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VOL. IV                                         JULY-AUGUST, 1959                               NO. 7-8



The most important headlines in our newspapers today are those which state that Nikita Khruschev has been invited to tour the United States, that President Eisenhower in turn has been invited to visit the Soviet Union, and that both men have accepted the invitation!

With possibilities of agreement as few as they are between the United States and the U.S.S.R., it is encouraging to learn that both men have agreed that they should know more about each other’s country, people and way of life. The only puzzling aspect of the situation lies in the question as to why this agreement should have taken so many years to come about. It is well known that Mr. Khruschev has, for several years, been hoping for such an invitation and surely, as a competent and experienced general, Dwight Eisenhower would never overlook the opportunity to make a close range examination of his adversary’s total potential.

It is true that there are many difficult problems, and a considerable amount of hazard connected with this exchange of visits. As the de facto leader of a great nation, protocol demands that, while in the United States, Khruschev be accorded all the honor and courtesy due his position. Yet there are in this country tens of thousands of refugees from Poland and other countries which Russia has seized and forcibly incorporated into the Soviet. Union. Many of these refugees are very bitter and antagonistic toward anyone who represents the Russian domination which has enslaved their people. It is certain that some of these refugees are going to find means of expressing their feelings in Khruschev’s presence. Mr. K. is, of course, well aware of the feeling of the captive peoples, and so long as it finds expression only in a few catcalls or picket signs, it is probable that no great harm will result. If, however, the expression should take the form of violence, a critical situation might well develop.

There is also another problem which is not so generally understood, but which contains an even greater danger. This danger centers around the large group of wealthy and influential individuals whose income is derived primarily from the manufacture and sale of military equipment and supplies. Many of these people feel that a peaceful visit by Khruschev would result in a lowering of the cold war tension, and that a lowering of tension would result in a lowering of their income. This fact was amply demonstrated by the downward plunge of war industry stocks which began immediately after the announcement of Khruschev’s visit.

The manufacture of war material has become, by far, the largest industry in the country, and those who control it wield a tremendous amount of economic power and political influence. These men do not want war, because they are intelligent enough to know that an all out war would destroy them, as surely as it would destroy all of organized society. Yet they have been directing their entire efforts toward the preparation for war for so many years, that they are completely up.-prepared for peace, economically, socially or philosophically.

If the visit of Khruschev to this country, and the visit of Eisenhower to the Soviet Union can be conducted in an atmosphere of dignity and tolerance, they may be written into history as a great turning point toward peace. If, on the other hand, the smoldering resentments, the bias, and the self interest of the few is allowed to flare into violence, the visits may lead to total disaster.

It is `we the people’ who will decide.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


On June 23, General Herbert C. Holdridge, together with a number of his `Minute Men’, and a considerable contingent of Indians from the Six Nations of the Iroquois, the Utes and tribes from California opened a picketing offensive against several of the governmental offices in Washington, D.C.

The picketing was planned to emphasize the demands of General Holdridge and his supporters for sweeping monetary reforms, and for more essential justice in the dealings of the Federal Government with the original citizens of this country. The American Indians. Specifically: General Holdridge and his organization, widely known as the “Minute Men of America” demand the return to Federal control and operation, of the Federal Reserve Bank which is now owned and operated by a private corporation. They are also attempting to call attention to the many injustices of commission and omission which have been perpetrated upon the Indians of various tribes and areas. The following is a portion of the report of the Washington Mobilization in General Holdridge’s own words :

“In the expectation that our forces would be larger we had prepared close to 100 placards for use in picketing public offices. The leading card for each agency carried the statement: `Leave all hope behind, ye who seek integrity (or honesty, or honest money, or health, etc.) here,’ followed by others contrasting our positive demands with the negative actions of our government.

“Because, for lack of marchers, we could not strike at all agencies at the same time, we picketed the offices successively — the White House on the morning of June 23rd at the time thousands of visitors departed from this national shrine, then passed our placards to learn that they had visited a whitened sepulcher; the State Department, the Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Indian Affairs on the morning of June 24th, and the Department of Justice in the afternoon; the Federal Reserve Building and the Bureau of Printing and Engraving on the morning of the 25th, with a repeat at the Bureau of Indian Affairs; choosing the hours when workers, officials and visitors were pouring into or out of the buildings. We had planned to picket the Pentagon, but dropped the effort because of jurisdictional problems.”


“We planned to complete picketing on Friday, June 26th-the Treasury, Labor, Agriculture, Health- –Education-Welfare-Welfare Departments, Bureau of Internal Revenue, and CIO-AF of L. Unhappily, the entire maneuver had to be cancelled because of the death of 75 year old Chief Ray Johnson of Hot Springs Nation of northern California. His death turned into the major dramatic incident of the mobilization, for it epitomized the principles for which we were marching. His people had occupied their lands since before Columbus discovered America. White squatters, many of them good men, had been permitted to “squat” in the area. One, a `bad’ man, had opened war on Chief Johnson and his wife, had removed fences, shot his cattle and goats, beat his wife. He had protested to local authorities and to the Federal District Attorney, but had been ignored. He had enlisted the help of Craig Carpenter, and had called at my home to obtain assistance, which I had attempted to give him. He told me in Washington that if the “march” were not successful that would be the end of things for him.

“While attempting to restore justice for himself and his people by picketing the Department of Justice, he became over-taxed from marching and the heat, and died on the 25th from a heart attack. Mrs. Johnson rejected all help from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, as “blood money.” Craig Carpenter and the Indians took over responsibility for funeral arrangements. We contributed with others to hire a trailer, hitched to Mrs. Johnson’s car, into which the casket was placed. Mrs. Johnson sat on the rear seat of the car with her two dogs. Crag drove the car with Mrs. Etta Mc Curdy of the Utes as assistant driver, and the funeral cortege started across the country for a true Indian burial.” ACCOMPLISHMENTS: “We learned something we should have known from the beginning — that large numbers alone are not the important factor. The truths we told. and the courage and determination with which our small numbers told them, were far more important. Nothing like our challenge to official corruption has happened in the history of the United States. No one jeered at us. Many showed astonishment. Many shuddered and turned away. Many expressed wholehearted approval, and cheered us on, even including some of the police. The entire government of the United States will know of it, for notes of our placards, made by government agents are, no doubt, being circulated through governmental bureaus.

EDITOR’s NOTE: In spite of the fact that most of the newspapers in this country either refused, or were not permitted to carry any reports whatever of the mobilization, it appears that the efforts of General Holdridge and his supporters resulted in a considerable impact upon the inertia of legal justice in our courts of equity. A few days ago the following headline appeared across the front page of a Los Angeles newspaper. “COURT GIVES CALIFORNIA BACK TO THE INDIANS.” Under this somewhat facetious headline, the article stated that in a final decision the courts have held that the Indians of the State of California are legally entitled to compensation for the loss of some 78 million acres of land (about two thirds of the entire area. of the state) which was illegally taken from them.

Apparently the story was headlined in only one newspaper in the Los Angeles area, and in only one edition. However rapidly and thoroughly the story was hushed up, the fact remains upon the court records, and may furnish the basis for litigation for many years to come.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 



Excepts from Later Messages Received During 1957-1958

“We trust that you will continue in all faith and sincerity, banishing from your minds those negations that enter in; those mass invitations which allow you to form and make comments which are received by others by telepathic inference and thus are known.”

“This is a time for co-ordination and co-operation and we would that you consider our words deeply and well, for we cannot overemphasize the importance of the times in which you now live, so if you would go onward and expand into the consciousness of ‘Him’ who created us, then we suggest that more attention be given to these matters which are far more important than any mundane activity which you now engage therein.”

“Seek ye the Kingdom of the Most High. This is a mystic statement. Let he who hears comprehend. Waste not your time with unimportant details, for there is a great work to be done and we have been called upon to assist in it, even as ye are called upon to assist us.”

“An item of interest that you may like to hear, concerns a book written and published by one, Dan Fry, whose experience with a space-5

craft has caused much ridicule and criticism. We presume that all of you have perused the book, so may be familiar with the controller of this craft. His name is Atlan, and he is referred to as Alan because it is the nearest equivalent in English. Be that as it may, we would merely like to state that the said ‘Alan’ is the same individual bearing the same name in his Atlantean incarnation. We mention this because there is reference to him in another book titled “Dweller on Two Planets.”

“We too suffer heart pangs when we think back to that glorious era. That was a time of joy beyond description which would have continued had it not been for the hunger and desire for power by those of the Priesthood who became obsessed with their own importance thus con-founding and confusing the peoples under them. Ye have them with you today, so watch and prepare. This is why we are concerned with the conditions now facing you, which in many ways are similar to that far away period, your scientists surely creating machines eventually surpassing those used in ancient Atl.”

“Man may plan, but greater intelligences have other ideas, and whilst creative law must operate and segregation of the Earth’s peoples be arranged according to that law, those holding high office. who, by their machinations inject their own ideas based on control by power, will find in the very near future that there is a greater power and law than their own.”

“There has been some excitement during this past moon cycle in our own sphere of activity. We refer to a sister planet which you call “Mars,” and we do not know if any mention has been made in your newspapers, but it has been observed by the crew of an observation craft, not of our Council, that a peculiar shaped and dense type of cloud was hovering over a portion of this planet’s surface. This was investigated and it was found that the advanced inhabitants of that sphere have also been experimenting with a form of magnetic apparatus, which we can only describe as a ‘disintegrator vibrator.’ The field force which is governed by light waves operative in an electronic field of high frequency causes a reaction in their atmosphere similar to the radioactive pockets mentioned earlier, suspended in your hemispheres, and it is in relation to these that the said experiments are being con-ducted on the planet ‘Mars.’


“May we suggest that a greater attempt be made to insure harmony in your own lives that it may reflect as a light through others. Allow not the criticisms of mundane minded persons to concern you, for it is the psychology of the human that when he notices his negations are having effect, he repeats and emphasizes them. When they are not given attention he ceases to express them and seeks other means. Eventually he succumbs to curiosity himself.

We leave you this evening in peace and may you catch a glimpse of these things as we traverse the oceans of space.

Your brother in service


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Beginning in our next issue a series of articles by Rev. Mare A. Norman, author of “Many Shall Be Called,” entitled:


Being a. ‘New Age’ philosophy as released by our Elder Brothers operative in the higher realms of Cosmic Consciousness, and offered to all who aspire to become citizens in the golden age now confronting us.

Mr. Norman has been active in the fields of Cosmology and related avenues of research for the past forty years. He is an ordained minister of the ‘Church of the Christian Brotherhood,’ Toronto, Canada, and a priest of the “Order of Melchizedec” or Great White Brotherhood. Has traveled extensively, lecturing in many parts of the States and Canada, written articles for various magazines, and was assistant editor of Canadian Astrology.” Organized and established ‘The Universal Fellowship’ and now active in establishing units of “Understanding” in various cities and towns in Canada and north west areas of United States; is also public relations counselor and consultant.

Readers will look forward to this new series and we hope that they will find them as interesting as those previously released under the title “Many Shall Be Called.” The latter are now in the process of being published in book form under same title. Paper cover. Price $2.00. Hard cover, $3.00. Send in your orders for this fascinating account of Space Craft contact through ‘Telethought’.



Since your Teen Age Editor, Bill Hamilton, is on vacation, we are herewith reprinting letters which appeared in the current issue of “The Voice,” best described as “This New Age Friendship Newspaper, the voice of truth and brotherhood.”


Sir-I was surprised and very pleased to receive your letter and copy of “The Voice.”

I am 17 years old, studying at the Secondary School, Haifa.. My hobbies are sport, literature, history and travel, and pen friends- I shall look forward to correspondence from boys and girls from other countries.

Abdullah Sady Kyriat Amal,

P.O. Box 5, Sa’ehijh, Israel.


Sir,— I thank you very much for your letter and a copy of “The Voice.” I found each copy of The Voice filled with very interesting and worthy material. I had the great pleasure of introducing the news-paper to this college and translated the article on Won Buddhism into Korean in order to read it to more than 500 of my fellow students. They were greatly interested and sent their thanks and best wishes.

I was particularly pleased to hear from the young people all over the world and am delighted to learn that the Young Peoples page is a means of providing contact with them.

I am a Korean boy student in the college, my religion is Buddhism, my hobbies are reading, art and pen friendship, and am anxious to help in the promotion of world peace and fellowship.

Soo Eun Song

Won Kwang College, Iri City, Cholla Pukdo, Korea.



World Friendship Association

Sir-I have been an active member of the “World Friendship Association” since its inauguration in this college. I hope as time goes on, that the Editor and his co-workers will forward all helpful suggestions. Likewise, communication from friends throughout the world will be most welcome.

Stephen I. Ejebe.

B.D.T.T.C., Benin City, Nigeria


Sir-Thank you very much for “The Voice.” I am a Turkish girl of 16 years, attending senior high school at Ankara. Travel, sports, reading and languages interest me very much.

I think life is full of great pleasures and surprises for us all, yet if we live in peace together as friends, surely the world will be even more beautiful for us.

It will be a great pleasure to have friends in other countries whom I can contact, a wish that I have wanted for a long time.

Miss Engin Konakci.

(Aged 16, Muslim)

Bahceliceuler 71, Sokak No. 24, Ankara,Turkey.

Understanding is sending copies of this issue and others to these young people. We know many of our young readers (and older) will be glad of the opportunity to correspond with these fine teenagers. “The Voice” is printed in England and is priced at $1.00 for four quarterly issues.



8. Watling Rd.

Southwick, Brighton

Sussex, England.


The pictures below were taken at the home of Dan Fry during a recent Strawberry Festival















Some 42 speakers, 2000 listeners and a barrage of newspaper re-porters and photographers combined to put on quite a show at the first national convention of the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America last July 11 and 12 at the Statler-Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

The space people helped too, or at least on the morning of Saturday, the 11th, several UFO were sighted by airline pilots on the way from San Francisco to Hawaii. The sighting aroused something of a sensation and many a newspaper on Sunday morning carried reports of the UFO side by side with a report of the AFSCA convention.

All in all, press coverage of the convention was generous. Nearly 100 news stories were carried by Los Angeles County papers alone. Additionally several stories and pictures were distributed by the world-wide wire services, and it is impossible to estimate how many more hundreds of stories appeared. Clippings to date have been received from several foreign countries including Italy and Australia.

The convention speakers ranged from contactees and researchers to mediums. They included “old timers” such as Dan Fry, Truman Bethurum, Orfeo Angelucci, Dana Howard, Wayne Aho, Hope Troxell, Mark Probert and Rheinhold Schmidt ; the first local appearances of George King and Dan Alai-tin; a reappearance of Lee “Prince Neasom” Childers; several ministers, Rev. M. S. Mowery, of Tipp City, Ohio; Rev. Mart Norman of British Columbia and Dr. Joseph Larson of Pasadena, Calif.; and many lesser known but equally fine speakers.

Convention creator and director Gabriel Green also gave two lectures. With six lecture halls in operation most of time, all who wished to speak were given an opportunity. Dick Miller, channel for Monka and other beings, took over one of the rooms and played the Solar Cross Foundation library of space tapes for almost the entire two days.

Other highlights including the following:

LeRoy Roberts, channel from Oregon, one of whose mentors came through and stated that the master Jesus, before coming to Earth, had visited Mars and had taught its inhabitants how to conserve their dwindling water supply-by building canals.

Larry Boren of the World of Tomorrow Foundation, who demonstrated the use of colors and music in therapy.

Wilbur Miller, who received a transmission from the being Mentar, giving unbelieving Earthlings a well deserved kick in the pants. Calvin Girvin, who told of his strange experiences while in Hawaii in 1955.

Kelvin Rowe, who spoke on “My 350 Trips Into Space.”

Carl Anderson, who described his contacts, including a rescue by levitation beam from almost certain death in a fall into a deep canyon.

Michael (X) Barton, who spoke on the need for vegetarianism and natural foods, non-violence, balance in daily life and other high spiritual values.

Riley Crabb, who estimated the date of Atlantis’ sinking as 9564 BC, estimated that an atomic war occurred on Earth 80,000 years ago, said Admiral Byrd may have communicated with saucers in Antarctica, and predicted that after the next polar flip the new North Pole would lie in what is now Siberia.

Also William Suther, young teenager, who said he had recently toured a universe separate from our own in his astral body, and gave a forceful talk on the leadership of youth to come.

George King spoke three times and received one transmission. His talks were principally in the form of introductions to his group, “The Aetherius Society,” and its principles. He said he felt it was up to the human race to make the Earth a perfect world and also spoke of the power of prayer, which he claimed releases tremendous radiations.

Of the ministers, Dr. Larson spoke on “The Spiritual Significance of the Space Ships,” exploring the many references to saucers in the Bible. Rev. Norman spoke on “Many Shall Be Called.”

Additional speakers and their topics included: Marianne Frances, “Radiation and Atomic Fallout”; James Velasquez; Gloria Lee, “Science, Saucers and Sex”; Zelrun V. Karsleigh, “Calling Outer Space”; Della Larson, ” Material Science, Metaphysics and Space Ships”; Dr. Leo E. Wagner and Elana Lane, channels for Ashtar of Venus; Bessie Arthur, “Our New Age Heritage”; Winogene Savage and Marian Nigl; William Ferguson; Laura Mundo, “The Visitors’ Plan”; Neva Dell Hunter, “Concepts for the New Age”; Dr. Wagner and Hadi King, “Aura Rhanes Speaks”; Ralph Huffman, “World Graduation Day-Who, When, Why?”; and Dr. John Hopkins.

Two discussion groups, led by leaders of space craft clubs, also were held.

The convention was opened and closed by director Green, who gave a talk on “Flying Saucer Movement-Where Headed and How?” as the finale, in addition to a Sunday morning lecture on “Prior Choice Economics.” Green is to be complimented on his handling of the difficult problems involved in putting on the convention. The event was carried out with remarkable case and calm.

Adding to the highly charged climate of the meet was a next-door conference of mayors from many major U.S. cities which was gathering on the same floor. The mayors mingled with saucer fans and appeared to be interested. As if to drive the point home, the first item on the mayor’s agenda was an excursion to the Griffith Park Planetarium, the title of the show: “A Trip to the Moon.”

-Cleve Twitchell

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


“Ric” and “Miche” have just returned from fabulous far-away places of mystery and enchantment!

In April this ,year, the Williamsons went back to South America and immediately began the most exciting chapter in their entire career’. They journeyed to Cuzco, the `Center of the World”. . . ancient capital of the great Inca Empire. Everywhere they went they obtained 16mm movies in color and 35mm color slides. As the niece of the former French Ambassador to China, Count Pierre Bons d’Anty, “Miche” acquired an early interest in ancient and strange places.. . not only of the Orient, but of the world. As a commercial artist she is well qualified to document such places and inhabitants with her wonderful drawings. So, the Williamsons recorded everything with camera and pen and brush. At Cuzco, on the old day of the famous Inca Sun Festival or “Intiraymi”, they filmed the approach of the Emperor and the Ceremonial Dances. In the farthest Andes at Machu Picchu, “Lost City of the Incas”, live young Indian models posed in the Sun Temples … taking positions that must have been used by their ancestors on the great altars. “Ric” is the first scientist to advance the theory that such temples were in reality places of scientific experimentation with solar energy! The use of great lenses and the direction of the sun’s rays is vividly shown in his color slides … views into the intimate life of an ancient world you will never forget! He has made the “voiceless ruins” speak and has brought them to life again! The Williamsons crossed mighty Lake Titicaca on their journey to Bolivia …

. . . It is 138 miles long and 69 miles wide. ..the highest navigable lake in the world. They visited the curious Uros Indians who live all their life on little reed islands on Lake Titicaca and claim they are the descendents of the Chaldeans! In La Paz, capital of Bolivia, weird “Devil Dances” performed with grotesque masers were filmed, and many days were spent in the heart of the highest Andes, surrounded by lofty mountain chains. At an average height of 12,600 feet above sea level, the Williamsons conducted their research at the Altoplano of Bolivia in the ruins of the most ancient city of the world… Tiahuanaco! Here, great monolithic statues and sacred edifices are all that remain of a magnificent lost realm that must have flourished over 100.000 years age! Through aeons of time. the massive Calendar Gate of the Temple of Kalasasaya has survived. . . it has been called “the most precious monument of Man’s mind that exists anywhere in the World.” And what does all this have to do with our present interest in “Space?” Well, wait till you hear the Williamsons.. . you will explore new vistas and view new horizons with them you have never dreamt of! You will learn that the present Moon of Earth was not yet in existence when man lived at fabulous Tiahuanaco! “Miche” accompanied “Ric” as he journeyed back to the “Rock of the Writings” in unknown territory of the Peruvian eastern tropical rain forests. She was the first white woman to ever enter the area. and documented the entire panel of ancient hieroglyphics (the first discovered in South America) by her drawings! More was learned of the “Time of Destruction” when the world’s great civilizations were destroyed… The Wiliamsons w ill bring you a warning from out of the dim past of mankind that will keep you thinking for months! You will never forget it! Take a trip through the time-barrier and learn of a time when leaders of the past communicated with visitors from Interstellar Space! Learn of the great ships of magnetic energy that operated on the force of the “rainbow” and descended to Earth to attempt to establish Peace and harmony. . . “on Earth as it is in Heaven.” Learn the part Space Visitors played in the dramatic story of the Inca Empire.. and how they guided it during the days of Pizarro’s conquest! Groups interested in sponsoring the Williamsons should contact the following U.S.A. Representatives

For the West Coast

Mrs. Elma Fry, Williamson Lectures

2527 E. Cameron, West Covina, Calif. (EDgewood 1-4509)

For the Mid-West and East Coast:

John McCoy, Williamson Lectures

P.O. Box 3433Corpus Christi, Texas (TErminal 5-6939)

Public lecture title is “City that Existed Before the Moon.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Hancock, New Hamp.

Dear friend

Following are letters fronm President, de Gaulle of France, Prime Minister D. Ben Gurion of Israel, and other well known people regarding the hook “Unity of the Spirit.”, I thought it might interest your readers to know what these brilliant men think of it.

Comtesse Elsa de Pierrefeu


Your book, inspired by an ardent desire to preserve spiritual values, so menaced in our world of today, has interested me.

Allow me to thank you for having so kindly dedicated and sent it to me.

Please accept, Madame. my respectful homage.

C. de Gaulle


From D. Ben Gurion in his own handwriting.

Dear Mrs. Pierrefeu,

I admire your lofty feelings and deep religious love for all human beings, and I would like to see your noble utterances made as popular as possible, but it would be presumptuous on my side to give advice to editors I don’t know. But I am in full agreement with you in realizing that what humanity needs most is-the understanding of its unity. Man was created in the image of God, i.e., every man, without distinction of race and colour.

Yours Sincerely

D. Ben Gurion

Ideh-Boker, II.Io.57


Oak Bluffs, Mass.

My dear Countess de Pierrefeu:

My wife and I have been reading UNITY OF THE SPIRIT. Seldom, if ever, have we read any book which so expresses what we deeply feel, but at times dimly see. Nearly every one of the persons whose letters are in the back of the book are personal friends of mine, many of them very personal friends.

Our months in India, where we were guests in the homes of Parsees, Hindus, Moslems, Jews and Christians did much for us.

If now we can do anything to bring peace between the Arabs and Israel, it will be a great step toward Unity in the Spirit.

Can you think of anything we can do here? (Only part of a much longer letter.)

Ralph Harlow

Gratefully your friend

Editor’s Note: This very fine book “Unity of the Spirit” by Elsa de Pierrefeu is now available from Understanding in a paper back edition, priced at $2.00.



The first Indian Spacecraft Convention has been announced by Convention Chairman and Host, Chief Standing Horse, Rt. 13, Box 603, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The convention that will probe into sightings and experiences with Unidentified Flying Objects or what are popularly called “Flying Saucers,” will get underway at the Indian Christian Camp on old Highway 66, eleven and one-half miles Southwest of Tulsa and two and one-half miles from Sapulpa, Oklahoma, on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 26 and 27. Camping facilities are available for those who wish to camp out. This is to become an annual event says Chief Standing Horse.

Chief Standing Horse was born eighteen miles east of Toledo, Ohio, in a tepee and says therefore he is a “Buckeye.” He is 67 years old. He said he has seen Flying Saucers four or perhaps five times since May 15th, 1947. One nearly landed near his place at Tulsa one day when he was reading the Holy Bible under an oak tree in front of his house. He says his grandmother knew what Flying Saucers were and she believes she saw one when she was 13 years of age. She called it a “Canne.” She lived to within three months and four days of 130 years of age. Chief Standing Horse, in a letter to the Director of Washington Saucer Intelligence, a civilian Saucer Investigation Agency, said “Ezekiel saw a wheel within a wheel, was it a Flying Saucer?”

Many answers to questions such as these will be given and many interesting conferences take place as noted Flying Saucer lecturers have been invited by Chief Standing Horse. Many will recount personal experiences with strange craft that have been seen or landed and discuss the historical, spiritual and philosophical meanings behind this flurry of 20th Century activity. Chief Standing Horse invites the public to come and hear.

He is busily engaged in preparing the camp grounds for the event; installing a cook house. standing counter for soft drinks, lights and comfort stations. He is spending $500.00 of his own funds to make this possible and has purchased a new tape recorder so he can make a permanent record of lectures for future listening pleasure. He does not know how to operate the tape recorder yet but says he will learn.

Wayne S. Aho

Director of Washington Saucer Intelligence

Oklahoma address of Washington Saucer Intelligence:

1400 No. Drexel Blvd., Oklahoma City 7, Okla. Windsor 2-1519


The people who claim to have seen flying saucers may be right. A French scientist asserts he has discovered a way to build one capable of traveling in the cosmos at unlimited speed. Dr. Marcel Pages would simply eliminate the earth’s gravitation by a rotating electric field. His theory is that Newton’s apple didn’t fall because of the attraction of the earth but because of the repulsion of cosmos. In other words, the force which we call gravitation is sheer concentrated protonic energy. Dr. Pages has been working on his theories for 40 years and presented them to the International Congress of Satellites and Missiles in Paris. His saucer is round and flat with a cabin for passengers in the center just like a great many reported seen from time to time in this country.

So maybe we earthmen are just catching up with those visitors operating unidentified objects. At any rate his anti-gravitation concept is a good hot weather topic.

-Reprinted from Long Island Daily Press

-Contributed by Harry Hoffman



The advent of one more society into the field of “flying saucer” investigation can nowadays be no novel event, for throughout the world many hundreds of similar groups are in existence.

It is with full awareness of the difficulty in making any worthwhile contribution to existing knowledge that this group now publishes the first issue of its magazine “Orbit”-a name familiar to many researchers, yet not known to us at the time of its choice.

Despite the fact that the reality of “flying saucers” has been established in the minds of thousands of people throughout the world, the majority of mankind continues to shrug off the whole thing with the laugh of scepticism. “Officialdom” continues to conceal, or distort, what information it possesses. “Ufologers” themselves continue to be divided by controversy, while self-styled “experts,” unable to see the viewpoint of any but their own, remain convinced that only they have the right approach–or the right answer-to the mystery. Meanwhile, u.f.o.’s continue to be observed, not least by those people without previous interest in such phenomena.

Against this background, the T.U.F.O.S. has been formed in an endeavor to participate in finding the answer to modern man’s greatest mystery. It is apparent the final answer has not yet been found, or if it has, is not yet internationally accepted. There can be but one Truth; until an undivided solution is reached, we do not KNOW.

Reprint from April issue of ORBIT

The Journal of the Tyneside UFO Society

Newcastle upon Tyne, England

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Yesterday is only a dream,

And tomorrow is but a vision,

But today well lived makes

Every yesterday a dream of happiness,

And every tomorrow a vision of hope;

Look well, therefore. to this day,

This hour, this moment.

— Sanskrit Proverb



The second annual Northern California Spacecraft Convention will be held on September 5th and 6th in Pleasanton, California. at the County Fairgrounds. Quite an extensive program has been planned with Major Wayne S. Aho acting as Master of Ceremonies. Special speakers will include Otis T. Carr who will exhibit his six foot model of the OTCX. George King of the Aetherius Society of London, Eng-land, will be the featured speaker. We understand that there will be many other speakers from all over the country, including Buck Nelson of Mountain View, Missouri, who hosted a Middlewest Spacecraft Convention last June. There will be ample camping and trailer parking facilities available as well as a cafeteria with food at reasonable prices. For more information contact Rowena Armstrong, 10407 Graffian Way, Oakland 3, California.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

“Rio” Williamson and “Miche” will be speaking in the San Francisco Bay area on September ).8th, 19th and 20th. For exact dates and places of these lectures contact Marie Kinney, 1616 41st St., Oakland 1. Calif. They will then travel north to Oregon and Washington and possibly British Columbia, returning to Southern Calif. in the middle of Oct.

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For the present the address of the UNDERSTANDING PUBLISHING CO. will remain Rm. 35, 101 S. Lexington Ave., El Monte. Any further changes will appear on this page of future issues.

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Up rainbow hill, by dana howard………… 4.50

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Other tongues, other flesh, by williamson ………… 4.00

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UNIVERSE AND DR. EINSTEIN, by Lincoln Barnett … 3.50

soarings of the eagle, by john mccoy……… 1.25

WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, by Daniel Fry …..  1.50

TWO NIGHTS TO REMEMBER, by Carl Anderson ……….  1.50


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