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VOL. V                                         MARCH, 1960                                            No. 3




(The following editorial first appeared in the February, 1959, issue of Understanding. We are reprinting it this month because the subject matter is once again the subject of controversy in the State of California.)

TO KILL OR NOT to kill-that is the question which is currently raising a storm of controversy in California as well as in several other states. The controversy is, of course, as old as history, and the arguments pro and con, have changed but little with the years.

Those who favor the continuation of capital punishment will usually begin with the statement that it is necessary as a deterrent to crime. Their opponents will immediately reply with an overwhelming mass of statistics showing that in every state which has abolished capital punishment, the crime rate is lower, per capita, than in almost any state which continues to kill its criminals.

From the economic standpoint, some will argue that it is much cheaper and easier to kill a criminal than to maintain him in prison for a term of many years. Others will point out that it is much more difficult to obtain a conviction in cases where the death penalty is asked or mandatory, and that the cost of such a trial together with the appeals, the reviews, etc., frequently run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

From the religious standpoint some will quote the sixth commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.” They will point out that the commandment is unequivocal and does not mention provision for legal license. Their opponents will immediately counter with the ancient Mosaic law “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” (a law which was obviously founded upon belief that two wrongs make a right, or that evil can be cancelled by repetition.

A few nights ago, a somewhat new approach to the subject of capital punishment came to light. Your editor chanced to be one of the members of a panel discussion group appearing upon a local radio


program. The subject of capital punishment came up for discussion. One of the members of the panel stated that he viewed the problem simply as one of “garbage disposal” and was strongly in favor of capital punishment as the simplest and most effective means of disposing of human garbage.

The flaw in this approach is, of course, that it implies and requires an infallible ability to determine exactly what constitutes human garbage. Unfortunately, the most cursory examination of the history of jurisprudence will demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt that the human race does not now have, nor has it ever had, such infallible ability.

The ancient Greek philosopher who was forced to drink poison because he dared to teach that the moon might be as large as the entire hill of the Acropolis, was not the victim of mob passion. He had received a fair and impartial trial by the highest tribunal in the land.

Regardless of their individual religious beliefs, very few people in the world today would consider that Jesus of Nazareth was human Garbage, yet he was tried, condemned and executed by due process of the law.

The young woman known as Joan of Arc was given one of the fairest trials which it was possible to give in that day. She was represented by counsel, she was allowed to testify in her own behalf, and she was al lowed to call her own witnesses. After this fair and impartial trial she was condemned and burned alive as human garbage (a very sanitary, if not humane, method of garbage disposal.)

In most murder trials today, “expert testimony” plays a fairly large role in the determination of the guilt or innocence of the accused. Let us take a quick look at the foundation of precedent upon which the acceptance of expert testimony rests. The first recorded instance of the acceptance of expert testimony in the annals of American jurisprudence, is the testimony of Cotton Mather in the Salem witchcraft trials. Cotton Mather had written a book and several technical papers on the subject of witchcraft, and was acknowledged to be the greatest authority in the country. It was largely as a result of his testimony that a number of women were hanged and at least two were burned.

Last year the Supreme Court of the United States finally got around to a consideration of these convictions. After careful deliberation, the court announced that several of the convictions were reversed. Henceforth


the women in question were to be considered innocent of the crime for which they were executed several hundreds of years ago by a code of law which thought, and still thinks, that it has the right and the infallible ability to determine whether a human being should live or die.

While it is true that a society must protect itself from the antisocial individual it is the humble opinion of your editor that until the reasoning power of man reaches a much higher level than it has yet achieved, we have no right to inflict upon a fellow man any act which we cannot undo, or any damage which we cannot repair. It is also his feeling that we should approach the criminal, however depraved and vicious, not with thoughts of hate or vengeance, or even with thoughts of garbage disposal, but simply with the sober reflection, “There, but for the Grace of God, go I.”

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(From Pasadena, Calif., Star News)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (RNS)-A Senate concurrent resolution calling upon the United States to perpetuate “renewed observance” of the Ten Commandments throughout the world was introduced by Sens. Styles Bridges (R-NH) and Earle C. Clement (D-Ky).

The resolution, which was referred to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, declared that a return to the strict observance of the precepts of the Decalogue was “never more vital to our survival and continued civilization” than today when “the basic principles of man’s ethical conduct toward his fellowman have been cast aside throughout much of the world!”

As the “primary moral force” behind Christianity, Judaism and Islam, the Ten Commandments should be reaffirmed by nations and by individuals as the “ethical code of governing the lives of men,” the resolution said.

-Submitted by Catherine Stack



From “The Book of Enoch” page 246.


Excerpts from A TRIP IN THE NIGHT


WHEN WE, AS GOD BEINGS, become fully aware that we ARE Gods, and that our bodies are Temples of the Most High Living God, then our comprehension of the physical body assumes a new and startling note. We view it then as not so much flesh and bones, but as a very intricate, and a very magnificent instrument through which God messages are received and transmitted. Besides we feel it akin to the Seamless Robe of the Ascended Master and Cosmic Being. Truly, when we get this feeling, it becomes the Temple of the Most High Living God, and we become the sexton that keeps it cleansed and polished, the cobwebs of human concepts brushed away, and the rooms and hallways well lighted and free from all obstructions that the Master within may have immediated access to every function, as well as comfortable and noble lodging for his permanent stay.

As this realization creeps over us, we begin to treat our body, not as a physical object that requires much attention and more care, that must be washed and fed and clothed and put to bed every night, but as an outmost terminal station of God Activity, connected with, and an integral part of the Great God System of intercommunication, transportation and government of the Great Immeasurable Universe. It at once becomes a great hall of learning, for the dissemination of the wisdom of the ages, and a dormitory of rest and recreation of God Consciousness. It becomes a magnificent radio, a television set and matchless telephone, telegraph and electrical system. It supports a great and Magnificently driven pump that circulates to every one of the millions of outlying cell-stations, a life-sustaining liquid in a remarkable harmonious and perfect activity. The body warehouses a tremendous supply of energy, and looses it instantly to the various functioning areas and instruments. Its structure surpasses any construction of man in agile strength, maneuverability and beauty. Besides this, it affords an abiding place for the Ruler of the Universe, as Commander-in-Chief of all its forces and functions. It is a great amicable system of government that expands to cover the universe in harmonious cooperation with all the planets, all the stars and all the suns in unison and accord.

Such, precious one, is the house in which you live, and the job as


sexton is to keep this magnificent edifice in proper shape and repair for its Divine Functioning.

A body that entertains pain is not in as pure a state as it could be. Somewhere in the system there is obstruction, and this without exception is caused by the thought process, since thought is the only creative force available to the individual.

Imperfection of pain in children too young to have created the results in the embodiment, are reaping the harvest of thought creation of past activity. For be it known, there is no such thing as a baby consciousness, nor baby light pattern.

Everything in the world of Spirit, the great unseen of the kingdom of God, is already complete and perfect and without necessity of development of growth. Age, whether infancy or senility, is apparent in the atomic or earth sphere only. When, at so-called death, an infant personality leaves the body, it leaves it as a fully formed and complete God Being. It is only the AWARENESS of consciousness that expands and becomes cognizant of itself as BEING-GOD BEING.

Pain is a signal that something is wrong in bodily functioning, and should be a message to the individual to look to his thoughts, feelings and actions. Every cell in the body is intelligent, and it is this intelligence that transmits the sense of pain across the nerve system, informing the individual that the cells are being subjected to mistreatment by the accumulation of imperfection.

The body, being the Temple of the Most High Living God, should at all times, be kept clean-inside and out. Whether we know it or not, an habitually soiled body, either inside or out, means a befogged and muddled awareness of consciousness. For the Self of God to operate properly within the Temple, that Temple must be kept in a manner for the most facile functioning. The decrepitude of seeming age is only the over-accumulation of imperfections of thoughts and feelings, rubbish allowed to collect and lodge in the consciousness, and thus out picture itself in the body. Each means a violated law, and each tells its own story of misdirected life essence in an unmistakable and peculiar manner.

Since the cells of the body renew themselves periodically, the body would remain ever young and beautiful were it not constantly recharged with a preponderance of in harmony and discord. In harmony and discord does not necessarily mean perverseness or deliberate disobedience, but


the Non-Compliance with the laws governing Life, perhaps through ignorance of those laws.

This, however, does not relieve the individual from the responsibility of KNOWING the TRUTH, and applying it to the livingness of life. We have so busied ourselves with Things that the Realities of the Kingdom have escaped us.

Do we desire the new hat or the new suit to better express and out picture the God within us, or to strut our vanity and appear to better advantage before our fellowmen?

But you say, “It would be an uninteresting life. One of monotony and boredom to measure everything we do or think or say or feel, by the rule of Spiritual expansion. We must have some fun out of life.”

Did you ever try it? It may just be that the fun of the outer is being confused with ecstasy of the inner, and we are unaware of it. AS Ye give so shall Ye receive. When we attempt to send out good and find the channel blocked, and the full flow either to or from ourselves prevented, we need not look afar for the reason.

God, is perfection. His operation is under a law of perfection. Then how can there be any harmony between His ways and Our Ways if ours is the way of imperfection.

Precious one, if you are subject to occasional fits of despondency, or disappointment over yourself or others, clear the channel, it may be blocking your way to the ascension.

How is the channel cleansed? By the application of Purity.-Purity of thought-purity of feeling, purity of action-purity of purpose. When we realize that the Great God Self within acts only in accordance with our conscious direction, then we will use care in keeping all the channels open for immediate activity-God activity. All problems arise from the fact that we have not sent this God Self into action, either soon enough, or with determination enough to prevent the problem forming. In plain words, we have separated God and are on the detour through an imperfect channel. We separate God by giving power from our own life stream to something opposed to God.

The Temple-body-must become a pure channel through which the Christ Self shines forth. This is accomplished by thinking pure thoughts and the essence of that purity permeates the body and makes of it a crystal palace of light, every facet reflecting the brilliance both outward and inward in a thousand sparkling rays. Every prism refracts


that light into all forms and places and all colors, for our bodies are the Temple of the Most High Living God. And that light sheds its glory on all we do or say or think or feel until it too is purified, and we become Master of All through light-the Light of God that is always Victorious.

This is the inner reality of every individual. Know then, that the degree of perfection experienced in commensurate with our own purity. It can be no more.

Purity, being the passport to perfection, shall we make it then, our password to greater and more abundant living.

——— ♦ ———


THE TIME IS HERE when LOVE must become the motivating factor and activating force in each individual’s life in order to transveil* the rebirth of the Earth in its spiritual transition.

The time is now, that we must prepare for the right to assume our place in the New Age and a new world, where peace and love shall prevail. Whether or not we enter this new way of life is dependent upon our own choosing, for today and in the past, the common path is and was one of sorrow and death, with the majority walking and serving the negative aspects. Thus our transition into the New Age must be of positive thinking and actions with the quality of love ever prevalent.

Our Space Brothers have appeared unto many, communicating their messages in various ways, and always their instructions have urged us to prepare and develop now for the ultimate coming change.

What developments will we experience in the New Age? Spiritual sight (clairvoyance) ; Communications such as mental telepathy; Transportation by projecting ourselves to any given destination desired. To accomplish these things it will be necessary to raise our vibrations closer to the Christ Consciousness and farther away from the material way of thinking, the former representing the positive aspects and constructive force and the latter the negative nature and destructive force.


*transveil:       That state of existence where one is able to pass through the curtain of vibration into a higher frequency; to cross over without being affected by change.


It has been emphasized repeatedly by our Space Brothers that the surest path to the Christ Consciousness is through meditation, for a daily going within and entering a state of quietness and spiritual awareness brings about the proper thinking and attitudes that are the roots of our actions and daily living.

Man must slowly step by step retrace his way back to his natural inheritance which was lost in the original fall. In the beginning, the spiritual advantages were ours by God’s given right, among them the ability to travel through space, which seems to be the big issue in our world today. However, since our descent into the lower frequencies of matter the negative element has become more and more a part of man’s nature, that now it is a great effort for man today to align himself with the positive.

Also in the descent into the lower vibrations man constructed himself a God suited to his material purposes; man had to have something to replace the true divinity. Out of this came the multitudes of doctrines embracing various degrees of truths and untruths. Subconsciously, however, man never completely lost the realization of his true identity with the one presence and one power (the living God, manifesting within his being), the love essence. Therefore, as man’s natural powers left him, he found himself no longer able to travel through space and thus the world became the planet of sorrow, developing a cycle of birth and death with each entity experiencing his own Karma before his spiritual heritage is reinstated to him once more. Those who refused to be drawn into the material, found themselves ministering to the needs of their troubled brothers. They became the beings and. teachers of light throughout the Earth’s history, and thus once again they are here to help us and guide us if we will only listen.

In their many contacts with us, they have given thousands the spiritual key to unlock and reveal hidden truths that will prove instrumental in guiding us back home. Many have listened and have allowed themselves to be enlightened, but the vast majority are so involved within their own material consciousness that they understand not the voice of the spirit but strain their eyes for an outward physical sign instead of heeding the words “look within” and be prompted and guided by that spiritual awareness.

It is only when we are enabled by the grace of spirit to bring into manifestation in our lives the positive qualities of respect-integrity


sincerity and tolerance, which are but parts of the love aspect, that we will be eligible for entry into the New Age or the beginning of the establishment of love on earth.

We have been told by our Space Brothers that those who fail to meet the requirements and who cannot raise their vibrations to the crucial level will be reinstated on another planet where they will be subject to the same adversities of their present existence, war, disease, sorrow etc., until such time as they finally pass their spiritual test and rise above this negation.

The advanced beings are contributing all their efforts to aid us in passing this coming test so that we may continue on in our own planet’s evolution into the wonders of a new and peaceful life.

Will we make the grade and pass into this longed for and promised New Age where love will prevail? As always, the choice is ours to make no one can do our work for us. We must place our feet upon the path we wish to follow. Shall we chose to serve or be served? The nearer we draw to the spirit and our inner Christ Consciousness, the clearer becomes the insight and nearness of the Great Divine Plan of the Creator, where love and service are the key words.

-By E. A. Hurtienne

——— ♦ ———



Oxnam Says Other Planets Have Life

BALTIMORE, Jan. 4, 1960 (AP) – “Surely God . . . did not devote his creative power to an unpopulated universe and did not place the climax of creation, which we believe is the human being, solely upon the earth,“ a Methodist bishop said last night.

“Before another 175 years have passed,” predicted Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam of Washington, “We will have conquered space and come to know the thinking, the culture, the dreams, the problems, the limitations of the people who populate the great planets of the universe.”


Life on Other Planets Sought

(From Los Angeles Mirror-News, Jan. 5, 1960)

Plans to conduct one of the most exciting adventures ever undertaken-a search for life on other worlds-were described yesterday at UCLA by a leading space scientist.

Dr. Albert Roach Hibbs, acting chief of the space science division of Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said that discovery of life on another planet would be “one of the most momentous events of human history.”

“Next to synthesis of living matter in the laboratory, he told delegates to an Air Force space symposium, “It would be the most important step that could be made toward an understanding of the problem of the origin of life.”

. . . Dr. Hibbs urged the nation to substitute scientific curiosity for competition with Russia in its space exploration program.

Bright Flash Lights Sky in Four States

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Feb. 7 (AP)-A bright flash lit up the sky over four Western States at 12:03 a.m. today.

The light was seen by hundreds of persons in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and northern Utah. Their reports seemed to pinpoint it in southwestern Montana-possibly in the Bitter Root Valley. Some persons in Missoula and Butte, Mont. claimed they heard an explosion.

“It was fantastically bright-it lit up everything in the cockpit and the cabin and the entire sky outside,” said Capt. Richard Belew of Salt Lake City.

“It started as a low blue light, then came a blinding flash,” he added.

Mysterious Object Seen Over Alaska

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Feb. 15 (AP)-A mystery object hurtled through Western Alaska skies yesterday from the direction of Russian Siberia, the Anchorage Times reported today.

A spokesman for the North American Air Defense Command at Colorado Springs said the agency had no report on the object.

Military Training Manual Creates Furor

WASHINGTON, D.C., Feb. 17 (UPI)-Sweeping Pentagon and congressional investigations were ordered today into an Air Force Re serve training manual which linked churches with communism and


termed as “foolish” demands for the American people to know what is going on …

Used as a text for a training course for non-commissioned officers in the Air Force Reserve, the manual contained these quotes:

“. . . Another foolish remark often heard is that Americans have a right to know what’s going on. Most people realize the foolishness of such a suggestion.”

“Keep in mind that public news media present only as much information as the government wants to release.”


(See editorial-“The Right to Know” in Understanding for May-June, 1959)

Flying Saucers Mentioned in Bible Says Minister

(reprint from “‘Saucers, Space & Science)

COBALT, Ont., Jan. 5, (CP)-Angels-or messengers-as mentioned in the Bible could have been visitors from outer space traveling in flying saucers, says Rev. Helmut Wipprecht, a United Church Minister.

“We want to take flying saucers and visitors from other worlds seriously as obviously the Bible does,” he told his congregation Sunday. Mr. Wipprecht also mused that the Star of Bethlehem could have been a divinely-sent flying saucer rather than a star.

The chariot with horses of fire that took Elijah like a whirlwind up into heaven could have been what is now referred to as a flying saucer, he said. The term chariot of fire corresponds with many descriptions of flying saucers glowing and lighting up their surroundings, said Mr. Wipprecht.

Ice Mystery Uncovered but Scientists Keep Mum

WASHINGTON, Jan. 14, 1960 (UPI)-A hunk of ice which fell on Georgia last fall has turned into what you might call a hot potato. Government scientists who analyzed bits of the ice are under administrative orders to keep their full report in the deep freeze for the time being.

… Last Oct. 26 a 40-pound chunk of ice plummeted from the skies into a field near Toccoa, Ga. A couple of pounds was packed in dry ice and sent here for study.

The study has been completed and the scientists know about all there is to know about the Georgia ice, including where it came from. There appears to be no mystery about it, and national security is


not involved. But a request for the final report this week disclosed that: The report has been “administratively classified.”

Trend to Secrecy Reported in U.S.

WASHINGTON (CDN)-The latest progress report of the House Government Information Subcommittee is a discouraging document for the many persons who seek greater freedom of information.

It documents a growing trend toward secrecy on the part of the executive branch of the Government. And it contains no recommendations for possible corrective action.

The reason for this, according to a subcommittee aide, is that it is such a difficult problem.

Scientists Spot Submerged Island

NEW YORK (UPI)-A huge submerged “island” which probably was a real island more than 8000 years ago has been discovered by Columbia University scientists in the South Atlantic about 550 miles west of the Cape of Good Hope, the university said yesterday.

Columbia geologists said the submerged island, known as a seamount, rises 15,980 feet from the ocean bottom. Its circular platform top reaches to 210 feet below the ocean surface, with one knob rising to within 120 feet of the surface.

(Ed. note: This story is particularly interesting in the light of recent statements by several flying saucer lectures to the effect that Atlantis is rising at the rate of four feet a year.)

Stardust’s Older than You Think

(From Pasadena, Calif., Independent, Dec. 29, 1959)

Astronomers scanning the Milky Way with big telescopes have found a cluster of stars apparently 24 billion years old-almost twice the age of anything heretofore calculated.

Either our ideas about the age of the universe or the yardstick for measuring distance to remote stars is wrong.

The finding was disclosed yesterday in a paper presented before the American Physical Society at Caltech by Dr. Allan Sandage, astronomer of the Mt. Wilson and Palomar observatories.



Some quotations from the “nr. 12 S.” bulletin of the “Sociedade Brasileisa de Estudos Sohre Disco: Voadores” in free English translated from the Portuguese.

IN THE NUMBER 59 (May, 1959) of the monthly edited bulletin “A Turbina” of the public relations department of the “Light and Power Company” (Ciaa. de Carris, Luz e Forca do Rio de Janeiro Ltda.) C. J. Dunlop wrote an article about strange aerial phenomena that have been seen in many parts of the world recently and long years ago, as it was the case of the object seen by the Brazilian Fragatta Captain Augusto Leverger when in command of an expedition of cannon boats that was moving from Cuyaba (state of Matto Grosso, Brazil) to Assumpcao, as described by him at page 295 of the “Gazeta Official do Imperio do Brasil” of Nov 26, 1846.

At 5.57 night time with a clear and quiet sky and a temperature of 60 degrees the captain saw a luminous globe that traveled fast and described a 30 degrees curve in the direction of NNW. The inclination with the horizon was 75 and 105 degrees. Afterwards a luminous tract was left 5 to 6 degrees large and 30 to 35 degrees long. There 3 brilliant luminous superimposed parts could then be distinguished: The middle one was round, the inferior one seemed to be formed of the 120 degrees segment of a circle with irregular borderlines and the superior part formed an irregular square.

All above this a sinuous lighted band 3 degrees large and 5 to 6 degrees long could be observed. All this then moved downwards apparently with the same speed as the stars, but the round form turned elliptical and at the end looked like a little cloud. The large tract inclined to the north and became nearly horizontal, but the sinuous line remained the same and all faded away after 25 minutes.

——— ♦ ———


(reprint from “Saucer Forum”)

CREDULITY AND skepticism are the twin goddesses who weave the complicated pattern of our material existence in this three-dimensional world. The result is the tangled web that we see as humanity – a web which should be doomed to extinction


(by the death of our sun and its planets at some remote position in what we call “time,” even the inevitable does not happen to mankind survives an atomic cataclysm or failing that the menace of radio-active dust were it not for the Himalayan fact that our three-dimensional world is but one of infinite decillions of ultra-dimensional worlds which interpenetrate it.

Caught up in the threads of this humanity-web, like the pitifully insignificant insects which we are . . . the vast majority of humans are the passive victims of credulity and skepticism or both.

All this applies to the nth degree to UFO researchers, despite the fact that they should be thinking in terms of other dimensions. We find articles galore which pretend to examine the UFO position as a problem conditioned by objects which pass from here to there, and which have length, breadth and thickness. We find that almost all articles on the UFOs speak of them in terms of “time.” Something was seen on a certain date and at a certain time, so of course it can have no time significance in relation to other sightings, or numbers of other sightings, which did not occur on or around that date. We find that almost all UFO researchers speak or write of their sightings as though they had shape, or dimension – if they concede that they change “shape,” it is still “shape” that they change – in other words they are thought of as things with “shape” which simply means “things of our three-dimensional” world . . .

I have learned very little from life, for our earthly span is so pitifully short, but one thing I know – one thing that neither Time nor Eternity can erase:

I know that God of our Christian Bible is real and personal and faithful in all His dealings in His relations with those who trust Him. I know that the Old Book contains more light per square inch than any square mile of circular print.

And I know this – there is no shadow of doubt in my mind – that the visitations we term “UFOs” are most truly the angels of God – seen as blotches or discs or streaks by our three-dimensional eyes, which are quite incapable of transmitting to the conscious perceptive centres of our material brains any images which might conceivably represent the angels as they really are. You may look through a distorted medium, such as a nearly opaque piece of glass and see a human image as a point of light or a blotch of meaningless shadow.


It is quite impossible to read the Old Book with its countless accounts of angel visitations (I need only mention the “Star of Bethlehem,” which was obviously what we call a UFO and no celestial body) without believing that the inspired writers believed in angels – a word which means “messengers.”

The UFOs are truly messengers. We are blind and deaf and dumb in our relationships with them, for the same reason that a fly tangled in a web is blind and deaf and dumb in relation to a human being . . .

I thank God that the weavers, Credulity and Skepticism, are themselves but mortal, limited manipulators of our lives.

Overall and in all, working through all who believe in Him, is God – compassionate, merciful, infinitely careful of us, despite all three-dimensional evidence to the contrary. Not a narrow-minded God but one of infinite patience and understanding – a Being to whom our complicated humanity-pattern is as fragile and impermanent as gossamer, but One who can see, gleaming on its strands, the glorious sunshine-hues of faith, love and beauty in all its manifold forms.

-Arthur Constance

——— ♦ ———


The following books may be purchased from UNDERSTANDING Headquarters, P.O. Box 22, Station C, Pasadena, California. We pay postage. California residents are asked to include 4% state sales tax.

ROAD IN THE SKY – By George Hunt Williamson            $4.00 This latest book by the author of “Other Tongues – Other Flesh” and “Secret Places of the Lion” presents evidence from archaeology linking ancient civilizations with visitations from outer space and the remote beginnings of man. The fantastic past is connected with the saucer sightings of today and the prophecies of tomorrow.


By W. Gordon Allen $3.50 The author, owner of several radio stations, a graduate electrical engineer and a former U.S. Navy radar-radio officer, seeks to prove the existence of unidentified flying objects and offers many photographs. He also challenges many of the present-day “proved” scientific laws and conclusions. It is a scholarly and scientific work.



Beloved, I would share my thoughts with thee.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Distractions fair and foul are but

Lessons from the Book of Life.

The means are not the end!

They are Birth pains of the budding spirit,

Self Divine, the Real “I.”

Like children are the multitudes

Who thirst for outer things to quench

Desire’s endless ebb and flow

That draws them back to birth and death

Throughout the measured pulse of time.

Oh Blessed, what avail is such?

Why seekest thou the constant flux

Upon the waves of Maya’s sea?

Thoughtless deeds and feelings rage

Unchecked at headlong restless pace.

Emotions run amok! (But why?)

They are not Real; delusion’s clamor

Casts the spell! Know thou art

The Witness of a Drama staged

For growth of Knowledge, Wisdom, Love.

Knowledge rends the ego’s cloak

That veils the Truth for which we seek.

Through many rounds of life and “death”

The soul awakes to Ageless Call

That guides the footsteps back to God.

The priceless gem of self-control

Is the key that opens door

of Wisdom’s treasure hidden by

The fruitless search for pleasure which

Agitates the even flow of Consciousness Divine.

Wisdom opens Inner Eye,

Transcendent vision soon unfolds,

The Inmost Light reveals the Love

That is our Essence, pure design.

Burst the bonds by self imposed at last!

How tender, sweet, the rapture is!

Where looms the dawn of Freedom’s birth

and Shiva reigns with Peace Serene,

Full-blossomed Love of all that is

Dispatches night of Maya’s dream.

The Lord at play!

Within each guise of name and form

Resides the same effulgent God,

Eternal Blissful Consciousness,

The Ancient One, Ever Fresh.

-Guy C. Hudson, President, Berkeley Unit #17




WE HAVE DISCOVERED at Headquarters that one of the most important of our various jobs is keeping our collective finger on the pulse of the Units of Understanding and the people whom we serve. Thus we find we are “in care of” a predominant feeling expressed in the question, “What is there to do beyond listening to lectures and reading books?”

In answer, we shall put the question Alan put to Dan Fry in “Alan’s Message: To Men of Earth”; “How much longer are you going to hide your light under a bushel?” Remember, we were long ago shown the way to go forth and do even greater things. The time to shilly shally around and talk niceties of things to come and things to dream about is passed. We must become conscious of a thing as existing in our now of time, if we will achieve success in lifting ourselves and our world. Look to your own Light within, with your own will, your own desire, your own effort for your own unfoldment. And again in this day of Space Phenomena the way has been shown to vast vistas hitherto unknown to our present consciousness. So do as Alan told Dan to do. “Examine all things. Cling to that which is good.”

Are you concerned over the survival of our civilization? Alan clearly stated the problem confronting us and gave the solution. Study it, discuss it, understand it in order to act constructively. Our libraries are lined with shelves of ample instruction and wisdom from our own philosophers to enable you to chart a course. Make it your business to recognize and vote down any darkness that the light of our own country inevitably attracts, that would destroy it.

Also we have been told to blend our body to the extent wherein we no longer are slaves to its appetites, for according to the ways in which we accept things, food, physical exertions, and circumstances, as they come to us, in these ways do we limit or liberate ourselves for higher work. An investigation of health food stores is a small, helpful gesture toward cherishing your body as you would a treasure entrusted to your care. On the other hand, the spiritual benefits of fasting are revealed by Michael X, among others in his books which may be ordered here at Headquarters. And the exponents of Yoga eagerly await their opportunity to show you just how to breathe!


Is photography your hobby? Then let Trevor James in, “They Live in the Sky”, guide you to the revelations found in photographing the invisible. Or promote a small telescope, add an infra-red filter and watch Flying Saucers go by.

How about becoming a Contactee yourself? Evelyn and Will Miller in “We of the New Dimension” give instruction for just that. And for the curious Riley Crabbe’s Borderland Sciences Research might awaken your talent for psychic probing. Higher realms eternally knock, so open up and let them in. John McCoy did it with an Ouija board.

If UFOs somehow have sparked a purely spiritual yearning within you, then reach deep into comparative religion and glean the jewels of truth given in all ages in all tongues. On Sundays tour your metaphysical churches. They say it in modern language, and offer modern books and courses of study, some even by mail.

Delve into the science of sound, discover the meaning of color, heighten your wonderful senses to consciously use the outer fringe of others latent, and-we could go on ad infinitum.

But surely you see that there is no necessity to explore the Universe in a spacecraft, for you have a vaster universe to discover within yourself and about you in everyday living. Our Earth’s Golden Age lies just before us. We have only to go through the proper door. Choose yours and step through.

For has it not been written, “Truly, ye are Gods”?

——— ♦ ———


Understanding’s desert cabin, located north of Yucca Valley, Calif., eight miles from Giant Rock, has a new asphalt tile floor – or at least two-thirds of it – thanks to Unit No. 1.

Seven members of the El Monte group journeyed to the cabin on the weekend of November 14, 1959 to accomplish the installation of the beige and white floor. Several non-members also went along on the overnight trip.

After a day’s work, the crew completed all but a third of the floor, which was purchased by the El Monte membership. Plans are now being formulated by the group to return this month and finish the final portion of the job.



UNDERSTANDING WELCOMES four new units: CAMBRIAN PARK NO. 23, SAN JOSE No. 25 and TORRANCE No. 27 all in California and Unit No. 28 in DETROIT, Michigan.

Unit activities during February included the following:

EL MONTE, Unit No. 1 hosted Understanding National President Dan Fry as February speaker on the subject “Rockets: Past, Present and Future” and at a membership meeting heard Art Aho give a discourse on “Energies.”

VISTA, Unit No. 4: Michael V. Barton presented his illustrated lecture “Flying Saucer Roundup” to the Vista group on Feb. 20.

ORANGE, Unit No. 7 elected Dorothy Harper as new president of the club for 1960. Selected to serve with her were Mrs. Wilma Hough, vice-president; Mrs. Edith Dickerson, secretary; and Iver Blomgren, treasurer. The unit heard two speakers during February, Dr. John Hopkins, Understanding northern vice-president and president of Williams College, speaking on “Who Is a Contactee?” and Dr. Joseph Larson of Pasadena.

LONG BEACH, Unit No. 8 entertained Riley Crabb of Borderland Science Research Associates on Feb. 13. Crabb gave an illustated lecture on “Communicating with Flying Saucers.”

SAN FRANCISCO, Unit No. 11 was another of many units enjoying a visit by Michael V. Barton to present his color slides on flying saucers. The talk was entitled “Flying Saucer Roundup” and was presented in San Francisco on Feb. 12.

PASADENA, Unit No. 12: A crowd of close to 300 jammed Odd Fellows Hall on Feb. 11 to hear Reinhold Schmidt, who landed one hour before lecture time, tell of his trip by Saturnian spacecraft to the pyramids of Egypt to view an ancient ship buried underneath one of the historic structures. Schmidt also cruised over Russia, the north pole and Washington, D.C., he said. Considerable excitement was generated by the lecture, as it had been billed in advance that the speaker was “expected to land in time for meeting.”

BROOKLYN, Unit No. 14 hosted George Hunt Williamson in the midst of a recent speaking tour in the New York area.

INGLEWOOD, Unit No. 15 played host to the popular Michael V. Barton and his “Flying Saucer Roundup” on Feb. 27.


BERKELEY, Unit No. 17 elected Guy Hudson as its new president recently. Dr. John Hopkins was chosen vice-president.

CAMBRIAN PARK, Unit No. 23: This new group is led by Robert Short as president, Shirley Short as vice-president, Wanda Engle as secretary and Alice Bellamy as treasurer.

SAN JOSE, Unit No. 25 is led by Mrs. Alyce Alexander. Richard Gerken is vice-president; Ellen Hack, secretary, and Erna Grill, treasurer. EUGENE, Unit No. 26 hosted Kelvin Rowe in late January and Reinhold Schmidt in February.

TORRANCE, Unit No. 27: Dr. Nathan Sears, former vice-president of the Inglewood group, heads this new unit, assisted by Jerry Savage, vice-president; Olga Sears, secretary, and Jean Lois Savage, treasurer.

DETROIT, Unit No. 28: Leading the new Detroit group are John H. Brinson, president; Sol David Lewis, vice-president; Helen Trepanier, secretary, and Donald J. Knight, treasurer.

A new group also is forming in VAN NUYS, Calif., with Clifford Eichorst as temporary chairman.

The total membership of Understanding has now doubled since last September.

——— ♦ ———


Thursday, March 10, 8 p.m.: Michael V. Barton, speaking in Odd Fellows Hall, 175 N. Los Robles Ave., PASADENA.

Saturday, March 19, 8 p.m.: Mel Miller, minister, journalist and candidate for Congress, “Understanding Asia and the Middle-East” – 517 Stewart St., EL MONTE.

Saturday, March 26, 8 p.m.: Dr. Wallace Halsey, cousin of late Adm. Halsey, has contact with Saturn and other space people, “Miracles in the Sky” – Business and Professional Woman’s Clubhouse, 820 Java St., INGLEWOOD.

Friday, April 15, 8 p.m.: Robert Short, “Flying Saucers: What, When, Where and How” – Norway Hall, 14312 Friar St., VAN NUYS.

Saturday, April 16, 8 p.m.: Will and Evelyn Miller-517 Stewart St., EL MONTE.


————————— ♦ —————————




For services, books, etc.,

of a National Interest.


$5.00 the quarter page, per mo., or

$12.00 for three months. Cuts extra.

You write the copy. Deadline for

copy, two months before issue.





at Giant Rock, California

(Memorial Day Weekend)

Saturday & Sunday

May 20th & 29th 1960



Available to all Units, U.F.O. Clubs, and Study Groups.

A cooperative service, for the consistent

expansion and promotion of this New Age work.

Let us know your needs, meeting dates, etc.


Write for information to:


P. O. Box 22                                Station C                                                     Pasadena, California

————————— ♦ —————————



a call at dawn, by kelvin rowe (paper, $2.50)… $3.50

many shall be called, by marke Norman….. 2.00

Up rainbow hill, by dana howard………… 4.50

council of seven lights, by george van tassel…………. 3.50

kearney incident, by reinhold schmidt……… 1.25

ABOARD A FLYING SAUCER, by Truman Bethurum ……………  3.00

night has 1000 saucers, by calvin c. girvin (paper, $2.00)….. 3.00

road in the sky, by g.h. williamson ……..  4.00

cosmic attainment, by hope troxell…. 1.00

transvaal episode, by anchor ……  1.00

wisdom of the universe, by hope troxell… 3.25

STEPS TO THE STARS, by Daniel Fry (paper, $1.50) ………….. 2.50

flying saucer pilgrimage, by h. and b. reeve ………  3.50

TO MEN OF EARTH, by Daniel Fry …….  1.00

the coming golden age, by dr. f. w. summer ………..  3.50

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

they shall be gathered together, be john mccoy …………..  1.95

THE VENUSIANS, by Lee Crandell …………. .2.00

soarings of the eagle, by john mccoy……… 1.25

WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, by Daniel Fry …..  1.50

TWO NIGHTS TO REMEMBER, by Carl Anderson ……….  1.50

we of the new dimension, by Will and evelyn miller …………  2.00

my contact with flying saucers, fino kraspedon …….  3.75

——— ♦ ———


GOLDEN LIGHT …………..  .25

SAUCERS ……  (six issues) 2.00

LITTLE LISTENING POST …………. (six issues) 3.00

UNDERSTANDING………….. (twelve issues) 2.50

These books may be purchased from Understanding. We pay all postage.

Residents of California please add 4% Sales Tax.

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