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VOL 4                                           JANUARY, 1959                                        NO. 1



It is our custom in the first issue each new year to take a brief look at the past to see what lessons may be derived from it, before turning our attention to the future.

This issue marks the beginning of the fourth year of publication. The three years past have been years of the greatest scientific advance that the earth’s civilization has ever seen.

When the first issue of UNDERSTANDING was published, the record altitude to which a rocket had been fired was about 264 miles, and the artificial satellite was considered by most people to be only a wild dream of the science fiction author.

Today we have a half dozen satellites spinning in their incredibly rapid orbits, hundreds of miles above the earth, and a rocket has been hurled more than three hundred thousand miles beyond the moon and into an independent orbit about the sun. We are moving into space at a rate which not only defies comprehension by those who lack training in the field of science, but is also a constant source of amazement, even to those who are foremost in its pursuit.

One of the purposes of UNDERSTANDING magazine has been to present, in as simple manner as possible, the new concepts and discoveries which are announced by men of science throughout the world, but more than this; UNDERSTANDING has sought to prepare the reader for those new concepts and discoveries which have not been recognized in the generally accepted field of science, but which are well known to those whose science is universal, and not restricted to the small and rather insignificant planet known as earth.

A number of scientific concepts which were first announced in UNDERSTANDING have since been recognized and incorporated into the accepted body of earthly science. To mention all of these would require much more space than we have available in this issue, but we will review a few instances which demonstrate that the readers of UNDERSTANDING are frequently presented with information several years before it becomes general knowledge.

The February 1956 issue of UNDERSTANDING contains an article called “Fireballs” first written by your editor in 1955. The article contains a precise explanation for the very high level of radioactivity which exists in the topmost regions of the earth’s atmosphere. When we realize that the very existence of this belt of high-level radioactivity was completely unknown to the public and science alike until the launching of the sputniks several years later, it can be seen that advance knowledge is available to the reader of UNDERSTANDING.

During 1956 and a part of 1957, the book “Steps to the Stars” appeared serially in UNDERSTANDING. The book presented, in great detail, a number of concepts which are only now being accepted by science as a result of data obtained during the geophysical year which has just closed.

One of the principal concepts set forth was that of the non linearity of gravity. During the last month, this concept has been endorsed by scientists from both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the California Institute of Technology, two of the greatest centers of scientific knowledge and investigation in the world. Yet the knowledge was made available to the readers of UNDERSTANDING several years before.

In the coming year we hope to present for the reader’s consideration, many new concepts which may be of invaluable assistance in our progress toward a state of true understanding.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

After teaching my second-graders “America the Beautiful,” I listened while they sang it for me. And one voice rang out above the rest: “Oh, beautiful for space-ship skies….”

-Merilyn Kilby, NEA Journal.



By Francis McCaffrey

In an earlier edition of UNDERSTANDING, the aims, purposes and idealism of the McCaffrey Research Corporation were set forth. It was stated that we propose to support any research or quest for the Truth that will set men free, whether such quest is acceptable to so-called orthodox systems, or not.

Any request for financial assistance from an individual or group whose interests and activities are’ dedicated to the noble end of enthroning Truth will receive consideration by this Corporation. We place no limitations on the area of current or proposed activity other than that its ultimate aims be commensurate with the idealism of understanding and unselfish love, and the principle of the Golden Rule, on which this Corporation was founded. As suggested in that previous issue of UNDERSTANDING, quests for the manifold facets of Truth in such areas of human interest and activity as the scientific, political. monetary, health, psychic and spiritual, and the field of Unidentified Flying Objects are welcome.

As humanity has moved forward toward its partially known and partially unknown goals and ends, its course has been determined by two types of individuals: namely, the practical and the visionary. We know that, either fortunately or unfortunately, these two qualities seldom exist in equal ratio in an individual. That they sometimes do is simply the inevitable exception that proves the rule, and need not concern us here.

The McCaffrey Research Corporation is cognizant of the fact that the more visionary an individual is, the more impractical such individual is likely to be. It follows that in many cases the more an individual has to offer in terms of innovations, techniques and devices for human betterment, his practical means of giving them to humanity exist in inverse ration. By reason of being a visionary, the individual is lacking in large part in ability, and oftentimes in interest in providing the practical means of bringing his innovations to successful fruition.

It can perhaps be stated as a truism that today the world needs Truth more than at any other time in history. At no other time in history has civilization been in more immediately crucial need of a coalition between Truth and the practical means of putting it into action. Both of these are critically needed for the very survival of civilization itself. To this end, and for this crucially needed humanitarian purpose, the McCaffrey Research Corporation was brought into being. We have accepted the challenge of the situation wherein on the one hand there are very substantial sums of money available to be channeled into the search for and utilization of Truth, and on the other, there is enough Truth, both currently extant, and available through research, which if utilized, can turn the tide of the behemoth which, with progressively increasing reluctance, we term civilization.

Just as those Truth-seeking and Truth-finding visionaries are aware of their need for assistance from those individuals in the practical-action category, fortunately there are many individuals of substantial means in the latter group who are equally aware of a need for assistance from the Truth-finding visionaries.

In addition to the resources of the Corporation, we are organized in such a manner as to equip us to challenge and obtain very- substantial sums of money to be used for the altruistic purposes set forth herein and in the previous issue of UNDERSTANDING.

One of the functions of the McCaffrey Research Corporation is to bring into cooperative alignment the two commodities perhaps most needed in the world today; namely, Truth, and the practical means of putting it into action, without which the fate of humankind remains forebodingly under a pall of doubt.

We are launched successfully upon our course of coalition. We invite inquiries from interested individuals in each of the two categories referred to herein, the bringing together of which is our purpose and un-selfish aim.

We have referred above to the fact that humanity has moved forward precariously but under full steam toward both known and un-known goals. The enthronement of Truth, for which the McCaffrey Re-search Corporation exists and has its being, will, in proportion to the degree of such enthronement, reduce the element of the unknown, as humanity continues to chart its course toward a practical and workable Peace on Earth.

For further information, write to


Promotion and Development Of New Age Innovations

Yucca Valley, California




by Bill Hamiliton

Another space rocket destined for the moon hurtled skyward on December 5th, only to fall short of its predestined objective. it was the Army’s Pioneer III. It reached a distance of 66,000 miles into space, and then returned in a fiery crash to North Africa.

We are persistently probing outer space with our rockets to accumulate data pertaining to conditions which we shall encounter one day when we send a man into those enigmatic regions surrounding our globe. Age-old dreams of man are reaching fruition the more we ex-tend our probe into outer space, but what about man’s age-old dreams of peace? We may fulfill our dreams of space travel with our scientific advances, but our scientific advances have not settled our disputes and animosities.

Can man continue to exist without conflict or some form of resistance? He would become stagnant, for there would be no will nor effort on his part if there were nothing to activate him. But man has made a mistake in reference to his opponent. His problem is not resistance to other men, their personalities or their principalities. It is problems of the external universe about him which he must solve. If man continues in his attempt to subjugate others, he will be as the house divided against itself. Man, in unison, must subjugate the elements of the universe. The unity of individuality, and the comprehensive under-standing between the individual will bring peace amongst those individuals. Peace within the individual is dependent upon his own progression, and to what extent he can conquer his elemental composition.

To accomplish the eventual propagation of peace among people. I think everyone, if willing, should exemplify this simple formula: to have another smile; smile yourself.

Perhaps by this formula we will have space traveling ships. not conflicting with the laws of the material universe, but cooperating with them. Man’s inventions are like man himself. when men cooperate, perhaps his inventions will work in cooperation with the universe instead of confliction.

Will man one day say, “It is an age-old dream come true!”



By Marc Norman

Chapter Six


The next item listed on our report regarding your interests relates to the principles of transmission of power which we utilize in our daily activities, so we would at this time explain some of this for your consideration. As most of you are aware. the planet you call EARTH is one of a solar system belonging to a Galaxy, and there are several systems contained within said Galaxy.

You can perhaps understand that it would be difficult for you to receive the vibrations necessary to enlighten you as to their full import, therefore we suggest you do not try, but allow inter-planetary impulses to impinge upon your sensitive Centers or Chakras that you may bring this realization to a quicker degree of reactory understanding. Each of the planets, of which there are seven, even though the three outer vibrations known as URANUS, NEPTUNE & PLUTO are known, were not originally of this system and have been attracted to it for some thousands of years, the speed increasing since your year of 1936, so that the import of their Electro-Magnetic impulsations are being felt by those individuals who have developed a sensitivity enabling them to be receptive to such vibrations. But each of the seven planetary rays, including SUN and MOON, play an important part, not only as regards all life and motion on your earth plane, but also in relation to all other planets forming said system.

There are certain elements in vibratory form which can be referred to as ELECTRO-MAGNETIC or POLARIZED FORCE FIELDS. We would use the term ELECTRONS, rather than ELECTRONS. But it is a LIGHT FORCE FIELD composed of this ODIC energy of which we have spoken. We have also stated, that whilst we can utilize it and direct   it we know not of its source or of what it is composed, except that. it is omnipresent, and as far as we have been able to ascertain is beyond the ken of those functioning in the higher degrees of cosmic in worlds and systems outside of our Galaxy. This is one of the great mysteries, even as your sun itself is a focal point of mysterious Arcana. We do know that the elements released can be trans-posed into light forces which in turn have an affinity to various metals, many of which are found on your earth plane as well as other planets of our system. This accounts for the findings of ancient Alchemists.

To give a few examples: your so-called Astrologers would recognize these. SATURN has to do with solids, such as rocks, strata; lead in metals, symbolizing stability, that which is basic. JUPITER has ruling over TIN, that which has to do with blending, VENUS over copper, and so on. These things you know. What we are attempting to arrive at now is a fusion of the seven principles, in which the minerals and metals form a correspondence by their vibratory or electro-magnetic rate of vibratory motion within the aforementioned force field, producing an attraction to each other and a synthesis of farm and metal which can be utilized in many ways. The ancient Alchemists, even of the earth plane, knew this secret and could transmute the baser metals into the essence of pure gold. This information will be forthcoming to your scientists and advanced ones when the planet VULCAN is re-discovered in the not too distant future.

Speaking of essences: SUN is the essence of pure Gold. Moon is the essence of pure Silver. MARS is the essence of pure Iron. JUPITER is the essence of pure Tin. VENUS is the essence of pure COPPER. We have given you samples of some metals in their pure state, but so far such have not been fully appreciated. We cannot do it for you. However if said essences are blended when the planets are in a con-figuration. referred to as a conjunction, then these metals can be fused and the resultant material will be of a substance of which our craft are constructed. Some of these secrets will be released shortly to your chemists and scientists by so-called inspiration, as we are anxious to observe what will be done with the discoveries.

But this information of the moment has been given through no other source, so, if any of you are scientific enough to want to experiment, it is beyond our privilege to suggest, but the future will produce many important discoveries, many of them alarming to staid scientific minds. You can understand then how it is that we can travel at such tremendous speeds and why it is that a variation of colors is produced in flight. The blending of the aforementioned metals produces a perfect cosmic synthesis of all the elements, therefore NOTHING CAN PENETRATE IT. A small piece of this composition or blending if polished can be carried on the person and acts as a reflecting mirror. The ancients referred to this as the Reflecting Ethers. Some mention of this has been made in your philosophic releases. Out of this came the stories of amulets, and in later years, charms and lucky bracelets, etc. It is difficult to penetrate back into millions of years, especially when you have been taught to believe your earth is only a few thousand years old and that history begins about six thousand years ago. You will be amazed when in the near future your archeologists discover remains of civilizations hundreds of thousands of your years in age. Put enlightenment comes slowly to the immature mind. It is our privilege to acquaint you with many items of interest in the future if we can penetrate the wall of credulity surrounding and penetrating your auras

The ethers play also an important part in life cycles, for all action is recorded therein. It remains for the researcher to extract the information there from. Your Psychologists are delving into this field and have discovered the SUB-CONSCIOUS. Herein is the complete record of past, present and future, for all is NOW. Perhaps you are now beginning to see why the ancient philosophers called the Solar System the GRAND MAN of the COSMOS, for in each individual is impregnated the elements of the whole solar system. Thus each entity REFLECTS HIS PLANETARY ORIGIN. We leave this thought with you.

We ‘e trust that we have made this evening’s talk interesting. We have released to you a great secret. To you who are able to fathom it may all success be yours. You have the KEY; unlock the door which opens unto knowledge and allow wisdom to reveal her splendor. This is perhaps one of the major revelations we have so far released. We note the thoughts of wonderment and some of skepticism emanating from your gathering. Shall we quote from the Book? “UNTO HE THAT HATH SHALL MORE BE GIVEN. UNTO HE THAT HATH NOT SHALL IT BE TAKEN AWAY, EVEN THAT WHICH HE HATH-” The Philosopher’s Stone is for you, our brethren, if you seek deep enough.

A thought reaches us in all sincerity. How can we of little faith and understanding discover such profound secrets? Give us another clue. Very well, we shall do so. To blend metals one must have a crucible and by the application of intense heat melt them and allow the molecules to interpenetrate each other. This relates to actual metallurgy. You have a crucible much more potent. Take therefore the elements and by the Fires of pure SELF transmute through thought processes the elements into pure gold. An etheric pattern or form eventuates into material substance resulting in discovery of that purest of all essences, SPIRITUAL PERFECTION. This is the Ultimate. Hence the first axiom of the LAW, `MAN KNOW THYSELF. Yes, we have said you have the `KEY.’ We cannot reveal the whereabouts of this key except to say it is within reach and can be so close that you can bypass it. In this contact somewhere we have given the resting place of the KEY. SEEK and YE SHALL FIND.

Some of you think: This is all very interesting and fascinating, but `I AM TOO OLD TO START STUDYING NOW….’ Nonsense; age can only be considered in terms of time element. In Cosmos there is no time. TIME IS. YOU have all eternity. NOW is the TIME. 1 am too old has become an expression of escapism for the mentally lazy, or for those who find adherence to older doctrines and patterns more suitable and satisfying to their vanity and Egoism. Nothing is too big for any-one, nothing too difficult. TIME IS THE ESSENCE and that time is now. Time and SPACE are one in relationship. Either progress, stagnate or retrogress. The CHOICE is yours. We have no jurisdiction over your decisions. BUT remember you will seek rebirth again and again until you have finally overcome. As the Master speaketh, “YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN.” If you wish to return and continue experiences such as you have met in the present cycle, then by all means discard all that we have said or will say.

To Be Continued

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

A couple of men from Mars descended in a flying saucer and emerged. They looked up at the top of an apartment house and saw a flock of TV antennas. “Hey, you kids,” one hollered, “get down off that roof!”

– Cincinnati Enquirer.



Editor of Understanding


The pictures were taken last May at the First National Convention of Understanding. In the background you will see part of

the first building of the Desert Center.



Dear Dan,

Enclosed is a letter which I received after appearing on Long John’s program over Radio Station WOR, New York City. Perhaps the readers of UNDERSTANDING would like to read and comment on it. I present it exactly as sent to me.


Marla Baxter

Miss Marla Baxter,

c/o Long John,

Station W.U.R.

New York 18, N. Y.

Dear Marla

I listened in on the discussion between you, Howard Menger, Long John and Charles Leedhamon the morning of the twenty–eighth of March and although I had to leave at two-fifty, during which time that you took a coffee break and by so doing probably missed the better part of the revelations being discussed, but actually, until now, we have never divulged the reason for our return or even wished to prove that we are here. Be assured, Marla, that I am in no way trying to discredit you or the many others with claims of physical contact, for you see, dear, to allay all fear of us, we have conducted an extensive campaign of thought transmission and although we realized the difficult problem of break-through, considered this medium as the one less likely to cause apprehension or chaotic upheaval in an established social system. We know that very deep concentration, on the part of an individual, will materialize a mental image as a factual experience for the electronics involved in the recording of both visual and projected thought impressions in the brain, are so closely related as to cause this condition. The success of our plan, with its lulling effect, is quite apparent for at least we have not generally been depicted as ravenous monsters or ravaging hordes bent on conquest but merely as unidentified flying objects, which seem quite harmless.

We have now completed the task, to which we were assigned without any unforeseen mishap and perhaps, in the near future, our respective governments may have direct contact, so, lets us treat this letter as a little “off the record” straw for purpose of psychological reaction. I will not use technical phrasing although some may be symbolic. We are directing it to you, Marla, for reason that until now, I believe that you are the only one of all the persons with claims of riding in “flying saucers,” meeting small men and large, with the impression that you originally came from the planet which has been named Venus, and also, in the past, you made a very favorable impression on one of our group.

I will touch only briefly on the events leading up to our presence here today for I will have to carry you back, dear, many thousands of years to a time when we perfected a vehicle capable of travel in space (for simplicity I will refer to them as “UFO’s”). In the course of our subsequent exploration we landed on your planet to find a primitive, warlike, but fairly intelligent man, and through the decades which followed we made an attempt to pattern a civilization after our own and to instill in them our culture and mode of living. We established communities and cities, vast centers of learning and scientific research, proponed a philosophy of beauty which love can bring to a way of life or, in other words, tried to awaken in their hearts a new sense of being, with equal dignity to all, not to stand apart with the arrogant dominance of supremacy over all things, with the right to kill, to destroy and mutilate, but to use this precious gift of superior intelligence to help in the advancement of all which live, to really become a part of the inspiring wonder and beauty of nature and, by so doing, to share its secrets and to know, deep down, this encompassing love which could give so much rapture to a mortal, even though it be a fleeting glimpse of brilliantly hued plumage, the lyrical melody of the bird with its joyous song for merely being in lieu of the brutality of the chase, bringing it to bay and finally the hurling of the missile which would hush its glorious voice forever.

You have probably watched the bleak desolation of a winter landscape slowly transform and unfold a magical beauty, prompted by the caressing fingers of spring, as we watched your land-your ancestors, as a bud slowly opening, but perhaps, in too short a space of time, we made these radical changeovers, gave too much knowledge, too much power, before they were actually ready or able to evaluate its full meaning. For all that we accomplished was to create a thin veneer over the dominant warlike trait, their inherent lust for power, of greed, for there was being hatched under our very noses, an insidious plot for conquest of the universe. One of our most closely guarded secrets was the breakdown of the atomic structure of matter and was used only under the most rigid control in a formula of alloying, for cutting and drilling. Your scientists, of the time, developed a method of light re-fraction that could make men invisible and in this way infiltrated an aptly named fifth column into our own laboratories, filched its secret of construction and fashioned a weapon on which they pinned their hopes for success in this mad plan. But then, even as today, your people seem to blunder blindly ahead, without taking the time, the meticulous study and research required to explore all avenues of control and ultimate consequence in their development of various devices. All too late, we became aware of this plot, not knowing the time or place of initial thrust we were at a disadvantage but logically assumed that it would be our centers here and made hasty attempts to nullify its effect. The attack was sudden and swift, hitting all points simultaneously and the ensuing wave of vibratory shock so tremendous that the earth went into a cataclysmic convulsion: it girdled the globe, almost splitting it in two. Great masses and chunks were hurled into space, where to this day many thousands of fragments still fly dead. Very few planets escaped the bombardment and even though the velocity of earth quickened, momentarily, luckily its envelope held and it stabilized again on a slightly longer orbit around the sun, but it could very well have been the end of all life in our solar system.

More than ninety percent of all living things on this planet perished in an indescribable horror and the shock to the minds of the few survivors, so awesome that it has never lost its imprint. It has been the basic theme of all succeeding religious beliefs, with the good, which comes from the skies, so closely knit to the evil applied to it by man, through a mythical Satan. Its consequence so strong that even today of all man’s emotions, fear is the predominant sixty percent.

In the ensuing space of time, as the ice slowly melted and the wounds of the planet healed, we made an occasional close check of inspection until the year nineteen hundred and four, at which time your mechanical advancement started a quick upward trend and we decided that it would not be in the too far distant future when you would once main enter the field of nuclear physics; so, in the spring of that year. with a very simple but fool-proof method, we infiltrated into your families in every major country on the globe, a group of our engineers and scientists. In this way we have had a detailed check on all activities and with the creation of your first nuclear device of destruction, we dispatched in force our UFO’s and personnel. And as the various governments have developed one of nature’s marvelous gifts into bigger and better bombs, so we have developed a neutralizing screen around earth, and although we have effected some unusual and freak changes in your weather, altered hurricane paths, intensified tornadoes, garbled radio waves etc., have at least accomplished an end, and as gruesome as the thought may be, if one of the governments ever reaches the depth of stupidity to touch off a nuclear war or the numerous experiments get out of hand and once again practically terminate all life; at least the planet will remain intact with safe and sane solar system assured.

Maria, from your spoken thought, I believe that the beauty of our philosophy has really entered your heart and has become a part of your life. I know that if all could make this love of beauty a way of living with each other that the paradise to which all races aspire in a mythical here-after, could actually be lived on earth. You are one of the very few links which have made this letter possible for permission to write it, with the belief that I have shed light on some of the secrets of the past with its heartbreak and senseless destruction, was given with the utmost reluctance.

YOU will again hear from us in the near future and until then may joy forever fill your heart.

(signed: in characters or hieroglyphics)

P.S. to Long John :

Many times in the past you have hurled a challenge for us to prove ourselves or to land a UFO at your broadcasting station, but through an analysis by our people, we have been restricted from doing so, for they could find no change in the attitude of thought. The wars still go on, the brutality, the famine, sickness, disease and unbalanced minds are ever present. The dismal approach of every day life with its lack of security, its sadness and grief is an unrelenting struggle, by the majority for a mere existence. The dog-eat-dog doctrine of nation for nation paints a picture of abject apathy and which surely could have very ground for mutual participation.

The desire of our people was to complete a task, which they considered necessary and leave, but my group, which have lived among you for so many years, feel that in the hearts of countless there is a true desire for a better way of life and we have prevailed to, at least allow us to make an attempt at understanding.

Long John, I know- that you have been scoffed at in regard to your program, ridiculed for the stand which you have taken on this subject, but regardless, you have kept an open and fair mind and made a sincere effort to learn the truth, so we are making a request of you, to have the same group which participated last March back to discuss this letter. We will answer all questions which arise during the session. If agreeable, please announce the date a week or two in advance.

1 knew that you may doubt the sincerity of this letter and the method used in its presentation, but we feel that the will of the people should form opinion in the government of intelligent nations. Its truth will be hard to deny for all wounds to the planet have not completely healed. Its dry sea beds speak for themselves and fragments of our culture and art still dot your earth. Do not be misled as to their apparent antiquity. for, as you know, a good deal of the erosion was not caused by time. You may wonder, also, why a nation, which has advanced as far as we have scientifically, still use stone as a basic building material, but we have learned that when you cannot surpass nature with synthetic or other materials, it is much simpler to develop devices and methods to better work and handle it. The cuts of stone which still exist in some of your mountains were made with the device which was so hatefully turned against us. The method of transportation quite simple with a UFO, which we will call a work dolly.

Please try to understand the attitude of our people for there is no malice of heart.

There was attached to the letter, after the section addressed to Marla, the following: (on a slip of paper)

“Please detach this and file, for it will be the authentic signature for all future communication”

(signed: in characters.)



The Editor of Understanding has requested the viewpoints of its readers concerning world problems. To be helpful and of value, to voice such opinion requires the knowledge of an historian, combined with  experience, not to mention wisdom.

However,  the “little fellow,” who is observing and thinks, also is forming opinions, according to his light, so I shall try to put down of my gleanings.

In trying to understand any particular situation or condition, one usually makes the attempt to find the cause, and in searching for this cause in regard to the nations of the earth, would take one back in history many, many centuries. The fleeting, immediate causes do not explain much; such as the antagonism between peoples among the nations, which are not natural to the human being, but have been passed on from generation to generation, a remnant of a past war or injury to one group by another. But more injurious, and tragic, is the type-many of them-of history books used in the schools of the nations; each making false pronouncements in order to instill pride and love of country. For there is “cunningly made-up history, events purposely perverted … great characters slandered by posterity, mangled wit of recognition, between the two cars of Jagannatha-Bigotry and Materialism; one accepting too much, the other denying all.”

Regarding the shaping of public opinion, I recall reading in a newspaper during World War II about a reporter’s questioning of an Army officer regarding the training of the enlisted men. The officer replied that they were doing quite well, that the men were “now beginning to hate the Germans”. (The words within quotation marks are the exact words of the officer)

But there are differences among peoples that spring from the various cultures of the nations, and should not be subject to criticism but rather should awaken an interest and desire to understand and learn how life expresses itself in many forms. Such understanding is not arrived at through the making and enforcement of laws.

Before the recent world wars, the differences between the countries of the world had not been “shortened”, the different cultures were more distinct and noticeable. The European, having older culture than ours, has different manners, a deep love of nature, is respectful of law, has an inborn appreciation of true art and music, even among those of less education. To him, the rushing, free, oblivious-of-his-surroundings American, appeared strange. His dreams about the wonderful land in the West began to take on a vague color.

But since the wars, a strange, foreign-to-all-lands kind of pattern has emerged; and it is not pretty. It has penetrated the fabric of all layers of social organization; sneaked its way through the back doors of educational institutions, and is having not too much difficulty in influencing our own young nation, still in its formative stage.

Listen to the jazz, go to the museums and (unless a change has taken place of late) view the hideous, so called art on display. The genuine art has been removed or stored in the basement of the building. Jazz has taken the place of our national music, and that mysterious word “modern” as applied to art and other things, seems ever to waft its un-certain fragrance before our noses.

The present young generation receives no inspiration from such. Such “art” emanates a degrading, destructive influence. It even serves the callous activities of the international money juggler, which activities, unknown to the people, eventually affect their daily lives, producing confusion and hardships.

Though misery-producing, such things are subject to change, they do not endure for ever. But much suffering could be avoided and much time saved, had we better knowledge of the why and wherefore of life; especially by the “captains of the ships”.

This knowledge is and always has been within reach of man. “Ask, and ye shall be given”. Periodically, selfishness in all its expressions, has laid its heavy hand over a nation, now here, now there, resulting in diverse stages of dark ages.

But there are always a few in whose keeping the knowledge is awaiting the breaking of the next dawn.

At the top on the wall of the Archives building in Washington, D.C. are the words “study the past.” (Good advice.) The ancient traditions could teach us much in our sometimes blind plunging into the future; the mistakes and achievements of great civilizations born and died in the past should serve us as a beacon on our way.

In looking into the past, the subject of race is always present. It appears that the different races of mankind are distinct “entities”, each striving to express its own particular qualities, and when seriously interfered with, disorder and confusion results.

The theory, or fact,-as you may have it-of reincarnation, is a companion subject in tracing the races of man. The doctrine of reincarnation was withdrawn from religious teaching and books many centuries ago, probably in the third century.

It is the opinion of the writer that until the knowledge of race be-comes an integral part in the educational systems of all lands. we shall continue in confusion and misunderstanding of one another. But we are not alone among the stars, and at the present time humankind is receiving much aid from our Elder Brothers, who give us glimpses of how a better art of living can be attained.

The love of country, nationalism, is a noble feeling, and there is no reason why all nations of different cultures should not trade with each other in peace and good fellowship.

Of course, old “Mr. Greed” is ever busy trying to prevent this from taking place, and he is using clever propagandists to mislead the people; but he may be mistaken in his hurry to bake the calve without leaving sufficient knowledge of the ingredients that go into it … There is an awakening.

To anyone interested in the universal aspect of life, I would recommend the book “The Story of Race'”. It gives an excellent outline of the subject; it is a paper-cover book, at one dollar, and can be had from American Philosopher Library, P.O. Box 1220, Chicago, 90, Illinois.


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Be sure to get the next issue of Understanding for a review of Kelvin Rowe’s new book, A CALL AT DAWN, which is being published by Understanding.



On January 5th, in Vista, California, approximately 140 people listened attentively to Dr. George Hunt Williamson speak on the subject of “UFO World Report.” This was well illustrated by excellent color slides taken in Brazil, Europe, England, Scotland and Peru. The gigantic carved statues of living granite in south central Peru were of unusual interest. Another item concerned the discovery of great “drawings” on the ground surface, which can only be seen from the air, at a high altitude.

Dr. Williamson reported that both in Brazil and Italy there has been great activity in the UFO field, also that the Royal Family of England is greatly interested in the subject, especially Prince Philip, who has a map covering the wall of a large room, on which approximately 33,000 pins have been inserted to indicate location of the most important sightings all over the world.

The speaker closed his talk with the emphatic statement that there must be a much greater understanding among the nations of this planet.

(Thanks to Rosa Rose of the Vista Unit of Understanding for this fine report on Dr. Williamson’s lecture, which has been repeated for most of the other Units of Understanding through. California and Oregon and also for other UFO clubs and groups on the Pacific coast, from San Diego to Vancouver.)

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The third National business meeting of Understanding was held in San Mateo, California, on January 10th, with Unit No. 2 as the host. This meeting was attended by Dan Fry, National President; William Larew, Northern Vice-President; Charlotte Sullivan, Corresponding Secretary; Florence Fairfield, Treasurer and Representatives of ten Units. There were thirty-two members present. Dana Howard leader of the new Unit No. 19 in Palm Springs was introduced. Much credit also goes to Della Larson of Oakland for her help in establishing three new Units in Northern California. Dan Fry told of plans to enlarge and improve the magazine and asked for all units to send reports and items of interest to the magazine.

Mrs. Fairfield, our Treasurer, gave her report and also an account of our financial standing. To this was added an account of the progress on the Desert Center in Yucca Valley which has been wired for electricity. The interior will be finished as soon as the money becomes available for this and other improvements. The library of out-of-print and current UFO, metaphysical and scientific books at the center is there for the use of all members and visitors.

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The new revised version of Reinhold Schmidt’s book is in print. It is called “The Kearney Incident and to the Arctic Circle in a Space-craft.” It is priced at $1.25 and can be ordered from Understanding Publishing Co.

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The holders of the two winning tickets in Understanding’s drawing were : Celia Barnes of San Mateo, California, and Shirley Decker of S. San Francisco. The prizes are being mailed to them.


“On a certain morning I went out to walk. The fields were green. The birds sang, the dew glistened, the smoke was rising. Here and there a man appeared, a light as of transfiguration lay on all things.

It was only a little bit of earth; it was one moment of her existence; and yet as my look embraced her, more and more it seemed to me not only so beautiful an idea, but so true and dear a fact, that she is an angel -an angel, carrying me along with her into Heaven.

l asked myself how the opinions of men could ever have so spun themselves away from life so far as to deem the earth a dry clod—

But such an experience as this passes for fantasy–

The earth is a globular body, and what she may be, one can find in mineralogical cabinets.”

From Fechner, (1801-1887) German

physicist, philosopher and psychologist.




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