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VOL. IV                                          APRIL, 1959                                               NO. 4



One of the greatest barriers to the achievement of a complete under-standing of international problems by the general public lies in the fact that the true causes which underlie those problems are almost never presented by any of the great media of news dissemination in this country.

The starkly simple purpose behind most of the current diplomatic maneuverings are concealed within a tremendous camouflage of sophistry, extenuation, charge and counter charge, circumlocution and plain gobbledegook. The average citizen seldom has the time or the will to search through this tortuous mass of planned confusion ill order to extract the single nugget of truth which lies within. It. there-fore becomes the duty of those whose efforts are devoted to the propagation of understanding to extract those nuggets whenever possible, and to present them in a simple and straightforward manner.

One of the items of international news which has been given wide coverage in the press, and on radio and television broadcasts, concerns the growing controversy between the United States and the Soviet Union over the maximum altitude at which United States aircraft should be permitted to fly in the Berlin Corridor. The `Corridor,’ of course, has no physical existence at all. It is simply a strip of land over which the `right of access’ was retained when the remainder of the area was turned over to the Soviet control at the conclusion of the second world war.

Shortly after the Kremlin announcement of the May 27th deadline for the removal of Allied interests from West Berlin, and almost immediately after the reply by President Eisenhower that the United States had no intention of giving up its rights and responsibilities in West Berlin, the Soviets demanded that, thereafter, all U.S. air traffic in the Berlin corridor be confined to altitudes below ten thousand feet. The United States, of course, immediately rejected this demand. declaring that the Soviets had no right or authority whatever to limit the altitude of air travel over the corridor.

Several American transport planes, flying above the ten thousand foot level, were buzzed by Soviet jets in an attempt to force them to lower levels. The U.S. air authorities retaliated by bringing in two armed jets which were deliberately flown through the corridor at high altitudes, ostensibly for the sole purpose of proving to the Reds that we would not be intimidated by their demands.

At first glance the entire controversy may appear to be childish and groundless. The distance through the corridor is so short that to rise to high levels involves a waste of both time and fuel. Many persons have pointed out this fact, and have wondered why the United States should insist upon making high level flights merely- because the Kremlin says we must not. Actually there is, as usual, a very good and simple reason for the attitudes of both parties to the controversy although, to the best of our knowledge, that reason has never been given any public mention by either side.

It is a simple physical fact that the pilot of a plane at 20,000 feet can see for a long distance on either side of his plane. If he has an aerial mapping camera with good telephoto lenses, he can photograph virtually all of the area within 75 to 100 miles on either side of his flight and also the same distance ahead of the terminal point of his flight. When the films are developed and enlarged, more data of military significance may be obtained within a few hours than could be gathered by a dozen spies in as many months.

With the May 27th deadline drawing ever nearer, the United States military authorities are quite naturally concerned with ;what military preparations, if any, the Soviets are making to back up their ultimatum. The Soviets, on the other hand, are just as naturally concerned with keeping us in ignorance. While it is not likely that the Reds are planning any large scale military action, ignorance of that fact by the United States would add greatly to the Soviet bargaining power at the conference table.

The situation is not a new one. It will be recalled that most of the U.S. aircraft which have been `buzzed’ and harassed, and in at least two cases shot down by Soviet planes’ were `unarmed reconnaissance’ or camera planes which, while they were outside the legal area of Soviet control, were still within easy photographic range of the Soviet  defense perimeter. And so the controversy will go on as long as there is danger of war between the two nations. We have the law and the preponderance of justice upon our side, but let us not forget that the Reds have a strong impelling motive: for their actions, however illegal and unjust that motive may be.

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First will come interplanetary communication. This will be quickly followed by travel to distant planets and personnel exchange programs. Those most. qualified will undoubtedly be invited to participate in these extremely important projects.

Already a radio beam has successfully- been sent to Venus, and the corresponding reflected beam has been received here on Earth. These new outer-space programs are now imminent!

Those who would desire to learn the secrets of advanced psycho-logical development of beings on distant planets must first be familiar with the fundamental processes of thinking and understanding. In order to acquaint serious readers with these processes, the basic concepts required are being presented here in a series of articles.

It should be mentioned before discussing the more abstract relationships which exist relative to the application of human mental processes to the sciences beyond physics, that a textbook is now available which will aid in following this series of articles. It is entitled “THE POSITIVE WAY TO PRACTICAL RESULTS” by Fra Prudentia.

Each student should, of course, familiarize himself with the basic meaning of the terms involved in the study of metaphysics. However, so that a more substantial bridge can be created between existing understanding common at this level, and the concepts involved, the terms to be used will be explicitly defined.

Though we might be inclined to think that the words we use have only one meaning, our previous study of the nature of semantics has clearly shown that each person is apt to entertain a slightly different impression of the meaning of the words, especially relatively common ones. For example, the words “art” and “science” are familiar to all, but quite probably- their meanings are still somewhat nebulous, even amongst those who were privileged to receive considerable general education.

Therefore, science will be defined as that branch of study concerned with the establishment of verifiable general laws, chiefly by means of induction and hypothesis.

Science is sometimes thought to be knowledge in itself, but for clarity- of understanding, it may be more exact to state that science is systematized knowledge, and art is knowledge made efficient by skill. Science is knowledge accumulated, systematized and formulated with reference to the discovery of general truths or the operation of general laws. And more particularly, when related to the physical world, we use the term “natural science.” The subject, of course, assumes even broader proportions when investigation expands its activities beyond our earth into the cosmic planetarium, its phenomena, characteristics and inhabitants.

Here we may very likely- find it necessary to advance, to some considerable degree, in the realm of metaphysics.

The concept of metaphysics is somewhat more abstract. But briefly we will define it as being that phase of activity which exists beyond physics, that division of philosophy which includes ontology, or the science of being, and cosmology, the science of the fundamental causes and processes in things.

This definition necessitates reducing to a lower order of abstraction, the terms ontology and cosmology. Ontology is the science of being and reality, that branch of knowledge which investigates the nature, essential properties and relations of being. Cosmology pertains to the thought processes which treat with the character of the universe as an orderly system.

The value of defining terms must, by now, be readily apparent. Besides lending clarity to a field of mental excursion now frequented by only a select few earthmen, it also satisfies some of the basic definitions of science itself, in that it systematically classifies knowledge and consolidates our combined efforts toward understanding, a process most likely highly perfected by spacemen eons ago.

We are, in essence, applying the universal law which we are learning-as we learn it. Its value will be great and its principles useful in studying and learning many new concepts compatible with super-intellects of the cosmic order, and in a sense, will be present whether we are conscious of it or not, in all active mental processes in which we engage.

The purpose of study is to more clearly comprehend the existing laws of the universe and to form our own lives in an orderly and well defined manner consistent with these laws.

The combination of the concepts defined above leads to the application of these laws and our knowledge of them. It would be of no philosophical value to learn the orderly- laws of the universe if they were then ignored. For this would be little better than not knowing them at all.

Just as in the study of less abstract subjects where students learn most quickly when in the company of others who are striving to gain knowledge, the same is basically- true in this pursuit. If only one recommendation could be given, it would be to take advantage of existing opportunities to learn the basic truths that inspired men have uncovered. Accept freely the knowledge and truth which is given freely.

This is by no means a suggestion to cease individual thinking. Just the opposite is the case. In fact, as the student studies with the learned of our time, he will find the experience so inspiring and exhilarating that his own being will become infinitely more receptive. And his ability to examine, analyze and ascertain will become more astute. He will, perhaps without conscious awareness, be applying his orderly understanding of metaphysical relationships, and so bring himself more and more into personal harmony with the omnipotent, invincible laws of endless existence.

An integral part of learning about life is in living itself. Therefore, a careful study of the subjects discussed in this article not only tend to help the individual prepare for the glorious world of tomorrow, but they also help him to live a fuller, richer life today!

EDITOR’S NOTE: The textbook “THE POSITIVE WAY TO PRACTICAL RESULTS” by FRA PRUDENTIA is being made available to our readers as an aid in following this series of articles. We think you will find its approach to he truly unique, and its enlightening contents to be well worth the modest price of $2.50. Send direct for your copy today to:


540 South Plymouth Court

Chicago 5, 111.

All Rights Reserved.

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by John McCoy

Soarings Of The Eagle is an entrancing volume of metaphysical prose, spun of subtle epigrams, occult axioms and sage wisdom-all founded on eternal laws and truths as they are manifested in man and in the Cosmos.

Fortunately, as well as a rarity in metaphysical writings, Mr. McCoy seems to have been gifted with a simplicity of style that approaches sheer art. When discussing the imponderables of the Universe he does not wax ponderous. His words flow along in a pleasant rhythm. definitely buoyant and refreshing. As a result, he has plumbed a difficult subject and has made easy reading of it.

Indeed, as one is inevitably drawn into the mood of this work he may feel, if he is a sensitive soul, the pulse of true poetry throbbing to the surface; and he may experience, even as your reviewer, the distinct impression that he is perusing something vitally alive.

And why shouldn’t he? After all, Mr. McCoy is dealing with eternal truths that have been living since the beginning of time. And they will continue to live long after the surviving orthodoxies of this infinitesimal speck of matter called Earth are dead.

A book that even the narrow-minded and those subservient to the precepts of Christianity can read without becoming offended.

In short, a delightful volume for anyone interested in cosmic knowledge that will liberalize his thinking and broaden his mental horizons. H. Normand Dodge



by Dennis Kloepfer

(Guest Editor for April)

I was never popular with the other students, the reason being everyone thought of me as a braggart. This opinion was supported by my lack of self confidence. I didn’t have enough confidence in myself to keep my mouth shut. I had to tell everyone how good I was.

One Saturday during fifth grade, I went down to Paramount to practice basketball. While I was there, I met the Recreation Director, who was also a sixth grade teacher. Like a true braggart, I requested him to ask me any question about astronomy. He asked me a question concerning the Egyptian civilization instead. I couldn’t answer it. That was my first encounter with the one person who did more to further my education than all the other teachers had thus far, Mr. Rayborne Daniels.

From that time on during the summer and sixth grade, where he was my teacher, Mr. Daniels taught and drove into my skull that am educated person does not merely read books. First he cured me of my lack of self confidence by explaining that only through correct thoughts and actions would come sincere recognition. That knowledge is only the result of observation, concentration and utterly stubborn persistence was my most difficult lesson to learn. Far more important than knowledge itself is the application of that knowledge. There are more college graduates who are in the poor house simply because all they can do is read and memorize a book.

The lesson I have not yet learned (and no man has) is to understand society-just people. All this knowledge and education has only one end: to contribute to this world. This earth is only made up of people, consequently understanding people is the initial goal. The secret of getting along with others is not to build yourself up by tearing others down-it can’t be done-but rather by building others up you build yourself in their eyes.

This great man has helped to guide me through these difficult years of childhood. I will be forever obligated and grateful to Mr. Daniels, a very special teacher.


Dear Mr. Fry :-

I am offering the following for whatever help it might provide. Our knowledge of basic science is, to say the least, inadequate and some of our ideas about the structure of matter are actually erroneous.

The reality of matter as it manifests to our awareness consists of the derived fields of basic Spin, among which are the Density, Gradient, Divergence and Curl. These are only partially recognized at present. We are familiar with the effects of these fields but not to any extent with the fields themselves, or with how they interact to form matter as we know it.

The scientific aspects of, and how I came into possession of this information are not particularly relevant at the moment. The important matter is the bearing which this information has on the structural failure of aircraft and other objects.

The inverse square law for the forces between material particles is approximately valid only for the immediate range of distances within our experience. It does not apply at extremely large or extremely small distances. Furthermore, the forces which we observe are resultants and not basic forces. The basic forces are the consequence of the distribution of the fields comprising tile reality of matter. This distribution is sinusoidal and the resultant forces are the consequence of the harmonic combination of all the fields present.

Matter is held together by the equilibrium of all the forces acting within it, and the alteration of any of the fields reflects in the binding forces within the matter.

Not all the fields within matter are due to this particular chunk of matter, or even to matter itself, as the field structure within which matter is immersed may be altered by many outside influences.

This means that the binding forces within matter are not the fixed and immutable quantities we have believed them to be.

On this earth, and reasonably close to its surface, the field structure is predominantly constant, except for certain regions, and matter displays reasonably stable characteristics throughout the world. However, there do exist certain regions which may be termed Vortices, in which one or more of the fields are different from the values generally prevailing elsewhere. Within these regions there may be substantial changes in the binding forces of matter, depending upon the nature and magnitude of the field differences.

Based upon this understanding of the nature of matter I devised and constructed a number of instruments to detect changes in the binding forces of matter. These instruments were given to friends in various parts of the world, who have reported changes in binding forces in some regions. Some of these regions have been associated with recent unexplained aircraft. crashes or other structural failures.

The instruments consist of a nylon fiber stressed to one half its breaking strength by a metal spring stressed well below its ultimate strength. Alteration of the binding forces effects the nylon and metal differently and one or the other elongates. This relative motion is transferred to a spindle and pointer .

While I can give no indication of the absolute magnitude of the changes in binding forces in these various regions, I do know that they exist and are quite appreciable. I am convinced that at least some of the structural failures are due to either aircraft flying through these regions or the regions themselves drifting past fixed structures, where the binding forces are reduced to values below the strength of a highly stressed component based on the load which it was expected to carry.

I do not know whether these regions of reduced binding are fixed in position or move about, or whether they last indefinitely or eventually-fade out, but I would recommend that:

(a) A larger factor of safety be used, particularly- in aircraft, until this phenomenon is better understood.

(b) The regions of reduced binding be searched out and mapped.

(c) The whole matter receive serious study.

Yours truly,

W. B. Smith, M.A.Sc., P. Eng.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Life is like a small child; slap it and it will slap back; love it and it will love back; and never expect to get something out of it-unless–you put something into it.


45 ft. Mock up of the

OTX1 at Frontier City,


Rex Stanford, co-author of “Look Up”‘

Gabriel Green, Editor of “THY KINGDOM COME,”

and John McCoy, author of “They Shall be Gathered

Together” and “Soarings of the Eagle,”

at Frontier City, Oklahoma.




by Art Kloepfer,

President Understanding Unit No. 1, El Monte

On the evening of April 16th, six members of El Monte Unit No. I departed for Oklahoma City via auto to be present at the unveiling and testing of Otis T. Carr’s six foot model of an electrogravitic space machine. After an uneventful, but extremely pleasurable trip, which included a short side trip to the Petrified Forest, Art Kloepfer, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Schuberg, Jean Cross, Mrs. Dan Fry and Kenneth ‘ Fenske arrived at Oklahoma City on Saturday morning, April 18th. After registering, along with well over one thousand other enthusiastic saucer devotees, we retired to our motel rooms for several hours needed rest. Saturday afternoon a forum was held at the beautiful new Christian Church, which was very appropriate, as the building is shaped much as one would expect to see on another planet. Talks were given by several of the more prominent Saucer contactees and interested scientific people, among them a Chief Engineer for one of our major aircraft corporations. Saturday evening; we spent visiting and conversing with acquaintances from all parts of the United States and Canada.

Sunday, after a hasty lunch, we hied ourselves out to Frontier City, a miniature Disneyland, located some ten miles from Oklahoma City. Here, a forty-five foot metal mock-up of the machine is on display. (See pictures.) According to the advertised plan. the actual space ma-chine was supposed to have been brought to Frontier City at noon to be on display until three P.M., at which time invited guests, including our group, were to drive to an abandoned quarry where the actual flight tests were to take place. An interesting sidelight on this event was the presence of Long John from Radio Station WOR in New York. He was busy taping interviews, for his nightly radio show. Among those interviewed was Mrs. Fry.

From two P.M. on, the rumors were flying fast. “It would be here. It wouldn’t, The circuits had all been checked and were working, etc., etc.” At about three forty-five, Major Wayne Aho, Public Relations, Director for O.T.C, Enterprises, announced that technical difficulties would prevent the test. Much disappointment! Quite a funeral procession wended its way back to the city!

Sunday evening several groups were taken out to the hangar to view the machine. Your correspondent and Mrs. Fry were not allowed to go so we did not get a look. We were very much disappointed in this. as we felt that since others were invited, surely we, as representatives of a National Publication such as UNDERSTANDING should have been accorded the same courtesy. We consoled ourselves with a gathering of people in my motel room, among them Calvin Girvin, Dr. Bruce Davis of Santa Barbara, Mr. and Mrs. Schuberg, and Mr. and Mrs. Stuart McDermid of Montclair, California.

Monday morning we began the long trek back to our own smoggy Los Angeles, arriving home Tuesday afternoon. We still have no word as to whether the OTCX1 has yet been airborne.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


By Clyde Irion

Perhaps we think too much and believe too little. Or perhaps it is just that both of these need to be much more clearly delineated. We are usually as woefully mistaken about what it pleases us to call our thinking as we are about what we think we believe.

The mental process which we call thinking is in the vast majority of its totality nothing more than an awareness of the manner in which the “thinker” is reacting sensorily to the manifold circumstances and conditions comprising his world-to external stimuli.

Are you one of those, constituting the majority, who go through life simply receiving, and reacting to, external stimuli? If you believe that your five senses and the potpourri of impressions they have received and classified and stored away are your Self, then you probably are.

Authorities on states of awareness and consciousness tell us that man is the only organism which has attained to Self-consciousness.

The lower species, such as dogs, are aware of their needs only. They are not, we are told, aware of themselves. You and 1 are both needs-conscious and Self-conscious. But although we are conscious of Self, speaking generally, we don’t yet know quite what to make of it. In fact, for the most part, we do not know much about what it is we are conscious of as Self.

Thus not knowing, but being forever mindful of the ceaseless convergence of external stimuli from the myriad circumstances and conditions making up our world, we try with vacillating success to find some measure of contentment and peace by attempting to sift the pleasurable stimuli from the unpleasant in such a way as to best serve our sensorial needs and desires. Accordingly, being cognizant of the existence but not the nature of the Self within us, and being principally if not entirely mindful only of our sensorial needs and desires and looking to the things and condition surrounding us as the source of all stimuli to sift according to their nature, we remain little above the so-called lower species.

It is to be kept, in mind that awareness of Self, or the awareness of the existence of Self, and knowledge of Self are not the same thing. Lack of knowledge of Self results in a mistaken identity. It focuses attention on the receptive sense faculties, thus leading to the impression that the latter constitute the Self. When we thus picture the Self as being primarily a receiving mechanism, we look to external things and conditions as the source of the type of stimuli we wish to react to. Thus what we term thought becomes, by and large, merely an aware-ness of an endless chain of sensorial responses or reactions to external stimuli.

Merely reacting or responding, then, is net thinking; it is simply vegetating. Being aware of a procession of things crossing the screen of consciousness does not necessarily constitute thought. Thought requires a detachment from immediate dependence upon the sense faculties and the emotional tones they originate. Whatever it is that is brought past the screen of consciousness becomes thought to the extent that it ceases to be merely responsive and becomes either analytical. or causative.

We are not here concerned with analytical thought. We are very much concerned, however, with causative thought. Responsive “thought” is that procession of things which is allowed to flit past the screen of consciousness as a direct result or effect of external conditions and stimuli. Causative thought is that procession of things brought before the screen of consciousness which exert a consciously directed effect on those external conditions. One is receptive, the other is originating; one is effect, the other is cause; one is a negative mental action, the other is positive.

We are victims of, and completely subservient to, these outer conditions and circumstances to the extent to which we merely respond to them. We are masters over them to the extent that we believe we are. Hence, we believe too little, or more aptly stated, we simply believe in the wrong direction.

Thus we come to what we believe; and it has been stated that we have a remarkable proclivity for being mistaken about what we think we believe.

‘Most of us are so confused as the result of such a long period of simply responding to vacillating and muddled circumstances that we don’t know what we believe. We are conscious of part of that indecisiveness about what we believe, but not all of it. Simply responding to vacillating conditions engenders a belief and conviction of power of those conditions over the respondent. This feeling of helplessness in the face of conditions breeds fears of myriad sorts, and the fears become convictions, and the convictions become creative, with the result that the fears themselves become physically manifested and added to those already muddled conditions which were the original source of the fears. Thus, the cycle starts anew, only this time with even more conviction of negativism on the part of the respondent. And all this is brought into being solely because of having awareness but without knowledge of the Self.

If you are one of those individuals, it is not that you lack beliefs. You have beliefs, true enough, but they are buried deep below the level of your immediate consciousness. Hence, you don’t recognize how pervertedly negative they have become. It is to be remembered that what you truly believe, underneath, is the same as what you have faith in. And ultimately everyone has faith in something.

Much of what is written in the field of mental science unwittingly carries an implication which in the last analysis is not strictly correct. in elucidating the truths regarding control of circumstances through mind power, it leaves the impression that some individuals control their circumstances and some do not. The fact is that you and I and every-one else do control our circumstances. It is not a difference in degree of control; it is simply a difference in degree of consciousness of it. Teaching the conscious control of conditions and circumstances is synonymous with teaching conscious control of beliefs. Ultimately it is not so much a matter of building faith as it is a matter of con-trolling faith.

And this faith, these beliefs, are determined by what is allowed to pass the screen of consciousness as “thought.” What we term thinking may or may not reflect belief. In the vast majority of cases, it does not. It flits past the screen of consciousness and into the subconscious where in order to become belief’ it must first coalesce with the muddled potpourri that is already there, finally to congeal into a belief hardly recognizable.

On the other hand, with those who are learning and have learned the conscious control of beliefs, the route from thought to belief be-comes correspondingly less and less circuitous, and is thus brought more and more under the conscious control of the will. It follows that to the extent that one approaches complete mastery-mastery of the immutable process from thought to belief to circumstance-these things tend to lose their separate identity, and potentially become one and the same thing.

Your objective and mine, then, is to bridge the unnecessary and unnatural and perilous abyss between thought and belief, or faith, and bring them into complete unity. When this is accomplished, conscious control of conditions must follow as the night the day.

Perhaps the most insidious enemy of bringing thought and belief into a unity is wishing. In our relationship to circumstances and conditions, for most of us possibly well over ninety percent of what we allow to flow past the screens of conscious as thought is little more than varying degrees and modifications of wishing.

Now what is a “wish?” Is it not merely a desire couched in a feeling of doubt as to its attainment? When doubt is dissipated, it ceases to be a wish and becomes confident expectancy. And yet the dissipation o1′ doubt does not bring expectancy into being, because the latter existed, albeit in reverse, alongside doubt.

It is extremely difficult to discuss wishing adequately,, or shall we say intelligently, because the whole phenomenon of the wish is itself not intelligent. From the point of view of mental science, it involves, or rather is, a completely inane incongruity, an inherent contradiction that “doesn’t make sense.” It is as if the wisher said to the creative and responsive subconscious mind, “It sure would be nice to have this, but it’s much nicer just to wish for it. I want it, but I don’t want to believe I can get it. I want to believe I can’t get it., so I can continue wishing I could. Sure is silly, but not nearly as silly- as is pervertedly satisfying to chase myself around in these inanely wonderful circles.”

Apology- for the injection of such imbecilic “reasoning” as this need  be made, for this is essentially what idle wishing is. It presents the same spectacle of titter futility as a man turning his feet in opposite  directions and trying to run both ways at the same time.

For those of us who are trying to use mind power constructively, one of the most valuable inventories we can make of ourselves is that of discovering how much of shallow wish parades past the screens of our consciousness under the guise of thought. The complete elimination of these disguised and destructive contradictions becomes, then, one of our principal goals.

Not until then can thought and belief be brought into recognizable alignment. This alignment, in turn, opens the way for the thought, the belief or the faith, and the accomplished fact, becoming one and the same thing.

“As ye believe, so shall it be done unto you.” ‘lore and more individuals in all strata of society are coming to realize that this and other teachings of the singularly great man from Nazareth contain, after all, the essence of a practicality that. extends far beyond Sunday-school platitude.



“Lovely People of Earth ….

You are creatures of limited learning … you will know all things in time. Many of you are learning. You are doing quite well considering the density of your atmosphere. You are soon to be released from it. Everyone is to go through a change in the near future.

The earth will be lifted into a new orbit by means of magnetic force … a new orbit around the sun. It will not be long… three years. Not only the earth, but other planets in your system will be collected too.

Your explosions have caused so much gaseous haze in your atmosphere that we must move your whole system to a new place in space. Your heavens will be different, and your maps will be wrong. You will feel a new love when you move; you will not want to fight any more. Your sun will be bright enough to warm your houses all night even in the winter. Yes, there will still be winter and snow, and your people will love each other more, and they will be happy for a long time.

This will happen in your year of nineteen hundred and sixty-one approximately. Your people will notice that the nights will become longer, and the days shorter. The sun will get lighter, and all will think it is the end of everything. The mountains will become huge… they will be lifted in their places. The earth will shake, and everyone will hurry to shelter, but no one will be hurt. They will be cared for… they will be loved by the Creator, . . . and they will know that they are loved. The clouds will spin fast and all of the clouds will disappear. . .they will be left behind… they will be sent to the other side of earth, and will be left behind.

This will be the new beginning spoken of in your Bible. Starting in chapter five in Revelations and continuing on through chapter six and so on… you may read as it speaks, of the opening of the seals and more. Much of this is symbolic and refers to the emotions of the people, and the angels are God’s forces. They are to clothe the world in a. kind love. The seals are the clogged minds of the people in high places, and there are seals of another kind of universe.

Those who love as the Creator wishes. ..they shall be spared the suffering. They shall be lifted before this time.”

-Submitted by a member of Pasadena Unit.


Jan. 31, 1959

Dear Mr. Fry

In response to your request for magazine material, I quote herewith a little bit of verse that we use frequently in connection with our morning reading. This has helped me greatly-perhaps, others would like it. With best wishes, I am,

Very sincerely,

Rosa Rose

If I hurt someone yesterday

With thot or word or deed,

Or failed another in his need,

I now repent.

If I may take those steps again,

To-day will I make amends,

And heal with love those hurts,

This do I pledge.

And if a hurt has struck me deep

And no amends are made,

I ask the LIGHT to balance all,

And count the debt as paid.

Parental spirits whom I love

And whom I know love me,

Reach thru the door I open wide,

Make clear my path to me.

(From the writings of Max Freedom Long.)



Many willing hands, with much hard work, went into the building of the Desert Cabin. And many willing hearts were behind the generous donations sent for the construction of that UNDERSTANDING Center. The shell is completed: the walls and roof are up, and the windows are in, but the inside walls are not finished. Studding is still exposed, and the concrete floor is rough. Now funds have run out and yet we need to complete the cabin, that according to our dreams, we may be proud of it.

Kindly enough, many have sent items of used furniture to the Center, but the Plan was for certain requirements of sleeping, eating and group sitting, and to date it is far from what was planned.

What must be done now, must be done in several steps: First, to finish the floor with asphalt tile; second, to cover the studs with wall-board, pine boards, or whatever seems likely for the price; third, to start replacing the worn-out furniture with new and purposeful selections according to the needs, so we can all be proud of our Cabin.

It’s your Cabin! It’s your home in the Desert. It’s our Center for meetings, for every member and Unit of this great growing family of UNDERSTANDING! Let’s get to work, and put our house in order! HOW?

Unit Number One of El Monte, the Parent Organization, is donating the cash for the brown asphalt flooring, and all available Southern California members will help install it. So the first item is conquered.

Now what will your Unit offer to do?

Item two, are the walls. There are about 600 sq. ft. of wall with studs set at 16 inches apart. We suggest that several groups in an area get together to donate specifically for these walls. It would be logical perhaps for the several Units in the San Francisco area to consider this. ‘,Men in the Units might contact local building supply houses, and determine the cost of wall planking, veneer woods, or fir, as needed for the above areas, and then write National your findings, and suggestions, together with the probable amount of donations available. The exact material to be used will be determined by the National Board, but the Southern Chapter members will install it.

Write in your thoughts; double your efforts, and determine which Units will assist on the coming need of furnishings. This is your Cabin. Let’s be proud of it!

Assistant Editor



Unit No. 1 of El Monte had Mr. Calvin Girvin as a speaker in April. He spoke of his interview with Central Intelligence. Their second speaker was Peace Pilgrim who talked about her philosophy of life and Universal Laws for peace. The business meeting was held at Lee McMahon’s in Alhambra.

Calvin Girvin and Hope Troxell have both been on lecture tours this last month, in the states of California, Oregon and Washington. They spoke for many of the Northern California and Oregon Units of Understanding and for other UFO groups in the Western States.

Unit No. 7 of Orange County heard Gloria Lee and Bill Hamilton as guest speakers, and Unit No. 15, Inglewood, listened to Hope Troxell give a very fine lecture.

The following list is a continuation of the names of Secretaries for the Units of Understanding:

Unit No. 11, San Francisco

Doris Aylworth, 190 O’Farrell St., San Francisco, California.

Unit No. 12, Pasadena

Edward McMahon, 690 E. Orange Grove Ave., Pasadena, California

Unit No. 13, Grants Pass

Lyndall Harper, 1501 N. E. 6th St., Grants Pass, Oregon

Unit No. 14, Brooklyn

Lois Jessop, 101 W. 55th St.. New York City, New York

Unit No. 15, Inglewood

Barbara Yates, 4516 Valdina PI., Inglewood, California

Unit No. 16, Chico

Cora Bateman, 27 College St., Chico, California

Unit No. 17, Berkeley

Margaret Cummings, 711 Johnson St.. Albany. California

Unit No. 18, Santa Rosa

Ed. 0. Steltz, 2450 Summit Dr.. Santa Rosa, California

Unit No. 19, Palm Springs

Laure Cannon, P. 0. Box 1078. Palm Springs, California

Unit No. 20. Miranda

Ben Hansberger, Pox 221, Garberville, California

The Secretary of Unit No. 4. Vista, was incorrectly listed last month. Their Secretary is Norma Powell. 149 El Valle Opulente. Vista. Calif.


Sixth Annual Spacecraft Convention at Giant Rock in Yucca Valley. California. on May 23rd and 24th George Van Tassel and all the rest of us will be waiting to meet you there.




a call at dawn, by kelvin rowe (paper, $2.50)… $3.50

Up rainbow hill, by dana howard………… 4.50

council of seven lights, by george van tassel…………. 3.50

kearney incident, by reinhold schmidt……… 1.50

ABOARD A FLYING SAUCER, by Truman Bethurum ………….  $3.00

night has 1000 saucers, by calvin c. girvin (paper, $1.50)….. 3.00

ufo confidential, by g. h. williamson….. 3.00

cosmic attainment, by hope troxell…. 1.00

transvaal episode, by anchor ……  1.50

wisdom of the universe, by hope troxell… 3.25

Other tongues, other flesh, by williamson ………… 4.00

STEPS TO THE STARS, by Daniel Fry (paper, $1.50) ………….. 2.50

flying saucer pilgrimage, by h. and b. reeve ………  3.50

TO MEN OF EARTH, by Daniel Fry …….  1.00

the coming golden age, by dr. f. w. summer ………  $3.50

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

they shall be gathered together, be john mccoy …………..  1.95

THE VENUSIANS, by Lee Crandell …………. .2.00

UNITY IN THE SPIRIT, by Comtesse de Pierrefeu ………  2.50

UNIVERSE AND DR. EINSTEIN, by Lincoln Barnett … 3.50

soarings of the eagle, by john mccoy…….. 1.25

WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, by Daniel Fry …..  1.50

TWO NIGHTS TO REMEMBER, by Carl Anderson ……….  1.50


GOLDEN LIGHT …………..  .25

SAUCERS ……  (six issues) 2.00

LITTLE LISTENING POST …………. (six issues) 3.00

UNDERSTANDING………….. (twelve issues) 2.50

These books may be purchased from Understanding. We pay all postage. Residents of California please add 4% Sales Tax.