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VOL. IV                                         OCTOBER, 1959                                       No. 10


Those who attended the convention at Pleasanton found something which it would be well to remember. The Bay District groups have a way of organizing things for success, and making for success. The place of gathering, the Fair Grounds, is in itself, something to enjoy, and when kindred minds come together under such prevailing conditions there is much inspiration for all.

The speakers were all in good form and the listeners with open eyes. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves immensely and all surely carried home with them something gathered there. The program was varied, and this gave many time to become acquainted with the others in attendance. The social side of the conventions is ever for the advancement of the movement.

More trailers are coming into use as time goes by. There were many who came in their trailers and enjoyed the outing because of these conveniences.

However this is becoming more evident with each convention, regardless of the place in which it is held; there is a sameness in all that is said. There is repetition of the same thing from time to time. There is a great need for something new, something tangible, usable, applicable to life. This lack was spoken of by many at Pleasanton and also at Giant Rock. Is it not time that Understanding had something in understanding to offer? If such were the case we might retain those minds that drift into the groups and drift out. The minds of men this day are seeking something beyond inexplicable phenomena. Mind is seeking its origin. Phenomena has its place, else it would not be, but the average person seeks a solution to the conditions one meets in everyday life, something to anchor to. One cannot anchor to a saucer, and the sameness of contacts, and their reports by contactees, has become a tiresome thing in the minds of many people who think, and who seek facts instead of fancies. What has Understanding to offer beyond time honored and threadbare repetitions of the same thing by the same people?

Frank Spiva


Editor’s Note: Mr. Spiva has touched upon a point raised by others–the sameness of the information received by the contactees, and the similarity of its presentation in each case. While this may indeed prove tiresome to some people who have heard it presented many times, we must remember that at each convention there will be a number of people who are hearing it for the first time. We must remember that any form of advice or guidance which comes to earth from any higher realm must be repeated constantly if it. is to bring any substantial benefit to humanity. That is why the Holy Bible, although it has been printed and reprinted since the fifth century A.D., and although it has said the same things in the same way, year after year, generation after generation, century after century, is still the best selling book in the world today. More than one hundred and fifty million people through-out the world go to church each week to hear sermons based on the Bible’s `time honored’ but far from `threadbare’ precepts.

It should be pointed out, however, that the dissemination of information from space is by no means the only area of interest and effort by the Understanding Groups. We are constantly seeking F revise and practical solutions to the many social and material problems which constantly arise as this civilization moves rapidly into the New Era.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 



Twenty-five members of Understanding and three guests gathered at the Towne and Country Lodge in Fresno, Calif., October 24, 1959, for the semi-annual national meeting of Understanding. A total of twelve units were represented.

Chief accomplishment of the Saturday evening session was election of officers to guide the organization for the coming year. The results were as follows

PRESIDENT: Dan Fry, unanimously re-elected after a motion to create the office of international president and move him up into it had been defeated.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA VICE-PRESIDENT: Hope Troxell, president of tire Pasadena Unit, organizer of Understanding’s headquarters office in Pasadena and author of “Wisdom of ‘the Universe.”

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA VICE-PRESIDENT: Dr. John Hopkins of Williams College in Berkeley, Calif., a distinguished lecturer and a member of the board of directors of the Berkeley Unit.

RECORDING SECRETARY: Isaphene McGuire, secretary of the Santa Cruz Unit.

TREASURER: Arthur Kloepfer, president of the El Monte Unit.

Other action taken included

1. Combining memberships with subscriptions to Understanding magazine (or in effect requiring every member to be a subscriber) except in the case of family units where only one member of the family will be required to subscribe. Membership in Understanding is now $4.50 per year per single person, $6.50 per couple, $8.50 per threesome, etc., to include an automatic subscription.

2. Determining a system under which foreign units will be numbered. It was decided to start over in the numbering of units in each foreign nation: i.e., the first Canadian Unit will be known as Canada Unit No. 1, New Westminister, B. C., rather than as New Westminister, Unit No. 24.

Members present and the units they represented were:

El Monte Unit No. 1: Dan Fry, Art and Vera Kloepfer, Cleve Twitchell.

San Mateo Unit No. 2 : John and Celia Barnes, Shirley Dicker, William and Ethel Larew.

Oakland Unit No. 3: Allene Trinkle.

Vista Unit No. 4: R. A. Crichton.

Orange unit No. 7: Charles and Dorothy Harper, Wilma Hough.

Long Beach Unit No. 8: Patricia Anne Rowe.

Santa Cruz Unit No. 9: Bernard and Isaphene McGuire.

San Francisco Unit No 11 and Berkeley Unit No 17: Dr. John Hopkins.

Pasadena Unit No. 12: Hope Troxell, Lloyd Newlin

Inglewood Unit No. 15: Lee Yates.

Chico Unit No. 16: Mr. and Mrs. I. L. McGury, Mr. and Mrs. Hal Lewtas.

It was the unanimous decision of those present to hold the next national meeting at the same Towns and Country Lodge quarters in the latter part of April, 1960.






In our last issue we had mentioned that “Service is the keynote of New Age Policy, and this meant, service to others…”

We then continued with suggestive advice concerning the of organization operating under the title of “UNDERSTANDING, INC.,” and how that, through its many channels of coordinated activities, anyone interested in playing a part in New Age development could enter into a study of New Age Philosophy and its related fields.

However, before that could be accomplished by any neophyte, it would first be essential that he, or she, fully understood the symbology of the word, `UNDERSTANDING.’ Unless this is comprehended, that is apart from its orthodox interpretation, it would be impossible for any one to appreciate the.; responsibilities attendant to New Age citizenry.

Therefore, in this section we will endeavor to impart a few ideas so that readers may decide on which `side of the fence,’ so to speak, they wish to operate. With today’s interest mounting so high in the field of Cosmology and Ufology (hence the title, `Cosmufology’) and the resultant conflicts, oppositions, misunderstandings, petty jealousies, un-founded criticisms based on personalities, it becomes very necessary that each individual seeking entrance into the New Age social structure be fully aware of the type or character necessary to form such an advanced ideal. There will be `no room’ for petty selfishness, desire to attract publicity, or use any phase of development for commercial accruements. The New Age social structure will, of necessity, be constructed of peoples who have undergone the whole gamut of human experience and have advanced to a point of recognition that under Cosmic Law, ALL PEOPLES ARE IN THEIR RIGHT PLACE, AT THE RIGHT TIME. Civilization to become a success must begin with the individual and in the individual’s home. Let us consider very carefully just where the “I AM” stands in the general scheme before we attempt to teach others the rudiments of Brotherhood, the basis of New Age relationship.

As our Elder Brothers in space are fully aware there is a separation now taking place in the majority of mundane groups purporting to be releasing advanced or New Age teachings. Sides are being chosen, each determined that what they have to offer through their understanding is BEST for all concerned. Unfortunately this produces confusion, and chaos in the many- and varied `schools of thought’ and consequently disagreements produce a division in the ranks. This is the separating of the wheat from the chaff, as it is written. How then is one going to KNOW which side to affiliate with and WHY is this inner conflict allowed? We shall attempt to explain, for such conditions have ever been attendant to earthly undertakings, and this must be so, for how else can one analyze or advance upon their own cognizance? Under-standing can come only through experience, that finally wisdom be attained. Thus today we have one of the greatest of conflicts within groups. surpassing anything that has previously been introduced. This is also in accordance with Cosmic Law, for as the “TIMES ARE BEING SHORTENED” it is most necessary and essential that each individual desirous of taking part in this magnificent program of the ages, be tested as to his `UNDERSTANDING’ not only of others, but of SELF.

Now as was previously stated, how is one to know with which side to affiliate? The answer is, as it is written, “By their works shall ye know them … ” First let it be known that anything that needs to be performed in darkness is of the Dark Forces. Illumination needs the LIGHT o` Day. the CHRIST LIGHT. Secondly, any information purporting to come from the occupant of a space craft, or from another planet, which contains any commands or decrees is not of that source but rather of the dark forces, or at best through a lower level of communication. In many instances the `information’ given is attractive, sound, and contains portions of age old truths, but designed to inflate the ego of its recipient. Much of this information also is spaced with pious platitudes concerning religious attitudes, Biblical references, all designed to produce a feeling of `selectivity’ within the medium or instrument. Such reveal their narrowness of concept by their treatment 5

of others within the confines of the structure of the particular organization, cult, school or study group. Such become dictators, believing that ‘WHAT THEY HAVE is all there is’ and that they are privileged to be selected as art avenue for the dispensation of such truths. However, nothing is `lost’ and out of all negation comes some good. Such are allowed to function, for they become their own `worst enemy’ until through years of experience, ‘the real light shines through.’

Therefore the ‘times’ as they are now unfolding demand courageous souls, able to discern, to differentiate, yet to have above all patience, understanding and determination to carry on in the face of all opposition. Those that are now entering into this phase of New Age thinking are those who have ‘of old’ followed the cruciform way, one with the other. Such old souls need no proof of self evident truths. They ‘KNOW,’ and can intuitively recognize others on the pathway of spiritual progression.


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 



Down here not alone do I stand.

With me are Brothers of another hand.

What is this mystic power I feel?

It is hard for me to understand.

It is not a mysterious power at all;

It’s just that my Brothers have given the call,

The call of the universe to all mankind,

To leave war and crime against the soul behind;

To join the new age worker band,

To strive for peace and a better land,

To face reality and work for all,

To offer to others a helping hand.

To all I can say, not alone do we stand,

For our Brothers are offering us eternal peace

That our love for our God may never cease.

– By T. W. Kym & D, E. Harper

-Submitted by Orange Unit No. 7



Dear Sir:

Must read your very interesting editorial on “The Right to Know” in the May-June issue of Understanding. Wouldn’t it be strange indeed if we suddenly- opened our sleepy little eyes to the fact that the so called Iron Curtain was also in our own country!  We’ve been led to believe that the Iron Curtain is a barrier between officialdom and the public. This editorial would mean that there are definite tinges of some kind of curtain here. It really does seem even now that little holes of age are tearing through it, so we can get a glimpse of the other side. Many of us will probably be very surprised between just talk, talk and the real truth!

Please send me Understanding for the next year. Had no idea what I’ve been missing.


E. M. G.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Los Angeles, Calif.

Dear Editor,

I wish to thank you for three things.

First I thank you for the excellent presentation of General Holdridge’s WASHINGTON MOBILIZATION in the last issue of UNDERSTANDING. He is the only white man that I know of who has been accepted by the authentic, old-time, faithful Indian Leaders on this land. There have been 400 years of Conquistadores, Armies, Presidents and high pressure salesmen but General Holdridge is the only white man (with the possible exception of William Penn) of influence who has been able to work with the highest religious leaders. I am not sure I agree with the Ute Spokesman who recently said “General Holdridge ought to be President.” but I do agree with the thought that General Holdridge typifies the courage and clear-thinking of the most highly-Motivated kind of leadership and I wish he were guiding the helm of this “Ship of State” whether it be as President, Administrator, General or another Castro.

Next I wish to thank you for the EDITOR’S NOTE beginning on the bottom of page 4. Few people had the insight to capture the real meaning of the recent Court decision in regards to Calif. Lands. Fortunately you did, and fortunately you printed it.

My last expression of gratitude is for the extra copies of UNDER-STANDING that were placed in my hands for distribution amongst the interpreters of key spokesmen of the most faithful tribes on this land. I know that these will be well received and so I take this opportunity to thank you beforehand on behalf of those to whom they are being sent.

Under separate cover I am sending you a copy of our latest issue of INDIAN VIEWS, not so much because of our report of General Hold-ridge’s WASHINGTON MOBILIZATION or because of our views on the recent Calif. land Claims Decision, but because of the Hawaiian Prophecy given on the first page. On exactly the same day that this issue of Indians Views was published, there appeared on the front page of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin a report that Pele had revealed herself to mortal eyes in the Hawaiian Village Hotel. Since Her public appearances usually indicate that a volcanic eruption is immediately imminent, and since no such eruption occurred, the Honolulu Editor was puzzled as to the reason for her appearance. I have since written to him suggesting that she appeared on the first page of INDIAN VIEWS because she wished to corroborate or substantiate in the Islands a prophecy that was appearing in print for the first time here on the Mainland. I anxiously await the Editor’s opinion of this theory and thought the matter would be of interest to you. I also hope you find the rest of INDIANS VIEWS of interest.



 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


SAUCER DIARY-by Israel Norkin                        ($3.00)

A unique contribution to the expanding literature on saucer sightings. The author, who first became interested in flying saucers during 1954, has introduced data on sightings and photos; and details the methods which have been used by flying saucers to contact people on earth.

“Saucer Dairy” is the result of objective and serious researching into this fascinating field. An ideal book for your “UFO” reference library.

SON OF THE SUN Orfeo Angelucci                        ($3.95)

The latest book by one of the most popular authors in our field. This is not a sequel to “Secret of the Saucers,” rather, this is a beautiful story of a physician from Seattle, Wash. The story as related to Orfeo Angelucci is a tender revelation of the infinite Cosmos in which we live. How one person touched Eternity is told only as this writer could.

WHY WE ARE HERE! – by Gloria Lee                        ($3.75)

This is a ‘first’ for Gloria Lee, who is a very popular lecturer, and now is widely known as an author. ” Why We Are Here” is entirely the direct communications received through Miss Lee from a Being from Jupiter, known only to us as “J. W.” The information given in this book is vital to the age that we live in and answers many questions that are now heard throughout the world.

A CALL AT DAWN — by Kelvin Rowe                        ($2.50-$3.50)

A remarkable book by a forestry man who, previous to authoring this book had no experience or education in occult philosophy. The extra-terrestrial contacts that Kelvin Rowe encountered, resulted in a complete mental transition-and “A Call At Dawn” describes the awakening process. This is a sincere and metaphysical contribution to the widely growing Space Movement. A must book for those who wish to delve into the deeper meaning of the coming of the Brothers.

THE AQUARIAN GOSPEL OF JESUS THE CHRIST-by Levi                         ($4)

Definitely a New Age Bible, this is a most required book for your library and reference. It is an intimate recording of Christ’s life which is not fully explained in the New Testament. “The Aquarian Gospel” was written from the Akashic Records by a devoted and dedicated student. Only written for the Aquarian Age, this Gospel is still “ahead of its time.”

These books are available through the Book Department of UNDERSTANDING HEADQUARTERS, P. O. Box 22, Station C, Pasadena,. California, U.S.A. We pay postage. California residents are asked to include the 4% state sales tax.


Pasadena Office, Showing Book Display

DAN  FRY, National President

VERA KLOEPFER, National Vice President

Business Staff Of Pasadena Office



by Sam Ritchie

This office is truly yours!

A world distribution center, for truth and light on the way we the people must learn to LIVE.

Down through the ages we have had many great teachers come to us, to explain how to LIVE.

The Master Jesus said, “I am the Way and the Light, follow me,” meaning, of course, LIVE the way he lived, obey the universal laws he taught.

Now, you and I must have been among those who did not listen to the Master, otherwise we would not be taking these lessons over again. The way to LIVE is being given to us again by great teachers of our Earth, great teachers of other globes, in our solar system as well as other solar systems. This knowledge is contained in books, magazines and pamphlets at your International Headquarters.

The reason for this article is to ask you the people and especially the Units of Understanding to buy your interplanetary knowledge through this office. In doing so you will be helping an office that can get you all the information obtainable.

This office can be a sample of what we can do for ourselves, if we will just work together, throughout the face of the Earth.

For millions of years we have been building individuality. Now we have come to that point in our evolution when we must have individuality in unity.

Remember what a blessing the Master Jesus was to the Earth, and what a lot of hell dictators have caused down through the ages. Which one are you going to be?

Won’t you please support your office for the service it extends to you?

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

“The paper bound edition of “Many Shall Be Called” by Marke A. Norman is now available from Understanding. The price is $2.00 ppd.



Cleve Twitchell, Reporting


(Pasadena Star-News, Oct. 23, 1959)

Hundred of reports of a flaming jet, a runaway guided missile and a flying saucer jammed police station switchboards in the east San Gabriel Valley- last night.

Informed that it had been a light plane bursting into flames and crashing near the Whittier Narrows. sheriff’s units were sent rushing to the scene, but were unable to locate any wreckage.

The culprit: a large greenish-white meteor which streaked through the Southland skies and disappeared in the ionosphere according to astronomers.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

From Medford, Oregon, came a letter to Understanding Headquarters recently in which Marguerite Walker, Secretary of the Medford Unit of Understanding included this information:

“Some hunters in the Prospect area reported a flying saucer hovering over their jeep for about an hour as it traveled with them. It was seen in the area for a week.”

A few days later came another letter from Marguerite, saying, “About that saucer that was seen up north of here, it seems to be staying near Crater Lake, It is cigar-shaped and is sending out discs that take mental vibrations of people. It has been there since last summer, I hear. We may take a drive up there this weekend.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

On Sept. 24, Edna Hansen of Seattle, Wash., included in her letter to Understanding: I have seen a number of space-ships of different kinds, two of them larger than anything built on our Earth. Seeing is believing, and anyway I believed in their presence long before I saw one.”



Sounds from Outer Space Told

PARIS-(UPI), Oct. 16, 1959-A prominent French astronomer said yesterday- observatories in western Europe have been receiving mysterious radio signals for months from some unidentified source in outer space.

The astronomer, who asked that his name not be used, said several observatories have made extensive studies of the signals but have been unable so far to determine where they come from or what they mean. They appear to come from a moving body in space.

The newspaper Paris-four speculated that the signals might come from a secretly-launched Russian “skyhook” satellite-one which moves at the same angular speed as the Earth, so that it appears to be fixed indefinitely above some one point on the Earth’s surface.

The astronomer discounted this theory, however, saying that the signals indicate that the source is moving with respect to the Earth He said the signals exhibit a “Doppler effect” frequency shift-similar to the apparent change in pitch of a moving train’s whistle–like those coming from the Earth’s known artificial satellites.

The mystery transmitter, however, is sometimes on the air for as long as four hours at a time, while U.S. and Soviet satellites seldom transmit for longer than 15 minutes at a stretch.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


(Pasadena Star-News, Oct. 23, 1959)

A Pasadena Astrophysicist reported today the magnetic field of the sun had reversed itself.

The discovery was made by Pr. Harold D. Babcock at the Hale Solar laboratory.

“The reversal of polarity- was gradual,” Dr. Babcock said. “It began at the sun’s south pole about mid-1957. The change in the north pole region was not observed until November, 1958-more than a year later.”




LONDON (AP), Oct. 16th, 1959–Soviet scientists think there may be microbes on the moon, seaweed on the planets, and, in far corners of the universe, super beings more intelligent than man.

One Soviet astronomer, Felix Zigel, looks forward to the day when space travelers from the earth will meet these beings and cooperate with them, Moscow radio said Saturday night.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP), Oct. 29, 1959-Universalists were concerned today not only about creatures on this earth-but in the spheres beyond. Shaping up for the space age, the Church officially urged that any other worldly beings be treated decently-wherever and whenever they are encountered.

Laughter greeted the presentation of this resolution Wednesday night to approximately 600 church representatives. But they moved soberly ahead to make it Universalist policy…

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


PARIS (UPI), Oct. 29, 1959-A Soviet astronomer was quoted yesterday as saying that life “unquestionably exists on Mars…

The statements were attributed to Prof. Kirill Ogorodnikov of Leningrad by the afternoon daily newspaper, Paris-Presse.

(Ed. Note: Prof. Ogorodinikov apparently did not specify what sort of life exists on Mars, vegetable only or vegetable and human.)

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (UPI), Oct. 28, 1959-Don’t give up all your armaments, the Portuguese delegate warned the United Nations Tuesday. It may be just what the Martians are waiting for.

Dr, Vasco Viera Garin told the General Assembly Political Committee about the danger from outer space during a debate on the Soviet plan for “General and complete disarmament.”

“It is certainly far-fetched. but perhaps not at all absurd, the way things are moving nowadays on this planet, to imagine a sudden invasion of our earth by aggressive warriors from another celestial body,” he said.

“In such an emergency the security forces of our world, including the Soviet detachment, would cut a poor figure against Martians.. . if we had, figuratively speaking, only kitchen knives and pocket slings to defend ourselves.”


WARSAW (AP and UPI) October 12, 1959-An estimated 10,000 Poles gathered along police barricades around a church steeple tonight in drizzling rain, hoping to see a vision of the Virgin Mary.

Thousands of Roman Catholics say- the vision has appeared on the church steeple three times in the past six nights.

Visiting Michigan Governor G. Mennan Williams and his wife were in the crowd who said they saw the spectral phenomenon Saturday night in an aureole of light at the top of the tower of St. Augustine’s. church.

Wiliiams called it “fantastic.”


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) October 1?, 1959-Evangelist Billy Graham said Sunday night that sex sins, indifference to religion and violence preceded the end of civilization in the time of Noah-and he compared that era with the present.

“The Bible tells us that God is going to intervene once again and that God’s son is going to come hack to earth,” Graham told an overflow crowd at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

“The Bible says there is coming a definite end to history as we know it,” Graham said. “The Bible indicates that history came to an end once before. This happened during the days of Noah.”



Many Units have experienced most active summers with lectures and social gatherings. Following is a summary of many of these activities.

EL MONTE, Unit No, 1: On October 17 a capacity hall heard Gloria Lee of Rolling Hills, Calif., author of “Why We Are Here,” speak on “Revelations From the Space People-On Love; Sex and Marriage.” The September speaker was William Foos, expert in sight without the use of physical eyes, and in August the unit heard Maharashi Mahesh, Yogi, in a demonstration of meditation and breathing practices. Other meetings have included talks by Neva Dell Hunter of Detroit, Mich., on “New Age Concepts,” and by Dr. Joseph Larson of Pasadena, Calif., on “The Significance of the Coming of Space People and the Beginning of a New Age.” Unit No. 1 meetings have been held at 517 Stewart St., El Monte. The unit also held a Strawberry Social at the home of Dan Fry in West Covina on July 19th, which was attended by well over 100 persons, and a fund-raising bingo-party on Sept. 27.

A new contactee, Clint Cary of Arcadia, Calif., is speaking to the group on Nov. 20 on “My, Physical Experience on Rillispore.” Cary is a “cosmic artist” who has kept his contacts quiet for some time but is now emerging into the public eye.

SAN MATEO, Unit No. 2 hosted Dan Fry on Oct. 30 with a talk on “Areas of Perception.” On Oct. 16 the group heard a tape of the Dec. 5, 1958, San Francisco Lecture by George Van Tassel. On Sept. 18 a tape of Gloria Lee’s talk at the AFSCA Statler-Hilton convention of Los Angeles was played and on Sept. 16 George Hunt Williamson  lectured. A previous speaker was Marke Norman of New Westminister, British Columbia.

OAKLAND, Unit No. 3 recently sponsored two lectures each by Dana Howard and James Velasquez. Dana spoke in Oakland Oct. 10 and nearby San Leandro Oct. 9 on “Twin Rays and Reincarnational Patterns.” Velasquez lectured Oct. 24 in Oakland and Oct. 25 in San Leandro on “Project Contact.” The group’s Oakland meetings usually are held at Jenny Lind Hall, 2269 Telegraph Ave. and in San Leandro at the Alta Mira Club, 561 Lafayette Ave.

VISTA, Unit No. 4 had “Ric” Williamson on Oct. 17 with his talk “The City That Existed Before the Moon” at the Women’s Club, 155 Park Ave., Vista. The club is planning to put an UNDERSTANDING sign out on the highways leading into Vista along with Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary, etc. The Vista Chamber of Commerce not only didn’t object to the idea but also suggested the unit put UNDERSTANDING in luminous paint so that it will glow at night.

ORANGE, Unit No. 7 on Nov. 6 heard George King of London, England, at Markell Hall, 14 36 S, Main St., Santa Ana. Earlier the club viewed slides taken by John C. Blaylock of King’s pilgrimage up Mt. Baldy and Michael “X” Barton’s pilgrimage up 11t. Hollywood.

LONG BEACH, Unit No. 8 on Oct. 10 hosted Dr. John Hopkins of Williams College, Berkeley, Calif., newly elected Northern California vice president of Understanding. The club also has heard from George King (July) and from Riley Crabb in August on “Flying Saucers and America’s Destiny.” Meetings are held at Morgan Hall, 835 Locust Ave., Long Beach.

SANTA CRUZ, Unit No. 9 heard Dan Fry in a talk on Oct. 26.

SAN FRANCISCO, Unit No. 11 hosted His Serene Highness Richard, Due de Palatine, D.D., on Oct. 9 speaking on “The Lords of Venus.”

PASADENA, Unit No 12 resumed after a summer vacation, having “Ric” Williamson and his “City That Existed Before the Moon” on Sept. 10. He was followed on Oct. 8 by Kelvin Rowe, author of “A Call At Dawn,” speaking on “My 350 Trips Into Space.” These lectures were held at Odd Fellows Hall, 175 N, Los Robles Ave. but for the Nov. 12 meeting the group moved to the Pasadena YWCA, 78 N, Marengo Ave., to hear Clint Cary, new contactee from Arcadia, Calif., with his talk on “My Physical Experience on Rillispore.” In addition to lectures, forum meetings have been held monthly at 360 Waverly Dr. Henceforth these also will be held at the YWCA, Lectures are held the second Thursday, forums the third Sunday. Unit President Hope Troxell made an appearance on the Tom Duggan TV interview program several weeks ago to answer questions about Understanding and the new headquarters office. Duggan is considered one of the “toughest” shows of its type but Mrs. Troxell came away unscathed.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

INGLEWOOD, Unit No. 15 has enjoyed excellent crowds averaging in excess of 150 per lecture to hear: Ralph Huffman of Monrovia, Calif., “Seven Keys to Space” on Oct. 31; Kelvin Rowe, “My Contacts With Space People” on Sept. 26; and Richard T. Miller, channel for “Mon-ka” and others, on July 25. The unit meets on the last Saturday of the month.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Nov. 21: Clint Cary, “My Physical Experience on Rillispore”-517 Stewart St., El Monte, Calif., 8 p.m.

Nov. 22: Ron Ormond and Ormond McGill, “Into the Strange Unknown”-Odd Fellows Hall, 175 N. Los Robles Ave., Pasadena, Calif., 3 p.m.

Nov. 28: Dan Fry, “The Three Sciences “-Darby Park Auditorium, 3400 Arbor Vitae, Inglewood, Calif., 8 p.m.

BROOKLYN, Unit No. 14 has submitted the following description of a Saucer Rally held Sept. 27:

838 Park Place, Brooklyn, New York, studio home of Marianna Best, president of Unit 14, was the scene of a lively gathering of sociable space fans on Sept. 27. Publicized as a Jamboree and “‘Gab-fest” it drew followers from among the saucer “initiates” as well as the curious and wanting to know. Between 50 and 60 guests came and went throughout the day.

Invited to participate were the following distinguished names in the field:

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, crusading evangelist, author of the new book “Flying Saucerama.”

Andy Sinatra, the “Mystic Barber.”

Ellery Lanear, commentator and member of the Long John radio panel.


Hans Stefan Santesson, critic and editor of “Fantastic Universe” and other publications.

Gray Barker, publisher of Howard Menger’s “From Outer Space to You” and the “Saucerian Bulletin.”

And Rev. Martha K. Seidler, from Center of Divine Guidance, photographer of Spirit and Space.

The young Dr. Stranges gave an exciting account of his experience of having his car driven by a mysterious hand to safety when he fell asleep on the road, simultaneously with the appearance of an escorting “light” near the highway, and his charming wife gave her story of sightings.

Sinatra again told of his amazing experiences with extra-terrestrial force activities.

Rev. Seidler showed some of her unsought pictures that appeared on plates in her very old Brownie Kodak, some of clearly defined spirit entities, some of concentrated ectoplasmic formations that demonstrated either in her studio or in the “space air” snapped from a plane window.

Mans Santesson gave a critical review of the saucer field and paid tribute to Dan Fry and his work, calling him “the very most down-to-earth of the contactees.”

Mr. Lanear gave an illuminative tall: concerned with the mental side of channeling and commented on Dr. Jung’s bank “Flying Saucers, a Modern Myth.”

Gray Barker sent regrets and a friendly letter.

An unexpected guest was Dr. Henry Tudor Mason who gave an in-vocation prayer that set an inspirational tone for the meeting. Dr. Mason is the octogenarian leader, for many years, of an Inter-Faith, all-religious movement. In a short talk he stressed the need for governments to consider the spiritual aspects of world problems.

A donation of $1.25 was asked for the rally. with an additional $1.25 requested for supper, which was prepared and served by the ladies of Unit 14. After supper, those who could remain settled down for an enjoyable social evening.

Pres. Brooklyn Unit No. 14

-Submitted by Marianna Best


Two more conventions can be added to the 1959 list: Chief Standing Horse held the first Indian Spacecraft Convention during September at the Indian Christian Mission, Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Among the featured speakers were Buck Nelson, Truman Bethurum, and Wayne S. Aho who was the master of ceremonies and also lectured on “Free Energy Concepts.”

Then on Oct. 30, 31 and Nov. 1 Dr. Roy Parsons and Dr. Wallace Halsey conducted an interplanetary Convention at 2600 S. E. 14th and Creston in Des Moines, Iowa.

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Tact is a priceless quality in good human relations. Wherever you find anyone who is outstandingly successful and popular, you will find a person who is outstanding tactful. Tact is merely doing things in the way the other person would like them done, rather than in the way you yourself would do them if you had only yourself to please. Watch your tact-and watch your influence over others rise.

-Dr. Donald Laird

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When I hear someone sigh that “Life is hard,” I am always tempted to ask, “Compared to what?”

-Sydney Harris

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These little thoughts are reprinted from the October, 1959, issue of the magazine, THINK.




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