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VOLUME V                                  JULY • 1960                                               NUMBER 7

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of the earth.

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U.S., U2, AND U.N.


So MUCH HAS ALREADY been written concerning the U2 Spy plane incident, that it seems almost anti-climactic, even to mention the subject in an editorial way. Yet our readers will remember that our military government’s ‘Spy in the Sky’ program, or ‘aerial reconnaissance’ as it is usually called, was made the subject of an editorial in the Understanding magazine many months before the U2 incident brought the facts to the attention of the public.

Because the editorial was so prophetic, we are taking the liberty of reprinting a portion of it here.

Many magazines pride themselves on their editorials which present the `news behind the news.’ The Understanding magazine on the other hand, continually strives to present to its readers, `the news before it becomes news.’


(Understanding, April, 1959)

“ONE of the greatest barriers to the achievement of a complete understanding of international problems by the general public lies in the fact that the true causes which underlie those problems are almost never presented by any of the great media of news dissemination in this country.

“The starkly simple purpose behind most of the current diplomatic maneuverings are concealed within a tremendous camouflage of sophistry, extenuation, charge and counter charge, circumlocution and plain gobble degook. The average citizen seldom has the time or the will to search through this tortuous mass of planned confusion in order to extract the single nugget of truth which lies within. It therefore becomes the duty of those whose efforts are devoted to the propagation of understanding

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

to extract those nuggets whenever possible, and to present them in a simple and straightforward manner.

“One of the items of international news which has been given wide coverage in the press, and on radio and television broadcasts, concerns the growing controversy between the United States and the Soviet Union over the maximum altitude at which United States aircraft should be permitted to fly in the Berlin Corridor. The `Corridor,’ of course, has no physical existence at all. It is simply a strip of land over which the `right of access’ was retained when the remainder of the area was turned over to the Soviet control at the conclusion of the second world war.

“Shortly after the Kremlin announcement of the May 27th deadline for the removal of Allied interests from West Berlin, and almost immediately after the reply by President Eisenhower that the United States had no intention of giving up its rights and responsibilities in West Berlin, the Soviets demanded that, thereafter, all U.S. air traffic in the Berlin corridor be confined to attitudes below ten thousand feet. The United States, of course, immediately rejected this demand, declaring that the Soviets had no right or authority whatever to limit the altitude of air travel over the corridor.

“Several American transport planes, flying above the ten thousand foot level, were buzzed by Soviet jets in an attempt to force them to lower levels. The U.S. air authorities retaliated by bringing in two armed jets which were deliberately flown through the corridor at high altitudes, ostensibly for the sole purpose of proving to the Reds that we would not be intimidated by their demands.

“At first glance the entire controversy may appear to be childish and groundless. The distance through the corridor is so short that to rise to high levels involves a waste of both time and fuel. Many persons have pointed out this fact, and have wondered why the United States should insist upon making high level flights merely because the Kremlin says we must not. Actually there is, as usual, a very good and simple reason for the attitudes of both parties to the controversy although, to the best of our knowledge, that reason has never been given any public mention by either side.

“It is a simple physical fact that the pilot of a plane at 20,000 feet can see for a long distance on either side of his plane. If he has an aerial mapping camera with good telephoto lenses, he can photograph virtually

JULY • 1960                                3

all of the area within 75 to 100 miles on either side of his flight and also the same distance ahead of the terminal point of his flight, When the films are developed and enlarged, more data of military significance may be obtained within a few hours than could be gathered by a dozen spies in as many months.

“With the May 27th deadline drawing ever nearer, the United States military authorities are quite naturally concerned with what military preparations, if any, the Soviets are making to back up their ultimatum. The Soviets, on the other hand, are just as naturally concerned with keeping us in ignorance. While it is not likely that the Reds are planning any large scale military action, ignorance of that fact by the United States would add greatly to the Soviet bargaining power at the conference table.

“The situation is not a new one. It will be recalled that most of the U.S. aircraft which have been `buzzed’ and harassed, and in at least two cases shot down by Soviet planes’ were `unarmed reconnaissance’ or camera planes which, while they were outside the legal area cf Soviet control, were still within easy photographic range of the Soviet defense perimeter. And so the controversy will go on as long as there is danger of war between the two nations.”

———  ———  ———  ———

The U2 incident has made three facts evident beyond any reasonable argument.

First: that the United States is at present controlled by what is, in all essential respects, a military government.

Second: that this government considers military expediency to be more important than international law.

Third: that the United States has created a degree of embarrassment for the rest of the United Nations which those nations cannot soon forget.

——— ♦ ———


If you can get the picture of all persons striving in their own way, often without light, to get along in this world, you will have more sympathy for those who stumble, those who complain. You will have more love for the one you need to help if you see that his misdeeds, his selfishness, and his unkindness come because he is working without proper light or understanding.


4                                                    UNDERSTANDING


How FAR BACK into your very early childhood can you take yourself? Remember Fairyland, and all the little elves who inhabited it, and the inexpressibly wondrous feeling it gave you to identify yourself with that fairyland?

Yes, you remember, however vaguely, and however much you now discredit those little elves. But you didn’t discredit them then. They were more real to you than the dollars you now have in your bank account.

Little children largely live and have their being in fairyland. It is their world, and they belong to it, and it belongs to them. But as they grow older, we tell them that such things are not real, and they must no longer believe in them. Faced as they are with such an incomprehensible, universe-shattering prospect, we are met with the most vehement protestations. “No! No! They are real! I know it!”

We smile knowingly and indulgently at what we perhaps think of as the unspoiled beauty of innocence. But we insist, reasoning that since they cannot see or feel or hear the inhabitants of fairyland, they, there fore, cannot exist. Again we are met with imploring entreaties that they be allowed to keep their miracle-working little elves and fairies, that they can hear and see them. But we are adamant, and gradually and tragically, the transition is effected. Thus we see, with William Wordsworth, that:

Heaven lies about us in our infancy

Shades of the prison-house begin to close

About the growing boy.

Tighter and tighter about us we draw the walls of that prison house, shutting out as unreal all that we cannot smell or taste or hear or feel or see. Our inner selves cry out for something more to have faith in, but our “reasoning” keeps the prison-house intact.

But we do for a while indulgently allow our little children the ecstatic wondrousness of their “unreality” and their fantasy. As we smile knowingly at their unspoiled “innocence,” who can say that they do not, in turn, pity us for our conception of our knowingness ? Jesus, whose teachings are being accepted on a practical basis as at no other time during these twenty centuries, in speaking of little children and

JULY • 1960                                5

their world said, “For theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Further, those same practical teachings tell us that it is necessary that we become as little children.

What is the characteristic we should have, in common with the little children? Is it not simply the uncluttered “innocence” of perfect trust and belief and faith-faith in things not physically seen? Is it not simply faith in the inherent goodness and benevolence of the universe, faith in a fairyland “magic” that wants only to give of itself to us? If they could but tell us and we would but believe them, we could learn more from little children than from all the books in all the libraries of the world.

But by the same token, however, if we could but unclutter our own minds and become, as the Nazarene master of the subconscious mind admonishes us, as little children, we could yet attain that vast storehouse of knowledge sufficient to bring the power of control over what might be termed the “lower forms” of natural law. This was ably demonstrated in Galilee.

When Jesus said, “For theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven,” he wasn’t – as more and more people are realizing concerning all his teachings – “just talking.” Little children are much closer to ultimate reality than are we in our “enlightened” knowingness.

“But,” you protest, “it’s silly to believe in elves and fairies and such kid stuff as that.” It becomes much less difficult to believe in them when they are considered not as physical entities but in their true light as creative powers. You never saw a thought, but you haven’t the slightest doubt in the potential power they have.

“But it’s also silly,” you insist hedgingly. “To believe in such outlandish things the kids think up for their elves and fairies to do. Such things are impossible!”

The indescribable wondrousness of fairyland is not an illusion of little children. It is real, and all the miraculous things in it are real. Nor is it simply real to them. They see and know what our prison-house excludes from our view. We are the ones who have been deluded, and the little children undoubtedly pity us.

For all the universe is a potential fairyland, with all the wondrous attributes little children correctly ascribe to it. Again quoting Him whose two-thousand year old teachings are every year gaining more

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

and more practical, workable credence, when Jesus said, “All things are possible to him who believes,” He again wasn’t “just talking.” Try as you will, the full import of his well-chosen words “all things” will elude you.

What Jesus referred to as “The Father within me who doeth the works,” is identically the same as what we now call the Subconscious Mind. Science is now “proving” what Jesus demonstrated twenty centuries ago, that this Subconscious Mind is apparently limitless in its potential powers.

Thus, this “newly discovered” Subconscious Mind turns out to be a great and fantastically glorious omnipotent fairy, whose limitless power is at the beck and call of “him who believes,” even as little children.

Using synonymously the terms “The Father Within Me,” the “Subconscious Mind,” “Life,” and “God,” we see that Life’s or God’s greatest gift to man is the gift of the Subconscious Mind, or the gift of God himself. This bequest carries with it the assurance from the giver, “I am all love and all beneficence and all good and all power. But it is not necessary that you accept me only as such. Since I am all love, I give myself to you for you to accept in any role whatsoever that it pleases you to accept me. And since I am all power, I will turn myself into any conceivable role which you assign to me, and I will create your world in exact accordance with the role in which you accept me. Your choice of roles for me, and your use of me, is limited only by your own powers of conception; and also that choice is incontrovertibly yours. Such is my gift to you.”

We must either accept this as completely true or else throw back into the discard all the teachings of the greatest authority of all time on the Subconscious Mind. If we decide to keep them, corroborated as they are more and more by modern scientific research, then we must come to the point of conceding that the fairyland of little children is indeed “child’s play” compared to that which is potentially our own.

The second greatest gift of God to man, then, is the complete freedom of choice, such is the love of the giver. This choice is completely and irrevocably inalienable, wherein even God himself will not intrude.

The key to “salvation” or freedom, for the individual and for mankind collectively, lies in that simple phrase, “As ye believe.” Such is the incalculable miracle of our own completely adult fairyland offered

JULY • 1960                                7

unreservedly by the Subconscious Mind. So stated Jesus twenty centuries ago. So, now, implies modern science.

Rather than smile knowingly at the “innocent illusions” of little children, should we not place ourselves at their own feet instead, and try to become as they? The speaker of the words, “Unless ye become as little children,” was referring to the prison-house.

“As ye believe” is your bulwark; that is all; your omnipotent fairy, the Subconscious Mind, will take over from there.

-Clyde Irion, Baldwin Park, California


——— ♦ ———


IN EVERYTHING YE are enriched by Him, in all utterances and in all knowledge; even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed in you … that ye all speak the same thing and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same judgment.” I Cor.

In the silent halls of Spirit all things are fashioned-from leaf to loftiest star. The hidden power of Spirit brought them into existence; all are cradled in the Hand of the Infinite. The Eternal Existence of all is being constantly revealed through infinite variations of beauteous tones and hues. As one looks about him, everything bears evidence of a Power which brings all things into being. At the same time, one may be unaware of the great import that power has in every moment of man’s living and in his relationship with all things. While the word “power” appears innumerable times throughout the Scriptures, the word “Omnipotent” appears only once and that in the book of Revelation. It is not by chance that it appears thus. Actually, it could be understood only through divine revelation as LIVINGNESS.

Only through the power of Living Spirit can one come into the Christed Consciousness-the LIVING LOVE; the HIDDEN POWER o f all life; in all life. In mankind, it is the LIVING POWER as BROTHER HOOD. As “Originating Spirit;” it is, by its very nature, the FORMATIVE POWER throughout the universe. It forms its own molds, charts its own course, fulfills every edict. Yes, you can trust IT; you can trust IT-and live!

The Power of Spirit is not for mere gratification which is as

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

temporary as shifting sands, but for the real joy of fulfilling Life’s Divine Intent. That joy has, for its source, conscious union in all that exists, visible and invisible. All modes of life are sustained by that Power and through that Power all life is perpetuated.

Would you flow along with the PURE RIVER of LIFE, yielding yourself fully to its course, partaking of its essence every moment through living the Power of its course? Or, would you rebel when all was not to your liking? The one who has conquered the rapids in the river has done so only because he has yielded himself to the action of the current. Thus man has to live in conformity with the Law of Life in order that he may live joyously and freely, his divine nature. He who understands this knows the meaning of “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

“When the spirit of truth is come, he will guide you into all truth; he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak; and he will shew you things to come. He shall glorify Me; for he shall receive of mine and shall shew it unto you … your heart shall rejoice and your joy no man taketh from you.” John

-From “The New Awakening”

By Isaphene McGuire, Soquel, Calif.

——— ♦ ———


O great and glorious Spirit of Creation,

Let the eyes of these, Thy children, be opened

That they might see the wonders that are before them;

That to them may be revealed the key

That opens the door to life itself.

May knowledge and wisdom and understanding

Be given to them now.

May their hearts be opened, may each in his own way

Come into the understanding of Universal love

As it is known in the Higher Realms of life

May understanding grow between

Thy children Bringing to them at-oneness

That can nevermore be broken.

So be it.

Submitted by Detroit Unit #28

JULY • 1960                                9


A YEAR AGO I couldn’t have written a dozen intelligent lines about space craft or “flying saucers.” Today, after reading about a dozen books and hearing approximately twenty-five lectures (including those at the convention) a whole, new, exciting universe has been opened up to me. I can glimpse horizon after horizon, and the beauty of it taxes my imagination.

I wanted to know something about the people who hold these conventions. I wanted to know what they could do to help bring about a new and better world for our generation and for generations to come.

As I walked down the pathway to the auditorium, many questions were running through my mind. As I looked around at the audience, I noted a glow of expectancy on the faces of the well-dressed group of more than 1500 persons.

I am convinced there are space craft in our skies today. I have never touched one or even seen one nor have I ever talked with a spaceman, but, when intelligent, level-headed business men tell us they are coming to earth and some of them declare they have ridden in them at incredible speed, I do not dispute them. I remember all through history the many things people said “could not happen” that are now accepted without question.

If space craft are sometimes visible in the sky, as thousands have testified, is there any reason why they couldn’t drop a little lower and land on earth if they were disturbed or had a lesson to bring?

I heard men and women talk with the earnestness of dedication. Their sincerity could not be doubted as they told of communication with people of other planets and outer space. If these people who are flying these ships are several thousand years ahead of us, as is generally accepted, why does this communication seem unreasonable?

They tell us they are not coming here to save us, but to help us save ourselves. One speaker assured us these people from outer space  “are humble men of wisdom . . . men of God.”

If I had been looking for color instead of facts (as one reporter admitted he was, I could have found color, too. I saw a man with hair to his shoulders; one that had shaved the sides of his head and left only a middle strip that hung down his back. I saw a young woman with

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

long black hair and a sad face. I heard a few remarks that I took with “a grain of salt,” but who am I to judge even them?

The messages the speakers brought were both thrilling and sobering, They told of space transportation in our time, gravity motors, free energy. A respected engineer informed us that sound waves could now drill holes in steel, that the gap would have to be closed between physics and metaphysics. He quoted that our renowned Einstein had said, “What is physics today was metaphysics a hundred years ago.”

Perhaps, as one speaker suggested, the reason we do not see flying saucers is because we are “inside denying instead of outside looking.” The space people warned that “understanding must grow in the world and that it must grow fast.” That “men must learn to work with men, group with group, and nation with nation.’ That there need be no destruction by atomic weapons if men learned to work together. We are told that on other planets there is no war, no crime, and no sickness. Men of the ministry assured us that God’s Kingdom could be established on earth.

Some warned that we were at the crossroads of history and that we must choose well; that we must eliminate grasping materialism and follow the Golden Rule; that we must be humble and sink our personality in the service for the good of all.

That we must cast off fear and have the courage to think differently. That we must realize that this is the greatest educational program in history, and that we are going into a new age that could be beyond our fondest dreams.

We saw beautiful paintings that were said to have been inspired. We heard beautiful music and singing.

What is considered fantastic one day is accepted the next . . . we must keep our minds open in this great day.

In the words of a distinguished looking minister there, “I will not ask you to believe or accept, that is your responsibility.”

As we came away from the convention, the words of the closing prayer kept lingering in my mind . . . “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” . . .

-By Ethel M. Stevens

Ceres, California

JULY • 1960                                11


General view of the 7th Annual Spacecraft Convention at Giant Rock during May, 1960. At left is the “giant rock” with the speakers booth in the center and some of the crowd in attendance at the right. In the foreground is George Van Tassel’s new restaurant. Van Tassel estimates that 12,000 persons attended the two-day convention this year.

Understanding maintained a booth at the Giant Rock convention as shown above. Left to right behind the counter are Lloyd Newlin, Ethel McDonald, Harry McDonald, and Vera Kloepfer.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING



(Editor’s Note: This series of excerpts from “A Trip in the Night” by John Wesley Root, which has appeared in UNDERSTANDING magazine periodically since last November, actually is composed of the discourses of a number of great beings encountered during a trip in the night. A narrative accompanies the discourses in the original manuscript, but due to space limitations, we have published only the high points of the story. At the conclusion of this series, however, the original manuscript will be available from Understanding Headquarters.)

“Many words have been spoken and volumes written about love, much of which has been by those who least understood the full meaning of the term. Love is the greatest force in the Universe, for it is the Great Cohesive Power that holds all things together and in place. The gravity pull of earth is a form of Love, as is also molecular attraction. Individual attraction and affection, one for the other, is one of the smallest forms of love, although it is the most talked of and the least understood, for it is readily confused with physical attraction or degenerated into the idea of possession. True love gives, and gives from within out, for giving is its law. That which seeks to possess is not love, but selfishness, which is the opposite of love.

Perhaps you, as have many others, felt at times that love is futile. The things you loved passed away and left you empty, and the love longing became painful in that empty loneness, as you perceived those so joyously loving about you. Did you not ponder, then, what love could be, that could cause such depths of joy, and yet such emptiness of heart? And did you not find that, when love was pouring out, it left an unmistakable bubbling stream of ecstasy, and that, when the trend of love was perverted to an INWARD flow, it dwindled to bitter nothingness ?

It is the nature of love to give, for the very giving of itself generates more of its kind. However, the seed of love must be planted and tended, for it is not of spontaneous growth. Once planted though, the seed of love will generate and expand endlessly, and without limit.

When one understands that love is a great binding force that interpenetrates all things, and holds by vibratory action, similar to the commonly used magnet, it will take on a much wider aspect, even to include the universe. When love is generated and expanded within the individual, it fills the consciousness of the individual with great magnetic

JULY • 1960                                13

currents that attract and hold by kindred quality, ready for instantaneous use. These objectify in the individual’s life as good friends and associates, the better things of life, great capabilities, talents, and accomplishments. These currents, or vibrating activities, go out from the individual as radiation, and penetrate to the farthermost parts of the Universe.

Sentiment, or emotional activity, should not be confused with love. They are not love, but qualities impinged upon love by the desire of the individual. There is no sentiment in that which holds the rock as a form. There is no emotional activity in that power that keeps the earth in its appointed place in the universe.

The attribute of love is to give, for, by giving, it gains power. It gives of its great cohesive power to hold the universe in harmony, and gives it constantly, unequivocally, timelessly. The whole reward of love is the giving of itself.

This great cohesive power acts both outside and inside of form. It is that power that COLLECTS the thought-desire into continuity of action. It is that power which desire uses to seal the compact with consciousness and cause the birth of idea. It is that power that expands the idea to ideal by attracting like ideas, and holds it in the consciousness of the individual. It is that power that reserves the picture, either visualized or experienced, in the conscious memory. Hence, loss of memory is a lack of love, and, likewise, the cultivation of a comprehensive memory is the generation and utilization of love’s great binding, controlling power.

The vigorous, healthy body and mind are filled with love, and give of themselves in the exuberant energy of just living. BEING, is being in love, and the more in love we are, the more intense and wholesome the Being. Being, filled with love, radiates that love to all creation, and all creation responds to its great magnetic, cohesive power. Nothing can withstand the power of love, for love is the Conscious Being of everything. `Seek ye first the Kingdom, and all these things shall be added unto you’ might well be translated `Fill the Kingdom with love, and all these things will be attracted to you.’

To love is to ADHERE. To emulate the great cohesive power to hold together without variation, without restriction, without reward. To love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength, with all thy mind is to ADHERE, to STICK TO, to EMBRACE,

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

to HOLD TO the Lord thy God. And who is the Lord thy God? Your own God Self, beside whom THERE IS NONE OTHER, the only God we can ever know – OUR OWN DIVINE SELF.

When we go deep, deep down into our consciousness, our GOD consciousness, we become aware of oceans and oceans of love, just waiting, with infinite patience waiting, for the realization to burst forth that it is there for our use and expansion. In fact, it is there for us to start it on its eternal journey to beautify, mellow, and enhance the value of our own Being, to make it priceless in our service to life. For, be it known, love is the ONLY stairway to greater expanded awareness of consciousness, through ADHERENCE to perfection, unspeakably grand, going on and on eternally.

Each one, for himself, must scale the heights of living before the beauty beyond can be seen, but love will lighten the load, and lift the plodding feet; because it MUST, by the very nature of its being, hold all harmoniously into the completeness of the purpose. It is by love, not by power of will, that we stick to our purpose; that holds us in the courage of our intent; that urges us onward to attain. It is by love that the God Self within is anchored in our hearts, for love is cause always, and may not be gainsaid.

Love is a natural outflow from the Self of God within, which can be consciously expanded without limit, and directed into every corner of the universe. When used as a healing agent, it transcends the feeling of imperfection, by the sheer force of its invincible power, and so binds the resulting perfection by its great cohesive power. By this, it can readily be seen THAT THE PROJECTION OF LOVE MUST PRECEDE THE FLOW OF PERFECTION DESIRED, because it is a true vibratory activity and naturally breaks down by transmutation that vibration by which imperfection is sustained. At the same time, it holds the individual in the perfection thus attained by its sheer force of Being. This is how love carries within itself the full power of accomplishment, and knows no master but itself. It is the living breath of a LIVE GOD within each individual. When that breath of life is applied to any situation, it gives and sustains perfect life within it.

Divine love, and all love is divine, is an actual expansion of light, flowing as rays from the Great God-self within, in a Great Universal Compassion, so powerful that only perfection may exist within its pathway.

JULY • 1960                                15

It may definitely be directed into any person, place, condition, or thing for specific and immediate action, or it may be allowed to flow out as a great ocean to all creation, carrying with it, and within it, a tremendously, peacefully, and harmoniously energizing activity.

Love is a substance, the root substance of all life. It interpenetrates all life. It is the very ENERGY of life, as well as the CONSCIOUSNESS of life, which is life itself, the Activity of GOD. When we move a muscle, we use energy-love. When we think a thought, we use life energy-love. When we are conscious of anything, this is the energy expression of love. Love flows into and through every cell of the body, and assumes different expressions in order to execute each fundamental aspect. Likewise, it is universal in its application to all life, wherever manifest in the Great Cosmic Plan, in all forms and degrees of conscious awareness.

It has the inexhaustible quality of adaptation. It can revive the germ in a grain of wheat. It can form a snowflake at the pole or a flaming orchid at the equator, at one and the same time. It holds in its great cohesive power the mono-celled, microscopic being, and at the same time, keeps a great universe in harmonious, rhythmic action. Yet, it is one and the same substance, differing in its myriads of expression only by the relative preponderance of consciousness, which it may use through any avenue.

By storing, directing, and utilizing it within our body through action of the consciousness upon it, we have the power of the universe at our command, and by it, we may make our mind and body strong and perfect, and raise our conscious awareness to higher and higher enlightenment.

Love is the basis and medium of all physical health, and of all of mental action, and of all soul transcendence. Love is the uniting medium that joins the individual consciousness of each of us with the completed Universal Consciousness – the Infinite Cosmic Intelligence.

As desire is the root of all action, so love is the fulfillment of all desire. It holds the little thought of the finite mind until its mission is complete. It ties together the Cosmic Principles of the Absolute.

Such, then, must be the spirit of men.

All form must be the result of cohesion, attraction, gravitation between particles. This is love.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

There is a power that stills the anger of a heaving breast, and holds it in harmony. There is a power that reaches across the Universe with a gentle touch of peace and order, and holds myriads of suns, and stars, and planets in graceful attunement to one Principle. Both are LOVE.

Loose the mind and let it grasp the magnitude of Love’s Activities, its infinite patience, its faithfulness, its strength and power, its niceness of operation, its dependability, reaching from the infinitesimal to the Cosmic, and then KNOW that we, as GOD BEINGS, can generate it and send it on its mission of PERFECTION, without limit. This is true because the pattern of life is held within the seed of love implanted in the heart, just as the pattern of a great tree is existent within the form of a tiny seed, forming the foundation for the capacity to live. It is because of this that the HEART has been chosen as the symbol and scepter of LOVE.

In the individual, love assumes the quality of a great compassion, seeing PERFECTION IN ALL THINGS, flowing that perfection out to everyone, and with perceptible niceness, blending all into a harmonious whole. Victory is assured for those who expand divine love into their awareness of consciousness, because love contains the POWER for its complete FULFILLMENT. With the responsibility for its expansion is carried the blessing of its attainment, as well as the wisdom of its accomplishment.

“So, Divine Love at once becomes the watchword for our progress in all life’s activities, and the guidepost for VICTORY that leads to PERFECTION. Follow well its dictates. Oh! Seeker of the Light, and that faith placed in its guidance will blossom and fruit into its faith in you.”

——— ♦ ———

A fourth grader was asked to describe the world. His remark: “The world is a big ball which revolves on its taxes.”

——— ♦ ———

A wise man is like a pin. His head keeps him from going too far.

——— ♦ ———

“From the murmur and subtlety of suspicion with which we vex one another, give us rest. Make a new beginning and mingle again the kindred of the nations in the alchemy of love and with some finer essence of forbearance temper our minds.”

(Written by Aristophanes during the Peloponnesian War in 400 B.C. )

JULY • 1960                                17

Unidentified Object Sighted at Castroville

(From Salinas, Calif., Californian, May 24)

An unidentified flying object was reported this morning by Monterey County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Ed Scott, of Castroville.

Scott said the object was “very, very high and left no trail.” He said it was traveling at a “terrific rate of speed.” He reported the object at approximately 10:50 a.m.

The deputy said it resembled the old-type anti-aircraft targets towed by bombers during World War II. He sighted the object as it passed over Castroville, but said it disappeared into a cloud formation very quickly.

“A jet would have had trouble getting its nose up in time to see it,” he said, “it was traveling so fast.”


New York Saucer Information Bureau was happy to have the courageous Saucer pioneer, George Van Tassel of Giant Rock, California, for a brief visit. He gave his new lecture on “Phenomena of the Times” on Saturday evening, April 2, in the attractive lecture room at 50 East 69th Street. He drew a capacity audience of about 100, and the lecture was repeated on Sunday evening to accommodate those who could not attend on Saturday.

Mr. Van Tassel’s opening remarks were much appreciated by the sophisticated saucer-wise audience.

“I notice that as I go about the country, the audiences get smaller, instead of thousands as a few years ago, there are hundreds, and instead of hundreds, lesser numbers. BUT, and it is a large ‘but!,’ they have become much more intelligent, discriminating, and of a higher quality of consciousness.”

The general impression of the audience reflects this feeling! George becomes more inspiring in his message as the years pass! Also, he held his own in his radio appearance on the Party Line, WOR, against the always unfriendly panel of inquisitors; he was treated with a higher degree of respect than hitherto, as he told and re-told his story of his original visitation of the space ship, his visit to its occupant, and the progress of his work under the supervision and direction of the Teachers he has learned to know.

On April 23 and 24, in the same place, NYSIB was honored to

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present the redoubtable Interplanetary reporter, Riley Crabb, (also director of the Borderland Sciences Research Associates) from Vista, California. Mr. Crabb was enroute homeward after numerous appearances across the continent, culminating in the highly successful and well attended series sponsored by Gilbert Holloway in Miami, Florida.

Mr. Crabb gave his “Flying Saucers and America’s Destiny” on Saturday evening, with its fascinating color slides, lecturing to a capacity audience, many of whom were gathered from the newly curious in the saucer field.

On Sunday evening, “Communications with Flying Saucers” was received by a group largely of advanced students in the Esoteric and Occult field.

An interesting sidelight on the situation in N.Y.C. lies with another group, the Civilian Saucer Investigations, who held a meeting in Steinway Hall Bldg. on Friday evening, April 22. Mr. Lee Munsick, leader of one of the oldest Saucer groups in New Jersey, was the guest speaker. From the beginning, the CSI has condemned and scorned any and all contactees and given no credence to “Communications” of any sort. However, it allowed an announcement of the Riley Crabb lectures sponsored by NYSIB; its director of research actually attended one of them, and told of the intention of another CSI director to attend although prevented by circumstances.

Also, it is reported that this same research director had attended a recent lecture by George Hunt Williamson, had even purchased a copy of Understanding Magazine, and had entered into a friendly and almost tolerant discussion of the merits of Daniel W. Fry’s claims and his ensuing work! Can this be an indication of a break-through in the UNDERSTANDING in the minds of the materialistic groups?

-Reported by Brooklyn Unit #14

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New Units

Another new Understanding unit, No. 36, is being organized at Willows, Calif., by Muriel Fernandez, 149 Fern St., Willows. Understanding’s second unit in New York State came into being

JULY • 1960                                19

during June. The new unit, No. 37 is at Buffalo, N.Y. President is Paul R. Weast of 197 LaSalle Ave., Buffalo 14, N.Y. Donald Yogerst is vice president; Betty Yogerst, secretary; Judy Starr, treasurer, and Norma Weast, chaplain. Meetings are being held on the first and third Saturday of each month.

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Harmony Grove Convention

Michael V. Barton, UFO lecturer from Los Angeles, will host a three-day spacecraft convention at Escondido, Calif., over the July 4 weekend. Theme of the meet, to be held at Harmony Grove Camp in Escondido, is “World UFO Enlightenment.” Sessions will be held from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, July 2 and 3, and from 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Monday, July 4

Speakers will include Carl Anderson, Dr. Nephi Cottam, Orfeo Angelucci, Wilbur and Evelyn Miller, Dr. Wesley Meeker, Michael X, Douglas Gunkel, Riley Crabb, Hope Troxell, Robert E. Short, Dr. Joseph Larson, Marianne Frances, Kenneth M. Keller, Hadi King, LeRoy Roberts, Dr. Leo Wagner, Genevieve Johnston, Dr. John Hopkins, Violet Barton, Dana Howard and Dr. Frank E. Stranges.

Future spacecraft conventions are planned by Gabriel Green of the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America, to be held August 13 and 14 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, and by the Space Age Club of Chicago, Inc., which plans to convene Sept. 2, 3 and 4 at the Hotel Hamilton in Chicago. The Third Annual Northern California Spacecraft Convention will be held August 27 and 28 at the Hotel Claremont in Berkeley, Calif.

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News of the Units

Dr. John Hopkins, president of Williams College at Berkeley, has addressed a number of Understanding units in Northern California during the past three months. Among those entertaining Dr. Hopkins were SAN MATEO, Unit No. 2, SANTA ROSA, Unit No. 18 and MARIN COUNTY, Unit No. 31.

Members of EL MONTE, Unit No. 1 heard Michael Barton explore “The Mystery of the Inner Eartians,” an illustrated lecture, during June.

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Margo Sylvester of the Brotherhood of Man at Canoga Park, Calif. was the June speaker for VISTA, Unit No. 4. Mrs. Sylvester also addressed a number of Northern California units, including SAN FRANCISCO, Unit No. 11, MONTEREY, Unit No. 34 and OAKLAND, Unit No. 3.

SANTA CRUZ, Unit No. 9 is forming small groups within the unit to conduct workshops in various fields. Dr. John Hopkins was the speaker for June.

PASADENA, Unit No. 12 heard Riley Crabb of Vista, Calif. speak on “Flying Saucers and America’s Destiny.”

INGLEWOOD, Unit No. 15 plans to host George King, speaking on “The Third Satellite” at the Business and Professional Woman’s Club, 820 Java St., Inglewood, on Saturday, July 30.

A number of committee appointments have been made in CAMBRIAN PARK, Unit No. 23. Vivian Minges, Vera Kennard and Luve Stratton are serving on the welfare committee; Shirley Short and Bob Reed on the librarian committee; Sharon Bayles and John Simmons on the recreation committee; Cecil Ford, Richard Kolacki and Victor Kolacki on the building committee; and Alice Bellamy and Wanda Engle on the public relations committee.

Wayne S. Aho, director of Washington Saucer Intelligence, spoke to members of EUGENE (Ore.) Unit No. 26 during June.

National President Daniel Fry made the official presentation of a charter to TORRANCE,’ Unit No. 27 early in May.

DETROIT, (Mich.) Unit No. 28 recently held several group discussions on such topics as “Phychic Defense,” “Mind Healing,” “Metaphysics” and “Reincarnation.”

CRESCENT CITY, Unit No. 32 entertained Aleta Johnson from GRANTS PASS, Unit No. 13, for a lecture.

National President Fry presented a charter to DOUGLAS (Ariz. ) Unit No. 33 on May 21 and lectured on Flying Saucers, Science and Research.”

MONTEREY, Unit No. 34, is opening a flying saucer reading room for the public, similar to the one already in existence at Pasadena. Several other units have expressed a desire to open reading rooms in the near future.

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Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles

August 13th and 14th, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Admission: $1.00 per person per day

6,700 seats

Tickets Available at Convention

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