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VOLUME V                                  JUNE • 1960                                              NUMBER 6

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of the earth.

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At 10:30 A.M. ON MAY 2, one of the most controversial subjects in the United States and in many foreign countries reached a climax.

This climax was the execution, by hydro-cyanic acid poisoning, of one, Caryl Chessman who, twelve years before, had been convicted of being a sexual psychopath.

Normally the sovereign state of California does not execute its sexual psychopaths. There are at least a dozen men in the state today who have been convicted of crimes similar to that for which Chessman was executed. Some of them are walking the streets as free men, while others still have various prison terms to serve, or are undergoing some form of treatment. None of them, however, have been in danger of execution.

There were three circumstances which made Chessman’s case different from the others.

First-he had committed previous crimes which had demonstrated that he was an extremely anti-social individual.

Second-he made the technical error of transporting his victims for a short distance in an automobile. This act made possible a charge of kidnapping with bodily harm, which is a capital offense. Even so, he would almost certainly have escaped the death penalty had not his diseased mind manifested itself during his trial in a form of arrogance which alienated all sympathy and infuriated most of those who dealt with his case.

After his conviction and sentence, the usual series of appeals and reviews were begun.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Of the many judges who had some form of jurisdiction in the case, most realized in their hearts, that the law of `kidnapping with bodily harm’ had never before been applied in this particular way and that its application to the sexual psychopath had probably never been envisioned by those who had written the law. Yet the nature of the crime was so abhorrent and such a high degree of blood lust had been aroused in the public mind, that they dared not openly question the application of the law.

The judges compromised therefore, by allowing Chessman every possible latitude of action in the hope that he himself might be able to find some escape route which would not bring down the wrath of the public upon their heads.

In twelve years, Chessman failed to find such an avenue of escape, and so he died.

The Chessman controversy will undoubtedly continue to rage for years without arriving at any significant conclusion. Yet one fact stands out beyond any conceivable argument.

Chessman was executed by society because his crime was so abhorrent that death seemed to be the only sufficient revenge which society could wreak upon one who had so completely flouted its tenets.

——— ♦ ———


October 27, 1959-Excerpt from broadcast made by Edward P. Morgan, Washington Commenter, American Broadcasting Co.

In THESE DAYS when we are groping for national purpose and grappling with the national conscience, we could well pay more attention to sources that too many of us are inclined to ignore, the so-called “little magazines”. Scattered about the country are a dozen or more first-class butcher-paper weeklies, bi-weeklies, and monthlies full of information, inspiration and lively, intelligent controversy. They are, almost without exception, organs of opinion and while their combined subscription lists probably would scarcely stretch to one-tenth of one edition’s press run of the New York Daily News, they are the true repositories-and about the only living examples left of crusading American journalism.

JUNE • 1960                               3

Against the monstrous monopoly of standardized metropolitan dailies with their syndicated columns and their piously conservative and startlingly similar editorial points of view, those little publications are the buzzing, conscientious gadflies doing more than their share to keep the concept of a free press meaningful and alive. They too can be boring and predictable, but they are learning to be more sprightly and appealing. They lead, for the most part, a precarious financial existence, which is both a weakness and a strength. Unblessed by fat advertising accounts, they can’t afford to be slick and shiny, but this leaves them free to pursue an often bold and provocative editorial course.

It is a sad but true commentary on the tastes and habits of the American public that these sources are so little used, so little known. Arguing they are too few to bother with, most of the distributors refuse to handle the little magazines for newsstand sales, which is a cruel kind of anti-free press monopoly in itself. So most of these plucky journals of opinion are sustained by small loyal bands of subscribers, and, here and there, a well-heeled, well-intentioned angel. They can draw satisfaction from the fact that they are important out of all proportion to their numbers, but against that must be the wry realization that their numbers and their influence would multiply if thinking weren’t such an unpopular sport in this country.

This is Edward Morgan saying Good Night from Washington.

——— ♦ ———


In LOOKING OVER the world today at the five distinct races, what will be their relationship in the New Age? Their relation in affect will be to bring into manifestation the exalted existence of Brotherhood and the Oneness of spirit and body, by the process of inter-racial marriage.

This will reflect the oneness of consciousness in all things, as well as the living symbol of the oneness of God and Man, for if brotherhood is to exist, it must come in this manner, in fact, it will come, for no

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

longer can hate or the elements of hate manifest in man during the New Age, for he, man, will have to come to a complete understanding of the meaning of the ONENESS IN ALL THINGS.

Even our Space Brothers had to meet this condition of the oneness of body and spirit, in order to exist as Beings from outer space; for the first requirement for space travel is BROTHERHOOD, and this can only truly exist when there is the oneness of spirit and body. Thus, in the physical plane, it will be expressed by the ONE Race. So it must come to pass that those who are left, after the great transveiling of the earth, will emerge to make this one  race, for their consciousness will be that of one mind, inasmuch as the physical body is the living embodiment of man’s own consciousness, it will cause to bring into existence the desire for this oneness of the five races.

Those who cannot accept or live in this new order of peace and brotherhood, will be taken to another planet somewhere in our galaxy, that will meet their needs of negation, until such time as that planet shall enter its New Age. Thus, giving them another chance to develop themselves for the experience of Brotherhood and Space Travel.

When the oneness of spirit has come into complete expression among the people of the Earth, there will be many new positions opened unto them. One will be an earned position, due to the responsibility it will carry. This in turn, will also bring into existence the representative to other Solar Systems in our Galaxy.

In looking about you, you will notice that this oneness of spirit and body has already been functioning in a small degree, among the races today. Ever since World War II, has not inter-racial marriages been taking place as never before? It will only be a matter of time now, until all those who are of one fundamentally basic concept and desire BROTHERHOOD AND PEACE-will be gathered together. When this happens, the walls of hate will crumble and the path of oneness will be revealed, bringing a manifestation of body and spirit, the Unity of which will be symbolized by Love and Man’s oneness with the Divine Consciousness.


Escondido, Calif.

JUNE • 1960                               5



SEEKER OF THE LIGHTS Your heart longing has let you to this point. Hereto you have had personal guidance that charted your course, tempered the activity of your station, and vouched for your sincerity, else at this time you would be elsewhere. To now, your instructions have been woven into your daily existence piecemeal as your expansion of awareness would permit. Through human limitations your feet have sometimes faltered and your heart been sad, but that life, as ever springing hope, eternal in your breast, has, with the help of those who love you, burst through the seeming shadows to embrace the Light, and that spark gradually became fanned into a flame, that seeks further responsibility of action. To now, you have followed the Light, growing ever in closer contact with it, seeking ever to understand and apply its laws; some opportunities you have missed. Others you have met, and these have been gradually increasing until it is thought fitting and proper that greater and more responsible opportunities be offered. From the human standpoint, the way ahead will not be an easy one. There will be testing times that will prove your worth in advancement. There will be responsibilities that can weigh heavy from their greatness. There will be pathways that can become tedious from their intricacy. But through it all there is one sustaining power which, if relied upon, can positively assure success.

Man goes on his appointed way perhaps almost wholly unconscious of the forces playing through him. He seeks pleasure and the Forces of the Universe unbend to give him pleasure, even for misdirected effort. He seeks worldly gain and it is his by the power of the Universe, even though the gain rot in his possession, and cause undue dissention. He seeks power and power is his, even though he sacrifice his higher ideas to accumulate it. He seeks love, and love wells up in his consciousness as a motivating influence that can lift to the heights, or debauch by inversion. All of it, whether for good or evil, is the I AM activity of God, unaccepted, unacknowledged, unrealized, expressing through the individual. The only way God can express.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

After seeming endless time, he gradually comes into the realization that there is something-some principle, back of all this, and if he be wise, he will seek it out in order that he may understand it.

Thus you have traveled over many embodiments, across many lands, taking endless time, always seeking to express SELF, that indefinable something within, that one time you label DESIRE, and another time you. label ambition, until you sought to hook this prodding influence with underlying cause. However, through creed and dogma, the idea soured in your stomach, and your awareness sought to put the finger on this something that seemed to be independent of human concept or control.

As you embraced beliefs, creeds and isms, you found that they lacked soul depth, and thus were unsatisfying far true expansion. Then you began to look to the heart of things and the real was gradually uncovered to your startled gaze.

After many trials and disappointments, you discovered that each did not have a separate Self of God, but that something seemed to bind them into a kindred existence, so that what affected one affected all.

With great avidity you turned to mental expansion, believing that in the mind was this cohesive power, so you endeavored to exercise the Power of Will. Thus you accumulated a vast sea of information, that could be held in readiness when occasion required it. This power of will strengthened your determination to BE. As this idea began slowly to invade your, awareness, you found that WILL was definitely lacking in constant activity. It could be brought forth with tremendous power when the desire was earnest, but it proved futile when desire is weak.

From this conclusion, you endeavor to expand desire, suddenly you become aware that desire could not be controlled. In fact it sometimes became the controlling factor. Behind desire then, there must be some ameliorating element to keep it within bounds according to the accepted standards.

Eagerly you sought this leveling influence, and as its properties were assembled, it became an overgrown thing that crept outside any code, and was forever perplexing in its correlation. At times you almost gave up, because the God of your world seemed entirely outside your realm of activity. Nay! even forbade too much inquisitiveness on your part. The culture of your reasoning ability revealed a power that was

JUNE • 1960                               7

inadequate and limited, and although you held the belief that He was everywhere, it was in but a vague sort of way that did not satisfy.

In deep meditation and concentration, you explored the vast realms of consciousness, and received from the voice, that speaks from within, true understanding. Yet the things of worldly activity, of accepted customs and procedures still kept the secret voice quiet and for a time it lay buried in the rubbish of the Temple.

With recurring frequency, however, you probed deeper and deeper into the unseen world, seemingly wholly unknown to the world outside. When suddenly the Light, that had always lead you, burst in full blossom in your consciousness, the bonds that restricted became galling indeed. One by one, you laid them aside, until the Christ Consciousness; inherent in the heart of man, stood revealed in its full glory and majesty. Then you followed the star out of the darkness into the Light of God. It has and does shine round about you.

One With The Most High

So the stones of human concepts and ignorance were rolled away, and you stood, as all men shall stand, free from the limiting bandage of other individuals. Now it becomes necessary to expand your awareness of the God Consciousness, and yourself revel in God-One with the Most High. Here no division can exist, and your true vibratory sphere shall be the whole vibratory sphere of God, if you choose to live in that sphere, for the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. So God may be imaged in your whole activity, and become a living, breathing God. There is but one choice; one purpose, one TRUTH. You are God as you through yourself of God become God. God cannot be brought forth as your personality. The moment you personalize, you idolize. To idolize is to worship brazen images, and soon the personality is delegated power. Then the ideal is emptied and the idol erected. Then the desire for things is recreated, and a great cloud arises on the conscious awareness.

However, when the altar is erected within the heart, and on that altar you keep burning the undying Flame of Being, a great love of Being will go out from you that encompasses the earth, and this Love holds you close in its great cohesive power of the ONE God-your own true SELF.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Then the Self of God within becomes the only voice that speaks. Its UTTERANCES and PERFECTION only, and the full realization of Divinity becomes yours. This is the Divine ideal and plan for every man. It stands forth as a Golden Light that holds your SELF within its glow, and you behold all things clearly, and see your SELF as God-for I AM GOD, nameless, ageless, eternal.

Your journey through life has lead you here. You have ever been watched throughout your timeless climb, as has every other, and by the trend of your footsteps, and the unconquerable desire in your heart, you could not have traveled us by. Your way from here will be your own, but with definite and greater assistance from those who have so journeyed before you-all bound to the Glory of Ultimate Oneness, the Oneness of God-Activity is definite, celestial perfection, INDIVIDUALLY, yet in accordance with Cosmic Unison.

You are now given the privilege of withdrawing and returning to your former station, there to pursue life’s journey at your leisure and in your own way. It shall be as you wish. Should you, however, choose to remain and proceed, there can be no turning back, for to do so would be to lose yourself. Once the acceptance is given, and the faith is not kept, the result may be far reaching and unpleasant in its consequences. However, ahead are many wonderful opportunities, the experience of which, shall mellow and beautify in the greater expansion thus attainable, and through which, the bud of conscious awareness can come into full and magnificent blossom.

Time to choose is yours!”

——— ♦ ———



It IS INTERESTING to note the new fields of scientific research being conducted that are increasing our awareness of the physical universe. The new field of Parapsychology promises unlimited horizons in Man’s mind. The idea that man may communicate

JUNE • 1960                               9

with man via direct thought transmission in itself suggests several interesting conclusions. For instance, future astronauts could eliminate physical communication apparatus and use the superior means of communicating by telepathy.

The Foundation for Research in Paraphychology, whose research director is Dr. Andrija Puharich, has given several ESP tests to determine whether an individual’s ability of thought reception is significant, or beyond chance which is achieved by scoring one-fifth of one hundred percent on the General Extrasensory Perception test. Many individuals have achieved a significant score, and some of them are being further tested on clairvoyance, psychokinesis, and precognition. Another interesting experiment being carried on by several Universities is that of sensory deprivation, placing an individual in an isolated environment. The result of this experiment indicates that after a period of time the subject experiences hallucinations or peculiar phenomenon directly relative to sensory and extrasensory perceptions. Also certain chemical herbs have been administered to subjects such as Lysurgic Acid or the Amanita Muscaria, the Sacred Mushroom, and the result has increased the subject’s faculties of perception.

This universe of Matter, Energy, Space, and Time is being molded by the Mind of Man. His observations have increased his awareness, and in turn he postulates new affinities toward the Universe. If his scientific research increases his understanding instead of confusion, Man will progress infinitely.

The rainbow that extends to the stars has no end. The increase in our extrasensory awareness, that awareness being apparently innate in every individual, seems to be taking place at this time. Several friends of mine, including myself have utilized this faculty to a greater degree recently. I would like to bring in the relation of ESP to the UFO phenomena in later articles. Some interesting personal experiences could be related. Space psychology will be a new science to contemplate. Man now charts his roadway to the stars.


Alhambra, Calif.

Member, Unit No. 1, El Monte

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Lloyd Newlin, director general of Understanding Headquarters, gives report.

General view of the meeting, with national’ officers at left.

Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Dachner, leaders of San Francisco Unit No. 11, sit on either side of National President and Founder Dan Fry.

Bernard McGuire, president Santa Cruz Unit No. 9, left, and Guy Hudson, president Berkeley Unit No. 17.


JUNE • 1960                               11


JACKSON HEIGHTS is a suburb of New York City, being a twenty minute run by subway from Times Square into adjoining Long Island Queens County.

On February 12, 1960 at 6 P.M. (just after dark), Mrs. Mary Killeen, new member of Unit 14 Understanding (Brooklyn), was standing on 82nd Street between 34th and 35th Avenue, waiting for a bus, and as all good Saucer Fans do, spent her time “looking up” . . .

First two planes passed, a large one, with off-and-on tail lights of the usual red, then a smaller plane, or one farther away and higher, in the opposite direction.

While the lines of direction of the two planes were there, she saw another light, between the two. It was a fiery red-orange. At first, she thought it to be another plane. But instead of the on-and-off tail-light procedure, this light vibrated and flickered with an up and down effect, and it hung there steady, appearing to be of size about 6 inches in diameter.

Then she said, “I could still be dreaming, and no one will believe me. Can you give some more decisive proof?” At which it moved swiftly across 82nd Street behind a tall building for a count of three, and then re-appeared in its original position. Mary got on her bus and left it there, convinced that, indeed, this was a sighting, her first, of a craft from outer space intelligently controlled.

——— ♦ ———


Dear Friends:

The time has come when we, as individuals, need to realize more than ever that we are living in the last days of a closing age. Soon comes the dawning of another era, a great and wonderful day for those who love and serve God and their fellowman. There is much to be done, and we need to be about our task as individuals, as groups, or whatever is indicated. We need to learn and know that we can be at the right place at the right time. All the needed assistance is given by the Father to those that serve. There are many ways in which we may serve. It is most important for all to realize that the time is now! In less than twenty

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

years all which has been promised for the ending o£ the age (the latter days) will be fulfilled. There is great work to be done by those who have the desire within their hearts to help during this critical period. By their effort in the Father’s plan, they are also sustained.

I can think of 1960 as a great and wonderful year for those who have already labored so hard in Michigan, if the individuals and groups will begin to function again as organized units, helping to bring about this great awakening of consciousness. There is word of high level government decision to bring the UFO subject out into the open, verifying extra-terrestrial craft and contacts. More and more information is beginning to flow via TV, RADIO, and NEWS releases. More and more information is reaching us about new policy. There is word of a two hour TV program in California in which Air Force generals, colonels, majors, and captains participated as well as airline pilots. More and more ministers are coming into this field openly, showing great interest. Rev. W. S. Mowery, RR #2, Evanston Rd., Tipp City, Ohio, heads a committee of ministers to introduce this subject of Spacecraft before the National Council of Churches.


Washington, D. C. Saucer Intelligence

——— ♦ ———

Dear Sirs:

I love your publication called Understanding. It brings out over and over again things I have always believed.

The March issue is simply marvelous. The opening article by Mr. Fry on “Capital Punishment” was so timely and so true. I have never believed one man has a right to take another man’s life-lock him up until he learns how to live peaceably, yes-but destroy him-never.

Excerpts from “A Trip in the Night” by John Wesley Root was excellent. I loved what he said about old age. I am not old (50 years exactly) but I have always been taught that old age was an accumulation of unsolved problems. And here Mr. Root says, “The decrepitude of seeming old age is only the over-accumulation of imperfection of thoughts and feelings.”

Then the wonderful things he says about purity-I wish everyone on this planet could read his excellent article.

JUNE • 1960                               13

“The Time is Now” by E. A. Hurtienne is also very fine. And the Arthur Constance article-I honestly have read and reread this entire issue many times. I keep it with my Bible and other books by my bed and enjoy going over it again and again. It’s such a comfort to know many others are thinking along these same lines and that truth and understanding are “leavening the whole lump.”

Thank you again for all your time and efforts to enlighten as many people as possible.


Cleveland, Ohio

——— ♦ ———


There’s Life Out There – Von Braun

NEW YORK, April 29 (AP)-Dr. Wernher von Braun, the space scientist, said yesterday it is likely that life exists in the universe outside the earth.

He envisioned an eventual meeting of an earth astronaut with another being in space . . .

“There is good reason to assume, on purely scientific grounds and on evidence adduced by observation, that life of some kind exists elsewhere in the universe,” he said. “In my opinion that is an entirely logical assumption.”

“I cannot believe that the Power which created life and order confined all sensible organisms to this comparatively tiny planet.”

Wiggly Tape May Show Life Exists in Far Space

WASHINGTON, April 28 (AP)-“What do you hear from outer space?” the reporter asked. “Any word from our fellow creatures on those planets a zillion miles away?”

The man from the National Science Foundation laughed.

“Not yet, so far as we know,” he said. “But I tell you what. A lot of tape with wiggly marks on it is accumulating at that mountain observatory in West Virginia. The astronomers are going to analyze the tape, and if they find certain things on it, do you know what’s going to happen?”

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“No, what?”

“Some of us are going to drop dead of excitement.”

That’s the status today of man’s first attempt to tune in on radio messages which, some scientists figure, might be coming from other worlds.

For a week now, scientists at Green Bank, W. Va., have been pointing a radio telescope at two stars, Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani. As stars go, they are neighbors of the earth. Only 11 light years, or about 66 trillion millions miles away.

These stars may have planets, with inhabitants smarter than earthlings. They may be trying to get in touch with us.

They don’t speak our language, of course. But mathematics presumably is the same everywhere, so they may be beaming numbers at us, by the way of saying hello.

They may be sending pi, for example …

“If they ever do get pi from the sky,” one newsman said, “it will be the story of the ages.”

“Yes,” replied a skeptical colleague, “especially if it’s pi a la mode.”

Sodom and Gomorrah `Found’

AMMAN, Jordan, April 29 (AP)-The long lost evil cities of Sodom and Gomorrah have been found by American divers on the bottom of the Dead Sea, a Baptist missionary-explorer reported Thursday.

Dr. Ralph E. Baney of Kansas City, Mo., head of a four-member expedition, told also of finding extensive underwater remnants of Biblical civilization that flourished and languished 4000 years ago.

His evidence indicated that the cities of the once fertile plain were engulfed after a levee collapse in an earthquake and lay hidden for centuries until his divers found them in the heavily salt waters.

Some of their levee works, that held back the waters in ancient times, might emerge to view through evaporation of the Dead Sea within a few years, he said.

The Biblical version says that when the two angels sent by the Lord to destroy Sodom were being entertained by Lot, the sinful inhabitants of the city came to Lot’s home, demanding to see the angels.

The angels then told Lot they would destroy the city because of its wickedness.

JUNE • 1960                               15

Senators, Clerics Get Word From Great Beyond

WASHINGTON, March 26 (Hearst Headline Service) -Several United States Senators who devoutly believe in spiritual survival` and contact with departed loved ones gathered in a brightly lighted room here this week while Arthur Ford went into trance. In a few minutes, they began to converse in normal tones with Ford’s “control.” “Fletcher,” who seemed to be bringing them messages from deceased wives, parents and children.

Several evenings later, a dozen of Washington’s outstanding ministers of the gospel gathered at All Souls Episcopal Church for a similar tape-recorded sitting with Ford, and they too were soon amiably chatting with Fletcher, a “departed soul” who claims to have been a French Canadian from Quebec killed in World War I . . .

This new look at psychic phenomena-under the aegis of Protestant churches-is a far cry from the old days when clergymen sternly lectured their flock against the “evils” of trying to communicate with departed spirits. Now the pastors deliver sermons citing evidences of psychic phenomena in’ the Bible, and particularly refer their lay audiences to the 12th Chapter of First Corinthians.

Politicians are understandably reluctant to identify themselves publicly with the movement, for fear that some of their constituents might not understand their interest in psychic matters, but most of the Senators who sat with Ford this week had done so many times before.

The first Mrs. Harold Ickes was among his most ardent supporters, and a well known woman member of Congress has donated thousands of dollars to promote study in the psychic field.

Ford is deadly serious about his work and his seeming psychic powers but he is not above joking about it occasionally.

He closed his seminar here by telling of the harassed executive who after passing over to the other world sighed happily and said, “Thank goodness, I won’t be bother by jangling telephones any more.”

At that moment St. Peter called to him, “Mr. Jones, you’re wanted on the Ouija board.”

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING


The following prayer was received by Carl Anderson, April 30th, 1960.

——— ♦ ———

Almighty Father, creator of the Infinite Universe, creator

of all that has ever been, and all that will ever be.

We, thy children, have gathered in thy presence to receive

the truth, the knowledge, the UNDERSTANDING, and

the blessings that our Angelic Brothers are bringing to us,

in these last days of this age.

We ask, Oh! Father, that thou will open our hearts, and

our minds, that thou will expand our consciousness and

our awareness, and teach us to TRULY LOVE one another.

That thou will bless and protect us daily. That thou will

open our eyes and our ears of UNDERSTANDING.

That we may speed preparation for the return of thy beloved

Son, and the glorious fulfillment of the NEW AGE now dawning on the horizon.

May our UNDERSTANDING steadily increase as the fulfillment

of thy promise of everlasting PEACE and LOVE, descends upon

our weary planet. We ask this in the name of thy BELOVED SON,

Jesus, who became the Christ. So be it. “AMEN”

JUNE • 1960                               17



The stars are named for many an earth-born thing

Their native names mankind may never know,

But those we use are music, even so,

Designed to send our thoughts adventuring.

Sirius, Algol and Betelguese,

Arcturus, Vega, Corvus and Altair

Are melodies upon the midnight air

That echo clearly and unceasingly.

Alpha Centauri, next beyond the sun,

Capella, Rigel and Aldeberan,

Your singing names have sent a call to man,

A call that he must answer now-and soon!


Rt. 2

Charlottesville, Virginia

——— ♦ ———


WE OF THE NEW DIMENSION by Will and Evelyn Miller                          $2.00

The Millers’ present us with an enlightening book of their communications “with other worlds”.

In the introduction, the authors state that they do not have a “Message” to save the world, but that they do have something constructive to the individual.

The communications begin with ORBON who says “Our concern is with “Understanding”, between you and us, you and your fellowmen, you and your Creator. This is not religion. This is basic education. This is the foundation of life. We shall discuss the things which we believe. These are given for practical application. These things will work. They are good common sense. They are simple. We do not advocate complications along the “Way”. You shall hear from those who know because they have been through many lives on Earth and other planets. During their lifetimes and the life which they now live, they have learned much. They would pass along what they feel is right.”

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

This description is exactly what the book offers. The reader is guided from the basic laws of Life gradually into the higher realms of thought, which, as was stated, are truly “simple”.

ORBON says in conclusion: “In this book we have tried to tell man that changes are necessary now, that changes must be made by the individual, his nation and his world. There is no place for ignorance in this time on Earth, yet ignorance abounds. There is no time for frivolity concerning the “Way”, yet man is frivolous when talking of these things. There is no time to waste as regards political action, yet man continues to waste his time with admirable skill.”

-Review by FLORENCE TWITCHELL Pasadena, Calif.

——— ♦ ———

THE COMING GOLDEN AGE by Dr. F. W. Sumner                                   $3.50

Compiled into two hundred pages, is a very graphic outline of the events that are transpiring upon the earth now, as we enter the Aquarian age.

One is carried into a comprehensive understanding of the Zodiacal Cycle, with complete lucidity. Using the clearer precepts we can go into the Bible and know that NOW we are living the Ancient Prophecies.

From the NEW AGE PROPHETS, once again there comes to us, the warnings, teachings, guidance we must have if we are to survive the cleansing of the earth and go on into the Golden Age. The Army of Light is forming, under the Master Jesus, and soon will overcome the Forces of Darkness. Are we to join this Army or fall because we will not listen, read and comprehend?

A beautiful description of the NEW AGE and the inventions to come, the mysteries unfolded, the spiritual evolution of the people ever rising toward beauty and perfection, is contained in this book. It is one of the many Latter Day Channels whereby our eyes and ears can be opened, so that we may see and hear, to clarify the NOW, and attune our understanding to the future.

We are not alone for we have our Space Brothers, and the Master Jesus, to guide and direct if we but learn to respond to the Vibrations of the New Age. To each of us, will be given work to do here in the cleansing time, in preparation for THE COMING GOLDEN AGE.

A must for every New Age Student.

-Review by BARBARA E. MURRAY Montrose, Calif.

JUNE • 1960                               19



Delegates from 19 units gathered at Fresno, Calif., in April for the semi-annual meeting of National Understanding. Afternoon and evening sessions were conducted at the one day meeting, with a social hour and dinner in between.

Discussions were held on such subjects as policy on political activity, the institution of a youth movement and the possibility of staging an Understanding convention sometime before the end of the current year.

John Root, unit coordinator, reported on the progress of the formation of new units; Lloyd Newlin reported on Understanding Headquarters, of which he is director general; a membership report was given by Florence Twitchell, membership chairman, and Hope Troxell presented the problems and ambitions of Understanding’s lecture service.


Four new units have come into Understanding.

They are:

CRESCENT CITY, Unit No. 32, whose officers are Harry Bienick of 411 Butte St., Crescent City, president; William McLaren, vice-president, and Juanda M. Thompson, secretary.

DOUGLAS (Ariz.), Unit No. 33. President of this group is Mrs. Joe E. Webb, 1536 12th St., Douglas. Vice-president is Florence K. Stanaway; secretary, Daisy M. Rector, and treasurer, Joe E. Webb.

MONTEREY, Unit No. 34, with Irene Hines of 1732 Military Ave., Seaside, as president; Villa Lockwood, vice-president; Luisa Bane, secretary, and Mark A. Bullock, treasurer.

TACOMA, (Wash.), Unit No. 35, headed by Bertel Udeen of 5656 S. Park, Tacoma, as president. Vice president is Lee Corp while secretary treasurer of the new unit is C. L. Butcher.

Youth Movement Underway

SANTA CRUZ, Unit No. 9, has formed an Understanding Youth Group. According to Corresponding Secretary Isaphene McGuire, the youth of the unit themselves requested the formation of a “Junior Understanding.”

President of the youth unit is Carl Schaaf. Secretary is Connie Lee Jannusch. The group will meet on the first Thursday of the month at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mel Jannusch in Santa Cruz.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

News of Other Units

Buck Nelson of Mountain View, Mo., author of “My Trip to Mars, the Moon and Venus,” made a west coast tour during May. He spoke for PASADENA, Unit No. 12 on May 12; ORANGE, Unit No. 7, on May 13; LONG BEACH, Unit No. 8, on May 14; EL MONTE, Unit No. 1, on May 18; VAN NUYS, Unit No. 6, on May 20; and VISTA, Unit No. 4, on May 21. Then traveling north, he lectured to CAMBRIAN PARK, Unit No. 23 on May’ 23; MARIN COUNTY, Unit No. 31, on May 24; and BERKELEY, Unit No. 17, on May 25.

SAN MATEO, Unit No. 2, entertained Hope Troxell, author of “Wisdom of the Universe” and “Cosmic Attainment,” during April.

Members of the OAKLAND, Unit No. 3, also heard Hope Troxell on her Northern California tour during April.

BALTIMORE (Md.), Unit No, 10, heard Wayne S. Aho in a lecture during April.

SAN FRANCISCO, Unit No. 11, Understanding’s largest unit, sponsored a talk by Marke Norman during May.

INGLEWOOD, Unit No. 15: Lois Martin, co-author with her late father, A. R. Martin, of “Researches in Reincarnation and Beyond,” will speak Saturday, June 25, 8 p.m., Business & Professional Woman’s Club, 820 Java St., Inglewood.

SANTA. ROSA, Unit No. 18: Lorraine Lambrecht; of 10140 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood, has been elected president of Unit No. 18. Other officers are Mareene Sweazey, vice-president; Ruth Green, secretary, and Charles Lambrecht, treasurer.

RIVERSIDE, Unit No. 22, entertained Robert Short as speaker during April.

SAN BERNARDINO, Unit No. 29, hosted Dan Fry, Understanding founder and national president, in a lecture during April. He presented the charter to this new unit.

TURLOCK, Unit No. 30, also heard a lecture by Dan Fry recently.

Desert Cabin Floor Completed

Members of the EL MONTE, Unit No. 1, journeyed to Understanding’s desert cabin on the first weekend in May to complete the laying of a tile floor. Six members, Dan Fry, Art and Vera Kloepfer, Marvin Davis, Mrs. Sibyl Wallett and Cleve Twitchell, went along on the trip.

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