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VOL. IV                                         FEBRUARY, 1959                                     NO. 2



To kill or not to kill-that is the question which is currently raising a storm of controversy in California as well as in several other states. The controversy is, of course, as old as history, and the arguments pro and con, have changed but little with the years.

Those who favor the continuation of capital punishment will usually begin with the statement that it is necessary as a deterrent to crime. Their opponents will immediately reply with an overwhelming mass of statistics showing that in every state which has abolished capital punishment, the crime rate is lower, per capita, than in almost any state which continues to kill its criminals.

From the economic standpoint, some will argue that it is much cheaper and easier to kill a criminal than to maintain him in prison for a term of many years. Others will point out that it is much more difficult to obtain a conviction in cases where the death penalty is asked or mandatory, and that the cost of such a trial together with the appeals, the reviews, etc., frequently run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

From the religious standpoint some will quote the sixth commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.” They will point out that the commandment is unequivocal and does not mention provision for legal license. Their opponents will immediately counter with the ancient Mosaic law “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” (a law which was obviously founded upon the belief that two wrongs make a right, or that evil can be can-celled by repetition.)

A few nights ago, a somewhat new approach to the subject of capital punishment came to light. Your editor chanced to be one of the members of a panel discussion group appearing upon a local radio program. The subject of capital punishment came up for discussion. One of the members of the panel stated that he viewed the problem simply as one of “garbage disposal” and was strongly in favor of capital punishment as the simplest and most effective means of disposing of human garbage.

The flaw in this approach is, of course, that it implies and requires am infallible ability to determine exactly what constitutes human garbage. Unfortunately, the most cursory examination of the history of Jurisprudence will demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt that the human race does not now have, nor has it ever had, such infallible ability.

The ancient Greek philosopher who was forced to drink poison because he dared to teach that the moon might be as large as the entire hill of the Acropolis, was net the victim of mob passion. He had received a fair and impartial trial by the highest tribunal in the land.

Regardless of their individual religious beliefs, very few people in the world today would consider that Jesus of Nazareth was human garbage, yet he was tried, condemned and executed by clue process of law.

The young woman known as Joan of Arc was given one of the fairest trials which it was possible to give in that day. She was represented by counsel, she was allowed to testify in her own behalf, and she was allowed to call her own witnesses. After this fair and impartial trial she was condemned and burned alive as human garbage (a very sanitary, if not humane, method of garbage disposal.)

In most murder trials today. ‘expert testimony’ plays a fairly large role in the determination of the guilt or innocence of the accused. Let us take a quick look at the foundation of precedent upon which the acceptance of expert testimony rests. The first recorded instance of the acceptance of expert testimony in the annals of American jurisprudence, is the testimony of Cotton Mather in the Salem witchcraft trials. Cotton Mather had written a book and several technical papers on the subject of witchcraft, and was acknowledged to be the greatest authority in the country. It was largely as a result of his testimony that a number of women were hanged and at least two were burned alive.

Last year the Supreme Court of the United States finally got around a consideration of these convictions. After careful deliberation, the court. announced that several of the convictions were reversed. Henceforth the women in question were to be considered innocent of the crime for which they were executed several hundreds of years ago by a code of law which thought, and still thinks, that it has the right and the infallible ability to determine whether a human being should live or die.

It is the humble opinion of your editor that until the reasoning power of man reaches a much higher level than it has yet achieved, we have no right to inflict upon a fellow man any act which we cannot undo, or any damage which we cannot repair. It is also his feeling that we should approach the criminal, however depraved and vicious, not with thoughts of hate or vengeance, or even with thoughts of garbage disposal, but simply with the sober reflection, “There, but for the grace of God, go I”




We believe that it has been mentioned before, that age, considered in terms  of `time element’, was beyond calculation and that your earth plane was billions of years in development up to its present stage. Therefore it is impossible for anyone  to reach back into time and follow up the sequences of evolution as it has operated from the earliest creative introduction of our galaxy and the systems that have been formed within its spiral. It is gradually coming to the attention of your scientists that the universe holds much more than has yet been discovered, and that life forms are present, not only on the planets in your solar system, but are also possible on other planets within the Galaxial Empire and even those beyond. And that means that the forms used by the inhabitants of the various planets need not necessarily be similar to those which are compatible, or should we say, indigenous to the earth plane.

To enter into the biological, atmospherical, and geographical aspects of other systems and worlds would necessitate many evenings of detailed discussion. This is not part of our service, even if we could explain, partially, conditions pertaining to other worlds. We feel the important thing is to direct your thinking along immediate concerns relative to the present and your own plane. To KNOW why you are there and the purpose of your being and undergoing the varied experiences met during life are sufficient for the moment. We merely introduced the theme so you would realize that outside of your own system the forms used by the embodied spirits occupying such systems are conditioned to the circumstances of that planet whereupon they dwell. As some of you are aware, the Martians, as you name those of that planet, have a similar body to your own, except those residing in the lower or Southern portion of that sphere are shorter in stature than those   generally found upon your earth. Perhaps one important factor can be revealed pertaining to distinguishing marks may be the ears of such entities. They may be recognized by a pointed ear; (Allow us to digress here a moment to suggest that in many of your mythologies, and in your fairy stories, small people referred to as Elves, Imps or Gnomes have been pictured as having pointed ears. This is an inconsciousness carried over from early incarnations wherein contacts with such entities were made. Such is true of the southern Martians. The Northern Martians are of larger stature, much taller than those of Venus, and referred to as Giants Ogres. Here again you can turn to your myths and fairy stories. There is a reason and purpose for everything under the SUN. Nothing happens by chance or coincidence. If it were so then Cosmos would be disorderly and unbalanced, which would not indicate a supreme intellect or Creative Deity. No, all things function and eventuate according to the Law.

The Jupitarians are of another mixture and as a race generally have a dignified bearing. They are tall and powerful persons but not aggressive or militant like the northern Martians, being more refined, philosophic and learned. That is why the planet Jupiter is referred to in your Astromyths as being the abode of the eccliastia, scholars and teachers. It is they who enter into the more profound studies and pass on their discoveries to those of earth who are ready to receive it. The southern or lower portion of the planet produces those more rotund and adventurous, hence the symbol of the Centaur half horse and half man. As to Venus, the accounts you have read of are in the main quite true. Venus and Mercury are the Major planets really, the Venusians being well formed, above your average in height and of beautiful coloring and looks. These people are most creative, artistic, and inspire all earth in such avenues of creative expression. So you can see that your ancient myths and legends have come from a true source and only became such because of vast time differences. Humanity soon for-gets. The conscious mind cannot recall past experiences to any degree. But Soul memory is indelibly etched with such earlier contacts. Sooner or later each individual returns to recall revelations, when he or she evolves to a higher level of spiritual consciousness and the sensitivities are revived by spiritual awakening. Be advised here, that we are n-t referring to religious fervor or emotional reaction to sensational appeal. Such comes first, then a more sober deliberation of individual requirements introduces realization of personal shortcomings which must necessarily be overcome and preparation for higher valuations be established before such universal consciousness can be attainable. Such it is with planetary evolvements. As one advances in spiritual understanding, the purity of soul attracts a corresponding level of experience. Thus rebirth takes place on a plane and area of such plan as corresponds with the position attained. All planes evolve around a central SUN, even as our system evolves around our Solar Center. This is part of the mystery. the Great Light, sometimes referred to as the Christ Light. Even s in earth this light awakens all life to rebirth in the Spring of the year, so doth this same light awaken our spiritual understanding as we open channels to its rays. Hence Venus and Mercury are known as the `INNER PLANES OF CONSCIOUSNESS’. Entities of these planes are sometimes referred to as the `LORDS OF FORM’ and `LORDS OF MIND’. Ancients who studied this Cosmic unfoldment were called Astrologers or Cosmologists. This knowledge has been commercialized and exploited so that the real truths have been lost. But still in the soul of a few shall truth be reborn.

As to the MERCURIANS, they are not discernable as they mingle with your earth peoples. These operate on a yet higher plane, and can appear when necessary, although their function differs from that of the Venusians. However, we can tell you this much. In myths and ancient philosophy the Mercurians have been referred to as Ascended Masters or the Messengers of the Gods. Such information has been passed down through all the ages since the first introduction of life force on the planet earth and it has become traditional in many instances, records  have passed on by word of mouth through teachings released by various cults and schools of sincere nature having been formed by those having access to this information or have brought it with them. There are many mysteries, so-called, that you have yet to discover.

So there are at this time many VENUSIANS, JUPITARIANS AND NOW SATURNIANS who are mingling with the peoples of your earth having volunteered to move among the various nations and instruct them in the ways of life and in matters pertaining; to the evolution f of the peoples as a whole. These have been referred to as the ‘WANDERERS’. That is why during the past fifty years scientific knowledge has advanced to a point where you are now in a favorable position comparable to advanced ones on other planets; But-because t lie spiritual side of your development has not qualified itself to that of the scientific, the more full or deeper instruction has not yet been released, and neither will it until such spiritual development has been attained and recognized.  Here again we must. advise that it is not religious zeal or fervor to which we refer, but a sincere inner recognition of the principles of character development.

Many of your scientists and educationalists are beginning to recognize the need for this, and realizing that ‘something is missing have consulted  metaphysical literature in order that they might find an explanation of some things which puzzle them. Scientific facts are nut as they have been presented, therefore confusion reigns in some quarters. Your world is moving ahead at a fast pace and the `TIMES’ being gradually shortened. You have heard it said that a TIME according to the Cosmic Record is a period of 360 ,years. This is a true division  of a cycle or circle, the orbital motion being one of precessional movement of the SUN, although actually it is of the earth measurement being one degree equaling 72 years. If this period be multiplied by one Time the result will be ONE GRAND CYCLE or AGE. This motion is true of all bodies in the system and mathematical calculation will reveal much to you of the benefits to be accrued through the study of Astrological symbolism.

Thus it is certain individuals from other planets, even from beyond have arrived upon your earth from time to time; mingled with and intermarried selected individuals, bringing into existence that type of entity which you call genius. They in turn have introduced many marvels in the various fields of scientific, educational, political and social structure. Such will continue to move among you until recognition is obtained. In some instances this has occurred in that soul re-cognition has been made between those who have coordinated in prior incarnations. Some of you present at this meeting have me!- this experience, but have not as yet dug deep enough into your conscious-ness to recognize this truth. It does explain why from time to time everyone seems to recognize places and individuals whom they know they have not seen or met before on present plane. As to the aforementioned, whilst some do remember their immediate past and the reason for their residence on earth, most do not; therefore such earthly experience becomes a form of testing in human relationships. It has been said by some, not only of your own study group but by others holding different viewpoints and beliefs that certain instruction avail-able to them through divers schools and cults, centers and teachers is sufficient unto them. We say unto ,you, that is good insofar as it goes, and we suggest you should all recognize that it is not necessary to accept the teachings of any one individual or school for you all have access to Universal Understanding-wherein is contained a’1 things. And you will discover in the very near future, by reason of those things which are now coming to light, that those considerations deemed by you to be so important, were only incidental to your enlightenment and they play a small part only in your unfoldment.

The truth of all things is in the evolutionary aspects of Cosmos itself. Also you must consider not only the valuation of your own activity but its relation to other persons, peoples experiencing He on your present plane but also on other planes in your system, and that in turn extending to other planes and systems beyond yours. Actually it can be called a chain reaction in human endeavor and unfoldment.

This is something to think about. A great influx is due and souls from other planes are being introduced into our galaxy for the first time. These are the ‘first born’. Actually it was in connection with this service that I was absent from you some weeks ago. A change is being introduced in Cosmos and a change must necessarily affect all who experience it, hence the theme, “BE PREPARED”.


♦  ♦  ♦

It seems that an echo out of the past, like the following quotation from “Songs of the Hebrides”.. gives relaxation to the strained nerves of our time.



by Kenneth Macllod

It was the year of the Black Frost in the Skir of St. Kenneth, when the ice, which on Christmas Eve but covered the quiet pools, was by Easter-tide creeping upward and downward on the very face of the waterfalls themselves. It was the year too of the dead birds, there never a bit of softness anywhere big enough to let the beak of a little bird through to the worms below-and, Oh King of the elements, pity the poor when each tuft of earth is alike for hardness.

And day after day the Clerk who was tending the Skir scattered grain out of lean barns on whatsoever tuft a little bird was likely to light upon, until one day he cried out, “Sorrow upon me, it is either the folks themselves or else the birds that must die.”

And on the same evening, taking to the road to keep himself warm he saw one like unto a monk standing on a hillock near to the church of St. Kenneth, with a flock of birds flying around him.

“Who art thou, stranger, and what thine errand?” asked the Clerk. “I am he whose name is on yonder Church, and I am giving Communion to the birds before they die.”

“Please God, holy man, they shall not die, I myself will feed them.”

“And the song of the birds will be in thine own heart, good Clark, and be it known unto thee that a full week before the lean barns are empty, the Good Being will send his soft wind from the West to put growth and greenness on the Skir of St. Kenneth.”

♦  ♦  ♦


It is plain to be seen from world conditions today that man does not understand Brotherhood.

Many sermons have been preached about it-many brave words in sincerity-yet the result is not Brotherhood as Jesus the Christ taught.

In our effort to achieve it, we neglect the simplest tool-the Mind-backed by the pure desire of the Higher Self.

Jesus often told us to “think upon these things” to “stand still and KNOW.” He did not mean that we should give the dream of Brother-hood a passing approbation by saying, “what a beautiful, ideal thought!” but that we concentrate upon it.

It is not necessary to analyze and criticize before we construct our gesture toward world Brotherhood. It only complicates it, emphasizing negation in the differences of race, creed, customs and people. These very differences, if appreciated by every one, keep us out of monotony -place us in a lovely, interesting Life, each contributing something to the pattern. Greed and quarrels come from forgetting this fact.

Brotherhood is love.. It is the one perfect way by which the Soul progresses.

If each of us will spend a half-hour a day appreciating the great value of variety in God’s creation-then-lifting to the HIGHER SELF in Love-consciously projecting that Love by visualizing it as a loving band around all things, protecting equally-then-ALL PEOPLE and PLACES shall enjoy-BROTHERHOOD.




The sometimes “forgotten workers” of organizations.

BILL HAMILTON, Vice President of Understanding Unit No. 1 at El Monte, California, Editor of Teen Age Page and author of “Spaceships From Other Worlds.”

ORFEO ANGELUCCI, Vice President of Understanding Unit No. 12 at Pasadena, California, author of “Secret of the Saucers” and a well known lecturer on the subject of UFO.



A Proposed New Age Project

A Clearing House for Human Needs represents a type of service for which our times make a growing demand. Its very name arrests attention. With climbing prices, with steep labor costs & the accompanying “red tape” for which we must pay, with more & more retired people still able to be of service yet with little to do-and with today’s general upheaval and shifting about-a Central Place where NEEDS can be registered, sorted out and MATCHED UP would become a boon to any community. It would especially speed the work of the New Age “fraternity”.


It is foreseeable that every city may soon have some kind of New Age Center. It might hinge around the local Saucer Club. Here such things as a New Age Book Store & Beverage Bar could be maintained as well as some kind of Social or “Consultation” room, etc. This could be the H.Q., also, for the CLEARING HOUSE — a kind of “haven in the storm.” Or, if necessary, the CLEARING HOUSE could be started very modestly with little more than a desk, phone and files-and a little advertising, much of which could be free, since the work would be humanitarian. Bulletin boards in drug stores and libraries, church bulletins, etc. should help and would be glad to publicize it. Two files roughly under the headings-I WANT TO GIVE and I WANT TO GET would be maintained. In a sense it is like an Employment Agency but includes in addition to Employment all kinds of WANTS-wants where some EXCHANGING may be involved. Some would wish to give Lessons in exchange for something else or to get a little part-time work at minimum cost from those unable to work but short periods. Older people often have to re-shuffle their home life-here they could find the right ones to live with–the NEEDS are endless. A small fee could be expected for bringing the right people together.





by Bill Hamilton


Man is often illustrated as an imposing figure standing upon a globe, peering at the stars, trying to unravel the mysteries of the Universe. As a synthesis, there is a point of understanding in man’s conscious-ness where macrocosmic knowledge of infinity and eternity becomes incomprehensible, and it remains for him a state of mystery. This inexplicable mystery, whatever aspect it may assume to various peoples, is a superior intellect called God: this intellect having the attribute of comprehending infinity and eternity.

With each succeeding generation of man on this earth, it is hoped that they will unravel further the mysterious causes behind the effects observed in our minute portion of the Universe. What will happen when today’s teen-agers grow up into a divided world? It is no wonder that they are regarded as a distinct social group.

Earthman is finding a new freedom in breaking the bonds of earth to travel the roadway to the stars. Russia‘s moon rocket traveled 343,700 miles out from earth, and circles the sun as an artificial planetoid every fifteen months. This is a marvelous feat in human engineering, but where is the source of knowledge, and how does a mysterious something called intelligent mind resolve complex equations that can send a vehicle that far from the earth? We might get this picture: Man trying to solve the mystery of creation when he is the greatest mystery and the answer to it.

Oh Man, in the mysteries of the Universe, you stand as a sentinel upon the sands of time, observing the incalculable wanderings of men, and the errant peregrinations of wayfarers across the valleys of life. You stand alone in the night, and your eyes wander across the imperceptible distances of space, and you see scattered throughout the inky darkness the light of ten trillion stars, and your mind makes a crude attempt to touch the Universal, to comprehend infinity, yet your mind is universal and infinite. You are bound in the shackles of mortal thought. Thus you are bound in a vehicle salient to the limitations of those thoughts.

Your computations and tabulations try to unlock the door of enigmas to the modus operandi of the universe when within your being lies the key, now dormant, but with each individual that finds this key a greater en rapport with the infinite vault of knowledge will ensue.

Man, the universe of matter, energy, space and time, is composed of magnetism, and you supercede this universe which expresses itself through an infinite variety of densities, phases and motions. You are Consciousness, differentiated from all other expressions in that your Being is aware, thus your verification. Man knows and others know not. Of course, though as someone once wisely said: “All the philosophy in the world will not get you anywhere if it is not used.”

♦  ♦  ♦



Individuals living on earth today can expect an imminent change from the smug existence so long experienced when our earth was just an “isolated” planet. Interplanetary communication and resulting new problems in the very near future are almost certain, and those who are living now can reasonably expect to see this happen.

Many speculations have been advanced regarding the physical appearance of distant planets and the nature and characteristics of their inhabitants. But, outside the field of theory, the real experience still to be had is one of personal contact, appraisal, relationship and, most important, the mutual exchange of thoughts and knowledge. The physical shape and contours of a distant mass of elements traveling in space, which we might call a planet, is probably not greatly different from what we might logically assume it to be. The range of observable factors and the possibilities they evoke are quite limited in this respect.

But there is no limit to the spectrum of advanced concepts which even the most ordinary looking outer space individual might have. And many such concepts will most likely be transferred to us by means of communication, in the early stages of contact. Therefore it is essential that we use the positive approach to thinking about intelligent means of communicating with these beings. . . now!

Understanding which might require ages of evolutionary progress or literally many centuries of research and study on our part might be quickly revealed to us as a result of communicating with just one intelligent being from outer space.

It is generally accepted that life does exist on other planes, the probability being established at approximately ten to the twentieth power, to one. And the probability that a large proportion of the citizens of outer space have intellects greater than ours is entirely tenable. So we can see that there is more to be learned and in less time, from communicating with beings who have long ago solved our simple material problems, than by lengthy, laboratory experiments.

From this it can be seen that the wise approach to the problem of gaining universal understanding is first to apply the basic principles of positive thinking to the means of thought development, comprehension and conveyance. It is assumed that those interested in being among the first to accomplish this will take full advantage of the knowledge and information which is available here on this planet.

The reorientation of thought in this direction may be accelerated to considerable extent by studying such works as the textbook entitled, “THE POSITIVE WAY TO PRACTICAL RESULTS” by FRAPRU-DENTIA which is now available to readers. If you have not procured your copy as yet. it may be advisable to do so at once.

Assuming that the reader is familiar with the premises established by the text, we will continue with the delineation of the projected procedure. Since universal understanding will depend upon communication with those more advanced in this concept than we are, our ability to accomplish and engage in intellectual communication will depend to :t large extent upon our “efficiency” of thought acceptance as well as conveyance.

Using the principles stated in the textbook mentioned above, it becomes quite clear that the means of accomplishing this desired effect is not difficult, but it is also not likely that one would achieve it readily in a random or haphazard manner.

Therefore. there are principally two important reasons why it is desirable. even mandatory, to have mastered the basic premises of Positive Thinking. First, it is essential for quick perception, broad comprehension and effective transference of thoughts and concepts. This includes highly sensitized receptivity as well as the efficient projection of thoughts. And second, with the certainty that the beings contacted will be more advanced intellectually than we are, they will most definitely follow a pattern of mental activity which encompasses the rudiments of Positive Thinking. It will be almost imperative therefore for those earthlings who are chosen to communicate with them, to understand thought arrangements of entities which are normally accustomed to making precise decisions with mechanical exactitude, perhaps bordering on infallibility.

Numerous techniques and nomographic systems of thought delineation, construction and correlation have been advanced and recommended in academic circles by professionals with the intent of improving the human methods of thinking. And due credit should be given to them for even attempting to accomplish this end. However, before decisions of great weight are made using these techniques, the system itself should be analyzed critically to determine whether it meets the qualifying requirements. This is more difficult than is at first apparent.

The reasons are as follows:

When a person or group of persons attempts to determine the validity of a system of thinking which they are currently using, they usually employ the same system to test itself. And in patronizing hands, the system, in most cases, appears to be “perfect”. Then too, there enters the question of personal pride. When people have indulged in a pattern of thinking over a long period of time, they begin to consider it not only a part of their own person, but the norm of universal thought processes and, as such, protect it as they would a basic cosmic principle.

If a system is to be truly tested, it should be done in an objective, impersonal manner. It should be considered in reference to a fundamental system of co-ordinates which are not necessarily a part of the system being tested. This naturally raises several important questions, the main one being, how can we determine the co-ordinate system to use.

So the problem resolves itself as to how to select and test the criterion to be employed. Lengthy consideration of this will not be shown here, but it should be readily evident that one of the reliable tests is to consider the results obtained from different methods of thought calculation. If a system is found which invariably yields correct and satisfying results of positive value, then perhaps this system is worthy of consideration for inclusion in the general scope of individual thinking.

Further, if a system of approach to advanced concepts follows already proven scientific methods, then this might be added evidence in favor of it.

Consequently, if a high degree of universal understanding is to be obtained, Positive Thinking must foundation the endeavor. This type of intellectual activity will act as a tool for the advanced individuals who will be among the first to gain this higher level of understanding. EDITOR’S NOTE: The text book “THE POSITIVE WAY TO PRACTICAL RESULTS” by FRA PRUDENTIA is being made available to our readers as an aid in following this series of articles. We think you will find its approach to be truly unique, and its enlightening contents to be well worth the modest price of $2.50. Send direct for your copy today, to:


540 South Plymouth Court. Chicago 5, Ill.

All Rights Reserved.

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Within the past decade “saucer groups” have been springing up all over the world. Some have been devoured by human termites almost before they dared to come out of their swaddling clothes. Others have struggled through the vicissitudes of growth to emerge full fledglings in a world of new events. More groups are coming along every-day, most of them the hard way without proper guidance and uncertain leadership.

With a world in the throes of change these groups stand out as a signal light along a darkened road. In many instances the groups themselves are also going through a change. The purely objective “sighting groups” are either passing from view or they are being absorbed into the larger frame of reference to include the new dimensional approach. Many devotees are learning for the first time that if there is an “outer form” there must be an “inner pattern.”

In this shifting drama confusion continues to reign. Few, if any, realize how vitally important their group can be to them. Some look upon a membership as a way to spend an intellectual evening now and then. Nothing important-just a place to go. Others are only interested when a noted speaker comes to town. They prefer to sit at home and watch television than to go out for an ordinary routine meeting.

In a New Year’s message received telepathically from my Venusian mentor, Diane, the world stands today- at the point of crisis. It can topple over on the side of destruction at any moment. In her apprehension about our future she made me keenly aware of the seriousness of the problem before all the groups. In essence Diane said: “Your Earth is failing the cause we came to serve. Interest must be followed up with action else destruction is certain. This will mean the Earth Plane will be set back a complete revolution in time.” How can you help? There is power in “individual consciousness.” There is greater power in group consciousness.

Despite all controversial comment, the “saucer groups” have served as a foundation for the bursting “space age.” We have been given a job to do in keeping alive the strange objects in our skies. We can help with the transition which can come in peace, or the change can be deferred for one thousand years. It is up to us.

“But,” you counter. . .”what can I do about it? Little me?”

Those within the groups who are giving their “all”-working around the clock are “little people” too. They are doing something about it, but they need your help. In the first days of saucer enthusiasm the devoted rushed out to meetings, rain or shine. They liberally patronized the book tables. They bought the magazines. They hungered for every drop of knowledge available. Sometimes it meant a sacrifice, but they bought. Somehow they knew that in the books and periodicals flowed the life-blood of the New Age. An age they wanted to be a part of.

But, within the past year or so many have dropped back into their ruts of lethargy. The novelty has worn thin. Some are allowing their groups to fall into the hands of leaders with a personal axe to grind. Their own wares to sell. Such a case came to my notice recently. It had been a very successful group under dynamic leadership. But the termites got in. In the midst of group turmoil this “pitch merchant” offered himself as an office holder. It rained on the night of election. Many preferred their warm fireside to the discomfort of the weather. Needless to say, the “ware peddler” got in. And, as you might suspect, the group is already falling to pieces.

It is logical to assume there will be much shifting before harmony is reached. But, your group means more to you than you think. It is a shaper of things to come. A nucleus out of which will come the new world. Those who are an integral part of these active-nucleating groups will one day discover their paradise. They will no longer slave for bread and meat. They will find in the higher dimension new energies. Energies that will sustain them as they have never been sustained before. It will not come at once. All things have a point of beginning. But with this grandiose goal to work for, one can afford a little service and a little financial support.

This new dimension will not be objective in the sense we recognize dense objectivity. Dan Fry is leading the way. Otis Carr is leading the way. Many more of the scientifically-minded will follow.

When the day of change comes, all things will be air-born. We will draw our needs from space. Today we are being shown the way. Books have been written, and are being written to light your way. Perhaps some day your books will become a collector’s item worth their weight in gold!

Why not get on the band-wagon and help with this Cause. Books and periodicals are our life-blood. Without them the Cause will be lost. Saucer books and periodicals have already become a reference library. They helped you… they can help others to find the road we pioneered. Buy your book… don’t borrow it. It is the only way we can keep them coming.

Above all, don’t sell your group short. It can be your salvation.

♦  ♦  ♦



by Kelvin Rowe

It seems almost incredible that a man, without previous education in occult philosophy prior to 1954, could have authored this book; a work which has its roots anchored deep in cosmic truths as they are manifested in man, all nature around us and in the limitless cosmos.

In other words, occult precepts are not based on mere belief, or blind faith, but rather on laws that permeate the Universe. Actually, Mr. Rowe has alerted us to time-tested, self-evident truths that have been fostered and kept alive by a few advanced souls down through the ages.

Obviously, Mr. Rowe must have had extraterrestrial contacts; otherwise he could never have made the complete mental transition–actually a reversal of concepts-which is so necessary to span the vast ideological chasm separating orthodox Christianity and meta-physical philosophy. But this is typical of all contactees to date. All have experienced a radical change in former concepts.

Summing up, Mr. Rowe has made an excellent contribution to occult literature and has focused our attention again on cosmic truths that are as old as the Universe and as indestructible. More important, he has added impetus to the modern renaissance of ancient truths which are an inherent part of the Creator’s Universe and, as such, present a mounting challenge to prevailing orthodox theology-a Western philosophy based on mere belief.

Of course, the author has said nothing new. There is nothing new in the Cosmos. He has simply revived and restimulated public interest in basic cosmic facts that have been fostered and taught by the Mystery Schools for, lo, these many centuries.

In conclusion, A Call At Dawn finds perfect agreement with both ancient and modern metaphysical sources-from Hermes Trismegistus to the great modern mystic, Edgar Cayce and on in 1950 to L. Ron Hubbard, exponent of Dianetics and Scientology. Finally and most important, the advanced beings from other spheres and dimensions advocate precisely the same cosmic precepts: man is part of God and, as such, all things are possible to him. Jesus said the same thing when he declared, “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”

Where we find unanimous agreement from unaffiliated sources, ancient and modern, we are forced to conclude that Mr. Rowe speaks truthfully and authoritatively.

-Reviewed by H. Normand Dodge


A CALL AT DAWN by Kelvin Rowe has been published by Understanding Publishing Company, 101 S. Lexington, Rm. 35, El Monte, California. It appears in two editions, one a paper bound copy priced at $2.50 and the other, cloth bound deluxe edition, beautifully illustrated for $3.50. Order your copy now, personally autographed. if you wish.




All Units of Understanding and other UFO clubs have been buzzing with activity, especially on the West Coast. Most of the UFO speakers are on lecture tours in this area, where the winter is not as severe as in the Midwest and East.

Dr. George Hunt Williamson, Mr. Calvin Girvin, Mr. Frank Spiva and Miss Dana Howard have been talking to interested groups from San Diego to Vancouver, and others are planning lectures.

Hope Troxell, Assistant Editor of UNDERSTANDING, will be avail-able for the first two weeks in April. Hope is a very fine speaker, and is also author of “Wisdom of the Universe,” and “Cosmic Attainment.” She will appear in Tacoma, Washington, on April 11th. Any other group in Washington, Oregon or Northern California, who wishes to arrange an engagement for her, please contact Understanding, 101 S. Lexington, Rm. 35, El Monte, California, as soon as possible.

On May 23rd and 24th, the 6th Annual Spacecraft Convention will be held at Giant Rock, California. George Van Tassel says that the program planned for this year is a very fine one. Many speakers who. have never appeared at any of the previous conventions will be heard. Start making your plans now to attend this famous International event. More details in the next issue.

On July 12th and 13th, Gabriel Green, who publishes the magazine “Thy Kingdom Come” and heads the Los Angeles Interplanetary Study Group, will host a Convention in Los Angeles, California, to be held at the Statler Hilton Hotel. Due to a limited seating capacity. reservations will be held to 3250. There is a registration fee of $3.00 per person which entitles one to an ID card, “Flying Saucers are Real” pin, and admission to any and all lectures for the two days. There will be six lecture halls available so that you may attend the lecture of your choice at all times. For more information write to Gabriel Green, 2004 N. Hoover St., Los Angeles, Calif.

Understanding welcomes Unit No. 21 of Understanding at Miranda, California. Mrs. Bonnie Miller has been elected their first president. Next month we will publish the names of all Units of Understanding, together with the names of their Secretaries, so that readers may contact the Group in their area, concerning dates and places of meetings and other activities.




a call at dawn, by kelvin rowe (paper, $2.50)… $3.50

up rainbow hill, by dana howard………… 4.50

council of seven lights, by george van tassel…………. 3.50

kearney incident, by reinhold schmidt……… 1.50

ABOARD A FLYING SAUCER, by Truman Bethurum ………….  $3.00

night has 1000 saucers, by calvin c. girvin (paper, $1.50)….. 3.00

ufo confidential, by g. h. williamson….. 3.00

cosmic attainment, by hope troxell…. 1.00

transvaal episode, by anchor ……  1.50

wisdom of the universe, by hope troxell… 3.25

Other tongues, other flesh, by williamson ………… 4.00

STEPS TO THE STARS, by Daniel Fry (paper, $1.50) ………….. 2.50

flying saucer pilgrimage, by h. and b. reeve ………  3.50

INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS, by George Adamski ………….  3.50

TO MEN OF EARTH, by Daniel Fry …….  1.00

the coming golden age, by dr. f. w. summer ………  $3.50

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

they shall be gathered together, be john mccoy …………..  1.95

THE VENUSIANS, by Lee Crandell …………. .2.00

UNITY IN THE SPIRIT, by Comtesse de Pierrefeu ………  2.50

UNIVERSE AND DR. EINSTEIN, by Lincoln Barnett … 3.50

life on other planets, by Eugene Drake …  1.00

WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, by Daniel Fry …..  1.50

TWO NIGHTS TO REMEMBER, by Carl Anderson ……….  1.50


GOLDEN LIGHT …………..  .25

SAUCERS ……  (six issues) 2.00

LITTLE LISTENING POST …………. (six issues) 2.00

UNDERSTANDING………….. (twelve issues) 2.50

These books may be purchased from Understanding. We pay all postage. Residents of California please add 4% Sales Tax.