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For April, 1960



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Published monthly by ‘Understanding,’ a non-profit organization dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of the earth.

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VOL. V                                         APRIL -:- 1960                                           No. 4

Published monthly by `Understanding,’ a non-profit organization dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.

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(Daniel W. Fry, editor of Understanding magazine, is out on lecture tour as this month’s edition goes to press.

In place of an editorial, we are presenting two news items that have appeared in newspapers recently, both of which may prove to be of some significance.)

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NEW YORK (Associated Press)-A soviet newspaper says Soviet astronomers have discovered a new planet wheeling far out around the sun. This would mean our sun has 10 instead of nine-sons or daughters. American astronomers polled by the Associate Press say the Soviets may well be right.

They all expressed a desire for more details so they could look for themselves in the international check-and-recheck spirit of science.

The nine known planets were Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Pluto is the outermost planet wheeling in an orbit more than 3,500,000,000 miles from the sun. It was discovered by United States scientists in 1930. Its existence was guessed from perturbations or influences of its gravity pull upon other planets. The reasoning was that something had to be out there. By careful hunting, Pluto’s existence was found.

-From the “Christian Science Monitor” during February, 1960


(ED. NOTE: The preceding story is particularly interesting in the light of statements contactees have been making for several years to the effect that there are more than nine planets in our solar system.)



WASHINGTON, Feb. 27 (UPI)-The Air Force has sent its commands a new warning to treat sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects as “serious business” directly related to the nation’s defense, it was learned today.

An Air Force spokesman confirmed issuance of the directive after parts of it were made public by a private “Flying Saucer” research group. The new regulations, issued by the Air Force last Dec. 24 and updating similar ones issued in the past, outlined procedures and said “investigations and analysis of UFO’s are directly related to the Air Force’s responsibility for the defense of the United States.”

Existence of the document was revealed by the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena,

The big-name, privately-financed committee accused the Air Force of deception in publicly describing UFO reports as delusions and hoaxes while sending the private admonition to its commands.

Vice Adm. R. H. Hillenkoetter (ret.), a NICAP board member and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, said a photo-copy of the Air Force warning had been sent to the Senate Space Committee.

“It is time for the truth to be brought out in open congressional hearings,” he said.

The Air Force has investigated 6,312 reports of UFOs since 1947, including 183 during the last six months of 1959. The latest Air Force statement, issued a month ago, said “no physical evidence or material evidence, not even a minute fragment of a so-called flying saucer has ever been found.”

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HERE IS AN old saying “a little education is dangerous”. I used to laugh at this, thinking it was an old wives tale. Now as I grow more mature and see more of the reality of life all around me, I can see there is a certain truth here. We have around us these days many who proclaim almost with pride, “I am an atheist, I am an agnostic, I don’t believe in God, I am educated”.

What is this and from whence does it stem? We live in an abundance


not enjoyed by many nations in this world. This abundance is available because of the hard work and incentive of past generations and also this generation. We have a nation that was founded upon a belief in an almighty creator, in fact this is one of the main reasons for the existence of this nation. Settlers and pioneers were motivated by a desire for freedom of worship and while men and women worked hard, they never neglected prayer and recognition of the origin of all things. Where then has the present cynicism arisen, the ego, the self righteous individuals who think they are above God because of education?

My conclusion based upon personal observation, actual rubbing of elbows with these people and engaging them in discussion is that “a little education is indeed dangerous”. I would like to change that a little and say the wrong kind of education is dangerous! The world has heard from a group of writers and so called idealists who have made observations on economies and social conduct based upon the belief that everything worthwhile is material and materialism. They have completely neglected to look behind the effect to CAUSE which is invisible but more real than the material which is effect. We are faced with the fact that this group and agents of this group, seen and unseen, have infiltrated our schools, our churches and society in general. They are trying to introduce calamity and disintegration into our society. A teacher in the public schools of Ohio, still employed even though indignant parents have tried to oust him, tells his students: “there is nothing that God can do that man can’t do better”. There is much criticism about teachers who introduce ideas such as the above in public schools, also criticism of textbooks that seem to be designed to brain-wash the students while the taxpayers concentrate their attention on building ever finer school buildings with ever-rising costs. It is certainly indicated by our current product of graduates that parents and groups interested in good education take a good hard look at the real cause of the present educational dilemma. Why don’t we have quality in our schools rather than high-costs and poor quality? Why do we have more and more atheists in our college graduate class-because they are educated?

Oh this poor mislead and confused generation. How could this happen in a civilized world! We possess the gift of life which is of God, which no educated scientist has been able to duplicate or even understand although some hopefully search for the secret of life. We possess the gift


of love which is of God, which young neophytes in youthful enthusiasm call a tickling sensation around the heart; but which later develops, if developed, into a flow of uplifting energy so great that it can change the world! We possess the gift of forgiveness, if we exercise it, the gift of constructive action, the gift of inspiration of intuition, the desire to learn and lift ourselves higher, all of God. But the hard-headed, hard hearted, egoists say: “But look, we have learned through chemistry, in economics, in physics, that man can do this and this in the test tubes, why we even expect to discover the secret of life one of these days.”- but not yet. I would say that no life is created without God because that is a part of the body of God, all things, all feelings, all things of good repute-that is God! All discoveries, all inventions, all scientific achievement is merely man’s discovery of that which already exists, waiting for man to find it. More advanced intelligences must wonder why we take so long to find these truths.

During these times we can expect to see false concepts fall away into oblivion. Error and so called evil destroys itself even as in our current TV scandals and revelations of racketeering in music. There is no foundation for atheism because it is impossible for an atheist to exist, our very life is God and for this we all can be thankful.

-Major Wayne S. Aho

Washington Saucer Intelligence

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TUMULTUOUS TIMES be at the peak of their ruinous influence over the affairs of men. A revelation of the many sly and traitorous acts of men who should stand high on the honor roll of loyal patriots, hath served to confuse the minds of the most sincere and hath shaken their confidence in all aspirants to public office.

This be the prelude to a time when a thorough scrutiny of the life records of those names be presented for positions of authority and responsibility will be required, ere they be permitted to enter the arena of public service.


Even though at the moment a heavy cloud of accusations and misrepresentations doth befog the issues at stake, there be a mighty stirring of wholesome interest in the adoption of measures to put an end to trickery and underhand methods devised to blindfold the masses and lead them into bondage to the forces of the Anti-Christ.

List not to the sophistries of those who claim goodwill among men be promoted by aligning thyselves with those who advocate the overthrow of a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Be not counted among those who strive to attain their goal of world domination through the use of two demon-inspired weapons, intangible but all too powerful: Fear and Hate!

Think ye to transmute these twin instruments of destruction into implements for the up building of a strong constructive program to lift humanity to higher levels of living?

Whether forced on men by the use of arms and clanking chains or induced by means of pernicious doctrines, fictitious claims of future benefits and the election of leaders of unsound mentality, defunct integrity and an insatiable passion for power, doth human slavery ever promote progress and prosperity?

Well may men pause and consider earnestly ere they further, by one word or stroke of pen, the rise to power of any leader not wholly dedicated to the God-inspired concepts of justice and individual freedom to follow the laws laid down by the Great Creator and taught by Jesus Christ.

To place this Christian country in a position where it must accede to the demands of an admittedly Anti-Christian nation or organized faction is to defy the only one possessing the supreme power and authority to extricate a sadly befuddled people from their impending fate.

Why prate of “universal brotherhood” unless ye defend thine own country from contamination by those bent on utterly destroying the God-given principles which gave it birth and which alone can sustain it? Can ye teach what ye dare not practice?

An aroused populace still hath the power to snatch the symbol of authority from the hands of any who willfully pervert its use. They can by legal methods transfer the control of the nation’s affairs to those who have, through the long years of unremitting service and loyalty to the


highest demands of duty to God and country, proven themselves worthy of the utmost confidence and support of their countrymen.

These potential leaders stand ready, not in arrogant boastful demands for your allegiance but in an earnest, prayerful desire for thy return to the great fundamental concepts embodied in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, formulated by the founders of this Republic under Divine inspiration and guidance.

Thou canst easily distinguish these trustworthy men by their utter absence of fear and their deep concern over the fate of this nation and the world at large, which overshadows and extinguishes all selfish aims and personal ambitions.

They count no sacrifice of personal ease and safety too great, if they can advance the cause of freedom and progress in the God-appointed destiny of their country!

Make no mistake! These are the men chosen to expose the traps and pitfalls planned to delude the people into following false leaders. Place not the faith in the glimmering will-o-the-wisps of deceptive statements which fade into nothingness when exposed to the piercing rays of TRUTH!

The real issue in the present fierce conflict over the future conduct of thy Country’s affairs be clear-cut and unequivocal. Will ye choose for thy leaders in all positions of trust, men who acknowledge God as their Supreme Ruler and Jesus Christ as their Counselor? Or will ye succumb to cajolery of those who make not pretense of obedience to Divine edicts and thus forfeit all claim to Divine guidance and protection?

Will ye put thy trust in the faulty, erring, purposely misleading plans of men who know not God, or will ye trust thine own future and the future of thy country to men who love, honor and obey, the mighty Ruler of this Universe, who hath promised to “deliver from the snare of the Fowler” all who love and serve Him-The Omnipotent One?

-Submitted by Catherine Stack


(Taken from the book “The Coming Golden Age” by F. W. Sumner, published by New Age Publishing Company, 1542 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles 26, Calif.)



A BEING FROM another world parked his space ship in an isolated spot, and after he had made a preliminary survey, he opened his notebook and wrote: “I find myself on the planet Earth. It is inhabited by a creature which looks very much like we do and is called Man.”

The next morning the being from another world passed a military camp, where he saw men sticking knives fastened to odd-looking poles into bags of straw. “What is this?” he asked a uniformed youth. “Bayonet practice,” answered the youth. “We’re practicing on dummies. We have to learn to use the bayonet a certain way to kill a man. Of course we don’t kill many men with bayonets. We kill most of them with bombs.” “But why should you want to learn how to kill men?” exclaimed the being from another world aghast. “We don’t,” said the youth bitterly. “We are sent here against our will and we don’t know what to do about it.”

That afternoon the being from another world passed through a large city. He noticed a crowd gathered in a public square to see a uniformed youth being decorated with a medal. “Why is he being decorated with a medal?” inquired the being from another world. “Because he killed a hundred men in battle,” said the man beside him. The being from another world looked with horror upon the youth who had killed a hundred men and walked away.

In another part of the city the being from another world heard a radio announcing loudly that a certain man was soon to be executed. “Why is he to be put to death?” asked the being from another world. “Because he killed two men,” said the man beside him. The being from another world walked away bewildered.

That evening, after the being from another world had thought the matter over, he opened his notebook and wrote: “It seems that all youths are forced to learn how to kill men efficiently. Those who succeed in killing a large number of men are rewarded with medals. Those who turn out to be poor killers and succeed in killing only a few men are punished by being put to death.”

The being from another world shook his head sadly and added a


postscript: “It looks as though this strange creature called Man will exterminate himself very quickly.”


——— ♦ ———


Saucer Picture Published

VIENNA, March 7 (UPI)-The independent Vienna newspaper “Wiener Montag” published today a full front page photo of a flying saucer which it termed the “most sensational photograph of our century.”

The newspaper said one of its photographers by chance shot what seems to have been a flying saucer which moved at a height of only 45 feet. It claimed that Edgar Schedelbauer, 36, the newspaper’s correspondent in Styria Province, noticed a “glowing object” moving at a height of 45 feet.

Schedelbauer said, according to Wiener Montag, that the rotating object moved slowly and remained steady for about ten seconds over a wood.

“It looked like a white-glowing spider,” he said.

“I immediately took my camera and made a few shots. Fortunately, enough of them were good.”

No Limit To Planets With Life

LONDON, Feb. 20 (Reuters)-A prominent Russian astronomer said today an infinite number of planets in the universe are inhabited by beings with the ability to think.

Professor Boris Vorontsov-Velyaminov was replying to a Moscow magazine questionnaire sent to a number of leading Soviet scientists. Their views were quoted by the Russian news agency Tass.

Vorontsov-Velyaminov said only a small percentage of planets had highly organized forms of life. But he added that the universe is “boundless” so that even the number of planets with reasonable beings must be “infinitely great”.

Another scientist, a biologist, Professor Vladimir Alpatov, estimated there were approximately 100 million planets rather than an infinite number.


It was probable, he said, that some of them had reached a stage of development corresponding to that on earth.

Nikolai Zhirov, a doctor of chemistry, said the organism of a martian, for instance, could adapt itself to normal existence with a body temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

The gas composition of the martian atmosphere was suitable to sustain the life of beings which have adapted themselves to such conditions, he said.

Space Travel Psychology Study Opens

WASHINGTON, March 1 (UPI)-The Federal Space Agency today announced creation of a new division to study physical and psychological aspects of space travel and investigate possible life on other planets. The new division will be the fifth major office of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Some Meteorites Look ‘Man-Made’

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) -Evidence of odd-balls among the meteorites from outer space-fancy enough to be mistaken for machined iron-was reported today by two atomic scientists.

Identification of one such strange object-differing somewhat from all other known meteorites-was reported to a meeting of the American Physical Society, convened at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Physicists David Fisher and Olivier S. Schaeffer said the object they studied was a chunk of iron found imbedded in the soil of Washington County, Colorado, away back in 1916.

. . . the object’s overall appearance suggested it “might have been machined.” And if you polished a piece of it, it showed a type of surface “different from any other meteorite.”

… While the researchers voiced certainty that the Colorado specimen is meteoric, they offered no immediate explanation for its variance in structure from all other iron meteorites that occasionally reach the earth from outer space.

Life of Earth Would Puzzle Men on Mars

WASHINGTON, Feb. 13 (UPI)-Life on the planet Earth? A Martian scientist would consider it unlikely.


Conditions on the blue planet, he probably would say, “preclude the existence of life as we know it.”

This viewpoint is suggested by Prof. Boris Kukarkin, vice president of the astronomical council of the Soviet academy of sciences, in an interview published by the Rome newspaper L’Unita.

. . . If in the long course of Martian evolution intelligent creatures developed, these beings “could very well hold that life does not exist on earth since the earth’s atmospheric pressure is so much greater than that on Mars.”

This pressure is five to ten times that of the red planet’s atmosphere. Moreover, the surface pull of gravity is 2½ times greater on earth than Mars.

These two forces alone might persuade the Martian scientist that the earth was inhospitable to life. He also could point out that the earth is too wet and too hot and has too much oxygen. Life as Martians knew it couldn’t stand such extremes.

——— ♦ ———


WE THE PEOPLE walking the streets of all countries daily wonder when world peace will come. Many, many say, “Oh, we have always had wars, we will continue to have them.”

A few of us know how to end war for ourselves. A few more pray very diligently to the Father for peace.

The last two groups of people are in the minority when you count them with all the people of earth.

Most people put the almighty dollar first, they must have money at any cost. In their ignorance of how to use the laws of nature, they use the law in reverse, which only brings on more war.

We all know there is a right and wrong way to do anything. I believe most people will admit we live under the laws of nature, laws of Supreme


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For services, books, etc.,

of a National Interest.


$5.00 the quarter page, per mo., or

$12.00 for three months. Cuts extra.

You write the copy. Deadline for

copy, two months before issue.





at Giant Rock, California

(Memorial Day Weekend)

Saturday & Sunday

May 20th & 29th




Available to all Units, U.F.O. Clubs, and Study Groups.

A cooperative service, for the consistent

expansion and promotion of this New Age work.

Let us know your needs, meeting dates, etc.


Write for information to:


P. O. Box 22                                Station C                               Pasadena, California

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Intelligence, laws of God; express it any way you want. Enough of us have not considered are we using these laws of nature in the forward or reverse way.

Let us consider the law of love and hate, the two make one, or you could say the two ends of the one stick: The positive and the negative of the same.

If we want to progress we must use the laws of nature in their forward motion, never in reverse, because reverse means just what it says retrogression.

You may cry out for the world leaders to bring peace, or mumble some words to the Father to bring peace, but for you it will never come. If you or I want world peace, we must first have peace within ourselves. We must train ourselves to have an unselfish love for everybody and everything, regardless of the evolution of that life; whether it be plant, animal or human, because the same life flows through all things. Remember it is our duty and responsibility to help, protect and love all life.

Supreme Intelligence, The Father, God, It, That, call it what you will; will not intercede for us until we ask for help.

Jesus is our Elder Brother, the only difference between Him and us is that He used all the laws of nature in their forward motion. That is all you and I have to do to be so-called Gods. We are potential Gods now.

When we use all the laws in their forward motion, we will have the “Christ Consciousness”, fulfilling the prophecy of the Master: “Things I do, ye shall do also”.

We must realize the laws of nature are immutable. They always were, they always will be. You must learn how to use them within your consciousness, which is your world. Since you are conscious, there will be unselfish love, truth, harmony and peace.

So I suggest that we the people learn the laws of nature and use them in their forward motion under any circumstances or conditions. Then, individuality in unity, togetherness of mind and deed, a garden of Eden, and peace on earth will be ours-here and now.

-Sam C. Ritchie

Vice-President, Pasadena Unit #12



Love: Universal … Or Person to Person

Love cannot be bought … Demanded

or stolen. . . Love has to be given

. . . Because it is golden ….

Love is like a flower.. . Nurtured

with care … It will grow each day

…. Untended …. Neglected ….

Eventually it will fade away

… Love is a gift … When lightly

given …. Has no value to the

receiver …. Or to the giver ….

-Rosalind Fizer

619 Acoma

Needles, Calif.

——— ♦ ———

Earth Bound

Today some wish to go in search
Of other spheres

And leave behind the normal grind
Of earthly cares and fears

But I wonder what would be my fate
When out in Space I’d find
No up or down, just round and round,
My compass all at sea

If I should turn about and shout
Who would hear my plea?

Then lost I’d be

Ne’er to be found

Gosh! . . . guess I’ll just stay

Upon the ground.

-Mrs. Laurel Vermaas

601 Leavenworth St.

San Francisco, Calif.



The seventh annual Spacecraft Convention at Giant Rock, California, will be held on the Memorial Day weekend, Saturday and Sunday, May 28 and 29.

Perhaps the best-known of all spacecraft conventions, the event will again hold forth in front of the great rock at George Van Tassel’s airport north of Yucca Valley, Calif.

As in past years, several thousand persons are expected to make the trip to the desert location. Most will camp out around the rock, with the remainder staying at nearby motels. Those attending are advised to bring their own food and water.

Prominent speakers in the flying saucer field will be featured at the convention. The speakers list has not yet been announced, however. Understanding members are invited to stop by the Understanding desert cabin, which is located eight miles north of Giant Rock.

——— ♦ ———


March 3, 1960

Dear Friends:

… Many things are beginning to move and it looks like a big breakthrough can come. It is certainly in the making. More and more ministers are getting interested. I have spoken at the Y here to ministers and interested parties along with an evangelist who has become terrifically interested. The expanding consciousness is certainly coming. Rev. W. S. Mowery, who is starting an Understanding Unit at Dayton, just spoke to the Detroit UFO group Metrop. Edu. Res. Soc. (Al and Ruth Korinek). He said he has not received any show of interest from official ministers’ organizations to his letters that have gone all over, but many individual ministers are responding….


I have a better idea now what my next work is to be and where. Do not be surprised if you hear from me next in Wash. D.C. Very important things are in the making and people are a part of this very important work. People go where they are sent in the Father’s Plan and work. I know your good thoughts and prayers will be with me.

-Major Wayne S. Aho

Washington Saucer Intelligence

March 2, 1960

Dear Friends:

Thanks so much for sending Mr. Schmidt to us; we loved him. He is certainly an egoless chap who doesn’t find any reason for becoming bothered when people ask him all kinds of questions….

You know, I’ve thought and thought about this man and WHO he is? Can you imagine a man 2,000 years old and the Saturnians taking Mr. Schmidt … of all the 3 billion people in the world… and he ALONE they showed the Master Jesus’ cross, His clothing and the tablets. THEN it was resealed and not to be opened until 1998. Who else would be worthy or had earned the right to this great sight except Joseph of Arimethea? It was he who begged the body of Pilate and laid him in his own new tomb; and it was he who took the long sea voyage to deliver the Holy Grail to England, the Mother Mary accompanying him on this long voyage; she anchoring the healing essence at Fatima and Lourdes. ? ? ?

Kindest regards,

Inez Whitney Secretary

Treasurer of Universarium Foundation

Portland, Oregon


(ED. NOTE: Reinhold Schmidt recently returned from a trip by spacecraft to the Great Pyramid at Gizeh, Egypt. There he was permitted to see an ancient space ship in a chamber under the pyramid. He was told that this was the same ship which carried the Master Jesus off the planet Earth during the event known at the Ascension. The ship was later returned to the chamber where it now rests. Inside the ship, Schmidt said he saw the cross and other relics from the time of Jesus.

The letters mention of “a man 2,000 years old” refers to the Saturnian who guided Schmidt on the trip. Schmidt said his friend is the man who piloted the craft during the Ascension and that he is still in the same body in which he existed almost 2,000 years ago.


The fantastic excursion also included a look at an area in Siberia recently devastated by a hushed-up atomic disaster. Schmidt’s friends told him the accident occurred when the Russians attempted to hurl an atomic weapon at the United States. Any such attempt by any nation to attack another, the Saturnians said, will result in the weapon falling back on the territory of the nation which launched it.

Rather than spoil Schmidt’s story, may we suggest that interested groups invite him to lecture on his most recent experiences. Understanding Lecture Tours is currently arranging some speaking engagements for him. There is also some indication that Schmidt’s latest adventures may be published.)

——— ♦ ———

To the Editor:

Understanding of the letter of the law can be for good or evil, according to the desire o f the individual.

The desire is formed b y the feelings as well as the mind. The feelings stimulate ideas in the mind, according to the benefits, or deprivations the individual receives under the law to which he is subjected.

The righteousness of man’s desire is therefore formed or determined by a righteous way o f life; as the Christ, not by the letter of the law or a religious doctrine, nor politics.

We contact God only when our desire is in tune with His way of life.


lone Roemer

——— ♦ ———

Dear Editor:

The article in the recent magazine by Frank Spiva struck a sympathetic response in me, in fact touched a sense of urgency latent in me which awaits presently a serious consideration via “Understanding” of the personal awakening to man’s own responsibility toward peace and understanding. Peace must be present in the individual soul before any of us can do much toward general peace….

In my own opinion Mr. Spiva is a true and worthy teacher who may be able to give just that which at least some of us want sincerely and urgently.

As to the conventions, and I might add, our own unit lectures, I too see that much of phenomena is given to the exclusion of talks to the individual soul for his personal edification.

I believe both those who are led to the phenomenal and those who seek now the more personal cleansing and edification and inner peace


may find what they urgently desire in and thru our “Understanding” movement….

Very sincerely,

Bertha Bagwell

Member Santa Cruz Unit No. 9


(ED. NOTE: Frank Spiva is one of many lecturers who may be scheduled through Understanding Lecture Tours. Anyone interested in scheduling a speaker is invited to contact the lecture service c/o Understanding Headquarters, Box 22, Station C, Pasadena, Calif.)

——— ♦ ———


THIS MONTH Headquarters would like to discuss money. Since much of our work has to do with money-we receive it, we pay it out, we divide it, multiply it and subtract it, pray for it, and need it-it would seem only natural that we should feel an urge to discuss it.

Straight off we wish to state our point of view on this vital subject to all of you, our friends and our Understanding Units, to whom we look for financial support, Or rather we will let Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick say it for us. “A dollar is a miraculous thing. It is a man’s personal energy reduced to portable form and endowed with powers the man himself does not possess. It can go where he cannot go; speak languages he cannot speak; lift burdens he cannot touch with his fingers; save lives with which he cannot directly deal, so that a man busy all day downtown can at the same time be working in boy’s clubs, hospitals, settlements childcare centers, all over the city.” And in spreading Understanding throughout the world, we of course will add. Truly, it is the Love of money that is the root of all evil, not the right use of it. Then too we agree with the fellow who said, “Poverty is no disgrace, but it might as well be.”

As we review this Universe of infinity and eternity, we behold a flowing, flexible, fluidic creation, a pulsating activity; and as we relate our little planet to this great Cosmic order, we know it to be a part of the Cosmic pulse-beat-a small section of the universal field of circulation. And of this moment, money is a vital part of the necessary circulatory system of this world. We must give it and receive it, for giving and receiving


are the two functions of Life and Love, and are just as inseparable as inhaling and exhaling are in the process of breathing. For every breath taken in, one is given out. To try to keep all the breath in or to try to keep it all out is not to breathe but to suffocate. No more can be taken in than is given out; no more is given out than is first taken in.

If to give is a part of the Law of Life, then it follows that a Spiritual student, devotee, or group inevitably must give, and give at that point where direct contact with a Spiritual work is made. This is not necessarily the largest Spiritual Organization, but that particular Individual or Organization or immediate source where direct Spiritual help or inspiration is received. But not as a gift should the giving be done, nor as a reward, charity, or even payment for services rendered, but rather to sustain the personal link with the chosen Spiritual circle of pulsating Action. Organizations are builded up by great co-operative efforts, and can be no stronger than the support of its followers will permit. The individual looks to the Ideal or Organization as a channel through which he receives Spiritual help. In turn it is perfectly within the province of Spiritual practice that he should be the channel through which that Purpose is supplied.

Indeed we say enthusiastically, thank you for your checks, your pennies and dimes, your pledges and your promises, for this flowing, this free money. We shall not lock it up not put a fence around it. We shall let it flow in with thanksgiving, and let it flow out through wisdom, we hope, and joy.

Of course we know that there is much speculation and discussion in our New Age Movement over the dissolution of our Earth’s economic system, and let us quickly state that we shall greet the day when there are no longer bills to be paid with a hearty “Hallelujah!” But until that time, we need dollars to survive. Besides, it is only natural that collectively we wish to be loved, and it is our opinion that even his own mother must have difficulty loving a deadbeat. So let us be spared.

So again from our heart we say thank you to our donors and buyers and contributors, to our friends and benefactors. May God bless you and our work, that “Light and Love and Power may restore the Plan on Earth.”

——— ♦ ———

And they said unto him, Ask counsel, we pray thee, o f God, that we may know whether our way which we go shall be prosperous.

Judges 18:5




Understanding welcomes three more new units: in Van Nuys, San Bernardino and Turlock, Calif.

VAN NUYS, Unit No. 6 is under the chairmanship of Clifford Eichorst. Elections are scheduled to be held shortly. The unit began forming following a January lecture appearance in Van Nuys by Dr. John Hopkins of Williams College, Berkeley, Calif. Dr. Hopkins is also Northern Chapter Vice President of Understanding. Dan Fry, National President, spoke to the group in February.

SAN BERNARDINO, Unit No. 29 held an organizational meeting early in February, 1960. A. Arthur Lasky was elected president; Leanard Proper as vice-president; David Hill as treasurer and Mrs. Jean Jones as secretary. Future meetings will be held on the second Thursday of the month at 1360 N. “E” St., San Bernardino.

TURLOCK, Unit No. 30, recently joined under the leadership of Dr. Margaret McKinnon, well-known leader in the New Age field who has for many years sponsored lectures in Turlock. Other officers are Mrs. Mabel Robinson, vice-president and Mrs. Alice Stickles, secretary-treasurer.

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News of Other Units

EL MONTE, Unit No. 1, hosted Mel Miller, minister and journalist from Azusa, Calif., during March. The speaker told of his observations made on a recent tour of the Asian nations and Middle East, titled “Understanding Asia and the Mid-East.”

SAN MATEO, Unit No. 2 heard from Reinhold Schmidt during March.

OAKLAND, Unit No. 3 also hosted Reinhold Schmidt, who told of his recent excursion to the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

SANTA CRUZ, Unit No. 9, held elections recently with Bernard and Isaphene McGuire re-elected as president and secretary respectively. Also re-elected was Helen Anderson to her post of treasurer. Mrs. Bertha Mantzurani was chosen vice-president and Mrs. Connie Jannusch, recording secretary. Directors are Peter Boudreau and Will Harrell. Appointed committees: reporter for Understanding and librarian-Mrs. Perle Johnson; magazine sales-Mrs. Mantzurani; and lecture publicity Bertha Bagwell, Mrs. Al Strong, Doris Tull, Virginia Swanson and Mrs. Mantzurani. Kelvin Rowe and Michael V. Barton were speakers for the group during February and Reinhold Schmidt during March.


SAN FRANCISCO, Unit No. 11, entertained Dan Fry as March speaker, as part of the Understanding president’s northern lecture tour. Recent member additions now have made this the largest unit in Understanding.

PASADENA, Unit No. 12, hosted Michael V. Barton in March, who spoke on “The Inner Meaning of the Space Craft.”

INGLEWOOD, Unit No. 15: Dr. Wallace Halsey, cousin of the late Adm. Halsey and a leading lecturer in the flying saucer field, addressed this group during March on the subject “Miracles in the Sky.”

BERKELEY, Unit No. 17, was another of the groups hosting Reinhold Schmidt during his March lecture tour.

MEDFORD (Ore.), Unit No. 20, entertained Dan Fry on his March tour up and down the Pacific Coast.

GARBERVILLE, Unit No. 21, also was among those visited by Reinhold Schmidt.

CAMBRIAN PARK, Unit No. 23: Reinhold Schmidt told of his pyramid experiences here on March 5.

SAN JOSE, Unit No. 25: Dan Fry lectured to this new unit on March 19 on his return from Vancouver and other northern points. EUGENE (Ore.), Unit No. 26, enjoyed a busy winter with Kelvin Rowe and Reinhold Schmidt lecturing during February and Dan Fry in March.

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Saturday, April 9, 8 p.m.: Robert Short, “Earth, Space and the Planets” in Morgan Hall, 835 Locust St., LONG BEACH, Calif.

Saturday, April 16, 8 p.m.: Will and Evelyn Miller, authors of “We of the New Dimension” – Izaak Walton Hall, 517 Stewart St., EL MONTE, Calif.

Saturday, April 30, 8 p.m.: Carl Anderson, “How and Why Contactees Are Chosen” – Business and Professional Women’s Club, 820 Java St., INGLEWOOD, Calif.

Buck Nelson of Mountain View, Missouri, is headed for Southern California in May and is scheduled to speak May 14 in Long Beach and May 21 in El Monte, both at the addresses listed above. Other lectures are expected to be arranged for Nelson in the near future.


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