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Published monthly by ‘Understanding,’ a non-profit organization dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of the earth.








VOL. V                                         JANUARY, 1960                                        NO 1



The reception which was accorded President Eisenhower in each of the countries which he visited during his recently completed tour was both encouraging and enlightening. The enthusiasm with which his talks were received indicated plainly that there is still time and opportunity for the United States to regain much of the prestige, respect and friendship which it has lost during the last ten years while our politicians labored under the fallacious belief that it was possible to buy the respect and friendship of the people of other countries with golden `handouts’ delivered with a superior air and a very obvious condescension.

Mr. Eisenhower has discovered and has just completed a very successful demonstration of the one true path to international friendship and international peace-the path of understanding by intimate personal contact with the people as well as the governments of the various nations. This is, of course, the exact path which we have been advocating in every issue of UNDERSTANDING since its birth in Jan. 1956.

Now that the path has been `discovered,’ let us hope that it will be followed by many more of our politicians and our statesmen. There is no statesman in this country who is so busy that he could not well afford to spend thirty days visiting the countries and the people who may be affected by the decisions which he must make.

A friendly visit and a few sincere and honest discussions will buy more respect and friendship than any amount of gold. Especially when gold has so many political strings attached.

Eisenhower has opened the door to international understanding; let us hope that there will be much more traffic on this path in the coming year.


Excerpts from A TRIP IN THE NIGHT

by John Wesley Root

We fail utterly sometimes to comprehend that our surroundings are but a picture of our own painting, which we judge does not always merit the highest award. Until we can paint a better picture through self-expression-which is the self expressing the God within-then the undesirable picture will have to do until the time our conscious awareness has expanded to include the better.

Precious One, Divine Justice is not meted out by Divine Beings from afar, because they do not, nay, WILL NOT judge. It is administered by the Divine Self of God within our self, which, being Divine, is every bit as divine as any other Being, or all other Beings, for there is no such things as `grades’ of Divinity. To be divine is just to be divine. There is no divine-diviner-divinest.

The question immediately arises in your heart, `How about the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings? Are they not more Divine than we?’ No. That would be impossible, and would disrupt entirely the Law of Being. They are not more divine than we, they are only more AWARE of their Divinity.

Let us look at it in this manner. The water in the cup is, just as much the quality of water as the whole ocean, or all the water on earth. The light that flickers from a tiny candle is no less light than that which shines from the greatest star or sun, or all the light in the Universe. The one but expresses more light than the other, as the ocean expresses more water than the cup.

The Self of God anchored in our hearts is just as much God as any Great Being of our fancy, or of all the Great. Beings of whom you have read or heard. So, we, our true selves, our Self of God, are just as divine as the Great Divine Principle. No less. For we are that Principle in action; and any grade or degree lies in our concept of it and exposes itself in the expansion of our awareness of this knowledge-in our awareness of the TRUTH of our being.

That which at the time may seem injustice to one, is only a viewpoint of our own active expression in its relationship to Divine Justice. When we see imperfection in person, place, condition or thing, we are


meting out divine justice, not to the person, place, condition or thing, but to our self. And we are saying in substance, Great Self of God, which I AM, this is the best way of which I know to express YOU. This is the judgment I render unto you.’

Know, Precious One, the friend or enemy, the thing, the place, the condition that has seemingly come under judgment, is but our self being revealed. God is All and in all. YOU are God. Then YOU are ALL and in All. No less. And your neighbor or your brother is YOU, for there is but ONE CONSCIOUSNESS. When we KNOW this, then we will know that all things that come into our world are attracted there by the quality of our expanded consciousness, and so all are GOOD because from them we may learn how to use the gifts we now have, and the sense of proportion manifesting in our lives will include seeing PERFECTION in all expressions, picturing to the inner vision the IMAGE OF GOD hidden there.

Until we prove to ourselves that the Great God is within, we will not KNOW, we will only believe, and our hearts will go on hungering to express in a greater expanded consciousness. In reality, that great hungering is the desire, the avenue through which is poured the very expansion we seek. As we finally expand into the realization of this, as we surely will, and prove it by the practical use of all we have, we will suddenly become aware that GOD POWER, GOD WISDOM, GOD LOVE, in the expression of Divine Idea manifests through US its Divine Justice as well-and we become just THAT.

Just to the extent that we recognize that we are of value to LIFE, GOD-PRINCIPLE, only as we KNOW and FEEL God within us, will we see Divine Justice working through us to our ultimate expansion (ascension) no matter what our faults, tendencies or weaknesses may be. Then we will use these THINGS, CONDITIONS and EXPERIENCES, which we criticize in others, and condemn or excuse in ourselves, as stepping stones to greater expanded awareness in really getting acquainted with, and knowing, the God within-our own true SELF.

As God is in us, and as God is in every other individual that exists, and as all the wisdom and all the power and all the LOVE that all ex press through all Life is within US, why not seek out that Self of God,


the Omnipresent, the Omnipotent, the Omniscient, the inspiring Idea back of all manifestation, and expand IT into every expression of Self to the perfection of all. And finding that God Self-the Self of God and discovering we are that Self, then we know we have Divine Justice at our finger tips and can and do administer it DIVINELY, because of our inherent DIVINITY. Then, and then alone, do we find that we are the Master we have for so long desired to see and hear and to know, that by SELF application we have reached the APEX of BEING, and become the conscious expressor of Perfect Divine Idea.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Concerning all reformists, New Agers, and others interested in the advancement of humanity. Be reminded and consider this fact. This is Free Will riot to be transgressed by the Space People or any other. We must do this ourselves, and that is this. All of our contactees have been receiving ample inspirational works and information for many books. But what else to help them? NOTHING, in the way of finances. There ate in our family many people who disdain the word finances, their argument being that if it is to be-it will be!

Every effort will be made by the McCaffrey Research Corp. to aid and abet this so called “To Be.” “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves.” The foundation of the McCaffrey Research Corp. rests on this premise. Our “MUST,” our job, our every effort must be to find `Big’ and `Not So Big’ people who will go `all out’ for TRUTH. This job must be shared by every sincere truth seeker. This in reality means that.

every TRUTH SEEKER shall himself seek out people with means. This effort on your part is the LIFE BLOOD of the McCaffrey Research Corp. WHY? Because this is the ONLY organization in the entire field which specializes in this kind of work. We are soliciting specialists-par excellence. We have the time, the background, the inspiration. We have everything we need to do the job RIGHT. We have plans to open offices in one hundred cities in the USA and other foreign countries, BUT we can only operate with YOUR CO-OPERATION; you must do



Our Space Friends have made it plain that “Free Will’ must be applied and used regarding finances. It’s up to us to make the effort. Incidentally your director, Francis McCaffrey, need not concern himself with any of this effort. He could take a slow boat to China and forget all about New Age work. But he is one of the Chosen Ones-otherwise you would not be reading this. SO for the LOVE OF HUMANITY send in names of people with means who are interested in anything NEW AGE. You can be assured they will be given specialized attention. We have built up an organization predicated upon the fact that in our country there are literally thousands upon thousands of Truth Seekers in the TOP and MIDDLE Classes just waiting to be SOLD on the TRUTH.. And Truth is our specialty and we have the ways and means to sell it.

Talking about your director, Francis McCaffrey, while taking 16 mm movies of a trick parachute jump of Mr. Swede Wing at Giant Rock Spacecraft Convention, May 1958, a square freighter type spacecraft was impressed on his film. Two other contactees Mr. Howard Menger and Mr. Dan Fry were taking movies at the same time. Mr. Menger got a perfectly round type spacecraft with celestial rays radiating downward covering completely the parachutist. However our good friend Dan Fry got nothing on his film. Later on two L. A, ministers gave affidavits that they too saw the square spacecraft AND the mother ship which was just outside of the frame of the camera, and had given off the celestial rays which had covered the entire scene. Proof that your director has been selected for this job by the Space Brothers came later, when he sent up a negative thought, which of course was picked up by them. Immediately they took away the whole picture just leaving the parachute, and just a fraction of a second before the camera was turned off. Later a contact was made, “McCaffrey you’re our boy, but we will have nothing to do with you unless you stop these negative thoughts, and we have proven it,” they said. It is well known that these square craft are in our atmosphere, but very few, if any, pictures have been taken of them, especially colored movies. A new Belt and Howell Sound-o-film projector is used to show these movies to prospective donors. Also a late model slide projector is used in conjunction


with the movie projector. Our Corporation is equipped with the latest and best promotion equipment on the market.

Instruction have been received that these movies are to be shown only to prospective donors, and not to large groups. Perhaps the logic of this lies in the fact that all other contactees specialize in large groups.

We make our last appeal to members of the `FAMILY.’ Send in your names of prospective donors. As of Jan. 20, 1960, they will! receive Federal Income Tax exemption.

And now a parting word of encouragement. REMEMBER THIS IN ALL YOUR TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS. You, TOO, are ONE OF THE CHOSEN ONES, OTHERWISE YOU WOULD NOT BE READING THIS. AND another item to bring to your attention: The Occult Law says that YOU VOLUNTEERED FOR THIS JOB long before you were born on this planet! THINK THIS ONE OVER. It helps tremendously.

Eternally, my best,

Francis McCaffrey

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


(Pasadena Independent, Dec. 8, 1959)

Everything from foreign policy to space age education to rotten tomatoes was discussed yesterday at the Institute of World Affairs here. … Earlier in the day, Dr. A. R. Hibbs, acting chief of the division of the space sciences at JPL, presented this theory

Imagine, he said, one rotten tomato being left on a planet by space explorers. Then imagine the bacteria of the tomato multiplying and mutating rapidly and soon adapting themselves to life on this new world.

And then, one billion years later, that life form will probably produce a specimen capable of exploring neighboring planets.

On the basis of this assumption, Dr. Hibbs said, it is possible that future spacemen will take with them to other planets carefully prepared cultures of extremely hardy species which will give evolution a billion year jump over the accidental start of a carelessly tossed bacteria.

Maybe life on earth began, the scientist speculated, when visitors from outer space dropped by a million or so years ago and “before they left, deposited their rotten tomatoes.”


Craft coming into view. Bright spot is parachute.

Craft in full view. Parachute below

Craft disappearing from view.



ED. NOTE:     When this speech was first printed in our Vol. 1, No. 1 issue in January, 1956, several readers suggested that it should be reprinted every year in order to keep its message alive in human consciousness. We are reprinting it now because it seems that the message is finally beginning to be understood and heeded.


That famous barrack room ballad apparently counts on us, those old soldiers who have escaped the carnage of the battlefield, to find the fountain of youth. And indeed, we might if we only understood what the poet said, that youth is not entirely a time of life-it is a state of mind.

It is not wholly a matter of ripe cheeks, red lips or supple knees. It is a temper of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions, a freshness of the deep springs of life. It means a temperamental pre-dominance of courage over timidity, of an appetite for adventure over love of ease.

Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years. People grow old only by deserting their ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up interest wrinkles the soul.

Worry, doubt, self-distrust, fear and despair-these are the long, long years that bow the head and turn the growing spirit back to dust. Whatever your years, there is in every being’s heart the love of wonder, the undaunted challenge of events, the unfailing childlike appetite for what next, and the joy and the game of life. You are as young as your faith, as old as yours doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair.

In the central place of every heart there is a recording chamber; so long as it receives’ messages of beauty, hope, cheer and courage, so long you are young. When the wires are all down and your heart is covered with the snows of pessimism and the ice of cynicism, then, and then only are you grown old–and then, indeed, as the ballad says, you just fade away.


Many in this brilliant audience were my comrades-in-arms in the


days of used-to-be. They have known war in all its horror and, as veterans, hope against its recurrence. How, we ask ourselves, did such an institution become so integrated with man’s life and civilization? How has it grown to be the most vital factor in our existence? It started in a modest enough way as a sort of gladiatorial method of settling disputes between conflicting tribes. One of the oldest and most classical examples is the Biblical story of David and Goliath. Each of the two contesting groups selected its champion. They fought, and based upon the outcome an agreement resulted. Then, as time went on, small professional groups known as armies replaced the individual champions. These groups fought in some obscure corner of the world, and victory or defeat was accepted as the basis of an ensuing peace. From then on, down through the ages, the constant record is an increase in the character and strength of the forces with the rate of increase always accelerating. From a small percentage of the populace it finally engulfed all. It is now the nation in arms. Within the span of my own life I have witnessed this evolution. At the turn of the century, when I entered the army, the target was one enemy casualty at the end of a rifle or bayonet or sword. Then came the machine-gun designed to kill by the dozen. After that, the heavy artillery raining death upon the hundreds. Then the aerial bomb to strike by the thousands followed by the atom explosion to reach the hundreds of thousands.


Now, electronics and other processes of science have raised the destructive potential to encompass millions. With restless hands we work feverishly in dark laboratories to find the means to destroy all with one blow. But, this very triumph of scientific annihilation-this very success of invention-has destroyed the possibility of war being a medium of practical settlement of international differences. The enormous destruction to both sides of closely matched opponents makes it impossible for the winner to translate it into anything, but his own disaster.

The second World War, even with its now antiquated armaments, clearly demonstrated that the victor had to bear in large part the very injuries inflicted on his foe. Our own country spent billions of dollars and untold energy to heal the wounds of Germany and Japan. War has


become a Frankenstein to destroy both sides. No longer is it the weapon of adventure whereby a short cut to international power and wealth-a place in the sun-can be gained. If you lose, you are annihilated. If you win, you stand only to lose. No longer does it possess the chance of the winner of a duel-it contains rather the germs of double suicide. Science has clearly outmoded it as a feasible arbitrator. .

The great question is-does this mean that war can now be outlawed from the world? If so, it would mark the greatest advance in civilization since the Sermon on the Mount. It would lift at one stroke the darkest shadow which has engulfed mankind from the beginning. It would not only remove fear and bring security-it would not only create new moral and spiritual values-it would produce an economic wave of prosperity that would raise the world’s standard of living beyond anything ever dreamed of by man. The hundreds of billions of dollars now spent in mutual preparedness could conceivably abolish poverty from the face of the globe.


It would accomplish even more than this; it would at one stroke reduce the international tensions that seem so insurmountable now to matters of more probable solution. For instance, the complex problems of German re-armament, of preventive war, of satellite dominance by major powers, of universal military service, of unconscionable taxation, of nuclear development for industry, of freer exchange of goods and people, of foreign aid and indeed, of all issues involving the application of armed force. It would reduce immeasurably the power of leaders of government and thus render more precarious totalitarian or autocratic rule. The growing and dangerous control by an individual over the masses-the socialistic and paternal trends resulting there from is largely by virtue of his influence to induce war or to maintain peace. Abolish this threat and the position of chief magistrate falls into a more proper civic perspective. You will say at once that although the abolition of war has been the dream of man for centuries, every proposition to that end has been promptly discarded as impossible and fantastic. Every cynic, every pessimist, every adventurer, every swashbuckler in the world has always disclaimed its feasibility. But that was before the science of the past decade made mass destruction a


reality. The argument then was that human character has never reached a theological development which would permit the application of pure idealism. In the last two thousand years its rate of change has been deplorably slow compared to that of the arts and sciences. But now the tremendous and present evolution of nuclear and other potentials of destruction has suddenly taken the problem away from its primary consideration as a moral and spiritual question, and brought it abreast of scientific realism.


It is no longer an ethical equation to be pondered solely by learned philosophers and ecclesiastics, but a hard core one for the decision of the masses, whose survival is the issue. This is as true of the Soviet side of the world as the free side-as true behind the Iron Curtain as in front of it. The ordinary people of the world, whether free or slave, are all in agreement of this solution; and this perhaps is the only thing in the world they do agree upon. But it is the most vital and determinate of all. The leaders are the laggards. The disease of power seems to confuse and befuddle them. They have not even approached the basic problem, much less evolved a working formula to implement the public demand. They debate and turmoil over a hundred issues they bring us to the verge of despair or raise our hopes to Utopian heights over the corollary misunderstandings that stem from the threat of war-but never in the chancelleries of the world or the halls of the. United Nations is the real problem raised. Never do they dare to state the bald truth, that the next great advance in the evolution of civilization cannot take place until war is abolished. It may take another cataclysm of destruction to prove to them this simple truth. But, strange as it may seem, it is known now by all common men. It is the one issue upon which both sides can agree, for it is the one issue upon which both sides will profit equally.


It is now no longer convincing to argue, whether true or not, that we cannot trust the other side-that one maverick can destroy the herd. It would no longer be a matter depending upon trust-the self-interest of each nation outlawing war would keep it true to itself. And there is no influence so potent and powerful as self-interest.


It would not necessarily require international inspection of relative armaments-the public opinion of every part of the world would be the great denominator which would ensure the issue-each nation would so profit that it could not fail eventually to comply. This would not, of course, mean the abandonment of all armed forces, but it would reduce them to the simpler problems of internal order and international police. It would not mean Utopia at one fell stroke, but it would mean that the great roadblock now existing to development of the human race would have been cleared. The present tensions with their threat of national annihilation are kept alive by two great illusions.

The one, a complete belief on the part of the Soviet world that the capitalist ;countries are preparing to attack them; that sooner or later we intend to strike. And the other, a complete belief on the part of the capitalistic, countries that the Soviets are preparing to attack us; that sooner or later they intend to strike.

Both are wrong. Each side, so far as the masses are concerned, is equally desirous of peace. For either side war with the other would mean nothing but disaster. Both equally dread it. But the constant acceleration of preparation may well, without specific intent, ultimately produce a. spontaneous combustion.


I am sure that every Pundit in the world, every cynic and hypocrite, every paid brainwasher, every egotist, every troublemaker, and many others of entirely different mould, will tell you with mockery and ridicule that this can be only a dream-that it is but the vague imaginings of a visionary. But, as David Lloyd George once said in the House of Commons at the crises of the first World War, “We must go on or we will go, under.” And the great criticism we can make of the world leaders is their lack of a plan which will enable us “to go on.” All they propose merely gravitates around but dares not face the real problem. They increase preparedness by alliances, by distributing resources throughout the world, by feverish activity in developing new and deadlier weapons, by applying conscription in times of peace           all of which is instantly matched by the prospective opponent. We are told that this increases the chances of peace-which is doubtful and increases the chances of victory if war comes-which would be incontestable if


the other side did not increase in like proportion. Actually; the truth is that the relative strengths of the two change little with the years. Action by one is promptly matched by reaction from the other.

We are told we must go on indefinitely as at present-some say 50 years or more. With what at the end? None say there is no definite objective. They but pass along to those that follow the search for a final solution. And, at the end, the problem will be exactly the same as that which we face now.

Must we live for generations under the killing punishment of accelerating preparedness without an announced final purpose or, as an alternative, suicidal war; and trifle in the meanwhile with corollary and indeterminate theses-such as limitation of armament, restriction on the use of nuclear power, adoption of new legal standards as propounded at Nuremberg-all of which are but palliatives and all of which in varying form have been tried in the past with negligible results?


Dangerous doctrines too, appear-doctrines which might result in actual defeat; such doctrines as limited war, of enemy sanctuary, of failure to protect our fighting men when captured, of national subversive and sabotage agencies, of substitute for victory on the battlefield-all in the name of peace.

Peace, indeed, can be obtained at least temporarily by any nation if it is prepared to yield its freedom principles.. But peace at any price peace with appeasement peace which passes the dreadful finality to future generations-is a peace of sham and shame which can end only in war or slavery.

I recall so vividly this problem when it faced the Japanese in their new constitution. They are realists; and they are the only ones that know by dread experience the fearful effects of mass annihilation. They realize in their limited geographical area, caught up as a sort of no-man’s-land between two great ideologies, that to engage in another war, whether on the winning or the losing side, would spell the probable doom of their race. And their wise old prime minister, Shidehara, came to me and urged that to save themselves they should abolish war as an international instrument. When I agreed, he turned to me and said: “The world will laugh and mock us as impractical visionaries;


but a hundred years from now we will be called prophets.” Sooner, or later the world, if it is to survive, must reach this decision. The only question is when? Must we fight again before we learn? When will some great figure in power have sufficient imagination and moral courage to translate this universal wish–which is rapidly becoming a universal necessity-into actuality?


We are in a new era. The old methods and solutions no longer suffice. We must have new thoughts, new ideas, new concepts, just as did our venerated forefathers when they faced a new world. We must break out of the straight jacket of the past.

There must always be one to lead, and we should be that one. We should now proclaim our readiness to abolish war in concert with the great powers of the world. The result would be magical.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Cleve Twitchell, Reporting


(Los Angeles Times, Dec. 11, 1959)

Louis B. Seltzer, one of America’s most colorful and creative editors, was in Los Angeles yesterday and at a Statler-Hilton press conference discussed subjects ranging from tomorrow’s newspapers to beings on other planets.

The veteran newsman who became city editor of the Cleveland Press when he was 19 and is now editor of the crusading Scripps-Howard paper, scarcely finished the sixth grade.

Typical comments on some of the topics he was asked about What’s out in space?

“Personally, I think our space explorers will find thinking beings much more advanced than we on some of the planets in this or other galaxies. It seems to me monumentally egotistical to believe that of all the billions of astral bodies, ours is the only one bearing intelligent life.”



Germany, Dec. 14, 1959-A German space scientist says he has heard that one Soviet astronaut disappeared when the Soviets tried to put him into space, and believes others have vanished in similar attempts.

Prof. Hermann Oberth was commenting on reports distributed by the Italian news agency Continentale that the Soviet Union had made four futile attempts to get a human being into space.

“I know from American intelligence reports that one attempt at the end of 1957 or beginning of 1958 failed,” said the 66-year-old former member of the U. S. Army’s missile program at Huntsville, Ala. “I believe the Russians have made several other attempts.”

( … should there ever arrive an occasion when through your own ignorance a craft containing an occupant of any life form is hurled through space … it would be our duty to remove the occupant of that vehicle.”- by Kla-La in the Solar Cross Foundation “Galaxy” series.)

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


(Description of a sighting by Mrs. Lucille Watson of Morongo Valley, Calif., submitted by F. R. Brooks.)

“About one o’clock in the afternoon, I had retired to my bedroom for a rest on the bed. I looked out the window which swings outward, and had a clear view of our Morongo Valley which is surrounded by mountains. I had just lain down when looking out over the valley I saw my first space ship. It was round in shape, very shiny and moving at a rapid rate, without any noise whatever. And it was not very far away. If it had been a plane it would have made a definite noise and vibration.

“Immediately I arose and went outside to see more of it, but in the meantime it. had vanished from sight. The date was Oct. 6, 1959. I am somewhat crippled with rheumatism and cannot move very fast, or likely I would have seen more of the ship from my porch.

“I have been reading books in regard to space craft, and have been more or less conscious of their presence through others, but this is the first one I have actually seen. It was a very exciting experience.”



(The following report has been submitted by Dan and Doris Buckley of Pomona, Calif. On Dec. 2, 1959, they and others slighted several unusual objects in the sky over that city, located in the San Gabriel Valley approximately 25 miles east of Pasadena.

As Mr. Buckley is a telepathic channel, a clarification was requested the next day. Following is the reply received.)

“We are contacting you from 4000 miles above your earth approximately 25 miles east of your location of Pomona. We are hovering in space. I am impressing on this channel’s third eye a picture of the ship. It is somewhat different than those we have been using. The basic principle of motivation is the same-magnetic attraction and repulsion combined with air thermals in both your and our atmospheres. In free space it is the attraction of the planet to which we: direct ourselves that provides the motive power. There is a ship from another planet 124 miles north of us and at the same altitude.”

(Ed. Note: A check with a map of California shows that the point 124 miles north of a point 25 miles east of Pomona falls in the, middle of a large isolated area, but is quite close to a “U. S. Naval Ordnance Test Station. In small letters is noted the following, “Roads in this area are permanently closed.”)

“We are experimenting in making a triangulation both mentally and with instruments, electronic instruments, that will beam to a station in your city of Pasadena. We have made contact there before. It is not advocated as the novelty is too much for scientists to admit.”

Question: Are you working with scientists in Pasadena?

“It is with students in the scientific department. We are placing our faith in the youth of your earth. More and more are our existences accepted by youth and the older people are becoming more accustomed. When it will be safe for us to land among you, we will and allow many of your scientific groups to examine our ships as well as very many of the ordinary humans in your land…

“There is being formed above your earth planet a vortex within a


vortex whereby great magnetic attraction can be concentrated on your earth. This vortex within a vortex will give greater protection against such diseases as will be prevalent. We are energizing this as soon as it is possible. We exist in space and time, but our time is measured differently than is yours. This is the work of the combination of all planets that have living entities upon them with the exception of Earth. They have not advanced far. enough to join peacefully with us. It will be by means of these vortices that much of the atomic fallout will be diffused. It is becoming more necessary for us to use measures to defend ourselves, defend only-not create further chaos by physical violence upon your persons.

“But there have been many near accidents by your experiments and we still have to guide them. We have tried in various ways to approach the leaders that you have but they will not accept a peaceful message, feeling that it is merely the hoax of an unbalanced mind. They still will not believe what will be self-evident, but it still will preserve our peaceful existence. The optical illusion, also the auric illusion will be created so that they can follow to their ultimate course the experiments that they feel they are performing. They have arrived at the conclusion that they want and nothing else will satisfy them. We will give them that conclusion until such a time that your youth will arrive at their maturity and be able to take over in peaceful ways.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 



by Carlos David Leberman

Around about, above, within the soul of man,

pulses the power of the infinite!

Eternally it beats upon the shoreline of his

consciousness (awaiting like an anxious

guest) his recognition!

Eager (like the miracle of love) to be conceived

within his brain, his heart and to be born

            into his goings to and fro upon the earth.


The Song of Life is there!

            its music to flow through things called wood

and wire-through pipes and reeds

through golden finger-touch across, a

harp of many strings.

Cosmic jewels of color sweep across the artist’s

palette, as he visions upon a canvass

-that which is to Be!

At eventide-a mother croons a Lullaby

because Eternal things are in her heart!


it speaks with the tongues of angels

through the lips of master-men!

The power that is! turns the Potter’s wheel,

moves his fingers as he moulds the image

of his thinking pattern on the clay.

New worlds are there! —

within the realm about us now!

New worlds from which to build a new

world here! -(upon the wreckage

of a scene disconsolate)

What is this Power? and why? and where?

what mysteries interweave this void?

In silence comes the answer clear

from pale blue star to blazing Sun.

Out of the vastness of the Light

“From everlasting to everlasting




Vista, Unit No. 4 entertained Riley Crabb, director of Borderland Sciences Research Associates and editor of “Round Robin,” as its December speaker. Crabb lectured on “Contact with Flying Saucers.” The Vista Unit meets in the Woman’s Clubhouse at 155 Park Ave. in Vista. Monthly meetings are held normally on Saturday nights.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

ORANGE, Unit No. 7 is hosting Dr. Joseph Larson of Pasadena, Calif., on Jan. 9. His talk: “Harmonizing and Cooperating with Our Space Brothers.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

LONG BEACH, Unit No. 8 elected new officers during December. They are: Rev. Elvira Rider, president; Lorne E. Pogue, vice president; Mrs. Rena Strong treasurer; Mrs. Victoria Anderson, secretary; and Mrs. Mary Thomas, librarian. The unit’s January speaker is Clint Cary of Arcadia, Calif., lecturing on “My Physical Experience on Rillispore.” A member of the group-Maude Storms-is corresponding in Esperanto with several groups around the world, including one in Amsterdam, Holland. She may be reached through Understanding headquarters.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

SANTA CRUZ, Unit No. 9 heard a talk by Peace Pilgrim on Dec. 4. The group hosts Orfeo Angelucci of Glendale, Calif., author of “Secret of the Saucers” and “Son of the Sun,” on Jan. 14.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

SAN FRANCISCO, Unit No. 11 recently increased its membership by more than 150 per cent! San Francisco now has the third largest unit in Understanding.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

BERKELEY, Unit No. 17 entertained James Velesquez of Santa Ana, Calif., on Dec. 9 at Williams College. The speaker explained various passages from the Bible. The Berkeley group meets for public lectures normally on the second Wednesday of the month and for business meetings on the fourth Wednesday.


RIVERSIDE, Unit No. 22 recently submitted a detailed report of all activities since its formation in May, 1959. Dan Fry presented the group with its charter on May 2 and gave a lecture on “the Curve of Development.” He was followed by Calvin Girvin on June 14 and Ralph Huffman on July 23. Girvin returned to give the second part of his experiences on Aug. 3. An August 23 speaker was “Ric” Williamson on “Coming World Changes.” George King of London, England, addressed the group on “What the Space People Expect of Us” during November.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

NEEDLES, Unit No. 24, being organized by Muriel Erlewine, held its second meeting recently and heard a taped lecture by the Mitchell Sisters.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

John O. McCoy, author of “They Shall Be Gathered Together” and “Soarings of the Eagle” and co-author of “UFO’s Confidential,” spent the latter part of December in Los Angeles County, delivering several lectures on “Parapsychology-Frontier Science of the Mind.” Sponsored by Dan and Elma Fry, he spoke in El Monte on Dec. 19, West Covina on Dec. 21 and in Garden Grove Dec. 22.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Friday, Jan. 29:         Dr. Wallace Halsey, “Spacecraft, the Bible and You” 8 p.m. Santa Ana Community Center, 1104 W. 8th St., SANTA ANA, Calif.

Saturday, Jan. 30: Dr. John Hopkins, Ph.D.          (Northern vice president of Understanding) “Flying Saucers and What They Mean to You” 8 p.m., Darby Park Auditorium, 3400 Arbor Vitae, INGLEWOOD.

Sunday, Jan. 31:       Dr. Hopkins, “Flying Saucers” 2 p.m., Science of Mind Church, 1164 N. Lake Ave., PASADENA.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 




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