Living Water.

(To Be Continued)

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Frank Spiva’s article on the Pleasanton Convention, published in the October 1959 UNDERSTANDING, brought up a point that is well worth considering. He said, “Phenomena has its place, else it would not be, but the average person seeks a solution to the conditions one meets in everyday life, something to anchor to. One cannot anchor to a saucer, and the sameness of contacts, and their reports by contactees, has become a tiresome things in the minds of many people who think and who seek facts instead of fancies. What has Understanding to offer beyond time honored and threadbare repetitions of the same thing by the same people?”

My first experience with large groups of space enthusiasts was at the Pleasanton Convention. At that time my husband and I were teaching classes in the higher laws of living in San Jose, California. Major Aho was kind enough to announce these teachings from the rostrum, and had me appear upon the stage so that all could contact me that were interested

AUGUST • 1960                         7

in these teachings. Yet very few came over to investigate these classes, and those that did were very skeptical regarding our teaching. There was no charge connected with the teaching other than $3.00 for the purchase of my two books which are used as textbooks in the work. Some of these people did purchase the books but never showed up at the classes. All this indicates that the message which the Space Brothers have brought us has made very little impression on the “Saucer Fans.”

It seems to me that the message is to prepare for the kingdom of God on earth. It is lack of spiritual development that has caused mankind to live in a state of confusion and chaos. Our message is: know yourself, learn the higher spiritual laws of life, and live them to the benefit of yourself and all mankind. We have had many space enthusiasts in our classes which have been conducted all over the south and west of this country. And many of them are very spiritual in their outlook of life but the majority have completely overlooked the message our Space Brothers bring. They have failed to follow through and ask, seek, and knock for more spiritual truth.

This skepticism must be overcome if true brotherhood is ever to be attained on our planet earth. The Master Jesus taught that UNBELIEF was the great sin. It is unforgivable in this world or the next because it breaks the law of faith. “Without faith it is impossible to please HIM.”‘ Doubt, fear, and suspicion are the great enemies of God. How long will it be before men learn to replace them with LOVE and UNDERSTANDING? Men can be taught to develop faith, and love and understanding if they can be made to see the advantage of these God-like traits. But as long as phenomena is the only interest of the space clubs little will be accomplished toward advancing the Kingdom of God on earth, Perhaps as the Editor says, these messages from the higher evolved Beings will have to be repeated over and over again before it will be acted upon by those it was meant benefit.

Although the Bible message has been repeated over and over again it has made little imprint on the minds and hearts of the majority of mankind. Until the higher laws of living are understood and made a part of life, little will be accomplished toward establishing the Kingdom of God on earth. Very few have been willing to go all the way, so to speak, in devoting their lives to the Christ way. Those of us who do know something of the higher laws of life have a great responsibility to help promote the desire for more spiritual knowledge in others. The

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

more spiritual of the space club enthusiasts are eligible to help the others see the significance of this great movement and urge them to prepare themselves to be fit for the kingdom. This is a new era we are entering. Old concepts will fall away to be replaced with new and higher revelations of truth. An open-minded attitude should be encouraged. In order to awaken the slumbering souls to new horizons.

Spiritual education in the higher laws of living will solve the earth-man’s problems. The churches can be likened to the elementary schools in teaching love and faith. But greater faith and greater love will be needed to establish the kingdom of God on earth. Each individual man needs to take stock of his own state of being, and strive to develop a more expanded consciousness. Only as each individual brings forth the light of his own Higher Nature will the Christ Consciousness appear on earth where “every eye will see HIM.”

The brothers from outer space cannot save those whose vibrations are not sufficiently raised to make the contact, even though they desire to save every living soul on earth.

Men cannot be saved against their will. A willingness to believe and desire to understand will pave the way for a new era of love and light. It is time to WAKE UP THE GOD IN YOU AND LIVE, and learn HOW TO THINK TO LIVE FOREVER, in a new regenerated glorified body.

When you begin to develop your own soul power you will not need to be convinced by the phenomena of others, you will experience it in your own life.

-Martha Baker

Little Rock, Ark.

——— ♦ ———

April 7, 1960

Dear Understanding Friends:

Warmest congratulations!! for bringing “Understanding” up-to-date (regarding its date of issue). The Magazine gets better and better … Fraternally,

Ona M. Speed

5812 San Marcos Way

N. Highlands, California


AUGUST • 1960                         9


(The following is a report from Santa Cruz Unit 9 on its workshop project “World Peace.” The unit has started a series of small study groups which meet weekly, with the heads of each group getting together once a month to compare notes.)

This group feels it is important to practice peace with and among ourselves first. In attitudes towards one another. That although we are a minority group at present, we have a tremendous potential. We must start by cleaning our own house. The answer starts with ourselves.

Application of the “Golden Rule” universally could be the answer to many problems. There is a definite feeling that we must make a more spiritual approach as obviously politics and the military had failed. Peace must be accomplished by the awakening of the masses.

It is felt we could spread the idea by getting other people to form study groups like ours.

Prayer times could be set up, with each person praying or meditating in his or her own fashion.

There is grave need now for true leadership in our governmental offices: It is up to us whether we get a “Gandhi” or a “Hitler”.

An article on Anti-Christ was introduced for discussion, which appeared to be a discrimination against a certain group. We felt that this was a demonstration of what to guard against in our zeal to find a solution. That no organized “Hate” group can find the answer. We must overcome prejudice.

We agree that our educational problem needs work and parental supervision. A revival of our original way of life is most important.

Some of us conducted an investigation into the different precepts and phases of communism the better to understand what we are faced with. It is felt that this is one of the gravest problems, communism as it is practiced in the world today. We feel that the typical attitude is one of “denial”, or a head in the sand attitude, and that war is no longer fought as in the past, that in reality there is a very real war going on right now. One of our best funds of knowledge was found to be the library and recent magazines, but we caution against the propaganda type of literature.

One of our most insidious enemies is our own low moral standard,

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

and that the bad and yellow and sensational journalism is not the reason but rather the result of our moral degradation. We could do much to correct the immoral situations which give rise to these offensive and degrading articles and publications.

Greater exchange of students of all the countries would further deeper understanding. Pen pals and correspondence to other countries would also bring about a more compatible feeling.

Eliminate fear through understanding. Send form letters or questions to people of other countries to determine mutual problems and possible solutions.

The question has been asked as to the basis for the operation of the workshop. Let us sum up in this way; the workshop may be likened to a field where seeds are sown, cultivated and brought to maturity. When the creative spirit of the individual unites with the same creative spirit in another or others, a field is created through which ideas circulate, integrate and take form. Regardless of race color, or creed, every man is endowed with the gift to express his true nature through all time. In this he is unique. Consciously united with others, he is the perfect facet in the over great pattern of life. When one contacts the real self-hood, he is in touch with all centers of activity. Instead of operating from the realm of speculative thinking or acquired knowledge of material facts, there is the contacting of energizing substance which gives rise to true thinking. In this way, former concepts, and imitative patterns are transcended. Love and zest for living is the integrated power which brings all ideas to fruition.

Let’s get busy – NOW is the time!

-Connie Tannusch

Ass’t Secretary

Santa Cruz, Calif.

AUGUST • 1960                         11


Understanding founder and national president Dan Fry is introduced by President Betty Lou Webb at first meeting of new Douglas, Arizona, Unit No. 33. At left behind flowers is John Wesley Root, Understanding’s coordinator. Mr. Fry presented the unit with its charter in a ceremony which accompanied his lecture. The group is the first it Arizona to become a part of Understanding.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Outer Space Planets May Be Hunting Life

STANFORD, Calif., June 20 (Associated Press)-A professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University suggests that intelligent extraterrestrial life may be trying to reach other civilizations in space by dropping unmanned satellites around the universe.

(Unmanned satellites like the one that landed at White Sands Proving Ground on July 4, 1950?-Ed.)

Dr. Ronald N. Bracewell presented his views in the British magazine “Nature.”

Bracewell said his idea is “simply a proposal that this is one way in which our attention could be attracted by a community from some other part of the galaxy.”

The extraterrestrials, he explained today, may be sending satellites around stars with likely looking planets, in an effort to make contact with another civilization.

Mile-Long Island Rises in Pacific

QUITO, Ecuador, March 26 (Associated Press)-An island more than a mile long, 100 yards wide and as high as 125 feet at some points has emerged from the Pacific off the coast of Ecuador.

Two eyewitnesses to the island’s birth said it was heralded by trembling of the earth and strange underground noises. The location is 36 miles north of Caraquez Bay in Manabi Province.

(The many statements by contactees to the effect that the floor of the Pacific Ocean Lemuria is rising cannot be ignored in the light of this news item.-Ed.)

Universe Is Gazillion Years Old’

EUGENE, Ore., June 13 (Associated Press)-A noted astronomer reported today his observations indicate the universe is one million billion years old. This is about 100,000 times older than most authorities think.

The new estimate was made by Dr. Fritz Zwicky, an astrophysicist at the California Institute of Technology and an astronomer of the Mt. Wilson and Palomar observatories.

He based his calculation on studies of compact clusters of galaxies.

(Contactees have often told us that the earth and the universe are much older than we realize. Little by little our astronomers are coming to the same conclusion, as evidenced by the above.-Ed.)

AUGUST • 1960                         13

Easy Way to Get Water on Moon

DOWNEY, Calif., June 14 (Associated Press)-A simple way of extracting water from volcanic rock on the moon was claimed today by a space scientist.

“The moon may not be hostile after all,” said Dr. Jack Green, research geologist for North American Aviation’s aero-space laboratories. Green believes that at least some of the craters on the moon were created by volcanic action, not by the impact of meteors alone. Some volcanic rock is rich in water.

In his experiment, Green focused the sun’s rays through a lens on a container of crushed pitchstone, creating up to 2000 degrees of heat. This caused the water molecules in the rock to vaporize into steam, which was trapped and condensed.

“The water is good,” Green said. “I drank some myself.”

(This story is another of several recent articles tending to show that the moon is less like the dead world once thought by earth’s scientists and more like the picture of lakes and vegetation given us by the contactees who say they have been to the moon.-Ed.)

——— ♦ ———


May 26, 1960

Dear Friends:

I feel it is my duty to acknowledge with gratitude and appreciation the excellent presentation of my treatise, “LIFE AND DEATH”, as presented in the May issue of “UNDERSTANDING.”

Thank You!

May the contents of this issue be an incentive to its readers to think, and may the magazine, “UNDERSTANDING”, continue to sponsor and promote the truth, which in the final analysis will stand as a victor and is the arbitrator which will bring all human affairs to be balanced…. Sincerely yours,

Carl E. Hallgren

262 East Wemore Road

Tucson, Arizona

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

May 23, 1960

Dear Friends and Co-Workers:

Lately I have attended some of the Understanding meetings of the Chico group, and bought the May copy of Understanding. In it I see an article “Expectations of This Age” from the OAHSPE Bible, pages 753 55, by F. R. Brooks, Box 94, Morongo Valley, California. I am also well familiar with OAHSPE’s Teachings for about 30 years and no doubt many of your readers got some good out of reading that.

I feel there is-at least for the present-another part of OAHSPE that many of your readers will benefit by reading, and this is in regard to the vegetarian diet for those who feel inclined to gradually adopting, It is common knowledge that our bodies are composed of the things that we eat, so, by gradually getting used to eating only the foods that do not hinder our developing our higher Sight, we naturally will progress faster.

Page 588 in OAHSPE, “Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy”, Chapter IX, verse 10 reads:

“Flesh-food carrieth man away from prophecy; away from spirituality. A nation of meat-eaters will always culminate in disbelievers in spirituality, and they become addicted to corporal passions; such men cannot understand; to them the world is vanity and vexation, if poor; or, if rich, a place to revel in for lust’s sake.”

11. “Let the prophet steer clear of them; nor marry with them; nor have any thing in common with them. For though a man learn all the motions and powers of the corporeal worlds, his information is still as a drop of water compared to the ocean; when measured by the seer and prophet that seeth the atmospherian and etherian worlds.”

On page 318, V.22, “First book of God”, Chapter IV. 22: “Feed thou him according to the ORMAZIAN Law. To make him a warrior, give thou him fish and flesh. To make him patient and strong, with docility, remember the camel and the ox feeding on the herbs that grow on the earth.”

Here is another very much well worth reason why it is best for those of us who want to make real progress, to become vegetarians. This is from V. 18, page 231, Upper Book of Fragapatti, “Son of Jehovih, bk.XXI: 18. “For if thou setteth thy soul to feed on animals, and to dwell with them the gods, cannot deliver thee to my emancipated heavens, till thou hast served thy time in the lower heavens. One great Light have I bestowed to

August • 1960                              15

all men, that they may progress forever. Though the waters of the ocean rise up and make clouds; and the clouds fall down as rain and run to the rivers, and thence back into the ocean, a thousand times, ten thousands of times, yet that water hath not progressed. Neither have I given progress to a stone, nor to a tree, nor to an animal; but to man only have I given progress.”

19. “Be wise O. man, and tie’ not thyself to things that progress not, nor set thy soul upon them, lest they become a bondage to thee in the next world.”

Most Cordially Yours,

-Joseph Magenta

Richfield, California

——— ♦ ———


The race in which we are functioning now is our awareness point in cosmic consciousness. Each individual evolves in his own race as he learns thru experiencing the lessons that race has to offer both materially and spiritually.

One race can not lift another. Only individuals can be lifted within a race. No race surpasses its own spiritual culture.

Intermarriage is not the answer. “You cannot grow the tree by bending the twig.” As the people on other planets have said, “We mingle but do not marry.” Also as the great Master told Adamski and as he related in his book, “Inside The Space Ships”-“Each eventually will know all states.”

So, thru Eons of Time and many incarnations, who knows in how many different races we’ve had membership to grow to that which we individually are now?

To show brotherly love does not mean a joining of the bodies. True love is not an emotion. Love is service and living, truly living, the Great Commandment.

When that is achieved then the brotherhood of man is accomplished and we can leave it to the Wisdom of our Creator what the next step in evolvement for His Creation will be. Man himself has not the answer.

-Mabel Wallingford

Inglewood Unit No. 15

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING



In following the words of Jesus, “Seek and ye shall find,” Mr. James entered into an investigation of the U.F.O. which has led him into realms of the Spirit and Spiritual phenomena.

Included in this book are some of his photographs and these with his well written analysis of his discoveries lead one into an area not often thought about.

He has found friend and foe alike, etheric and astral entities, God forces and Satanic forces, light and darkness, earthbound ships and ships of the Universe. He has been told of the mysteries to the center of the earth and far off to the moon. He has found monstrosities and phantasmagoria. He has thrown new light into the Monster stories that have cropped up now and then in the U.F.O. mosaic.  He has told of the necessity of the Air Force actions in withholding from the public knowledge the truth of the existence of the U.F.O.

He shows that the Spiritual aspects of the UFO story is very definitely counterbalanced by the Satanic forces and as a consequence those of us who are searchers after Truth must not, cannot, bury our heads in the sand and through ignorance of these matters, perhaps be led astray or even bring physical or mental harm unto ourselves and the earth. To know of these things and prepare to counteract them we can further our work toward serving Truth and Light.

In present day science there are many fields which will have to change its dogmatic concepts and join hands with the super-scientists and together they can advance into the NEW AGE with intelligent understanding.

In my opinion this book is one that should be read and considered with much careful thought.

-Review By Barbara E. Murray

Montrose, California

AUGUST • 1960                         17


The Sun may be clouded, but ever the Sun

Will sweep on its course, till the cycle is run.

And when in the chaos the systems are hurled,

Again will the builder reshape the new world.

Your path may be clouded, uncertain your goal

Move on, for the orbit is fixed for your soul.

And though it may lead to the darkness at night,

The torch of the builder will give it new light.

You are and you will be, know this while you are,

Your spirit has traveled both long am afar.

It took on strang garbs for eons of years,

And now in the soul of yourself it appears.

It swept through the jewel, it leaped on the waves,

It roamed through the forest, it rose from the grave.

From body to body your spirit speeds on

It seeks a new form when the old one is gone.

And the form that you find is the fabric you wrought,

In the loom of your mind, with the fibre of thought.

It came from the source to which it returns,

The spark that was lighted eternally burns.

As the dew is drawn upward in rain to descend

Your thoughts drift away, and in destiny blend.

You cannot escape them, for petty or great,

Or evil or noble, they fashion your fate.

Somewhere on some planet, sometime and somehow,

Your life will reflect all the thoughts of you now.

The law is unerring, no blood can atone,

The structure you build you must live in alone.

From cycle to cycle, through time and through space,

Your life with your longings, will ever keep pace,

And all that you ask for and all you desire,

Must come to your bidding, as flame out of fire.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

You are your own devil, you are your own God

You fashion the steps that your footsteps have trod.

No one can save you from error or sin,

Until you hark to the spirit within.

Once list’ to that voice and all tumult is done;

Your life is the life of the Infinite One.

In a hurrying race you are conscious of pause

With love for the purpose, and love for the cause.

-Author Unknown

-Submitted By

Guy Hudson

President, Berkeley Unit No. 17

——— ♦ ———


Since about 1940, we have witnessed the coming of a great many space ships to our earth, and many witnesses have written hundreds of books about them and their occupants.

To deny their presence is to deny thousands of Government Records of their reality and stick one’s head in the sand. One book alone, written by a former Air Force official, cites at least 200 incidents of Air Force Flyers’ observations, some of which observations were made at a thousand yards.

What is the meaning of all these observations? There must be some significance and a study of them reveals the truth. To arrive at the truth, we have to use our Bible. The Bible asserts in several places that in the last days “They shall all know Me, from the least to the greatest.” In order for us to have some idea of the Father’s many kingdoms, both material and heavenly, it was necessary that the space ships be used. This age is so steeped in materialism, that only a demonstration of space ships and their occupants, would awaken us from our deep sleep.

AUGUST • 1960                         19

The result of the presence of space ships or the space books has caused men to look up as never before. We have taken our eyes from earth for at least a few minutes a day. Those from other earths have dictated to various persons on our earth a whole series of books dealing with their state of living, and which, in many cases, reveals a civilization far in advance of our own. If you do not give these books some attention, you are not only a skeptic, but you hold back the progress of universal unity, and the brotherhood of men, all arising in one Great Father of all.

On the other hand, if you read all the books now available, you will develop judgment and will find no mysteries in the Father’s Universe. Books now available about the created heavens show, without mistake, that those who have arisen to enviable knowledge in the heavens have interplanetary interests and labors to perform. They labor endlessly to raise their fellows in universal understanding and brotherhood. These same books, revealing that many who enter the heavens immediately after death of the physical body, do so with skepticism and ignorance of the Fatherhood of the Creator, and the brotherhood of men. They also have to be taught by their superior brothers.

They who cannot look above materialism are little superior to animals. But little by little, and in various ways, many are being awakened to appreciate the heavens. It will be done one way or another, for the Father has so willed that none of his children shall remain forever in darkness.

It is nothing to be proud of to say that we will not co-operate with circumstances as they come. Fact of the matter is we are sowing to the wind of ignorance and will reap ignorance within ourselves. The heavens and the space ships are all one picture; be wise and put the picture together; many are doing this very thing. As usual, those that venture out into the unknown to solve the picture meet with success. Man was intended to be an image of the Father, and this image he can be if he makes an attempt, and is not bound by too many preconceived ideas and plain errors.

-By F. R. Brooks

Morongo Valley, California

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Two New Units Welcomed

A new unit at ELSINORE, Calif., became a part of Understanding as National President Dan Fry presented the group with its charter at a lecture during June. The unit will be known as ELSINORE Unit No. 38. President of the group is Winfield S. Brownell of 523 Minthorn St., Elisinore. Other officers are R. D. Baumgardner, vice-president; Jeanne Neael, secretary; and Marie Brubaker, treasurer.

Understanding’s first unit in Wisconsin has been formed at KENOSHA, Wis. It becomes Unit No. 39, with Rev. Marnie Koski of 6333 Sheridan Road, Kenosha, as president. William Larry O’Brien of Milwaukee is vice-president, while Harvey Hoeft of Kenoha is treasurer.

News of Other Units

EL MONTE, Unit No. 1: Speaker for this unit’s public lecture during July was Orfeo Angelucci, author of “Secret of the Saucers” and “Son of the Sun.” He lectured on “The New Touch From Space Visitors.”

OAKLAND, Unit No. 3 has formed a number of study groups. Members are studying such fields as New Age Philosophy, Higher Contact and Self Mastery, Healing, Taped Messages from Cosmic Masters, New Age Economics and the Nature of Higher Contact and Communication.

ORANGE, Unit No. 7 hosted Hope Troxell in June, George King during July.

LONG BEACH, Unit No. 8 entertained Reinhold Schmidt and his story of his trip to the Pyramids. A capacity audience attended the June lecture.

SANTA CRUZ, Unit No. 9 has been conducting extensive work in study groups. A full report is found elsewhere in this issue.

CHICO, Unit No. 16 enjoyed the largest attendance in its history at a recent meeting. Two tapes were played after a pot-luck supper.

TACOMA, Unit No. 35 reports it heard a talk by Dr. John Hopkins, president of Williams College, Berkeley, Calif., during April. Dr. Hopkins spoke of “Exploration Research Into Interplanetary Understanding.” In May, Robert E. Short, president of Cambrian Park, Unit No. 23, spoke before the club on “Earth, Space and the Planets.” He showed colored slides and played a taped communication.

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ABOARD A FLYING SAUCER, by Truman Bethurum ……………  3.00

a call at dawn, by kelvin rowe (paper, $2.50)… $3.50

the coming golden age, by dr. f. w. summer ………..  3.50

cosmic attainment, by hope troxell…. 1.00

council of seven lights, by george van tassel…………. 3.50

flying saucer pilgrimage, by h. and b. reeve ………  3.50

kearney incident, by reinhold schmidt……… 1.25

many shall be called, by marke Norman….. 2.00

my contact with flying saucers, fino kraspedon …….  3.75

My trip to mars moon and venus, by buck nelson ……..  1.00

night has 1000 saucers, by calvin c. girvin (paper, $2.00)….. 3.00

road in the sky, by g.h. williamson ……..  4.00

Race to the moon, Scientist from Venus …  2.00

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

Secret forces that changed the world, by frank bowman     3.50

Temple of god, annalee skarin …………..  3.50

they shall be gathered together, be john mccoy …………..  1.95

To men of earth,

WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, one volume, by Daniel Fry ……….  2.00

To god the glory, by annlalee skarin ………  2.95

Unity in the spirit, by comptesse de pierrefeu ……………  2.50

Up rainbow hill, by dana howard………… 4.50

Voice of venus, vol. 1 by dr. ernest l. Norman …………..  3.25

Voice of eros, vol. 2 by dr. ernest l. Norman …  3.95

Voice of hermes, vol.3 by dr. ernest l. Norman …………  3.95

we of the new dimension, by Will and evelyn miller …………  2.00

wisdom of the universe, by hope troxell… 3.25

Ye are gods, by annalee skarin ………….  3.50

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