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VOLUME V                                  OCTOBER • 1960                                     NUMBER 10

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of the earth.



(Reprinted from UNDERSTANDING, March, 1956)

The dominant nations of the world of today are engaged in the greatest race for armaments which this earth has ever seen. Every efficient means of destruction is being harnessed and developed to its highest possible degree of perfection.

Almost everyone in the United States deplores the possibility of war and hopes sincerely that it will never occur, yet millions of persons in this country are devoting their entire energies to the production of the means to wage it effectively and devastatingly.

We are doing this, we say, only in self defense. Our official attitude toward the government of the Soviet Union is that the latter came into being through force; it exists and expands by force; it understands and respects only force, therefore the only way in which we can hope to protect ourselves from the danger (to our way of life) which it represents, is by the use or the threat of force. Unfortunately, under the present conditions, this is probably true, but it is a sad commentary upon the state of development of our social and spiritual science, when we are forced to admit that we have no adequate means by which we can cope with brute force except to meet it with brute force.

In our frantic search for more and more powerful weapons, we have almost entirely overlooked the most potent of all and the only one which we can use to its fullest extent without destroying ourselves in the process.

Some of the historians who have chronicled the lives and careers of great conquerors, have marveled at the fact that none of them ever succeeded in their attempt to subjugate the entire human race. In many cases, as the great warrior went from victory to victory, from conquest to conquest, it had seemed inevitable that he should ultimately succeed in subduing all opposition. Then, at the very pinnacle of success, at the moment when it appeared that no power on earth could stand against him, a pattern of perversity would begin to manifest itself. For the first time in his

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

life, the great strategist would begin to make errors in his military planning and gross errors of judgment. Men who had been loyal to him for years would begin to draw away, and in some cases to betray him. His career, from that moment, would become a succession of failures leading to ultimate death and degradation.

This is a typical pattern of the career of all those who have attempted to dominate the peoples of the earth by force, yet the would-be conqueror of today always prefers to ignore the plain lessons of the past. Perhaps he does not realize that this pattern is the result of immutable law. When any man begins a program of unlimited conquest, he begins to invoke against himself the most powerful weapon in the world, the force of human will.

If we examine the life pattern of the would-be world conquerors, we usually find that his career was begun upon the pretext of righting a great wrong, of correcting some injustice in human relationship. For a time he has the approval of the majority of that part of the world which is aware of his action. The use of force inevitably results in the production of enemies, but for a time his very success will swing the balance of opinion in his favor. As time goes on, however, the conflict grows constantly greater, while the pretext shrinks into insignificance. Eventually, the true purpose of the conqueror becomes obvious to his friends as it is to his enemies, and an ever increasing force of human opinion will be directed against the success of his efforts. Anyone who may doubt the efficacy of the force has only to read history to be convinced,

During all of the great wars of history, the dissemination of propaganda, for the purpose of breeding hate, has been a recognized part of the military strategy, but this has been done principally for the purpose of increasing the physical effort of the individual rather than through any recognition of the power of thought itself.

Unfortunately there is undeniable evidence that those leaders who control the policies of the Soviet Union have, from the beginning, had a much clearer realization of this power of opinion than have the leaders of the free nations.

In its drive for world domination, the Soviet government has always devoted a very large proportion of its total effort to the molding of public opinion, particularly the opinion of those nations which had not yet become involved in the struggle. They have been willing to go to any length, short of abandoning their ultimate objective, to maintain among the total population of the earth, a balance of approval, or at least of acquiescence

OCTOBER • 1960                      3

in their policies. They have, to date, almost succeeded in maintaining this balance, in spite of the fact that their avowed objective is world domination; in spite of the fact that all of the nations which have come under this domination have immediately lost all political self-determination and individual liberties; in spite of the fact that there is no evidence that any of these nations have profited in any way by this domination, and in spite of the fact that most of the arguments and promises through which the approval or acquiescence has been obtained have been proven false.

Consider how much more powerful a weapon this force of world opinion, this power of collective will, could be in the hands of free nations, who have upon their side the overwhelming preponderance of truth and justice. Yet how slowly are they awaking to the realization that the ultimate weapon is the collective force of human will, and that when wielded by true understanding, it becomes the world’s only irresistible force.

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IT IS SAID the world is full of disbelievers, which, of course, is not altogether true. Some disbelievers are admittedly agnostic, and where does the fault lie? Most of it lies at the door-step of modern-day sects. And why is this so? Simply because that the various sects are entirely materialistic in their approach to religious subjects and worldly themselves, instead of spiritual, as the Master taught.

Hardly any sectarian today can explain anything about the Father and Creator. Some say He is the same as nature, some say law, some say wind or ether. And to confuse the explanation even more, the various sects worship the Messiahs or Holy Ghost, which latter is entirely a mystery of pure invention.

But the day of thinkers has arrived, be they agnostic or not. Common knowledge teaches anyone that we are all children of One Great Father and Creator, and that He has condemned no one to hell or eternal punishment. Anyone who acts according to his highest knowledge or comprehension is as valuable in the sight of the Creator as anyone else. No father, even earthly, would cast out one of his children because he was a problem; it is most likely that the problem child would receive the most attention in order to bring him up to standard. The Heavenly Father taught by the

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Messiahs is certainly as considerate. The prodigal son was received even more sumptuously than the obedient one. It most often turns out that the problem child or adult, as in the case of St. Paul, becomes the most arduous worker for good, for at least he does have great energy.

Let no man judge another as to his life. If you were in his boots, you would be doing just what the other man does. It is all a question of development, which development depends on opportunity and care by parents or friends. Who can say that this development in any line of knowledge is dependent upon himself? In other words, because he is naturally smart? Any such thinking is completely out of line at any time.

The Messiah condemned no man, except the Scribes and Pharisees. He was always sympathetic with the unfortunate and unlearned, for there was little pride in them, which pride is a great deterrent to spiritual progress. He always chose the humble and weak.

At this very day, the churches are filled with Scribes and Pharisees, who think they know all the answers, when in reality they know none at all. Question them about the fundamentals of Religion and find out what they think. They know nothing about heaven and nothing about the spiritual man and not even about the resurrection of the dead, which is immediate. Like the Scribes and Pharisees, they misinterpret about everything in the Holy Word. They refuse all progress spiritually, even maintaining that no one can know about the spiritual man or the spiritual heavens.

It is no miracle that we have a world full of agnostics for our so-called leaders can answer no questions, even the simplest. Most do not teach eternal life when this was the sole object of our Messiah; some admit when the earth is burned, we may live again. How pitiful this all is when we can all know differently by a little careful investigation of Modern and true Revelations.

By F. R. Brooks

Morongo Valley, California

——— ♦ ———

Thy testimonies are righteous forever; give me understanding that I may live.  Psalms 119:144

Give me understanding, that I may keep thy law and observe it with my whole heart.   Psalms 119:34

OCTOBER • 1960                      5



FROM TIME immemorable, man has delved into every conceivable corner in search of knowledge. Learning has become synonymous with culture. Knowledge applied in an earnest desire to improve becomes wisdom. Wisdom is knowledge absorbed through experience and made a part of the individual expansion. This wealth of wisdom has been condensed into practical procedure, and, for ages untold, has been given to man as his expansion would permit. Understanding is the foundation of wisdom, for, unless wisdom is understood, it may become mere prattle. Love tempers wisdom and gives it a beauty and depth of perfection in application possible by no other force.

He who gains wisdom is wise indeed, for by this wisdom many doors open that would otherwise remain closed, perhaps for a long time. Experience without wisdom can become a multiplicity of errors, magnified in intensity by repetition. Intelligence is the keynote of wisdom and allows it most sagacious application. Wisdom predetermines a leader, particularly a leader of men, and assures avoidance of many pitfalls along the pathway of life.

Divine Wisdom, or wisdom applied to the laws of Life, changes the outcome from mere chance to complete realization and becomes a soul warming compassion for RIGHT that is readily perceptible by its gentle character. Without Divine Wisdom, the full application of the laws governing life would be impossible, and man’s expansion in conscious awareness would be definitely limited. Wisdom becomes divine when applied to BEING.

Each cause produces an effect. Each effect, in turn, becomes a cause. It is unnecessary to stumble through life, reaping inordinate results from causes promoted through ignorance, for the sincere, earnest contemplation of the SELF OF GOD within will loose an avalanche of wisdom for guidance, firsthand. When this is ripened for experience and proven by manifestations, the individual has greater wealth than gold or jewels, and far greater knowledge than can be learned in the usual school. Throughout the ages, wisdom has been written in veiled sentences that the ignorant would not destroy it. The initiate can understand according to the expansion of his own conscience awareness

Many contemplate wisdom, but they unconsciously attribute it to some

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

other individual, ofttimes renowned, or afar off. They acknowledge they possess very little of it, if at all, not understanding just what wisdom is. The wisdom of the ages is spoken of, and the mind goes back to some mythical age and some mythical individual. Perhaps the most renowned ‘is Solomon.

What then is wisdom, that it should be so held in awe? And, who is this Solomon, reputed to be so wise? The great wisdom of the ages that has been held aloof and sacred so that only the elect should partake of it is no more than the knowledge of the Laws of Life and their application in everyday activity. Soloman! Solo-man, the ONE. Your own Self of God operating through each individual.

Wisdom is simple. It is the recognition of CAUSE, and acknowledging that cause so we may align ourself with it. Then, we find the reality back of everything expressed in thought as idea. Information, which is the commodity of the average, is complex. The mind evolves outward to the periphery of complexity, and then involves back to the central simplicity. When we discover that it is IMPOSSIBLE to comprehend the wisdom of the ages before we know OURSELVES, we will start on the way to original simplicity. And, as we unfold from within, we ENFOLD the Universe. When we seek static truth, we find only mutterings. TRUTH LIVES!!! It lives in the heart of every individual. We do not accept the witness until we find it within ourself, and, having found it, we are so awed by its profoundness, we become silent, before it lest our fellows turn and rend us.

Wisdom, then, is but the application of the truth found within ourself – THE TRUTH OF BEING. Wisdom alone can comprehend wisdom, therefore the fool says no man is wise. But we who have found the in dwelling reality of OUR OWN BEING have found the original, the UNIVERSAL wisdom. Until one can rise above opinions and concepts, we are neither steadfast nor wise. To detach ourselves from every outward thing and rest serene on the Inner Self of God is wisdom. Know ye this for a Truth, the wisdom we seek is already within us. We receive nothing except it be given us by the FATHER. The Father is our own consciousness. Our consciousness is the Father of all that we ARE. When we realize that our world, in its every detail, originates within ourself, and is sustained by ourself, we simply go within secretly and appropriate the new awareness of consciousness of our rebirth, which is nothing more than moving from one state of consciousness to another.

UNDERSTANDING                    7

The conscious awareness of freedom is the Father of Freedom. The conscious awareness of light is the Father of Light. The conscious awareness of wisdom is the Father of Wisdom.

When we take our attention off our present concept of ourself, and place it upon that ideal of wisdom that is our SELF, that ideal which we have heretofore thought as beyond our reach, and claim ourself to BE that wisdom-ideal, not as something as will be in time, but as that which we NOW are, in this immediate present, then our present world of limitations has disintegrated while our new claim arises like a Phoenix from its ashes.

To attain wisdom, all that is required of we who seek it is to rise to the level of the wisdom desired, without dwelling upon the manner of expression, but simply feel the naturalness of it. Hence, we do not attain wisdom, we ARE wisdom. When we are conscious of BEING that which we desire, the door is opened, and no man can shut it. I AM THAT I AM. Awareness of consciousness is the only door. To know that I AM is to be aware of BEING. Unless we are aware of Being that wisdom we seek, we seek in vain.

Be it known NOW! Without consciousness, there is neither creation, resurrection, nor life. Consciousness is the AWARENESS OF BEING — BEING GOD.

Before we can transform our world, we must lay this foundation of understanding. Unless we discover that our consciousness is the cause of every expression in our lives, we shall perish in our ignorance. That which we are aware of being, we express without effort. We know we ARE, and knowing we are, we will also discover that this KNOWING We ARE is GOD, the Father which preceded all that we ever know ourself to be. Consciousness dwells within that which it is conscious of being. I AM, then, both the Lord God, and the Temple.

Freedom or imprisonment, satisfaction or frustration, perfection or imperfection can be differentiated only by the consciousness of being. All things easily express their nature. As we wear the feeling, it becomes our nature. It may take a year, or but a moment. That is entirely dependent upon the degree of conviction, but, as we feel deeply, `I AM THIS’, we begin to expand the nature of the thing we are feeling ourselves to be.

Seek Ye first the Kingdom means when we consciously define ourself as THAT WHICH WE DESIRE, and, having so defined ourself,

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

and established our conscious claim, we continue in this confidence, that attribute will manifest itself through us.

THIS IS WISDOM, the wisdom of the ages, brought down from eternity, and laid at our door. Thus, we may know why man – or manifestation – is always made in the IMAGE OF GOD. Our awareness of BEING images and out pictures all that we are aware of BEING. Consciousness, the FATHER, includes everything in perfect completeness. The seed of awareness is planted in the womb of LOVE, and by its great cohesive power, the SON, or manifestation follows, and we become THAT.

Then, with a faith sustained by the knowledge of this changeless law, we rise to heights of BEING, commensurate with our true desires, for we are ever THAT which is defined by OUR OWN AWARENESS. Be come aware, then, that the desire is the positive indication of limitless capacities for its fulfillment. Let us look upon a true desire as the spoken word of God – our every word a prophecy of that which we are capable of BEING.

There is but ONE GOD, and that one only God is our consciousness awareness – our own SELF of GOD, deep, deep down within us. When we have found it, we will have found the key that unlocks the door to all the great, profound wisdom of the ages. And, by partaking of it, we, too, may be called wise, for then we are conscious of being THAT which we are.

By the Law; first conceiving, then becoming that which was conceived, all things evolve. I AM THAT, in which all my conceptions of MYSELF live, and move, and have their being. And, apart from this THEY ARE NOT.

Wisdom is knowing and understanding Life’s Principle, or the PURPOSE of BEING, and the Laws governing that purpose. Know there is but One God Principle, and that principle INCLUDES man, and every other created thing. Behold the body as the true temple of the Most High Living God, the PERFECT instrument through which the Great Creative Principle flows. Then this creation IS unadulterated in IMAGE, FORM, and LIKENESS. I AM GOD. Behold the GOD within this temple. In this attitude we stand forth MASTER of every situation, The Christ Triumphant. THIS is our divine kingdom. Then we are not only one WITH GOD, we ARE God, the SELF OF GOD, actually. When we know

OCTOBER • 1960                      11

this and use this knowledge wisely, we can and do present the Divine Attributes to the world. God Energy cannot get into expression except through us.

WISDOM is to know that when the Law of Truth holds sway in the consciousness, the existing Cosmic Fact erases everything not in perfect accord with Truth, for Cosmic Law must be fully satisfied.

There is no other path to perfection, than to go from one plane of conscious awareness to a higher, and more advanced step until we expand our awareness to the GOD consciousness, and we, ourselves, become THAT. As we are faithful and worship this One God of SELF, we will find that the vibrations of our body will also change from the human to the Divine. This is the Temple of God that belongs to us, complete and perfect as God Beings. When we hold to this true ideal, we hear our own inner God-Voice speaking the wisdom of the ages for our comfort, for our guidance, for our revelation. Then, and then alone, comes understanding, for it is GOD, understanding IMMORTALITY. We are that very thing ourselves, for this is the way of attainment of all wisdom.

This Great Principle stands forth as a Golden Light. It is not remote. It is right within ourself, and when we hold ourself within its glow, we hold all things clearly.

When we express in any vibration, we are in tune WITH that vibratory field, and so are invisible to things that express in a lower vibratory field. Thus we are the Perfection of God only when we vibrate in a God Consciousness.

As we contemplate BEING the God, we decide to BE, with every inhalation of breath, a joyful thrill courses through our entire Being. Thus we breath of LIFE into it. This thrill increases in intensity as we feel more and more the joy of being THAT which we are claiming ourself to be. In one final, deep inhalation our whole being will explode with the ecstasy of accomplishment, and we will know that we are ONE with God, the Father Consciousness. And the Son of God will rise within us and appear at the door of the tomb as our Christ Self in a tremendous, glorious burst of transcendent light. And then wisdom speaks within us, and we know the mystery of ‘Let us make man in our own image’.

Then I AM GOD, the SELF of God, and all wisdom is attained from the Universal Source of all wisdom by becoming One with that source for I Am the God of Wisdom.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

A verity it is that it takes an expanded consciousness to understand, yet understanding expands the conscious awareness. Our station in the Great Divine Plan is determined by the extent of our conscious expansion for the only difference between the greater and the lesser lies in the expansion of the individual awareness.

Knowledge is but to know. Wisdom is the proven USE of knowledge. This leads to understanding. The awareness of the consciousness expands ONLY as this knowledge becomes wisdom through RIGHT application, according to the Laws governing Being. Consciousness, then, becomes the CAPACITY TO BE.

These seemingly intricate laws become apparent to the seeker of light as his conscious awareness expands to include them; otherwise, he understands them not and must reenact the experiences that lead to full empyrean attainment.

With Justice and Mercy and Mercy as the foundation of your motives, with Love in your heart, let wisdom guide your footsteps into the realm of Power that, when lifted above the human, becomes Divine.

(Copies of the book “A Trip in the Night” may be ordered at $1.50 each from Understanding Headquarters, Box 22, Sta. C., Pasadena, Calif.)

——— ♦ ———


Arise, O Star, in crimson glory there,

The evening sky more brilliant for your glow.

Your ‘warlike attributes’ you clearly show

As you control the East in darkening air

O Son of Zeus, demoniac, declare

Are we your targets on this earth below,

Or part, with you, in Heaven’s beauty show?

Or do you, with our God, some secret share?

From crystal peaks to orange band you give

Faint hints of life, controlled, in outer space,

To stimulate our urge to pierce the veil.

Share with us knowledge, if your earthlings live.

Prove old conjections wrong, old lines erase,

And spin, with us, the Heavenly, living trail.

Mrs. Julia T. Brogan

Kansas City, Mo.

OCTOBER • 1960                      11


The above is a sketch by Lester T. Wilson of Los Angeles showing the unidentified flying object he and others sighted over Las Vegas, Nevada on Sept. 3, 1960.

12                                                  UNDERSTADING

Eye Witness Account of Las Vegas Sighting

On Saturday, September 3, 1960, at 11:15 p.m. in Las Vegas , Nevada, I, along with four other persons, encountered a most unusual sight. Mrs. Myra Buonomo and myself and three neighbors were attracted by an un usual chain of events. We saw in the sky an object in a stationary position that had a shape of a flat saucer and was comparable in size as to the planet Venus. With a flash that reminded me of that of a flash camera, the color, which in its stationary position was a weird blue-green, changed as it started its vertical ascension to an even more weird reddish hue. At this point, the object disappeared out of sight and would appear in a new location at a much farther distant point than the original point of sighting. This would happen at about 3 minute intervals.

We had an opportunity to observe this object for 15 minutes at which time we lost sight of the object completely and never found sight of it again.

This was not a brilliant flash that would be visible as to light the whole sky, but, to one observing it, the brilliance was rather breathtaking. Of added significance was the sighting’s effect on a woman who had been unable to speak for over a year. The woman had lost her husband, then, subsequently, lost her unborn child, resulting in the loss of her speech. When she saw the UFO, however, she pointed at it, and, speaking for the first time in over a year, said, “Look!”

Submitted by Lester T. Wilson

Los Angeles, Calif.

Desert Sighting

“I was on the highway between Lucerne Valley and Barstow about nine in the evening, when I saw several flashes of light on a mountain only a few miles away. At first I thought nothing of it, as there were a few clouds, but the flashes became brighter and I pinned my eyes to the mountain and the light. Finally in a few minutes, there was clear view of an object shaped like some of the space-craft I had read about. It arose from the apex of the mountain and sped away in a north-west direction, at which time the colors of the ship changed to red and orange, the change being clearly detected. This occurred several months ago, and I do not recall the exact date. This was my first view of space-craft, and will always be remembered.”

Bill Gilliam

Morongo Valley, California

OCTOBER • 1960                      13


Are Martians Hostile? U.S. Hopes to See

SEATTLE, Aug. 10 (AP) – The first rocket probe to Mars should reveal whether it has any hostile inhabitants, two California scientists suggested today.

They said the first rocket also should send back word on the nature of Mars’ canals and its two moons.

Wells A. Webb, research chemist for Hexcel Products, Inc., of Berkeley, and Dr. James A. Harder, University of California, presented a paper to the West Coast meeting of the American Astronautical Society.

There’s enough evidence of past or present intelligent life on Mars, they said, so that the first rocket should be equipped to “detect any possible interference or destruction as the result of the actions of intelligent beings.”

One way to reveal interception or destruction of a Mars probe, the scientists suggested, would be to install a proximity detector that would show approach of a nearby object by variations in radio signals.

Aztecs Probably Used Psychiatry

(From Pasadena Independent, Pasadena, Calif., May 5, 1960)

MEXICO CITY (AP) -Ancient Aztecs probably used psychiatry and hypnosis a thousand years ago, according to Dr. Nathan Blackman, of Malcolm Bliss Mental Health Center at St. Louis, Mo. Blackman told the Pan American Medical Assn. that studies of figures found in Aztec ruins indicated highly developed knowledge of both techniques.

Flat World Theorist Wants to Prove It

DOVER, England (AP)-Sign painter Samuel Shenton believes the world is flat and wants to raise a $2.8 million expedition to prove it, a London newspaper said yesterday.

Shenton, 56, organized of the 150-member International Flat Earth Society, believes a green and fertile land exists across the unexplored Antarctic waste, the Sunday Pictorial said.

——— ♦ ———

“Always speak well of your enemies, remember . . . YOU made them!”

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Patrolmen Sight, Race Red-Glowing Flying Football

RED BLUFF, Calif. (United Press International)-Two California Highway Patrolmen have reported sighting and then racing a mysterious flying football-shaped thing which gave off a red glow.

At least eight other persons also reported spotting the object, which was described as being the size of an airliner. They reported that sometimes it just hung silently in the air only 200 feet off the ground.

The strange story began about 11:45 p.m. Saturday when Patrolmen Stanley Scott and Charles A. Carson were cruising in their patrol car some 18 miles south of here.

Scott last night reported that he first saw the thing about a mile and a half away at an altitude of 200 feet. It seemed to have a row of horizontal lights and “something on the end that made a red beam” and appeared to be sweeping the ground, he reported.

As they kept looking at it in disbelief, it suddenly shot noiselessly up about 500 feet.

They sent out a radio alert and then put their flashing red light on. The object swung its red beam and then began to slide across the sky. They pursued the object for about two hours.

At one time, it went into “various maneuvers-straight up and down and sideways.” But it soon left its pursuers behind.

Three sheriff’s deputies, hearing the radio alert, raced into the hunt. They reported they saw it, too, but were also out-maneuvered as the thing disappeared over the eastern horizon about 2 a.m.

All this time, the patrolmen’s radio was full of static, presumably caused by the flying object.

Meanwhile, here in Red Bluff, the night jailer, Clarence Fry, picked up the radio alert. About 1 a.m. he marched four prisoners onto the front steps of the jailhouse. All five men testified to seeing the glowing mysterious object “about 25 miles to the south.”

Neither man would identify it as a “flying saucer.”

But their boss, Highway Patrol Capt. Ruel Boehm, said last night: “They know they saw it and we know they saw it.”

OCTOBER • 1960                      15

Mysterious Objects Seen in Sky by 20

(Los Angeles Times August 18, 1960)

RED BLUFF, Aug. 17 (AP)-Mysterious football-shaped objects “flying in formation and emitting a red glow” were reported seen for the second time in a week last night by at least 20 observers in Northern California’s Plumas County.

The unidentified flying objects were observed in the little community of Mineral, 56 miles west of Red Bluff and 30 miles east of where three California highway patrolmen reported similar sightings Saturday night.

The Plumas County phenomenon was reported by three sheriff’s deputies, a forester, and about 20 patrons of the Mineral Lodge.

Two Residents Report Seeing UFO Over City

Two Albuquerqueans reported seeing a mysterious object in the sky Sunday evening.

One of them, Richard Bass, 1908 Madeira NE, said the object, which he saw about 5:15 p.m., appeared first in south-western skies, came directly over his home, then seemed to make a 90-degree turn and went east.

He said the movement was very slow and that the shimmering object did not have any particular shape to it. It was about the size of the evening star.

Paul Bahr, 1013 Indiana SE, said he saw the object at about 6:20 p.m. with a telescope. Bahr said he did not see it move at all, but that the light reflected by it differed in brilliance from time to time. He also reported it appeared directly over his home.

Dr. Bennett Basore, official timer for the Albuquerque High School Moon watch Team, said he was not watching the skies at the time and could give no explanation for the phenomenon.

The schedule for appearances of the Echo I balloon satellite over Albuquerque skies tonight and early Tuesday morning includes oases at 6:19, 8:28 and 10:33 p.m., all in a northeasterly direction, and Tuesday at 12:39 and 2:47 a.m., both in a southeasterly direction.

The Flying `Thing’ Is Photographed

BETHPAGE, N. Y., Aug. 31 (AP)-A mysterious reddish object circling the earth has been photographed by a tracking camera of the Grumman Aviation Engineering Corp., it was disclosed today.

Grumann said the photograph was taken by a special tracking crew which has been on watch.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The flying thing appears to be about a tenth the size of the Echo I balloon satellite and travels about twice as fast. Sightings from amateur astronomers and others have been received from throughout the United States.

Unidentified Flying Object Sighted by Truck Driver

(From Sept. 28, 1960, San Bernardino, Calif., Sun Telegram)

A San Bernardino truck driver has reported the sighting of an unidentified flying object traveling at great speed over the Mojave Desert Monday night.

“It was big and round, greenish-blue in color and moving at extremely high speed,” said Frank A. Stunden, 1158 E. 25th St.

Stunden said he saw the object about 11:10 p.m. Monday as he neared the Mojave Desert community of Vidal. Stunden hauls gasoline from Desert Center to Vidal.

“It appeared suddenly, then by the time I counted to three it was out of sight,” Stunden said.

It had “sort of a slipstream behind it” and it seemed to be about 500 to 1,000 feet over the desert floor, Stunden said.

I thought I was seeing things, but when I arrived in Vidal I talked with a man who had been driving about a mile behind me on the same road. He said he’d seen the object too and that it shook him up so much he almost overturned his house trailer.”

Sky `Object’ Mystifies Salt Lakers

(from The Salt Lake Tribune, August 9, 1960)

An unidentified object, reported as trailing luminous vapor, was reported by callers to the Salt Lake Tribune Monday night.

Callers reported the bright object appeared about 9:50 p.m. and was visible for “several minutes.”

Observers said the object appeared in the western sky and had a bright vapor trail.


Dear friends:

I just received the latest issue of the UFO Nachrichten (UFO News) from our friends, Karl and Anny Veit, in Weisbaden-Schierstein, Western Germany. In this issue is my report on the Giant Rock UFO Convention and mention has been made here in this report of the announcement which has been made at the Convention (by Orfeo Angelucci) in regards to the

OCTOBER • 1960                      17

International UFO Convention which is going to be held in Wiesbaden, Germany, on October 15-17 of this year. An invitation to attend this Convention has been extended to the following Contactees: Carl Anderson, Daniel Fry, George Van Tassel, Orfeo Angelucci and Hope Troxell. However, most of them asked the logical question: “How do we get there?” The expensive overseas trip presents a problem to most of them. I reported this back to the UFO Study Group in Wiesbaden. In this July issue I noticed that they have a long, big article in their paper, presenting this problem of transportation and lodging of the invited Contactees to the public, mainly to the different European UFO Study Groups and appealed to them for financial support for this purpose.

I wonder if you would be so kind to relay this message to the above named Contactees and ask them, if they would be willing to go over to Wiesbaden if their trip, etc., would be paid for. We would have to wait and see first, of course, how the people over there will respond to this public appeal. They are so very anxious to meet and talk to our Contactees of this area. Over in Europe, they have never had any contact with any Space people yet.

Yours truly,

Ella Elbert

Los Angeles, Calif.

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From “Earths in the Universe” by Swedenburg:

” . . . it is known to spirits and angels that there are inhabitants even in the Moon and likewise in the moons or satellites which are about the earth Jupiter and the earth Saturn. Even those who have not seen spirits who are from them; and spoken with them, entertain no doubt that there are human beings upon them, for they, too, are earths, and where there is an earth, there is man; for man is the end for the sake of which an earth exists and nothing has been made by the Supreme Creator without an end.”

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My mouth shall speak of wisdom; and the meditation of my heart shall be of understanding. Psalms 49:3

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The entrance of thy words giveth light: it giveth understanding unto the simple.            Psalms 119:130

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Dr. Fry on Tour

Daniel W. Fry, founder and national president of Understanding, went on a coast-to-coast lecture tour during September. The trip took him to such points as Denver, Colo., Iowa and Wisconsin, Chicago, Ill., Detroit, Mich., Buffalo, N.Y. and Baltimore, Md. Large crowds turned out to hear Dr. Fry at virtually every point, including a throng of 500 at his Denver talk. Accompanying Dan was Art Kloepfer, national treasurer of Understanding and former president of the El Monte unit.

New Units

Understanding welcomes four new units. They are:

RENO (Nev.), Unit No. 40, headed by F. David Rowlette, 432 W. 54th St., Reno. Reg Meaker is vice-president; Yvonne B. Neuharth, secretary, and Dorothy Waldron, treasurer.

TWIN CITIES (Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn.), Unit No. 41. President is Mrs. E. Van Poperin of 628 Stryker Ave., St Paul. Other officers are Delmar Espeseth, vice-president; Mrs. Dorothea Petersen, secretary, and Mrs. Cecilia B. Larson, treasurer.

WALLA WALLA (Wash.), Unit No. 42, presided over by Mrs. “Happy” Tharp, 316 W. Main, Walla Walla. Mrs. Virginia Lucke is vicepresident and Mrs. Florence Linklater is secretary-treasurer.

CANADA Unit No. 2 at FRASER VALLEY, Chilliwack, British Columbia. President is W. Epp, 137 Main St., Chilliwack. Vice-president is B. L. Harrington, secretary-treasurer Mrs. Beatrice Coleman.

Candidates’ Views on Flying Saucers

Understanding wrote to the Democratic and Republican presidential and vice presidential nominees during August and asked each of them to submit a statement on these questions: Do you believe in the existence of unidentified flying objects? Do you believe the UFOs are interplanetary space craft? Do you believe some men and women of earth have actually had contact with beings from other planets? Do you favor releasing more of the government’s information on UFOs? Nothing was heard from Vice-President Richard M. Nixon or Sen. John Kennedy. Sen. Lyndon Johnson and Henry Cabot Lodge did reply, however. Lodge’s campaign director

OCTOBER • 1960                      19

declined for Lodge. Sen Johnson’s reply alone was worthy of note. He wrote in part, “As Chairman of the Preparedness Investigating Subcommittee I have received numerous inquiries on this subject from conscientious American citizens. As a result of the interest shown, the staff of the subcommittee has been directed to maintain a continuing surveillance over this problem. I’m sure you appreciate the fact that this is an area of considerable controversy in the interpretation of what was seen by those responsible persons who have witnessed sightings of these aerial phenomna. “

Ministers Attend Saucer Meeting

Understanding put on a special meeting on flying saucers strictly for ministers during early September. Dr. Frank Stranges, himself an evangelist, lectured to some 40 ministers and 10 of their wives in Pasadena. According to Dr. Victor Joseph Larson, metaphysical minister who spearheaded the experiment for Understanding, a few of the ministers showed an interest in flying saucers. The attendance of 40 ministers represented the response from 400 invitations which were sent out.

News of the Units

EL MONTE, Unit No. 1, is supporting a Cuban friendship letters program being undertaken by the Miami (Fla.) Herald and the Alhambra (Calif.) Post-Advocate. Members have written letters to residents of Cuba expressing friendship for that nation. These letters are then forwarded by the Post-Advocate to Miami, where staffers on the Herald pick out names from the Cuban phone books and send the letters on to them. The idea behind the program is to open channels of understanding between the people of the U. S. and Cuba and thereby keep Cuba from going communist. Both Dr. Frank Stranges and Wayne Aho addressed the El Monte unit during September.

Wayne Aho toured Northern California during September, speaking to SAN MATEO, Unit No. 2, SAN FRANCISCO, Unit No. 11, CHICO Unit No. 16, SANTA ROSA, Unit No. 18 and MARIN COUNTY, Unit No. 31. His lectures included “Space Ships Coming to Earth: What it Portends,” “Bible Prophecies Fulfilled with the Coming of Space Ships” and “Self-Development and Preparation for New Age Work.”

VISTA, Unit No. 4, heard Dr. Frank Stranges lecture on “Flying Saucer Mystery Exposed” during September and John McCoy speak on the Faraday Cage during August.

20                                                  OCTOBER • 1960

LONG BEACH, Unit No. 8, also entertained Dr. Stranges during September.

SANTA CRUZ, Unit No. 9, members heard Riley Crabb speak on Aug. 11.

PASADENA, Unit No. 12, heard “My Pentagon Contact” by Dr. Frank Stranges during September.

DETROIT, (Mich.), Unit No. 28, entertained Understanding’s founder and national president Daniel W. Fry, speaking on “Spacecraft and Space Ships” during his national tour in September.

DOUGLAS (Ariz.), Unit No. 33, reports it has adopted the descriptive phrase “Oasis of Friendship” in connection with its activities. Meetings are being held weekly, alternating between study sessions and tapes of lectures. Dan Fry and George Hunt Williamson addressed the unit in person during September.

TACOMA (Wash.), Unit No. 35, hosted George King of London, England during August.


George Hunt Williamson, author of “Other Tongues-Other Flesh,” “Secret Places of the Lion” and “Road in the Sky,” will be on the west coast for a lecture tour during October and November. Giving an illustrated talk on “New Quest for the Holy Grail,” a description of archaeological research at the Glastonbury Abbey in England, he will spend October in Southern California, Nov. 2 through 6 in the San Francisco Bay area and Nov. 9 through 16 in the Pacific Northwest. Anyone interested in sponsoring Williamson may contact Understanding at Box 22, Station C, Pasadena, Calif. Lectures already arranged for Williamson include the following:

LONG BEACH, Unit No. 8, Saturday, Oct. 8, 728 Elm Ave., 8 p.m.

PASADENA, Unit No. 12, Thursday, Oct. 13, IOOF Hall, 715 N. Los Robles Ave., 8 p.m.

RIVERSIDE, Unit No. 22, Friday, Oct. 14. Call Esther Stilgebouer at OV 4-4510 for details.

INGLEWOOD, Unit No. 15, Saturday, Oct. 22, Business & Professional Women’s Club, 820 Java St., 8 p.m.

VISTA, Unit No. 4, Saturday; Oct. 29, Woman’s Clubhouse,’ 155 Park Ave., 8 p.m.

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