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VOL. IV                                                           SEPTEMBER, 1959                                 NO. 9


By Daniel W. Fry

(Reprinted from the FLYING SAUCER REVIEW)

There are, within the United States today, approximately one thousand groups of people who meet at frequent intervals to consider and discuss the nature and purpose of the aerial phenomena which have been given the name of flying saucers.

It has been conservatively estimated that there are now more than five thousand such groups throughout the world, and that this number is increasing each day.

Newspaper reporters and radio commentators who, when these groups were small and few in number, preferred to ignore them completely or to dismiss their activities with a few sarcastic words, are now beginning to realize that, whatever their personal opinion concerning the basic premise of the saucer groups, the phenomenal growth of these groups throughout the world has become important news. If the size and number of these groups continue to grow for three more years in the same geometric progression which has prevailed during the last three, they will become a very potent factor in the economics, the politics, and the religions of the world.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about these saucer groups which have sprung up, and are continuing to spring up in every country on earth, is the complete similarity of their thinking, and their complete unity of purpose. They defy and ignore all the artificial barriers of color, race, creed and political ideology which have been erected between man and his fellowman. They have easily bridged the geographical barriers of oceans, deserts and mountain ranges, and are rapidly overcoming the barrier of language.

Each group extends the hand of fellowship and brotherhood directly to every other group, ignoring and by-passing the petty bickerings and power aspirations of their respective governments.

It has been well said that, “in the age of nuclear weapons, there must be one humanity, or no humanity at all,” but with the passing of the years, it has become obvious that world unity of mind, spirit and purpose, can never be achieved by governments as they are now constituted. Even the most democratic form of government requires the concentration of the will and the rights of the many into the power and authority of the few. The government inevitably becomes an entity unto itself, full of stiff-necked pride in its position, jealous of its power and authority, and fearful of the possibility of their loss. And so, governments, however necessary they may be, and however fairly they may be constituted, must fail as a means of bringing about unity and understanding among the peoples of earth.

All of the major religions of this planet have large areas of mutual agreement, but, unfortunately, they also have minor points of disagreement which are continually emphasized and magnified. The followers of each religion are required to accept all of the dogma of that religion, and are denied the right to consider the merits of others. And so, however much good the present religions of the earth may accomplish, they also must fail as a unifying force.

The physical or material science of earth has the largest and most precisely defined area of mutual agreement, of any of the sciences. All of the principal rules or laws of physics are accepted by all physicists, regardless of their nationality, or of their social or political beliefs. It might be assumed, therefore, that the physical science should be a great unifying factor. There is, indeed, undeniable evidence that this would be true if it were not for the fact that our neglect and failures in the social science continually distort and misdirect the course of the physical science. It fails as a unifying force, only because its products are constantly diverted into paths of destruction, and presently constitute the greatest threat to the continued existence of humanity, which that humanity has ever faced..

With the failure of government, religion and science to provide the unifying factor, thinking people in all parts of the world have come to the realization of the desperate need for a common denominator. To millions of people, in all parts of the globe, the advent of spacecraft, controlled by intelligent beings not of this earth, has become that link. Since neither the craft nor their operators are indigenous to earth, the study and appreciation of them is not hindered or inhibited by the barriers of nationality, creed or colour which work so much havoc with all attempts to rally around an earthly cause or goal.

It has become apparent that the beings who are so frequently ob-serving us from our stratosphere, and occasionally landing upon our surface, have achieved a considerably higher degree of progress than we, in all phases of material, social and spiritual development. It has also become apparent that these beings or their ancestors have been paying us occasional visits over a period of time which extends as far back as our written history can trace, and even into the legends which precede our written history. The fact that, as a race, we have remained unaware of these visitations is evidence of the tremendous conceit of the human ego, which persistently ignores and denies any evidence which would tend to place it in a secondary position in the universe. We have been trained from birth to believe that we, as earthman, are the supreme products of this universe.

Earthly Explanations

Most of us subscribe to the great central power and intelligence, wisdom and love which we call God, but we like to believe that we come next. It is true that if we say that we come next after God, we must admit that we run a very poor second. Nevertheless, it is exceedingly difficult for us to make room in our consciousness for other races which may have achieved a somewhat higher degree of development than we. And so, throughout the centuries, whenever evidence of a visitation by superior races has come to our attention, we have always sought means of escape from the conclusion toward which this evidence has led. We have created “earthly explanations.” Usually they were not very good explanations, because it was necessary to ignore, deny or distort much of the observed data, in order to make the “explanation” fit. We have taken refuge in sophistry. We have employed ridicule. We have taken any conceivable course of thought or action which would enable us to escape from the realization that we were not alone in the universe, and were by no means supreme.

Now the situation is changing. While earthman has not yet reached a level of intelligence which will permit him to solve his basic problems, he is rapidly being forced to the realization that he needs help. Since his understanding of God is not yet sufficient to fill his needs. he requires the advice and assistance of other physical beings who have long since solved the problems with which we are now struggling. When earthman reaches this realization, his eyes are opened and he becomes aware of sources of assistance which have long been available to anyone who is able to recognize their existence. Once he becomes aware, it is obvious that he can never again be unaware, and so the progress is all in one direction. The rate of growth of this awareness is such that within a few more years the knowledge should become as general as the size of the earth, or the distance to the moon. Then, and then only, may we begin to utilize to its fullest extent the great assistance which we have been offered, and then only may the earthman achieve his rightful place as a citizen of the universe.

(The above article was first. written for the “Flying Saucer Review” of England, and was printed in their July-August issue. However, since the article concerns Saucers Groups all over the world, it is felt that it should receive the widest possible distribution. All other publications are invited to copy this article if their editors feel that it might be of interest to their readers.)

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(Written after my 1,000 mile pilgrimage through California.)


During the winter season of 1959 I walked a 1,000 mile pilgrimage through California. I walked in an oval from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Sacramento to San Diego to Los Angeles. I also visited many places off my walking route. Below is an article I wrote as I walked out of San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge. Musing beside an old fort, I wondered what it would say to the people of the world if it could speak.



When I was built much time and money was spent on me, because it was thought that I would defend the city against all invaders. Now I stand forlorn, since it does not require great wisdom to recognize that I am obsolete. But I am not the only material defense which is obsolete. Even the most modern of them are obsolete now, although you in your fear and your bewilderment still cling to them. But while in your immaturity you lavish your time and your treasure upon them, you know in your hearts that they cannot defend you against anything. You know that you stand, seemingly defenseless, facing a new age, while the nuclear bomb says to you, “Make peace or perish!” But are you really defenseless because all material defenses have crumbled as they were bound to crumble? Have you forgotten the defense which cannot crumble, the defense which lies in obedience to a higher law? Down through the ages your best teachings and your best selves have been telling you that evil can only be overcome by good, and experience has shown that if you want to make friends you must be friendly. When will you have wisdom enough to forsake the path to annihilation and turn to the defense which is timeless and ageless and changeless? People of earth, the decision is before you’. You can still choose life, but you must choose  quickly!


It is a joy to walk through California in the winter-through the warm sunshine of an irrigated desert, atop a cliff overlooking the blue Pacific or along a beach, through orchards and vineyards and nut groves and cultivated fields, over scenic mountain passes. California’s mountains are majestic and lofty and often snow-capped, so if you wish you can ski in the morning and come down to the ocean for a swim in the afternoon. In Southern California trees seem sparse, although palm trees line the city streets, eucalyptus trees line the desert highways, there are live oaks on the hills, cottonwoods in the arroyos and graceful pepper trees near the houses. Northern California, with its massive redwoods, seems to be a land of trees. Just about anything can be grown in California, from citrus fruit and tropical dates to apples and vegetables that are usually grown in the north. California is a land where seasons are not very pronounced–far in stance, in San Diego, sometimes called the City o` Eternal Spring, it is always warm in the daytime and cold enough for a coat or a blanket at night. In this seasonless land flowers often disregard the proper blooming time. It is not uncommon to see chrysanthemums, poinsettias and jonquils blooming happily with geraniums, petunias and other summer flowers. In some sections no house is complete without a garden, and there are flowers everywhere. About April the desert comes to life, and blooms with a profusion and a beauty that defies description.


When you realize that California’s chain of missions was started nearly two hundred years ago, the state does not seem very new, but actually most of the growth is new and most of the people are new Californians. The pioneer spirit still survives sufficiently to make new things welcome, so many interesting new things have established them-selves in the Golden State. Some seem quite worthwhile-others seem transient. Since it is in the process of rapid new growth, California faces some new problems. Most acute among them is the smog problem, which is centered in the Los Angeles area. At times I encountered smog so thick I could not see across the street and so irritating to my eyes that tears ran down my cheeks. Probably all industry in this area will need to be muzzled with smoke consumers or moved, all home heaters that send smoke into the air will need to be changed, and even cars will need to be equipped with devices to eliminate fumes. California’s southern seacoast is worth reclaiming-it could be an earthly paradise. When I arrived in Los Angeles, at the end of the Nevada nuclear tests, radioactivity was also a problem, having risen to more than 200% of what a human being can tolerate for an extended period of time. The Mayor of Los Angeles was phoning the President about this while the testers were trying to get the deadline extended. This indeed a new age problem, and one which may have devastating effects.


In answer to numerous inquiries, I would like to say that I do believe in writing letters to Congressmen, and below is a letter I recently sent to my Congressmen

I have never met a modern military man who did not realize that 6

military victory is a concept which became obsolete with the coming of  the nuclear age, and most civilians realize this also. We now face the problem of eliminating physical violence in this immature world where psychological violence still exists. If we who conquered the atom by applying scientific principles cannot create a peaceful world situation by applying psychological principles we will all perish together.

Congressmen in this crisis period have a great responsibility, for they cannot avoid making momentous decisions. They can make choices that surviving remnants will condemn them for or choices that flourishing future generations will extol them for. May they prove equal to the new age!

The new age demands higher value:. These who spoke of peace were once called idealists, but in this nuclear age the idealists have become the only realists. We have always thought of ourselves as having high ideals. Let us apply some of them in this crisis situation and lead mankind away from annihilation toward a golden age of peace.

Let us end the draft, inform other nations of our action, and ask them to do likewise.

Let us establish a Peace Department to do extensive research on peaceful ways of resolving conflicts, inform other nations of our action, and ask them to do likewise.

Yes, let us prepare for peace! With the instinct of self-preservation pushing strongly in that direction, it may break out at any time and find us totally unprepared!


We are living in a crisis period. We who are living in the world today must make a choice between a nuclear war of annihilation and a golden age of peace. Those who do nothing are choosing war-in which direction the tide of world affairs is strongly drifting. Those who do some-thing meaningful for peace become a part of the stirring and awakening in that direction and help to accelerate it. We cannot stay where we are, and as to which way we go—the choice is ours!


May I suggest a peace project which everyone can undertake. When-ever you learn that someone has done something on the good side, commend him and give him moral support. This applies to those around 7

you, of course, but it also applies to those in your government and in the United Nations. All not-good things are transient things-containing within themselves the seeds of their own destruction. They will fade away if the good is strengthened, so let’s commend the good and strengthen it!

Best love and best wishes,


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Into an ocean of limpid beams.

God is the flower-the scent of the rose.

God is the wind and the trees.

God is the river, as it. gently flows,

God is the valley-and the rain.

The sand. The sea and the foam.

God is the mountain–and the plain.

God is all things and home.

God is the heart of the kind,

The light in the eyes of the pure.

God is Love. Enshrined,

With-silence-as the core.

These things I interpret as I meagerly can,

As the Christ who lives.

Yet I know nothing-except I am,

And most of all GOD IS.

From the unpublished works of

Beverly Catherine Brown

April 8, 1958



by Cleve Twitchell

UNDERSTANDING’S International Headquarters Office has opened at 313 E. Orange Grove Avenue in Pasadena, California.

The office, which includes an attractive window display, flying saucer and metaphysical books, reading room and headquarters office, opened to the public on Saturday, September 19, 1959.

The following day, officers of all the Soul hero California Understanding Units and other dignitaries in the field gathered for a cornmemorative reception.

The office was ten weeks in forming, two weeks hard labor in getting the building ready, the other eight in equally hard brain and procedures work.

The story began on Sunday. July 12 at the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America convention at the Statler-Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.

In the late afternoon, Hope Troxell, president of the Pasadena Unit of Understanding experienced a personal contact with a higher being, several of whom had been at. the convention earlier, who gave rapid instruction for the benefit of Understanding and man’s development in the world.

He said, “Understanding must grow in the world – and grow fast… Man must work with man – and groups must work with groups – that nations shall work with nations – that the world shall learn to work with and return to the cosmic system.”

There followed ten minutes of more detailed instruction, with emphasis throughout on the importance of TOGETHERNESS and the assertion that Pasadena could become the hub of the wheel.

From that day. working together, members of the Pasadena Unit aided by volunteers from other Units put the message into fact.

Mrs. Troxell spent the first three nights pacing the floor of her home. The first problems were to train a nucleus staff and find an office for them to work in. The overwhelming volume of mail pouring in to Understanding and Dan Fry had produced a large accumulation of un-answered letters. These needed an answer as soon as possible.

The staff was quickly gathered from volunteers. They drilled for two weeks at Mrs. Troxell’s house on evenings and Saturdays. Mail began to get answered.

The selection of an office also was progressing, but the first few possibilities all had something not quite right about them – too high a rent, difficult landlord. not easily accessible, etc.

On the afternoon of Thursday, August 20, as the deadline was approaching when a decision had to be made, Mrs. Troxell received a telepathic impression that a place would very shortly be found, close to the downtown area of Pasadena, for less rent than any of the other choices and available immediately.

Later the same day she was referred by a friend to a stationery store and print shop at 317 E. Orange Grove Avenue where one might obtain stationery supplies at a reasonable price.

The curb in front of 317 E. Orange Grove is a no-parking zone. And so when Mrs. Troxell appeared the following day she had to park a little farther down the street – in front of 313 E. Orange Grove.

It was not until she returned to her car, after finding the print shop much to her liking, that she noticed the FOR RENT sign in the window of 313 E. Orange Grove.

The location was close to downtown. A telephone call determined that its rent was lower than any other previously found and that it was available for immediate occupancy.

A crew of volunteers led by Pasadena Unit members built tables and shelves, painted walls and the floor and put the office into shape. Orfeo Angelucci did the brick work in front.

The first sight that greets the eye upon approaching the office is a large blue and white sign that reads INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS with an Understanding insignia. Below this is another sign that reads UNDERSTANDING. The show window is filled with saucer books imaginatively arranged on a deep blue cloth.

As one moves through the front door, one enters a reading room of contemporary furnishings. A reading table; two lounge chairs and a sales table with the Martian Cross at its ends complete this front room.

Behind the reading room is the working section of the office. Desks are laid out around the room with small placards above each designating the capacity of that department. Around the wall they ‘read: Mail


Gabriel Green, Orfeo Angelucci, Hope Troxell,

Cleve Twichell and Marke Norman.


In the Reading Room

Joe Ennis & Chuck Hardiman

Members of our efficient

Pasadena Office Staff.


Opening; Receipt Desk; Memberships; Recording and Sorting; Book Orders and Shipping; Outgoing Mail; File Cards and Letters; Assistant Editor, typing, answering; Form Letters and Forwarding; and The Executive Desk.

Hours are 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. Monday through Saturday, plus Tuesday and Friday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30 P.M.

Public acceptance of the office and reading room has been good. 200 press releases were sent out prior to the opening to newspapers, radio and TV stations announcing the event. The opening was covered by both Pasadena newspapers, several other papers in outlying areas and many radio and TV plugs.

Perhaps the most interesting result during the first week of operation was the receipt of a piece of mail addressed to “Flying Saucer Interested Organization (I don’t know the name or address), Chamber of Commerce, Pasadena, California.” It had been air mailed from Wilmington. North Carolina.

This piece of mail arrived at our office in a Pasadena Chamber of Commerce envelope, which in turn had been addressed to “International Headquarters for Understanding, 313 East Orange Grove, Pasadena, California.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


On Tuesday, 7th July at 3.20 p.m., BST., Venus occluded the bright star Regulus. This was the first time that a planet has come between a bright star and the Earth since the telescope was invented and astronomers in many parts of the world would be observing the event. If successful observations of the occultation in our Southern hemisphere were possible then a more accurate figure for the planet’s diameter may have been obtained. Perhaps more interesting from a Ufological point of view is the fact that an analysis of the light from Regulus as it passes through the atmosphere of Venus may give scientists valuable information on the composition of the Venusian atmosphere. The main observation point was Madrid observatory.

Uranus, Vol. 6. No. 1



Being a discourse on New Age Philosophy as released by our ‘Elder Brothers’ operative from a higher dimension of Cosmic Consciousness via Telethought.




In our previous series we were treated to certain information concerning life upon another planet within our galaxy-which contained basic spiritual and philosophical truisms relative to present and New Age standards of Understanding. Such were released through the instrumentality of one ANTRIM of the planet GATO, under the title of “MANY SHALL BE CALLED.” Therein we were given ideals with which we were to concern ourselves, if we would aspire to become citizens of the New Age.

In this present series we are to learn of the economic, educational, social and spiritual standards necessary- for New Age preparedness. It is generally accepted among ‘Saucerites,’ that when the time approaches for this planet’s cleansing, all those believing in Flying Saucers will be taken up by space craft to another planet, or offered security in space until such time as the earth is made ready again for occupancy. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Whilst it is true that certain advanced individuals. who amongst those selected as worthy of recognition will be `gathered together’ and removed to a place of safety, the requirements for such recognition entail serious individual consideration, study and preparedness. As the Great Master explained it. “Nat everyone who cries, `Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” Neither shall it be that everyone who professes belief in Spacecraft shall be saved. There is no such thing as something for nothing, either on this plane-or any other. Such recognition and security must be earned, for, ‘one cannot take out what one has not put in.’ Thus the keynote is ‘SERVICE TO HUMANITY’ and those who aspire to responsibility. As a New Age citizen must be of those so prepared and educated for such responsibility. Hence the theme: MANY SHALL BE CALLED, but only a few can be chosen. We are now given a respite that we might qualify for position amongst the ‘CHOSEN ONES.’ There is work to be done. We must ‘prove’ our worthiness by action. Our job now is to spread the ‘truth’ abroad to all who listen, and to offer selves as instruments for service in our Father’s vineyard. Lip service alone is not good enough. We must give of our time and our energy to the furtherance of the PLAN OF THE AGES, which is the establishment of HIS Kingdom, based on the “FATHERHOOD OF GOD, THE MOTHERHOOD OF NATURE and THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN.’ This is the triune principal of spiritual development as symbolized by the TRIANGLE within the Circle. Our space brothers desire that we give much of our spare time towards this development so that we may arrive at a better Understanding, not only of ourselves, but also of others with whom we live, move and have our being.

It would be impossible to erect a new civilization based on present standards of social and economic principles. Therefore an entirely new social structure has to be erected before anyone can participate in New Age enterprise. This will not be based on ‘POLITICAL ASPIRATIONS  or ‘PARTY INCLINATION,’ but securely established on , platform  of SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING. Hence the New Age Philosophy introduced by our ‘Elder Brothers’ of space will afford such prepared-ness to anyone desirous of seeking citizenship in the new civilization. Therefore an opportunity- is now offered all those so inclined. Through the pages of this magazine will be offered various portals of enlightenment, inspired and dedicated to mankind, that those privileged to participate will find that encouragement and incentive they are seeking.

“Seek and ye shall find,” is more than a premise. It is a simple statement of the MASTER whose knowledge of ‘Cosmic Law’ impart= to us inspiration for further investigation into its operations. Those who are selected for positions of responsibility- and authority in the New Age will be individuals who have reached a Universal Under-standing of Cosmic Law, and who hold the highest office in its administration. Service is the keynote of New Age policies, and by this is meant, service to others. We are therefore now undergoing a period of preparedness that we might be tested as to our sincerity, our willing-ness to cooperate in the Great Plan of the Ages.

“Understanding,” with its many Units of coordinated activities offers one unified classroom of study. Its information will be practical, scientific, intellectual and academic-covering every avenue of advanced study and knowledge, not only concerning SPACE CRAFT from other planes, but revelations concerning our own planet ‘Earth’ and its future unfoldment.

To YOU who read these lines may the GREAT ONES inspire you to immediate action, that you may enthusiastically employ your spare time in concerted participation in the service of ‘UNDERSTANDING,’ an international and interplanetary organization, operative under the principle of ‘FATHERHOOD OF GOD,’ ‘MOTHERHOOD OF NATURE’ and ‘THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN.’ And-so-it-is. OM.

To Be Continued

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 




“In one tremendous shattering burst, the night sky was split by the spectacular, unheralded arrival of the first of a fleet of sleek space craft from a distant planet-and a new era was born!” That’s the way the headline story in the leading newspapers around the country might read at any time, now.

The attention of people all around the country and the world will be turned to the immediate problems concerned with playing host to visitors whose strangeness to us is now virtually indescribable. The in-formation which you have been receiving in this publication will then be sought by people with a desperate, frantic craving. But their interest will come too late to enable them to cope with the imminent problems at hand.

Those who have made a serious study of the factors required to communicate, present and absorb knowledge, and relate and convert this information into useable, practical solutions to our existing problems, will be the only ones capable of. handling this situation.

In previous articles in this series, subjects covered included the semantics of Positive Thinking, understanding metaphysics, universal understanding, and others related to the overall project of preparing the individual for a life apart from the humdrum, monotonous, dull existence experienced by humans through past centuries.

It is felt that anyone aware of the problems which we now face will understand the urgency of taking the necessary steps in order to be prepared when the inevitable events start to occur.

When the purpose of this series of articles is clear, it becomes readily apparent that certain important subjects are absolutely essential for advancement and development. As an invaluable aid in assisting the serious student who desires to get ahead in this exciting new field, the textbook “THE POSITIVE WAY TO PRACTICAL RESULTS” by FRA PRUDENTIA is being made available. Acquiring the rudiments of the fundamental understanding of the basic workings of the universe, is most important and this textbook is designed to help the student grasp this complex subject.

Consistent with the logical sequence of subjects to be considered at this time is the study of the basic meaning of nutrition. In the strictly technical sense, nutrition is the act or process of nourishing or being nourished, and to nourish is to furnish or sustain with that which provides life and development.

The basic concept of nutrition should include acknowledgment of the fundamental actions involved. A serious consideration of these basic actions leads to the understanding of the general requirements of nutrition itself. It is then realized that this is a process of acquiring that which will stimulate and promote growth and development.

Having arrived at this general definition, it then becomes obvious that this process can be applied to both physical and intellectual considerations. More specifically, the process of nutrition can be applied to the acquisition of knowledge and understanding.

These two subjects are not as distantly related as it might seem at first consideration. For example, we have all heard the expression “food for thought.” In fact, we have hand it so many times that it has practically lost all semblance of true meaning. (Refer back to the article on semantics and thought processes.) But actually, the phrase undoubtedly originally referred to the material which was presented for intellectual assimilation, as “food,” and the underlying process which was present but never mentioned was that of nutrition.

The very fact that nutrition appears to be such an easily understood process is indication that it demands careful consideration. It would be too easy to slip over this. important process without fully under-standing its universal elements.

The average person living on earth today can slip through his whole life without ever really understanding any of the processes which affect him. When things “go wrong” due to his lack of understanding, he assumes it was bad luck or the act of some imaginary demon.

However, when beings from other planets, who are sufficiently intelligent to design and construct space craft which will travel millions of miles through the uncharted emptiness of the universe, arrive here on earth, they will most likely- insist upon establishing communication only with those humans who are capable of embracing universal rather than restrictive thoughts.

Therefore, those who plan to be among the few selected to participate in this important work must be fully acquainted with the basic concepts of our universe, and Positive Thinking provides a means of assimilating these concepts without becoming entangled in the loose snarls of ordinary human thought. The effort required to learn in a direct, straight forward system of study- is energy and time well spent, but time devoted to following in the confusing circles of common human errors, is wasted and can never be replaced.

Scientifically, nutrition is a process which has essentially three distinct parts. They are (1) Finding or procuring the vital material which will promote growth and development, either physical or intellectual, (2) Assimilating this material, and (3) Using this material.

Step number 1, namely- finding the material required, is so universal that it is applicable to the simplest one-celled amoeba seeking sustenance to survive, as well as to the most advanced intellectual being in the entire universe-one probably abiding on some distant planet.

Each human being desiring to continue to survive in the days ahead must take the initiative to seek his own material, whether it be physical nutrients (and they are extremely important) or comprehension nutrients. Hope can be expressed that individuals will perform this service for themselves, but in the final analysis, the actual step must be taken by the person himself.

The second step, namely that of assimilation is important because simply being exposed to nutrients does not mean that they are taken in or become a part of the structure of the being.

The third and final step consists of using the material. After the first two steps have been successfully accomplished, the material must be used for some constructive purpose. Constructive use will be discussed more fully in forthcoming articles.

The next article in this series will present the facts pertinent to the subject “Understanding Reveals the Mechanics of Positive Thinking.”

All Rights Reserved

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(From “Yoga- Vasishtha,” by Dr. B. L. Atreya)

Destiny is nothing but what inevitably happens as the good or bad result of our efforts already put forth.

The attainment of the fruits of our labors is destined, and so it is termed “destiny.”

Actions previously done with will and determination and now ready to fructify are our destiny.

Expressions such as “It shall be so” and “It is thus determined,” in cases where the results of our efforts are completely and surely predictable, have given rise to the conception of destiny.

Ignorant people have, on the basis of such expressions, come to believe in the reality of fate as a self-subsisting entity, in the same way as one perceives a snake in a rope where there is none.

The real fact it that there is no other destiny than our past efforts, fructifying now in good or bad results.

As one endeavors, so one achieves.

He is a great fool undoubtedly, who relies on fate, or believes that God will throw him capriciously in hell or heaven.

He who believes that there is some other agency which is compelling him to think evil thoughts and to do undesirable acts, and, so, gives up his own effort, which is so palpable, is a very wretched man.

There is none among the brave, the successful, the learned and the wise, who ever waits for destiny.


They who always depend on fate, lose all their merit, wealth and enjoyments. They are, in fact, their own enemies.

The fools who believe that everything is in the hands of destiny are utterly ruined.

There is no other way to bring about the end of all misery than one’s own effort.

There is hardly anything in existence which is not attainable through right and earnest effort.

If anybody aspires for anything and proceeds to attempt to achieve it, he shall have it, provided that he does not retrace his steps back on his way.

Through effort alone the wise always come out of dangerous situations, and not through the absurd belief in destiny.

One gets only what he has striven for; nothing is ever achieved by sitting idly.

Everyone is one’s own friend or enemy; if one does not, save oneself, there is no other to save one.

One should, therefore, learn to be active along the right direction. The hypothesis of fate is unwarranted, for everywhere we see that activity alone brings about results, and where activity is absent, as in the case of a corpse, no agency of fate is ever observed to produce anything.

Fate does not do anything; it exists only in imagination.

Apart from being a consolatory contrivance, destiny has no reality of its own.

The efforts already made in some direction (now our destiny) and efforts now being made in a contrary direction oppose each other like two contesting rams; and those (efforts) which are stronger will surely vanquish the others.

One should, therefore, set to overcome his undesirable destiny by having recourse to greater effort with unflinching and strong determination.

There is hardly any doubt that the evils which are the legacy of the past, can be absolutely destroyed by efforts in the living present.

–Reprint from “Divine Life”

Dr. Atreya’s “Philosophy of Yoga-Vasishtha.”)

(For a detailed study on the subject, please refer to



(Reprinted from “THE VOICE”

No. 5 IRAQ

Sir, I’m a student of 18, attending secondary school for commerce and also a P.O. mechanic. My hobbies are music, sports, stamp and card collecting, travel and pen friends. I live in the capital city of Baghdad. Like my fellow countrymen, I’m very anxious to have friendship with all nations and build the foundations of a sure and lasting peace, based upon freedom and friendship.

I pledge myself to help in any way possible these ideals. I can correspond in English, French, Arabic. Russian and Turkish languages.

Harbi M. Altai.

Mechanic Telegraph, G.P.O. Central Office, Baghdad, Iraq.


Sir-I read “The Voice” through a copy sent to a friend, and found it contained much to stimulate interest-especially the Young People’s page and the many significant ideas presented within the newspaper as a whole.

I am a student, aged 21 years-in Gadjah Mada University and studying commerce and economics and am anxious to correspond with young people throughout the world.


Dr. Soetomo GKG/86, Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

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If you can get the picture of all persons striving in their own Way, often without light, to get along in this world, you will have more sympathy for those who stumble, those who complain. You will have more love for the one you need to help if you see that his misdeeds, his selfishness, and his unkindness come because he is working without proper light or understanding.

-Frank B. Whitney




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