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VOL. IV                                          MARCH, 1959                                            NO. 3



Have you ever watched a pair of teen-agers playing `Chicken?’ It is a snort which has come into vogue among certain groups of our more reckless youth, and one which has made substantial contributions to our highway fatality statistics. In case you are unfamiliar with the sport, it is played with ‘hot-rods’ or if none are available, perhaps just with the family’s sedan. At any rate, two young men (girls have been known to play it too) will each get into an automobile, drive them about a half mile apart on the highway, turn the cars around, and then with throttles wide open head the two cars directly at each other.

The idea of the game is to see which one of the drivers will turn aside at the last. moment to avoid the collision. The driver who turns aside is said to be `chicken,’ and loses face with the gang for having saved his own life (and that of his opponent).

In the event that neither youth proves to be chicken, the remainder of the group must put up the money to buy flowers for the graves of the two `heroes.’

To the average adult, this does not seem to be a very intelligent sport. The penalty for failure is disgrace, and the only reward for success is death. Yet how many people realize that this is exactly the sort of game which the Soviet Union has been playing with the United States for a number of years. This international game of chicken is even more deadly because every nation on earth is riding in one or the other of the two cars-some willingly, some unwillingly. But all are in equal jeopardy, and if a head-on collision occurs all nations will suffer the same fate.

Korea was the scene of the first `pass’ in this game of chicken. Moscow, through the mouths of their Chinese puppets, loudly swore that they would never stop until all of Korea had been `liberated,’ and

brought under Communist domination. The United States proclaimed as its objective, the freeing of Korea from any further threat of aggression.

A collision did occur, but each nation had turned aside enough so that the collision was not head-on. Bumpers were smashed and fenders were crumpled, but both cars were still in shape for further ,jousting. (Even so, the United States sustained more casualties than it had suffered in all of World War I.)

Another pass occurred when the Chinese Communists began a tremendous shelling of offshore islands, at the same time proclaiming that the shelling and the imminent invasion would be continued until all of the offshore islands, and Formosa itself had been captured. The United States immediately rushed guns and planes to Formosa, and ordered its fleet to patrol the Formosan waters. This time the Chinese Communists turned aside for the moment, although they are still a constant threat to Formosa, and to the offshore islands.

The latest pass centers about the divided city of Berlin. Khrushchev has proclaimed that on May 27 the Soviet Union will turn the government of East Germany over to the East Germans and possibly remove its troops from the area. This statement, of course, fools no one, least of all the East Germans. The Soviet Union has never, for one minute relaxed its strangle hold upon any people or area which has once come under its domination. If the Soviet troops in uniform move out, the Soviet troops in plain clothes will remain to protect their puppet rulers who always have taken, and always will take, their orders directly from the Kremlin.

This transparent strategy would have no particular significance, except that Khrushchev also says that the East Germans may, and possibly have been ordered to, deny .to the United States and its allies, all access to West Berlin. He also says that if force is used to maintain that access, all-out war may result.

President Eisenhower has stated flatly that the United States will not surrender its rights nor abandon its responsibilities in West Berlin, and that if it becomes necessary to fight for that access, then we will fight. Moreover, he has stated that if we fight, it will be with nuclear weapons. This means a head-on collision with no possibility of survival for either side.

It remains to be seen which driver will turn aside, or whether both sides may find a way to swerve sufficiently to avoid the collision without at the same time, losing too much `face’ in the process.

Neither nation wants to be destroyed, any more than the youth in the hot-rod wants to die, but if this stupid game of chicken is continued indefinitely, the laws of probability predict that the time will come when both drivers will begin to turn too late.

♦  ♦  ♦


In this chaotic phase of earth’s rehabilitation, all the hopelessly deranged elements of the present regime all over the globe appear to take precedence over those sane and logical factors essential to any form of continuing existence. Yet, upon serious reflection, does it not become evident that all which is detrimental to human progress is now being thrown on the screen of mass human perception (in all its hideous caricature of regard for high achievement) and is being appraised at its true worth?

What type of intelligence can much longer be silenced by the dynamics of perverted systems resulting in the enslavement of increasing millions of earth’s population? Shall the whole vast structure of earth’s evolving life (as manifest in mortal guise upon this planet) be utterly and forever destroyed by the vicious machinations of demon-inspired despots, using helpless human beings as pawns in their fiendish plot to destroy what the Lord God created to show forth HIS PLAN for a world of glorious opportunity to develop and express high spiritual ideals and aspirations in physical forms?

In His Infinite Wisdom has the ONE who devised Human Destiny placed just beyond reach countless prizes to challenge Man’s utmost effort of mind and skill of hand that he might capture some elusive prize to fit his need or add to his comfort or pleasure.

Before this phase of mortal existence is ended, there is due a happening of so monumental a character that men will be shocked out of their conceited confidence in their own ability to direct the use of such supernal forces newly apprehended. WHEN a true picture of their crass impudence in attempting to adapt these primordial creative processes to their own puny objectives … THEN will they humbly seek to make restitution.

Some there be who have, through unholy lust for personal gain be-come victims of evil forces. Others through ruthless economic pressures, or lacking incentive to right conduct, have been obsessed by the Dark Ones and, deprived of all humane instincts, have committed deeds too horrible to contemplate with sanity. Whatever the cause, the result cannot be gainsaid. This planet has become a pestilential breeding place for all which degrades and destroys the Creator’s handiwork.

A few there be who see clearly the folly of ignoring the fundamental principles (or laws) governing all animate and (so-called) inanimate existence. With commendable prudence they obey these laws as revealed by their own instinctive perception of the underlying principles of constructive living.

All creation attests the fact that changes inherent in every form of visible manifestation are designed to produce an upward trend in evolving perfection of performance. Nowhere is this demonstrated more noticeably than in the field of Science. Here more than elsewhere do men comply implicitly with those laws emanating not from man’s inadequate brain but from the unfathomable wisdom of the Omnipotent Creator. Men discover these laws through patient, unceasing effort and eagerly apply them to problems they seek to solve. They respect them! They know their own success and that of the world they seek to benefit by their untiring research depends upon their understanding and correct application of these laws. They would not dream of trying to change or oppose them. If, inadvertently, they misuse or misapply one of these laws, and an explosion or accident occurs, they do not blame the law. Quite logically they blame themselves for their ignorance or stupidity and seek to remedy their error.

Strangely enough, a like honesty and sincerity is all too often lacking in the infinitely more vital field of world affairs. Here, to an amazing and appalling degree, well defined laws of right conduct are ignored and blatantly iniquitous substitutions practiced.

What need to enumerate the myriads of instances of flagrant volitions of the most fundamental principles underlying all enduring existence on any planet?

No man can be so blind at this late date as to deny the fate now con-fronting the entire human race, unless prompt action is taken to circumvent…extinction! Threatened with death (or worse) by lethal agencies, man-created, lurking in the skies above, the earth beneath his feet, the depths of the ocean, the very air he breathes and the food he eats, helpless before Nature’s merciless assaults… where may he hope to find safety?

Appalled at the spectacle of physical destruction leering at him from every quarter, Man employs the most brilliant minds to concentrate and debate all possible plans to stem the on-coming tide of devastation fast encroaching on the only strongholds of impregnable integrity still left.

As many concede, the most important object in subjecting a soul to the rigors of earthly existence is the development of a strong, resourceful character, dedicated to those Eternal Principles demonstrated by those sent to teach mankind what constitutes the highest type of human being. Challenges innumerable provided primitive Man with opportunities to improve his mode of living and add to his skills through diligent use of his slowly awakening intellect and powers of observation.

The intervening centuries have seen incredible advances in human response to these challenges. Natural resources have been tapped and all manner of procedures devised to turn them into marvels of useful-ness. Many men have selflessly devoted their lives to developing these adjuncts to comfortable, creative living, thus Justifying their Creator’s Gift of Free Will, and a material world in which to use it according to their desires. Some used it well. Some used it ill… the latter creating conditions directly contrary to the original intention, thus defying the benign design and purpose of the Creator. Many civilizations have been completely destroyed by their own unbridled passion for power and pelf, employing their Free Will for selfish and destructive purposes.

The higher Man reaches into the limitless expanse of undiscovered energies, the more deadly become his weapons for destruction … if such be his aim! By a strange paradox this twisting of a mysterious source of energy into instruments of devastation provides a challenge of colossal proportions to men of good will. Restricted to its legitimate field of operations, as envisioned by its Creator, this primal force will transform a weary war-torn world into a perfectly operating assembly of cooperating units.

Recognizing the fallacy of expecting any good thing to result from the breaking of Divine Laws, those capable of using the gifts of an All wise Creator to further HIS PLAN for an evolving world will be privileged to witness a demolition and reconstruction of a civilization newly dedicated to Life-giving Principles, clearly enunciated and demonstrated by One who was both Human and Divine.

Each one meeting the present challenge with courage and determination to use his own talents to help create a better Way of life for him-self and others, fulfills the real purpose of his life here and is prepared to participate in the final climax of this long-drawn-out Drama of the Ages.

Is it worth your most earnest efforts to remain true to your Vision of a transformed world under the leadership of God’s “only begotten Son” when he shall triumph over the Forces of Darkness and reign over a new and glorified kingdom?


♦  ♦  ♦


This incident occurred in Michigan on August 23, 1950. My wife and I picked up a new Pontiac, and, on our return trip to California, we had a most enjoyable vacation, visiting relatives, friends, and places of interest.

It was on this day, August 23, 1950, we had lunch with relatives at Paw Paw, Michigan. Following lunch, about 1:00 P. M., we drove to my wife’s cousin Elmer’s farm for a visit.

The farm is located about ten miles north of Paw Paw. We drove onto the drive-way and parked alongside the house. The house was typical of most farm houses in this farming area, having a large water-tower and tank, windmill, and a large weeping willow tree, or tree of that type, all located quite close together.

Not finding anyone at the house, our party decided to walk out to the large barn to look around and see if anyone was there. While the rest of the folks were looking at the farm machinery in the barn, 1 said I’d go see if my cousin Elmer might be in the cow-corral or in the field.

I walked to the plowed field; there my cousin Elmer’s son Bill was busy plowing and moving in the opposite direction from me. Not being able to get his attention I decided to take in the scenery. As I turned around slowly and looked back at the house, I viewed a strange cigar shaped object in the air just above the water-tower.

At first I started to run some 10 or 15 feet toward the car, to get my camera, hoping to take a picture, but decided against that or calling to my wife as the object might move and I would lose out all around on viewing it. Not knowing how long it would stay there, I wanted to watch it as long as I could, to try to determine the structure, size, distance, how it could remain suspended in one spot, and many more things of interest and mystery of this strange craft to me.

I was about 250 or 300 feet from the water tower where this big brown cigar shaped object hovered in the air. With it’s length parallel to the ground it remained in still position in the air about 20 feet above the water-tower and close to the windmill. I would estimate its altitude at this time at about 50 feet above the ground.

There was no noticeable type of propulsion, such as jet, gas engines, etc., that we are familiar with today. There were no visible seams. rivets, port-holes or protruding installations of any nature that I could determine. The object appeared smooth with slightly rounded corners. I believe that it might have been revolving.

Whether operated mechanically or manned by intelligent beings, the craft seemed to be under perfect control. I had no fear of this object, rather felt I was safe and that it could stop within inches of any object without colliding. For at one time the large object had cautiously moved to within one foot of the windmill.

For two and a half to three minutes I observed this strange craft during which time it went through the following maneuvers. From a still position of about 30 seconds duration to a very sudden forward and backward motion traveling not more than about one foot and then to a still position. It then backed up 6 or S feet slowly traveling forward and backward, repeating this several times. I am saying backward because of the direction that it finally left in.

Just before take-off there was one more very sudden forward and backward motion of approximately one foot. When at approximately three-quarters of its total distance back from start of position when I first saw it, it slowly moved forward about 10 feet and then angled away and slightly upwards about 10 feet, and gaining incredible speed, out of sight in the twinkle of an eye or the snap of a finger.

There was no sound, no fire, no light, no wind or odor that I could. detect. From speeds observed by our present day conventional air-craft, I would estimate this strange object to have been leaving this vicinity between 1000 and 2000 miles per hour. Visibility on this day, August 23, 1950, was clear with no clouds in the sky.

When the craft sped off in a Northerly direction, there was no change in shape, as the craft angled slightly upward and away from my viewing point, it appeared elliptical in shape.

Pasadena, Calif.

♦  ♦  ♦


LONDON, Feb. 28. — (U.P.I.) — Two Lords Russell-Earl Bertrand Russell and Baron Edward Russell-wrote a joint letter to The Times of London today to explain which is which.

“In order to discourage confusions which have been constantly recurring, we beg herewith to state that neither of us is the other,” the Russells wrote.



There is more to life than what is contained in today with its joys or vicissitudes; more than tomorrow with its hope for things to come. Even yesterday has meaning when there is an understanding of the functioning of life. It is not a mere vale of tears; neither is it just an arithmetic problem to be solved. Life offers an embraceable, tangible ESSENCE to be lived and experienced.

As humanity stands on the threshold of a New Era, it is evident that Science and Religion must find the connecting link and work together if we are to endure as groups or nations. Science based upon knowledge alone is empty and incomplete without the key factor, “Originating Spirit.” In the search for answers as yet unrevealed, man presses on to greater goals in the face of impending dangers; he cannot rest until he achieves his objective regardless of the price to be paid.

Trial and error is a costly procedure but it is the path which man follows until he discovers the Truth of life. The occasional one who sees and understands no longer isolates himself as he once did. He immerses himself in humanity, working side by side with his fellow-man., conscious of fulfilling the need of the times. This is true in the field of science as well as in other fields of endeavor. True pioneers of this age are for the greater part working silently, usually unnoticed and unrecognized by the many.

Religion is also incomplete when it does not recognize that which science has to give. The tendency of religion is to separate the spiritual from the so-called material and the living of life “here” and “now” from that of the “hereafter.” Dogmatic teachings often tend to impose limiting concepts intended for the unawakened numbers without giving due consideration to the uniqueness and dignity of the individual. Many a person has glimpsed an expansiveness which transcended the usual religious concepts only to be ridiculed and shunned by both society and church.

Today, former barriers are disappearing as new and broader horizons appear. Religion has not been quick to perceive the many facets formerly undisclosed. For eons of time there has been the acceptance of God as being Transcendent but relatively few who have recognized Him as being Immanent in His Creation. The Psalmist observed that 9

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof” but man has not fully- accepted that as being true in his living. Somehow it has been easier to depend upon a future “perfection” than to face full responsibility for living in the present. Humanity now has that to face.

Science and religion are systems through which universal and spiritual knowledge may be acquired and applied to living. What is truly scientific must be spiritual; what is truly spiritual must be scientific; the same basic principles apply to both. The One Law governs, embraces and sustains everything from the “inner” (Esoteric) to the “outer” (exoteric). The Truth is expressed continuously through all forms whether seen or unseen. Reality remains as a sustaining influence while form changes constantly. In the Scriptures it is pointed out that, “All things work together for good to them that love God. Here is the recognition of the creative power that lies at the heart of all that exists and the availability of true knowledge and understanding through actual living.

The key is given when through the Spirit of Love, consciousness is sustained in Equilibrium. The appearing opposites (active-passive phases of the principle-mechanically speaking, the positive-negative poles) are not destroyed; they are both, yet neither. Being and be-coming are lived as one. Now it is seen that the spiritual cannot be separated from the material; that the spiritual must be expressed through all phases of being. Furthermore, the manifest world is not merely a symbol separate from its Source but is life expressed in its eternal verities. No two moments being the same, nothing can be rightly judged by form alone, but rather by “righteous judgment” which is perceiving in form the Truth which it expresses.

The walls of limitation crumble as man finally is awakened to the Truth of the lining “present.” Because of the approaching state of maturity in the present cycle of development, man, through necessity, is pressing on to the point of “no return.” To the last “jot and tittle” all must be fulfilled either through the pain of sowing and reaping or through conscious, active participation in the SPIRIT-ESSENCE of life. May the workers in all fields of endeavor unite to live the Will (Love, Power and Intelligence) of God, in Earth (experience) as it is in Heaven or Truth.

Isaphene McGuire




(a report by Bill Hamilton)

On February 22nd, Art Kloepfer, Joan Fry, Dennis Kloepfer and I set off in the direction of the crystal blue skies of the Mojave desert. Twenty-four miles beyond Barstow, we came upon 4000 irrigated acres of land where a fabulous corporation is developing an area where buildings to house and educate destitute boys will be located. It is called “Boys’ Farm of California.” :t is a subsidiary of P.M. s’ Farm international.

Essentially, Boys’ Farm of California is a county, state and federally approved, non-profit, non-sectarian corporation dedicated to creating and maintaining a constructive home life in a normal environment, with health, educational, and vocational opportunities for homeless, neglected and physically handicapped boys. It is planned for a minimum of 300 boys, 6 through 17 years of age, and functioning under a master plan-use program of the vast productive acreage, Boys’ Farm may be self sustaining, alleviating to some extent, the mounting problems faced by tax supported agencies confronted with the increasing needs of boys in their care.

If anyone wishes further information concerning this remarkable and worthwhile project, please contact me. I have some informative pamphlets relating intrinsic material on the subject.

A talk with one of the Program Directors and Organizers, Mr. Arnold Dittmar, has given our little excursion party something to cogitate upon and regard seriously. He told us that unusual means of educating the boys will be undertaken here. This means teaches them first how to think. That is: it raises their mental abilities and I.Q. similar to the research carried on by Scientologists, and then gives them the data to assimilate. While this is being done, 50% of the Boys’ activity will be directed along agrarian lines, such as raising barley- and alfalfa or in operating a cattle farm.


Dennis Kloepfer,

Joan Fry

Arnold Dittmar,

(Director) Bill Hamilton


Class Rooms &. Library


In today’s world, where the clouds of potential war hang over countries, casting appalling shadows, group activity dedicated to the solutions of modern problems is to be stimulated. Worlds hang in balance upon the decision of our civilizations-whether we will arise, from our apathetic state and work with such organizations as Boys’ Farm as a contingent to world peace. UNDERSTANDING is such an organization, but we must plant our seeds in fertile ground that they may be cultivated in the future. Boys’ Farm is doing so by working with tomorrow’s citizens.

In closing I would like to quote a message purportedly received from our Brothers of other planets: “When Man of Earth has learned, as did we of other worlds eons ago, that each individual is a Citizen of the Universe, AND NO LESS, he, too, will realize that synthetic laws are but diversions from the pathway of Universal Understanding. He will recognize no false authority, and a creed only of the Universe; that creed itself, the infinite law- of Understanding, Knowledge, and Progression.” Regardless of its alleged source, I think this gem of wisdom bears consideration, for it makes sense at least, and apparently may be quite true.

As in every organization, the success of Boys’ Farm depends upon the encouragement and financial support of you, the people. Do you wish to remain indifferent toward the fate of our planet or will you help divert our path from one of possible destruction? The decision is in your hands.

♦  ♦  ♦



by Eugene E. Whitworth, Ph.D., LL.D.

Remarkable and thoughtful is the following article by Dr. Eugene E. Whitworth, Founder and Chairman of the Department of Religions, Great Western University in San Francisco. It was prepared originally for presentation before a group of businessmen who have met together for fifteen years one morning each week to read the Bible and promote greater understanding.

Some months ago someone asked our Chairman to explain how and why Prayer operates. With his usual good humor-but possibly with less wisdom than is his customarily-be assigned the impossible task to me. To seek to explain how prayer operates is to presume to add to the work of the Theologians and Churchmen throughout the ages. Such an attempt may well put me in the category of the Texas cowboy who, in asking for work, declared: “I’ve done everything they is to do, ‘cepting ride a rattlesnake. an’ I’m workin’ on a bridle for that.” Equally as unabashed at the Herculean task I set forth my idea of how prayer operates. Frankly much prayer went into this before I started working on the bridle for this potential rattlesnake!

Before this attempt, however, let me request of you a prayer. Two weeks from this day and for 33 days thereafter, an Expedition of Great Western University will be in the hazardous Lacandone Rain Forest. All members of the Expedition will be engaged in a nation-wide experiment in the best methods of Thought Force Transmission. Since you and I know that Prayer is effective to the degree that it is Thought Force directed by the pristine will and pure love of Man and God, we ask you to do something special for all of us. Surround us daily with your protecting Thought Force, that is, with your most fervent prayers. We shall lean heavily upon the arms of your mental prayer-protection. With your help, God walks with his mighty arms around our shoulders! Thank you for your prayers and now let us turn to how prayer operates.

Picture with me the Universe as a vast electro-magnetic field in which God-Forces may either flow or remain still. When they floe, they may effect anything within this mighty universe. Picture GOD as the stable, unchanging, pulsating and perfect Positive pole of a giant l battery in this vast universe. Picture man as the instable, ever-changing, pulsating and imperfect Negative pole of this same battery. And as you all know, only when the two poles are connected in the right way does requisite energy flow between the poles.

To complete our mental picture, imagine that the object which is prayed for is a drone plane flying anywhere in space.

We connect these two pictures by a rather difficult picture. Please imagine that Prayer its elf is a giant rocket of the Hunter-homing type. and that once properly started upon its track, it will seek, find and contact the prayed for object no matter where it may be in earth or sky.

Our pictures are now almost complete. But if the battery is to give energy, the connection must be perfect over a material that will carry current in either direction. Therefore the Prayer can get off the ground only if the two poles synchronize their pulsations. But if they do so, energy may be delivered through this giant Universal God-to-Man battery to start the Prayer-missile on its way. Again, please note, this is possible if there is perfect harmony (synchronization) between God and Man.

What causes the Prayer to find its mark, and what causes it to fail? Once the Hunter-Missile is fired and on its way it should not fail–and quite probably man’s prayers would not fail except for the effect of man’s conscious mind and mental processes after the Prayer is “fired.”

Imagine then that the prayer-missile is on its way. But the mind of man is a radio that can send an electronic control beam to the power plant and motor which is geared to the guiding mechanisms of the Prayer-missile. And to clear up this picture, let me take ideas from the personal Thought-Force experiments which we performed in gathering material for “Diary into the Unknown,” due for publication this April.

From this we take three basic conclusions, with explanation

1.         Man cannot reach perfect synchronization (harmony) with God when and if He deals with mental works alone. There must be an emotional stimulus at the same time which stirs the subconscious until it rises up and takes over the reigns from the conscious-mental mind.

2.         No pulsation on the part of the supplicant will launch a prayer until the requisite emotion is available: therefore Prayers of the mind alone-no matter how importuning, emotional or demanding-will never trigger the subconscious and bring positive results. Therefore selfless prayers, based on the required emotion (of which love is the best) can help to fire in partnership with God the prayer-missile.

3.         Absolute mental detachment and quiescence is necessary once the missile has started on its trackless path. For if man brings mental thought force to bear upon the prayer-missile, he can but cause it to wobble and deflect. For his thought force affects only its control. Since the prayer-missile is perfect as a hunter-finder, change of any control must put it off the right path and cause it to fail.

Prayer fails, then, because there is no true rapport with the God-Force. The mumbler of words, the demander of favors, can hardly expect the results for which he asks! Before prayers can be answered, he who prays must purify and cleanse his own thoughts and emotions and reach God-harmony. Prayers are sure to fail (because they never fire at all) if sent from the consciousness-mental-mind level.

Prayers may fail if we raise storms of emotions around them either before or after we have put them into flight. Just as a fierce storm may break and destroy the largest man-made missile, so unadvised emotions may break and destroy a prayer-missile.

Prayers fail because, like an itch on the nose, we can’t help thinking about them. Once properly launched, a Prayer is a sure hit-unless the mind scratches its nose and deflects the missile. Man cannot launch a Prayer with his mind, and he cannot control it with his mind. The touch of the mind must turn it from its true path.

Prayer is the priceless and Sacred contract between the emotional self of man and the Divine Essence of God.




B y Fra Prudentia

Many planets throughout the universe have a mass exceeding 100 times that of our earth. If life and intelligence as we know it exist on these planets, there would be, of necessity, certain unavoidable differences between those beings and ourselves.

Considerable speculation regarding these differences has been voiced. However, a scientific consideration of the various aspects of this problem should lead to a firmer understanding of our newly discovered neighbors in outer space, which in turn will enable us to communicate and exchange ideas and thoughts more readily, at least with those of similar intellectual status.

This is only one outstanding avenue for Positive Thinking in action -providing opportunities for the direct, concise and correct analysis of unknown quantities by scientific study and inner perception.

Readers who are familiar with the new modern textbook entitled, “The Positive Way To Practical Results” by FRA PRUDENTIA may very well have formulated some rather scientific approaches to the problem being considered. However, for unification of thought and consolidation of mutual understanding, the procedure will be outlined herein.

First, the physical aspects of the problem will be presented. These are the obvious, readily apparent and easily discernable facts. Anyone making a careful study of the general sciences knows the extent to which these factors have been submitted to analysis, deductions, an appraisal, hypotheses and, to some degree, conclusions accepted as such.

We live in a physical world with physical problems. It is only right that these problems be solved correctly. But it is not to be overlooked that the real understanding of the problems involved will not be settled on the primitive level of simple physical evidence or effects.

‘This is, of course, recognized in the advanced strata of scientific thought, from which plateau we shall explore the matter in this discussion.

Continuing with the physical side of this consideration, if planet X, selected at random in outer space, has, for example, a mass 100 times as great as our earth, then the gravitational pall of this planet on all objects on or near its surface will be considerably greater than the mass attraction force here on earth. The first obvious question arising is how much greater.

The universal gravitational law states in effect that the gravitational force exerted between two objects is directly proportional to the sum of the two masses involved. Therefore, a brick weighing one pound on earth would weigh 100 pounds on Planet X.

It’s interesting to note at this point that even to this day in many of our leading universities, the students are taught that a one pound mass would drop to the earth at the same rate of speed as a two pound mass (neglecting air resistance). A careful consideration of the universal gravitational law (which is taught in these same universities) indicates that the gravitational pull between the two pound mass and the earth would be 1 + M, and the pull between the two pound mass and the earth would be 2 + M, if M equals the mass of the earth. It’s readily apparent that 1  M doesn’t equal 2 + M. Therefore, a one pound mass does not drop at the same rate as a two pound mass. Recognition of this and other pertinent facts, along with a clearer understanding of the physical universe as it really exists will be required if we are to successfully and efficiently meet the demands of outer space travel.

Further consideration of the conditions on Planet X reveals that the physical strength of an individual would have to be 100 times as great as ours in order to move around as freely as we do. A man weighing 200 pounds on earth would weigh 20,000 pounds, or ten tons, on Planet X. It is most probable that earth humans would be crushed to the surface of such a planet almost instantaneously.

Therefore, if life is to exist there, it must be consistent with the physical laws of the universe and local conditions on Planet X. Increased gravitational pull will indirectly cause the density of a.11 growing and naturally- occurring materials to be greater. But probably not great enough to allow the physical bodies of individuals living on Planet X to be as large as our own. Creatures the size of ants would be more suited to these conditions.

It then appears that a recognizable trend is perceptible-namely that as the mass of a planet increases, the optimum size of a creature living there would decrease.

In a similar manner, it can be surmised that the maximum creative and retentive intellect of a creature will be approximately proportional to his size, it being assumed that the size of his brain or thinking organ will always be in the neighborhood of about 5 % of his total mass.

As the mass of a planet increases, the density of the atmosphere which it can support also increases. This means that it is possible for a greater amount of oxygen to be present. The physical ability limits of the inhabitants of such planets will thereby be increased, thus enabling them to advance and evolve more readily-.

Putting these and other sets of data together, it can be deduced that a planet most likely to promote intellectual advancement through evolutionary development, would be larger than earth, but not exceeding approximately five times the earth’s mass, would have a denser atmosphere containing more oxygen or other non-inert gas or gases, would have a reasonably temperate climate, somewhere between the melting point and the boiling point of the fluid used as the basis of chemical nutrition, and would have most of the same elements as are found on earth, but probably not in the same proportions.

From this it is relatively easy to create a picture of the probable environment on distant planets, the intellectual status of our neighbors inhabiting them, and our prospects of communication.

This brings us to the second phase of our consideration. The most interesting and fascinating aspects of life on other planets is not in the physical realms at all. It is in a realm which we cannot confine solely to “mental” concepts because it exists in a universality of complex metaphysical relationships.

Next issue, the subject covered in this column will be “Understanding Metaphysics Through Positive Thinking.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The textbook “THE POSITIVE WAY TO PRACTICAL RESULTS” by FRA PRUDENTIA is being made available to our readers as an aid in following this series of articles. We think you will find its approach to be truly unique, and its enlightening contents to be well worth the modest price of $2.50. Send direct for your copy today to


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As promised in the last issue, we are including a list of names and addresses of the Secretaries of Understanding.

National Secretaries: Lee McMahon, 1112 Geranio Drive, Alhambra, California-Recording Secretary-. Dorothy- Harper, 736 N. Cambridge, Orange, California-Corresponding Secretary. Charlotte Sullivan, 3414 N. San Fernando Rd., Burbank, California-Corresponding Secretary.

Unit Secretaries:

Unit No. 1, h.1 Monte.

Daniel W. Fry, 11376 Frankmont, El Monte, California

Unit No. 2, San Mateo

Celia Barnes, 566 Sylvan, San Mateo, California.

Unit No. 3, Oakland.

Guy D. Hudson, 2525 Dwight Way, Berkeley, California.

Unit No. 4, Vista

Ann Rogat, P. 0. Box 625, Oceanside, California.

Unit No. 5, Pomona.

Natalie Forsythe, 566 6th St., Upland, California.

Unit No. 7, Orange

Dorothy Harper, 736 N. Cambridge, Orange, California.

Unit No. 8, Long Beach.

Anne Rowe, 1227 E. 2nd St., Apt. 5, long Beach, California.

Unit No. 9, Santa Cruz.

Isaphene McGuire, 4401 W. Walnut, Soguel, California.

Unit No. 10, Baltimore.

Edna Frailey, 7506 Old Battle Grove Rd., Baltimore, Maryland.

The list of Secretaries of the other Units will appear in the April issue.

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Understanding has received a copy of a new space magazine called “Galac-Ticks,” published semi-monthly by House of Sweetness and Light, Inc., P.O. Box 2501, Cleveland 12, Ohio. Sample copy is 30c; full year (24 issues), $5.00; six months (12 issues), $2.75.

Don’t forget the Sixth Annual Spacecraft Convention at Giant Rock, California, on May 23rd and 24th. Bring food, water, bedding and your friends. From advance reports, we feel that this will be the biggest convention of them all. Many new people will appear on the platform and relate their experiences. Among them will be the Mitchell Sisters of Missouri, and another new contactee, Dan Martin.




a call at dawn, by kelvin rowe (paper, $2.50)… $3.50

Up rainbow hill, by dana howard………… 4.50

council of seven lights, by george van tassel…………. 3.50

kearney incident, by reinhold schmidt……… 1.50

ABOARD A FLYING SAUCER, by Truman Bethurum ………….  $3.00

night has 1000 saucers, by calvin c. girvin (paper, $1.50)….. 3.00

ufo confidential, by g. h. williamson….. 3.00

cosmic attainment, by hope troxell…. 1.00

transvaal episode, by anchor ……  1.50

wisdom of the universe, by hope troxell… 3.25

Other tongues, other flesh, by williamson ………… 4.00

STEPS TO THE STARS, by Daniel Fry (paper, $1.50) ………….. 2.50

flying saucer pilgrimage, by h. and b. reeve ………  3.50

TO MEN OF EARTH, by Daniel Fry …….  1.00

the coming golden age, by dr. f. w. summer ………  $3.50

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

they shall be gathered together, be john mccoy …………..  1.95

THE VENUSIANS, by Lee Crandell …………. .2.00

UNITY IN THE SPIRIT, by Comtesse de Pierrefeu ………  2.50

UNIVERSE AND DR. EINSTEIN, by Lincoln Barnett … 3.50

life on other planets, by Eugene Drake …  1.00

WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, by Daniel Fry …..  1.50

TWO NIGHTS TO REMEMBER, by Carl Anderson ……….  1.50


GOLDEN LIGHT …………..  .25

SAUCERS ……  (six issues) 2.00

LITTLE LISTENING POST …………. (six issues) 2.00

UNDERSTANDING………….. (twelve issues) 2.50

These books may be purchased from Understanding. We pay all postage. Residents of California please add 4% Sales Tax.